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Fringe Exclusive: Major Final-Season Time Jump Is Planned, Plus [Spoiler] Returns!

Fringe Season 5 SpoilersIn the Season 4 Fringe episode “Letters of Transit,” which was set in the year 2036, Peter says that he, Walter et al had been trapped in amber for some 20 years. So it would stand to reason that if the Fox drama’s final season jumps ahead in time, it would be either by a little… or a lot.

The answer, to hear John Noble tell it, is the latter.

“As far as I know, we’re just jumping ahead [to 2036],” Noble shared with TVLine at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Monday, where he was nominated for Supporting Actor in a Drama (the prize he took home a year ago).

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While some Fringe fans my lament the decades’ worth of “lost” time, Noble allows that “there will be references” to the team’s pre-amber days, even using “found footage” to share monumental moments with viewers.

In the Evil Observers-ruled 2036, Noble reminds, “Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us. We’ll be learning from the past.”

Yes, you read the above correctly: Though Olivia (played by Anna Torv) was conspicuously MIA from the “Letters of Transit” episode that informs Season 5, “She’ll be back” in this return to the future, Noble reassures. Viewers can also expect to once again see Olivia and Peter’s grown daughter Etta (played by Aussie actress Georgina Haig).

Meaning that just as your eyes welled up upon witnessing Peter meet adult Etta (watch clip below, because you know you want to), Noble foresees “a wonderful reunion of mother and daughter” — a scene, he tells us, Torv is “really excited” to play.

Noble himself, meanwhile, is excited to “tie up the loose ends and emotional connections” that Fringe has put forth over five seasons.

“Walter is the man who started this, so there has to be resolution. There has to be redemption,” the actor attests. “We  also have to see the final maturing of the relationship between Peter and Olivia, because it has been so difficult for them and we want them so much to be with each other.”

And lastly, he shares, “I would love to see the Peter/Walter relationship come back to where it was.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. I can’t wait for it to start…but I don’t want it to end. #feelings

  2. John DeMayo says:

    Any word on if we’ll see Simon (Henry Ian Cusick), Alt-Charlie (Kirk Avecedo), or grown-up Ella (Emily Meade) again?

  3. Dick Whitman says:

    CAN’T. WAIT.

  4. F.R. says:

    PLEASE, I can’t wait until you report that Henry Ian Cusick will be back as well. Hopefully as a regular. This would make the final season even more awesome.

  5. Joel says:

    Henry Ian Cusick will be back that is why he left Scandal

    • Jo says:

      Henry Ian Cusick didn’t leave Scandal because of Fringe. His contract wasn’t renewed because of budget constraints.

  6. Sarah says:

    Y E S. Perfect. It’s what I was hoping would be the setting.

  7. Piper says:

    So pumped for the mother-daughter reunion scene! I have no doubt Anna Torv will nail that (just like she does everything she’s given) & it’ll be exciting to see a new facet of the character!

  8. Emily says:

    What about the altverse all this time?

  9. DarthRocco says:

    Love the show. Love the show. LOVE THE SHOW! But I feel that Walter will not survive this season… and it PAINS me to write that. I feel that is the only thing that can help him achieve closure for what he started.

    • Roneo says:

      That’s what I, also painfully, think. Walter’s ultimate redemption may just be a tragic one. *__*

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Yikes, now y’all got me worried… because it sounds very logical.

        • ben says:

          William Bell endorses this statement.

        • Kaa says:

          I don’t think it will be tragic per se. But I think the series has got to end with Walter having some sort of apotheosis (look it up). I would love a bittersweet ending where Walter got to travel throughout time with September, to witness all the great scientific moments of history. He’d have to say goodbye to Peter and Olivia but it would be left open ended that he might someday return.

          • DarthRocco says:

            Oooo… That would be an acceptable ending as well. Well played! :)

          • forrest says:

            Another loose thread that may not be followed up on: What about the ‘first people’ who placed the machine in the past? Will Walter have to go back in time to place the machine where its to be found in the present?

          • Brooke says:

            The First People is not a loose end. This was answered in the episode where Peter went to the future and convinced Walter to send the machines to the past. Walter and Peter are the First People.

  10. polly says:

    i’m one of the few who isn’t looking forward to the time jump :(

    • katy917 says:

      Me too!! :(

      • moobear says:

        I know, we don’t want to be robbed of finally getting our Peter and Olivia happy ever after[ish], for however long it will last, but I have to say that I can’t begrudge this story line, because seriously, the casting agents need to be given some kinda of award for finding this actress. I know I, and a lot of other fans, saw her first scene in the episode and thought, OMG it’s as if the actors that play Peter and Olivia had a kid and some how she was aged twenty years.
        I think the writers are aware of what we fans want, so I’ll trust that this final handful of episodes will deliver resolution to our fan girl delight.

  11. Jess says:

    so excited!

  12. Robert E. Holley (ROBatGraveShift) says:

    Seeing as Henry Ian Cusack was relieved of his Scandal duties I hope they can work him in the new season. GET HIM OUT DI AMBER!

  13. Suhara says:

    I honestly don’t know what to do with my life after Fringe is over. This show is just so phenomenal, the science, the drama, the romance, the comedy, the everything. It is one of the rare television gems in an era of shows like Gossip Girl, Glee and the likes. I wish that more people would watch this show, but in a way I;m glad more people didn’t because that is part of what makes it so special; it requires an audience with an IQ level significantly higher than that for most other shows. Above all, I just feel sorry for everyone who has’t been privy to this show, because they have missed out on the emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime. I really hope Emmy voters wake the hell up and give this show some of the long, long overdue, recognition it deserves. It’ll be a darn long while until another TV show comes around that can challenge Fringe in its creativity, bold and daring writing, and exceptional cast of actors.

    • hershey says:


    • S.Cutajar says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. Fringe is undoubtedly scripted for people who wish to explore beyond their everyday experiences. Alternative universe, multiverse, character splitting, and now time jumping have ‘troubled’ the human mind for the last decades where technology failed to curb human quest to understand the unknown and what the future holds…

  14. Luis Henrique says:

    I’m glad they’re going back to 2036 to end the series with that plot. I mean, I’m sad the show is coming to an end, but also happy they got the chance to end it properly. And we know they will!

  15. BrianR says:

    Damn, now I am really stoked because we don’t have to deal with Liv pregnant for half the season. Excellent news and Georgina Haig was great as the daughter. It should be great to seen a mother daughter power play against the evil non-observers.

    • Gilda says:

      This show has gotten quite good at avoiding drawn out pregnancies, hasn’t it? First with Henry and now with Henrietta.

      • Emily says:

        Isn’t that the point? Thank goodness, although I would’ve liked to have seen a bit of Olivia all aglow.

        • Kaa says:

          Joel Wyman promised we would get to see Peter and Olivia with their baby, so, I bet that “found footage” is home movies from when Etta was little!

  16. paul says:

    Great news. :)

  17. Brooke says:

    I think it’s funny that we’re going to have two shows on the air this coming season where a child is the same age as her parents thanks to a bit of science/magic.

    I’m looking forward to this finale season of Fringe in a very bittersweet way. I love the way the show changes angles every single season, and this jump forward is no different. But I’m really not ready for it to be over yet.

  18. Kaa says:

    I’m excited. The season finale last year left me really confused and, to be honest, not very excited, but this year is different. The show is coming to an end, but that’s no reason to end it on a staid, predictable note. That would not be Fringelike. The future war sounds really interesting. And SO glad that Etta will be back. I don’t just want to see her and Olivia though… I want to see Peter be a dad too. Give Peter some time with his daughter too!

  19. mishael53 says:

    If this becomes Georgina Hayes’ show, I’m out. My absolute adoration and love for Fringe is not outweighed by how much I disliked her.

  20. Mogget says:

    Dude, it’s gonna be awesome!! Can’t wait for it to come back! =D

  21. Matthew Littledyke says:

    Wow can’t wait

  22. dave says:

    literally just finished finale this show has gotten really good cant wait

  23. Karen says:

    “watch clip below, because you know you want to”
    No, that’s a bad idea, I’m crying.

  24. Sarah says:

    I need to go back and watch the last few episodes, but wouldn’t the future episode from 2036 be wiped out because of the closing of the bridge between the two universes? I thought that was part of the point of closing it. I’m confused I guess…

    • Ryan says:

      The alternate universe was never addressed in “Letters of Transit” so I’d say no. The point of closing the bridge wasn’t to stop the Observers from coming to take over the universe (the Fringe team didn’t know about this). It was to stop Jones and Bell from destroying the two universes in order to create their own. Totally different. ;) Are you thinking of the season 3 finale – “The Day We Died” – by any chance? Because that future has already been ruled out/avoided.

  25. Sam says:

    I just want to see Leonard Nimoy come out of retirement one more time to end the Fringe series – that would be a dream come true, to see him acting one last time.

    • Matt says:

      Well considering the last time he was in an episode not doing a voice over, which was “Over There Part 2” the second season finale, was supposed to be his retirement, having him be on the show in this last finale was a complete surprise. Also the way they have set up what is to come in the story with Bell having done something horrible to Olivia and ending up in the amber, it seems like as of now he will be in the show again at least one more episode, but I also think if he is up for it they will find a way for him to be in the series finale

  26. Ryan says:

    I’m relieved. I never expected them to have season 5 pick up right where season 4 starts off and I didn’t expect it to tell the 2015-2016 story when the Observers come because they already gave us most of that in exposition in “Letters of Transit.” My money’s on them giving us a flashback episode like “Peter” and “Subject 13” that’s dedicated entirely to filing in the necessary blanks – like what happened to Olivia and why Walter ambered the team. It could be a documentary-like episode, maybe? Hence the “found footage” comment? Really excited about Georgina Haig returning (wish she was a regular, though) and I’m hoping Henry Ian Cusick comes back for an episode or two, as well. I think it’s clear that Leonard Nimoy will be back for at least one episode, though. They got him back for the season 4 finale so I don’t see why he wouldn’t be back for the final season.

    • dave says:

      leonard nimoy isn’t coming back. he pissed too many people off. I doubt their gonna go back and save him after walter cut off his hand to get access to whereever they are going. It would be an awkward conversation for walter to say the least. would make for a good joke tho. Belly: ya know, walter… When i asked if you could use a hand with the observers i didn’t mean cut it off :-P

  27. John says:

    I like this, because it forces the final beat of the Walter/Peter relationship to take place with his brain fully intact and “mean Walter” needing to find his own redemption through Peter (especially since we’re stuck in the timeline where he didn’t even raise Peter). Helpful story choice.

  28. Well sense I figured they were going to go to the future again, I am glad that Anna will get to be part of it.but I hope they are not going to make us wait through 3 or 4 episodes before she comes back like they did with Josh/Peter, like him have Etta take her place like they did with Lincoln for Peter. And when they do bring in I hope they are not going to age her instead, because these shows NEVER get the aging good when making a young person old!And I want the show to end with Anna/Olivia looking like her beautiful self! But if they bring her in as they did Peter and Walter then I will be fine with it, but I will be really unhappy if they age her instead!So please don’t age her and please don’t make us wait too long to see her again, you only have 13 episodes, make them count!

    • dave says:

      they already said olivia and etta are gonna be reunited in the first episode, towards the beginning too. u won’t have to wait. And no their not aging olvia either :-P

  29. panda says:

    Can’t wait. :D

  30. So, Peter did change history from what it was the first time we saw the future, in which Walternate killed Olivia, just that he changed it to a future in which the Observers have taken over.

    The time jump might explain why we might not see Lincoln. He would be considerable older since he wasn’t put in amber… same would go for Bolivia. And unless Walternate extended his life, he’d be a goner as well (though I’d expect him to appear in a Davros-esque wheelchair hooked to a life support machine.).

  31. Mikael says:

    Did they ever explain what was up with Sam Weiss? I never got how he knew so much about the machine.

    • dave says:

      yes they explained this. it was the episode where him and olivia go to get the key at the museum when the world is almost over. the secrets were passed down from father to son til his father passed it on to him.

  32. I love this show. I am sad to hear its ending but at the same time I am glad they will end it instead of it being canceled since that has always been a rumor. I looking forward to see how they end it :)

  33. S.Cutajar says:

    This show should not necessary end with Season 5!

    There are so many possibilities now that a time jump is featuring as the central plot of this season: after 2036, our beloved characters could end up back to the timeline which ended season 3. Or they could continue living in a far future time once they figure out the Observers’ intentions and technology. Or else, they could learn how to substitute the Observers main activity i.e. that of adjusting time-related events by doing that themselves once they defeat the Observers! And what about Dr.Bell’s intentions? There are a number of alternative scenarios there which the scriptwriters/producers may wish to explore!

    • alexjones says:

      sorry but it’s done after this season, considering the ratings it’s a miracle it lasted this long, i’m sure the producers would have liked for it to last longer but it’s not going to happen i’m afraid, at least the series is getting a proper ending.

  34. Vannesa says:

    Both joyous and sadness news to hear…but really looking forward to see how they end it. Hopefully without Olivia dead…even though her grown-up was holding what looks to be the bullet that they pulled out of her head in the finale. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  35. Ellen says:

    I want it to start yet I don’t cause it will be closer to ending! I hope Lincoln Lee shows up somehow too!

  36. katharoo says:

    Regarding Henry (hehe), I guess Original Olivia finding out that Peter had a baby with Altlivia in the first time line will never happen (since conveniently he got out of that pickle with restarting the timeline w/o him). It would have been an explosive payoff full of fireworks, but may just have ended Peter’s chances with Original O. Which I guess is not what they’re going for.

    Even new timeline Olivia (who absorbed Original O’s memories and being) in Season 4 or 5 could still remember (tho she conveniently never recalls him being with Altlivia, does she?) or find out (Peter knows about Henry and could have let it slip accidentally) but after their quick courtship and new Olivia’s pregnancy w/Etta, too much time has probably passed for it to carry any weight now. But it would have been nice to have seen Original O and Peter have to go through that, and then have it erased with the machine, rather than never paying off that set-up of dramatic gold.