Glee Exclusive: American Idol's Jessica Sanchez in Talks for Multi-Episode Season 4 Arc

jessica sanchez gleeAnd we are telling you, she is not going to leave Fox’s primetime schedule. Indeed, Jessica Sanchez, whose monster pipes and near-perfect pitch carried her all the way to a second-place finish on Season 11 of American Idol, is nearing a deal to join Glee‘s fourth season in a multi-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

There are no details yet available on what role Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy might have in store for the 16-year-old California native, but the plan would be to have her join the cast midway through the first half of Season 4, after she completes her duties on the Idols Live summer tour. Presumably, though, Sanchez’s character would in some capacity — either as part of McKinley High’s New Directions show choir or at the New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts where Rachel Berry is headed in the fall — compete for solos with the show’s existing and impressive stable of vocalists. In other words, if you love a diva-off (and who doesn’t?), Season 4 of Glee is about to get intense.

During her Idol run, Sanchez became an early front-runner on the strength of scorching Vegas-round renditions of “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and “The Prayer,” followed by a spot-on rendition of “I Will Always Love You” on Whitney Houston night. Later, in a Top 7 week shocker, Ryan Seacrest revealed the girl who sometimes performed as her alter-ego Bebe Chez was the lowest vote getter, but the judges promptly vetoed America’s decision by using their sole “save” of the season. Sanchez then went on to steal the show during the Idol finale by virtue of a jaw-dropping duet with Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday on the Dreamgirls classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

If the Glee deal is completed, it will mark Sanchez’s third time at the primetime rodeo. Back in 2006, she appeared as a contestant on the inaugural season NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Excited about the idea of Sanchez getting Gleeky? Any hopes for the type of role she’ll play, or the cast members she’ll share the screen with? Hit the comments and share your thoughts! And if you’re not super-familiar with Sanchez, check out our two-part Idology interview with her below.


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  1. RodMod says:

    Congrats to my Boo Jessica!

    • wickerpark says:

      OMG! Yes please. So many good things happening to Jessica. I feel like a proud mama. :) Lol. I stopped watching Glee after season 2 but if Jessica is on then I’m definitely watching.

      • Stacie says:

        As much as I complain about the influx of new people on Glee, I really love Jessica Sanchez. I thought she obviously had an unbelievable voice, but we got to see her personality a bit, especially towards the end of the show and i think it’d fit great on the show. Didn’t realize that she’s an actress, but girl can sing that’s for sure. Plus she’s really a teenager so her being in the high school setting would actually be pretty accurate, opposed to mid-twenties and 30-year olds in high school.

      • wickerpark says:

        To her supporters, she’s nominated for Reality TV Personality of the Year at National Reality Television Awards. You can go to the website of NRTA, register then vote for her. And don’t forget to buy her Highlights EP from walmart. :) Better preorder now. If she sells out we’ll never know if she’ll get a restock.

    • Leo says:

      She IS an underdog and Ryan Murphy saw through that. Congrats Jessica! This is the best news in my Idol universe! I want a Rachel and Jessica diva off with…wait for it… “The Prayer”!

    • brandon says:

      YESSS. I kept saying she’d be the perfect fit for this show. I hope it happens.

  2. James says:

    More characters we don’t need! How great!

    • gorram says:

      Totally agree. These writers have the worst case of ADD ever.

      I guess if they keep bringing new people in, they won’t have to try and develop the existing characters more than they are capable of doing. I think we can mostly agree that character development is not one of that writing staff’s strengths. Pity. So much squandered promise and talent.

      • Mary says:

        How do you develop characters that have GRADUATED? Glee is about a HIGH SCHOOL glee club and the thing about high schools… when the senior class graduates a new freshman class comes in. This isn’t Boy Meets World where Mr. Feeny went from middle school to high school to college with the kids. Also if they dont bring in new characters before the existing ones its more like reality tv than fictional tv. Stop complaining, its their show they can write it how they want. Also if you think you can do better write up a pilot and submit it to fox and show Ryan Murphy up.

        • Adam says:

          season 4 setting is going between new york and ohio a show within show format so they will showing all the graduates as well as new younger faces

          • dude says:

            That doesn’t mean that a Glee club that is down to like 6 members doesn’t need new blood.

        • geng says:

          This would be a valid point if the characters that graduated were leaving the show.

          • dude says:

            They might not be leaving the show, but they also aren’t all going to be major players in the show either. They haven’t worked out how season 4 is going to work yet but Ryan’s already said that the graduating class won’t be in every episode (aside from Lea Michele) and they’ve made it pretty clear the primary focus of the show will be New York/Lima so I wouldn’t expect to see Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley or Harry Shum Jr. in more than one or two episodes.

    • Sandrine says:

      Oh please, it’s a guest role. It’s not like she’ll be a series regular. It’s like this, tv shows regularly introduce guest characters. That’s all.

  3. Bea says:

    Not sure I can actually picture her on the show. I dont really like this casting choice.

    • mike says:

      Yeah, she doesn’t really fit the role of a singing teenager… :)

    • Mark says:

      Agreed. Can’t stand Jessica. This pisses me off so much as Glee is my favorite show. Why not Lauren alaina or skylar? That’d be awesome.

      • Shaun says:

        they need a lead singer,not more honky tonk,lol

      • Mic says:

        I’m so happy for her. I know she”ll do well. Darn, now I have to watch Glee again. Sheesh some jealous peeps here just cause your idol didn’t get chosen to be on jessica’s position. I think she can act. I’ve heard that she has a scholarship to some fancy performing arts school in LA prior to Idol. Are you mad she has accomplished so much at 16 yrs. old? LOL

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        Becuase Idol and Fox have realized that they need to freshen up that franchise and have decided that they need to put Jessica out front in a big way … Phillip makes music and hopefully sells, but Jessica becomes the face of the franchise … WGWG is actually starting to worry Nigel and Simon …

      • Sha says:

        I like Skylar but Jessica is a better singer than both Skylar and Lauren especially. Plus, she’s got worldwide appeal whereas the other two only appeal to America. American Idol may cater solely to americans but Glee is the opposite.

      • Andy says:

        Glee doesnt need Skylar that nasal country twang! Skylar is a disaster if shes in Glee…

        • Mic says:

          don’t hate on skylar. GAAAH why does this fan have to bring her name up?? i love her and jessica, and i know that they’re going to be the most succesful among those in s11.

      • Lee says:

        Well, you, Jessica-haters, presumably if Jessica is cast in Glee, which will be shown at the same as America Idol, you can bet her record sales will go through the roof. I guess that’s why you hate her. You just hate to see someone as talented and well-mannered like Jessica have success. Because you know the person you like will be yesterday’s news.

      • Mark, it is obvious that Glee producers sees Jessica as a better fit than Lauren or Skylar. Please let’s give Jessica the support that she needs as she deserved this not only because of her vocal prowess but also her nice personality- grace, class and poise on and off the stage. As a person, she is young but a very sweet and humble teenager.

        • sm says:

          She has a well rounded gifted voice. Perfect for Glee. She has the power to punch out rock style song to the mellow to sing a sweet soft ballad. I love her her voice. Glee has not done a true country in forever. I don’t think country music is what Glee represents to the vast fandom of the show. Maybe, a song with certain lyrics to suit a story line in an episode. But personally, I hope that Glee doesn’t go to the theme episode again, especially country music. Season 3 there were too many tribute or theme type music episodes. I’d like to see what Glee has in store for her as a guest. Have to agree season 2 and 3 had too many featured characters to cover. So, as a guest she’ll be perfect to fit in with Glee’s talent and representative of their youth. Go Glee!

      • smartboy says:

        twang twang skylar and alaina…..go to the south, you will see plenty in nashville and the county fairs!

    • Linda says:

      i suggest you watch her cricket commercial. And to those who say she can’t act w/o even seeing her try. Please watch it as well. I definitely see great potential in her. Idol is already done. We all know you want your idol to be the most successful but please don’t try and discredit Jessica. Girl has worked for whatever she has, and she is PHENOMENAL. one of a kind. She’s just what the show needs, a lovely lady with a great voice and can also perform.

  4. Alex says:

    I would love to see her on Glee. I’m surprised more Idol alum have not appeared on Glee.

  5. Nina says:

    good for her.

  6. Sandi says:

    I liked her on Idol but don’t want her on Glee. Just because she can sing doesn’t mean she can act.

    • gorram says:

      As proven by the “winners” of the Glee project we’ve had to endure this year. Awful.

      • dude says:

        I wish Lindsay Pearce was given a bigger role. You Tube her playing Lady Macbeth, that girl can act her ass off. Plus she would have been a great foil for Rachel.

    • Rob says:

      Doesn’t mean you haven’t seen her do it, she can’t smh

    • Sandi, it is too pre judgemental. Of course she can act with her acting chops experience she had with Ford commercials and her Cricket wireless phone two years ago. Glee does not need a heavy acting though it is more of singing with little acting anyways.

    • Jenny says:

      On the contrary Sandi, everyone could learn how to act , why? look at Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson, they are good singers but they learned how to act as well , infact Jennifer got her Oscar ‘s best supporting actress in Dream girls. Moral lesson , don’ t belittle the capability of anybody, why dont we wait and see how far her career will go.

  7. Amanda says:

    Oh good lord. No. More and more reasons to add to why I’m glad I deleted my season pass.

  8. All this Glee stuff is making me so sad. I think I’ll probably be out after 1 episode. It’s changed my life but now it just frustrates me greatly. I feel sorry for the cast members still there who will see their show tank when it had the greatest potential. What have the writers done to a once incredible show?

    • English says:

      Brittney and Tina are still there!!!!

    • kaley says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • sm says:

      Admittedly, it is different from the first 13 episodes, intelligent, funny, provocative, different etertaining. I love Glee too with all the good and bad about it. Glee is one of those kind of shows one loves it or hates it. Very few who remain in the middle. It changed with the times as characters needed to change. However, the story telling has kept us fans, those loyal and those not, on unlevel ground unable to maintain high spirit or too much glee for the show to be unhappy to keep it as a weekly ritual. As much as I’ve become invested in all the characters I will remain loyal and watch all season 4. Hope the tributes and guests are few. Sounds like a second Britany Spears tribute will happen season 4-hope not. As for Jessica I think her talent is exceptional and she would fit in as a guest character just fine. We will have to wait and see how the show transcends into a show within a show season 4. I’m going to be positive about Glee’s new path as it starts season 4. After a few episodes it will be only then when praise or criticism will be earned. It hasn’t earned criticism yet. But facts show that since the start of season 2 that viewership has waned, especially, season 3.

  9. Kristi says:

    Wow, not a headline I expected to see today! Her voice can rival just about anyone in glee right now, but how good are her acting skills?

    • Mary says:

      Can’t be worst then some of the regulars, she might surprise you. I don’t watch, but I will turn in to see how she does.

  10. Tati83 says:

    Please let this be true!!!!!

  11. OH MY GOD! I TOTALLY SEE THIS ONE COMING! I gave up watching glee because of its cheesy storyline but once i learned Jessica will be on it will be totally watching the whole season. haha Jessica is more like the Rachel Crow of American Idol. This is a really good year for Jess so proud of her!

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      You hit the nail on the head with the Rachel Crow analogy … Maybe Jess doesnt have the same personality, but she has figured out how to connect with the younger demo …

  12. hmnkl says:


    • Tim says:

      She’s not going to be a regular. Plus, the show just lost a bunch of characters.

      • geng says:

        Which ones? Please give me some hope that this show will not be a train wreck this fall. I want to watch this show, I really do.

    • sm says:

      I agree, that is why since graduation that many of the characters will not return or will for an episode or two. Fans of certain characters, especially on social media, are vocal to keep their favorites on the show. Season 2 and also season 3 put many characters on a shelf with no purpose in an episode or for many episodes. The PSA’s were a big downer at least for me. Social issues need to be subject matter for the show but the way it was done was a big letdown story wise. More drama going into season 3 than a comedy show requires or needs IMO. Glee has many masks/ facades with the same main purpose as its center-story of a group of outcasts who meld together and change as individuals and as a group. Learning life lessons. Music, singing and dancing are the special characters of the show-some stand out and shine brightly while others do well and remain as a chorus. I know that the choir room with its choir is what Glee was about. But as its characters have grown up they have faced all the obstacles and accomplished many unattainable hurdles to achieve acceptance-their ultimate goal. Glee as it was can’t keep retelling this story over and over with its new bunch of undergrads. Been there done that. This is one of the reasons why Glee is altering its path new and different. Just what it was like in its pilot 2009. I’m going to give Glee a lot of leeway and time to show me what it’s got for season 4. So, with a talent like Jessica’s to come onto the show-new blood-so-to-speak could spice up a splintered choir.

  13. Dan Kempner says:

    Ryan Murphy remembers that Glee is a scripted show, not a reality competition, right? Singing isn’t enough.
    NeNe Leaks somehow dodged the bullet when her Roz Washington character worked out, but shoving in singers who can’t act is just plain stupid. I miss season 1, where Broadway stars had intelligent roles, and the biggest stunt casting was NPH, who was fantastic.

  14. Gem says:

    Yay!!! Good for her! <3

  15. This just might be the worst thing I have heard all day. I DO NOT like Jessica Sanchez in any way shape or form and do not want her on one of my favorite shows. That being said, I really should be surprised that she caught Ryan Murphy or someone else’s eye from the show.

    • mike says:

      Wow, what did she ever do to you?

    • sweethonesty says:

      If you do not like her ,then don’t post any comments pertaining to Jessica. So many people are just so mean and did not even give the girl a chance. How does everyone knows she can not act.? We’ll see and might surprise everyone including you. So if I were you and others that does not like Jessica please do not even read her column if you are going just to give a negative remarks. Proud of her accomplishments and good luck to you Jessica-do not listen to these jealous people. I know they were all envy of you—they just they wish to be on your shoes-but unluckily they can’t We would have a good life if we all be positive-negativity means bad luck!!!!!!!!!!believe it if not oh well….

    • If you DO NOT like Jessica SAnchez, then you are just one of the very few who does not appreciate a very good talent. Majority likes Jessica and even Ryan Murphy sees her potential and fyi she is now getting offers not only on TV but concerts international so what does this mean? Why can’t we just give Jessica our support and stop hating! Let’s give her a benefit of the doubt and chance to prove further what she can offer. Glee appearance is only as a guest anyways…. Peace be with you!

    • smartboy says:

      you must be one of those idiots that voted for PP….too damn bad, that boring facial contortionist act will never be invited on the show…..

  16. wut says:

    Who will she be, another Vocal Adrenaline lead?

  17. christa says:

    If she is gonna be on Glee then at least give her some acting classes, I love her voice but man why can’t Glee hire real actors for once?

    Also, I would be ok if she is there just as a bg character who sings from time to time.

    • Lily says:

      Because real actors cannot sing well and Glee is in need for a diva after Amber and Lea ‘s character “graduated”

      • Christa says:

        lol this is so not true. You got Lea as an example she is an actress and can sing like a boss. I’m sure there are tons of actors in L.A that would kill for an opportunity like this.

        Glee just want someone from idol mid season because that’s around the time when Glee will be after AI next season.

        Hire real actors, write plots that ain’t forgotten after an episode and cut down to 3-4 songs per ep.

  18. dee says:

    Glee and FoX really are desperate, huh? It’s sad how far they’ve sunk the ship that is Glee. Some cast members don’t even know if they’re returning, Ryan keeps contradicting himself, we don’t know who’ll get more focus – Lima or NYC, and now apparently, they’re filming in the actual city instead of using a Lot like they’ve been saying all along. What a mess.

  19. Jenny says:

    Oh Hell To The No! Really Glee? A four-story arc. No body on Glee gets a storyline that covers 4 episodes accept Rachel, Kurt and Santana. And even those are poorly done. Already have her storyline. She shows up with a powerhouse voices, sings three songs in the epsiode, spends the next two where she might get a line then has a big number on epsiode four. None off it will go with anything that has or will happen on the show.

  20. noa says:

    crazy!!! i’m shocked. 1. i don’t think that show ever had anyone under 18 in the cast.
    2. can she act? can she comprehend human emotions?
    3. well, i guess it makes sense. she’s going to make a lot of money for a lot of people. i can’t wait for her mental breakdown when she’s my age! fun stuff.

    (i kid, i kid. she’s extremely talented and singing-wise, Glee would be lucky to have her. i REALLY hope she stays sane and doesn’t have a breakdown. don’t come after me “bluejays” i’m on your side. sort of.)

    • Allen says:

      I hear she’s in a scholarship at the Theatre of Arts in Hollywood. At least give her some credit for that.

  21. Nikko says:

    Here’s a thought, Fox: hire new writers, get rid of the old ones, and maybe the ratings will pick up again. This is a giant guest star fest already, and S4 looks boring so far.

  22. LEEYuhhh says:

    Don’t watch Glee at all but cuz Jessica will be there, I will be on it! STOKED!

  23. Jason says:

    Cool, a mutiple episode arc…meaning one or two big episodes focused on the new characters…then they’re forgotten about, only to appear in the background or for one scene per ep, at best, until their written off in a rushed way with most of the drama happening off screen.

  24. Mary B says:

    I really don’t know how I feel about this. It could go either way but I think it is a good opportunity for Jessica though I really would have like Holly for Glee better. Jessica is so young. So many of the cast who are suppose to be kids are way older than her. Well it will be interesting to see how it goes. Good Luck Jessica.

  25. oh ,wow ! im so excited to see my idol jessica sanchez on glee…! i cant wait…! many thanks for a wonderful idea her numerous fans has something to wait & to watch after american idol…god bless jessica more power to you & stay grounded!we love you…

  26. Joe says:

    I actually thought Hollie would get picked to be on Glee because she was showing a lot of off camera personality.

    This is great for Jessica if it works out. She has the voice and I’m pretty sure she’d be a powerhouse on the show. Have her be the shy girl who comes out of her shell. I could see her rocking that.

    • red says:

      I really think that between the two, Jessica will rock whatever role given to her better. She seems to handle stress very well and is very versatile plus she’ll bring in a lot more new fans to the show. I’m not surprised that she’s chosen to take part on the show. She’s also more of the performer type and she’ll prolly need less practice which would save the show money

  27. Alienate says:

    Yes! A real, live, 16 year old acting as a High School Student. How novel!

  28. JR says:

    Oh great more characters so they can neglect the ones they already have – will she make it into the choir room or be a lead for a rival Glee club I wonder – there was much hype about Charice being on the show in S2 and she was just used to belt a few songs

  29. JASon says:

    I suggested this awhile back. Except I suggested they should hire Jessica, Skyler, Holly, Joshua and Colton to replace the leaving members of glee!!!!

  30. Terence says:

    Glee started as a hit comedy and is now just a 3rd-rate showcase for “reality star” retreads? Gah.

  31. Libby says:

    Not excited.

    No. Just No.

  32. Em says:

    It’s obviously another ratings ploy from the Fox executives, just like having another Britney episode now that she’s an Idol judge. So far Ryan Murphy and the other Glee producers have only hired 18+, so I’m not going to blame them (unless they try to pass Jessica off as being the same age as Lea Michele, which would be even more ridiculous than Kurt being older than Blaine)

    • bamabunny says:

      Y’all do realize that’s because of child labor laws, right? Minors are only allowed to work a limited number of hours, i.e., NOT the 14-16 hour shoots they do for Glee (plus choreography, recording sessions, etc.), so they HAVE to hire 18+ actors, otherwise it would take 2-3 times as long to shoot one episode.

  33. Casey says:

    Horrible idea! Decent vocals but she’s no Lea Michele, subpar looks and I don’t think she can act! Glee gets worse every year! What is wrong with Ryan Murphy? I mean, c’mon, there’s a reason this girl is only of the few runner ups who didn’t get a recording contract – it’s because she isn’t marketable!

    • wickerpark says:

      FYI, she has a recording contract with Interscope/UMG. http://www.interscope.com/jessicasanchez

    • noa says:

      you’re kidding, right? she has the most fans worldwide out of all the Idols this year. take a look at her youtube view counts. it’s crazy. i’m not her biggest fan by any means, but she’s apparently really marketable and popular. and i guess she’s way better than other teen idols out there who don’t even come close to her vocally. i’m pretty sure she’s getting a record deal. all the reports from before were about the contract they ALL initially signed that said 2nd place isn’t guaranteed a record deal, no matter who it is.

      • Mary B says:

        She does have a record deal with Interscope check out their artist site. Her and Phillip both are listed as Interscope artist.

    • Alice says:

      Jessica has already been signed by Interscope and is currently working on her album. Get your facts straight before you comment.

    • Sha says:

      She has a record deal. She is totally marketable: talent, looks, ability to appeal to a wide fanbase …- newsflash, the world doesn’t start and end with middle America. (What’s marketable to you?). and oh, you don’t think she can act? Well if that’s what you think then it must be true…

      Don’t watch if you’re going to have your panties in a bunch jeez.

    • Alan Arthur says:

      Wow, you really have an obnoxious hate on! As for appearance, there were many times on Idol when this talented young lady looked stunning – and far beyond her years. As for recording contracts, the only one guaranteed is to the winner. It’s early times yet, Idol only ended what, a month ago, and you’re bemoaning that she doesn’t have a contract yet?

      She’ll get her contract and, like other runner-ups, do better than the winner. Adam Lambert is selling like hell (#1 on Billboard albums), Clay Aikens did enormously better than Ruben Studdard.

      Personally, I think this is inspired casting. A beautiful young lady, playing her real age, a singer of amazing range and power… it’s like she was designed for Glee.

      I’m willing to go on record that I believe Jessica will have one of the most successful careers out of American Idol. Just watch her!

    • Allen says:

      She has a recording contract and is working on an album to be released in October. She’s under scholarship at the Theater of Arts in Hollywood. It actually is better to know what you’re talking about before you post a comment.

    • tyler says:

      Gosh! Lea Michele is not a good singer. She’s doesn’t belong to a divaesque stature. Lea makes ok covers of Barbra Streisand broadway songs of nasal tone but when it comes to diva songs they don’t even give it to her they give it to Amber Riley. Lea fans always say she’s a triple threat. What happened to her now? No solo album, all of her movie flopped. She’s just good in broadway plays. That’s it. She is NOT marketable.

  34. nwguy says:

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv it!!!

  35. Vetle says:

    Love the idea. It’s not like she will join permanently, so let’s give it a shot.

  36. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    A teenager playing a teenager! How refreshing.

    • Sha says:

      right? She’s the youngest cast member they’ve ever had for the New Directions. Damian and Chris were both 19 when they started and I believe Charice was 18.

  37. thali says:

    RM: “no more tribute episodes” – wait , yeah there will be a Witney and disco tribute episodes,
    RM : “no more guest stars” – did you heard about Ricky Martin and Gloria Stefan?
    RM: “a really storyline for Lea Michele” – Wait Rachel Berry you said? a couple of solos
    RM : “This season (4th) we are gonna show less character , we now that season 3 were like 14 characters, so this season is gonna be less ” – ha! fool you again , Hudson , jessica parker, besides all the glee project kids , and now this talented girl (no sarcasm , i love her , but really glee??)

  38. Fan4Life says:

    Awesome!!! She’ll do well I can feel it.

  39. CatLyons says:

    ugh. now I have to start watching glee again

  40. Pauline T says:

    Yay!!! Am a big fan of Glee and an even bigger fan of Jessica!!!

  41. IMHO says:

    Nooooooooooo. Please, I was looking forward to her never appearing on my tv again. I suppose I’ll have to fast forward her bits.

    • kris says:

      hahahaa yeah! me 2… i really don’t like her big mouth… =)

      • Kris, you are being rude! Don’t you know that having a big mouth is a distinct asset of a true and powerful vocal singers like Jessica. It is because these big mouth singers belts out more, sing out more but definitely Jessica’s big mouth when she sings is truly phenomenal. It may not be that really beautiful but hey what matters is the powerful and yet beautiful voice coming out of that big mouth! Most of the famous singers we have in the industry have big mouth.

      • tyler says:

        Ask every supermodels what would they want changed in their faces? they all want big mouth ;-)

  42. raquel says:

    hope it’s a great character and they just don’t abandon her like what they did to sunshine corazon

  43. Elizabeth says:

    Really? Ugh.

    Girl has a beautiful voice but I cannot stand her personality.

    • b says:

      Don’t you mean lack of personality? She was so dull on that show I was had to fast forward through everyone of her parts. I was looking forward to never having her on my TV again and now she might be on my favorite show? All I have to say to this news is :( I just hope it ends up not happening because I have a feeling she will be a horrible actress.

  44. CKDee says:

    you judgmental freaks should watch her interview! GEEZ. I love you Jessica Sanchez and these freaks/haters are just making you famous! THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN YOU! YAY!

  45. Davey says:

    I love the idea. I don’t know if Jessica can act but she sure can sing. I just don’t want the Glee writers to have a play a mean girl.

  46. Tansy says:

    I don’t watch Glee and don’t like JSan, so this works for me. Hopefully she will follow in the footsteps of Tamyra Gray = Boston Public and on to obscurity.

  47. DVD says:

    Interesting idea… I always wondered why they didn’t think of asking some of the idol people to guest on Glee.

    Now I do hope she can act or we will have another Charice issue.

    Also for some of the people that are not watching season 2 of Glee Project they are starting to have more and more acting based assignments.

  48. i will definitely watch glee if they get jessica sanchez…exciting!!!!

  49. That would be great to watch Jessica on Glee where she will portray real teenager highschool with an amazing vocal range that suits the show itself. Jessica has acting chops with her previous commercial when she was about 14 years old – the Cricket phone and her numerous Ford ads that was shown in American Idol. So she is not really new to facing the cameras and acting and I think she will be good at it on top of her nice singing vocals. Talking about personality, for those who doesn’t like Jessica and keeps saying of her lack of personality… why then she was nominated for the TV personality of the year for this upcoming National Reality TV in Sept. 2012. Jessica does not only have the lovely voice but she has the poise, grace, confidence on and off the stage. Also, most people praised her good sense of fashion, a true “fashionista” indeed! Having Jessica in Glee will surely make it more exciting! For sure her huge fanbase would be delighted and we will surely look forward to watching Glee because of Jessica being there….

  50. Sha says:

    What is with all the haters coming out of the woodwork? Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do? I’m all for constructive criticism but saying she’s “horrible” or devoid of personality (because that’s possible… ugh) and “can’t act” in your *opinion* is pathetic. Do you guys have a crystal ball? What ever happened to being happy for someone else’s success? Perhaps people are really just upset that her career is starting to take off and no news on their fave. How sad. Lose the jeaolusy and hatred and GET OVER IT.
    Anyways, Jessica will be an awesome addition to Glee, vocally, seeing as the resident female R&B voice will no longer be a regular.