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Smash Exclusive: Newsies Star Jeremy Jordan Joins Season 2 Cast as a Series Regular

Jeremy Jordan SmashSmash is back in the news-ies.

Rising Broadway heartthrob Jeremy Jordan, who earned a 2012 Tony nod for his starring role in Newsies, is joining the second season of NBC’s musical drama as a series regular, TVLine has learned.

Jordan will play a very sexy (and straight) Brooklyn-born singer with a self-destructive streak.

His character is one of three roles being added under new showrunner Josh Safran. The other newbies, a gay male Broadway dreamer and an African-American female chorus member, have yet to be cast.

The trio will fill the void left by departing castmembers Jaime Cepero (Ellis), Raza Jaffrey (Dev) and Brian D’Arcy James (Frank).

Jordan — who will continue to appear in Newsies while he shoots Smash — guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU in 2008 and also had a role in the Queen Latifah comedy Joyful Noise.

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  1. Amy says:

    Replacing Michael Swift (who is also gone next season, hooray!) as Joe in the show?

  2. I am so excited! Jeremy is amazing and so talented.

  3. Allison P says:

    I saw Jeremy perform 5 years ago in college and just saw him in Newsies on Sunday. Add this news to the list, and I could not be more proud of him!
    I only watched two episodes of Season 1, but looks like I’ll be watching every episode of Season 2…

  4. Sharon says:

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  5. Stephen O says:

    Sad to see BDJ leave the show, but Jeremy is amazing and will be great on the show! So excited!

    • MIchael says:

      I love BDJ, but they(the writers) created an awful character and storyline for him. There was little that he could have done to save it, so off to greener pastures, I’m sure.

  6. chinanic says:

    Yes!! No more Ellis and Dev!! So excited for the upcoming season.

    • Edie says:

      Who was Dev?
      Also, I’m still pissed off that the writers didn’t give the part to Ivy. She is so much better as a Marilyn.

      • Jamie says:

        He is Karen’s boyfriend.

      • MIchael says:

        I think that McPhee rocked the hell out of that closing number. She’s a great Marilyn.(If we were talkin’ bout a live performance, I’d pick Megan Hilty ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, but Kat has a great voice when it’s cleaned up a bit.)

        • David says:

          I think Mcphee is naturally great and doesn’t even need clean up! Loved that girl since Idol and really glad she’s achieved all this. She deserves it!

      • No she’s not….she is sexy, yes, and way to street wise… Marilyn had a vulnerable innocence that ivy will never have, and she was always a lady
        ..anyone can be sexy, but to possess that quality that makes men want to take care of you and desire you at the same time…that is rare…Ivy had some of this off stage, but never on stage…I have to disagree with you..Kate was perfect…

        • Sherry says:

          I agree completely. Karen is the better choice.

        • Amanda says:

          What Marilyn Monroe are you talking about, she was the biggest confused female of her day and a somewhat hoe (hate to say it, but she was)? It kills me that people rewrite history when someone dies, Ivy is the modern day Marilyn!!!! I know that the writers had to write Ivy down so that they can justify making McPhee Marilyn. BUT….the Ivy in the first few episodes had Marilyn written all over her! I like the idea that was brought up when this show first started about BOTH playing Marilyn (McPhee before, Hitty after); now that would have made more sense! No “TRUE” Broadway producer would have casted McPhee in that role to begin with, but hey, it’s only TV!

          • soundscene says:

            Spot on. Kat McPhee would have never been cast in that role. Not only does she not look the part (and I’m not talking the hair — I’m talking the tall lankiness she’s got going on now), but she doesn’t have Broadway vocals. She has pop vocals. Huge difference. In every single scene that Megan Hilty played Marilyn she did a far better job than McPhee. Singing. Dancing. Of course it helps that Hilty IS a Broadway actress and McPhee is a pop singer/actress.

            If we’re talking about which character–Ivy or Kate–embodied Marilyn in their personal life, it would be Ivy. Marilyn was conflicted, she didn’t always do the right thing, she was willing to do a lot to move up in the business, and she was insecure and vulnerable, but not naive. That’s Ivy.

          • lilly says:

            Thank you. All this MM was innocent crap drives me nuts. She married early and often, cheated, slept with married men and was no stranger to the casting couch. She also had a vulnerability to her, but she wasn’t naive. It also annoys me that the show states MM never had to try that she was a natural. She studied at the actor’s Studio, dyed her hair got a nose job and generally worked hard at being a movie star.
            I don’t think actors need to be like the characters they play, but since the show is pushing that idea they should a least be accurate. They spent way to much of the shows time and energy trying to convince us that a tall lean, wholesome girl, with perfect parents was just like a curvy, damaged daughter of a mentally ill single mother.

        • Patty says:

          I agree also… however I also think Magan is a great talent also… they are just ‘different’

  7. mary mang says:

    I LOVE THIS! I am a fan of Smash and he will definitely bring it to the place where more folks will watch it….he lives the life of Broadway so he is definitely be very “real” and offer so much to the show! Congrats! Good move by all!

  8. ljswolverines says:

    Awesome Choice ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeremy Jordan!

  9. Michael Kaminski says:

    What do you mean “no more Ellis”? He was a deliciously evil twink :-)

    • MIchael says:

      If he were deliciously evil, I don’t think that we’d be talking about his ousting. Everyone loves a good villain, someone they love to hate. I didn’t have even the tiniest bit of fun hating Ellis.

  10. Ruth Cooper says:

    Looking forward to second season of “Smash”.

  11. Terri says:

    Saw Jeremy for the first time in the summer of ’09 when he was Constantine Maroulis’ understudy in Rock of Ages on Broadway and LOVED him…moreso than Constantine, who I saw a year later! His leading lady was none other than Savannah Wise, the cute blonde who plays Jessica on Smash! We also happened to catch Jeremy in Bonnie and Clyde when we were in NY this Christmas. He’s a talented guy and I’m thrilled I’ll get to see him regularly on Smash!

  12. Jenni says:

    Im glad Ellis is gone but they missed a golden opportunity for a really dramatic cat fight before he got the boot. Everyone loved to hate him. He went out with a whimper

  13. Titina says:

    He looks like a great asset for the show.
    I just hope this does´t affect the future of a possible Karen/Derek relationship! It was looking so promising in the finale!
    Maybe this new guy is for Ivy. But I bet he will go out with both,

  14. Maggie says:

    yes!!! saw him in newsies in april & met him afterwards, such a nice guy!!! this makes me so happy!!

  15. Diane says:

    Really love this show and think it has some wonderful actors. However, I thought Brian D’Arcy James was a terrible pick for the role of Frank. There was no chemistry between him and Debra Messing. I think they need someone bigger build and stronger to play against her. I could never feel a real love connection between them. But I do love Tom; great character, great actor!

  16. KSM says:

    I’m going to have to start watching again.. he was fabulous in Newsies!!

  17. Craig says:

    I personally feel it’s a bad choice. They got rid of BDL without even giving a hint that there’s a possibility he’s leaving. You can’t logically write someone off the show without closing their plot.

  18. Gloria says:

    I am glad Dev is leaving. He was not good for Karen.

  19. darcywilson says:

    What confused me about this show was why they made such a big deal out of casting DiMaggio but not Zanuck or Miller or anybody else?

    • Sherry says:

      The DiMaggio character was meant to come between Julia & Frank. Especially now since she is probably pregnant with his child. ( Just reading between the lines)

      • darcywilson says:

        Right, but I mean why was there never a casting process for any other characters. I know we can’t go through a whole thing like with Marilyn again, but there was no mention. There was just a Zanuck there in tech.

    • Leila says:

      I remember Julia mentioning that the play would focus on the relationship between Monroe and DiMaggio.

      • darcywilson says:

        But still. It just seems confusing they wouldn’t include that for plot fodder, and to introduce more characters.

  20. Maggie says:

    I’m hoping Nick Jonas will be seen more regularly on the show, too. While not a fan of him with the Jonas Brothers, I was impressed with his performance in How to Succeed and on Smash…

  21. Neo says:

    actually surprised that Smash is making it to another season. I forced myself through 5 episodes and gave up. contrived and painful.

    • Leila says:

      It has great potential. NBC invested a lot on it, and it’s giving it another chance with a new showrunner. Hopefully Season 2 will save it. I still had fun watching Season 1 even with all the flaws.

    • davey says:

      I think for some (or maybe many) that the ridiculousness of this show is what makes them come back to watch another episode! I know I only watch it to roll my eyes every time someone says something stupid! You can make a really good drinking game out of SMASH – it’s so bad it’s watchable!

    • keith says:

      go stuff yourself neo, what are you doing on here then? go away, we love this show and obviously you arn’t smart enough to “get it”. so go back to mommies basement and quit bothering the grownups.

    • Patty says:

      tsk. tsk.. guess you can’t please everybody ;o)

  22. Dee says:

    Good start to keeping my viewership for season 2, I was getting a little worried. Next step letting Ivy be happy for once.

  23. Reji says:

    The good thing about the 3 guys who are leaving is that they are supposed to be on the show, just for 4-5 shows to close out their storylines…they just won’t be regulars. SO…an Ellis catfight could be on the horizon, Dev can redeem himself before leaving for good, and Frank and could have a tearful good bye! It could happen!

  24. Titina says:

    Ivy deserves everything that happened to her in the finale. She slept with Dev knowing who he was and then she gave the ring to Karen just before she was going on stage.
    So I don´t feel any bit sorry for her. Enough of her playing the victim.

    This new guy it will help the show. But he won´t be perfect. Apparently he is self destructive and remote! Ha. Perfect for Ivy.
    Still I will forever ship Karen with Derek. The finale gave me hope! Can´t wait. The chemistry is off the charts!

  25. Jenna B says:

    Karen is lame and has no real personality traits. There’s subtle then there’s turning oxygen into carbon dioxide. I think a lot of people preferred her because the show told them too, or they are more familiar with Katherine McPhee, but her acting was okay at best. Her voice is nice but she doesn’t have the emotion or power that Megan has. Ivy was perfect to play the part and had a richness to her that she could bring to the part she CREATED. Karen seemed like a puppet to me.

    • bob says:

      Well said!

    • Deborah says:

      Remembering IT IS A TELEVISION SHOW! Karen’s character developed with a great intensity – if you watch that final rehearsal scene she is in character with great exemplification of a person who has just hardened after a serious blow… Her innocense has just be destroyed! She holds true to her simple abundance of a small town girl (I KNOW) who is half oblivious to the BS around her and half grounded (REAL). Kat McPhee has one of the most outstanding voices in the industry. While I understand (ART) it is not everyone’s “cup of tea” McPhee does things with her voice that are phenominal. Hilty is a superb talent as well – I think McPhee has something a little different and the casting was dead on! I never could have seen the roles reversed… Hilty has the better Marilyn body – McPhee pulled it off in the final hours (amazing!) The only roles that didn’t seem right were Ellis, Frank (what broadway enthusasist marries a school teacher – mentalities are way too different) and Michael, who just didn’t fit Debra Messing (she’s way too strong for both wimps – although both seriously good actors!)

    • Patty says:

      I guess there are those in the world who could not recognize a great talent if it kissed them!!!

  26. Jenna B says:

    Also the Karen/Derek thing is stupid and pandering to idiot girls who want to change a man with their natural goodness.

    You can’t excuse Derek cause he’s a nice looking man and shoot Ivy down because he is actually worse than she is, by far. People, stop being so stupid

  27. Is Smash a Stephen Spilberg production? I heard it was and his first leap into Tv. True.??

    • lilly says:

      He is an executive producer and I think he cast McPhee. He isn’t a writer or director for the show. It’s not his first foray into TV. He produced the now cancelled River and Tera Nova as well as the still airing falling skys.

    • laylagalise says:

      He produced several cartoons for television in the ’90s including “Animaniacs,” “Freakazoid” and “Tiny Toons,” so it’s definitely not his first leap into TV.

  28. Elle says:

    YAY! I love him and I’m so happy ellis/dev are gone for good :D

  29. Carol says:

    Great addition. He is perfect for Ivy. Self destructive and remote. Heh..

    I am still excited though to continue to see the Karen/Derek story evolve.
    Amazing chemistry! Cartwills shipper forever.

  30. Kat says:

    Jeremy Jordan is SUCH an am-az-ing talent! Could not be more excited he’s joining SMASH (and still able to stay in the phenomenal NEWSIES on Broadway too!!!!)!! Inspired casting.

  31. MEL31602 says:

    So how come he is staying in Newsies but Christian Borle can’t film Smash and Peter and the Starcatcher at the same time?? (Says the bitter person who has Peter tickets for August and really wanted to see Borle :(

  32. astrid says:

    I love Jeremy Jordan, he is so great as Jack Kelly…

    Though I am ecstatic to listen to him singing more songs there, I’m still harboring some concerns that he is joining this particular show.

    The storylines became somewhat weird and in addition, the show just went under the thumb of the guy who was able to make something that was already as bad as Gossip Girl even worse, sporting some of the most stupid storylines television has ever seen…

    I love Megan Hilty and Jeremy Jordan, so I hope it will get better!!!

    Personally, I would be so thrilled if they sacked Katharine McPhee, but I am afraid this will never happen. Though I cannot imagine why, loads of people don’t want to kick in their Tvs when she stumbles around as Marylin with Ivy on the sidelines.

    • marta says:

      Personally, I would be so thrilled if they sacked Megan Hilty, but I am afraid this will never happen. Though I cannot imagine why, loads of people don’t want to kick in their Tvs when she stumbles around as Marylin with Karen on the sidelines.

    • keith says:

      astrid what an idiot you are, it is the whole premise of the show and you are too dense to “get it”. for dense ones like you it is the story of karen, the innocent iowa girl who comes to broadway and is trying to make it. then you have ivy the vet who is hardened and will do anything to get a starring role. then you watch the process of how a musical is created. Get it now? probably not. BTW biggest reason to watch the show this year WAS kat’s cover’s and performances, which were just incredible. still play them all the time. writing was horrid tho and the storylines stupid, making julia’s whole family and the affair so bad I dvred the show just to FF whenever they appeared, then the made dev and idiot. just bad judgement. so glad the new guy dumped all the bad characters and will bring in a very talented performer and character. plus new focus on the show.

  33. Guest says:

    Never watched this show as I don’t really like Katherine McPhee, but now it looks like I have to.

  34. Katherine says:

    Well now I can’t quit watching. Love Jeremy and glad he’ll still stay in Newsies

  35. Shaun says:

    He’s not so handsome…..

  36. sarah says:

    YEAH! Karen should be his love interest but I am sure all the girls will fight for him

  37. Lisa L says:

    Karen is not as nice as the show tries to make her out to be. She stabbed Tom and Julia in the back with no real resistance, was waiting like a vulture when Ivy was having her issues, she was late to the Mar Mitzvah and kept texting on the side of the stage instead of doing what she was paid to do. She also has a HUGEsense of self-entitement, she just wants other people to give her things and treat her like a baby bird. She is LAZY. Ivy is no doubt flawed but the show doesn’t sugarcoat it and often makes her seem worse than what she is.

    I’m starting to think lazy people root for Karen, and people who work hard like Ivy better

    • Seattle Girl says:

      WORD! And the only thing that got McPhee/Cartwright through the season was a crap story line that was written in the clouds from day one, that KAREN IS AWESOME!….while everything she sang was auto-tuned and back lighted to the hilt. Was that a halo we say floating over her ridiculous blond head in the finale song? The biggest mistake the producers made, however, was juxtaposing Ivy/Karen doing “Howl” while Derek was pawing through the wardrobe……it was so blatantly obvious how superior Hilty was to McPhee. They have to do more than add top talent to the cast for S2, however, if they want to lure any of us back who bailed from that train wreck after Karen was annointed as the second coming. I mean as Marilyn.

      • Lyn says:

        This is clearly a show so to have Ivy chosen as Marilyn would be too predictable because yes she has the chops and she does have the Marilyn thing going on but isn’t she TOO MARILYN that to have her take on the role would be just meh. Whereas Karen though she’s nothing like Marilyn except probably when she does the vibrato, too see her become Marilyn is more exciting, it’s her evolving that’s interesting.

        Everyone’s saying Hilty is better than McPhee but honestly since Hilty started singing Let Me Be Your Star in the pilot it sounded like she was screaming too much on the tv and tho she had her ups, her singing is just sometimes not pleasant to the ear. Whereas for Kat, yes they shldnt have done obv auto tuned singing in the earlier eps but I think that changed after she sang Never Give All The Heart, it was pure, real and pleasant to listen to.

        I quite disagree that only lazy people support Karen and hardworking ones support Ivy. Should we support someone who tried to get K out of a few numbers? Should we support someone who got someone else to do the dirty work of making her miss practice? Should we support someone who is continuously complaining abt why K gets everything when it’s either due to lady luck/talent and also shld we support someone who actually sleeps with a colleague’s bf just to get back to her and try to steal the role? I don’t think those factors are considered someone to be hardworking honestly..

    • Patty says:

      Get over it!

  38. Lindsay says:

    So who will be playing DiMaggio now? (I believe I read Michael Swift is out too, but I think he wasn’t listed above because he was never a series regular – he was always intended to have his arc, like Uma Therman.)

    It’s nice that they’re adding some more chorus roles, but are they casting people for the named parts too like DiMaggio, Zanuck, etc?

  39. Danielle H says:

    He was hot and talented in Joyful Noise. Thumbs up!! xD

  40. Guest says:

    When does season two air? The website says “coming soon.”

  41. Linda C. says:

    People! The whole point of this series is to ACCEPT that both women want the same role and we get to watch to see how they each go about getting it.. The seasoned, talented, well- trained pro whose family is Broadway history vs. the less experienced, talented, naive nobody – spar and compete in each episode so that juxtaposition creates conflict and interest. If one were obviously perfect and were cast early in the show, there would be no story. Enjoy the tension without taking sides and you will be swept along as you learn how Broadway operates. It seems at times contrived and predictable, but the fun is seeing how the writers try to avoid these pitfalls by adding twists and unforeseen surprises. Ivy and Karen are both qualified to play Marilyn…they would just do it differently. I find the show fascinating, even though it’s about an old, somewhat tired theme, because like Broadway itself, it’s just such good theater! I look forward to a second season of new characters and continued tumult. Hurray for Katherine AND Megan! Amazing talents.
    It doesn’t matter who gets the part – -it’s the competition that is entertaining to watch.
    (And don’t assume Karen has it in the bag, just because she was cast as M. in the last episode…)

  42. Judy K says:

    Jeremy Jordan it’s going to be awesome addition to the cast! His energy,voice, great looks, and electric smile will add an exciting element to the show.

  43. John C. says:

    DANG I liked ELLIS – that little trouble maker -he was interesting to the show but oh well…I’m ready for Season 2 STAT!!! :)

  44. Paige says:

    Well hell. Now I have to start watching Smash.

  45. Lily says:

    I hope Michael Swift is back, he’s my favorite character and I love his SL with Julia =)

  46. Jaxguy says:

    Megan was brassy and sexy as MM but I think, as far as the fictional show we are watching, Katherine had a vulnerability that the director was looking for. Her voice is a little more innocent but still strong. The last number of Bombshell was a knockout and I don’t think Megan would have done it quite as well. I though K McPhee was superb in her first season and the acting throughout was great. I think Jack Davenport, Debra Messing, Katherine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Christian Bole and Angelica Huston should be Emmy nominated and Bernadette Peters and Uma Thurman should be nominated as guest actors. There were a handful of shows that were outstanding and the Pilot and Finale were great television.