Idology: Jessica Sanchez on Short Skirts and Sabotage. Plus: 'I'm Not the Next Celine Dion'

If you’re going to describe Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol journey as a rollercoaster ride, make sure there’s a “you must be this tall” sign at the entrance.

There was her introduction to the Idoloonie Nation with a legendary group performance in Las Vegas and that buzzworthy Whitney Houston cover in Top 13 Week. There was her shock elimination at No. 7 (with subsequent need for the Judges’ Save) and not one, but two stunning renditions of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

VIDEO | Idology: Hollie Cavanagh on Diva Ballads, Deadly Heels and Why She Initially Hated ‘Bleeding Love’

Now, Jessica caps off her Idol experience with an unfiltered, often surprising, two-part Idology interview. The Season 11 runner-up tells us what thought initially sprang to mind when Jennifer Lopez grabbed the mic out of her hands on Top 7 results night, which performance had her working overtime to get her vibrato in check, and what she would’ve done differently during her Top 4 performance of “And I Am Telling You…” Plus, she explains why she didn’t care whether the judges praised her for being an “artist” after her rearrangement of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams,” weighs in on the idea that she was sabotaged by unfortunate song choices during Top 3 Week, and tells why she’s not planning to follow in Celine Dion’s footsteps. Oh, and we even talk about her stint back in the day on America’s Got Talent and the tricky selection process for her Idol single, “Change Nothing.”

VIDEO | Idology: Skylar Laine on Guns, Guitars, and Glory Notes. Plus: Hear a Bit of Her Self-Penned ‘Pistol’!

So press play below for the two-part Jessica Sanchez interview, and for all my Idol news, commentary, and interviews (including upcoming ones with Joshua Ledet and hopefully Phillip Phillips), follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. tuppy says:

    So charming and so phenomenally talented. Those few clips show just how pitch-perfect and miles ahead of the competition Jessica was all season. Can’t wait for her (inevitable) album!

    • musicals says:

      Jessica is the next Dreamgirl movie musical singer, not Celine Dion!!!!!!!!!!

      • wickerpark says:

        I’m thinking Miss Saigon fits her more. This video has been up for only a couple of hours but it already has the most comments among all finalist interviews. Jessica fans are crazy! :)

        And guys don’t forget to pre-order her Walmart EP. She might not get a re-stock just like what happened to Haley last year. Haley was leading on pre-orders too but a lot of her fans weren’t able to buy it in-store when the stocks ran out. Buy now, it’s only $5.

        • Lee says:

          @wickerpark: That would be awesome if Jessica can do the movie version of Miss Saigon. She definitely has the voice for it. And I think she has the acting chops too.

        • Layla says:

          As much as I adore Jessica, I think she can conquer more than Miss Saigon. That character is demure and sings in very high tones. Jessica can do that well but you can hear it in this interview that she wants to break into the urban, R&B or current music scene. So if there was a Broadway play similar to RENT for this era then she can redefine it. No need to cover the ground of others, she can be the next big star on Broadway but on her own terms. LOVED this interview! :) :) :)

        • Ryan says:

          Either Miss Saigon or Next Dreamgirl movie fits her! I know she can act! For now, I’m just so excited to see her on tour!!!!

    • Suggestor says:

      Thank You Michael for this interview! We got to see how smart, personable and talented this young woman is! So glad to hear her reinforce much of what so many of us have defended, and pointed out about her idol journey. Jessica knows who she is, and she finally got to speak out without the idol machine looming over her. Some do not understand the Austin Kleon definition of an artist as “emulating not mimicking”, they don’t understand that referencing from many is not taking from one. That is how style and expression is developed. Watching the clips, as others have stated only reminds us what a remarkable singer Jessica is. The early round Jessica is her unfettered by the idol machine, and she will give us more of that early work. That is what captivated many of us, and she then took the rest of the season as an opportunity to cement the fact that she’s got all these weapons in her arsenal. She slayed the dragons and took on every challenge. What an exciting time for her, and even more will happen, so much more. I can’t wait to see what she presents on her album. Stay true to yourself Jessica, stick with your instincts and soak all the important stuff in. You will be moving beyond this tv show very soon, and into bigger and better things!

    • lizzie says:

      I totally agree with you. I can see her doing well in her music, and hopefully broadway and movies too. For the meantime, we can continue our support for her by casting our votes on the National Reality TV Awards. She’s nominated for Reality TV Personality of the Year.

    • jen34 says:

      Very good interview… I think it makes a lot of difference when an interviewer knows the interviewee. Michael knew exactly what to ask Jessica and she was obviously comfortable in responding to his questions.

      IN regards to the lyrical content of the songs, I believe it wasn’t only Jessica who did songs which are a little inappropriate. Elise sang a “Whitney Houston” one time which implies a one-night-stand thing. Even Skylar admitted in her interview that she didn’t mind the lyrics of a song she sang because she was more concerned in sounding good. It makes sense that since Jessica was steered to sing big ballad songs which are more or less 99% written by adults, of course the lyrics would be mature too.

      And lastly regarding the “sabotage” issue, it was pretty obvious that they tried to downplay her with those song choices. But we all saw how such a fighter she is. No matter how ridiculous the songs were, she sang the heck out of them! And “Change Nothing” which was a potential single for her, should have not been included in the selection in the first place. Who, with the right mind would give that song to a 16-yr old upcoming artist? Although let’s be honest here, the song sounded really good because she sang it soooo well…

      Having said that, I believe that American Idol had to do it to justify Phillip Phillip’s sure win. I have nothing against this guy and he’s really talented but it was just so sad that the season ended the way it did for Jessica. Well, atleast they gave her that epic duet with J-Holliday which got a lot of people thinking… “How come she did not win?”

      • Sha says:

        that duet with JHolliday will probably end up being season 11’s most memorable moment.

        • Bobbi says:

          That duet was certainly the highlight of the season for me! Idol sabotaged itself. Instead of giving Jessica a song that would be a hit long after the contest they were lazy and gave her a song totally contradictory to what they were trying to steer her away from. She’s just too good a singer to have a total train wreck on stage and even ‘Change Nothing’ sounded good in her performance. Jessica deserved better and Idol lost out in having a chart topping song.

      • Excellent interview! Very well done Slezak! Thank you for this great interview with the great Jessica Sanchez! Jessica did very well in this interview with a lot of poise, class and she is articulate enough to express her true feelings after all. We will support you Jessica all the way because you really deserve to be the one of the greatest singer, performer and well loved artist. Despite of whatever “sabotage” they have done for Jessica, in our hearts Jessica is truly the winner of American Idol!

  2. Beck says:

    oh. Just hopefully Phil? :(

  3. nwguy says:

    loooooooooooooooooooooove jessica! and whatta a great interview!

    • lauren says:

      Slezak does THE best Idol interviews, don’t understand why some people care WHERE he does them. Is it supposed to be a FRICKING HOT TUB?

  4. HS in SF says:

    so happy to see this…. but where is Joshua’s interview??? coming soon I hope???

    • Marianne says:

      I think it’s a major snub to have shown the runner-up (#2), Jessica’s Idology interview BEFORE Joshua’s (#3). They should be shown in order. I think it’s showing Michael’s (and Melinda D.’s) favoritism of Joshua over Jessica. I think keeping with a “by-order” format would have been more professional. For shame.

      • Me Talk Pretty says:

        You are taking this way too seriously. The contest is over.

      • Jason says:

        That can’t be right, otherwise Skylar would have been like the last person shown. It was probably just a scheduling thing.

        • fiona says:

          The thing is though during the interview he mentioned he had already interviewed joshua

          • jiji33 says:

            when it comes to slezak– these little symbolic things are calculated. still, a wonderful interview. she was #1 for me (joshua would have been 2)

          • Layla says:

            Jessica will get google searches because of the US anthem she is singing tonight at the world championship event so it makes sense that she gets extra exposure by those fans finding her interview here. I have no problem with the order. Plus, we get to hear Jessica speak!

  5. RodMod says:


  6. Loni Love You Longtime says:

    Slezak, you couldn’t do better than an ugly boardroom? Talk about BOREDroom.

  7. A very memorable season thanks to Jessica and Joshua. Hope she is able to showcase her talent in the way she desires in the years ahead.!

  8. Tati83 says:

    What a great interview! Love how candid she is. So well spoken. Loved the facial expression she made when you mentioned Jessica sabotage hour haha. Obviously, she felt the same way.

  9. Tiff613 says:

    juicy interview! love her!

  10. Michael, Kudos to you for doing this interview! You & Jessica both tickled my funny bone! It was also a very detailed in-depth analysis of Jessica’s journey on Idol. This is by far the best I’ve seen! Jess, as always, you inspire me with your music. I love you & will always support you. :) <3

  11. Heaven says:

    Jessica’s version of switching it up “I did a fast song so then I did a slow song so I was like, better do a fast song.” oh

    • InPursuitOfXCellence says:

      Bah… You don’t understand artistry. She also even said a couple of her performances weren’t even rehearsed, and were performed just in the flow; The Josh/Jessica duet, the Finale duet, and the Vegas round group performance. That takes a lot of MUSICAL TALENT to perform in the flow.

      Also she changed up a lot of songs. “You Are So Beautiful” is a perfect example. “Sweet Dreams”. Even in “I have Nothing” she added growls and transposed a section an octave higher. “Dance with my Father” is another example. I could go on and on. But its just SILLY to reply further to your comment. IMO, she was the most versatile contestant this year and was willing to take risks.

      • Fan says:

        PREACH IT! I agree. Jessica is very talented vocally, she has a BRIGHT future ahead of her. Especially since she’s gonna be represented by CAA!

        • Faz says:

          Perhaps — odds are against her, but it’s possible. I wish I had a hundred dollars for every AI contestant that supposedly had a “bright future.” Most just slip away.

      • Ruthi says:

        VERY well said!

      • lizzie says:

        Very well said….I agree with you 100%

      • Layla says:

        You know the best example of how it can go bad? When Joshua sang with Fantasia.Joshua with Jessica was epic! Deandre, Candice and Jessica was another great moment and lastly, JHolliday and Jessica. When Jessica is paired up with vocalists that can hang with her or push her then you get magic moments! That IS artistry, being in the moment and creating what seems like long rehearsed “improv” right on the spot!

    • noa says:

      i was thinking the same thing… also- “i don’t care about the lyrics if it’s not my song”. explains a lot.
      she’s still very impressive. maybe by her 3rd album i’ll be able to get on board. maybe.

  12. jen34 says:

    Great interview! She’s so sweet. I really hope her own album comes out soon. Excited!

  13. Stacie says:

    Love this girl, wish she had won. Not because I think her career will be any less than Phillip or anything like that, but I would have loved to see her back with all the other Idols. We see Jordin Sparks a good amount, we’ve seen Ruben, we’ve even seen Taylor Hicks, and despite their careers not being Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood territory they still are in the same breath as them and will always be connected that. I mean Idol winners come back a heck of a lot more than runner ups. I mean we usually see the runner up the year after and then unless they are Chris Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson(who weren’t even runners up), we don’t really see them again. That’s really the only reason, other than she deserved it, that I wish Jessica won.

    I loved the interview, I loved her honesty. Only thing I wish was asked or shown was her opinion on what happened when she was voted off? I’ve heard bits and pieces of thoughts of what happened but was looking forward to hearing her clear and final thoughts. Whether it be the song, or the judges, or the fans. But either way a great interview. And that Jennifer Holiday duet that she did is easily Top 3 performances in 11 years. It’s been nearly a month and it’s still just as unbelievable to watch.

    • AI dan says:

      Don’t worry, she’ll be in that league.

      She will be like those who never won but made it big. A lot of people in the music industry are supporting her, also talent agencies and labels. This is just a stepping stone. She may be a bit boring during Idol (she admitted to playing it safe after her elimination, she did overthink she said) but producers also saw her videos on Youtube so they know her urban side, they know she has swag. She just has to mature a bit. And I hope they do not rush her album, I wish they choose songs well, especially since she’s still very young. She deserves success. I really believe she will shine. Plus she’s got that superstar attitude already when she gets interviewed, so composed and regal. Goodluck to Jessica! I wish Phillip the best of luck also. And the other contestants as well, of course.

    • TimTim says:

      I know it’s kind of silly, but I wanted her to win because I wanted to see her up on that montage of winners that they always put on the wall. Instead, it’ll be yet another WGWG of dubious star power. So disappointing.

      • Layla says:

        But there is no guarantee that Idol will run that much longer. Jessica can be like so many who did not win and look towards the next challenges in her music career.

    • Viola says:

      Not particularly true. Adam Lambert was on Season 11 twice (not once) and he was a runner up..

  14. Jiggy says:

    I thought Slezak lobbed her a lot of excuses for why things went wrong and some of them are valid but the fact that Jessica didn’t really stand up for her own choices at all (oh, I just didn’t have any time. Lyrics don’t really matter if you’re just covering the song) show that she’s still pretty young. Ah well. The music biz will make her grow up quick!

    • Music says:

      True, age really did play a role. She has to mature a bit still. But I really see a bright future ahead for her… don’t really see that in many contestants on Idol (all seasons). But this girl, I feel like she can develop into something great! For real. And Phillip, he could be big too!

    • Jennifer says:

      Agreed. I mean, it’s obviously the song choices of the last 2 weeks that cost Jessica the competition…but I remember her showing a more positive attitude toward the song picks, her performances, and the judges comments during the show. Even though it’s understandable (and smart) that she didn’t let her frustrations show then, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way in this interview after seeing her react a different way previously. She should have followed her own advice on Top 3 night to 1) change it up between ballads and up-tempo songs and 2) pick songs that she could play with in the moment in order to choose ANYTHING but “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” — but it’s clear that Jimmy’s whole “pick competition songs” advice screwed with her head. I love how she really takes a stand for who she is as an artist and the type of songs that appeal to her, but what scares me is the whole “time” issue. She blames time for many of her song choices…well, the Top 2 don’t get a lot of that to release their debut albums (and Jimmy didn’t exactly make a good case for himself on finale night for launching her to where she belongs). Despite the time, what she has in her favor that Phillip doesn’t is celebrity support. I bet some big people are really gunning to work to give her the best material possible. Even if she doesn’t have much time to choose the songs for her album, hopefully it won’t really matter because the pool of songs won’t suck.

      • Suggestor says:

        If you listen to other interviews Jessica does mention that she tried to change that competition song up but it wasn’t changed enough for her tastes so she never contradicted that. Even Michael Orland spoke about it being more R&B in parts in the recording sessions, especially in one segment which was removed for time’s sake on the stage performance. Jessica said even back then that she still thought it could have gone much further but the song was kinda cemented in place. Plus, they ALL talk about the time issue when it came down to the final four and beyond. You also have to recall that Jessica was the only one still taking tests, studying and homework for school! They were doing more press, more tv time to sing on the stage and more pressure off stage. Remember that they did their hometown visits as well. Lastly, she said that during the performance it was all a blur so any comments and trying to think back on what was said – well, she just moved on. Pretty much what most of the contestants have said. Anyway, it’s all done – she’s doing great already and the more she has appeared post Idol the more fans she’s received. :)

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Please don’t take offence to this, but seriously? Idol is done. Get over it. This video wasn’t one of those idologies where u go and debate about what happened last night, it’s a video dedicated to her idol journey and her run for her fans. So please, STFU and GTFO and that goes to all haters on interview videos, so for philip haters…leave him alone on his interview too!

      • Jennifer says:

        Was this directed at me? I’m not a Jessica hater…I thought she should have won! And Phillip was my favorite. So…yeah. I probably over-analyzed for a comments section, sure, but why can’t I say that I wasn’t feeling the disconnect between how happy she seemed about her performances/song choices during the show vs. how she talks about them here? It doesn’t mean I think she’s a bratty or obnoxious person, or that she shouldn’t be honest…I don’t think that even a little bit! I just didn’t expect her to say some of the things she said based on previous reactions. Also, how does someone not take offense to STFU and GTFO? Believe me, I never posted here to start a fight. I think comment section fights are ridiculous. Sorry for having an opinion that isn’t “THIS INTERVIEW IS SHEER PERFECTION!!” Idol is over and I’m not the one who needs to get over anything. It was a great interview…and now I can’t believe I gave into something I think is ridiculous.

    • Layla says:

      In the long run Jessica was right, lyrics did not really matter and that was something that was brought up way too close to the end of the season. If it did, the judges and Iovine should have pointed it out in Hollywood, in Vegas, in the first THREE performances. The fact that she was not given much credit for changing up the Billy Joel song and other hints pretty much made it clear no one was going to give her the “artist” credit. So she took the best option given to her. Lastly standing up to the creator of Idol (Simon Fuller) for song choice is way too much to expect from a sixteen year old who is too humble and respectful to be acting that way. She’s too smart and chooses the right battles. In the end, she’s won more than she expected to by making it so far!

  15. reeching prize says:

    For your honesty and perception, more power to you. The whole” Idol”experience, seen on a bigger perspective, is part of Jessica’s journey. It doesn’t determine who she is and will be in the future. Nothing can stop her phenomenal rise to stardom. We are fortunate to be
    watching it, enjoying it, loving her for it. Again, thank you for your interview.

  16. so grounded and so real.. that what makes jessica unique..

  17. saintz says:

    i love how she giggles after saying this (at 4:28-part 2) – “eventhough I was just standing there that I wanted to punch someboby”.

  18. saintz says:

    Thanks Michael for one great moment with our Idol.

  19. fe clemente says:

    love the interview!!! so happy for you jay and may you continue to shine and live your dream!! good luck and i and millions of your fans will keep on supporting you!!

  20. Beth says:

    Aw, she’s cute. Looking forward to her singles.

  21. saintz says:

    I love every bit of this interview.

  22. Now the question is why her interview before Joshua’s, it seems he’s saving the best for last, and Jessica was the best.

    • Marianne says:

      Just posted a reply, above, about this very subject. I tweeted Michael earlier, also, calling him out on this. The interviews should be in order. Not Jessica’s before Joshua’s. It’s a snub, pure and simple. Tsk.

    • M says:

      He’s saving his favorite for last. He did the same thing last year with Haley’s Idoloonie episode. He posted that one last. He posted Lauren’s first, then Scotty’s then Haley’s.

  23. jayforever says:

    Jessica you are the best, love those interview , thank you so much idology , we love Jay so much .

  24. Callmemaybejess says:

    She may be 2nd on idol but she’s #1 for us Blujays! Love her beyond words! So so proud of her!

  25. She pretty much confirms what most of us thought, either that or she just reads a lot of stuff from the internet. In any case, there is no denying THE WORLD HASN’T SEEN THE BEST OF HER YET….

  26. jay says:

    this is the best interview i’ve ever watch…and jessica is very smart to answer all the questions thrown to her….thank u michael… thank u idology….luv u jessica…good luck …

    • Mary B says:

      She seems so much more mature than a 16 year old. She is smart to I read an interview where she intends to go to college. She does not want to put all her eggs in one basket. Smart girl but I do believe she will have a successful career in the entertainment field.

  27. Mari says:

    I hope she hits big, cause she deserves it!

  28. Suprisingly Candid interview! She tells it all! She’s 16, so many of the mistakes she made with Song Choice, dress code are forgiven. What matters is she knows who she is and she has an incredible amount of talent. She knows her weaknesses and she seems to be keen on working on them, e.g she speaks about her over-use of vibrato. Cant wait to hear her original material, and I will be the first one to buy all your singles and Albums once they come out. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that she did not win! She’s not under a lot of pressure to do as well as Phillip, and she can light a fire under the Music Industry’s a$$.

  29. Evan says:

    You best be savin’ Joshua Ledet for the final Idology of the year, Slezak. <3 <3 <3

    And about "Change Nothing," it's a weird song, I agree, but I actually love Jessica's vocal on it. And if it weren't for the cheesy (and as you say, almost creepy) lyrics, I'd love the song too.

  30. bebs says:

    She really knows who she is.. dont tell her who she is! Dont under estimate this girl! She had worked so hard all in her life in music. Were done with AI No more Jess, no more AI who completely sabotage a real talent!

  31. titopotato says:

    Best ever interview of Jessica Sanchez ….thnx Mr. Slezak !

  32. InPursuitOfXCellence says:

    Is it a coincidence why Jessica had 3 of the top standout duets/trios/group performances the whole season?

    “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” – one of the top vegas/hollywood idol performances ever
    “I Knew You Were Waiting” – one of the best duets ever on the live shows
    “And I Am Telling You” – one of the best and most memorable Idol moments

    In an interview, she said that before Idol she never had any experience “harmonizing” with others. Incredible!

    • lizzie says:

      Thank you for pointing that out….she’s just incredible in what she does and imo, effortless.

    • Ryan says:

      Yah… I agree with that..
      My favorite performance of Jessica is You Are So Beautiful To Me! her own rendition was gorgeous!. She is the only one who can sing it WHILE SITTING DOWN. For me, that is the most beautiful rendition of Joe Cocker’s songs and music piece I have ever heard. That tone, that pitch, that beauty, it’s just PERFECT. Very beautiful! Viva Jessica!

  33. sam says:

    Great, great interview!!!!!

  34. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Fantastic interview Slezak, I’m very impressed how you managed to talk about each thing everybody has ever questioned/talked about/praised cuz it was the best thing ever(hehe) with her performances. You got her to talk about pretty much each one and it was such a great interview!

    She was nice, poised, and very smart as well. She had great opinions and was hilariously cute,…i love her giggles and sense of humor hehe :) She also got to express the same way we all felt with the sabotage towards the end and the stupid judges comments (like jlo telling her to run around while singing SO MUCH…dumb@$$ J-HO) so I am so happy that you got to show that to us fans of hers Michael! :)

    Overall, fantastic interview! So glad I got to see this, shows shes truly a real sweetheart and not someone who is gna hide under Idol’s name…she speaks the truth and is the greatest ever, shoulda won but it doesn’t even matter with her performances. Seriously, PITCH FREAKING PERFECT all season long….hot damn not one person has ever done this on this show, EVER. Thank you Jessica for making me see what singing really is. Love you so much girl, you will be so successful, and as you should cuz u deserve it more than anyone else :)

  35. lovesickheroine says:

    i’m in loooove with you Jessica! Hopefully record producers make a record with you that really represents yourself and also people will accept the fact that the kind of artist you are on idol is different outside the show. I can’t wait for your album to come out :))

  36. clrjc says:

    Thank you Michael Slezak for this interview.. This made soo me happy :))

  37. clrjc says:

    I loved the Vegas performance too.. She made a fan out of it (me)

  38. JC says:

    I can’t wait for your album Jessica hopefully its more Beyonce esque like Halo/If I were a boy or Irreplaceable :)

  39. Davey says:

    I love this girl. I hope she gets to spend a lot of time on her album and she chooses the right songs. But throwing in a ballad or two won’t hurt her. I would love to hear her sing Fields of Gold by Sting.

    Lea Salonga has praised Jessica. I hope she gets to do Miss Saigon someday.

    Now that the hoopla of the show is over I’ve been listening to her studio recordings and feel lucky to have them. I wish Joshua and Jessica has recorded a duet together.

    • Sha says:

      To your last sentence: They did! Knew You Were Waiting For Me. The fiercest and probably best duet of all Idol live rounds!

  40. A says:

    Somehow I always get distracted watching American Idol Youtube videos after watching these interviews

  41. Davey says:

    I wanted to add that I hope Jessica listens to Linda Ronstadt’s version of the Buddy Holiday song. It Is a lovely song and I don’t think of it as just a country song.

  42. raprap says:

    Great interview of Michael Slazek…watched it over and over……

  43. russel says:

    I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Jessica is phenomenal! She’s my favorite! Can’t wait for her album! Simply the best!

  44. Haley Reinhart's Album is amazeballs. says:

    Are people serious about the order which the videos come out? IF YOU HAVE WATCHED THE VIDEOS, Michael DID say he talked to joshua before about their duet, so OBVIOUSLY, joshua did the interview already, it’s probably still editting or sth. I DON”T SEE HOW THE ORDER MATTERS. -.- STOP JUMPING TO RANDOM conclusions.

  45. Kate says:

    Jessica Sanchez is the true winner.

  46. Karen O says:

    She’s a sassy pants diva for sure. I love how she just KNOWS she’s good and doesn’t care about anything else. I love that about her.

  47. Tracy says:

    Oh, she’s so adorable. I love her! Great interview, thanks Michael!

  48. Mikey says:

    She is a fantastic singer…fantastic, but after watching this interview a lot of the criticisms make more sense to me. She is 16 and thinks like a 16 year old. I don’t think she knows who she is or has the business sense yet to be as successful as she can be. Entertaining interview but she showed a lack of maturity in my opinion.

    • juan says:

      mikey..she’s more matured and classy than you are.

    • Rayapolypot12 says:

      I can understand your disappointment especially if you are expecting the maturity of a 30yo from a 16yo ;)

      I actually thought she handled that interview surprisingly well. She sat there, answered all questions smartly, honestly and best of all enjoying herself in the process (i think the most relaxed of all her interviews). To be aware of and admit her strengths and weaknesses during her AI run, is a sign of maturity for me don’t you think so?

      And if you listened intently she mentioned something about who she’s NOT as an artist/musician. She wouldn’t be able to say who she’s not, if she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to be (which she already answered in previous talks). And who will, for the love of God expects a 16yo to sit an interview discussing her 5-yr strategic business plan for her career at this early stage??? Let’s leave the business planning to her managers/handlers and just let her make beautiful songs for us to enjoy, shall we?

      I would rather see her enjoy her youth and her career the normal pace than rushing to peak to stardom, then after that get bored take career hiatus and get married at guess what….19? :)

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        haha well said! Ppl complaining about her maturity bug me so much. I’m a teenager and damn she is 10x more mature than I am. If i got sabotaged like she did, I’d cry and tell all the press haha….she’s sooo mature so ppl expecting her to be like 30 yrs old like u said is just plain stupid.

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      After watching this interview none of the criticisms make sense…. She isn’t a mimic, she isn’t a pagent bot, she isn’t very shy, she is very confident, she thought a lot about everything, she did Whitney as Whitney out of respect for Whitney, not because she was doing very good karoake, she isn’t a diva… What criticism did she confirm, that she is really16?

    • Ally says:

      Jessica is much more mature than you!

  49. tewence says:

    thank goodness it has finally been shown that she is more than a mimicking wannabe that everybody who hates her has said she is. does she need some growth? of course, she is still 16…we all tend to forget that factor when talking about her as if she should be an adult. BUT…you can clearly see that her wheels are turning. she THINKS (unlike so many have said) and makes the best decisions she can given her current circumstances. obviously, the vocal ability is stellar, but the ability to think and process to make your musical decisions is what will take her far. even beyonce started as a teenager, and her music now at 30 years old is MILES ahead of what she started with…it’s only natural. so HUGE congrats to her for some amazing performances and one of the performances (finale duet) on american idol i will NEVER forget!

  50. lizzie says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Slezak for that wonderful interview with Jessica:)