The Glee Project Recap: Everybody Cries

glee project nellieThe ability to cry on command is an important part of any actor’s arsenal. Still, the Bottom 3 contestants on this week’s Glee Project put on such a display of waterworks during their last-chance performances, I was a little worried Glee‘s executive producer Ryan Murphy and his team of mentors might be swept out to sea, never to resolve the burning question of what the heck Kurt Hummel’s gonna do with his life now that he’s not getting into NYADA.

The theme this week was “vulnerability,” and guest judge Cory Monteith — whose hair looked incredible, by the bye — dropped by to grade the homework assignment, which found the remaining 11 contestants dividing and conquering Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without U.” No shocker, Mario and Lily unleashed their inner divas while fighting for scraps of the song — as if it really makes a huge difference which snippet of the lyrics they get to sing — and Cory correctly identified Shanna and Nellie as the standouts, with the latter vocalist snagging the win. Cory had some good notes for Abraham (trying too hard), Ali (too much face), and Lily (too much sexy), though I wished he’d have also pointed out that Lily’s end-of-performance angst-face was so ridiculous it could make Damian McGinty look like a potential Emmy winner.

Then it was time to prepare for the week’s music video, a series of vignettes about bullying juxtaposed with a performance of REM’s “Everybody Hurts.” The kids sat down with director Erik White to talk about their own personal experiences on the subject, and Lily once again activated my eye-roll reflex with her tale of being a middle-school queen bee whose life changed after a fateful viewing of Mean Girls. Blake declared her anecdote as powerful as any of the contestants who’d shared their expeirences of actually being bullied, but to me, that’s like saying it’s just as meaningful to hand out bananas and Gatorade during a marathon as it is to run the race itself.

Studio time with Nikki Anders was fairly uneventful, save for Mario once again flexing his powerful ego when the vocal coach talked to him about his struggles with pitch. “None of the greats go in the studio and get things done on the first take,” he huffed, as if historians one day might rank him alongside Aretha Franklin and Mick Jagger. But what does Nikki Anders know anyway? Mario is classically trained! On the flip side, Aylin, Shanna, Nellie, and Michael sounded pretty terrific in their brief time at the mic. In fact, if Nellie doesn’t win the whole shebang, maybe Mr. Murphy can hook her up with some label execs and look into making her a recording star?

The finished product was one of The Glee Project‘s best videos ever, and as Robert Ulrich pointed out, there really weren’t any visible weak links. This meant the mentors had to look for behind-the-scenes issues to select the Bottom 3: Mario, for the shade he threw at Nikki; Lily, for whining that the other contestants’ chatter threw off her lipsynch game; and Charlie, for improvising his bullying tactics and grabbing Mario’s cane. The judges saw that latter move as dangerous and unacceptable, but Charlie felt it was merely a “wrong blocking choice.” Um, dude, what next? Knocking Ali out of her wheelchair?

Oh, and not to belabor a point, but Nellie’s solo in the video actually had me hitting the rewind button for a second listen. Her tone is just sublime, even if her acting skills are a little low-key.

Anyhow, with the Bottom 3 in place, it was time for last-chance performances (and a merciful break from having to hear Tyler do a solo):

* Lily’s take on “Mercy” wasn’t quite as on-point as her Shania Twain cover last week, but she proved she can nail a dramatic monologue by delivering a speech about how she’s a 240-pound girl putting on a brave face to hide her insecurities after Ryan told her he doesn’t really consider her an underdog. “It’s the first time we’ve seen Lily,” said Robert, although I’m not sure I’d buy that theory. To that end, I’m surprised that no one called Lily out for her deeply unenthusiastic response when the mentors assigned “Mercy” to her in the first place.

* I was completely in agreement with Ryan that Charlie’s cover of “Fix You” was borderline disconcerting, but ultimately very successful, as he delivered the opening verse with a peculiar cadence that relied very little on Chris Martin’s template. “I could not have loved him more,” grinned the head judge after pointing out he doesn’t want Glee to be “a damn karaoke show.”

* Mario seemed to be priming himself for an early exit when once again he got snippy with the mentors over the notion that he’s not always on pitch. “That would suggest I’m not ready,” he huffed, before he was reminded that none of the contestants are ready. “This is not just a competition, it’s a boot camp,” noted Nikki, politely refraining from finishing the sentence with “you cocky little turd.” Mario’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was fine, but not really anything special, which didn’t stop him from going backstage and complaining to his fellow contestants that several of them had pitch problems too, and that it didn’t make sense that he was in the Bottom 3. “I love you Mario, but that comment was totally unnecessary,” said Aylin, before Mario declared himself “offended” by the way his comrades were misinterpreting him. Why not just throw slushies in their faces, then complain that they hadn’t complimented the refreshing blast of cherry flavor he’d delivered directly to their mouths? This guy is 1-800-Too-Much. Of course, to the judges’ faces, Mario was weepy and humble, pleading for another chance, and they bought his whole “I get it now” act.

And so, with Charlie delivering one of Ryan’s all-time favorite Glee Project solos, and Lily and Mario in a deadlock in the elimination cry-off, no one was sent home. Nope, not even Mario’s stank attitude.

What did you think of the “everybody’s safe” conclusion? Would you have sent a contestant home? If so, who? Did you love Charlie’s Coldplay cover as much as Ryan? And did you buy Lily and Mario’s tears in front of the judges? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. greysfan says:

    Look no disrespect here to Mario but something about him makes me dislike him and i would have sent him home. I get that he is blind and all but his attitude sucks. Yes he had a moment like all of them but i just don’t like him. Lily is in the same boat. I was thinking please send one of them home but they saved them all. Charlie’s Fix You was amazing. It was so different to what i expected. I would have liked to hear the whole thing but from what we saw he somehow became one of my new favourites. Should be interesting next week. I know they said only 1 will win but i could potenitally see a number of these guys in Glee this upcoming season.

    • gleefan says:

      same!! since i saw him i was like i dont like him, but i dont know why. i thinks its because he thinks he is better than everyone eles, like he said at bottom 3 that he was perpaered and better than everyone. anyway charlie’s fix you was AMAZING, the best solo ever. i also think that more than one of these guys can win, i dont think just 1 will win because that is what they siad last season and sameul and damium won and lindsey and alex got 2 shows. cant wait for next week.

    • Joe Schreiber says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Mario is entitled and egomaniacal and not versatile at all. He absolutely should have been sent home.

    • Mario’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” sounded conspicuously autotuned, especially compared to Lili and Charlie’s last chance performances. One can only suspect that he was once again off pitch. I think it makes sense to cut people whose attitude sucks and who also cannot sing on pitch. I don’t know why they are keeping Mario on except as “inspirational” material for Ryan Murphy to plunder in future episodes. I doubt he will make it to the end of the competition.

      Lili Mae comes across as obnoxious, but then again she may be a victim of judicious cutting (Mario too–I got the sense that his replies in the final scenes, when he was shown as “talking back” were intercut out of order). I think that her fate as the season’s villain was sealed by this episode, when she admitted to being a bully in middle school. She, like Lindsay last season, actually gives valid feedback. For example, her advice to Mario when she says that the things he says are misinterpreted, and she knows she’s in the same boat is valid, and the cuts in the episode suggest she “hears” Aylin’s request to have someone really punish her (like Blake did Michael) so she can get to the emotional place she needs to be for the video, and then Lily delivers the appropriate abuse and gets Aylin’s hugs for it. As much as she does seem to be ambitious and a bit of a suck-up, no one gets into a competition like this without some ambition and competitiveness.

      Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. He has the good sense to apologize when necessary and behave humbly and like a team player. The brutal takedown he gets for taking Mario’s cane is understandable only because Mario is actually blind. Due to that circumstance, his improvisation was inconsiderate. But note that they *used* that scene, shot from several different angles (which suggests that despite it being uncomfortable to the mentors, it was the RIGHT choice), in the final video. That suggests that the scene was repeated several times, with Charlie’s improvised cane-grab. Then he’s shot down for it and put in the bottom three. And Ryan Murphy gives him a hard time for making the “brave” choice when it was not only the better choice (in terms of acting) but also the one that made the final cut in the video. This fuss about breaking boundaries seems out of place after the kisses from last season, when someone was told to kiss Samuel without his prior knowledge, and Lindsay kissed Cameron as a total improve without being put in the bottom three herself.

      A strange episode. It would have made much more sense to eliminate the off-pitch and mouthy Mario than to keep all three, but perhaps it would have robbed the show of some much needed surprise.

      • Pop Vulture says:

        I’m glad you reminded me that Aylin asked to be really punished and hugged her afterwards – I was sort of taken aback at how violent Lili was with her, and that the producers sat back and let that happen.

    • Patrick says:

      I think I’m starting to figure it out, The reason why we don’t like him is beacuse he’s slowly starting to play “I’m little poor blind guy” and it’s just so annoying. And sometimes I feel like Mario and Lily think they’re better than the other contenders beacuse they have ” classic train” or whatever!

      • Sookie says:

        I don’t think he is playing the “blind boy” card, I think he is just obnoxious. He is talented and I am sure he has been plauded his whole life. Perhaps he never had to be in competition with other seriously talented people.

  2. Sam says:

    i was shocked when ryan said Charlie’s solo was the best thing he has ever heard on the glee project WTF! I’m pretty sure the top 4’s final performances last year were all so much better and more memorable than his. I don’t understand Ryan’s love for charlie, something is going on behind the scenes with them. Michael and Blake are more interesting, attractive and talented then him. I dont see how he is necessary for the show. Don’t mean to go all out and bash him but god this guy thinks he is the best thing ever and seeing some of his interviews he also thinks he is hilarious…but his jokes suck making it uncomfortable to watch.

    • Owen says:

      I sorta love Charlie, and not because he nailed his song. There is something very sweet about him.

      • farsia2010 says:

        i love Charlie too! he stands out, their is an honesty about his hyperactivity and mild autism. yes his stunt with the stick was a tad too much but he is impulsive, it wasn’t done out of malice.
        and i loved his rendition. up to this point my fav solo was Samuel’s Joel but this is just as good, maybe even a bit better because he truly made it his own and did simply follow the way the original goes.
        i am torn though because i also like Aylin and Blake.

  3. Owen says:

    What’s odd, and maybe a good thing, is that Mario and Lily are NO ONE’s victims. Now, they are of course masking with stank attitudes, but before all you haters and Slezak bitch(cause I KNOW there is going to be tons of: just-because-they-are-to varying-degrees-handicapped-doesn’t-mean-they-can dot dot dot, at least try to understand why these young people are acting the way they are.

    • Rollin'Stoned says:

      Not a hater, but come on. If you are overweight or blind, you are forgiven for having a stank attitude? Lily, I might give you a little of her attitude is defense driven, but Mario? He is a raging ego-maniac who thinks his s**t don’t stink and his blindness has nothing to do with it unless no one in his life ever cut him down a peg so as not to “hurt the blind boy’s feelings”.

    • Raybelle13 says:

      I understand what you’re saying, and I also appreciate that they rise above whatever their “handicap” is; but I think it’s similar to Santana’s storyline– that she cuts everyone down because she’s really insecure inside, blah blah blah. And at the end of the day, she’s just kind of a bitch. I just don’t want Ryan to write a new character (boy or girl, blind or big) that is equally mean because they’re also hiding behind an insecurity.
      The others have problems as well, and they don’t seem to feel the need to adopt a superiority complex to deal.

      • farsia2010 says:

        i agree with you, but i want to add that Santana was honest about being a bitch and didn’t try to manipulate people by whatever insecurity she had. these two aren’t hiding their insecurity but rather they use it to manipulate and excuse themselves, plus they are acting like victims while victimizing others when the judges don’t look. Santana never did that, she was straight up bitch and didn’t use the fact that she had sth to hide as an excuse, she ACTUALLY hid it instead of using it as a tool. these two are fake!

  4. Raybelle13 says:

    I loved Charlie’s version, and really, I think Charlie himself is adorable– I hope he sticks around for a while. I thought it was strange that, for all of their reprimands of how wrong the improv scene with the cane was (and I’m not condoning it), they still used it for the video.
    I feel like Lily is trying too hard to be everything– she’s trying to work the competitive edge, and the flirty angle (the one Ryan seems to be gearing toward Aylin), and the insecure teenager part. And I understand everyone has those in them, but showing it all in one episode makes it seem like you’re trying ~way~ too hard. She’d make for an interesting character on the show, but I’m not fond of her in real(ity) life.
    Mario may just be being competitive and defensive about leaving, but his attitude needs an adjustment, stat. Because ostracizing yourself from the rest of the group is just going to make it harder on yourself.
    I wish Ryan hadn’t kept everyone this week– save the “Nobody goes home”s for when the group is smaller and more concentrated/talented.

    • Ann says:

      Yes! I noticed that in the video, they used that footage too! And you know what? That little scene with him stealing the can actually worked out well. That’s what a bully would do. Now, I understand them telling him to be more careful because it could have been dangerous for Mario, but what’s the worst that could have happened? He might have fell and scraped a knee. He wasn’t going to die or anything. Actors improvise onscreen all the time. I cannot believe that Ryan Murphy told Charlie actors shouldn’t improvise. That’s an awful advice to give him. Marlon Brando improvised all the time and people regard him as one of the best actors of all-time. Ryan Murphy truly is the worst part of the show.

      • farsia2010 says:

        no, actors can improvise but they still have to stay within the bounds of the general direction or they might take their fellow actors by too much of a surprise and the shot will be ruined because no matter how good your idea is, if the others in the shot can’t play off of it and support your direction, it just ends up bringing everything down. if your idea is too different from the original script then you bring it up with the director first and he works it into the scene accordingly if he so chooses.
        and secondly, first you need to become Marlon Brando to act like him and for others to take it. you need to earn the right to act like that and to be trusted enough to improvise that much and do what you want. besides Brando wasn’t exactly the example of best off camera behavior. yes he was a genius but he would just get up and leave to some island to relax in the middle of shoots and wouldn’t take half of the direction half the time.

        • Shannon says:

          I have to agree with Ann’s analysis here. As a stage director I have learned that the worst thing you can say to an actor is “don’t”. It can demoralize an actor to the point that they will be afraid to take chances. Granted– perhaps some discussion ahead of the shoot might have been in order but it also would have taken away the immediacy of the moment. It’s telling that they used the moment in the video and it was very powerful. On the one hand they’re tellingN
          Nellie that she can’t be afraid to look like a fool (take chances) and they’re telling Charlie that he shouldn’t always make the brave choice (don’t take chances.) I think that was very very bad advice from Ryan Murphy.

          • farsia2010 says:

            i grew up in a family that leaved and breathed theater. both my parents are directors. let me tell you, there is is such a thing as too much improvisation. and yes they gave different messages to them because they have different issues to work through. Charlie is mildly autistic and hyperactive. if he would have been given a green light in his mind he could take it too far. they knew exactly who they were talking to and gave the appropriate advice.

      • Pop Vulture says:

        Urgh. I love Charlie – he’s my fave. I think Mario is an ostentatious brat. But, in all honesty, Charlie taking that cane COULD have been a major problem. It’s one thing to fall when you can see what’s happening; to fall with no eyesight, with no idea of what’s around you and where the ground is and when you’ll hit it – that could be a broken wrist or bone easily, and there are plenty of scarier worst-case-scenarios. I thought they handled chastising Charlie perfectly, and was relieved he didn’t get a more severe punishment.

        Not trying to stick up for Mario – just saying: don’t take blind folks’ canes.

      • Shane Gleek says:

        agree 100 percent .. I pretty much said the same thing, if I was up there and asked if there was no room at all for his actors to improvise I’d probably throw the mic at Murphy’s head… hows that for improv Ryan???? I’d ask.. teehee , and yeah the cane thing was slightly off but they did go overboard, acted like he threw him in front of traffic or something…

        • It was inappropriate because Mario is blind and he was not warned and it might have been dangerous. It was probably disrespectful to the director because Charlie did it in the very first shot, without trying the director’s idea first. But was it *was* the better acting choice–as proven by the fact that it was used in the final video, shot from several different angles.

          The mentor’s should have been honest with Charlie about the reasons it was so inappropriate. Maybe they were off-camera. He definitely has to work on his judgement and boundaries, but he approached being a bully in an excellent, intelligent way. I think that the show was simply not brave enough to address the core issue in the final cut: that the bottom line was that since Mario is blind, that kind of improvisation is not appropriate without warning. You must know your scene partner. But instead, we got some mumbo-jumbo about “boundaries” and “dangerous” and “it isn’t a good idea for actors to make the brave choice.” That’s a recipe for boring acting.

          I like Charlie, but I’m afraid that the decks are stacked against him even though he’s talented. He’s not going to be able to assimilate the appropriate boundaries not to get cut before the end of the show. :-(

  5. erin says:

    To be honest, I would’ve been happy to see both Mario AND Lily go home last night, but if I had to choose based on last night alone, I would’ve leaned towards saving Lily and sending Mario home. Oh, how I wish Dani had at least made it to this week. I think she would’ve been stellar on Everybody Hurts.

    After being mostly a Nellie/Shanna fan the first few weeks, I’m also loving Michael & Blake (either of them could step in to fill the Cory Monteith-type role post-graduation). I thought Aylin was fantastic last night as well.

  6. karenb says:

    Why doesn’t Michael get any screen time?? I can’t figure out if it’s a good thing or not. Will he be the dark horse and win it all? Or is he the “weak link,” and go home soon? I feel like we’ve had a glimpse into the other contenders, but Michael’s “story” is somehow absent.

    And still not over Dani’s exit. I thought for sure that she was going to win the whole thing. WTH ?

    • Raybelle13 says:

      I totally agree– so far the only thing we know about Michael is that he’s young and inexperienced. But he can sing and (is learning to) act well– maybe Ryan will make him the new Tina!

    • dramaticimpulse says:

      Michael’s character development is purposefully being limited until later in the show, when there are fewer contestants? That way he can seem like a breakthrough? We aren’t getting that much of Blake, either, and he’s clearly one of the most talented people on the show. As the season progresses, they will have fewer and fewer testimonials to choose from.

  7. Adam says:

    Whether Ryan likes it or not this is a competition and he said it himself that Oxygen didn’t like having 4 winners last season. They made it quite clear to him he must only PICK ONE!

  8. JVC says:

    Mario an lily really need to learn a sense of humility, or follow alli’s example. She is in a wheelchair and you don’t see her giving a stank attitude. Maybe no one went home cause we unexpectedly lost 2 people last week. Or maybe we will get another double elimination in the future. Nice to see Nellie get a win, and I think the last two guys should be Blake and Michael. I can see them along with shanna, Alyin, and Nellie in the top 6

  9. Guille says:

    i would have sent mario home, his attitude is just wrong for the show, and i’m not being racist because he’s blind, racist would be to keeping him in the competition because ot it

  10. Phillip says:

    For the record, being blind is (or having any handicap) not a race.

  11. C.J. says:

    Come on, when Taryn bailed last week, you knew they would have to have a “nobody goes home” week to keep to the right number of episodes. Can’t say I’m looking forward to more weeks of Mario, but I can see why they chose last night to be save all three.

    • Emily says:

      I could’ve sworn I heard Ryan Murphy mention that one of these weeks they were going to need a double elimination, since they started with two more contestants than they originally expected.

  12. Greg says:

    I fast forwarded through Charlie’s song

  13. E says:

    I’m not sure I understood their relief when Lily cried in front of them. She was crying because she hasn’t gotten what she wants — a song and setting that fits her to a T. And the reason she was in the bottom 3 was not because she didn’t sing well, it’s because her lip syncing wasn’t good and, as they said, her being a bully was great, but her *being* bullied was not (and the theme was vulnerability). I guess whining is a form of being vulnerable?

    I get that she’s young and scared of getting the boot, but that applies to all of them.

    Basically same goes for Mario. They got knocked down a peg and were freaking out. Mario’s semi-bully tactics in the ‘waiting room’ didn’t impress me.

    Perhaps the bottom 3 and the “concern” over who to lose was all for drama because they knew they had a spare save since the girl left voluntarily last week. That would almost make sense.

    • Owen says:

      Its simple. We gay men LOVE the big girls. As Roseanne once said, “Thank god for gay men. Without them who would we fat women have to dance with?”

      • E says:

        :) Ok, I see. The thing that’s always bugged me is the ‘value’ that seems to be placed on the last chance performance that is singularly focused on singing. I suppose it gives Murphy to interact one on one, and the singing is secondary. And for that matter, it also give the people who struggled during the ‘assignments’ an opportunity to meet/interact with Murphy while the “top performers” don’t. Just seems odd, but I don’t have a better suggestion anyway.

        I liked the comment about it being a ‘bootcamp’, but at the end, it seems like they are evaluating the kids ability to have a sob story and wear it on their sleeves, which isn’t exactly the same thing as what I think they learn thru the process each week.

  14. Ryan says:

    Mario is a d-bag and needs to be sent home…like yesterday.

  15. Ayla says:

    I would have booted Mario. It was clear Charlie and Lily weren’t going based on their feedback. Mario’s attitude was crap, and his voice isn’t that good. Being blind isn’t an excuse for being abrasive. Honestly, I think he’s too much of a downer for “Glee,” and I see him being a whole lot of trouble to work with on set- it’s sad that he’s blind, but a blind student would likely sing and not dance, so I don’t think a blind student would be an asset to the “Glee” cast.

  16. Katie says:

    Cant stand charlie, lily or mario. Send them all home, it is not like any of them is going to win so why put it off

  17. qj201 says:

    More ACTING challenges. Glee isn’t about “perfect singing.”

    The winners from last season, Damian and Samuel, were AWFUL on Glee.

    Bad acting…and for all Ryan’s BS about “characters,” we got the foreign exchange student and the home school christian with dreds. That was about all the character we got.

    And for all the “person I want to write for” BS, are we to believe that the members of the original cast are totally like their characters?

    • E says:

      I agree. I don’t see how it’s the responsibility of the contestants to create the backstory of the role they’ll portray or they’ll be given the boot. If there is some idea/inspiration, so be it. But, does that mean that talented, well adjusted kids wouldn’t be part of a glee club. I mean, other than having their own label (“theater kids”, “band geeks”, etc) for their clique (like everyone in HS) there ARE very talented and basically content kids in the arts too. If you look at Rachel in the cast, she is attractive, petite, healthy, super talented, and oozing with confidence. Everyone is flawed in some way, but the ability to pull off the script/emotion I thought was the deal with acting.

    • Libby says:

      As much as it pains me to say this, but the only winner from last season who could not act was Damian. I thought all the others did really well.

      I do agree, though, that acting should be at the forefront of this competition. Tweaking a singing voice is one thing, but tweaking an acting scene-not feasible.

    • beth says:

      SAM AND DAMIAN ARE HORRIBLE ACTORS! Lindsay and Alex did a much better job during their episodes! And to have Sam as a mentor is laughable.

      • Sookie says:

        I definitely agree! I was a huge fan of Damien and Sam last year but they are terrible actors. Maybe with more coaching Damien might get by, especially if they give him a better story line than trying to convince Brittney he’s a leprechaun. But Sam was awful. I realy do hope they think more about the acting this season.

  18. dilia says:

    blake was so impressive this week. he seriously keeps killing it along with shanna
    i dont know why im not excited by michael, hes definitely been solid and i cant argue with the praise hes gotten since it was deserved for sure, but he just does nothing for me. maybe its because we have not yet seen much of him. i hope they fix this soon

  19. Amy says:

    Mario is a jerk and Lily has anger issues. I wish Ryan would have sent them both home. I thought it was far too early for a non-elimination episode

  20. Vetle says:

    I don’t mind Lily as much as I mind Mario. Mario has been getting on my nerve ever since the first episode. Initially I thought he was a little quirky when they were choosing the top 14, but then he turned into a diva. Gahh! And Lily needs to learn how to take criticism. I know how she feels though, I’ve been studying acting for a year now, and when you are in a new experience, getting critiques thrown at you in front of a larger crowd, it’s hard not to be defensive. At least in the beginning. I felt that I had to defend my choices, but I adapted and learned how to take it, and use it.

    Anyhoo, I’m loving Nellie. I’ve been loving her ever since I laid eyes on her. She just… stands out to me. I think she can break out of her shell and surprise everyone. She is my bet to win. I hope she wins. I also think Shanna has a decent chance of winning, or at least making an appearance on the show. I think they are looking for a big voice too, and Shanna definitely has it. And Aylin’s tone… OMG, so smokey and delicious.

  21. Vetle says:

    Oh, and I miss Dani. =/

  22. Shawn says:

    Mario def needs to go. Honestly I feel like Ryan only is saying the you need to inspire me line soo much since people were confused by that being is criteria last year. but as the show runner its his job to write characters not be given ideas. The only two people I can see on the show are Blake and alyin and even then I don’t see them replacing any major characters.

    • Tim says:

      Mario was the obvious choice to send home. His attitude stinks, and he’s not that talented or interesting. I wonder how much of a factor political correctness played in the decision.

  23. Gleek-out says:

    I so agree with the writer of this article. Mario is so Efff-ing FAKE! I did not buy his tears and neither liked his performance, he has no versatility what so ever and is very cocky. I love Charlie and all of his performances, but I don’t think this one was his best.. and I don’t think of this as such a big deal as it’s being expressed here and the comments. Lily was o.k, not amazing, not bad; however I did believe her when she broke down, I felt she was being real and kinda started liking her after this episode, especially when she told mario how it is.

  24. BrazenSongBird says:

    I disagree with Michael when he says he doesn’t buy Lily’s “queen bee of middle school” story. Girl politics wouldn’t allow for a big girl to be queen bee in high school, but it’s absolutely possible in elementary and middle school. The position goes to whoever is the meanest and wants it…body image be damned. Besides, did you see how she threw Aylin down to the ground and was yelling in her face? How she did it and what she was yelling? She’s done that before.

    • E says:

      I was a little put off by the whole discussion honestly. Not that I think a chat about bullying and sharing of stories is bad for kids to do, but in the context of a TV show’s competition it seemed a little strange to me. I imagine I was mean to some kids here and there in school, but I was hardly a bully. I remember a kid calling me “yankee” endlessly in 6th grade because we’d just moved to the deep south and I was from NJ. At a HS reunion we had a big laugh about it because he admitted how he had a crush on me. It would have been odd to be in that room and not be able to “tell a riveting story” and I don’t think any of my recollections would have been interesting. Anyway – if Lily had the gumption to call an apologize to someone after watching “Mean Girls” than good on her. That was the part that seemed like a stretch. If she was that enlightened then, I would think she’d project a little bit of different personality now. But maybe not.

      • dramaticimpulse says:

        I have to say, I did have a person who bullied me mercilessly in middle school apologize to me and ask me to “forgive and forget” when we were in 9th Grade. She had developed self awareness. I remember saying that I would forgive, but I wouldn’t forget. It was up to her to prove that she had changed and if she had, I’d forget. She followed through. I believe Lily could have too.

  25. dramaticimpulse says:

    I have to say I am disappointed by the fact that Dani was cut so soon. She struck me as someone who could have represented a high school student like me: someone with a different voice, who was concerned with things other than boyfriends, and who would never be invited to parties or think of going to prom. Glee club really needs to have a few people in it who are there because they love to sing, and not because they want to become a “star” someday. Someone who is a true outsider (perhaps in the Hermione Granger mould) and intellectual, instead of a budding Broadway star. I’d really like Glee to include people who are NOT constantly focused on high school romances, because my experience of high school was not at all about obsessive focus on romantic entanglements, but on preparation for living a full life, going to college, and being myself despite all opposition. Perhaps that is why I identify with Kurt, though he seems to be handed his true love on a plate, unlike the gay highschoolers that I knew in the late 90s. Perhaps it is different now?

  26. Cate53 says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments here that I would have been happy to see Mario AND Lily go! They both are terrible divas. Lily saying she USED to be a bully?? She still acts like an entitled bitch! Mario is incredibly arrogant and I hated his oh so humble act to Ryan and the judges. Plus there is NO WAY Mario looks like a high school kid! He looks much too old to play 16 IMO.

  27. Nichole says:

    good article!!

    have to say that Ryan Murphy talking to Liliy about how Glee is a show about under dogs was annoying, where in the cast from last season are the under dogs?? I went to an all girls high school in Australia, so can’t really compare the world of Glee to what I experienced, but none of the Glee club characters really strike me as being “under dogs”, maybe Tina or Arty, but certainly none of the others. In fact most of the characters this last season where not even that likeable!!

  28. Sookie says:

    I am not a huge fan of Lilly but I thought what she said to Ryan was not that she was a spunky fat girl but that she was a girl who is talented so stop focussing on the fat part. She complained about the song choice because she wanted to sing a ballad. The fact that Ryan said he can’t see her as an underdog was BS. He apparently doesn’t want the fat girl to be confident. He wants the blind guy to be humble and the actor to not improvise. Well, in real life sometimes the fat girl gets the guy and the blind guy is obnoxious. Why not write it that way?