Holy Moly! Jessica Lange’s Horror Story Season 2 Character Is Also a [Spoiler]

We already knew that American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange would be back for Season 2 not as Southern belle Constance, but as the administrator at a 1960s East Coast asylum for the criminally insane.

And now we’ve got another interesting nugget about the Oscar-winning actress’ character: She’s also a nun — a “bride of Christ,” AHS writer Tim Minear recently told MTV.com.

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You’ll remember Lange told TVLine that her second season alter ego “comes from a completely different background” than Southern hellcat Constance and “is very different from what I’ve played” — think saints and sacraments instead of sweetbreads and cigarettes.

Like Lange, last season’s cast members Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe (who in Season 1 played Chad, Billie Dean, Tate and Nora) will inhabit completely new characters in Season 2.

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Minear also told MTV that Maroon 5 lead singer/The Voice judge Adam Levine’s character, one half of a pair known as “The Lovers,” is “kind of a nod to contemporary sensibilities.” (We’re not exactly sure what that means, either.)

Other new AHS recruits are piling up like dead people in the Murder House basement. Look for Big Love’s Chloe Sevigny, French actress Lizzie Brocheré, FlashForward’s Joseph Fiennes, Oscar nominee James Cromwell and Skins’ Britne Oldford to join Levine when Season 2 premieres in the fall.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Holy gravy, this info just gave me shivers! I’m so excited for this new season.
    And thank you TVLine for the most awesomest scoop around…..I love you! =D

  2. Matt says:

    You seem like a fan of the show, and I\’m not being a d***, but can you explain to me *why*? I stuck with it through the whole first season mainly because I don\’t like to judge anything until I see it in it\’s entirety, and the whole thing struck me as one of the worst shows I\’ve ever seen. It had absolutely no cohesion, no continuity, the writing was a horrific train wreck… I couldn\’t believe it got renewed. And according to this it looks like every returning cast member is playing different characters?? What does that even mean? It drives me nuts when stuff like this gets renewed but actual well made shows get canned.

    • Lyndsey says:

      American Horror Story is absolutely one of the best shows I’ve seen on TV in years! It took its time building the story yet gave us big reveals every week. Was it meant to uplift humanity or wrap everything up with a big bow? No, but then neither does Breaking Bad and it is the best show on TV in at least a couple of decades. If that’s what you were looking for then no wonder you were disappointed. Obviously this show just isn’t for you.

      I’m very interested to see how Lange’s nun is supposed to interact with Fiennes’ character as previous reports said they would be involved in a clandestine affair. Guess she won’t be one of those “by the book” nuns! LOL! Can’t wait!!!

      • Mark says:

        Eh. Some of the acting was pretty hackneyed, especially as done by the daughter of the family. I was completely turned off by her character as soon as she asked one of the bullies at school, “Why are you being mean to me?” or something to that effect. It was just so unrealistic and such a poor stupid line. I was not big on the show at all.

    • Berry says:

      Are you serious dude? What do you watch The Rugrats in the nude and reminisce about such gems as All That and Pete and Pete. It’s called am intellectual thriller. It’s about the dichotomy of good and evil and what makes you such. If you couldn’t attach to the show thats entirely your own fault. Not the writers or the shows.

      • Gerald says:

        Why is it that people can’t seem to understand that just because you like something it doesn’t mean everyone else should. We are entitled to our opinions and such we can express them freely.

        • TheJohn says:

          yeah but people with stupid opinions are a waste of space. the show is amazing, hands down. there’s TV, and then there’s great television. this show falls into the latter category. if it doesn’t make you question humanity and our fundamental beliefs of right and wrong, you’re either not paying attention of your heart is turned off. just my two cents

          • Sarah says:

            Huh?! My heart must both be turned off and/ or I must not have been watching the same show as you.
            This show did not make me question “our fundamental nature” the nightly news makes me question our fundamental nature, this show just made me wonder about the writer’s a bit. It was entertaining sometimes, but it wasn’t deep.

          • More importantly, if YOU didn’t like it that is find and dandy. But why post on a thread, dedicated to a show you DON’T like and basically ask people to defend why we like it and then get butthurt when asked to do the same? Read another thread!

    • Leo says:

      Do you stick with the show until the end? It may be weird and uncommon for the first few episodes but the rest of it is pretty awesome in my opinion. And it’s “American Horror Story”, I’m glad they do a new whole horror stuff for Season 2.

    • J2 says:

      it’s more of an anthology than a straight up series, which is why it’s been submitted for the miniseries emmy categories.

  3. Sherry says:

    I love that the original story had an ending and they’re bringing back a bunch of the actors as different characters.
    I thought they wrapped up the entire thing quite nicely; very reminiscent of old-fashioned horror stories….”and in the end, they all died and were together forever in the creepy old house….”
    I was not disappointed in this the slightest.

  4. Hurley says:

    Wooow! I was not expecting this.

  5. Spencer says:

    I have to admit, I’m a bit worried it won’t live up to Season 1, and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without Constance(!) but, I have faith. Can’t wait!

  6. Brock says:

    Season one was an absolute mess. There was a complete and utter lack of cohesion, while the show’s ghost lore was a bag of inconsistencies, contradictions and poorly conceived ideas. And the amount of unresolved plot points was just glaring. Anyone who thinks Murphy thought the show through before he started it is just misguided. Yes, the man is very creative when it comes to ideas but he has no idea how to plot a show. I think many people get confused between when a show has good production values and acting but has terrible plots and scripts. They instantly think it’s a good show, when really they may just be getting sideswiped by the acting and the camera angles.

    • Gerald says:

      While I liked the show, I completely agree with you’re points. The show was such a mess, full of inconsistencies and contradictions. No structure and sex and gore for no purpose other than shock

      • Matt says:

        That was exactly my point… I can’t stand when I comment on something and people’s answer is that I didn’t like it because it wasn’t “wrapped up in a pretty bow”–HUH?? I pretty much ONLY watch serialized shows that take whole seasons to tell their stories… AHS isn’t a story though, it’s a bunch of random episodes strung together only by the fact that the same characters appear in each one. It had ZERO cohesion not just through seasons, but even within episodes. They made up new rules for the ghosts each week to fill whatever convenience they happened to need, the characters are utterly inconsistent. I admired the ballsiness of how the family ended up but aside from that, there wasn’t anything redeeming. And I’m judging this based on seeing the entire first season, not one episode.

        I’m not knocking people who like it–I don’t care what other people spend their time doing. I’m just asking people who liked it WHY they liked it because I don’t understand. I used to describe it as “a bunch of scenes with stuff happening” as opposed to an actual story.

    • Lea says:

      I’m definitely psyched for the new season because, well, the setting sounds really promising (to me, far more than the “haunted house in LA” premise) and the cast is superb.
      Me giving the second season a chance is kind of surprising for me, because I had my quarries with season 1. I have to agree with some of Brock’s point, such as the lack of cohesion, although I would say that the unresolved plot points are acceptable. With a show like that, not everything needs to be wrapped up nicely, I think. I thought AHS’ foremost problem was excess – there was always so much in one episode that the show landed in a corner it couldn’t plausibly get out of. Sometimes there were scenes I found utterly unnecessary – why did ep 3 have to include a flashback to Sal Mineo? For the fun of it? Because Vivien Harmon being on a murder tour didn’t really justify that excursion.
      Additionally, it had one of the worst characters I’ve seen on TV, who also has to be one of the most terrible therapists in the history of the profession (fictional or real): Ben Harmon. Jeez, was he insufferable!
      But now that he is out of the picture, I’m definitely willing to tune in in the fall.

  7. Sookie says:

    There were some things that bothered me about the show as well. The timeline was very strange, I couldn’t tell how much time passed between scenes, sometimes it was as if a day had passed but other times it was months later. I am sure that was on purpose but it was disorienting. However, the acting was superb! Especially Jessica Lange! I have to say I am thrilled that they are starting with a new story and characters. Returning to the same plot would have made no sense.

  8. Mía says:

    Strange show and yet we all kept turning in. Probably for the sex and glore. “Contemporary sensibilities”: Levine will either be in a homosexual relationship or 1/2 of a trans pairing. Calling it now

  9. TJ says:

    Watched exactly one episode. Dumb, dumb, dumb. And now the 2nd season will bring us evil Catholic nuns and Christ as the real Satan. Leave it to Hollyweird and the secular left to produce trash nobody with common sense watches.