Blind Item: Which Primetime Soap Sweethearts Are Planning a Fall Wedding?

Since I’m currently on assignment in the Pacific Northwest — between us, I’m hunting down a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee — AA will be MIA this week.

But, to tide you over until next time, I’m dishing out a blind item that I suspect many of you will find just as satisfying.

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It concerns a primetime soap that, although popular, came thisclose to getting the axe at season’s end — and just when a pair of its well-liked lovebirds were heading for a reunion, too. Now I hear that, when the show returns this fall, it’ll pick up right where it left off and pleasantly surprise fans by immediately marrying off the star-crossed couple in question.

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All of which brings us to my questions for you: What’s the show? And who’s the duo? Share your guesses below, and, as always, keep an eye on my Twitter feed for clues. If I do manage to score that damn fine cup of coffee, the jolt of caffeine might inspire me to reveal more than I should!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carly says:

    Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, maybe?

  2. Jake says:

    Going with ‘Grimm’, since they are taping there …

  3. bookluva4eva says:

    I can’t help thinking that its Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, but would that be considered a soap??

    • Guest says:

      How is Gossip Girl not a soap?

    • Ava says:

      The real question is “Is Gossip Girl considered popular?” Ratings say no. That being said, TVline loves Gossip Girl so I take it they do consider GG popular. SO I’m assuming it is Chuck and Blair. All will be forgiven if GG marries those crazy kids right out of the gate next season.

      • Nicole says:

        Gossip Girl has terrible ratings, but is actually popular over-all. And TVLine loves them some Gossip Girl, and a large portion of their feedback comes from GG viewers.

      • Elyse says:

        i love GG but i just don’t think the blind item is referring to them.

      • bookluva4eva says:

        It is a pretty popular show online though.

        • Bianca says:

          Yeah it’s pretty popular online, iTunes, and internationally speaking. Obviously, whatever show it’s referring to isn’t THAT popular if it was nearly cancelled, though. So yeah, GG fits as good as anything else. Better, IMO.

      • izzie says:

        even after the whole season 3, 4 and 5 crap a well-ended marriage it’s what it needs.

    • Rolfe says:

      I don’t think it was ever endanger if getting canceled. TV Line had it labeled as a “sure thing.”

      • heyang says:

        Actually, there was a question about GG’s return…. It’s back for an abbreviated season. So, GG is pretty decent guess. The show really should’ve ended after graduation from high school.

  4. fabinpink says:

    This can’t be Addisam, can it? It seems too obvious to be them. It doesn’t make sense to pick up where they left off because of Tim Daly’s departure. They would have to do a time jump to explain his exit. Plus, with Kate Walsh leaving, I think they would keep her single.

  5. Melly says:

    I think Chuck and Blair makes sense. Everyone was waiting on that reunion and the shows ratings were the worst on TV so it had to be close to being cancelled. I think it would be a great way to reward the fans who stuck by the show through last years disasters.

    • me says:

      Um false. Not everyone was waiting for their reunion. Some people like Dair and think Chair is a terrible relationship. And if GG writers’ think that marrying them fixes everything then they are dead wrong. And before you jump all over me, yes I am bitter and I have every right to be. Dair got screwed over big time. And again Chair is awful and not what “everyone” wanted.

      • Aurora says:

        You’re a minority. A lot of Dair fans turned Chair again after three episodes of Dair. I think you’re disillusional now, of course NOT everyone, but a 95% of the viewers are now rooting for a Chair wedding. Get over it and forget Dair nonsense crap, it’s been Chair for 6 seasons

  6. erin says:

    Private Practice – Sam & Addison. I don’t know that I’d call them a “well-liked” couple in my book, but I do know that other people seem to want them together. Plus, that show was VERY close to getting the axe.

  7. Walter says:

    Sam and Addison on Private Practice

  8. frencis says:

    Addison and Sam on Private Practice??? I hope not!!!! She has to be with Jake!!!

  9. danielle says:

    Will and Emma from Glee

    • bookluva4eva says:

      It can’t be them because the show was never supposed to be cancelled and they were already together at the end of the season!

  10. Anna says:

    Addison and Sam from Private Practice

  11. Kalopo says:

    CHUCK AND BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. KK says:

    sam and addison on private practice. it was pretty close to cancellation

  13. Madison says:

    Sam and Addison on Private Practice?

  14. Emily says:

    I don’t think this could be anyone but Chuck and Blair, right?

  15. Masa says:

    I don’t think it’s GG since they didn’t ALMOST get the axe, the got the axe (shortened season, last one). I actually don’t know which of the shows could be (primetime, soap, almost cancelled).

    • Carly says:

      Getting the axe would have been cancelled entirely, and from what I hear, GG was pretty close to that.

    • Jackie says:

      Well, we don’t REALLY know the behind the scenes deal with Gossip Girl. They could’ve very well been close to not getting a 6th shortened season. Who knows.

    • Liz says:

      It can’t be because GG it was never a bubble show. It was almost certain going to come back it just needed to be figured out for how long

  16. Revenge, Amanda & Jack !

  17. AC says:

    Sarah and Mark from Parenthood?

    • Emily says:

      I hope it’s Chuck and Blair on GG but no way the writers are that nice to us.

      • izzie says:

        i actually think it could be them since joshua safran gtfo and josh schwartz aka chuck and blair lover wrote the first episode of this new season………. so, it can totally be them. plus ausiello said: “immediately marrying off” which means before the summer. blair and chuck were in monaco, that could be a tip, couldn’t it?

    • MuzzikLvr says:

      This was my guess too.

      • MuzzikLvr says:

        Sarah & Mark (not Chuck & Blair)

        • GGCB says:

          How can it be Sarah and Mark if they just cast Ray Romano as a romantic interest for Sarah??

          • acriley12 says:

            “As TVLine previously reported, Jason Ritter is set to return to the NBC drama as Sarah’s maybe-fiancé, so expect the latter’s friendship with Romano’s photog to complicate things.” Still could be them.

          • GGCB says:

            I still don’t think it’s Sarah and Mark. It says ‘popular’ and while I do enjoy and like Parenthood, I wouldn’t classify it as popular, at least not in regards to a lot of buzz and such.

    • Cheri says:

      Oh….I hope so :)

    • Mitholas says:

      Nah, Parenthood performed solidly all through last season and was always a safe bet for renewal. It’s not going to be them.

  18. Jackie says:

    Please let it be Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl!!!

  19. Nina says:

    Could this be Addison and Sam on Private Practice?

  20. Carmen says:

    Addison and Sam in Private Practice???!!!! Yes please!

  21. JP says:

    My guess is Sam and Addison. I think Chuck and Blair would take longer to get together.

  22. Allie says:

    Ooh, I hope it’s Chuck and Blair! Although I was hoping for a big wedding in the finale, I am NOT going to complain if it happens earlier…

  23. Chara says:

    Really hope its Addison and Sam!

  24. jennybug2718 says:

    Fringe–Peter and Olivia?

  25. Carly says:

    Could this be Revenge’s flash-forward wedding?

  26. maria says:

    addison and sam on PP definetly

  27. SJF says:

    Addison and Sam from Private Practice — the show JUST squeaked out a renewal in the 11th hour and there are only 13 episodes for the final season. Also, Sam / Addison have had their fair share of drama!

  28. Nicole says:

    AddiSam-Private Practice?!!!!I hope so. But aren’t they gn do a time jump b/c Tim Daly’s character/Pete is not gn be there any more…..hmm..

  29. Sabi says:

    Chuck and Blair? Chuck and Blair? Why do I think this is Chuck and Blair…? *squeeee*

  30. Trista says:

    I bet it is Sam and Addison, but I would love it to be Peter and Olivia!

  31. Pamela says:

    Peter & Olivia Fringe

  32. Montie says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned your Twin Peaks reference. Either everyone here is really young or I’m really old, lol.

    Also, this sounds like Sam/Addison to me.

  33. Jess says:

    Star crossed, obviously Chair.

  34. sfs says:


  35. Micah says:

    Max and naomi 90210

  36. Nicole says:

    PLEASE let this be Chuck and Blair!! I will die for 10 episodes of MR. and MRS. Bass :)

  37. Katy says:

    Kate & Rick or Chuck & Blair

  38. Martin says:

    i think PP, and if Kate Walsh is indeed leaving at the end of this season the show won’t continue, its already on the bubble, so losing its lead and continuing won’t happen, my guess is it will either end after 13 episodes as some think or if Kate agrees and so do the numbers then a full season and then that will be it.

  39. Elyse says:

    If the blurred out picture above is of the guy in the situation it doesn’t look like Chuck (in my opinoin) and definitely isn’t Sam.

  40. emma_h says:

    I don’t have a clue, although I hope it’s not Sam and Addison, I like her with Jake better. I do however, LOVE your Twin Peaks reference. That was a GREAT show!!

  41. Percysowner says:

    I love Peter and Olivia, but Fringe is in no, way shape or form a soap opera.

  42. Chris says:

    Let it be Chuck and Blair

  43. Lynde says:

    I’m hoping for Chuck & Blair!!! I woulkd love to see them married for the last episodes! Plus isn’t most the last season going to be about Serena and her new drug problem???

  44. Bianca says:

    Chuck and Blair PLEASE. Omg. Please let this be! Chair fans have waited long enough.

  45. Carly says:

    I hope it’s Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl too. I see why some are guessing Addison and Sam but I doubt the Jake/Addison/Sam stuff will be resolved that quickly for a wedding so soon. At least I hope not. Plus, I never saw Sam/Addy as “star-crossed”.

  46. Joy says:

    I hope it is Chuck and Blair. It would certainly create a great buzz for the shows final season and erase the bad memory of season 5.

  47. Theresa says:

    Head to the Double R Diner for that damn fine cup of coffee and piece of cherry pie.

  48. Heather says:

    If it’s Chuck and Blair then I’ll be vomiting. Who marries their abuser? What a nice thing to teach young girls GG

    • Bianca says:

      Wah wah wah. CHUCK AND BLAIR BASS BABY. :):):):)

    • luna says:

      how DAIR you lolol

    • emma says:

      because /obviously/ if there’s something the audiences watch gossip girl for is to learn how to deal with my life. it’s always been such a realistic show teaching valuable life lessons, all these characters are so essentially good from nature and something to look up for when we all grow up.

      P L E A S E
      wanna have a cup of tea with that bitterness of yours or…

      • mittens says:

        Right. Because the media in now way influences societal culture. Teen girls have not developed eating disorders and negative self-images because of the bombardment of the media’s twisted views on beauty. And there are definitely no young women who make claims to wanting a man like Chuck Bass.

        So tell me, what is it like to be in a constant haze of ignorance?

    • Serena says:

      Thank god the latest clues have now pretty much confirmed that this item pertains to Naomi/Max. At least now I will at least be spared from vomitting in disgust for a month or so after the premiere. And I am completely baffled as to how ANYONE could ever want to be treated the way Blair was treated by Chuck, but I have given up on arguing that point to death. I’m now just genuinely curious as to what kind of circus will unfold on GG come season 6….

  49. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Pleaaaaase be Chuck and Blair. I have waited five years, Gossip Girl. Give me something!

  50. lonestarjrs says:

    most obvious blind item ever…Chuck and Blair from Gossip girl,she will wear a Vera Wang dress and he will give her a Harry Winston ring…shocker