Scoop: Jennifer Hudson Gets Smash'd, Joins Season 2 Cast For Multi-Episode Arc

Jennifer Hudson SmashSmash is introducing you to another American Idol alum: Jennifer Hudson.

The Oscar and Grammy winner has signed on to appear in multiple episodes of the NBC musical drama’s upcoming second season.

She’ll play Veronica, a Tony-winning Broadway star who impacts the lives of Karen (Katharine McPhee) and Ivy (Megan Hilty).

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“We’re thrilled to have Jennifer Hudson coming to Smash,” said NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt. “This series is a showcase for some of the best musical talent in the business and that’s a fitting description for Jennifer Hudson. Her character will represent someone who reached their Broadway dream but also paid a price for it.”

Added Smash EP (and Hudson’s Dreamgirls boss) Steven Spielberg: “I have no doubt Jennifer will continue to deliver even more inspiration to the audience responsible for giving us a second season on NBC.”

Hudson will debut in Smash‘s second season premiere in early 2013.

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  1. Danielle H says:

    O $hit!

  2. matttucker76 says:

    I like it, but I really hope the show doesn’t continue to place importance on guest casting over improving the plotting and writing.

    • Atawewe says:

      I couldn’t have said it better.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      You must not be watching TV Mattucker because almost all TV has guest stars and arc stories for “name” actors. This is nothing new it’s been ongoing for quite a while.

    • Kira says:

      I agree. I love JHud, and I’m excited to see her on the show. At the same time, there were probably a thousand other young actors who could have played this part and been discovered doing so. I hope the show doesn’t continue to stunt cast and just finds the best people for the job.

      • Hannah S says:

        Such is this business, and theatre as well. Such awesome talent out there yet new talents dont stand a chance when they continue to only cast well-known actors for TV and Broadway musicals. Had to laugh at the episode on Smash when Uma Thurman played the big star with no voice. Sad but real ……

    • Hilda LePew says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you!

  3. JP says:

    guess I’m officially done with Smash. Can’t stand her. I would rather have Ellis than her.

  4. angelstorm says:

    Awesome !

  5. Titina says:

    Wow. I never saw that coming. What do they mean as a multiple episode arc? I just hope she does´t steals the spotlight from Kat and Megan.

  6. RichieOnTV says:

    And the 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series goes to…

  7. Debbie says:

    Eh. Not a fan of hers. Hopefully it won’t grow into a series regular role.

  8. Julia says:

    Love her. Yay!

  9. Anita says:

    It means she isn’t a series regular. She will be contracted for only a certain number of episodes and then the character is gone. (of course, that could change and she could become permanent.) There is no telling how many episodes she will appear in. (The writers might know if the scripts are complete.)

  10. Leo says:

    This second season will be amazing. Jennifer delivers like no other, maybe they can get rid of McPhee and keep her. #wishfulthinking

  11. Ninja_turtle77 says:

    oh yeah. a new marilyn when the show comes to broadway. lucky us…………….

  12. Linderella says:

    Awesome news! Now there’s a guest star who can act and sing!

  13. Casey says:

    Working on that EGOT!!! Love her so much. I can’t wait to have her on my TV again!

  14. Mark says:

    Great news! After the unfortunate casting news about Jessica Sanchez, this makes me very happy. I love her voice and personality. I didn’t love season 1 of Smash but it seems like they’re actively working to fix some of the problems. Any chance that they can recast Leo?

  15. Suz says:

    As a A-Awoman,I must have missed that chapter where MM was black, has a black BF or does she play MM’s maid or go after JoeD?

  16. Jon says:

    I smell desperation. I love JHud, but can’t help feeling this is just some stunt-casting.

    • Joan says:

      It’s not desperation. She’s also an actress, they offered her a big pile of money and she accepted the role. SIMPLE AS THAT. And that doesn’t mean it can’t be good, and I think it will.

    • Hannah S says:

      The ratings were slipping, this does indeed sound like a desperate attempt to save the show

  17. Joan says:

    I was hoping they’d cast Melinda Doolittle for that role, if that’s the one TVLine mentioned a few weeks earlier. I DO, however, LOVE me some J-Hud!!! I thought I was through with Smash, but I’ll give it another shot.

  18. Anna says:

    Holding my breath for a Jennifer- Megan duet. One word. Epic.

  19. Lauren says:

    Love her! Another reason to tune in, I’m not that keen on the show but I keep tuning in.

  20. Ally says:

    Awesome! Stunt casting aside, hopefully the writing will be better though cause if it’s not within five episodes I will quit watching. It’s too much of a bubble show for me.

  21. malarson2 says:

    I’m the only person – apparently aside from Liz Lemon – who loved that show. Not sure why, other than maybe it was my ‘send the kids to school on Tuesday mornings and then sit and sip coffee and watch Monday night’s ep on Tivo’ moment. I just loved everything about it. Even hating Ellis!

  22. Kat says:

    Jennifer Hudson. Jeremy Jordan. Now I actually can’t quit watching the show!

  23. brandon says:


  24. kate says:

    Eh. I’m not sure about this. Aside from the fact that I personally feel like Jennifer Hudson is overexposed, I really don’t want this show to turn into the next Glee, where the guest stars are all important and the quality of the show just spirals downward.

  25. Robin says:

    Good move Smash! good move! Can it save the show though? I hope so, because I certainly like it!

  26. Lorraine says:

    Love the show as it is…don’t need Hudson. Hope her appearance doesn’t take away from Katharine and Megan and the story line….why try to fix something that’s not broken!

  27. D. Kellner says:

    When a show comes along as good as Smash, everyone wants to be a part of it. Big names get hired and ego’s run amuck. They will end up ruining this show and we will all be the loser! More singer’s,= less songs from the actors we want to see! No need for JHUD! Stop hireing and start writing,and composing for what you have. The show is great!

  28. You know, shocking idea, if they wanted to cast someone who is a Broadway star and made it happen on Broadway…. maybe they could have cast someone who actually did make it on Broadway and IS a Broadway star. I know, talking crazy right? ::sigh:: Why is Smash so intent on shoving American Idols down our throat. Is a pathetic attempt to solidify that show? Do they think it will help Smash’s shaky ratings? I love Megan Hilty but Karen getting the part over Ivy was a huge hit against the show for me. Karen’s slightly flat (even with autotuning) vocals and lackluster Marilyn impersonations never should have won out over Ivy. No matter how much of a “meanie” Ivy was. The first couple episodes had better be epically good or this one is going down the trash chute for me.

  29. Will says:

    More babes like Jennifer Hudson, and less homo’s…

  30. Irene says:

    I thought Megan screamed a lot in her vocals and now with Jennifer Hudson there will be more. I love SMASH and can’t wait to purchase the 1st season for my daughter-in-law that loves Broadway, is in the Army and missed it. Do not look forward to more screaming! I am curious how they are going to continue Ivy with her destructive ways to herself and others.

  31. Christopher Pettigrew says:

    Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe were friends in real life. Ella Fitzgerald coached Marilyn Monroe with Marilyn’s singing. Even in Hollywood in the late fifties and early sixties, night clubs were segregated. In order to secure Ella Fitzgerald a performing gig at a top night club, Marilyn Monroe had to promise the owners that she herself, Marilyn Monroe would be sitting at a table in the club every night of Ella’s engagement. I don’t know if that is how Jennifer Hudson can be a part of the musical “Bombshell”, the show within “SMASH”. Give it a try, show that Marilyn was more than just a sex symbol.

  32. Speedie says:

    That long until season 2?? 1/2 a year more of waiting… :(

  33. Linda C. says:

    I agree with Lorraine….people watched Season 1 because they cared about the characters. Gumming up the works with too many guest artists will make the plot murky, at best. And yes, yes, Irene … Jennifer screams. The fabulous thing about Kat’s voice is she can tone down the volume and let emotions come through. That is why she can play Marilyn. Nothing noisy about M.M. Understated and subtle. I hope the focus in Season 2 will still be the original core crew we learned to love.

  34. terre says:

    i am not fond of this woman the cast for smash was so cool 1st time i hate it to change.