Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Parenthood, Breaking Bad and More!

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Question: I just started watching Parenthood. I cannot believe I’ve been missing out on this show! Any scoop on the new season? —Caitlin
Ausiello: Amber will trade politics for music when she takes a job at the Luncheonette, which will accomplish two things: It’ll give Mae Whitman a lot more screentime with TV uncle Dax Shepard, and it will allow Whitman to incorporate her real-life singing ability into the show. A win-win!

Question: Just wondering if you could tell me which episode of True Blood Chris Meloni first appears in? I say the third but others disagree. Who’s right? —Jessica
Ausiello: The Others are correct — Meloni’s Vampire Authority bigwig turns up this Sunday. As does Cougar Town‘s Carolyn Hennesy, who plays one of his half-dozen chancellors. “We are really trying to decide the fate of vampires all over the world: mainstreaming versus non-mainstreaming,” Hennesy explains. “The buck stops with us and there are those interested in following one path and those interested in another, so there’s some definite in-fighting between us.”

Question: Loved the True Blood premiere. What’s coming up necks, er, next? —Ed
Ausiello: I’ll say this: The Tanning Mom is not going to want to miss the June 24 episode.

Question: When is your Benedict Cumberbatch Q&A running? —George
Ausiello: Later this week. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Question: Yo! Breaking Bad, like now, bitch! —Matthew
Ausiello: You’re such a kiss-ass, Matthew. Bad is on the lookout for an actor in his 40s or 50s to play the “quietly powerful and imposing” Geoff during the show’s final eight episodes. Gus 2.0, perhaps?

Question: I love The Killing but I have yet to hear if the show is being renewed. Any word if we will get a Season 3? —Katie
Ausiello: No official word, but given the decline in ratings and buzz this season, I think a renewal is about as likely as Linden going an hour without a piece of gum or a cig.

Question: I just watched the first episode of Bunheads and I loved, loved, loved it! Do you have any spoilers? —Annie
Ausiello: If Scott Patterson’s ears are burning, here’s why: Amy Sherman-Palladino is giving Alan Ruck’s late Hubbell a brother (tentatively) named… Luke! Wait, there more! The audition scene the actors will be reading is actually from Gilmore Girls! I kid you not. It’s a scene between Luke and lawyer Russell Bynes from the Season 4 episode, “The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale.”

Question: Please track down Amy Sherman-Palladino for another interview about Bunheads. I need to know more! —Allison
Ausiello: That sounds like a lot of work for me. How ’bout I share with you some bonus material from the Q&A I did with her over the weekend instead. Did you know Kelly Bishop didn’t appear in the original Bunheads pilot? It’s true. At the time, Bishop was starring on Broadway in Anything Goes – the same show Sutton Foster was headlining when she landed Bunheads. And since there was no way Goes producers were going to let AS-P have both Foster and Bishop, “We shot the pilot without Kelly,” says Palladino. “But I knew it was [eventually] going to be Kelly, because I’m an only child and only children get what they want and don’t understand the concept of ‘You can’t have that.’ So, I shot the pilot and then protected a lot of footage. And then once it got picked up, I [re]-shot it with Kelly Bishop and it was exactly the way it was supposed to be.”

Question: Any scoop on Drop Dead Diva? —Alex
Ausiello: There will be multiple deaths by season’s end, one of which (I suspect) will make viewers very happy.

Question: Longtime reader, first time asking a question. Got anything on Damages — specifically if we’ll get to see a return by Tom Shayes in one of Patty’s dreams? —Ben
Ausiello: I’ve seen the first two episodes of the fifth and final season (bowing July 11) and there’s no sign of Tate Donovan’s dead attorney. Here’s what you will see in Hours 1 and 2: At least one gratuitous shot of guest star Ryan Phillippe’s abs, a ginormous twist via flash forward that I imagine will infuriate/upset/unsettle a large chunk of the audience, and Patty opening up an F-word-laced can of whoop ass on her kindergarten-aged granddaughter.

Question: Do you have any news on The League Season 4? It’s been far too long between Season 3 and 4! —Peter
Ausiello: Paul Scheer’s Andre will continue to look like he dressed himself in the dark. “He will be wearing uglier and uglier things,” confirms Scheer. “I had a hand in picking out something. It’s a red onesie tracksuit with no separation. It’s awesome.”

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop on Bonnie? —Macarena
Ausiello: Her decision in the finale to help Klaus take possession of Tyler’s body (all for the greater good and unbeknownst to everyone) sets up a very interesting Season 4 for Elena’s BFF. “This is Bonnie’s ‘I am witch woman, hear me roar’ moment,” declares Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec. “She went and made a decision that she felt was best for the people that she loved, consequences be damned. Bonnie is the true hero in all of this, if you really look at it. She came in and found a way to save the day. Had she not done what she did, all of our heroes would be dead… We’re just seeing the beginning of growth for her, exploring who she is and what it means to be a witch and how she feels about it.”

Question: I need some Vampire Diaries scoop on Delena. —Karolina
Ausiello: Although not specifically about the star-crossed duo, Plec reveals that Year 4 will be the Season of Transition. “Every character is growing up and graduating, so to speak,” she says, “and setting up the future of their grown-up worlds outside of Mystic Falls… Or maybe not.”

Question: Okay, so I’m 27 years old, but I will admit that ABC Family’s The Lying Game is quickly moving up my list of favorite television obsessions. Don’t judge me! Can you give me any scoop? —Gina
Ausiello: I just turned 40 and still collect Smurfs, so I think you’re good. Here’s a Lying Game scooplet: There will be a time jump between Seasons 1 and 2, but it will be teensy. We’re talking a few seconds, which, technically, still qualifies as a time jump in my book. (Said book, How to Make a Lame Scoop Sound Much More Exciting Than It Actually Is During the Dog Days of Summer, is due out around Christmas.)

Question: Got anything on Pretty Little Liars? —Dawn
Ausiello: Additional members of Team A will be revealed, and “they are people you might know,” hints exec producer Oliver Goldstick. “Just when those girls thought the ‘A’ of it all went away, he or she seems to resurface and take a new form. And it might be even more difficult and more formidable than the previous version.”

Question: Probably a stupid question, but in the Once Upon a Time finale, did Rumple restore the magic — even if it meant empowering Regina — because he was so ticked about Belle being hidden away so long? —Joshua
Ausiello: You are correct — that was a stupid question. “His plan was set in motion long before he knew that Belle was alive,” notes exec producer Adam Horowitz. ” So all his actions in the finale were part of something else going on. When he discovers that Belle is alive and that Regina had her locked away, that’s a wrinkle in his plan and something that he must deal with in Season 2 while he also deals with whatever agenda he already has (hey, we’re not gonna spill that just yet!).”

Question: Any tidbits on The Story of Chicken Little, er, I mean Falling Skies? —Scott
Ausiello: Leave the comedy to me, Scott. We’ll all be better off. Regarding Skies, in this Sunday’s Season 2 opener, on the very same night that The Killing wraps its second season, Brandon Jay McLaren (who recurred as Bennett Amed on the AMC drama) joins the cast as Jamil, a heretofore never-seen 2nd Mass member who’s extremely crafty with automechanics and is poised for romance with one of the TNT sci-fier’s pretty (if grungy) ladies.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Meg Masters)

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  1. Lisa says:

    Does that mean that Jonathan Tucker won’t be back on Parenthood or does it open the door for him to be Amber’s love interest now that she won’t be working with him?

    • Jones says:

      Jonathan Tucker is on Parenthood? Now I’ll have to check it out. I’ve always liked him. I wish the Black Donnellys had worked out.

    • Colleen says:

      I was so upset when they cancelled TBD, that cast was SO amazing, and that writing… the first two episodes gave me goosebumps. If you haven’t already, you should check out ‘Love Comes To The Executioner’. Jonathan stars opposite Jeremy Renner + OUAT’s Ginnifer Goodwin (in a role the complete polar opposite of Snow, lol). It’s a pretty hilarious movie and while Jeremy steals the show (always has, always will, *love* that man), Jonathan’s really good in it, too.

  2. Fan says:

    Finally a story for Bonnie!!

    • B. says:

      And it was about damn time too!

    • Ava says:

      They said Bonnie was getting a story last season too. What she got was royally screwed by Elena/Damon. I’ll believe Bonnie gets a real story when I see it.

      • Manie says:


        As much as seeing Bonnie having the kind of screen time she had back in S1 would be very appreciated as she IS a central character in TVD (contrary to Caroline who for unknown reason had probably more screen time then Stefan this year…) JP had said the same thing for this season saying that it was the year of the Original and Bonnie would be at the center of it all… Obviously that was changed mid-season LOL

        Everyone was expecting Bonnie to turn dark next season and JP already said that they would probably avoid doing that… So the only thing I can see so far is even less Bonnie in S4 OR pretty much every single of her lines being given to another female character.

        If she gets the storyline her character deserves and SHOULD have, I’ll be the first one to be gobsmacked! LOL

        • whimsical says:

          I guess it depends on the type of magic, if what was unleashed its dark magic then only those like Rumple and Regina would have their powers back, if its plain magic then Pinocchio, the fairies and any magical creature should be restored to their magic form too. Even Gepetto’s parents.

  3. sara says:

    Uh, if Rumple unleashing the magic was in anger over Belle then why did he steal it from Emma before he knew Belle was alive? Also, it would be spectacularly stupid to give Regina back her edge when she was likely to just get murdered by angry townies before he did that. Jane, please stop talking.

    • Frivolouswhim says:

      Yeah well I’m shaking my head over Jane’s comment big time. But oh well, she heavily seems to favor Rumple, his actions are always glorified.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Thank you! I love Espenson, but that answer made no sense to me. What I got from that episode was it was his intent to get magic back all along. At first I felt the intent was to aid him in finding his son, because he said to Belle that the water in the well has the “power to return to someone that which one has lost.” But then, when the smoke comes, he explains to Belle that “we are in a land without magic…and I’m bringing it….magic is coming.” And he didn’t tell Belle that he was bringing magic back because of what Regina did to her. He said “because magic is power.” Why bring back that which will make Regina a stronger foe to contend with? Makes no sense.

      • sara says:

        Exactly. And not even Regina. Why would he need to trick Emma into giving it to him if his intention wasn’t to bring magic back right away. Even if Emma didn’t break the curse she would still know who he is and that he double-crossed her. Which would mean that Emma and/or Regina would be coming for him or the magic at some point so he had to use it right away and make his move or risk someone else gaining that power

      • Rebeccahh says:

        Regina may be stronger with magic but even she has admitted that Rumple is stronger than she is. When she had Belle kiss Rumple that was to drain his power and make her the strongest magic in the land. In Storybrooke Regina is the most powerful person so by restoring the magic he gets the upper hand.

        • sara says:

          Yeah, but Regina and Rumple are not the only ones who will have magic returned to him. He’s given back Regina her edge because look at her in the finale, she was pretty much either going to run away or wait for people to come kill her. Now she has something to fight back with. And beyond that Rumple already had much more control over Regina using the ‘please’ deal than he would now. So if it was simply revenge he could have used that or he could have just waited for everyone to come and take their revenge on Regina, because it wouldn’t be pretty.

    • A.J. says:

      I don’t mind the reason he unleashed magic for, as long as there’s magic around August/Pinocchio is not a wooden boy…er man! There’s still hope for him and Emma!

    • Rebeccahh says:

      In reading the question and response again I realize he is saying she was correct that it was a stupid question. Then corrected her by saying that the plan to restore the magic was already in place and now he has to deal with Belle.

      • Irishgirl says:

        That’s because the answer to the question has been changed. When this was originally posted and when I replied above, the answer was from Jane Espenson, and was not the answer posted above now.

        • wonderlyn says:

          Wow, that’s true. The answer has been completely changed now. WTH? Guess they couldn’t let Jane look stupid.

          • wonderlyn says:

            The reply originally posted was this: “I thought that was explicit in the episode,” consulting producer Jane Espenson responds with a laugh. “You could make a case that [bringing magic back to Storybrooke] was always part of his plan, but yeah, it was definitely a counter move based on his anger at Belle being locked away. That doesn’t mean that that’s his ultimate end; he may have had a goal beyond that.”

  4. jessica says:

    I wonder if Amber working at the Luncheonette will bring in Landon Pigg…her real-life BF, and amazing singer…they should totally work together.

  5. Che says:

    No I hope The Killing gets in fact renewed. It got really good the last couple of weeks.

  6. Leah says:

    I watch none of these shows. Darn.

  7. Brooke says:

    I didn’t take from the Once finale that Mr. Gold/Rump was specifically retaliating due to Belle being locked up. Up until the magic came out of the well, I was fully expecting that the “lost” thing he was seeking was his son.

    • Gail says:

      Perhaps getting his son back was his original intent for getting back the true love potion. However when he found Belle had been locked up all these years he used it for revenge to bring magic to the world. Also remember we don’t know how magic will work in our world. They keep saying it is unpredictable.

  8. Todd Everett says:

    Letting stars of dramatic shows display their “other” show-biz abilities, is traditionally reserved for the “let’s give a talent show for charity” episode; then everybody can get back to what they’re supposed to be doing.

    It’s a cheap stunt, but I think I prefer it (at least conceptually) to what Parenthood’s producers are up to.

  9. emmitwest says:

    Here’s hoping that leaving the employ of Candidate Bob (Bob?) allows Amber to date him openly. I enjoyed their chemistry and dynamic, not to mention she needs a stable mature guy in her life.

    • jessica says:

      I liked them too, I liked them when he was her boss. I hope they bring him back. I liked him with both Amber and Kristina. I really hope that they bring Jonathan Tucker back

  10. Emily says:

    Damn it! I loved Alan Ruck as Hubbell. A S-P could’ve at least allowed us until midseason before dropping that bomb on us.

    • dane says:

      I watched the first episode and was hoping that he was only in a coma .. but I guess I’m out of luck… *sigh*

    • andrew says:

      Bit sad about that actually, he was the only real “heart” in the pilot that carried through and made the main character sympathetic – even at the end I didn’t really enjoy her as much as I did in the tender moments with Hubbell, even if he was a sap.

      Here’s hoping she’s a little less pathetic, taking things for granted, and dour in the next episode – she barely even gave a hint of a smile in the pilot and it was only because of Hubbell, and he was the only character I was looking forward to seeing more of.

      He was a very quirky, almost mysterious individual – I mean, a shoe salesman, who lived in that house, with that mother, who loved a complete stranger more or less unconditionally, had these weird characters in his life, and was that sweet and charming and seemingly guileless? That I was interested in.

      A dancer who “gives up” and allows his advances, follows him back, never smiles and never really seems worth the time investing in? Huh.

      • Lola says:

        To me, they did such damage to their primary character by killing him that way. No matter what happens now, she will always be a woman who made fun of a man to her friends until he bought her some expensive jewlery…Then she had dinner with him and agreed to marry him when she found out he lived in a nice house…Oh–And, we can’t forget she slept with him because he said they were going to travel?! Even when she was talking about learning to love him, it was how it would make her feel better about herself…

        If they had kept him around for even a little while and let her show some kindess to him that had nothing to do with what he could do for her then she would’ve been much more likeable than she is now. And, this is coming from a die-hard GG fan who was really looking forward to this show.

        • John says:

          “who was really looking forward to this show.”

          And who, in the case of myself, is no longer interested. Too bad but the main character just didn’t appeal enough to bother investing. I’ve followed uneven starts when there was something to hold onto: there’s not for me in this one.

    • Monica says:

      I agree. I was excited to Alan Ruck on the show and was so bummed at the end of the episode.

    • Renee says:

      Yeah I really liked him.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Wait…..Alan Ruck was killed off in the first stinking episode of Bunheads? SERIOUSLY?? He was the only reason I was going to watch it. Well, guess I don’t need to keep that in the DVR queue….**DELETE**

  11. jasie says:

    I too want a third season of the Killing. Also, I can’t wait for the final season if Damages. Just the little snippetts that was supplied gets me excited.

  12. I think people keep forgetting that Rumpel has wanted to find Bae. Since everyone couldn’t leave Storybrooke, he figured (Since he can see into the future anyway) doing this would help him find him…

  13. susela says:

    Michael, when you speak with Benedict Cumberbatch, *please* ask him if he’s heard of the kerfuffle wherein a certain columnist and her loyal fans have affectionately been calling him “Bandersnatch Cummerbund.” (Google it) If I were him, I’d much prefer the new name! I’m eager to know if he has a sense of humor about this. I’ve heard that he *loves* otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch, so I trust he’ll find “Bandersnatch” funny as well.

  14. Nicotine says:

    I’m a 25 year old African-American male and I have to turn in my man card here… I watch all of the ABC Family dramas and I love them all – especially Pretty Little Liars!

  15. mia says:

    Re: Parenthood: I hope this means that Amber and Bob can date openly now. I really loved them together and he’s such a refreshing type of man for Amber to date. I want more of them. MORE I SAY!!

  16. Ana says:

    Ugh I hope the death in DDD is not Owen!! Because that would make Greyson/Jane shippers “happy” but Owen is really sweet and funny, they can’t do that!!!

    But… if the new guardian angel is the one death you’re talking about, then I will definitely be veryyyyy happy!!

    • Cassie says:

      My money is on Kim Kardashian…

      • Ellen in NYC says:

        Kim is only a guest star. No one expects her to be around long.

        I don’t want it to be Owen either. I like that character more than most of them. In fact, I really can’t think of anyone there that I like more than Jane and unfortunately, Fred, who was also never elevated to regular cast and is now gone. I don’t like the new guardian angel (don’t think we’re supposed to) but he does stir up trouble, which adds some interest. I’d be fine if they got rid of Greyson. Or Kim. Or Parker. Or Stacey.

    • Abby says:

      I’m not liking any of the options for DDD. Kim Kardashian won’t be around long enough, and I really like Luke. I’m really afraid it will be Owen. If so, I will be devastated. I love him so much, possibly more than Grayson!

  17. Jenna says:

    I adore you. I truly do. Been following you since your Tvguide days. But sometimes your an Aushole. Its okay though…I’m sometimes a b*tch. Probably why I like you. Cheers Thanks for the spoilers as always! :)

  18. robinepowell says:

    Well that was a short career for Amber. I thought it was mainly for her to have a decent pay. I hope her uncles pay her well at the Lunchenette.

    One good thing about this career move – she and Bob can finally go out on a date. ;)

  19. Erin says:

    Loved Bunheads UNTIL they killed Hubble off. The aftermath will be funeral, fighting about the house & then another love interest. So boring. The unusual love story had sooooo much more potential. Was so interesting to watch how their relationship change from stalkerish to prince charming she never saw coming. His speeches blew me away and THAT was what got me hooked. Now I have nothing to look forward to & therefor no interest in watching episode 2 :(

  20. Tran says:

    Let’s hope Amber can get back to her normal life in the upcoming season of Parenthood. :-)

  21. zakspeak says:

    I love the pilot so much I’m willing to give it a few eps before I give up on it. (And I’m not a GG fan.)

    • meleliot says:

      zakspeak is obviously the voice of reason. Giving a show a couple of looksees before making a decision whether to delete it from the DVR makes a lot of sense. I am very surprised by the last few posts regarding the death of Hubbell and the responses of “now I’m not going to watch this show again!” Really people. You have such little faith in ASP’s storytelling ability that you will cut off your nose to spite your face just because something happened you didn’t like? If that’s the case, I’m pretty sure you won’t be watching any TV. Nothing is perfect, just like life. It throws you a curve ball every day. Why not wait around to see what happens? This is the way good shows get cancelled. I’m disappointed in the lot of you (not that you care, obviously).

      • I don’t know about you, most of the time I watch TV to relax and get away from real life. We have reality shows shoved down our throats. Crime shows (which i love ) show the evil side of life. So on and so on, but i really thought this was a love story ,he takes he to Paradise and she does fall in love with Hubbel while getting in to trouble trying to adjust. Nope, it turns out to be relationship doomed, wait , just like Gilmore girls, Nothing but chaos in relationships. Never really got into GG.

        • meleliot says:

          GG was more about the relationship between Loreli and Rory; men were secondary. This is the way ASP has envisioned Bunheads, it’s the relationship between Micelle and Fanny. I love Alan Ruck, but I am more interested in the female relationships. Just my opinion.

  22. rachel says:

    Ummm. . .Julie Plec dodging questions much? SInce Damon is about 170 yrs old and definitely NOT graduating, How does a question about Delena end being being answered that everyone is growing up and graduating? What the heck has that got to do with Delena? Is Damon, the most popular character, even going to have a story at all next season. I’m starting to doubt it. All I’m hearing is that we’re going to watch everyone graduating. Do you really think that sounds like an interesting thing to watch?

    • Jules says:

      I think that was supposed to be a sneaky response about Elena changing and maybe making different decisions about her future- one that may include Damon. Granted, it’s a VERY teasing response. I just want Damon to have a relationship with someone else. So I agree with you in that I hope he has a story next season.

  23. Jack says:

    Steroline, please!

  24. Jay says:

    I’m surprised so many ppl are upset about Hubble being killed off Bunheads. I feel like that really was the only option. Was the show really going to be about their relationship? How many episodes could that really have sustained? And if they had been married longer and then he died, what a downer that would have been. At least now, she’s got a reason for being there and it won’t seem so bad when she starts dating, which really, I see as being a large part of what the show will be about going forward.

    • sixseasons&amovie says:

      I agree! I’m surprised at the anger, too. I agree that the did tarnish their lead character a bit and make her a little unsympathetic, but they also gave her a few great shining moments, too. I, for one, am very interested to see how they play the upcoming story lines. Hubble was great because he brought her to Paradise, and she even said that she really wanted to grow to love him. She wants to be a better person; maybe this will help her grow up.

      • Todd Everett says:

        What surprised me is how little faith some people have in Amy Sherman-Palladino: Stop watching because something you don’t like happened in the first episode? Really?

    • dallas says:

      Must be actors’ fangirls.

  25. MMAx says:

    KK is being killed off….????

  26. Charpa says:

    “I just turned 40 and I still collect Smurfs” LOL
    You’re awesome :D

  27. Lisa says:

    the DDD deaths… hopefully Kim K and luke daniels! worst two characters on the show. bring back fred :(

  28. Katie O. says:

    to the whole cast members and the writters thank you for making this show so good your the best.i love the vampire diaries because you never know what’s going to happen next and now that Elena is a vampire i am so happy and want to see what’s going to happen next. is Elena going to be with damon or will she still be with stephen. i hope she does go with damon because i love ian. sorry paul but ian is way cooler and sexier. and i go for the bad boys too. i have a whole bunch of colleges of the vampire diaries.and i’m make more. i have gotten alot of people into.
    my name is katie and i love the show and the cast members

  29. Peggy says:

    Can’t wait for Parenthood to return. I think Erika Christensen should win an emmy. She was amazing, totally saw a different side of her in the baby story.

  30. Kat says:

    So, so happy to hear Parenthood and Damages spoilers! Please keep info coming on these two AMAZING shows!! Really excited to hear Mae will get to sing on the show more, and also really hoping this means now she’ll be able to date J. Tucker since it sounds like she won’t be working for him anymore because I thought their storyline was really interesting and that they had off the charts on screen chemistry. Almost as great as Sarah and Mark! Any scoop on their romance?? As for Damages, super sad it’s ending after this season, but CANNOT WAIT to see what happens in the final showdown between Patty and Ellen. Thanks again for covering them! Two of my favs.

  31. xadie says:

    Urgh, I really hope we’re not going to get too much of Boring Bonnie in the next season of TVD. Her storyline with Jeremy was cute but most of the time she’s such a shrew.

    If Elena wants to grow up (and let’s face it, Stefan is the more adult choice, not that I have to like it!) they should bring back Elijah… Elejah FTW!