TVLine Items: Buffy Vet Eyes Lying Game Promotion, Beauty-ful Smallville Reunion & More!

True story: The Lying Game wants to see a lot more Charisma Carpenter next season.

The Whedonverse vet — who recurred on the first season of the ABC Family drama as Annie “Rebecca” Sewell — is nearing a deal to become a series regular in Season 2, Variety reports.

Given the manner in which the finale wrapped — Spoiler Alert: It was revealed that Rebecca is the twins’ mom — Carpenter’s expanded presence in Lying Game‘s upcoming sophomore season would seem imperative.

Lying Game Season 2 is due to premiere this winter. Carpenter, meanwhile, can next be seen on the big screen in The Expendables 2, which hits theaters Aug. 16.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Former Smallville EPs Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders have been tapped to serve as co-showrunners on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast reboot, per The Hollywood Reporter. The project reunites the producers with fellow Smallville vet (and Beauty‘s leading lady) Kristin Kreuk.

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• FX has given the green light to Bronx Warrants, a comedy pilot from Denis Leary (Rescue Me), Jim Spercio (Rescue Me) and Dean Lorey (Arrested Development). The project centers on a group of detectives assigned to arrest individuals with outstanding warrants.

Did you hear the news? Dexter is returning to Comic-Con! (View our updated schedule here.)

• TNT has passed on Scent of the Missing, the dog-centric drama pilot from CSI exec producer Carol Mendelsohn, Deadline reports. Geek goddesses Tricia Helfer and Summer Glau were to co-star as members of a K-9 Search and Rescue team.

• Wire alum Chad Coleman has booked a guest spot in Burn Notice‘s current season. His CIA operative character sets out to salcage a botched mission, per The Hollywood Reporter.

• Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) will guest star in the Necessary Roughness summer finale (airing Aug. 29), reports. He’ll play a famed record producer who comes into contact with TK.

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• Laguna Beach, The Hills and Daria are set to return to MTV as part of the cabler’s upcoming Rerun Retro Mania programming block. The six-week event kicks off Monday, June 25, and will air weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm until Aug. 3.

TBS has nabbed syndication rights to CBS’ breakout hit 2 Broke Girls. It will join the cabler’s lineup in 2015.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Summer says:

    YES! On the Charisma Carpenter news. :D

  2. tvaddict says:

    I love that Charisma Carpenter is back on TV. So ready for The Lying Game to come back….it is a perfect companion to Pretty Little Liars

  3. Amanda says:

    2 Broke Girls is already going to be syndicated?

  4. Martin says:

    Yah!! – Unless majorly tanks, which would be a surprise, 2 Broke Girls is almost guaranteed 4 seasons.

    Think Mike And Molly will be next, Some might say New Girl and while i think that will get at least 4 seasons i do think it has to prove itself first.

    With the way everything seems to be going 2 Broke Girls seems to be destined to become the next great tv comedy hit.

  5. Eliza says:

    Convinced Tricia Helfer and Summer Glau truly are show killers. Geez tough luck for them.

    I miss Michael Imperioli on my tv!

    • Brooke says:

      How is Tricia a show killer? BSG had 4 years. She guested on Burn Notice throughout season 2 and that’s still going strong. Most shows die eventually, but Tricia doesn’t strike me as expediting any significant number of TV show deaths.

      • Eliza says:

        Well, Burn Notice has a strong fanbase. Don’t know much about BSG but I assume it had great fanbase. Just seems like shows she’s on (in my recent memory) are getting canceled….The Firm being the latest and Scent of the Missing was passed over. I am not sure what happened to 17th Precinct. And Dark Blue was another one that bit the dust. I guess since a lot of the shows I have seen her guest star on… Human Target, Lie to Me, The Whole Truth, No Ordinary Family…. are all canceled, I associate her with a lot of cancellations!

        • Drew says:

          She also guest starred on Supernatural. Great episode too. She was on Chuck, long before it ended. And she also did CSI back in the day. Oh, and Warehouse 13.

          In her defense, Human Target, Lie To Me, and No Ordinary Family kinda killed themselves. Summer has a way of being on some really awesome shows which are canceled (Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles come to mind), but those other shows with Tricia can really only be blamed on their own producers.

          • Eliza says:

            Yeah, I know most of what she has been on and I don’t necessarily blame her with the guest starring roles… but it’s the association for me. And just a lot of projects she’s on do not make it very far.

  6. Jay says:

    NOooooooooo the people who ruined Smallville can’t anywhere near BATB…..poor kristin kreuk!

  7. mac says:

    Absolutley happy for Charisma Carpenter now James Marsters needs to get himself a guest spot on another show too…

  8. Jae says:

    Really want to see what is next for Tom Welling! Love that Kristin Kreuk, Cassidy Freeman, Michael Shanks and Erica Durance have been moving on, but really miss Tom Welling on screen!

    Would love to see him as Finnick Odair in Catching Fire! He would be such an excellent choice!

  9. Daria! I was such a huge fan when I was 11 or 12, which is probably too young to be watching that show. I’ll definitely check it out when they air reruns. Also glad we’ll be seeing more Charisma Carpenter on TLG.

  10. BronteFan says:

    More like a horrible Smallville reunion. Souders and Peterson proved with the 8th season of Smallville that they do not know how to handle Beauty and the Beast stories. They had a fantastic one with Chloe and Davis and then they destroyed it in the season finale “Doomsday.” The writer’s message? Some people, particularly the Beast, are not worth saving. They destroyed everything that was beautiful about that archetypal story in one episode. And they’re the ones going to be the showrunners? I’m baffled by this since they seemed to have such disdain for the story. Will that be the new message of the show? That Beauty shouldn’t save the Beast? That he isn’t worth saving? I’ve never had such a negative TV viewing experience as when I watched “Doomsday,” or Failsday as it became known amongst the fans. I stopped watching Smallville after that because that episode made me sick. Their version of Beauty and the Beast on Smallville was to have the Beast, who had no free will and was constantly seeking redemption, become a psycho in the end. After building up a whole season of Chloe wanting to save him and falling in love with him, she decides that she’d rather be with Jimmy (the representation of the suitor who she showed no actual love for the whole season). The Beast then tries to kill Jimmy, then Chloe, but Jimmy kills him and he dies alone with no one caring. They then point out repeatedly in the dialogue that some people are not worth saving. Superman even points this out. Just horrible. And I’m not even describing it in all its awfulness. So I’m very much questioning whether or not I’ll be able to watch this show now with their stamp on it. I could handle them writing other stories, but another Beauty and the Beast one? No, I just don’t think so. They seemed so anti-Lana, anti-Chloe, anti Beauty and the Beast as a story, that I just find this news to be surprising.

    • Sarah says:

      They were never anti-Lana!! They loved her so much, they decided to make her the real hero and turn Clark into a simpering idiot, while she walked off to become a walking super powered kryptonite.

      • BronteFan says:

        You forget that the last Lana episodes were handled more by the other co-showrunners Slavkin and Swimmer (though I’m more of a fan of them and think that the Davis travesty came because they left). Right around the time Lana left, so did Slavkin and Swimmer. It’s then Souders and Peterson took over. Once they did, Lana was never seen again. Not even in the finale. I think it would have been nice for her to be in the finale since she was such a huge part of the show. That all said, my problem lies in the way they handle Beauty and the Beast stories.

    • Jason says:

      Good riddance to you. Geesh, what a horrible “fan” you are. TV shows don’t need fickle, opinionated jerks like you. The last few seasons of Smallville, after the original showrunners were replaced, were the greatest of the series, incorporating so much more of the DC universe. The majority of Smallville fans, thank heavens, are nothing like you….we enjoyed the series right up til the end. YOU, chick or dude, need to get a life.

      • Chlavislove says:

        And are you sir tuning into Beauty and the Beast? Did you even like Lana? Oh, and what constitutes a fan? What a RUDE response as it is all a matter of opinion not a fact as you suggest (personally I find season 3 to be the strongest). And seeing how even the actor disagreed with the creative direction of Davis Bloome, I say this person’s assessment is rather fair. I personally agree. The way they handled the Beauty and the Beast story between Chloe and Davis in Davis’ last episode was absolutely appalling. ALL the Chloe/Davis fans despised it with a passion. The only people who liked that direction HATED the whole Beauty and the Beast story they did in the first place (which is very similar to what this new series is doing). But I guess I’m a “horrible” fan as well because I didn’t like Souders and Peterson’s direction either (other than Chloe and Oliver).Failsday still makes me ill and fills me with rage (the only tv episode in history to do so). This news makes me worried because I LOVE Beauty and the Beast stories and know quite a lot about them. Season 8 had a lot of potential to include a superhero in the BATB discussion of the archetype but in the end they CHOSE to spit on it on purpose. I wish Souders and Peterson the best but wish they were working on anything other than Beauty and the Beast.

      • BronteFan says:

        Because I have an opinion I’m a jerk? I’m not calling anyone names and assuming things about them. I personally didn’t like the directions the writers chose with their version of Beauty and the Beast. That’s it. Does that mean I don’t think they’re talented? No? Would I ever personally attack the writers? No. I just hated what they did from a creative standpoint with Chloe and Davis so I’m worried about what they will do with Beauty and the Beast. That’s fair. I hope what they do turns out to be great. But you do not own Smallville. There are many people who liked the earlier seasons better. So what? It’s called an opinion. Not everyone will like everything that’s put out there. I don’t need to like everything I happen to see on TV. That doesn’t make me fickle. It’s called personal preference, which everyone has. I don’t appreciate your name calling and degrading comments. I don’t even have a full opinion about seasons 9 and 10, since I didn’t watch that much of it. I’m sure they did a good job. I’m only referring to the Chloe/Davis story from season 8 which I liked until the end. I disagreed with the message of it.

    • Drew says:

      Seriously? You were expecting Doomsday to be saved? For real? What part of “Doomsday” sounds like a story of redemption?

      Season 8 of Smallville was one of, if not THE best that the show had. Doomsday was never going to be saved, and the story wasn’t about him trying to be redeemed. The story was about him trying to cover up what the monster did, and becoming a monster in the process. It would have been so cliche to have Davis split from Doomsday and become a happily ever after story, or to sacrifice himself for the greater good while Chloe cried and cried. What wasn’t cliche was having them split, only to reveal that Doomsday wasn’t the only monster. And it’s not like Davis was perfectly innocent up until that point. He was out to save himself more than anything else, and that’s what made the story interesting. He was the anti-Clark.

      Season 8 of Smallville was never “Beauty and the Beast”. It was “King Kong”. At the end of the day, Doomsday’s nature can’t be changed… at the end of “King Kong” there’s a line, “It wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.”

      Fitting, right?

      • Chlavislove says:

        Because the story was portrayed as a story of a character looking for redemption, looking to be saved. Even the actor Sam Witwer said he was told the story was about a good guy in an impossible situation but then they threw his character under the bus in the end. He had no free will in the matter, :Brainiac: “You have no free will.” And, uh, King Kong is kind of a beauty and the beast story but he is still looked at with compassion. His death is a tragedy unlike Davis’ where no one gave a crap (he was born bad so he will always be bad and blah blah blah). Davis didn’t want to be a monster but in the end he became one much to the HORROR of people who were fans of the character and Chloe/Davis relationship. His character was certainly one of the most compelling until that disgusting end. That said, will you be tuning into Beauty and the Beast? I personally see it appealing more to Chloe/Davis fans (Moonlight, Vampire Diaries, etc.) than those who liked that Davis turned into a psychopath. But maybe I’m wrong.

        • Drew says:

          I’ll probably try the show, but it doesn’t look great. Their “beast” is another CW model-type who Hulks out when he’s angry… oh, the burden of being good looking AND having super powers.

          I liked the Davis character and his struggle to cope with the beast inside. But I also liked that they didn’t just choose to go with the safe, typical, cliche storyline in the end. And then when you look back at the story, Davis did some pretty questionable things in order to save his own a$$, but also just because he wanted what he wanted and that meant bending the rules. He wasn’t exactly pure and innocent. He wasn’t thrown under the bus just because some people didn’t like where the character went. Honestly, having Davis turn into a monster and showing that he didn’t need Doomsday to be bad was pretty cool.

          And I think that Chloe was more drawn to the idea of helping Davis than the idea of bedding Davis. She was looking to save him, because that’s who she is. But it was a mistake, and Jimmy payed the price for her mistake. She believed that anyone could be saved and redeemed. She was wrong.

      • BronteFan says:

        From a comparative standpoint on Chloe and Davis and the Beauty and the Beast archetypal story, it definitely was meant to be a Beauty and the Beast tale. In “Bride” when Doomsday carried Chloe into the Fortress they were purposely comparing the scene to a famous scene from the French film La Belle et La Bete. The scene was even labeled on the DVD as Beauty and the Beast. And being well versed in the original story and its roots there’s no doubt that even with this ending it is purposely meant to fall into this BATB category. It’s not just the Disney story. The Beast can be a very violent character. King Kong is also a BATB story. There are different variations. BUT the SV one did not fully succeed in its interpretation because of the ending. The story was presented as a tale about redemption. It’s a shame they didn’t let Davis have any. I felt it painted a negative message about foster children as well, considering the other foster kids in that season also became villains and did not find true redemption. That I found troubling. But again, this is my interpretation and how I felt about their creative choice. People are free to disagree. That said, the “Doomsday” episode was not well received by the majority of the fandom when it aired. This was only one of the reasons. Even the actor did not agree with the ending as he stated in an interview the next day. Oh, and there’s a difference between being cliche and following an archetype.

        • Drew says:

          The “Beauty and the Beast” story was a misdirect, luring people into a sense of security because we all know where that story ends. Just because they didn’t follow through on the ending that you expected doesn’t mean that it was a failure of a story. A failure of a story is one which you can predict from the beginning and which leaves you perfectly happy because it all turned out the way it’s supposed to.

          The fact that we all know where “Beauty and the Beast” is going leads us to believe that we know where the Davis arc is going. He and Chloe fall in love and she saves him in the end, blah, blah, yawn, blah, blah. If you want to see “Beauty and the Beast”, go watch one of the many movie versions of the story. That’s obviously not what this was. This was a bait and switch, which is perfectly good storytelling.

          Upon rewatching the season, you have to see that Davis isn’t an innocent in all of this. He does some very questionable things while in human form, of his own free will. You can’t fault a story for not being what you expected it to be. It should be judged for what it is.

          And besides that, Chloe wasn’t drawn to Davis romantically, so much as she was drawn to the idea of saving him while protecting Clark. She wanted to be a hero, out in the field. And it was more than she could handle. She made the same mistake you did in assuming that she knew how it would turn out because she’s seen the movie or read the book before.

          • Chlavislove says:

            So it was successful to you because you thought it was a misdirect? Fine, that’s your opinion. I personally find it disgusting but to each their own. By the way, I personally was not referring to the book or the movie, I was referring to themes. Successful storytelling (which I do not interpret Davis’s end as successful) tells a clear story from beginning to end which season 8 clearly was not. Even the actor said he was getting mixed messages from the producers. The producers were fighting over the ending. It was split and in the end Souders and Peterson won unfortunately for fans of Chloe and Davis. And the message that not everyone is worth saving? On a Superman show? Particularly someone who WANTED to be saved and was a good person deep down? And that ALL of the foster kids could not be saved (again emphasizing a terrible message)? No, just no.You are only partially right in your interpretation BECAUSE of the last episode which you can use to make sense of what was shown and told to us previously. It is the ending that pretty much all Chloe/Davis fans hate. Honestly, I’m surprised to see someone sticking up for Failsday since almost everyone hated it for one reason or another. Anyway, SOME of us like the idea of characters being a beast sometimes and striving to be good (which was essentially the Davis story LOL) but some won’t. That’s fine. But I’m worried that Souders and Peterson AGREE with your opinion since they did it and they (like some critics) believe that Beauty and the Beast tells a horrible message to girls, and therefore want to deconstruct the story by saying that in the end the Beast SHOULD not be saved. But fans of the archetype will not want to see THAT ending. I never want to see that ending again. So maybe it was ‘their’ evil plan to lure fans of the BATB story into a sense of security (which I doubt) but if that is the case they made the mistake of ticking off the wrong audience. Personally, I think the show would be better off bringing in Moonlight writers since that is clearly the audience they are aiming for and it is one of the hardest audiences to get because no one ‘gets’ it. We will just have to agree to disagree. Brontefan, I agree completely with you.

          • Drew says:

            Okay, first of all, you’re talking about “most fans” while clearly you hang in the Chloe/Davis groups, which do not make up a majority of the fanbase. I don’t hang out in “Smallville” groups. I pay attention to general talking online, in which I’ve seen mostly positive comments about season 8. If I were to only listen to the loud fan groups, I’d also have to conclude that Dean and Castiel are in love with each other, because that’s a large chunk of those loud circles… and I in no way believe that that’s a majority of the fanbase.
            Second, you’re completely ignoring a large chunk of the season, which consisted of Davis himself doing a lot of shady things in order to cover his tracks, and also just to get what he wanted.
            Third, you’re ignoring the fact that Chloe was not in love with Davis, she was more obsessed with saving him and protecting Clark.
            Fourth, the new “Beauty and the Beast” show is about the beast… he’s the hero of the story. Obviously, you’re fixating on a “Smallville” storyline and ignoring the fact that if they make their main character unlikable and irredeemably bad, the show will not go over well.

            You know what? Plans change in storytelling. You can be writing something with an ending in mind, and that ending just doesn’t work the way you thought it would. It happens all the time. I’m not going to judge the story based on what someone said they heard one time, or even what the writers were originally going to do. I don’t care. The story is what it is, and that worked out pretty well in my opinion. Doomsday wasn’t going to have a happy ending where he holds hands with Clark and skips off into the sunset. Anyone who expected that story to work out well and for Chloe to fall in love and live happily ever after was just distracted by Witwer’s abs and wasn’t paying attention to the story on the screen.

            The field of bodies. Choosing people to kill that he thought weren’t worthy of life. Making everyone in Jimmy’s life turn against him, just to cover his own a$$. That was all Davis, not the monster.

            And, come on… This has nothing to do with foster children, or adopted children, or any of that. It’s not socially offensive to make Doomsday a bad guy.

  11. Nicole says:

    Yeah, not sure if KK is happy to be tethered to the Smallville crew again, LOL. I’m thinking she liked having a fresh start.

    Great news about Charisma Carpenter. Nice to see that in addition to Hannigan and Boreanaz there is life after BtVS for Buffy alum.

  12. Sarah says:

    I guess Beauty and the Beast will now become one long season full of episodes like Power and Requiem. That’s me avoiding this show then.
    Souders and Peterson already ruined Secret Circle this year, I see they’re spreading their destruction.

  13. Emily says:

    Shut the front door! Dexter will be there? Damn it, I thought I’d be able to roam around on Thursday. Now I’ll be parked outside Ballroom 20.

  14. Pearl says:

    “• TNT has passed on Scent of the Missing, the dog-centric drama pilot from CSI exec producer Carol Mendelsohn, Deadline reports. Geek goddesses Tricia Helfer and Summer Glau were to co-star as members of a K-9 Search and Rescue team.”

    A serie dog-centric, and an executive named Carol… This remebers me so much from Episodes. Thats fun!

  15. wooster182 says:

    Bout damn time! CC needed a new show. So happy for her!

  16. Carrie Ann says:

    The addition of Peterson and Souders may convince me to give “Beauty” a try, though the previews don’t look very promising. Seasons 8-10 of “Smallville” were some of the best.

  17. Ella says:

    Awesome news about Charisma Carpenter. Wish it was a better show. That girl is so gorgeous and talented, she deserves her own show on one of the bigger, better networks.

  18. Lauren says:

    Sucks about Scent of the Missing, I was looking forward to it. Hope another network picks it up.
    Glad CC will be on the Lying Game next season, loved her character.

  19. Thyme says:

    LOL at the Souders and Peterson news.

    I thought they were developing a show for CBS? What happened to that one?

  20. Sam says:

    Hate the long wait for The Lying Game!

  21. Jared says:

    So happy to hear Charisma Carpenter will be back on The Lying Game..but no big surprise there..cant wait for season 2 this winter!..

  22. Jac says:

    I was ambivalent about the BATB remake at first, but this news about Souders and Peterson joining the show seals my decision not to watch, so yay?

  23. Velvet says:

    I agree that Tricia Helfer is a show killer.

  24. Velvet says:

    I’m glad Charisma is back on TV but I will never watch The Lying Game or any other ABC family show. She was awesome in head-to-toe leather on Legend of the Seeker and great with James Marsters on Supernatural.