Is Ann Curry a Trouper? Dance Judges Heartless? ABC's Two Amanda Clarkes?! And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including So You Think You Can Dance, Today, True Blood and Falling Skies!

1 | Say what you will about Ann Curry, but doesn’t the exiting Today co-host deserves props for having the moral fiber to show up for work on Thursday and Friday? (But could you blame her if she didn’t, after a “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” graphic flashed on-screen during one of her segments?!)

2 | Did Fairly Legal make a miscalculation when rejiggering Season 2 to add the rather polarizing character of Ben?

3 | What industry gives the Kardashians, like, four different primetime shows but only grants a few hours to tightrope walker Nik Wallenda?

| Did Blue Lagoon: The Awakening‘s Emma also have condoms in her purse? Because it’s a small miracle she didn’t get knocked up on that island.

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Girls5 | Why did Girls‘ Hannah leave the subway station to wander Coney Island after realizing her purse had been stolen? (She’d already paid the fare, so she could’ve just hopped on a train going in the opposite direction instead of wandering the beach in her party clothes.) And who wants to take bets on how long Jessa’s marriage to Thomas John is going to last?

6 | Is True Blood‘s deadly dull Terry/Patrick Iraq plot going somewhere interesting?

7 | Any theories as to the identity of the dead body Holder was driving off to investigate at the close of The Killing finale? And if the show gets a Season 3, will the mystery revolve around how Rosie Larsen’s rinky dink camera filmed in widescreen ratio? Finally, was the identity of Rosie’s ultimate killer was a cheap 11th-hour twist or an earned jaw-dropping reveal?

8 | Shouldn’t trigger-happy Falling Skies once in a while remind us that the 2nd Mass is forever accumulating scrap Mech armor and forging super-bullets from it?

9 | Simply by virtue of declaring his intention to be the “most epic villain in reality TV history,” did The Glass House‘s lame d-bag Alex pretty much take himself out of the running for the title?

10 | We might be in the minority on this, but wasn’t Bunheads‘ second episode – which revolved around a death! – funnier than the pilot? Pushing Daisies‘ Ellen Greene was certainly a kick as Fanny’s artist friend.

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11 | Wasn’t this week’s Pretty Little Liars one of the better episodes in recent history? It had tons of action, lots of earned emotion and some secrets were actually (gasp!) revealed. Also, can we officially request (many) more Ezra/Ella scenes, please?

12 | Ben’s new love interest on Jane By Design is named Amanda Clarke? Seriously? Is ABC Family trying to ride the coattails of sister network ABC’s Revenge?

13 | Anyone find it curious that The Glee Project‘s Charlie got chastised as being dangerous and insensitive when he improvised and snatched Mario’s cane during the bullying video shoot, and yet the producers chose to use that exact footage in the final edit?

14 | So You Think You Can Dance‘s Danielle Dominguez steps in to help out a fellow contestant during the jazz round, gets kicked in the head and sent to the hospital and misses rehearsal time as a result, and yet the judges cut her no slack for underperforming? If they really wanted to eliminate her, why not wait another round or two instead of essentially penalizing her for being a good person?

15 | Parenthood. Ray Romano. Romantic interest for Sarah. Has this started to make sense to anyone yet?

16 | Mark Pellegrino’s Grimm gig raises the question: What is the world record for most genre-TV roles by a single actor? And in that regard, do Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche have a side bet going?

Dallas Larry Hagman17 | No, really — what’s happening there on Dallas with Larry Hagman’s eyebrows? Do you think he puts hair wax in them? And does Rebecca’s con cohort remind anyone else of Michael Vartan?

18 | Whoa, did Royal Pains just write off Jill?!

VIDEO | Spoiler Alert! Best Comedy Emmy Goes to…

19 | As cool as the news is about Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez possibly guesting on Glee, how has it taken this long for Fox’s hit musical comedy to recruit from the ranks of Fox’s hit singing competition? But isn’t it refreshing to see the show casting an actual 16-year-old?

20 | It’s clear the Duets producers wanted Robin Thicke to still have a partner in the game heading into next week’s live shows, but keeping Olivia Chisholm out of the Bottom 2 altogether after she missed almost every note on “Stayin’ Alive” strained credulity, no?

21 | Who else thinks Breaking Pointe needs more dancing and a lot less relationship drama?

22 | Can we all give a round of applause to Daytime TV’s current MVP, General Hospital‘s Kelly Sullivan? Not only is she killing each and every one of her emotionally charged scenes, but her Kate is finally bringing out a long overdue softer side of Sonny.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Guest says:

    Love Bunheads, but did the new intro remind anyone else of a commercial for feminine products?

    • Winnie says:

      I couldn’t put my finger on it, but this describes it too well. But the”sex at the party” girl has a rep to protect, so…

      Oh, and on #13 – yes. I scoffed at that, too. Still, maybe it was one of those simultaneous “we have to say something because of liability, but really we thought it was genius”

      • kavyn says:

        I agree. It was stupid to put him in the bottom 3 if his only critique was something they actually used in the tape. He supposedly had more takes yet they used his first one.

        Also I’m sorry but Mario is my least favourite out of everyone. Every time I see him on screen I get annoyed by his attitude. His rendition of Over the Rainbow was beautiful though.

        Personally I thought Lily should have been eliminated, but I guess they were able to give a free pass since Taryn left the competition on her own.

  2. Mel says:

    In my mind, Ray Romano and Lauren Graham are a bad idea, but who knows, maybe they’ll surprise the hell out of us and have great chemistry. But I tend to think not! Loved Jason Reitman. Now he and Lauren had chemistry. And I liked him. Nothing personal, but Ray Romano? Um, no.

  3. alr says:

    10) I was more disappointed that they didn’t keep Alan Ruck. I was just about on board with his character in the pilot before they killed him off. The second episode just seemed exhausting to me. Not sure how much longer I can hang in.

    • Elibu says:

      I agree. Liked the pilot of Bunheads, but was severely disappointed by the second. It seemed too self-conscious about trying to be quirky, and it just seemed dumb. Plus, as much as I enjoy Kelly Bishop, I think it was a mistake to cast her in a role that is almost identical to Emily Gilmore.

    • madhatter360 says:

      I agree, I’m upset that they killed him. Although it was pretty surprising. I was expecting him to be in a coma, so that he could inconveniently wake up in the middle of his wife’s first date with some other guy.

    • The episode did feel tired. There were some brilliant quips that were funny but the whole thing felt almost as depressing to me as if I knew Hubble personally. I was really really sad when they killed him. My hopeless naivety thought that maybe Amy Sherman Palladino was finally going to write a show about how difficult things can be to work on a real relationship and blending families. Silly me.

  4. Mick says:

    1. How about Ann Curry knowing for months that she was out the door because NBC, and Matt Lauer insinuated it in every action for the last couple of months.

    • TV Gord says:

      Exactly! “Insiders” have been saying Ann’s departure was a haggling point in Matt’s recent contract renewal negotiations, so she can’t be oblivious to all of these rumblings. As long as they give her a new assignment that allows for a graceful exit, why shouldn’t she have trouble showing up for work?

      • arial2 says:

        Really? Wow, if this is true, he must have both a colossal ego and a secret worry about his own talent if he needed to get another member of the crew fired before he’d sign a new contract. Now, the only way I’ll watch that show is if Meredith Vieira returns. But maybe that’s what he was angling for…I’ll forgive him if that’s the case. Adored Meredith on the show (heck, on any show she’s participated).

  5. Percysowner says:

    Fairly Legal made a mistake when they decided to leave their main character, Kate, an obnoxious,self-centered child. It didn’t help that in order to set up a “triangle” between Ben, Justin and Kate that they trashed Justin’ s character by having him cheat. It also didn’t help that they made Leo nothing but a cheerleader for Kate/Ben when he was one of the really likeable characters in season one and when they made Lauren seem unable to handle a negotiation without help from a big strong man, namely Ben. Making Ben as obnoxious as Kate didn’t help either, but FL really fell apart this year.

    Yes, So You Think You Can Dance was awful letting Danielle go the way they did. They should have given her a pass on the group routine and allowed her a “dance for her life” instead. They also needed to cut down on the Alexa time and change the edit. Hearing over and over again that they are “saving” Alexa because she is beautiful but not giving enough personality makes her seem like the judges’ pet and just makes me dislike her. If you’re tired of saving her, stop saving her and let her go. Just because she almost made top 20 last season (and we don’t need to hear that every time we see her) doesn’t mean you have to keep advancing her.

    I love Bunheads. I loved this week’s episode. It was funny and touching both.

    • bkwrm says:

      I loved and agree everything you said.

    • TrulyRoxie says:

      I 100% agree with everything you said. As far as Danielle goes, if they were truly going to evaluate her, they could have pushed her group to last to give them the additional time to practice to make up what she originally missed. That disappointed me greatly!

    • Chloe says:

      I completely agree about Fairly Legal. [I don’t watch the other one, so I can’t comment on that]

      As for the question about The Killing, I was blown away and didn’t see it coming at all. That Terri seemed only concerned that she “didn’t know” that it was Rosie, and didn’t seem to care that either way she had killed a human being without blinking an eye, was mind-boggling. Apparently, in her mind, it’s ok to kill a non-relative just to land a rich husband.

  6. Andrea says:

    2.) Yes, I stopped watching because of his character. He was not needed.
    4.) I thought this a million times in the clips I caught of this.
    11.) Good bonding time for Ezra and Ella. It was a great episode.
    18.) I’m really hope she will come back, I htought she would end up with Hank at some point. But I guess she’s gone for now?

  7. Paloma says:

    Fairly Legal made a mistake when they blew up Kate’s boat (oh the horrors!) and then it went down hill from there. DIdn’t much care for Ben. Leo didn’t get enough to do and I really liked his relationship with Kate in season 1. I mostly liked Lauren more in season 2, but would have liked her better without Ben. And I never pictured Justin as someone who would cheat on Kate. That was really disappointing. And I don’t like Kate and Ben together. I liked Kate and Justin together or apart or trying to get together or just having casual sex sometimes. I just like them as a couple and now we don’t have that. We have Ben.

    • j.j. says:

      I agree, I love Ben’s character. I didn’t think it was a mistake at all. I also like that they made Lauren more human. I thought it was a really good season.

  8. AmyLynn says:

    @ #2…I loved this season of Fairly Legal…the first couple episodes dragged and at first I thought Ben was a complete D.Bag but once the love triangle started to develop and they started to flesh out Ben’s character i really started to dig it. I really hope they give it another season. I can’t wait to see what happens now that Ben and Kate are neighbors!

    • Spikenalabama says:

      I completely agree with everything you said!

    • Lynne says:

      Thank you AmyLynn, I agree with everything you wrote. I enjoyed the Ben/Kate relationship and It will be interesting to see what develops next season.

      • Sarah says:

        I completely agree with you all. I loved the Ben character because he was OUTSIDE the norm for Kate and didn’t play into her antics at first. But together they both changed each other. He stopped being a jerk and she grew up.
        I have to ask, did Justin actually cheat? They were separated and she had told him she wanted a divorce. Playing devil’s advocate, yes it would hurt to hear he slept with someone else, but how could she not expect that he started to move on? The show did not get specific on when he “cheated” so it could have been in any time frame.
        It has always been obvious that Kate and Justin didn’t have things together. She needed someone who would make her better. Justin is a good friend for her, but he doesn’t make her a better person.

  9. Tom_b says:

    JR’s eyebrows were always like that. I think they style them that way to make him look more demonic

  10. Joe says:

    For 16 I think Ray Wise is definitely a contender!!!

  11. Deena says:

    11–As long as PLL doesn’t hint at anything romantic between Ella & Ezra, I do like their scenes together. If the show goes anything past that I will be freaked out.

  12. Tony says:

    #16. -( Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche ) Even though they have all done stuff before/after Supernatural I pretty much have those characters stuck in my head…And Yes I know Mark Pellegrino was on lost , Mark Sheppard on X-files, and Sebastian Roche – Fringe…but to me they will always be angels/demons/Lucifer

  13. tewence says:

    breaking pointe was in fact annoying last night. talk about beating a dead horse…not only from production’s standpoint, but get the eff over each other rex and allison! sheesh! as a dancer, that episode could have shown more what it is actually like to get into the theatre days before a performance…

  14. Mary says:

    Don’t get me wrong I think she is doing a fantastic job, however; I am not sure I like the new writers doing the exact same storyline that was played on One Live. The DID story and I knew they would switch the baby and also that it would be Jason after all. I just hope they don’t drag it out like they did on OLTL. I would think they could come up with new stories. I am beginning to lose interest, been there done that.

  15. Summer says:

    I love Ben. The character is far more interesting and dynamic than Justin ever was. The pairing of Kate and Ben seems far more likely to me than Kate and bland Justin. Also loved Lauren this year, but could definitely have used more Leo!

  16. JH says:

    7) The sister twist was actually completely predictable and discussed prior to the show by a friend and I as the “this show is terrible enough that they will probably” inevitable result. That story line was the only red herring that wasn’t over-closed… hoping Holder was on his way to shoddily investigate Veena Sud’s murder…

  17. Emma says:

    I’ve given up on Breaking Pointe already. I want ballet, not relationships.

  18. Emily says:

    7. Not a cheap twist. Perhaps not jaw-dropping shocker either, but it elicited some stellar performances.

    10. “Yeah, he is my service dog. When I get really drunk and pass out in the gutter, he is my pillow.”

    13. I felt sorry for Charlie. Esp. since that footage was used, had Mario been an actor pretending to be blind, Charlie probably would’ve been commended for taking that initiative. It felt a bit like Charlie was being made an example of, and it was sad to see him reamed for something that was the result of limited teenage judgement, rather than an actually nasty attitude.

  19. jane says:

    #5 Well considering the actress that plays Jessa is pregnant, I would say longer than originally thought. I have a hard time believing Lena Dunham would act like the character wasn’t pregnant given that she tries to make her show as authentic as possible.

  20. Bri says:

    Kelly is SO killing it as Kate/Connie on GH! I’m not a big fan of the new writers, but I love how her storyline ties so many characters together. PLL keeps getting writer and better. Mark Pellegrino will forever and always be Jacob to me.

  21. MDEP says:

    14 | So You Think You Can Dance – I agree, I thought that was cruel. And what about cutting Teddy again! So talented, and at the end the judges said they wanted interesting dancers. He is interesting! If they really think he cannot make it, then let him know, nicely, to stop auditioning.

    • Both she and the group she was taken in by should have been given a little leeway. I hated the krump-girl cut. She seemed versatile. I couldn’t figure out why they were picking on Alexa until I found out she is one of Travis’ roommates. They probably wanted to build some empathy for her to counteract the praise she is likely to get. People in Mia and Travis’ circles always seem to get such positive critiques once the show actually begins. Melanie got very little criticism last year. I hope I am wrong. Lots of great talent this year.

  22. Heathers says:

    18) I certainly hope they are not writing out Jill. They need to get rid of Henry Winkler. He is a terrible washed up actor. Why waste money on his salary when they could spend it on Jill. She and Hank have great chemistry.

  23. kim says:

    I really liked Ben in “Fairly Legal.” I think he is funny, quirky, kinda’ a dbag, but sometimes he tries to be an okay guy. I miss Kate’s brother and the darn near impossible way that Ethan Embry and Sarah Shahi could be related, but I thought the family aspect was a good one.

  24. laura says:

    #2. I like Ben for so many reasons, even if his auzzie accent peeks out once in awhile. Keep Ben, he’s a great addition to the show. I like Justin – but there is no way the guy cheated on Kate. I like Leo – give him more to do! I like Lauren – a lot more this season that last, keep it going. I DO NOT LIKE Kate Reed. She has (as a previous poster described) become an “obnoxious,self-centered child.” She showed pieces of her immaturity in season 1, but she took it to a whole new level in season 2. It sucks b/c I sincerely want to root for the girl that fights for the little ppl and goes against the grain, but Kate makes me almost want to root for the other guy to win!

    #1 I like Ann Curry and she is truly being the bigger person in all of this!

    #18 Message to Royal Pains – you have to keep/ bring back Jill!

    #22 Absolutely agree, Kelly Sullivan is doing a great job and she is helping me like Sonny just a little bit.

  25. Kim R says:

    #1.I think it shows what kind of woman Ann Curry is but I also think it is a good decision to replace her. She is not a good fit in that particular role. I preferred her delivering the news at the news desk.
    #7.Not a cheap twist. Excellently thought out conclusion to Rosie’s last hours and amazing performances all around. No thoughts on the dead body.

  26. caliiangel says:

    I LOVE Ben on Fairly Legal!!! He is the reason I’ve become completely addicted to the show in season 2. I love his chemistry with Kate and aside from some out there who don’t get him, I think most people came around to him as the season went on and by the end almost everyone loved him! Love this show and dying to hear there will be a season 3! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!!!

    • lorelaidinda says:

      Totally agree with you. Ben won me over as well. Kate and Justin is really just “beating a dead horse”. Been there, done that, and it didn’t work. Cannot wait for season 3 too :-)

  27. TV Gord says:

    Why not Ray Romano? I can see it. He’s ten years older than Lauren Graham, but she’s 13 years older than Jason Ritter. If age becomes a part of the storyline, I think that could make for a pretty interesting dynamic. (And are we sure it’s necessarily a romantic pairing? What if Ray role is as Jason’s dad!?!?)

  28. Liz T says:

    2. I don’t mind Ben as a character, but I mind a LOT how the show contorted around him. He’s immature, so Kate became even more immature. He’s a jerk, so Justin had to cheat. He’s smart, so Lauren (and Justin and Kate) need his help constantly – he’s apparently an expert at everything. And the cheesy anvils like the heart shaped rock and the song were the worst tweeny soap opera level of writing.. The thought of a season three with Kate and Ben as wacky neighbors is a definite pass. Ideally, Kate and Ben could spin off into their own sitcom since that’s what some people want, and then I could have the Lauren and Justin team up to take over San Francisco show.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Completely agree. I love sarah shahi, and i have a huge love for the USA channel and their programming, i have never been the type to say “I am gonna stop watching!” lightly, but honestly the direction Season 2 took (thanks to the new showrunner) really has me on the edge of just cancelling my Season Subscription to the show.
      It is so sad that the show was a great show about a lead female character that has a messy personal life but was great at her job, and had a great guy as her ex but it just didnt work out…and that good writing didnt get high enough ratings so they get a new showrunner, and then inject the most typical, soap opera drama, and TV cliche’s into the show. I feel so bad for Sarah Shahi and especially for Michael Trucco, who is a great actor and had a great part…and they just add for drama that Justin cheated, and then after dating kate she leaves him for Ben?

      I dont say this lightly, but the show is ruined. And they honestly cant fix it no matter what cause of what they had Kate do with leaving Justin and basically cheating on him with her minds eye with Ben, also they cant reverse the fact that they wrote justin as a cheater.

      And by the way, i really enjoy the Ben character, I like the actor, the character is decent and mixes things up well, but by adding a love triange…and even worse, they had a girl who is immature and messy and doesnt have her life in order…fall for a immature guy, who is a facade, it just sucks.

      • Julie says:

        I thought Justin slept with someone else during one of their breaks. I could never figure out why Kate was so mad about it (to quote Ross from Friends: “WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!”), so maybe I misunderstood his explanation. Ben grew on me, but the neighbors thing is a bit contrived. I was a little upset that Robin turned out to be a snake because I remember the actor from “Monarch of the Glen” and I really like him.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          No it wasnt a break, it was when they were in the most horrible part of their marriage, like the mega fighting and maybe even moved out or not living together or something like that. Basically emotionally neither of them felt married and knew they were going to divorce, so the only reason she would have to be upset was their VOWS were broken. I really like the Ben character hes fun and stuff…but him + Kate i dont like at all.
          I feel like the people that like a subtle slow burning show loved Season 1…and all these new people that love season 2 and didnt like season 1 (the people the new show-runner are going after) are the same people that eat up all the drama, and love triangles and all that soap opera crap.

    • Percysowner says:

      I would totally watch Justin and Lauren storm the legal world, with Leo as their assistant. Ben and Kate can have their own show. I don’t care for either of them, but their followers could watch them and I could watch the characters I like.

  29. tvaddict says:

    If I watched Glee (I think its a horrible show) hiring the cold personalty less one note Jessica Sanchez would be enough to make me go cold turkey

  30. Ana says:

    2. Fairly Legal lost me when they added Ben. He is so arrogance and annoying that I can’t stand him. I haven’t watched since the season opener and when I tried to give it a second chance I saw Kate was asking him out and that was it.
    10. Love Bunheads. My new summer addiction.
    15. Ray Romano? Really? In what universe? Suddenly I’m much less excited about the return of Parenthood.
    20. I’m done with Duets. The scoring and selection process makes no sense to me. And I find Legend and Thick to be awfully narcissistic, arrogant and overrated. Not even Kelly and Jennifer are enough to keep me tuning in…

  31. katy917 says:

    16. I have pondered this many times!! They all pop up in all my fave shows at some point or other!! Can’t decide who I love more of them, they all always light up the screen in any scene they’re in!!

  32. Juan says:

    20. i don’t care as long as I get to see more Robin every week.
    Can they just give him a variety show where he interviews, sings, drinks, and humps other singers in a cool non-pervy dancing way?

  33. May says:

    I hate Ray Romano. Love Lauren Graham and Parenthood, so to me it still doesn’t make sense.

  34. Renee says:

    1. Ann Curry is truly a class act.
    10. I want to like Bunheads more than I truly do. It has some good lines, but they shouldn’t have killed Hubble and they’ve made the mom character too much of a cliche.
    16. I never see Mark Pellegrino without thinking ‘that’s Rita’s ex from Dexter’.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I’ve thought for years with those eyebrows that Hagman may take flight.

  36. Jen says:

    19. Very excited about Jessica Sanchez on Glee!! I too am shocked that it took this long for the show to have an Idol alumni on it. I was hoping last year that they’d have Pia on but Jessica is much more age appropriate.

  37. Rrrrrr says:

    Yes! I think Kelly Sullivan is doing an amazing job on General Hospital. Then again, I’m one of the few fans that don’t mind the shift with the OLTL writers- I actually think its improved- but I also have neer seen an episode of OLTL before in my life, so I wouldnt be able to criticize any similarities.

  38. M3rc Nate says:

    18: I know that is weird. I love Jill, shes awesome and i thought was amazing for Hank. However the direction they took her i really didnt like. The on and off again of their relationship, her dumping him for work…them being just friends and honestly when i watch them as just friends, i dont get the butterfly feeling of “ooo chemistry! i hope they get back together!”. I honestly dont feel anything, idk if thats on purpose or not, but there is no spark or chemistry between their characters at all. Like i said i love Jill, but maybe its for the best she is not in a bunch of episodes or is written off….get someone in there that Hank can fall for or something. I liked the previous guest stars that Hank dated or had feelings for…the show is starting to get stale and i dont like that at all, because i LOVE royal pains.

    So far the current problems with the show are: The fight between Evan and Hank over business, it was totally coming and a good plot..but for some reason im not that invested in it….i think i know way to easy that things are going to go back to normal so i just dont care..and to be honest as stubborn as they are…they are acting very immature and IMHO i believe so strongly that Hank is wrong…that he comes off for the first time, as kinda a crap brother.
    Second: Dyvia, i never liked her character, how she treated Evan always came off as cold and borderline Ahole-ish. They dont seem like actual friends, more like she puts up with him. All of her “marriage” and “Indian” and cheating with the white patient and her working at the hospital behind Hanks back and almost killing a patient and EVERYthing…it all added up to me not liking her character at all. To be blunt…most characters on all the tv shows i watch i wish i knew and was friends with…but its rare that i would completely avoid one and think they are kinda a bi*tch…and Dyvia is one of those rare ones. Also dont like her scheming to get Hank and Evan back together, it doesnt come off as sweet or her loving them…it comes off as crappy scheming that isnt even working.
    Boris: WHERE THE F IS BORIS?! I love Boris, he is badass and awesome and a FANTASTIC character…i also really like his Cuban girlfriend and really love every story line involving him, including his medial mystery. Not having him in the show for basically the past 2 seasons has really hurt the show.
    Patients: I actually really enjoyed the interactions with guest stars and fun patients, but so far in this season they all seem to be throw aways…also their ailments seem to be pushed to the background as well…basically i dont care what they have, or what it takes to cure it…not as interesting as in the past.
    Re-accruing patients: I LOVED the connection Hank (and the team) had with the rich teen boy and his girl friend. The friendship Hank and him had was fantastic TV, and the girlfriend was awesome and a really fun character as well. By removing them along with Boris, i feel two huge parts of the show that maybe the writers didnt know were huge parts to the audience, disappeared and the show is hurting because of it.

    I have to say there are a lot of things going right, that i love…but a huge one is Evan and Paige…i LOVE paige, her character is awesome and adorable and so perfect. I really really hope they have Paige and Evan have bumps in the road towards their wedding..but nothing big. I dont want one to cheat or have a wandering eye for a new guy/girl character or any of that crap. Let their love grow and let their relationship be fun and subtle and dont mess with one of the few things going perfectly the past 10 episodes. I would say the most recent episode was a good bump in the road that ended sweet, with Evan taking her for granted but then in the end realizing he was, and being so sorry for it…

  39. M3rc Nate says:

    Yup Jill is leaving. If @JillMFlint is a real twitter account (which it seems to be by the personal photos shes taken etc) she says goodbye to her cast mates and goodbye to the show.

  40. Jon says:

    Ben is the best thing to happen to Fairly Legal. It was just unwatchable before that. Ok, maybe just Kate is what makes it unwatchable. Ben is a great character.
    I didn’t care for Jill, but she was tolerable. The character they should write off is Evan. Never liked him from the very beginning. His self-centered man-child character hasn’t shown any growth since the first season. I thought that by breaking up HankMed, we’d see less of him. And by the way, does Divya do any medical work anymore?

  41. Brie says:

    #13-THANK YOU! I had a HUGE issue with this and they just tried to blow right past it, hoping no one would notice. So hypocritical and made me lose a ton of respect for all 4 “judges”.

    • dude says:

      It should make you lose respect for the producers. They’re the ones who made the judges turn it into a huge issue and they’re likely the ones who agreed to use the footage in the final edit.

    • kavyn says:

      Well the people making the video used it, not the judges.

  42. Lena says:

    Addicted to “Fairly Legal”! Love Ben and Kate together and hope show comes back next season :)

  43. Dark Defender says:

    #6 (TB) in a word – Zombies. If not, it is a wasted story arc and they could spend more time on the back story of the Authority.

  44. MGL says:

    I think Ann Curry is a great news person and hopefully NBC will place her someplace where her talents can be used. I am not a Matt Lauer fan personally, and though they may not have or had great chemistry, it is not bad. Ann is a professional and I hope she lands where her talents can be used.

    Fairly Legal, did not like Ben.

  45. Nicole says:

    13. I think the more pertinent question is why did everyone conveniently forget that Charlie has low-spectral autism? Is it possible that he simply didn’t understand why taking the cane was so bad, especially if he has not had a lot of exposure to people who are blind?

    • dude says:

      I think that’s a cop-out and I’m glad he didn’t use it as an excuse. He has a very functional form of autism, he’s not stupid. He did it because he considers himself a very seasoned actor and he lost himself in the scene and I think selfishly, he wanted to stand out. I don’t think he thought it was dangerous but not because he has autism, because he wasn’t thinking.

  46. Jaime says:

    This past two weeks when I watch Kelly Sullivan’s scenes on GH I’m like “Where do you get all these tears?!”

  47. dude says:

    #3- He walked a tightrope for half an hour, why does he need more than a few hours of TV coverage? He didn’t cure cancer.
    #13- Thought the EXACT same thing! They made such a big deal about how reckless and dangerous that move was and then got it from different angles for the final music video? Suspicious.
    #22- Don’t get me wrong, Kelly Sullivan is great and all but Kelly Monaco has been the real MVP lately.

  48. Julia says:

    Trooper, yes? Not trouper.

  49. sam says:

    Having seen the previews for Fairly legal, I wanted to see it from the beginning — only to find out that Ben was not there until season 2 and that the first episodes of this show were absolutely terrible. Season 2 is only watchable because of Ben. There is no character more annoying than Kate on Fairly legal, except for maybe clare danes in Homeland. Nothing against these actresses, just the characters that they play are super annoying

  50. Tom says:

    Re: Ann Curry. Yes, it took guts to show up for work Thursday and Friday. But don’t forget there’s a ton of money at stake in this deal. The last thing Curry would want to do right now is give NBC cause to terminate her contract. So I think she had, literally, millions of reasons to show up for work. No question, she could have called in sick for two days and NBC couldn’t do much about it. But Curry still has to negotiate with NBC for how to handle the balance of her contract. This isn’t a time to show weakness.