TVLine Items: Days Vet Peter Reckell to Exit, Breaking Bad Star's New Gig and More!

Bo Brady is leaving Salem.

Days of Our Lives vet Peter Reckell’s wife, Kelly Moneymaker, confirmed his rumored exit on Tuesday, tweeting, “Hard to say goodbye to characters who’ve been on 4ever!! Hard 2 believe Bo will be one of those shortly!” No word yet on when Reckell — who has portrayed the popular daytime character on and off since 1983 — will officially depart Days.

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Reckell’s on-screen cohort, Kristian Alfonso, meanwhile, inked a deal last month to continue with the NBC soap.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• HBO has ordered The Missionary, a 1960s-set drama pilot centering on a Cold War spy, Deadline reports. Aaron Paul — whose star-making turn on Breaking Bad will come to a close when the AMC series ends next year — is in talks to star in the project. Charles Randolph (The Interpreter), Mark Wahlberg (Entourage), Stephen Levinson (Boardwalk Empire) and author Malcolm Gladwell will executive-produce.

• Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) and S. Epatha Merkerson (Law & Order) have booked guest spots in separate episodes of the current season of Drop Dead Diva, reports. The latter will portray a judge, while the former drops by as a litigator. Meanwhile, Ethan Embry (Brotherhood) will guest-star in the Season 4 finale, playing a man whose wife refuses to treat her brain tumor.

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• TLC has renewed What Not to Wear for a 10th season, to bow in January 2013, per

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. TheBeach says:

    If HBO gives Aaron Paul the excellent story line and dialog he has on Breaking Bad, I’ll be sure to tune in.

    • MJ says:

      I’ll watch anything with Aaron Paul but it’ll be hard to see him as anything else than Jesse Pinkman. I’m really happy he’ll get another show now that Breaking Bad is coming to an end, he’s a fantastic actor, he deserves it.

  2. Ann VerWiebe says:

    As much as I hate to see the older characters go, they need some young blood! Soaps used to churn a lot more storylines than they do now.

  3. TrulyRoxie says:

    I would totally go back to watching Days if Hope would leave. I’m disappointed that Bo is leaving but they’re keeping her!

  4. Mika says:

    Days can hire back Robert Kelker-Kelly at a much cheaper rate. He was a way hotter Bo anyways.

    • Sue says:

      I agree! Bring back RKK especially now that Billy is back too!

    • Jeannie says:

      It was hard to get use to Peter after Keller Kelly but I did
      & now look what happened. I started losing interest after
      Original shaun & Bell left. Amazing they didn’t come back
      After most of their family was thought to blow up!

    • kristi says:

      I TOTALLY agree with you on that one! I remember cutting his picture out of one of the soap magazines and putting it on my board at work!lol But he was really hot. Much better looking than Peter.

  5. Leslye says:

    So sad to hear that Bo (and Peter) is leaving. Its highly doubtful that RKK would be asked back. With Bo and Hope working on their marriage on screen, I hope that they don’t break them up. There is always the possibility that he will come back. So, so sad.

  6. mia says:

    Bo is leaving?!!!?? NOOOOO!! Bo + Hope have been a staple of my entire life (which is sad, but true).

    • sherri says:

      Bo & Hope are the main reasons I watch. But I understand him wanting to do other things in life; hope they have him leave on a respectful note & NOT KILLED OFF!

  7. MikeyM says:

    They can never have another Bo and Hope.
    Another bad move by NBC Daytime.

  8. Dee says:

    I love Bo! This is what happens with Days and the world. As soon as you get to a certain age, they want to get rid of you and hire someone else that’s younger and half the price. It’s an age-ist society. I remember when Bo left to go on Knots Landing when it was on in the 80’s (he played a guy from Ireland); and Hope went on to play Pilar on Falcon Crest. There was great anomosity between the 2 in real life (Reckell complained Hope was gaining too much weight). She left, and had a child and then divorced. One of the producers, I believe, was good friends with Hope and wanted her back and then Peter and Kristian reconciled. I think they need the older characters and I hated that they let Doug and Julie go, then Carolyn and why would they keep kayla? she’s useless as her husband and kids are off the show; however, Justin and Adrian should be on the show because of Sonny. Nothing makes sense anymore. And they bring on Ian (whom I thought was EJ’s father) and then let him and Madison go. I think Days really needs to get it’s act together and either bring back Doug’s place (I loved that) and have some matriarch and patriachs that are good people and not evil (like victor and stefano).

    • D. Manley says:

      I agree with this With Dee, without most of the older ones, it just isn’t the real Days of our Lives ” anymore. So why watch it? Might as well start supporting other soaps . Days will never be the same or number one anymore. Why continue the show? The ratings are going down. Sorry, but true.

  9. daryl shim says:

    I’m very happy to hear that actor “Peter Reckell” is joining the cast of “breaking bad”, he is an fanstastic actor and he is sure to be a welcome to the cast.
    I do remember when “Peter Reckell” was on “knotslanding ” at one time.

  10. Barbara N. says:

    Knot’s Landing, Daryl. You’re not txtng here . And they say kids are not learning to read and write. They’re right and also correct. ALso, young man-stop with the “”””” quotes “””””. They are rarely needed, if ever, :(

  11. Ry says:

    RKK sucked. They spent all that time getting Bo and Hope back together for this to happen. I got a bad feeling they’re gonna kill Bo off….but it’s better than bringing RKK back. Hope without Bo…IDK if that’s gonna work. I heard about this news a bit ago, and it is disappointing, they should pay him what he wants…he’s been a front runner on the show for years and one of the best actors in Daytime.

    • kristi says:

      I do agree you can’t have Hope without Bo. Even if they don’t get that cute Bo, (RKK) they will have to replace him. I really haven’t cared that much for K.A.hope. I love having the character, she and Bo have been such a large part of the show for so long, but when Kristen got older and got to looking so anerexic….. She lost that ability to really MAKE the character.

  12. I’ve watched Days since 1965 and the program won’t be as good without Beau and Hope together. Glad Marlena and John came back. We can do without Jack and Carrie. Like the new young characters, but you’ve got to have some continuity with the Brady and Horton clans. Was sad to see Stefano killed off, at least apparently. With him you never know. Nancy S

    • Dee says:

      Bo should stay period. If it is a money issue, Days needs to ante up. Peter has been a consummate professional from day one, and contributed to their high viewership. However, if he has other opportunities in nighttime or film, he should go for it. You don’t have a lot of time in this business, especially after a certain age. He looks great for being in his 50’s and he deserves to make a break. On the other hand, he can’t bite the hand that feeds him, because he’ll need an income, unless his wife works too. I’m so sick and tired of Sami getting all the men on Days! That’s the straw that is breaking my back. They can’t find some tall, gorgeous actress for EJ (the girl who played Fancy on Passions comes to mind Emily (was it) something? She would be perfect for him NOT SAMI).Today’s episode showed Rafe even thinking about her? And then Lucas wants to marry her? You MUST be joking! This is not some gorgeous specimen. It truly makes the writers look ludicrous having her spreading her legs for every man in Salem. Give us a break with the Sami show. Plus, she has outside endorsements as well – she’s been on a few commercials for I think Intuit or one of the do it yourself tax return software AND she got the biggest loser. Not many have done that before. Kristian Alfonso has the jewelry line as does Ari Zucker and James Scott (EJ) has Urth Solution.

      I think they need matriarchs and patriarchs and bringing back Doug and Julie would be a good start. I liked Jack as they need humor and levity in Salem, but most of these people are boring. I don’t know why they would keep Jennifer and not Jack. Why are they keeping Billie????? She is useless and completely full of herself (I cannot stand those fish lips). Days needs an overhaul and fast. And get Stefano back already – I do hope they bring back Eileen Davidson (EJ’s mother Susan Banks) because she is a phenomenal actress and just left Y&R. While they are at it, you can get rid of Kayla too – super snooze…….She has no kids on the show, and whatever happen to Justin and Adrien? They do this consistently – bring people back then write them off. It really is obnoxious Days!

      • popeteri says:


      • Cherie Maciel says:

        I agree with it all….Loved the 3 charactes Eileen Davidson played way back when. And everyone is right about Hope without Bo…snooze. And the Ej- Sami thing is soooo obnoxious.Her wanting to run off with him after the blast is just too stupid. What is the matter with these writers. Jack and Jen were so great and now he’s gone, so is she going back to Daniel? Nic is going to loose the baby and then what for her? Brady is a waste with out the cute Madison.What was that exit all about? Ian was soooooo annoying and hateful. Glad he is gone. But Vic and Maggie were so great. There must be something they can come back for? And fish lips is a waste of money too…..Glad to see Carrie and Austin go….very annoying. Wish they would get Sami and Rafe( gorgeous) back together. They were so great. And Melenie was sooo cute and bubbly….why do they let all the good ones go? Makes for a very boring show, almost not worth watching.

  13. tammy dadds says:

    i have watched days 36 years, i will stop when bo leaves. they should do what they need to keep him with no bo theres no hope

  14. Bo is a main player for Days. I have been watching this soap for over 38+ years and so has my twin sister. We will be lost without him on the show. Will watch for alittle longer but don’t know if I will have any interest without Bo. And, what is the plan for Hope? This is going to be very upsetting for alot of Bo Brady fans. Can’t someone do something to keep that great looking man on cast??