SYTYCD Vegas Week Recap: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

So You Think You Can Dance VegasVegas Week on So You Think You Can Dance always makes me think of the classic intro to ABC’s Wide World of Sports, and Season 9 proved no exception. Indeed, with 181 dancers battling through eight different rounds over four days, two people exiting on stretchers, and only 35 remaining at the end of the two-hour telecast, Jim McKay’s voiceover — “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the human drama of athletic competition” — would’ve fit right in alongside Mary Murphy’s whoops of approval and Adam Shankman’s tears.

Still, if memory serves, I don’t think there was ever a line that went, “judges singling out one competitor like a pack of hyenas tearing apart a weak baby impala.” And yet that’s what happened to Blake Lively doppelganger Alexa Anderson, the last dancer cut before the Season 8 Top 20, who needed three days of taunting from Nigel Lythgoe & Co. — “you are giving us no light!” “I’m not enamoured by your beauty anymore!” — to figure out she’d been assigned the “let’s make a pretty girl cry” edit. Once the tears flowed and the mascara smeared — “I’m not just not listening to you guys. I’m racking my brain and I am pushing myself,” pleaded Alexa, probably wondering if she’d have to shed a little blood to silence the pack — her dancing suddenly delighted the panel, with a few sly suggestions that she might have what it takes to earn the title America’s Favorite Dancer (Who Is Not Afraid to “Release Emotion”).

I’m not sure Alexa is quite that compelling, but I will say her final Vegas solo — which started out graceful and sweet, then shifted to a mood of power and aggression — was her best work this season. So maybe cruel Uncle Nigel knows what he’s doing. (Just as long as Alexa isn’t outfitted with a cilice for her first week on the live shows.)

Other highlights from the Vegas rounds:

ABS-SOLUTELY FABULOUS | I might need a little more information, but I think I’ve found my favorite Season 9 female: Belly dancer Janelle Issis’ solo, complete with giant gold wings, oozed with sensuality, and yet the playfulness in her eyes proved she’s got a cheeky sense of humor, that she knows how to play notes other than “sex, sex, and more sex.” Plus, her abs are so powerful, they could win a wrestling match with John Cena.

EXIT THE DRAGONS | Two of the three Dragon House guys were out by the end of the first round of choreography, which happened to be in their hip-hop wheelhouse. But Cyrus — with his wacky hair, his huge heart, and his hypnotic robotic limbs — persevered, dissolving into a sobbing mess after he squeaked past the jazz round. “You did it. Proper. Can you believe it?” asked Cat Deeley, clearly delighted that this untrained kid hadn’t been done in by the rigors of Vegas. Better still? After Cyrus tanked in the ballroom round, we got a mesmerizing solo that had Debbie Allen shouting “Lord have mercy, yes!”

HOORAY FOR BALLET | Has anyone in the history of SYTYCD leapt so high, so far, so effortlessly as Chehon Wespo-Tschopp during his final solo? Chehon declared his desire to “break out of ballet mindset” as Dragon House Cyrus rubbed his shoulder in encouragement. If there’s any justice in the world of reality TV, these stylistic opposites will both have their day in the live rounds.

PAY PERV VIEW | Did we really need all that footage of fresh-scrubbed Utah teens/childhood friends Whitney Carson and Lindsay Arnold gleefully interlocking limbs, hugging, and later gigglingly turning out the lights while sharing the same bed? And just when I was about to give Nigel a slow-clap for handling both executive producer and director duties for the episode.

THE LATE CUTS ARE THE DEEPEST | Adrian Lee, cut in Season 7 in his living room by Mary Murphy, got eliminated again, right before the Top 20 announcement. Surprising to be sure, but I’m not crestfallen about it, if I’m being honest. I felt worse for pink-haired Aubrey Klinger, who put together a really terrific group number to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” got a Mia Michaels comparison from Nigel, then promptly got the axe in the next round after a perfectly fine cha cha. Her sobbing parting comments — “I’ve been auditioning for four f—— years. I can’t get work!” — drove home just how brutal the life of a dancer can be, even when they’re incredibly talented.

A TALE OF TWO SOLOS | I can’t be the only one who was fascinated by the difference in the two female “dance for your life” solos following the jazz round with Sonya Tayeh, right? I wasn’t a huge fan of Amelia Lowe’s black-and-white audition, but her Vegas solo, set to the To Kill a Mockingbird theme, was incredibly evocative, technically impressive, and yet entirely atypical from the many contemporary solos I’m used to seeing on the show. Rachel Applehans, on the other hand, was toast the minute she bit the red tie that she’d been “provocatively” wearing around her neck. Thank heavens for Debbie Allen, letting the kid know you’ve got to have more than sex appeal in your repertoire if you want to be dancing professionally anywhere outside of your local gentleman’s club.

OUCH! | I know SYTYCD‘s producers love to play up the drama of Vegas week injuries — they’d send in a medical crew for a hang nail if they thought they could get away with it — but Joshua Alexander’s botched backflip/TKO was one of the most hideous falls I’ve seen on the show. The fact that he didn’t even twitch once he hit the ground made it all that much scarier. Plus, you know if he cracks the Top 20, Uncle Nigel will be sure to replay that scene a half-dozen more times once we get to the live rounds.

What did you think of SYTYCD’s Season 9 Vegas week? What was the biggest surprise for you? Have you pegged any favorites, or folks to root against? And how did you feel about the judges singling out Alexa for criticism? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Marianne says:

    Michael – great recap, and I agree with your take on Aubrey Klinger. First she was so highly praised for the group number and then cut for, what appeared to my novice eye to be, a perfectly good cha-cha-cha. I didn’t get that cut at all.

    • justjack says:

      Me either. She was one of my early favorites and I’m really annoyed by how she went out!

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I suspect she’d had weak moments earlier on that we didn’t get to see. I think, once they get to that point, the talent level is such that ‘perfectly good’ doesn’t get you through.

    • Alli says:

      Also, while she had the choreography down fine, I actually thought her cha-cha was pretty terrible. Her movements were so small and quiet – nothing like the exaggerated swagger that a latin dance like that commands. I agree that by that point, it isn’t really enough to be good or passable.

      Though, that being said, how the hell Glitch is still in this thing is kind of miraculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and think his solos and personality are beyond winning. But his technique in that round was ….. well, it was sad. It was like he didn’t even know he had hips!

    • Jaqueline says:

      You are so beautieful dont give up on dancing

  2. nancytodd says:

    I think the judges were incredibly cruel with Danielle. She passed through her audition round and then filled in to help another dancer–gets kicked in the head– hospital 8 hours–gets in a group at midnight (with headache) and gets CUT without a chance to at least dance for her life. If they didn’t think she would fit, they could have cut her in another round and not looked like jerks.

    • Eli says:

      Could not agree more, I am so pissed about this.

    • Stacey says:

      There is probably more to the situation. I am surprised they didn’t give her a second chance. Heck they gave into the pleading of a second chance of “burlesque dancer”. But i wasn’t that impressed with her earlier work. Although she was doing well as a fill-in, until she got hit in the head. The fact she spent so long in the hospital makes me wonder if there was more to the situation. And they gave her a simple cut, so that if she wants to try back next year… They might be more sympathetic.

    • david7118 says:

      Perhaps there will be a top 24 instead of 20 and both Danielle and Aubrey will fill those last two spots? A guy can dream.

    • Michael says:

      I also thought Danielle Dominguez was a terrible, unfair cut. But props to her for not whining about it to the judges or the cameras. And honestly, with that head injury, rest was probably best for her. I hope she gets a front-of-the-line pass for next year.

  3. davey says:

    Yeah…Aubrey’s cut made very little sense – I felt bad for her during her post-dance meltdown too! But my biggest grievance with last night’s cuts were of Danielle, the girl who passed the round only to get kicked in the head by her partner that sent her to the hospital and upon returning LATE for the group number was promptly cut!?!?!?!?

    • davey says:

      As for Alexa, she’s obviously made it to the Top 20 – but it’s strangely similar to what they did with Ryan last season – and look what good that did her!!!

      • Kate says:

        Part of the problem is that they fatigue viewers on certain dancers before the actual show even starts. Ryan was good but nothing special, so I think no matter what the judges thought of her she wasn’t going to get viewer support. Some times the pre-competition pimping helps and others it works against you. I know they showed Cyrus a lot last night too but I at least enjoy his story and love that he has a unique dance style. With Alexa I was so sick of seeing her cry I kept fast forwarding through anytime she popped up.

        • Alli says:

          I think the bigger problem with Ryan – and perhaps Alexa too, unless she stays emotionally engaged with her dancing – was that her personality didn’t connect with the audience at all. She was technically great but there was no passion or emotion or personality to relate to, which made her seriously unpopular with the voting audience. Lets hope Alexa has finally learned to let go of her control and just be in the moment. If she can maintain the level of performance she showed in her cha-cha and final solo, I think she’ll be AMAZING.

  4. Eli says:

    No Bacon Girl and no Krump Girl :(((((
    It was such a promising season before yesterday, but now I’m very very bummed.

    • derek says:

      yea didn’t Travis say like “i change my mind about the girl in front” for the krump girl? i was expecting her to go through and make it tot the top 20 because the show hardly ever puts through female hip-hop dancers

      • Eli says:

        Exactly, she seemed so perfect for the show. I mean, the last decent girl hip-hop dancer was Comfort, that’s just embarrassing.

      • amelyrose says:

        Okay, glad I’m not the only one who noticed that! I shouted YEAH! in front of my tv because I really liked her and though she was doing really well!

    • Michael says:

      Krump Girl definitely didn’t get the hip-hop/b-boy “just be competent” pass for other styles.

      • EC says:

        My thoughts exactly!! They let hip-hop boys slide on mediocre performances in other styles all the time, but they never give girls the same leeway!

  5. Nonya says:

    Was there even a single male ballroom dancer that made the top 200 this year? I only remember the two girls.

  6. Chuck says:

    Danielle Dominguez wuz robbed.

  7. Rangeela says:

    Alexa is so gorgeous to watch and her final solo was pretty incredible. To be able to stand there and take all that vicious criticism and still carry on – well, am a fan. Glitch and Isis were great too!

  8. Maddy says:

    Going to have to go against the grain here and say that I really don’t want Cyrus to be in the Top 20. Don’t get me wrong, he has one of the best attitudes we’ve seen all season (certainly better than all those guys who just gave up) and his solos are mind blowing, but I did not see him excel or even perform passably well in any of the rounds. His hip-hop wasn’t even that great.

    They’ll definitely put him through (they’ve devoted so much time to him already), but I just feel really, really bad for whoever his partner is going to be. They’ll get along great because he’s such a nice guy, but he’ll ultimately bring her down with his lack of technique. I don’t think it’s fair.

    • Kate says:

      I have a feeling Cyrus will do what a lot of previous contestants have done and use the time between Vegas and the show to take as many dance classes as they can. I think there is a couple of months between Vegas and when the show starts. Not enough time to become an expert but at least enough time to learn basic technique. Was he awesome at the other rounds no, but I thought he did a great job for someone who has never had to learn choreo let alone had to learn it in such a chaotic setting. I would much rather have a Cyrus who you can see working their tail off to learn than a Melanie who is great at everything from week one. Don’t get me wrong I love Melanie and she deserved to win, but the show is much more exciting when they have dancers that have room to grow through the process.

      • Maddy says:

        Yeah I agree that he will certainly work his tail off before the show starts, and such a willingness to learn and step outside his comfort zone is a great start, but I just don’t think the foundation is there. A lot of people like to site Russell as an example of a “street dancer” who overcame the odds and picked up every style, but that was a narrative completely invented by the judges/ producers. Russell had not only been a student in a creative arts/ dance program for years, he had also been taking classes in many other styles. Joshua Allen is another example, and while I don’t know about his training before the show, we definitely saw a lot of raw talent from the get-go with him. Cyrus definitely makes for great TV, but I just hope there’s something there we haven’t seen yet. Otherwise, I think his story will be exploited for as long as it can and then there will be the inevitable “oh you disappointed us” backlash from the judges. Not fair for anyone involved.

        • Kate says:

          I think Joshua was the one who admitted after he won that between Vegas and the show starting that he had taken every dance class he could find. I felt a little misled since they never mentioned that during his run, but that’s still a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Cyrus may end up being a huge letdown, but given how well he hung in there during mass choreo sessions I think he has huge potential when he is put in a one on one setting with a choreographer and given more time to learn the dance.

          • “I felt a little misled since they never mentioned that during his run, ”
            That’s simply not true. Viewers who paid attention saw Joshua talk about his training on air. Joshua said several times that he had taken ballet classes, even brought picts. of him as a young boy, working at the barre & told how he did chores at the studio to earn classes. Those photos were aired. He also told how he was chosen along with a large group of other kids to perform at a show sponsored by a Debbie Allen Intensive (for underprivileged children in DFW) & he brought that photo, too. The only classes he crammed in before the show began were ballroom classes, which he was nervous about. It was Nigel who kept referring to him as “untrained”. Joshua was very honest about it. He said after the show that Nigel made HIM feel like a liar. They sure kept Tadd’s ballroom training a secret last year and I don’t remember Tadd saying anything about it, at least on air. However, none of these kids have control of the edit button, for sure.

      • Natalie says:

        He already looked much better during the contemporary round. It’s pretty obvious the guy has tremendous ‘musicality’. I think if he makes it(and I’m really REALLY hoping he makes it) to the top 20 we may see a ‘Legacy’ type of transformation. I really think this guy is one of the most talented dancers I’ve ever seen. Even if he can’t do any other type of dance on the show, the fact is I don’t give a flip. The guy is mind blowing at what HE does, so much so that I could watch him in the bottom every single week just for the chance to watch another of his solos. I’d pay good money to watch him perform. I haven’t been this big a fan of a contestant on SYTYCD, well EVER. And what a great attitude he has. He makes me jealous that I don’t live in Dragon House(and I’m not even a dancer)!

        • tripoli says:

          Gotta agree with you, Natalie. I haven’t watched the show much in a few years but have been watching this season and find my self rooting for Cyrus. I even got a little teary eyed every time he cried or made it through another round. He’s just so earnest and passionate, it’s impossible not to cheer him on. At least the guy is giving it his best and is willing to learn. Sure, he may not be able to pull off other styles of dance, that really remains to be seen, but he’s obviously managed to do enough to still be in contention for the show. If he gets cut after all the attention he’s had so far, I will probably not continue to watch. As others have commented, some of the dancers who were heavily profiled have now been cut. Some of them just leave you scratching your head since they seemed to do quite well in every round. It’s terribly annoying to start to get attached to someone who seems like a shoe in to make it, only to see them walk out the door.

    • MLO says:

      Totally agree. We all know what he CAN do, but he was sent to solos because of what he can’t do. And that is dance well outside of his own robot style. So many more deserving, well rounded dancers could have been put through instead of him. To be honest, I was bored with his solo. It’s like, been there seen that. Show me something new. And he didn’t.

      • Sha says:

        the same can be said about nearly every contemporary dancer, flail here, reach there, leap hear, etc.

        *not bashing contemporary dancing at all, just saying that your dismissive remark about “show me something new” easily applies to that as well.

  9. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    So, so sad/mad to see Tyce D’Orio make his yearly comeback. He’s just vile. A terrible choreographer and not nearly as nice and pleasant as he (or Nigel) seems to think he is. I’d take two screaming Mary Murphys over him any day.

    I think Cyrus has a great attitude and is also sweet, but I think he’s already had his reward. He’s learned a lot and had a lot of attention and teaching from the judges, and now he needs to go back to the real world and keep learning. If he comes back next year wtih a year’s worth of advancement, then I think he’s ready for the show. To put him through now denies the better dancers who have already put in all the work.

    Alexa has got guts, I have to give it to her. And for only 19 and to stay so composed through all that? That’s how you do it.

    That ballet dancer at the end with the unpronouncable name was dazzling. Was he really as good as he seemed or was it just so good after so much meh?

    • JaySquared says:

      Tyce is pretty much a jackass…but I’ll take him over that idiot Adam Shankman any day. That man is probably the most annoying person on TV. Every time I see him start to cry I roll my eyes up and think about how many times my parents used to say, “I’ll give you something to cry about.” Seriously…even when its an emotional routine that is touching me, when they pan to him and I see him cry it ticks me off. There was far too much Shankman and non enough Lil C for me this Vegas week.

    • tewence says:

      as a post-professional dancer, the ballet dancer at the end (chehon) is by far the best dancer on the show technically speaking. there is a certain charisma that i haven’t seen from him yet, but it is obvious he will be able to pull it out. his technique is really quite good.

      • Katiecat says:

        Chehon was gorgeous, passionate, incredibly trained – fantastic body for dance (or many other things…just saying). I can’t wait to see more of him – why do we have to spend so much time on the judges yakety yak, and dancers having meltdowns, when there are quite a few in the top 35 that I haven’t really seen anything from yet?

    • Sha says:

      I think that final male ballet dancer will turn out to be the best male partner this year. Strong, masculine, yet elegant and graceful. That solo alone shows that he has it all.

  10. RalphE says:

    Something happens every show that drives me absolutely wild. WHY DO THE PRODUCERS OF THIS SHOW THINK THAT WE WANT TO SEE MARY MURPHY GRIMACING, DEBBIE ALLENS SOUR PUSS, OR NIGEL LYTHGOE’S SCOWL AS THE DANCERS ARE DANCING??????? I think the audience would prefer to see the dancers performing without the constant cuts to the judges ugly faces, that absolutely ruin the continuity or the flow of expression. Is this a show about dancing, or about the mugs this set of judges can make.
    Last night Amelia Lowe performed a number while dancing for her life, that I think was incredibly touching. What I saw of it WAS beautiful, but we were forced to watch the judges expressions so much during her number, that I wanted to scream. I don’t need that kind of guidance when watching a TV show, and I resent the implication that the viewing audience needs so much of their help to recognize a good/bad performance. I’m going to try to keep watching the show. But they don’t make it easy.

    • elr says:

      I agree with everything you said! Maybe this is why we cant understand why someone is cut, because we don’t see the whole dance because they keep showing us the judges faces. Better editing would be a big improvement too.

    • Ella says:

      Ralph, I SO AGREE with you! I was ready to scream yesterday – they always do those cuts to the judges, but yesterday it was especially bad, I think they showed the judges more than the dancers. I don’t understand, do they really think we turn our TVs on to watch judges’ reactions??? I was seriously ready to turn my TV off – you just start enjoying some piece and here come judges’ faces!!! Don’t they have enough time to show them AFTER dancing is over????? And I don’t want to see how family and friend s react during the dances either! It felt like you got a bad spot in the theater and somebody is constantly blocking your view!

      On a second thought; I suspect they do it on purpose so we can’t really argue why they cut certain dancers that seemed deserving and put through the others that didn’t look so great, we can assume that we missed something and how could we even get a true impression of anybody if we never see anybody’s whole performance? Bits and pieces we see are deceiving. There are so much manipulation and stupid drama in those shows.

    • Ae says:

      Couldn’t agree more!! I hope they pay attention to all these comments on the internet. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE JUDGES’ FACES DURING A PERFORMANCE!! pretty please.

  11. amelyrose says:

    I really don’t understand the judges anymore… they are looking for unique girls, which is why they didn’t cut a single girl in the last round, but they cut Krump girl who, in my opinion was really good on the contemporary routine?

    • Volcfom says:

      I was upset about that cut too. I thought she had really good emotion for the contemporary piece, unlike others who look stone-faced.

    • Sha says:

      I’m glad Jenelle is still in. She’s unique as they come on this show

      • Lily says:

        My two favorites were Krump girl and Jenelle so now I’m rooting for her!

      • Ae says:

        I’m so excited Jenelle made it to top 20! She’s gorgeous and although I’m rooting for her to do well in each round from now, I admit I sooooo want to see her solo..he heeee

  12. daisyj says:

    Love the show, and for the most part I was happy with the episode (SO glad they called the stripper girl on relying on nothing but her sex appeal), but the bit at the end where Nigel said they were looking for “uniqueness and not necessarily the best dancer” worries me. It could just mean that they’re looking for a greater variety of dance styles and more risk-taking, but I can’t help being reminded of the recent seasons of Project Runway, where casting TV-ready characters of unexceptional talent has pretty much ruined the show.

  13. Ann VerWiebe says:

    This is one of the reasons I don’t love watching Vegas Week. It’s a little bit depressing to get all excited about Aubrey only to have her get cut. And, the way they love to turn dancers into choregraphers, I would have thought she was a top 20 lock.

  14. Louis says:

    “Pay Perv View”, funniest thing you’ve ever written Michael.

  15. Ash says:

    The only thing that annoyed me was the cutting of cute crumper Mariah. I thought she looked great in that contemporary routine, seemed versatile, and had lots of personality. As much as Cyrus, who, let’s be honest, cannot dance styles besides his own and will be a trainwreck if he makes the top 20. They can’t seriously put him in, can they??? Was seriously bummed when they cut Mariah. Also thought Danielle pulled a short straw.

  16. jiji33 says:

    my professional dancers friends all think this show is a joke. one of their main reason is the: “give us more emotion! we cant see your personality” b.s

    • vix101 says:

      Totally disagree. This show is great and the point is that by the time they get to the top 40 or so, all the dancers are good, verging on great. Hence all they have to differentiate them is their personality and the emotion they are able to communicate through their dancing. Some people can dance steps perfectly and some people dance them perfectly while telling us a story with their bodies and there is the difference. They ditched Aubrey as despite being good her Cha Cha was all shoulders no hips, and isolating the hips is vital for Latin, ballroom and to some extent hiphop. Crump girl could have been great but the editing didn’t let us understand what she’d done wrong – she could come back next year and kill it though.

  17. SOC says:

    “Has anyone in the history of SYTYCD leapt so high, so far, so effortlessly as Chehon Wespo-Tschopp during his final solo?” Well yeah, Danny Tidwell, Season 3 SYTYCD Runner Up and Travis Wall’s brother that’s who. I remember watching Danny that season thinking he made those leaps looks so smooth and effortless, it was like he was floating on air.

    • Sha says:

      sigh, Danny. I completely agree with your post. Those were the golden days of sytycd. But Chehon may come close to his greatness ;)

    • big cheddar says:

      I immediately thought of Danny as well. I hope Chehon makes it onto the show.

      I was happy to see that, in addition to Chehon, Cole (the Shaolin guy), the kid who’s dad doesn’t support his dancing and the other male dancer who has the “terrible feet” were still on the stage by the end of the show. At least I think they were. Anyone know where I can find a list of the remaining contestants?

      Oh and I really hope that if Joshua makes it into the show, they stop replaying his accident because it’s really disturbing. Even DWTS knew to stop replaying Kym neck injury in it’s entirety after a few times.

      I really do appreciate the judges trying to mix it up a little this year. As much as I love contemporary, seeing a top 20 made up of 90% contemporary dancers gets boring fast.

  18. Norah says:

    Those two ballroom dancers- Whitney and Lindsay- were absolutely fascinating! The way they move their feet is mindblowing. I hope they both go through, along with Cyrus. I really think he’d give it his all and do his best to excel. I agree with you about Alexa, still not sure she’s quite that compelling either. I hope the belly dancer and Chehon make it as well.

    • Ae says:

      I thought Alexa was gorgeous, but quite stiff at times. Sometime her moves seem unattractive because of the stiffness. I could not believe Megan Branch did not make it. She’s got everything going for her! I hope she tries out next year.

  19. Mary anderson says:

    Yeah….total bummer about Adrian and Aubrey. They should not have been cut for sure. Rooting for Amelia.

  20. Magically Suspicious says:

    I hope the Vegas rounds aren’t indicative of how the show will progress after the second night has been cut. I felt a little cheated by this episode. Aside from the 4-5 dancers they pounded into our brains, I don’t feel like I know any of them and I certainly didn’t see enough of anyone to root for them. And there were people from the auditions that I wanted to see in Vegas that were nowhere to be found. Where were the brother and sister that survived the car accident just weeks before? And were was the ninja from Hawaii? I would have rather them smash a couple of the audition cities together for an episode and give me a second episode of Vegas so we could see more of the elimination rounds. My favorite part of this show is spotting in the auditions who it is that I want to pull for all the way through and then be on pins and needles during Vegas while I watch them. Aside from Cyrus (who I adore), Alexa ( I hope she’s not as disappointing as Ryan was), Janelle (Rawr!), and Adrian, I don’t feel like we got to get invested in anyone. It’s hard to pull for anyone to make it to Top 20 when you only know who 3 of the dancers are….are you’re already kind of sick of those 3.

  21. Chehon, Daniel, Cyrus, Eliana and Whitney are my favorites this year! Chehon and Eliana for the winners!

  22. I just have to say that I am SOOO ready for the new season to start!