Mad Men Creator Hints at Megan's Exit

Jessica Pare Leaving Mad MenDid the dramatic shot of Don walking away from Megan at the end of the Mad Men Season 5 finale signal a see-ya for Jessica Paré?

It may have, according to showrunner Matthew Weiner. Toward the very end of the finale, “We see her on the [Butler Shoes commercial] set and we realize that she’s gone,” says the series creator.

RECAP | Mad Men Finale: Shock and Awww

Weiner’s comments come in an AMC-produced behind-the-scenes look at the episode, in a segment that examines the way Megan’s barely there acting career gets a big boost from her hubby. Don “knows that if he gives Megan what she wants, she could possibly leave him,” Weiner says, adding that nevertheless, the screen test changes Draper’s mind about helping his wife land the commercial audition.

“I think it’s almost a story of sacrifice, that he sees her on that film and falls in love with her again and realizes that he has to do this,” Weiner says.

It’s possible that Weiner solely spoke metaphorically, and that although a huge emotional gulf may grow between Mr. and Mrs. Draper next season, Jessica Paré’s Megan certainly will be present and on screen. But Megan was a very polarizing character that invoked the ire of Mad Men diehards who felt her scenes came at the sacrifice of screen time for other members of the ensemble.

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Might Weiner have taken the Megan-hate to heart? The way the finale ended, with Mrs. Draper plying her craft on a soundstage while Don fielded other women’s advances at a bar, sure makes it seem like the Mad Men creator’s statement literally could come to pass.

At least, that’s how we see it. How do you interpret the closing scenes of “The Phantom” and what Weiner had to say? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. TV Gord says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I (whimper) love her, now. :-(

    • Zoe says:

      Me, too. I thought Jessica Pare did a great job! But, in the end, Don can’t be happy on this show. It’s not how it works.

      • Olivia says:

        Yeah, Jessica Paré has done a very good job, but I HATE Megan.
        I’d be happy to see her go.

        • Lee says:

          Me too. I think Megan was by far the most useless character on the show and why I think this was arguably the weakest season.

          • TV Gord says:

            Wow. I could not disagree more. I think this is the best season, and Megan has been great for Don! Unlike Betty, she’s a GOOD kind of challenge for him. She has also brought out a softer side in Sally. So much amazing stuff happened this season, from Roger’s LSD trip to Pete’s affair with Rory Gilmore ;-) to Lane’s suicide. There were plenty of powerful moments. It’s too bad you missed them.

          • KevyB says:

            Agree (mostly) with TV Gord. The stuff with Don and Megan was easily the most interesting part of the season. Peggy was ignored for most of it. Joan was annoying until she became a high-priced call girl. Lane was unimportant until he decided to become one with the door. Roger’s storyline throughout the season was constantly ridiculous, but at least was tolerably ridiculous when he started doing Megan’s mom. Pete was annoying until he started doing that other chick, which is just really sad. And Betty is always useless and I fervently wished she had whatever fatness-causing disease they hinted at and killed her off. The only other character who had a consistent storyline throughout the season was Sally, so I don’t see how people could complain about others being ignored. Who wanted to see more of THOSE storylines?

          • Kate says:

            AGREED!! HATE HATE HATE Megan Worst SEASON EVER. IT was all about her!!

          • Cameron says:

            I found Megan far better than Betty. All the best parts of the show are focused around the office though.

          • Philipp says:

            I loved how Megan was no longer ready to take Don’s $hit, like the time he was late for dinner and she smashed her plate against the wall and demanded that he eat with her. Good stuff!

          • bruinman86 says:

            I think Megan has been a big part of Don’s growth, but to see her go won’t break my heart. I can’t stand her teeth!

          • gabrielle says:

            Agreed. There’s very little that’s intriguing about her character. The fact that they replaced the mysterious Betty’s screentime for all the whiney Megan screentime, and some other mistakes, is part of the reason season 5 was the most unimpressive. Hopefully they don’t shove away Peggy in season 6, too.

    • DanielleZ says:

      Me too. I think she’s gorgeous and I love her clothes. She’s been a good addition to the show this season. I thought Season 5 was great.

    • K says:

      Matthew Weiner is not getting rid Megan just yet !!!! At least I hope not. That would be lazy writing. He always teases and makes you think one thing is happening and then spins the show in the other direction. I think they are both quite fond of each other, but they don’t understand each other on the level that a couple should. Age and personality , maturity factor in a lot here.

      • TV Gord says:

        I think (and hope) you’re right. For one thing, Roger’s storyline with her mother is not over yet, so I can’t see Megan just dropping out of the show for the one reason alone. I hope we see the challenges Don and Megan face in their transitioning roles as a couple.

    • Gayle says:

      She has to be gone. Anyone who has watched movies over their lifetime should have had enough comprehension to know that Don walked off her set ,walked out of her life, back into his own comfortable self. Don’t you think he had already been regretting her since her actress stuff? He was even dreaming about cheatingbefore that. And he was a drink away from getting a room with Joan-and a happily married man wouldn’t have sent Joan the roses even as a friend.And he did that the morning after Megan throws the spaghetti tantrum. I think he made up his mind then, like “I don’t need this —t” He also did not want to take Megan to the Jag dealership with him.Maybe when talking tp Peggy in the theater when he said give them what they want and they go away–he got the idea to get her the commercial.And it wasn’t just an audition. They certainly just gave the role to Don Draper’s wife. The next season she could be mentioned in passing about her success out in Hollywood, on Batman, or Laugh In,etc.and eventually there is a secret divorce barely noticed, because Don is really focused on his job he loves again.
      She is gone, perhaps Ms.Pare has many offers now and wanted out also. Mr.Weiner may like her, but the quality of his show is what would matter most to him. He launched her career, as Don did Megan’s, and that’s that. The bar scene with Don and Joan and the last minutes of the finale were brilliant,cinematic art, and the best of the 5 years. Thank you, Matt Weiner.

      • Zilla says:

        lol, Don walked off the set so they could start shooting the commercial. And now that Joan has proven herself to be nothing but a high priced whore, Don wouldn’t touch her. He also wouldn’t go for Roger’s sloppy seconds, lol.

  2. Talmidge Mcgulliger says:

    the ending of the season finale reminded me of the scene in the car with Pete when they went to the brothel. When he told pete that Roger isn’t happy so he cheats and that Pete shouldn’t because he’s happy. Maybe the drama queen schtick finally got old for him.

    Also dude if you’re going to get my hopes up witha brief nudity warning give me something more than wrinkley Roger Sterling ass.

  3. THERE IS A GOD!!!!! I hate, HATE, H-A-T-E Megan! Ugh!!!!

    • davey says:

      I honestly do not get the hate for this character – maybe it’s because I’m quite taken with the actress, Pare herself…I don’t know. I just always kinda liked her character – and made Don become more “human” somehow. I do respect anyone else’s opinion though :(

    • Bob says:

      It’s a chick thing.

      • rhicsj10 says:

        so true, 99% of the Megan haters are woman! Like to get some thoughts of why the hate besides “Hate her….Get rid of her….Can’t stand her teeth” comments.

        • azlite says:

          In a show sense, I don’t like how she is portrayed next to Betty. The fresh, fun-loving, ambitious woman every wife should be. Don’t you think Betty was like that when she and Don were first married? When we first met her, Betty may not have been terribly exciting, but she was a pretty good wife, and Don crapped all over their marriage with his infidelity and neglect. She has it easy with Don because he’s learned from his mistakes somewhat and doesn’t need to raise his children, only have fun with them.

          On a more personal level, she just annoys me and I wouldn’t have much respect for someone like her in real life. She throws tantrums at the slightest dissatisfaction (when Don comes home late, when he didn’t enjoy her sultry dance as much as she’d like) and needs constant validation, which Don gives her. The scene where she pitched the commercial for Heinz beans was especially bad because she was clearly fishing by being all cute and insecure. Same with the scene where she wants “shadow” Don when he’s working late. She’s like a little girl sometimes, but men (in the show and real life) eat it all up.

  4. Tom Mc says:

    I like Megan fine, don’t get the hatred. She’s certainly a much better person than Betty. I don’t think she is gone, but the ending of the finale certainly means that Don is no longer going to fight his urges.

    • TG says:

      Super late but: it’s because she’s the most one-dimensional woman on the show. Every other woman was painted as a real person, but she has always been painted, and even outrightly declared, as the woman who’s good at everything, the one woman who never fell for Don but gave him exactly what he needed, the one woman who could get him to settle down, etc. Those women don’t really exist; she’s the first woman on the show to be just what a man would want from a woman.
      She seems hollow, and unlike Peggy, Joan, and Betty who were painted into some caricature corners but given depth, we have never found anything deeper in Megan than her passionless desire for an acting career (the stalest and most overused story line in television to symbolize a desire for independence.)

  5. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Matt Weiner speaking metaphorically? The heck you say! I did wonder about that last shot of him walking him out. It felt like him making an emotional break from her, yes. And it was beautifully shot. I think next season there is going to be a gulf between them. Who knows if she’ll really be gone physically though. I doubt she will be. It would be weird if they came back for a new season and Don was suddenly divorced.

  6. Cynthia says:

    I hate Megan, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed she’s gone. Good-riddance. I just don’t think she’s a likable character. Or a character I want take the time to empathize with. She doesn’t have the layers the other characters have to make me care about her, in spite of her negative aspects.

    More Betty!

    • rhicsj10 says:

      She’s only played a semi lead role in S5. Maybe if you get to know her character for more than one season than you’ll find some depth to the layers of the characters you referenced.

  7. grace2552 says:

    I don’t have strong feelings either way about Megan, but I would be hugely disappointed to see Don regress back to his old womanizing ways. He’s come so far!!

  8. Chloe says:

    I don’t dislike her, I just disliked that there was sooooo much of her. I wanted more of Joan, Roger and the “second tier” group. I’m fine with her staying, but I would prefer that it go back to being “Mad Men”, instead of “The Megan Show” next season.

    • I totally agree – I find her to be an interesting and likable character but there was way, way too much of her this season, and it was unearned given she’d been such a small presence in season four. I wanted more Peggy, Joan, Roger, etc.

      • FairEnough says:

        yeah – guess that’s fair. I dont hate Megan — just would like to see more of the core group.

        • rhicsj10 says:

          Yes, sort of feel the same. I think she’s a new character so the writers wanted to put her out there plus Jan Jones was on maternity so it was a good opportunity to show us who she was. I’m sure S6 will see less of her but she is Don’s wife and Don is core to the show.

  9. Alex says:

    I dunno, I hope they keep her around. When her and Don are together, they are really fantastic.

  10. cozygal36 says:

    I thought it was pretty clear from what Don said to Peggy about helping someone succeed only to have them leave you, that his marriage would be over once he helped Megan get the part. I didn’t hate Megan but her character isnt that interesting. She makes Don boring too.

  11. Emily says:

    Megan is married to Don, Don anchors the show, therefore, Megan appears a lot. Anyway, I wished for more Peggy, but I accepted that January Jones would be MIA from maternity leave, and Joan did get some shining moments this season. People complain too much.

  12. Paige says:

    I miss Peggy.

    That is all.

  13. Ali says:

    Please, this will be a smart move, Megan is just useless, i feel like Pare should have left the show earlier, there was never a “thing” between her and Don. Weiner should stop killing important and valuable characters, she has to go.

  14. Ashley says:

    The shot of him walking away from Megan singlehandedly changed my mind about the entire episode. I was underwhelmed at first, but that shot managed to change everything for me. I hope she’s gone, emotionally at least, just to make them a little bit more interesting as a couple, but I won’t get my hopes up. Matt seems to love Megan, and I can admit I understand why, even if I disagree, so I’m sure she’ll be infecting Season 6 with more of her craziness.

    • Kathy says:

      He loves Megan (Jessica Pare) the same way he loves his abysmally untalented actor son Marten. Honestly, I record the shows and fast forward during his scenes. I really enjoyed the Megan scenes until she became a struggling shiny actress. The scene where she dropped the bomb on Don about going to Boston for 3 months did it for me. I just don’t get the direction they took the character in. If M. Weiner’s blindness toward his son Marten is any indication, we probably will never see the end of Jessica Pare.

  15. Paige says:

    I think that the character was a good addition to this season, especially since January Jones was not able to be in it as much. However, I think that they over-used her. By the end, I couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Had they used Peggy and Joan a little more and Megan a little less, I don’t think that the hate would be as prominent. Let’s hope that next season sees little of her and a lot of another failing marriage for Don.

  16. ggny says:

    She was fine when she was interacting and working at SCDP but once they took her out of there the character starting to suck and felt like she was taking alot out of the true show

  17. Ann says:

    I like Megan’s character. I think she is a good emotional partner for Don. She is intelligent, talented, knows what she wants, and doesn’t defer to Don strictly because she’s the woman and he’s the man. Her presence forces Don to start letting go of complete control, forcing him to grow emotionally. She should probably become an in-the-background wife in the next season, but he’s not Don Draper if he’s not having trouble with women.

  18. Cathy says:

    I dont understand how Don can be on his knees hugging Megan on one episode, then walk away from her a few episodes later.

    • K says:

      Don isn’t leaving her he still loves Megan . He just gets fustrated because she confuses him like a million times a day and needs to get away to collect himself sometimes. They hit a rough patch and have to get through it or move on.

  19. Rachel says:

    I dont really care for Megan, but Ill put up with her as long as we get Peggy.

  20. Megan says:

    I think this needed to happen in terms of Don’s character. Now we know that Don will never be happy, he will always be lonely and try to ease that loneliness with the many women he’s had. I thought he may have had potential with Maggie Siff’s character in season 1, but he screwed that up. I think he loved Megan, but she wasn’t who he wanted her to be and Don needs to call the shots in his relationships.

    • Yaya says:

      I agree. According to Matt Weirner, Don is a womanizer because he is miserable. Even though he was happily married to Betty, he was unhappy because he knew she was only with him because of his huge lie. I think that’s why he didn’t feel to guilty whenever he cheated on her and why he was so hurt when she left him for Henry when he thought she had accepted him for him. I think that’s why he loves Megan so much. She doesn’t care about his lie and loves him for him. Which is kind of unfair because he never even gave Betty that chance.

      • azlite says:

        Very well said. I always felt incredibly bad for Betty because she wanted so desperately for Don to open up. The scene where she cries to Glen in the car is one of my favorite because it showed how far she’s been pushed. It’s a shame how she’s soured into this immature, controlling, and borderline abusive person. I hope she makes a comeback.

  21. charissa29 says:

    Jessica pare is wonderful as Megan, but her character (despite her gorgeousness) is not the interesting one. Joan, Peggy, Don and even darling reprobate Roger and crass Pete are more interesting characters to watch as we already know Megan’s story.

  22. Brianne says:

    I like Megan

  23. BrianR says:

    I’m thinking all the characters on this show need eletro shock therapy. Maybe they could get a group discount.

  24. TMW says:

    I think next season will be a jump to 1968 and by then Megan could be away on location on a set somewhere.

  25. teejaygee says:

    Megan is crazy as bat crap. Her mother is a deeper more interesting character. But the MOST interesting plot point was what the f Rory Gilmore saw in Pete. WHY is he still around when Lane is gone??? This season did not move the story forward at all and is reminding me of Sopranos in its final days. Desperately trying to continue to intrigue us. Sad.

  26. logical chaos says:

    I don’t hate Megan but Mad Men should be about Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Ad Agency. I don’t mind putting her on the back burner like the first Mrs. Draper.

  27. Tran says:

    Like her, loathe her or hate her. Don’t know if Megan is going to come back for Season Six and still I’m not that upset about January Jones’ Betty Draper not getting enough screen time throughout much of the season since the character Mad Men fans love to hate has been appearing in a few episodes and oh yeah that one moment when she’s turns out to become “Fat Betty”. That’s too much ice cream for now. GULP

  28. DoUcIt2 says:

    Thought a interesting tie-in, in the show was the interaction of Don with Peggy, foreshadowing his future with Megan.

    Don says “So it’s going well?”
    Peggy “Ya, is that ok?”
    Peggy, “Don’t you want them to?”

    That whole exchange seemed to scream foreshadowing to me, as Don watched the film and had a look of pride, that changed sadness as he seemed to realized she could really do this and succeed. Yet he helped her. Seems to foreshadow that Megan will succeed & move on without him too.
    Then the pregnant question at the end…are you alone?

    Briliant writing.

    • Jaycee says:

      I agree with your analysis, and in addition Don was haunted by the suicide of his brother and the suicide of Lane, both being precipitated by requests for his help or intervention which he denied. I think Don felt he could lose Megan one way or the other; either he helps her and she suceeds and may move on or she spirals into depression and takes her own life.

  29. Laura says:

    Love Megan! She’s the only one that can put Don in his place! Hope to see her Zou bisou bisou in S6!

    • cat says:

      Yeah she puts Don in his place by pouting and whining until he gives her what she wants. She’s so amazing!

      • just saying says:

        I agree. I always find it strange when people act as if her character is some independent feminist type. Megan’s interactions with Don are always childish and i think the show has been pretty honest about that. Even down to how she is with Sally, more like a big sister than a stepmom. All these comments about how she “puts Don in his place”? Projection and wish fulfillment. They have absolutely nothing to do with how the character is written, directed or acted.

      • Yaya says:

        Thank you! I hate when ppl say that Don is attracted to strong independent women and that’s why he cheated on Betty so much and not on Megan. Doesn’t make sense because not all of Don’s mistresses were like that Andean is like a little girl. Yeah she stands up to him but she’s not mature or independent at all.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      yes that is true especially after she decided to leave SCDP. Remember she helped saved Heinz, she helped Don with Cool Whip, and she threw him that Zou bisou bisou birthday party. There is more depth to her character than just the whining to get what she wants in the last episode. She plays the good wife but with ambition of her own. Though as Matt Weiner explains it, she’s failing at it and she’s desperate and sees Don as someone who can help her and he decides to do it. But not without stabbing her friend in the back. Expect to see a darker Megan in S6.

      • Sue Preble says:

        I’m glad you noted that Megan stabbed her friend in the back over the commercial. Does anyone realize it was that same girlfriend who asked Don at the bar if he was alone. I guess she was getting her paybacks at Megan.

  30. Rose Tyler says:

    I didn’t hate Megan so much as hate Don for treating her well after he screwed Betty over so thoroughly. Then Megan screwed over her friend and threw a temper tantrum when Don told her No. She has only been trying to be an actress for a couple months and it’s not like she’s struggling to survive. She basically pitched a fit. To me that is why Don is walking away. She’s not above throwing a fit and making him compromise his integrity to get what she wants.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      She’s trying to achieve her dream and she’s failing at it and after her mother made the “not every girl get’s to be a ballarina” comment and said she was an “ungrateful bitch”. She just becomes more depressed and desperate and sees Don as someone that can help her. He loves her and sure he makes that sacrifce. We’ll see where it leads to in S6 but I think we’ll see a much different dynamic in their relationship.

  31. cat says:

    Oh please, Weiner loves Jessica Pare way too much to ever get rid of her.

    Betty is the one who needs a storyline next season. Give Betty a storyline!

  32. I like Megan. Good for Sally in many ways, good for Don, can’t actresses be married?

  33. kate says:

    I like Megan a lot. She’s good for Don – strong but also loving and supportive. And I’m tired of people saying she’s not allowed to cry or get mad. Don can be kind of an ass/hard to live with. But Don getting her that audition was because he fell in love all over again watching her on that reel, and he loves her enough to let her go so she can live her dream, even if it means his marriage to her is over (or going to be over). Admirable of him and I like the growth of his character. It doesn’t always show, but in a lot of ways, Don’s a good man and Megan brings that out in him.

    • Laura says:

      I don’t think or hope their marriage is over. The still love each other – Just think that she will have to deal with Don’s darker side in S6.

  34. Kristy Hoard says:

    Don’t think Megan is going quite yet. Weiner is a tease to the audience, He hints heavily at one thing and then spins the show in another direction. That is why people watch his shows. Peggy and Don can’t be together yet. They both have too much growing up to do.

  35. Revus says:

    Don loves megan. Does he understand her ? Of course not. She overwelms him with all of her emotions . He is the proverbial cool customer and sometimes he needs to sit at a bar and just stare into space.

  36. Andy J says:

    My theory is that by next season Megan might be such a big success that Don won’t be able to handle being known as Mr. Calvet. Since we will by next season be in 1968 Megan could very well be off on location or away for a good chunk of the season. My boggest question is how ill they be able to integrate Peggy now that she’w working for Turtleneck Chaough. As for Roger and Marie, there is no reason why Marie can’t divorce her husband and be in a relationship with Roger. That would be an interesting dynamic-and there is no reason why Marie couldn’t be on the show even if Megan isn’t.

  37. Meghan is gone. Just can’t figure out if Don will end up with the widow or Peggy Olson. I thought it would be Peggy but as I looked at the picture of Don and the widow, it was really hot so Don may end up there despite himself, truly scandalous but Don likes to be in the spotlight. Hmm, why will Don leave Meghan because he’s sick of being with a child, I think he gave her the part hoping to get rid of her. We are all sick of spoiled Meghan. She takes up too much time and emotional capital watching her is like watching a two year old throw a tantrum, the only thing that could make it interesting is if she leaves Don, then loses at acting, and becomes a drug addict or alcoholic pan handler. In order for her to stay she’s going to have to become psycho bob because she loses and has lost, ie. crossing Don then standing outside the Penthouse begging. Hmm Peggy and Don I don’t see them getting together the next season, I don’t want to see her lose herself to Don quite yet, if they get together it might be something that will last forever. When the show finally ends I’d like to see Don there but not before. As for the widow can’t see how her stiffness is going to get into mad men but it will, for a ride in the hay with Don for a night or maybe more.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      Megan is a great addition to the show and look forward to seeing her in S6. He helps her because he loves her. They both have their vulnerbilities but it shows that they are great in supporting each in their work and home life despite the age difference!! There is more depth in Megan than you realize. She wouldn’t have persued this acting dream if her father hadn’t made her feel bad about it and she wouldn’t have been so depressed and whined to Don if her Mother basically told her she was persuing a “phantom”. But she did stab her friend in the back by assuming the part so I think we can expect a meaner darker Megan in S6.

    • Yaya says:

      I actually miss Don and Betty together. I believe Don really loved Betty and they had great chemistry together. I was sad when they got the divorce.

  38. Ben says:

    In many cases, when a character is added to an ensemble show, the other characters are subject to less screen time. I love Peggy and Joan as much as anyone, but I do think Megan has been a positive addition to the show because she was critical in Don’s evolution. I also think Jessica Paré has been wonderful in the part.

  39. Jen says:

    I hope she’s gone because she was the only bad part of an otherwise brilliant season. There was way too much Megan focus and the actress just doesn’t compare to the other amazing actors whose roles were marginalized because of so much Megan.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      The writers wanted to have the opportunity to show us Megans character in S5 while Jan. Jones was out on maturnity. We saw a lot of Megan because she is Don’s wife and Don is the core of the show.

  40. drush76 says:

    The overexposure of Megan dragged this season. I hope she leaves.

  41. susola says:

    Don is at a crossroads, which is why the season finale was so juicy. Will he go backwards or forwards? I don’t understand why people hated this episode, the exposition was phenomenal, character development excellent, and all in all, the finale rocked!

  42. Laura says:

    Love how Megan added to the storyline this season….. Not sure why so many haters – maybe it’s a projection of jealousy??….. As someone mentioned before, Don anchors the show so it’s only appropriate that Megan plays a part of the storyline. But it’ll be clear that she’ll take a more supportive role when Jan. Jones comes back from maturnity and Joan who is now more of a force in the company.

  43. bob says:

    The Megan storyline is just so boring. She whines and complains, has nothing to do with mad men. I don’t know how she got inserted into the show at all. will be glad when she’s gone.
    It would be nice to have a lot more Peggy.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      Not true…she added a lot to the show. Remember Megan is Don’s wife and Don is the core of the show so it’s expected to see what she’s all about. The writers casted Megan into the S5 for us to get to know her while Jan. Jones was on maturnity. I’m sure you remember she & Don had their love/hate moments but they compliment each other in a unique and interesting way despite the age gap. Remember she starts becoming vulnerable after that talk with her father and when she decides to persue her acting dream. Then she becomes desperate and depressed when months go by and she realizes that she’s failing at it and her mother tells her that she’s just chasing a “phantom” and telling her she is an “ungrateful bitch”. She leans on Don for help with the part but not without stabbing her friend in the back for it. So, for character development, I would expect to see a darker Megan next season.

  44. Julie says:

    I hate Megan and want her gone. I hate Betty and want her back.

  45. Kathy says:

    Megan was interesting when she was working at the agency. I didn’t get her ambition to be an actress so much. It was like when Don told her her friends would kill for a part – any part because they needed money. Megan says she loves Don but she seems to really only love herself. I think she is crazy. So does her mother. Megan is spoiled. She got her job as a copywriter because she was Don’s wife. Yes, she was talented, but Peggy had to earn her place at the table. Then instead of paying her dues, she gets the job for Butler shoes because she is Don’s wife. It makes you think that once Don has done all he can do for her, she will move on to someone else who can help her up the ladder. Remember at the dinner party, she said she was doing receptionist work at ad agencies while pursuing her dreams and then she decided that working at an ad agency would be a good way to pay the bills. Pete looked at her and said “it was indeed.” Right then she slipped up and sort of admitted that when she got to SCDP and met Don she was biding her time until she could bed him. Remember everyone already thought that was how Peggy got her job. At the surprise party for Don and early in the season hints were constantly dropped about how Megan was an “actress”. She “loves” Don but I really think she loves his power and what he can do for her and the life he can give her. We don’t know how she was paying her bills on her meager receptionist pay before he whisked her to California and then proposed.

  46. brirob says:

    Many interesting comments. Is it possible that some of the women who don’t like Megan are jealous of her? She is a breath of fresh air, but her character was overexposed and she was looking like a spoiled dilettante in the last episode. Maybe Don really does love her enough to let her go.

    • Rose Tyler says:

      I don’t think it’s jealousy. For me and I think for many others it’s uncomfortable seeing Don treat her so well after treating so many women, especially Betty, so horribly. It’s very similar to the way Betty herself feels towards Megan. She doesn’t know enough about her to actually hate her but I’m sure she wonders what it is that makes Don want to treat her well when that is all Betty ever wanted from him. And before anyone jumps up to declare how awful Ice Queen Betty is let us not forget that Betty was not always that way. She was never the picture of warmth, she is Nordic after all, but it wasn’t until the lies and betrayal came out in the open that Betty iced over entirely. So like Betty, I don’t nessecarily hate Megan but I certainly hate the idea of her and what she represents. Though her tantrum in the finale did nothing to help make me like her.

      • no says:

        I hate the double standard the writers have between Megan and Betty.

      • Yaya says:

        The thing is, I do t think Don was completely horrible to Betty. He did clash ow her how much he cared and loved her and his cheating was because of his lie, he couldn’t be himself with Betty so he was himself with his mistresses. And in his defense, he did try not to cheat. But with Megan, his not lying to her so he doesn’t need a mistress to be himself with. Make sense? I think if Betty stayed with Don, he wouldn’t have cheated on her and would have treated her the same way he treats Megan.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      Yes, totaly agree that Megan was fresh and glad the writers put her character out there for S5. But I think we can find that the talk she had with her father was the turning point for her character and the fact that her mother didn’t help when she told her that she was “chasing a phantom” and that she was an “ungrateful bitch” which brought her over the edge to beg Don for his help. But not before stabbing her friend in the back for it. Expect to see a darker Megan in S6 and a new dynamic to her relationship with Don.

  47. Helena says:

    I also am surprised at all the comments of Megan being strong and independent and “good for Don”. I find her petulant, manipulative and childish. She–at least for now–controls Don with her anger, rages and sulking, then becomes pleasing and “happy” when he gives in to her demands or mood. Their interaction is unhealthy, in a word. And Betty, please remember, was a pretty good person in Season 1 and up until she became inevitably jaded depressed by Don’s behavior and treatment of her. Who wouldn’t? She was the only neighbor in her hood who wasn’t catty about the divorcee on the street, and she tried to give others the benefit of the doubt (Glenn) rather than join in the judgement party of her girlfriends. She really tried to be a good wife and give Don the home and support he wanted. I think it’s kind of sad how everyone dumps on her and loves the “vivacious” Megan, who is basically a self-serving person. JMHO.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      It’s more than that. It was durning the late 50’s maybe early 60’s when Betty was Don’s wife. As writers indicate, Megan is representing the next generation “woman’s lib” time(late 60’s) and shows us that she has her own ambitions in life also. She basically plays the good smart wife as well and remember she knows ALL of Don’s secrets. But, her character is caught in conflict between her parents and the different expectations they have on her. I think if anyone has parents like that, they’d be confused & torn as well.

    • Yaya says:

      I very much agree. Betty is my favorite character and I don’t understand the hate against her. Both her and Don are unhappy people who so bad things but Betty is the only one who gets all the hate.

  48. Seth Austin says:

    Shame on the writers for the sloppiness and the meandering, aimless quality of the Megan character. They turn her into a struggling actress? Why would a struggling actress be married to Don Draper? Why would she want that and why would he put up with it?

    Megan has been completely schizophrenic. Throughout the season there was absolutely no continuity or consistency to her character. She gets a dream job at SCDP. Then suddenly she’s always hated it and wants to go into acting? One week she’s a dominatrix ordering Don around, the next week she’s a meek submissive afraid to raise her voice to him.

    The dynamic with Megan at the office was great and it made for innumerable potential forays into meaningful plot development. The idiot that decided to turn her into a shallow, selfish and psychotic wannabee actress should be fired. What happened to the level-headed, personable, likable and grounded Megan of the last few episodes of season 4 and the first few episodes of season 5?

    • Natalie says:

      I completely agree. A million percent.

    • rhicsj10 says:

      You are so correct!! I wished they left Megan’s character alone supporting Don at SCDP and at home…thought they were a great team!! I think the writers have something bigger in store for Megans character. Some of the chatter for S6 hint that she will remain as a lead character but becomes much more dark which started showing when she back stabbed her friend for Don’s help with the commercial part.

  49. Winslow says:

    Season 1: – Don Draper: “The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.”

    Seven years Later
    Season 5: -Random Blonde to Don Draper: “Are you Alone?”

    If we did not have the amount of Meghan that we had this season, this transition that Matt Weiner is setting up would have meant nothing. Meghan would have been like Roger’s arm candy wife – we know about her but we really dont know her and so when they had the LSD trip and she said she wasnt happy – we were like ok but not invested – sort of glad Roger moved on – Meghan had to become someone we cared about (like or disliked) sort of like the people in the office -Meghan had to make an impression and you cant make an impression in a season by just being on screen occasionally.

    I like Meghan and I find her very sexy and the look on Don’s face when he first looked at the screen test told it all but ti changed because he had to let her go. (Like Peggy). the question is now can he change and allow someone to be who they want to be and still be a part of their life. Is he still a fatalist?

  50. Kathy says:

    No one is jealous of Megan, at least I don’t think that is where all the hate is coming from. At first I liked her. I thought she was good for the children. I didn’t particularly care for Faye. I really liked her when she was good at advertising and seemed to be helping Don get some excitement again about his work. Then all of a sudden she just turned into another character. She is pretty but I got tired of watching the way she always tried to cover her weird teeth with her top lip. The actress was distracting and it really was too much Megan for me. In all of the other seasons of Mad Men I don’t recall seeing so much focus on one particular character like there was on Megan. It was much less of an ensemble show this season and that took away some of the pleasure. I look forward to season 6 and hope Megan’s career will take her out of the picture.

    Another note. I mentioned that it seemed like she was using Don to get ahead and it started to become more apparent when she was auditioning for the play and got the call back. Marriage is a partnership. She knows Don has children and responsibilities in New York, yet she wanted him to commit to coming to Boston every weekend to see her without a care in the world about how his kids would fit in that picture. I want Don to get with Joan or Peggy in the end.