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Scoop: Revenge to Introduce Victoria's [Spoiler] -- Who Should Play Her?

The news that Revenge is casting Emily’s long-lost mom is as out in the open as Amanda’s gigantic pregnancy belly. But TVLine has learned that the soapy ABC drama is searching for the perfect person to play Victoria’s mother, as well.

That’s right: In Season 2, we’re going to meet the woman who spawned the vicious Hamptons socialite played by Madeleine Stowe. Whether we’ll meet the older woman at Vicky’s possible funeral — you’ll recall that the plane she was allegedly on blew up in the Season 1 finale — or at some other point remains to be seen.

Also no word yet on who’ll bring Mama Harper to life, but why should that stop us from having a little fun in the meantime? Below is our short list for the part. After you’ve read it, let us know who you’d put in the role. Think of it as one of Queen Victoria’s lavish summer soirees, and the theme is Cast Your Bets. Armchair Casting Directors, you’re cordially invited!

JOAN COLLINS | Dynasty’s grande dame of on-screen bitchery would be a perfect fit to play the Queen Mum. Aside from their resemblance, Collins and Stowe both carry themselves in the same regal manner — a manner that says, “I may be stunningly beautiful, but I am not above thrashing the stuffing out of you in a lily pond.” The fact that Collins is British? A minor detail, dahhling.

RAQUEL WELCH | The 1960s sex symbol would bring a va-va-voom allure to the part. (Can’t you just see her inappropriately flirting with Conrad?) Aside from a few short-lived series and a recent CSI: Miami appearance, Welch hasn’t done much TV; she could be just the kind of buzzy name to give the show an extra boost.

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CATHERINE DENEUVE | Deneuve and Stowe share the same high forehead and soulful eyes, and after playing a widow who wanted breast implants filled with her husband’s ashes on a 2006 Nip/Tuck, we know the French actress is up for a little campy fun. Don’t worry about the accent and blonde hair — we think Deneuve has a certain je ne sais quoi that would fit in quite nicely at Grayson Manor.

JACQUELINE BISSET | Another Nip/Tuck alumna, Bisset can play ruthless (her Nip character, James, rang an organ-theft ring) as easily as she can sweet (see her turn in the Hallmark Channel’s An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving), and the ability to switch back and forth between the two is something Mrs. Harper is likely to need.

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JANE BADLER | She commanded V’s mother ship and burned the man who spurned her on Falcon Crest, so we’re thinking Badler would be more than capable of playing the woman who gave birth to Emily’s nemesis. Plus, with her soap background (Badler was One Life to Live’s Melinda), she knows a thing or two about how to sell a cliffhanger.

JULIE CHRISTIE | The Oscar-winning British actress, who has limited her work to a few film roles in the past several years, would be a real get for Revenge. And think of the haughty glamour — not to mention the cheekbones! – she’d bring to the role. We can easily picture her giving someone an empty box as an engagement gift, can’t you?

Your turn. Who would you cast? The comments section is now open for your suggestions!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Summer says:

    I would LOVE for Victoria’s mother to be played by Joan Collins or Raquel Welch, personally. They’d both be fantastic in the role. But then I love Jacqueline Bisset, too. So any of the three! :D

    • AB says:

      This whole list from TVline is so cliche and lame, it doesn’t deserve to be considered. Only someone who doesn’t watch Revenge would consider these people as serious contenders.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’d keep in mind that Victoria comes from a “lower class” than she’s at now. She was conning people into buying forged paintings and waiting tables when Conrad met her. Not to mention her line about Amanda having cheap shoes and “limited social graces” and how Conrad noted that Victoria was like that in the beginning. So whoever plays Victoria’s mother will probably need to be someone who would believably come from the lower or middle-class. (I feel ridiculous talking about socio-economic classes, like this is some Victorian history lesson, but I don’t know how else to phrase it)

    • Ryan says:

      Oh, my comment is in response to this line: “Aside from their resemblance, Collins and Stowe both carry themselves in the same regal manner.” My point was just that Victoria didn’t necessarily get her “regal manner” from her mother – especially if they were a poor family. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anyone who would be an amazing fit the role except Collins. Maybe they could turn her into her taco-eating persona from “Will & Grace?”

    • Overdamoon says:

      Very true. According to Conrad, Victoria climbed the social ladder. Since William Devane was cast to play Conrad’s father, I would love to see Donna Mills play Mrs. Harper. I think witty and cunning Ms. Abby Cunningham Ewing Sumner can pull off this cheap shoe act very well.

    • AB says:

      Glad someone remembered that. This list is ridiculous.

  3. Adam says:

    She is probably too young for the role (and probably too old to play Emily’s mother)…but I’d love to see Susan Lucci on the show. The former bitch queen of daytime face-off with the bitch queen of primetime sounds too fun to miss.

    • Cherice says:

      Susan Lucci would be good. Judlth Light would probably be pretty good but she’s too young as well :(

    • L says:

      Susan Lucci could work as Emily’s mom if only so we have someone who could face off with Victoria. I would love to see Jennifer Garner or Sarah Michelle Gellar join the cast, but have no idea what character they could be.

    • Skater boy says:

      Lucci would be awesome. She looks young enough to play a younger role but I think she has been contracted to Devious Maids unfortunately.

  4. AJ says:

    Joan Collins for sure!!!!!

  5. me says:

    i love jane badler !!!!!

  6. Krista says:

    Elizabeth Mitchell, Michelle Pfiefer, or Marg Helgenberger!

  7. Jane says:

    Joan Collins or Jane Badler..would be my two choices.

  8. Daniela says:

    Joan Collins!!!! If they can get her … WOW! Would be awesome.

  9. M says:

    Betty White! (Hey, someone had to.)

    In all seriousness, if they’re gonna use a Nip/Tuck alum I’d rather see Vanessa Redgrave. But my first choice would be Jane Fonda!

  10. Drew says:

    I would go a different direction: Carol Burnett or Mary Tyler Moore. Both are age- appropriate and can play down-to-earth and/or snooty with aplomb. They could both also be a lot of fun if the situation warrants it.

  11. salim says:

    how about susan sarandon, i can see her playing victoria mother very well

  12. Aaron says:

    Echoing what Ryan said – Victoria came from very humble beginnings, and considering we haven’t really heard about ANY of her family, they may still be pretty lower class.

  13. B says:

    Cher, even though she’s too young to be Madeleine Stowe’s mother

    • Carrie says:

      Genius suggestion! There is a good physical resemblance and she could have been a teen mom, struggling to raise her kid in a trailer. And she can pull off blingy, slightly trashy but fab outfits that make Vicky cringe. Love this idea!!!!

  14. erin says:

    Jane balder!!!!!!!!

  15. TMW says:

    Sally Kirkland!!!!

  16. TMW says:

    Or Anne Archer.

  17. Chuck says:

    Jane Badler for the win!

  18. Percysowner says:

    Donna Mills. I just saw a picture of her at 71 and she is still drop dead gorgeous. She can also play manipulative and grasping. The hair color is wrong, but the personna could work.

  19. Suzie says:

    Jane Badler sadly just isn’t old enough to make it realistic

  20. tim says:

    Linda Lavin.

  21. Is the mom showing up in scenes that take place in the present or in the past when Victoria was a young girl, say Amanda’s age? If that were the case, then anyone could play the part.

  22. Devon says:

    jean stapleton or linda dano or debbie reynolds or carrie fischer or ed asner in drag

  23. Andrea says:

    Stockard Channing

  24. Leo says:

    RAQUEL WELCH!!!!!!

  25. Suz says:

    While not technically old enough to be her mother, I think Barbara Hershey would be great in this role.

    • April says:

      Barbara Hershey would be really good! I just saw her on Once Upon A Time, playing the Evil Queen’s mother. Enough said.

  26. Lilik Rahayu says:

    I would love to see Jane Badler I guess she is the perfect person:))

  27. Emanda says:

    Stockard Channing or Sally Field.

  28. april-ann says:

    No one — too soon. Let her be an unseen character who knows all sorts of sordid stuff, she’s the key to unlocking a secret or two, then introduce her in a later season. And have her be played by a talented, well known actress who has not gone under the knife to extremes or has had any gunk injected into her face. That should narrow the field considerably.

  29. dq18 says:

    As I was reading I kept thinking “A slightly older Meagan Mullally…” She really does have more than just the comedy chops…seeing Stockard Channing as I scrolled nailed it in my mind! I see caniving and someone who groomed Victoria to do what she’s done to get where she is…

  30. mia says:

    Oh! They’d all be fabulous!

  31. Liam says:


  32. Coolio Jackson says:

    Madeline Stowe is 53/54 so Emily’s mother should be in that range and Victoria’s mother would need to be in her 70s. How about Joan Rivers?

  33. Fabian says:

    Raquel Welch would be great! Barbara Hershey would be good too; they could make her look old enough I bet!

  34. Scott says:

    Stockard Channing is so perfect. That or Jackie Bissett

  35. sam says:

    The OC’s Melinda Clarke or marcia cross

    • BRUTUS says:

      melinda is on nikita, but she would be fantastic! I love her and she would be fantastic as emilys mom, but this is for Victorias mom. I have only seen a few minutes of marcia in desperate houswives but I just rewatched Melrose and she was great in there and a PURE NUTCASE!!!

      • Sam says:

        My bad I thought it was for Emily’s mom. How about another worlds Victoria Wyndham (Rachel) or anna stuart also, robin strasser, or Donna mills

  36. Ally says:

    I think that, going with Victoria’s backstory, the part of Victoria’s mother would have to go to someone who is less refined and educated, yet intelligent and keen, a person who would have contributed to Victoria’s personality. I picture someone desperate who disappointed or hurt Victoria terribly, someone who caused her to be such a cold person quick to betray those she loved. She’d have to be in her mid to late 60s (Victoria is in her mid-forties). Mary Beth Peil, Ellen Burstyn, Fionnula Flannagan and Jane Fonda would all be good picks.

  37. Mr. S says:

    Victoria Principal

  38. Topher says:

    How about Elaine Stritch? She can be dramatic or comedic, is age appropriate and a damn fine actress. I could see her playing a lower class bitch ready to mooch off of Victoria.

  39. Keenan says:

    I doubt she’d do it but how about Judy Davis?

    • April says:

      Oh my god, I love Judy Davis! She would be absolutely perfect! She’s not quite old enough but her talents are phenomenal. She’d make me believe she was Victoria Grayson’s mother.

  40. Eran says:

    In the name of all that is television holy, someone call Donna Mills’ agent, send her a bottle of dark hair dye, and cast her in the role! She would be a shoe in for the role!
    With William Devane playing Conrad’s dad, we would have a Greg and Abby reunion!

    And that’s my Knots Landing wet dream of the day… :)

  41. Trenton says:

    Sally Fields .

  42. NatesMama says:

    Jane Badler. There can be only one.

  43. Jack says:

    I think Linda Gray would be a good choice. Sure, she’s doing Dallas, but that’s only a 10 episode season.

    • Cathy says:

      She’s also age appropriate, although she looks really good for 71!

      • Mary says:

        Linda Gray would be awesome! I’m sure all her Dallas episodes have already been filmed by now, which should make her free. The great thing about LG is that we already know she can play the bitchy, overbearing yet vulnerable character. Also, she does look good for her age.

  44. Matt says:


  45. Jane Badler’s GOTTA GET THIS ROLE!!!!!!!!!!…..She deserves it…..Go Janey!!!!…..ABC and the producers of this show please choose her thanks.

  46. Jrp001 says:

    Blythe Danner

  47. Karen says:

    I don’t really care who plays Victoria’s Mother, But I want HOLLY HUNTER for Emilys!

  48. Jo Bautista says:

    Lynda Carter!!! She’d be awesome!!

  49. TheBeach says:

    Too bad Jessica Lange is otherwise engaged. With a little “older” make-up can you imagine what a manipulative hell-raiser she would be?!

    • nono says:

      Okay I have the perfect mother for Victoria, Andrea Martin who played Aunt Voula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She is 15 or more years older and she looks like an older Victoria, the even have the same noses. I also like Susan Dey and Cristine Rose who was in What Women Want. Neither have had work done on their faces to make them look younger. I couldn’t believe Susan Dey from the Partridge Family is over 60, but she is. Wendy Malick is over sixty and she might be okay.

  50. m says:

    What about Jaclyn Smith?