Vampire Diaries Boss Talks Season 4, More 'Mean Girl' Rebekah, Killing Klaus and Graduation!

Vampire Diaries Season 4 SpoilersThe Vampire Diaries‘ writers room has only just begun to map out Season 4, but boss lady Julie Plec is already privy to some storyline secrets — and TVLine was fortunate enough to pick her brain about a few of them at last weekend’s inaugural ATX Television Festival in Austin.

Here’s what the Mystic Falls mastermind revealed about new journeys for both Elena and beloved bitch Rebekah, how Klaus has managed to survive time and time again, impending graduation and more.

On Vampire Elena’s Season 4 Journey | “How do you go to high school as a new vampire? How do you fall in or out of love? How does it change who you are and what you feel? … We get really excited when we talk about this [arc] because it feels so deliciously Season 1 all over again,” Plec enthused. “It takes us right back to Stefan arriving in Mystic Falls, trying to hold himself together and not let anybody know who he was. Now, we get to watch our heroine go through all of that.”

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On Why Big Bad Klaus Is Still Around | “I will tell you this — and I haven’t said this before: Our intention was to kill Klaus at the end of Season 3,” confided Plec. “We created the character last year… and our intention was, that after a long, arduous year of trying to vanquish and defeat the villain, our heroes would prevail and he would be no more. But when you have actors [like Joseph Morgan] who are that good, making such a distinct mark in the roles that they are playing, you have to let your storytelling evolve and wrap around that a little bit. We collectively decided around the middle of Season 3 that we weren’t done with Klaus — or Joseph. We also weren’t done with the Original family, because with the addition of Rebekah and Kol, there’s still a lot of story to tell. Sometimes [as a writer] you kill a character because you don’t know what else you can do with them, and sometimes you kill them because their death will so powerfully impact your other characters. But if you’re killing a character who is doing a great job with tons and tons of story left in him, you’re making a mistake. We had to do a bit of an about-face in our storytelling, which is how we came up with the Tyler body swap [in the finale]. So, we got to kill Klaus, and then not!”

On Rebekah’s Role as the ‘Mean Girl’ Queen Bee | “What I’m excited about with Rebekah [in Season 4], specifically, is that we have never had a true antagonist on a human/teenage level,” she noted. “We’ve never had our Valerie [from Beverly Hills, 90210] or our Amanda Woodward [from Melrose Place]. And with Rebekah, who is so vulnerable and damaged but has that tough exterior, we get to see a queen bee in action; we get to see a mean girl. As we get into the second half of their senior year, here’s Rebekah, still in Mystic Falls, heading back to school, completely ostracized from the community of people that she knows because of what she did to Elena and Matt [in the finale]. She’s completely loathed by the one guy [Matt] that she had a crush on, and also by her past love [Stefan]. What’s she going to do about that? How does a vampire, who has all kinds of mind control capabilities and sass, carve her way into the high school world when the people that we love hate her guts? Once she gets over the hump of being “World’s Most Hated” in the yearbook, how will she live? And what will her life be like?”

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On Who Will Be in the Forefront Next Season | “Obviously, Elena and her journey are going to be front and center, but one of the things that we’ve finally been able to do over the past year is dig much deeper into the other characters — their lives, their wants, their loves. We’ve given Matt Donovan his due, and given Bonnie her time in the sun, and Caroline especially has evolved into a leading lady in her own right. So, this is going to be the year that ‘Donna Martin graduates,'” announced Plec with a laugh. “This is our friends finishing out their high school lives and their lives in Mystic Falls, and each of them is going to have a transitional journey about where they go and what they’re meant to be. It’s going to be a really exciting year because it’s one of endings as much as it’s about new beginnings.

On Mystic Falls High’s Class of 2013 | “Our goal is that this will be the year that gets them out of high school,” she said, “and tees us up for what will become of them in Season 5.”

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  1. Jamie says:

    Look, I love Joseph Morgan as much as the next person, but I beg to differ about Klaus. His story is VERY played out and the character has become extremely tedious.

    • BrianR says:

      Yes, but they painted themselves into a corner when if Klaus dies they all die problem. I hope Elena stops whinning and gets her vampire on. Maybe they can bring in Katherine to tutor her.

      • dianaprince says:

        Agree also that they painted themselves into a corner with the Klaus dies they all die problem. And isn’t Katherine dead?
        And, when did Elena become a Vampire? When did she get bit and stuff? I’ve watched every episode!!

        • Stephanie says:

          Watch the last 5 minutes of the finale again! Specifically the last minute. She never got bit but died with vampire blood inside her.

          • Mandi says:

            The doc obviously gave her the blood at the hospital. Just because she was unconscious when she was pulled from the water doesn’t mean she was dead yet. You should rewatch the end and listen to what the doc says to damon about helping elena.

          • Michael says:

            I love where the diaries is going. I’m glad they didn’t kill off klouse. He is an ultimate villain, it’s funny because we all thought Damon was the best villain ever till klouse popped in. Needless to say every episode so far in season 4 has exceeded my expectations.

        • Krista says:

          Elena was given vampire blood in the hospital so when she drown she will be reborn a vampire.

          • Jenni says:

            Do we know for sure if Elena “died” for sure, maybe she was just unconscious? Just playing devil’s advocate here……

          • jodipo says:

            yes we know she is dead, because Alaric died and they were connected. Kinda obvi

        • BrianR says:

          Katherine took off after Stephan and she stopped Damon from taking out Klaus who then killed his dad Michael with the stake. Basically she made herself scarce because of Klaus still wanting to kill her.

        • Jennifer says:

          You obviously have NOT been watching the show if you don’t know the answers to these questions. -___-

        • Natasha says:

          Elena’s a Vampire because when she drowned in the season finale she had vampire blood in her system. She has vampire blood in her system because when she went to the hospital in the beginning of the episodes her injuries were so severe that Meredith gave her vampire blood to heal. Didn’t you see her wake up at the end of season 3?

        • luvprue1 says:

          No. Katherine is not dead. No, they didn’t paint themselves in a corner. Klaus is a regular on the show, so they are not going to kill him off. Plus, now that no one knows who bloodline Elena’s comes from, all the originals are pretty much safe.

          I already hating that Matt will be acting mean to Rebecca. He needs to get over Elena and quick. Elena didn’t die, so everyone should get over it. Besides if Elena truly cared about her vampires friends,and want to keep them safe from Alaric. She should have volunteer to turn .

          • Sam says:

            Elena has Damon’s blood inside her when she dies. Remember the doc took tubes of Damon’s blood for her patients. I forget which episode that was but was in Season 3.

          • PORTA-TROTTI says:

            Yes Elena did die because her body was liked with Rick’s. Obviously Rick did die, so Elena died too. But Elena had vampire blood in her system so she came back.

          • aussiegirl says:

            Katherine is dead isn’t she? When she goes to wake mikael she tries to do it with human blood dripping into his mouth but when he wakes up he says he only drinks vampire blood and I’m sure he drinks Katherine’s and she drops to floor.

          • yeah but they’re pretty much safe anyway. Ric died in Damon’s arms which means Damon probably has the stake which means they don’t have to worry much about someone killing off all the originals.

          • Sydney Nicholas says:

            I agree that Elena should have wanted to turn and protect her friends and love ones, not to bring Twilight in the mix but that’s what Bella did. I was just making a point so please don’t get all pissy about me bringing up Twilight.

          • josh says:

            You are an idiot. Have u been watching at all.

        • Kelsey says:

          On vampire diaries you don’t get bitten to be a vampire :\ you have to have vampire blood in your system and then die. In S03E22 merredith gives her vampire blood to help her and then she drowns in the car accident.

        • she was never bitten if you watch every episode you would know. the episode before the season finale the ending elena falls in jenna’s room and has a nose bleed. the season finale she is in the hospital and later on after the accident shes laying in the morg, Dr.Fell tells damon about elena’s real injuries she had a blood clot in her brain and the doctor gave elena vampire blood to heal her. no one one knew till the end. so now elena is a vampire

          • ML says:

            She fell while painting Alaric’s room

          • bibiu says:

            desoler mais si tu regarde bien demon la deja mordu quand il ete malade parceque il a ue une mersure de loup garou il est parti a l ecole chez elena et il la mordu mais jentiment /

        • joe says:

          she didnt get bit she was given vamp blood by merideth fell at the beginning of the season finale amd she drowned at the end you dont have to be bitten to become a vampire all thats needed is vamp blood in the system at time of death

        • Music says:

          The docter had to help Elena because she had something wrong with her brain cause she lost so much blood when Klaus drained her and she hit her head bad. The docter just necer told anyone but she did put vampire blood inside of Elena. So when Matt’s car went off the bridge, Elena in it, they drowned and Stephen saved Matt and Elena died, but she died with vampire blood in her. So now, she is a vampire. And I forgot if Katherine was dead or not…

        • Alex Winston says:

          In the last episode where Damon comes to the hospital and the doctor (i forget her name) says to Damon, ‘ Her injuries were more serious than what i told you! I had to HELP her’. She was refering to the fact that she gave Elena vampire blood. This is how she became a vampire because she died when she drowned with vampire blood in her system.

          • This is actually true.. i seen all the seasons… the third season finale was shocking mouth watering and crazy. i had to watch the show again. i hope elanas humanity when she is a vampire is steady.. stephan wont like elenas vampire self but damon would love it. i think elana woud rember everything that happened and she better complete the transition. the doctors name is Meredith. no more catherine b/c elana is now and finally a vampire. klaus is dead for good and i cant wait for elana to start going on a rampage for blood. bonnie is turning on the dark side of the which family justlike her cousin lucy.. ( oops didnt mean to say that ) … Anyways season 4 will be about elana and her humanity of human blood.. If you guys have any comments or concerns plz comment on this reply and ask what ever you want

            THE END…….

        • Ellejay says:

          Elena didnt get bit…that one doctor put in vampire blood to save her from that head damage thing she got. Member when she fell while painting the room, & blood started to come out her nose?? well that chick doctor gave her vampire blood so she can live, but she obviously didnt know Rebbekah was going to do what she did in the finale. So since Elena doened & dies, she became a vampire.

        • katerina petrova says:

          Apparently you weren’t paying much attention.

        • Tina says:

          Remember, she hit her head and had to go to the hospital. The doctor gave her vampire blood. In the season 3 ending, Rebeka causes her to wreck into the river, where she drowns. A + B = vampire. You know if you die with vampire blood in your system you come back a vampire.

        • ah suh says:

          Do you want a proof that Elena died? True vampire hunter “Alaric” died. And we all know that he can only die if Elena dies. And since Elena has vampire blood in her system before she get drowned, then she became a vampire.

        • No Katherine’s Not dead she ran as soon as she got the chance Elena became a vampire in The Departed She didn’t get bit her brain bled and Merideth gave her vampire blood so she died in the car going over the bridge and became a vampire.

        • Vamp lover ! says:

          Okay for one it looks like you haven’t ? You don’t have to get a “bite” from a vampire , she died with vampire blood in her . She died . Aka now she is a vampire .

        • Hello says:

          You don’t turn into a vampire when you get bit.. you turn into a vampire when you drink a vampire’s blood and die with it in your system and you finish the transition by drinking human blood.

        • 41312 says:

          First of all, to turn into a vampire, you don’t get bitten, you have to die with vampire blood in your system. If a vampire bites you, they drink your blood. Secondly, she died in the last episode of season 3, 3×22 ‘The Departed’ because Rebekah made her car drive off Wickery Bridge (Matt was driving and he swerved to avoid her as she was standing in the middle of the road). She had vampire blood in her system as she suffered a ‘cerebral hemorrhage’ (bleeding on the brain) after Klaus tried to drain her of blood in the previous episode, 3×21 ‘Before Sunset’. She hit her head after Tyler tried to save her but Klaus stopped him and knocked her to the floor. You find this out in the very last scene of 3×22 when Dr Meredith Fell says to Damon “Damon wait! You need to know, when Jeremy brought Elena in here earlier tonight, her injuries were worse than I let on. It wasn’t a concussion, it was a cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding on the brain,” to which Damon replies “What are you saying?” to which Meredith then replies “He was so worried I didn’t want to tell him, but I, I helped her. She needed my help” and the last thing said in the episode is Damon “You what?”

          I wrote that all off memory and I just realised that I am way too obsessed with ‘The Vampire Diaries’ because I even remembered what Meredith said to Damon, calling it a cerebral hemorrhage and everything, and that is 100% correct wording.

          • Vee says:

            I love your attention to detail! So – here’s my question – because everyone keeps saying “Elena’s a vampire!!” But technically, if you know the show (like you do!) then we know that as of now she’s not actually fully turned – remember, she has to wake up and decide to consume human blood. I seriously doubt that CW’s going to let her decide not to – but I can’t wait to see her decide if she wants to complete the transition or not! Do you think Matt will offer up his blood? If you’ve read the books, when Elena’s turned it’s Matt that lets her feed on him.

            Here’s another question – why did Elena even wait? If I were the link that was keeping Alaric alive, and my friends could all die if he manages to kill an Original – I wouldn’t have hesitated – I would’ve asked to be turned immediately. It’s a no-brainer! Now Tyler’s gone! Didn’t care much about him anyway but that’s going to upset Caroline.

        • lilian says:

          she had a brain hemorage and the girl Dr ( forgot her name ) gives her vamp blood and when she drowned and the blood was still in her she bacame a vampire

          • 41312 says:

            Yeah. And Vee I agree with you. I think that it was unlike Elena to not try and save her friends by dying earlier. She’s always putting family and friends before her self so I have no idea why she waited. And I think that Matt will feel really terrible and responsible for being the reason that Elena died, but Elena will take a page out of the Elena Gilbert Handbook (as Caroline calls it in 3×18 ‘The Murder of One’) and forgive Matt. I also hate it when people say, “Elena’s a vampire now!” because she’s not, she still has to drink human blood to transition and the writers will definitely make her transition. I’m really interested to see how Elena takes it because she said in 2×20 ‘The Last Day’ that she never wanted to be a vampire.

        • Sarah says:

          Ahah, are you sure you’ve watched every episode? or do you have something wrong with you.

        • Qwertyuiop says:

          Well it’s not like other stupid vampire thing that u just get a vampire bite and then u become one. IN order to become a vampire you have to drink a vampire’s blood, die or kill yourself and drink human blood.

        • sara says:

          When Jeremy took her to the hospital she had a hemorrhage, but Meredith told jeremy that she had a slight concussion and she gave Elena vampire blood, later in that episode she died in lake were her parents died to save Matt!

        • sara says:

          Katherine didn’t die. She ran when she realized that Klaus wasn’t going to die.

        • tasha says:

          you should watch the all of the Episodes and look,listen i did not like it. But when i watch all of the Episodes i started to like it. it is very very good
          I do not know if any body will tell you because you should watch it yourself, it gets better better when you watch it your self.

        • kyrahanson says:

          Before she died she had enternol bleeding or something from the inside and doctor fell gave her vampire blood and that nite she came of a bridge and died… It does say, she rang up damon and told him she gave her vampire blood, So He Would of guessed shes gona be a vampire! ..

        • Elena says:

          Elena had bleeding on the brain when Jeremy took her to the hospital and the doctor gave her Vampire blood so she can be alright again but then Rebecca killed her and that’s why she became she became a Vampire!!!! it looks like you didn’t see the last episode..

        • she has Damons blood in her. the lady doc gave it to her when she was brought in after she had passed out when painting the rm. remember the doc that thought vampire blood was the wonder cure. its the vampire blood that tuns people not the bite. die with vampire blood in ur system turn vampire. Thats how Caroline turned too

        • Jasmine says:

          She didn’t get bitten. She had a seizure I think bled out had to go to the hospital and Meredith used vampire blood to heal her.

        • lauren says:

          when she was in the hospital in the last episode dr fell gave her vamp blood and she died by drowning therefore she comes back a vamp :)

        • VampireDiaries#1Fan says:

          Hi in the season finale Elena died with Vampire blood in her because the doctor injected her with vampire blood because she had a brain haemorrhage. In the episode before it shows Elena passing out and bleeding through her nose…

        • Charlie says:

          Meredith, the doctor injected vampire blood into Elana when she goes into the hospital, then she dies in the sinking car, so now she became a vampire in transition!:D

        • talz1998 says:

          she dosent get pbitten and stuff she gets fed blood cos of her major injuries so when she drowns she becomes a vampire

        • Cindy says:

          Ricks doctor friend gave Elena vampire blood because of her brain injury and than Jeremy took her home, none the wiser. Cinda

        • Diana hills says:

          Elina died with vampire blood in her system

      • tarc says:

        They never established for certain that Klaus was their line progenitor. It could be Elijah (my vote), or Rebekah or Kol… instead.

        • BrianR says:

          Well at the end after Klaus’s body went poof Rebekah and Elija were consoling and wondering why Damon, Stephan et al didn’t die after Klaus did saying they were sure he had made their line because neither of them did or Kol.

        • guest says:

          Rebekah specifically said in the finale that neither her, Kol or Elijah made Stefan and Damon.

          • 41312 says:

            Yeah, it was definitely Klaus because Bonnie put a spell on him so that no one would die, so klaus is now in Tyler’s body. It was definitely Klaus who turned their bloodline.

        • Jacob says:

          There was an interview with Julie Plec right after the season finale where she confirmed that Klaus was not lying when he said he was the one that responsible for Stefan and Damon’s bloodline. In fact, I think it was here on TVLine.

          • Jayde says:

            Well, there’s “responsible” for the bloodline, then “creator” of the bloodline. Just because he’s RESPONSIBLE for whoever turned Kathrine’s sire, doesn’t mean the he himself IS the head of the line, it just means that he helped put it in motion. Big difference. :D

          • j says:

            @jayde. even elijah confirmed its not him/kol. and its not rebekah. so of course its klaus. who else can it be?

        • Natasha says:

          At the end as the other people said Rebekah said that neither Elijah or Kol created their line but Klaus. That is why Bonnie is in Tyler’s body because if Bonnie hadn’t done that spell all of them would be dead, watch the Season 3 finale again and pay close attention to it.

        • ashlene says:

          i dont think its elijah because he told rebekah in the last episode of season 3 that its not him and rebekah said its not her either and i dont think that its kol

        • Katerina says:

          It isnt kol or elijah or rebekah they all said at the end of season 3 that they didnt do it and it had to be klaus the only reason they are alive is cause bonnie did a spell and put klaus into tylers body

        • Jas says:

          when rebekah kol and elijah were talking in the end they all said that it wasent them and that i had to be klaus…..they were confused on why stephen and damon wernt dying.

        • joe says:

          didnt elijah turn katherine to save her from klaus way back then then she turned damon and stephen then they turned everyone else???????

          • pia says:

            elijah never turned katherine! she was turned by Rose (thats why elena and damon seeks jeremy help to speak to rose)! End of book 1 elena died drowning.. Elena died scarificing herself for the brothers end of bk 3 against katherine, klaus was introduced in either book 3 or 4, dont quite remember.. She came back with cool powers!

      • Roy says:

        Bah. Corner schmorner. They will just have Bonnie come up with some spell that will do whatever they want to move the plot forward in the direction they want. I love the show, but that is my major annoyance with it…too many convenient spells to create twists and close plotholes. There should be limits on what a witch can do. Klaus in Tyler’s body? Come on.

        • chiara says:

          Totally agree with this.

        • Jayde says:

          Don’t forget that the first time we “see Klaus” he’s in Alaric’s body. So it’s not like the whole “Body swapping” thing is new.

          • ashlene says:

            so does this mean that tyler is dead because hello we all saw klaus’ body being burned out and even when klaus was in alaric’s body,luka’s sister brougt him to life in his own body and alaric remained alive…so say maybe they decide to bring tyler back…whats going to happen to Klaus’ soul? because his body is gone…does this make tyler gone forever…he cant be gone, i just started loving him!!!!

          • Eve Nanok says:

            Commenting on the Klus body being burnt…
            The EP Julie Peck did say that the coffin in which Klus was burnt in was closed by Alaric before we could see if he was fully burnt.. So I think Klus will be back in his original form in no time… I actually want Klus and Caroline to hook up and Tyler to go away cause I find him annoying.. even from the very begining.. And Elana should hook up with Elijah because I think he’s way hotter than Stefan and Damon.. Nah.. Stefan is hot.. but I honestly think she should be with Elijah because he does like her and cared for her and there is something there…

      • Lia says:

        I hate to say it but our beloved character “Klaus ” could die.As we have all seen Klaus’s life almost end several times. Think about it anythings possible on the Vampire Diaries. They always find a way. Even if th lives of stephan and damon are at stake I personally wouldnt dream of ending joseph morgans role as KLause . If you stop and think about it . He is the perfect villan . He’s wise ,sophisticated , charming , and he may be evil ,but thats what makes the character so great . If he dies then another villan will obvioualy take his place. , but can u imagine a villin better than Klaus . And who doesnt wanna see Caroline and Klause characters get together. I surly do.

      • alexis maxwell says:

        I’m not so sure about that if Katherine comes back its going to cause a lot of caos for the boys… if you know what I mean

      • CJ says:

        kathrine is dead.

      • Chris says:

        I totally agree.

        • alex says:

          Yes! Thankyou what i have been trying to preach for ages, Katharine should train her- Katharine didnt want to be a vampire either but she delt with it and would be a great mentor, the dopplegangers working together eh

      • Aqua says:

        Yep. I’m sick of Klaus and Joseph Morgan and I think he’s Plot Device 2.0 when he’s gonna kidnap Bonnie or Elena then threaten to kill everyone else they love for Plot Device 1.0 to erm…plot device away…

        • Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

          Lol! I’m GOING TO KILL EVERYONE YOU LOVE. He seriously said that like at least once an episode.

        • Anna says:

          Bonnie AND Elena are the shows biggest plot devices. A witch who saves everyone with some random spell/twist, a girl who’s blood is precious to hybrids and also deadly for vampire-vampire-hunters. And you’re actually calling Klaus one? What is logic. Klaus himself has annoyed me various times but the guy (at least at the moment) is far from a plot device. This fandom, I can’t even.

    • Bruce_F says:

      Bingo. The saying “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” is very appropriate here.

    • Autumn says:

      I disagree with you and agree with Plec. So much to do with such an amazing actor and character. I personally am very interested to see what he does now that the hybrid storyline is done. It’s always the easy way out to kill a character off. Klaus is my favorite so I’m looking forward to what he does next – hopefully his story with Caroline. I have a guess that their change of mind came in the best moment of the entire series: Klaus’ speech to Caroline. Serious goosebumps.

      • luvprue1 says:

        I agree. I think Joseph Morgan,and I think he an amazing actor. I want to know more about the character of Klaus,and what happen to the his first love ,and the first Petrova doppelganger,”Tatia”. I want to hear their story.

    • mybabybub says:

      I don’t know Jamie, Klaus unites these characters we love bc of their hate towards him. If it wasn’t Klaus they were going after who would it be? I’m interested to see what happens btwn him and Caroline.

      • Beth says:

        I don’t get it, what would happen between him and Caroline? She’s great, he killed Jenna and almost killed her, he turned Tyler and tried to kill Elena multiple times. Klaus/Caroline can’t happen on Caroline’s side because it would ruin her as a character.

        • Maggie says:

          Stephan is the Ripper and Damon has killed thousands, Elena is essentially in love much two murderers. Caroline is in love with Tyler who has also killed people and she killed someone herself. The level of forgiveness in this how is massive, although it would be fun to watch him try to redeem himself in some sense in her eyes. The show is essentially based on the game love demands of a character whether it be between family or others. I think Claus is an interesting character, and everyone is the way they are for a reason and its up to the person to decided whether they choose whats happened to them to define who they are or change. Think there’s a lot there for character growth and telling? Meander over ha

          • Ava says:

            I totally agree. I think Klaus is an amazing character with miles to go in his story. We got to know him and his backstory and we saw why he has been the way he is. I think if anyone would be capable of forgiving Klaus it would be Caroline. We can’t hold these vampires to the same sense of morality that we hold the humans to. All of the vampires on this show have killed(except Elena who is 2 seconds old). Stefan killed viciously as recently as a few months ago. He literally ripped people apart. But because he’s Stefan he gets a free pass? Franly. I find Stefan’s behavior more disturbing than Klaus. We have seen that Klaus can be a good man. He’s done good and he’s done bad. I find the entire Original family to be the most interesting part of the last season. Especially Kol, who randomly appeared for awesome moments of snarky badassery. I can’t wait for more Originals in season 4 (especially more of our #1 Original, ELIJAHHHHHHHHH!)

        • luvprue1 says:

          I do not think it would ruin Caroline’s character to be with Klaus. Why? because he almost kill her? He didn’t kill her. He witch capture a vampire and a werewolf. He didn’t know Caroline at the time. Why would it ruin her, and not Elena. Hell Damon had tried to kill Caroline , TWICE! , yet she still friends with him. Damon use compel Caroline and use ..but she still friends with him.. Elena still hanging out with Damon, after Damon had use Caroline, and kill Jeremy. ( Jeremy had the ring, but Damon still killed him,and he admit he wasn’t aware of the ring when he did it) So why give Klaus slack over Jenna when no one has mention Jenna since she died. If Elena can over look all that Damon have done and still be with him and it didn’t ruin her character. I see no reason why Caroline can’t be with Klaus.

          • alexis maxwell says:

            i totataly agree but i don’t think Klause would ever for give Caroline but when she was kidnapped by Alarick , Klause helped caroline escaped, and that stare that they have had I think there is a possibility that they would get together, and what about Tyler did he actually die?

        • Jas says:

          she was already starting to show something to him……..the only thing standing in the way of that was tyler..

      • peyton says:

        But Caroline hates Klaus ..she loves another . I like Klaus because the actor is so good but nI love the Salvatore brothers . I hope they give Damon and Elena more story. Elena loves him too and he is the one who is always there for her! Stefan ran off with Klaus to be a ripper. I don’t understand how she can love him more than Damon.

        • Eve Nanok says:

          Yes but Stefan ran away with Klus to save Damon’s life and to keep Elana alive because she is ment to be dead and also to keep the rest of his friends safe from Klus.. Have you not been watching AT ALL…..

    • Manie says:

      As soon as he’s back, Bonnie needs to put him back in that coffin and at the bottom of the ocean like it had been planed. I love JoMo too, but Klaus has been ruined for me this season and the only persons who wants him to stay around are the Klaroline fans. Everyone else wants him gone. LOL

    • dianaprince says:

      Agreed about Klaus character and story has become super tedious.

    • I am totally sick of Klaus. I love Elijah, and Rebekah has grown on me. But I do feel like his storyline is completely played out, or at least it’s gone in circles enough to feel like it’s played out.

      • MIchael says:

        I’d much rather they make Elijah a permanent fixture on the show. He’s more interesting than Klaus, who tends to be one-note.

        • Agreed! Elijah is way more interesting and mysterious.

        • Ava says:

          I think Klaus really started showing a lot more layers in the second half of the last season. Basically once Esther showed up, we really started to get a deeper look into who Klaus is. I find him interesting. I find him much more compelling than Elena. Much more interesting. I am 0% excited to see Elena as a vampire because now she’s just going to be whiny obnoxious AND immortal. If they were to have a spinoff about the Originals that would probably be the better show. I want them to do more than a silly love triangle. They have written all of their non-Original characters very unlikeable lately.

          • Hannah says:

            I completely agree. The worst part about Elena being a vampire is that it means that Damon and Stefan are NEVER going to be brothers again because she’ll pull them apart and pit them against each other forever. When are the two of them going to get a clue and get over the MOST BORING CHARACTER EVER?
            Ugh. I don’t like Klaus/Caroline but that’s just because I’m a Damon/Caroline shipper. Julie Plec says that season four is all about Elena’s journey as a vampire… Oh God, that’s just put me off the show completely. Not only that, in another article she said that the triangle is just beginning… it’s like seriously, they want to make Damon the most pathetic man in the world, just hanging around waiting for Elena to throw him a bone when she’s picked Stefan TWICE. He needs to remember that he’s Damon Salvatore and stop being a doormat.
            I thought that Elena saying that she’s ‘letting him go’ was cruel considering he was there for her for the entirety of season 3 and Stefan wasn’t. Stefan was all about the ripper, then revenge then suddenly swoops in and tells her that he loves her and everything Damon did for her in season 3 is forgotten?
            Elena is horrible and I’m so sick of the show making her out to be some kind of prize when she’s just a boring and manipulative user who screws everybody over. They’re clearly continuing the Damon/Elena bull because they’re a real life couple. On the show, I’m just sick of it.
            Caroline should be the leading lady. She is awesome.
            You know, it’s really sad, I used to be so excited by new episodes and couldn’t wait until Thursday nights… now, I don’t care about the show anymore. The writers bombed a brilliant book serious.

          • ashlene says:

            elena as a vampire…whats excited about that?…when i watched the finale in season 3 and i saw elena waking up like Bella in twilight i wasnt sure if i wanted to watch season04…i mean whats going to be excited now because her blood is not worth anything anymore so why did Bonnie even bother switching KLaus’ body with Tyler’s(even if she didnt know that time)…whats the use of the originals then still hanging around in mystic falls…dont get me wrong ive grown very fond of them especially ELi but what is their purpose in this season going to be now????…and yes we all saw the car going of the bridge but it was never declared tht Elena actually died…she could just be unconciouss but anyway spoiler alerts already says elena is coming back as a vampire…i dont see anything excited abOUT season04 except i cant wait to see whats going to happen to Klaus/Tyler because lets face it…he cant hide forever and then what is his explanation going to be??????

        • tami says:

          Completely agree! Get rid of Klaus for awhile. Lets here Elijah’s story.

    • Erin says:

      I agree that it’s time for Klaus to go, and for the show to get a new big baddie.

      I was looking forward to his father (or was it step father?) being the new bigger villain, but then he got killed off after only two episodes…

      • bekah says:

        @erin ugh i dont want to watch this “bad, badder, baddest” repetitive storyline they shown in past 2 season. first damon, then katherine, then elijah, then klaus. then some one new, then some one new again again again for 6 season and finally maybe they can introduce lucifer as their finale villain.

      • alexis maxwell says:

        I agree but now u two are just being unfair, u cant just say that ur not xd about the show anymore because u would be regretting that i did not. well i do agree that caroline should be out main girl.

    • Beth says:

      I totally agree, ugh. Klaus still being around is such a drag on the show, they should have stuck with their plans and made him actually frightening instead of a pathetic brat who does emo sketches.

    • Sally says:

      Completely agree with you about Klaus.

      • mandy says:

        KLAUS(josephmorgan) is awesome. Without him the show wouldn’t be as good. I do still think that there is a good side in Klaus

    • TV fan says:

      Elena = Stefan 2.0. Seriously?! And I’ll believe Bonnie or Matt will get a storyline when I see one, not when the ship off the next Jeremy, Katherine or Tyler to offscreenville for the next 5 to 10 episodes. Game of Thrones could make Harrenhal Tweens look interesting. TVD needs to improve its game and fast.

    • W says:

      totally. i was afraid that the writers would be charmed by the British accent that they would keep Klaus around (to be honest, I didn’t find Joseph Morgan all that interesting of an actor). they built up the big bad for way too long, considering how fast they burn through storyline, and now i’m just waiting for Klaus to die and for the Originals storyline to be over with. the Klaus body swap plot device was cool the first time, but just really lame the second time. i still enjoy the show, but i don’t have much faith in the whole Klaus plot anymore.

      • bekah says:

        just because he has some british accent?? lol clearly you don’t know what “talented” means. so tell me, what kind of storyline do you prefer? elena become ping pong ball with both brother?? jeremy got a new job at the grill? forwood endless sex scene? bonnie having a hard time dealing with her magic? or matt buy a new truck?

      • Mikayla says:

        Okay, i am getting pissed off with everyone saying that they need to get rid of Klaus. Did you not watch the last 2 episodes. Klaus sired the Salvatore bloodline (Because if you were paying attention then you would know that Rebekah told Stefan (I think) that she, Elijah and, Kol did not sire Mary, who turned Rose, who turned Kathrine, so it had to have been Klaus), and Damon’s blood was used to turn Caroline and possibly Elena. If you kill off Klaus then there would be no point for the other Originals to stay, and then It wouldn’t be The Vampire Diaries, it would be The Diaries. Also if Elena were to die, then Jeremy would have no guardian, and would be put into foster care until he is 18, and that would just send him right back to drugs because he would be so depressed about losing both his sister and Alaric. Is that really something you want to watch. If so then you can have fun with that little fantasy all you want but it will never happen. -_- …

    • Georgia Peach says:

      Klaus is 1,000 years old, which gives the writers a lot of material to use. There is also his interest in Caroline and hopefully the introduction to Tatia. Joseph Morgan is way too talented to let go. I am hoping the characters of Klaus, Rebekah, Kol and Elijah are around until the Vampire Diaries ends. There is no need to kill any of them off.

    • Sparky says:

      Couldn’t agree more and I’m not entirely sure if it was the character Klaus that outstayed his welcome or if Joesph Morgan never really lived up to my expectation of what Klaus should have been. Personally Daniel Gilles would have been a better choice for the role of Klaus but that’s just me!!

    • QueenVictoriaAVC says:

      Klaus has sooo much story left! The amount that is written about him even in the world of fan fiction proves that. I’m not just saying this because I love Joseph Morgan, because I do, but I’ve always enjoyed Klaus because honestly, who doesn’t like an incredible villain? Someone who makes you hate one episode and yet make you cry with him in another. He has so much potential to be an even bigger character than he is now. Especially with the addition of his love interest Caroline. It’s like re-watching Beauty and the Beast, or even Phantom of the Opera. “Learning to see the man within the monster.” and seeing we’re Klaus comes from makes you like even just a little bit more. Klaus has tons of story left more than say even Rebekah if we want to debate that aspect. So sorry, but I don’t agree. :)

      • Kara says:

        Comparing Beauty & the Beast to Klaus and Caroline is an insult to Beauty & the Beast. Last time I checked the Beast wasn’t an sadistic psychopath murderer. He just had an obnoxious personality. I can’t even with you Klaroline fans. There is just too much nonsense coming from you.

      • mandy says:


    • Dami says:

      Damon is the coolest,but still Elena should be with Stephan.Nice work guys.

    • Blair b says:

      Wen i seen tha season finale n saw klause get staked .. . i let out a bloodshrieking scream that was heard miles around . Then i flikd tha tv off n gave up on life . . . Didnt even care to finish the remaining episode i went into a severe 20 minet depression . . then i gawta txt frum my frend sayin thank god klause isnt dead. . . . . N then i saw tha light frum up above . Then went 2 cw. Com n dwnloaded it so i culd c wat happend to him after being staked . .
      Jk(sarcasticly stated). But no i really do love klauses character

    • cheysmommy says:

      i agree, i think the whole storyline with klaus is played out, and i hate what happened to tyler. he and caroline never had a chance, and i was so routing for damon to have his time with elena. after all theve been thru yet she still chose stephan. oh well.

    • tasha says:

      ok, why aren’t any people getting season 4 of the Vampire Diaries and posting it on the Internet.

    • Esther ndunge says:

      I belive xo but he adds some intrigue tu tha show

  2. Mike says:

    I’m tired of Klaus. There’s been about 8 or so Let’s kill Klaus Plots and they still haven’t work. It’s beyond repetitive at this point. Also it would allow them to bring back Katherine, who is an infinite better character at this point.

    • mimi says:

      this show is getting so ridiculous and tired in it’s storyline n plot … i agree with u regarding klaus, there is always something that Elena would do to sabotage a plot that seems so important to everyone else, and she always have a stupid reasoning… lol, Elena is just so LAME, unsexy, and almost stupid, like a girl always seeking for approval in a high school even though she is pretty … yawn. SHAPE UP IN UR WRITING, MAKE SURE THAT THINGS MAKE SENSE ( NO MORE STUPID SCENES WHERE BONNIE WOULD SABOTAGE THE KILLING OF THE ORIGINALS BY REVERSING SPELL THAT WOULD HAVE DONE THE JOB OF KILLING THE ORIGINALS – THUS RENDERING THE RELEASE AND SAFETY OF EVERYONE!! so ridiculous and frustrating !! and stop using Elena to make stupid decisions again and again that would somehow sabotage other things … getting boring n TIRED !! yawn … yawn ….

  3. MO says:

    Kya pagal agal hoogaye? Season 5?

  4. Chalice93 says:

    Yeah, the whole Klaus/Original family thing is played out, they need to move on. Rebekah can stay for obvious reasons….

  5. Percysowner says:

    I too think Klaus’s story is done and either Elijah, Kol or Rebekah sired the line. Joseph Morgan is an okay actor, but I don’t love him that much. Now more Elijah would be fine with me.

  6. I think they need to get rid of Klaus, and keep Elijah and Kol, Rebekah is beyond obnoxious, we have so much more to learn about the other two brothers.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. Used to like R, but I’m over her. Since this show has killed off all of my favorite characters, I’m expecting Caroline to die next season :(

  7. Fabian says:

    Keep Rebekah, make Elena fun (for once!), and for the love of all that is good–bring back Katherine!!

  8. CJ says:

    Elena’s story line should be interesting.

  9. Bradford says:

    One of the biggest issues I had with Season 3 was the amount of time spent on the “Original” storyline. The writers tried way too hard to make the Original family “fit into” Mystic Falls, resulting in many lead characters getting sidelined. Hopefully they’ll wrap everything up during the starter episodes of S4 to move onto the next baddie. I’m just over it!

    • chiara says:

      I actually believe that the Originals’ time we got to see was way more interesting than any scenes I’ve ever seen of Matt or Jeremy or Tyler. I believe that no matter what they do with certain characters, they will always remain a bore.

      • bekah says:

        @chiara agree. i dont find tyler/jeremy/matt/bonnie have any interesting scene compare to the originals. let say writers give these character more screentime, i doubt their storyline going to be interesting as the originals because all of them are just boring and i’m ready for their death.

    • SG says:

      Agree. Good grief, Julie Plec sounds so clueless.

  10. Josh says:

    Honestly, I do agree the guy is a good actor but the character should have been killed off. Look at Buffy, Glory was a fantastic villain but she died. Drusilla, fantastic, she was scared off never to be seen again. Spike became a sort of good then a destructive force then a good soul with a soul. To keep Klaus around as a villain is just a horrible idea. He isn’t scary anymore. He isn’t a threat. Elijah is, but Klaus is a mopey whiny child. The fact is for two seasons they’ve tried to kill Klaus and it’s boring. Klaus is boring.

    I think the show is just so afraid of forward motion. Everything just one big endless cycle. It’s why I’m bowing out…I loved the first two seasons but season 3 was a frustrating mess. And season 4 doesn’t sound better.

    • Manie says:

      AMEN! :)

    • Guest says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more :)

    • 41312 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Klaus isn’t bad anymore, he was such a wimp when Esther came and he isn’t a threat as he can’t make anymore hybrids for another 500 years. Elijah however is still scary and he is the biggest threat (Rebekah coming in second because she can get really murderous and she loves revenge so that makes her more dangerous than Klaus). I’d say the only thing holding Elijah back from being the supposedly most feared original instead of Klaus is the fact that he is so loyal and he always sticks to his word. And does anyone know why he is sometimes called Nicklaus (or sometimes just Nick by Rebekah)?

      • Sherrie says:

        he’s called Niklaus because that’s his full name klaus is a nickname that everybody calls him and nick is just the nickname rebekah calls him

      • TheVampireDiaries says:

        Actually, Klaus can never make another hybrid because the doppleganger line has ended. Elena hasn’t had a child and can’t have one anymore because she is a Vampire.

        • Aussiegirl says:

          Klaus can make more hybrids as he drained a fair amount of Elena’s blood, but once that bloods gone then there’s no more hybrids till the next dopelganger comes along.

  11. Sara says:

    I’d be okay with Klaus going bye-bye, but still fine with him staying. I really want Rebekah to stay though. I liked seeing that she was hurting after not being able to even attend the dance she organized. Really enjoy her character. I’d LOVE to see more of Jeremy (PS when did he get so hot?), and I really hope Tyler and Caroline get to finally live in peace! Don’t like Bonnie’s new beau Jamie. More flashbacks with Aunt Jenna!!!! lol *wishful thinking*

    And also I really dislike how they actually made Alaric into a vampire hunter. I cried like a baby when he was in the crypt ready to die and everyone was outside upset, and then they go and make him evil! >.<

    • Ava says:

      Jeremy has gotten progressively hotter with each passing season. Someone should do one of those time warps where they take a shot of him from every episode and then play it really quickly so you can see the progress. Jeremy was such a little runt back in the start of the first season. Little drug dealing Jeremy morphed into Jeremy, vampire hunter. I loved it. then they sent him to Colorado.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. They ruined s3 with turning Ric and then finally killing him- he was my fave

    • ChrisGa says:

      I think Jeremy is the hottest guy on the show and have for a couple of seasons(though I think Tyler is a very close second).

    • cheysmommy says:

      i hated too what they did to alaric. I loved his character and such a twist with the whole murder/new found vampire hunter and now dead. Now he is having his own show called cult coming soon to the cw. Id like to of seen more of bonnie and jeremy and hate that caroline lost tyler that relationship was just getting good.

  12. says:

    How do you guys even hate Klaus? He is the best character on the show. Full of depth! He had a dysfunctional family and thus the consequences. He has not been genuinely loved in 1000 years! He’s a loner. and he hides his feelings by showing he doesn’t care and repressing his feelings! I hope Caroline starts loving him. I want them to begin one! She will calm him down and hopefully he won’t be a threat anymore! People say he’s evil so he must die. But so was Damon, Stefan, Alaric, and even Jeremy has killed people now.

    • Joan says:

      I agree with you on he being the best character on the show, but the thing is, as someone said above, there has been about 300 “let’s kill klaus” plans and nothing worked. Now when it finally seemed like he was gone, they brought him back. I’m okay with it, but it just feels like this plot will repeat itself over and over again… If they gave him a nice, different storyline, however, it would be nice. Love Joseph Morgan.

    • Manie says:

      No offense, but you do realize that you just described Damon right?!

      That is why people want him gone. We have one Damon, we don’t need another one! And we especially don’t need Caroline turning into another Elena

      • Kelly says:

        Klaus is not going to be another Damon. This is what people need to get over. He is not Damon! Caroline deserves better than him.

        • Manie says:

          Oh I totally agree that Caroline deserve better than Klaus. But the fact is that Klaus was turned into another Damon mid-S3… Read what Joan wrote, THAT is Damon’s life! I’m clearly not saying that this is what I want, far from it (I want Klaus 100% evil OR gone) all I’m saying is that if you look at the series objectively the writers are just turning TVD into a “time repeating itself” story, which means that everyone will at one point represent someone from the past. And saddly, Klaus is being turned into Damon.

        • monet says:


    • luvprue1 says:

      I agree . Klaus had been on the running from his father for 1000 years, he had no time to make real friends, or have a real relationship. Every time he would make a friend, he had to compel them to forget him,or leave out of fear of his father finding him. Now that both his parents are finally dead. He can now settle down and form some type of friendship/or relationship. . I never view Klaus as totally evil . He seem to have a lot of layers. Klaus reminds me of season 1 Damon. The only thing I do not like is he wants a friendship with Stefan. Why? Stefan doesn’t have friends. He only have Elena’s friends.

    • Katrina says:

      I totally agree! For me, Klaus’s transformation was the best part of last season. He is portrayed by a truly gifted actor.

  13. taylorrness says:

    I love love love Joseph Morgan, but Klaus has become boring and repetitive and a way for the writers to play out the “is he bad? is he good?” storyline now that the Salvatore brothers have played both sides themselves. Joseph is better than the stuff they’re giving him now.

  14. ChrisGa says:

    I think the Klaus character is ok, but he’s not a patch on Elijah, a better character who the writers seemed to sacrifice a little this season because THEY preferred Klaus(I read alot of these message boards and I’d say most viewers would rather see more Elijah than Klaus but maybe it’s just my own wishful thinking ;) ). That said, hopefully making Elena a vampire will actually make her interesting for once in her miserable life–it worked for Caroline, who’s now the best female character on the show, bar none–and I’m actually glad that Rebekah is sticking around because the actress is good and hopefully it means more Matt(I guess having Matt interact with other characters besides Caroline for more than one episode is what Plec considers giving Matt “his due”; I’d say she’s overstating a bit). Personally, I kinda wish they’d get rid of Bonnie; I started out liking her but she’s essentially become the deux ex machina of the show and basically trotted out when Elena and the boys need to get out of a jam. At this point, I’m not sure she’s good for much else.

    • Mikayla says:

      i agree, especially with what you said about Bonnie, honestly, if the 4th season is about finding a way to turn vamps back into humans with a spell it wont be the vampire diaries, it will be the diaries. seriously, they need to have the dead witches put a cap on Bonnie’s magic so she cant use her powers to the full extent. Whenever Bonnie was in an episode, the plot would literally be this: Damon:Oh, we’re in a tight situation. Stefan: Don’t worry Damon we’ll have Bonnie use her magic to help us. 1 Hour Later. Bonnie: There you go guys, I just made a spell to help you get out of any difficult situation you’re in.

  15. Manie says:

    “We’ve given Matt Donovan his due, and given Bonnie her time in the sun…” [That made me laugh]

    Errr did we watch the same season?! No offense but this season was all about Elena, Damon, Klaus and Caroline(It went to the point that they had to take/steal a scene from Damon/Bonnie’s book story to make us believe that Damon and Elena were supposed to be together as he had met her before Stefan)… Probably why the season had such bad ratings… And what a season it was…

    The writers NEED to sit down and watch the ratings before starting to work on the next season. Because everyone keeps saying that 3/4 of the viewers wants Delena to happen, but the numbers say the opposite. This season the episodes that got the lowest ratings were the ones focusing on Damon/Elena stuff or too much Caroline. And the one with the best ratings were the ones with more action, badass Salvatore bros, evil Klaus, badass Bonnie, less Caroline and no lovey-dovey Elena.

    I know the series is based on the love triangle, but I think they need to give it a break for half a season. (I seriously just think that they are handling the triangle the wrong way) S3 was a mess and there were so many mistakes all around as they kept breaking their own rules and changing the characters so that they would fit their writing needs.

    I love JoMo, but like many others Klaus needs to be evil or just be gone. And the Klaroline thing…. PLEASE, just no! We already know from what Julie Plec said that we will probably have some of it in the first episode of S4, we already have the Damon/Elena/Stefan thing we don’t need a second one with Klaus/Caroline/Tyler. And I’m still saying that Klaus interest for Caroline is OOC for him.

    Fans are already raging around the forums about what is being said. I’m truly scared that if we get a S4 like S3, the ratings will just crash.

    And really, two things they need to change is 1) stop bringing “Damon characters” in the series. One evil turned good because he is misunderstood is already enough, we don’t need more… First, Katherine first now Klaus. I’m sorry but you have to make sacrifices Klaus has a huge fanbase, but he IS the evil dude and should have stayed like that, but nooooo, they needed a blond version of Damon. Seriously, Caroline this season was the blond vampire version of Elena (Hello book!Elena) her character is nothing like she was and I miss my old Caroline, this one is a boring version of Elena… and 2) Can we have a real villain instead of killing a good one (like Mikeal) just to redo him in the form of Alaric (and kill a good one). And let me guess, next evil will want to destroy Mystic Fall because the Founders ancestors stole his candy while he was a baby?! Can we really just get a villain who is bad because he wants to be bad. Klaus was such an amazing villain in the books and I was so happy to see him on tv and look at how they destroyed him… :( Makes me cry

    I love TVD, a little bit less though with the last season, but I almost drop it half through in during S3. I’ll be watching S4, but if we get another season like S3… I’m gone! Which will make me very sad!

    • Kate75 says:

      I agree with you completely.
      I hope they make some serious changes with season 4.
      The cast are not the problem, the writing is the major problem.
      I hope it improves because season 3 was nothing compared to season 1& 2.
      The love triangle was just so boring, I hope they don’t drag it again in season 4.

    • jasmine022 says:

      I disagree completely!!!! s3 was amazing and Klaus still has a lot of story. I think the caroline/Tyler/Klaus thing is going to be really interesting. Will caroline think Tyler is dead or meet klaus in tylers body? If so accident or on purpose. I really think though that know Elana knows she met damon first she should give him a chance. I think this season has a lot of potential and the book isn’t as good (Which I did read first)… so stop knocking vampire diary’s!!!!

  16. JamesM says:

    I so disagree with Plec and her idea of storytelling. Klaus is so not that character. Klaus was painted as this cold hard villain and now he’s the misunderstood bad guy with a heart of gold? Please. That’s being disingenuous to the the entirety of season 2. The retconning has gotten beyond ridiculous now. And what storytelling has been done for Matt and Bonnie? Matt is only there to prop Elena with no individuality of his own and Bonnie, the one true moral character only served as a plot device, which is very problematic with the context of the story being based in the Civil War and Bonnie, being a descendant of slaves being forced to appease vampires and her voice is mocked and ridiculed. Only in the very last episode was she allowed to stand up for herself again. And the moments when she should of had personal growth, particularly with her own mother, Caroline was given that development. Speaking of Caroline, she was in almost every episode but did absolutely nothing to advance any plot and she herself, had so little development I barely remember anything significant she’s done other than have some resolution with her father. She was just…there. Same thing with Tyler. I felt like he was essentially an extra instead of a supporting character since he didn’t have an identity in season 3 outside of being Caroline’s boyfriend. Sending Jeremy away made absolutely no sense and contradicted Elena’s character even more. And the retconning, wow. The scene with Damon waxing poetic with Elena before the Wickery Bridge events was incredulously dishonest with who Damon was while waiting to free Katherine. I love this show, but let’s be honest, the storytelling suffered so much this season that none of the story made sense. I hope it improves, but the only way that’ll happen is recognizing what went wrong.

    • Manie says:

      This had me laugh, but I 100% agree with you. Caroline character was too present this season and she did nothing to make the storyline move forward.

    • Manie says:

      And I agree, not just about Caroline, but everything that you’ve said!

    • Josh says:

      Agree 100%. Wonderful post.

    • Kelly says:

      I disagree about Bonnie. I really feel that she’s more of a hypocrite than a moral character as she points out all the terrible things about vampires, but never seems to think about all the horrible things that humans have done over the years. I agree about everything else though.

      On a side note shouldn’t Bonnie’s magic be something akin to voodoo and not some Latin-whatever it is. Since Bonnie’s ancestors are slaves from the west African coast I think it unlikely that she’d be some witch descendant of Latin magic. Was this addressed or not?

  17. dianaprince says:

    Okay, someone please tell me, why Elena is now a vampire!?? When did she drink blood before she drowned? I know she does it all the time when she is injured and what not, but I don’t remember her being injured close to when she was drowning. Or drinking Vamp Blood. Is she actually wearing the special ring?? I’ve watched every ep of S3, and maybe I slept through that scene…….

  18. MaryAnn says:

    Am I the only one who does not like either Joseph Morgan or Klaus? The sooner he is permanently locked away for the next thousand years the better.

    • Manie says:

      LOL I love Joseph Morgan because I’ve seen him in other stuff than TVD, that’s it. As for Klaus he had the best potential to be the villain that he was in the book, but they pretty much turned him OOC on TV.

  19. Emma says:

    Did Julie Plec forget that Caroline turned, returned to school,tried to fit in, etc? When she speaks about Elena’s story next year its like she forgets we’ve seen much of this with Caroline.

    • Manie says:

      Yeah but in S3, Caroline became the blond version of Elena, so it’s quite normal that we get to see a brunette Caroline too!!! ha ha ha

    • Shaun says:

      Also Caroline kinda loved being a Vamp,Elena will really hate it I think.

  20. Amanda says:

    and i think this show has had enough action – it needs to focus on character development again like early season 2/season 1. and kevin williamson needs to come back and add some comedy back in the show. Characters that had his “special touch”- Damon, Caroline need a smart writer behind them otherwise they don’t have a sparkle anymore.

  21. Sharon says:

    I think alot of what happened in the finale is missing from these posts – First off, Elena DID NOT drown – She died from a head injury, after collapsing & being taken to the hospital – The whole drowning scenes was, I believe, Elena’s memories, combined with her head injury, like a dream state while she was dying – The doctor gave her vampire blood after realizing that she could not save her, traditionally & as she died in the hospital, she drown in her dream state (like her parents had done) – The whole last few minutes of the finale shocked me, not only because Elena died, but that what we thought was happening, was not actually happening

    • tripoli says:

      Whose to say it didn’t happen? There was a lot in between the passing out/head injury and the car going off the bridge. What makes you think all that is some sort of stupid dream state? I gather from the article that it’s pretty clear that the truck carrying Elena and Matt went into the water, and she died as a result of drowning.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are waaaaaay confused. Elena’s head injury is from when she got shoved in Klaus’ house and hit her head from the previous episode. Because of the major damage her head took, Meredith fed her vampire blood to speed up the healing process. Elena DID drown, her and Matt did go off the bridge, and since Elena still had vampire blood in her system and died from drowning, she woke up in transition.

      • Savannah says:

        you both are partly correct the result of the the head injury that cause Elena to pass out was due to a brain hemorrhage. WHen Jeremy took her to the hospital the doc gave her vamp blood which was to heal her injury. So when Elena and matt drove off the brigde she didnt no she wa given vamp blood but she choice to scarific herself for her friend and had stefen get matt out which killed alric as well. and sense she still had the vamp blood like you said she woke up un transition from the result of drowning… So people claim your TVD Fans but clearly dont pay to much attendion the the episodes.

  22. catbean says:

    You know it’s so easy to bash everything you don’t like about the show and how you Wong watch if it’s not done the way you want it. Most posts and forum comments are negative on any subject/show because people that don’t like (or clearly hate per this thread) something are much more likely to comment and ‘vent’ their frustrations. That’s fine but I would like to say that I speak to a lot of people about this show and we love it. Julie is doing a fantastic job and this is one of the best shows out there. It’s fans are passionate because they care – I get that – but make no mistake, many many fans are thrilled with the show and anxiously awaiting season 4. Sometimes we should just make the time to let that be known as well. Keep up the good work Julie – you are awesome, as are all the actors.

    • Manie says:

      The ratings have been falling this season and the final episode had lower ratings than the previous episode. No matter how much some people were satisfied with the show, the ratings are clearly proving that a lot weren’t.

      Klaus was kept in the show because his fanbase made themselves known, so it’s normal that people who feels like the writers didn’t do a good job and didn’t “respect” the essence of the characters are complaining to make things change. This is how TV works. It may be sad, but if you want to get ratings you have to satisfy the viewers.

      For sure, many people are screaming murder and are crossing the lines with death threat and other crazy stuff (people sometimes are just too much), but still, the writers (especially JP who’s Head writer) HAVE to take the time to check the ratings and see why some episodes had better ratings than others. Especially this season, if you look at the ratings, the same kind of episodes got the better ratings while another category got worse ratings.

  23. catbean says:

    Sharon – Elena’s head injury at Klaus’ house was fixed by Meredith in the hospital with vamp blood early in the episode but Meredith didn’t tell anyone. She really did drive of the bridge with Matt and she drowned because she insisted Stephan save Matt. She thought she was going to die (and technically she did). The flasback/present storytelling device was to show the past accident in juxiposition with the current crash. It was not a dream. Elena drowned and at the same time VampAlaric died. The only real mystery is who’s vamp blood is it since it ties her to an original as well.

    • catbean says:

      Stupid iPod spell corrector – obviously I meant Stefen saved Matt at Elena’s insistence.

    • Shey says:

      Elena’s “maker” would be Damon, the dr had taken some of his blood for her healing purposes sometime back so she is tied to Klaus’ line as well

      • catbean says:

        It may be Damon but that was a while ago. We don’t really know where Meredith was getting all her vamp blood supply so we’re not really sure. I image at some point we will find out or maybe not if Meredith didn’t keep the vials labeled and she had multiple sources. Elena could be from a different blood line. Now that would be interesting.

  24. lola says:

    More Elijah. Less Klaus and Rebekah.

  25. Kalee says:

    Pretty sure Rebekah or Elijah were everyone’s makers since I think the writer’s were certain that they would live on, so that’s why they did that retraction with Klaus possibly being the maker. At least they set up some stuff with Bonnie and Tyler with it.

    But yeah, it felt natural for Klaus to die at the end of this season and a little worried that his death, whenever that maybe, could be less impactful than his work in season 3. But I have faith in TVD writers.

  26. Angel says:

    I just need Klaus not to die and for Klaroline to happen. I don’t care about anything else.

  27. Elle says:

    Catbean- that’s a good point about the vampire blood…that actually didn’t occur to me that there’s now potentially one less original vamp they can kill. However it’s probably going to turn out to be Damon’s blood. Merideth took his blood earlier in the season and it was hard enough for them to trace their own lineage going back only 3 vampires (because Katherine was so old), let alone trace the lineage of some mystery vamp going back potentially dozens over 1000 years.

    As far as the newly vamped out Elena? I’m hoping to see some long overdue teenaged rebellion. She’d made it perfectly clear after Damon had forcefed her his blood prior to the whole doppleganger sacrofice that she didn’t want to be a vampire. She lost the parents who raised her, both of her birth parents, and both of her surrogates (her aunt Jenna, and Alaric…whk technically speaking was her stepfather). She lost three sets of parent figures and now she lost her own identity, the future she wanted, any kids she might have had. She’s been mopey and self-sacrificing for too long, she has to have a lot of rage buried somewhere and now would be the perfect time to see it.

    • Jayde says:

      This. So much this. My heart is going to hurt for her when she finds out and it clicks. This is something that she didn’t want no matter what. She already said she’d rather die then become a vampire. :(

  28. Elle says:

    Actually if there ever was a chance for Delena this would be it. Stefan would just be overly grateful that she’s alive and would be a supportive shoulder to cry on, but Damon would truly empathize with her being turned against her will, and let’s face it -he’s perfected the art of lashing out. The fact that he’d be there for her like that right after she shattered his heart could be enough to make her realize he’s the one.

  29. Natalie says:

    What I would really like to see is more Elijah. Much, much more Elijah.

  30. Martin says:

    as long as they don’t do a one tree hill and time jump in Season 5, i’m ok, for me, at least, it ruined that show when it time jumped at the end of high school

  31. Marie says:

    Klaus needs to die permanently. He was genuinely scary and appropriately evil in season two and season three has been one long, petulant, whiny disappointment. And as some kind of misunderstood anti-hero, he’s just a redundant Damon-clone.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I lol’s at Julie Plec saying Bonnie had her time in the sun. I mean, WHAT? Seriously? That’s far from true.

    • Mikael says:

      Exactly!! Bonnie has NEVER been given a decent storyline! Her mother abandons her (again!) and then Bonnie is missing from the next 2 episodes to deal with it offscreen and comes back when they need a witch. They are going to lose viewers if Season 4 is dominated by Klaus again. He got boring, winning every week. They need a new villain, and they need to tone down the Originals. I also don’t want to see the triangle dragged out all year again. She needs to pick one already. I thought it was finally over when she chose Stefan, but now that she’s a vampire and she apparently met Damon first, I bet it’s going to start all over again.

  33. lauren says:

    I love Rebekah, but don’t see why on earth she would stay in mystic falls with everyone hating her and her brother dead? I’m torn on the return of Klaus, on one hand I love the character, but agree with others here that he’s not menacing anymore. Who is going to be the big bad then? I don’t care for Elena (love Katherine!), and really don’t want her story to be front and center. I’m much more invested in the supporting characters and their stories. I don’t even like the Salvatore brothers anymore! Ah, what has happened to me?!

  34. Mick says:

    The first half of season 3 was great and the second half of season 3 was bumpy. Klaus should have died in the middle of the season because 22 episodes of “Let’s kill Klaus” got old truly fast. Klaus works in small doses while Elijah was the truly compelling Original family member.

  35. Anonymous says:

    They need to include Elijah a lot more!!!

  36. Kelly says:

    What I would like to ask Julie Plec is how Elijah is going to react when he finds out about Elena. Will he be mad….devestated….what?
    I have a huge problem with this show as a whole being ALL about Elena, Stefan and Damon and their whole love triangle. I’m sorry but can’t she just say ‘I need a break from you two because you’e making me crazy’ and be on her own….for just a freaking second?!!
    That is what will really start to grate on my nerves as this show goes on. I think it’s poor writing if the entire series is about this love triangle.

  37. guest says:

    I hope this Rebekah storyline is meant to create sympathy for her. She’s the best character on the show and the biggest reason I tune in every week.

  38. Me says:

    Joseph Morgan is what got me hooked on TVD again. I can’t imagine the show without him or the Originals now. So glad they are keeping him around!!

  39. Natasha says:

    Love the series but do agree with the whole klaus thing.. If he turns good and it focuses on this whole love story between Caroline and klaus then whose going to be the villlan? Elena? Haha but one thing that annoys me is out of everyone’s body why did Bonnie have to put klaus in Tyler’s! That’s her friend! Bitch lol unless he wanted to to save Caroline but eww annoying ha! More Katherine!!! Peace

    • tony says:

      But TVD has a new villain every season…At least that’s the formula so far: Season 1, Damon. Season 2, Katherine. Season 3, Klaus. And every new villain somehow always makes his predecessor look more sympathetic.

    • Manie says:

      One thing I’m sure is that Tyler knew what he was doing with Bonnie. He said in to Caroline that he would gladly die to protect her. And she probably chose Tyler because he was a Hybrid like Klaus.

  40. Jennifer says:

    The problem with this show is that it centers around Elena and they refuse to see her in anything but the most positive light. Hearing about how wonderful Elena is (despite her actions) or who will she choose, love, etc. every episode is tedious. I enjoyed Elena at the end of season 1 and the beginning of 2, but it’s been down hill ever since. If only Rebekah could have job well and made sure Elena was vampire blood free before going into the lake! Nina could play Katherine full time and maybe we’d get some movement other than “Elena’s the most fabulous girl in the world! We must all be willing to die to protect her!” all the time.

    Also, somewhere along the way, many of the secondary characters have become more compelling than the triangle. Maybe Klaus should have been killed, but he’s so much more interesting than the ridiculous triangle anvils that litter every episode. There’s no way they could do without him and keep the half of the audience that cares about story as opposed to the love triangle stuff.

    I’d watch a show where the focus was the Original Family, Caroline or even the Salvatore Brothers and their history, but the rest of this is just blah. I’ll definitely DVR, but I’m losing interest fast.

    • dawnmac says:

      I agree 100% regarding the whole Elena thing. In the books she was a bit of a bitch but she was never boring and the so-called triangle never really was.This version of Elena is just blah.

    • Brianna says:

      I think you’re confusing your bitterness with how Elena’s portrayed on the show. I don’t see her goodness being brought to light any more than her flaws (she’s been called out by most of the characters in one way or another). As a main character, of course she’s going to get more attention/praise than others.

  41. maria says:

    class of 2013 doesnt julie mean class of 2011, the show doesnt follow a yearly story each season.

    still the originals are around please downgrade them all. julie says the year of graduation characters i doubt bonnie or matt do much. tyler will go out of town hopefully they give michael a decent role he disappears every season for weeks.

  42. more boring stuff to come! I love this show

  43. Ara says:

    They said Katherine won’t come back until Klaus is dead. He isn’t dead but Katherine doesn’t know that so I hope she’ll get back and than comes face-to-face with Klaus XD And I wonder how they’ll solve the problem with the consil now that they know about the Vampires…

  44. tahlia says:

    the writers made one of the best decisions by keeping klaus/joseph morgan on board. he’s fantasic, one of the best actors on this show and yes, they’re all quite good. but, klaus has so many layers, i am excited to see where this new vulnerability and anger will lead him. the originals were the best thing these writers ever introduced. klaus has become one of my fave tv characters, those that don’t like him, i dont get you :( i dont watch this show soley for the main love triangle, maybe im doing it wrong, lol. also, can’t wait to see how rebekah will handle being excluded and how her brother will react to her killing elena. s4 should be awesome.

  45. tony says:

    Nah, the problem wasn’t Klaus, the problem was that the writers spent the whole season focused on the “let’s kill him” plot and that got repetitive and tiring. Badly-handled storyline for sure, but the character still has potential.

  46. Alana says:

    And without Klaus what would we have? More of the same: the eternal love triangle that got old after one season. Honestly, without the Originals (more specifically Klaus) I would have checked out this season. They bring something fresh and interesting to the story line. Especially this season now that making hybrids will be impossible for Klaus. We’ll get to see a different side of him and I cannot wait to see Joseph Morgan act this out.

  47. loz says:

    thank god they’re keeping klaus for season 4. they have so much more they could get from him. i just hope the storyline each episode isn’t ‘let’s kill klaus’ because i feel that is what has become tiring to some fans. not the character. a very large part of this fan base is obsessed with klaus.. or should i say joseph? doesn’t matter really. he’s lives! i mean, klaus finding out elena’s now a vampire? so keen for that scene.

    • Mikayla says:

      they cant exactly do the lets kill klaus plot anymore or else they would kill off kathrine, elena, damon, stefan, and caroline

  48. Wendy says:

    Joseph Morgan is a brilliant actor and I’ve really enjoyed him being on the show. I love Rebekah and the whole original family dynamic and storyline too. IMO, Klaus is one of the best villains I’ve ever seen. Having said that, I think all the failed plots to kill Klaus have been played out too much. It’s become tedious and tiresome. Either kill him for good or move on to something else. And for Caroline to fall for Klaus, they’d have to totally redeem him and I don’t think I’d like Klaus then. I love him as the villain too much. Though, I did love to see his softer moments, but I prefer him as the villain more. I do think that he and Caroline had great chemistry and he’d offer her more of future.. but could it really work? I think it’s time they bring on a new, bigger baddie.
    I’m really excited to see Elena as a vampire and what she’ll be like. The timing those chose to turn her was perfect. I was getting tired of the constant attempts to keep Elena alive. I’m thrilled. She’s going to remember the times Damon compelled her he loved her and their first meeting… and my hope is she’ll change her mind and want to be with him. We’ve waited long enough for Delena. I hope Elena will get to have more fun as a vampire ’cause that girl could use some fun in her life.
    I want Katherine to come back too! It ‘d be interesting to see Elena and Katherine interact after she’s become a vampire.

    • Fran says:

      That’s my biggest problem about Elena and Damon. The writers completely changed the entire past story to show that Damon and Elena met first. It was obviously just a way to give the Delena fans hope, because nothing about it made sense. Damon just came to town, is obsessed with Katherine and meets a girl who looks EXACTLY like her- yet he doesn’t react at all? This is back when he was completely reckless and only wanting Katherine- it made no sense at all.

      • kate says:

        i agree with you. don’t understand thise Delena thing. she made a choice and that should be it.

        • Hannah says:

          Damon was so out of character in that little clip and it was just stupid. It doesn’t make sense with season 1 at all. I read on IMDB that Julie Plec said that ‘the triangle has just begun’, so they clearly just want Damon and Stefan to be pathetic if they think it’s okay for Elena to treat them that way.

          I used to love the show so much and got so excited when a new episode was going to air, but season 3 completely ruined the show for me. I kept watching hoping that it would get better but, no, it didn’t. The triangle is just too drawn out and doesn’t make any sense to me.

          People seem to forget that Damon waited 145 years for Katherine… then suddenly he ‘loves’ Elena, doesn’t love Katherine and there’s nothing suspect about that? I would like to know how Damon thinks that he could ever be happy in a boring relationship with boring Elena. She doesn’t accept him for who he is and it’s just unfair that the writers are hell bent on making him the most pathetic man on television when he was such an interesting character in the first two seasons.

          • Amanda says:

            Damon is pretty much my favorite character, but with this whole Damon/Elena love story, it’s gotten to the point that I–no lie—go “WHY does Damon love Elena?” every single episode that I watch. I feel like centering Season Three around that dynamic (and don’t say it wasn’t, because it was. Season three was all about pushing Damon and Elena together so amp up the suspense of Elena’s “choice”) was a HUGE mistake. Vampire Diaries never used to disappoint me at all, but Season Three was full of disappointments. The most utterly depressing thought of all in this is that the writers will for sure keep going on like this, dragging out Damon and Elena’s cliche, annoying “love story.” They are not right for each other, and I do not want to watch Damon wait around forever to finally have Elena give him the time of day. Yeah, I know it’s inevitable, she finally will at one point “choose him” but sorry, I don’t enjoy watching a “love story” where the heroine continuously leads the male on, and then treats him horribly, over and over and over again until she finally stops. No, forgive me, that’s not romantic to me at all—that, and I don’t like the depressed puppy that Elena makes him become. There’s all this hype about how “Elena changes him for the better.” But whatever. I can see another heroine who actually decently behaves towards him that could also “change him.” Not to mention, around him Elena likes to sigh annoyingly all the time and roll her eyes and turns into an annoying bore. I don’t know why people say he brings out the best in her. I can count the number of times he’s “brought out the best” on my fingers. She mostly just becomes annoyed and dull. The sad thing is, I think most of the producers are blissfully unaware that there are A LOT of fans like me who don’t watch this show for Damon/Elena or Stefan/Elena, and are getting really frustrated with the show’s writing. I wish they saw it. Anyway, now that I’ve ranted forever about one of the main reasons Season Three frustrated me…I’ll depart.

          • Hannah says:

            No, I really appreciate you saying that because I feel the same way. I’m personally a Damon/Caroline shipper because they are both very different people now than they were when they met. I think Caroline could accept Damon’s darkness and let him be who he is while he loves so deeply that she would be loved the way that she deserves to be.

            This whole ‘making him a better man’ stuff annoys me because isn’t the point when you love someone, to love them completely? Flaws and all? I hate that the writers are making it seem like nobody could love Damon unless he changes because that’s just wrong when Stefan’s worse than Damon.

            The thing that I think is terrible though, is the fact that nobody focuses on the even worse things that Stefan’s done. Everyone always just blames Damon. Like in episode one of season three when Alaric and Damon go to that house and find the girls that Stefan ‘put back together’, I was nearly vomiting when the head rolled off. Yet THAT is who the writers think is Elena’s ‘pure love’? I think everyone needs to get off their high horse in the show and accept that they are all monsters in their own ways.

            As far as Damon and Elena are concerned, if you watched season three, I don’t see how anyone who really is a fan of Damon could want him to be inflicted with her. She was horrible to him the whole season, pushing him away constantly then when she’s not the center of his attention, she gets all jealous and flirty. She is manipulative and mean and I seriously think that Damon deserves better because when he really tries, he is the hero.

            I think it’s just wrong the way they’ve marked Stefan and Damon as ‘hers’ on the show. Like she can do whatever she wants to the two of them because she’s ‘Elena’. I don’t think that I’ll be watching the show for much longer because I think that the writers have seriously screwed up something that could have been epic. I loved the books but the character of Elena in the books is completely different to the show Elena and it’s made me not want to ever read the books again. It’s truly tragic how they’ve destroyed Damon’s character on the show.

            Sorry for the return rant!

          • Greenie says:

            Ladies I am so with you right now. Whichever person wrote this ‘I think Caroline could accept Damon’s darkness and let him be who he is while he loves so deeply that she would be loved the way that she deserves to be.’ — not sure I agree 100% Caroline is that person, but I feel exactly that way about whoever damon ends up with and needless to say it ain’t elena in my mind. I am so sick of seeing Elena judge Damon over and over again. Bah!

  49. Nabi says:

    Are you kidding me guys??? It’s tIme for Klaus to go??? I’d like to remind you that Klaus is the one who basically built S3! without him it would have been such a lame show!yes because Elena in S3 was such annoying character and the love triangle was boring. Klaus brought the show to a whole new level,before it was basically a teen drama about vampires, since Klaus has come everything’s changed, he gave more reliability to the show. Without Klaus now tvd would be NOTHING.So, NO it’s not the right time for Klaus to be killed off, he’s one of the best villains EVER, played by the extraordinary Joseph Morgan. One more thing: why the villain for you can’t have a love interest? it’s such an amazing thing when a villain is a heartless and cold character and he loves ONLY one woman. He behaves badly with everyone except her, that’s amazing! come on even the villains on true blood fall in love, Spike fell in love with Buffy, why can’t this happen to Klaus?

    • Manie says:

      That is what a villain is supposed to do! If you are a fan of Buffy, you should know that… Each season had its villain who fans adored, but they DIED at the end of each season or left.

      Klaus is no Spike. It was shown very quickly that Spike was never truly evil and he was already in love with someone when he came onto the show and his softer side was shown when Angel became Angelus. His love for Buffy took more than 1 scene, more like seasons to happen. He went from hating her to being obsess with her than back to being frustrated until he was finally able to accept that he loved her and when she refused him again, he seek out his soul to prove that he was a good “man”.

      Klaus tried to sacrifices Caroline to become and Hybrid and the first scene they shared was after she had been bitten and out of nowhere he was “fancying her”?!

      Klaus: He was establish as an evil vampire who loved witches and warlock. Out of nowhere he wants to reconcile with his family, build them a house at the top of the mountain and don’t care about witches or warlocks anymore.
      Spike: He was establish a volatile Slayer killer who was in love with Dru. After leaving because Buffy had ruined his plan he became obsess with killing her… and we know the story. But him falling for Buffy was slow build and totally belieable.

      Klaus should have fallen for Elena (as a doppelganger like Elijah) or become obsess with Bonnie (since she is a witch)

      As for your question, I don’t mind a villain having a love interest (point at Spike) the problem with everyone with Klaus falling in love is that it destroyed who he was as a villain.

      • Me says:

        If I had to watch another character fall all over Elena I would have absolutely stopped watching this show. That got old in season 1

        • Manie says:

          LMAO I was not suggesting for THAT to happen, I promise. XD Scouts honor! I was just saying that Klaus falling for Caroline wasn’t making any sense based on the character itself!

          But let’s face it, Caroline turned into another Elena this season. She has the same love history has Elena… with some exception.

          Elena is all pure while Caroline sleeps around. But after that… They both went out with Matt and drop him because they fell in love with a supernatural (Stefan and Tyler) than big bad Vampire came in (Damon and out of nowhere Klaus)…

          This is getting out of control! LOL

    • Natasha says:

      You have to also remember that if Klaus dies then Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Tyler, Caroline and possibly Elena die too.That depends on who’s blood Meridith used to heal Elena… But Klaus could turn good look at Damon he was an asshole in season1 and his love for Elena has made him show his nicer side.

      • Manie says:

        Thus the need to have Klaus back in his body and in the casket and being drop at the bottom of the ocean for a very long sleep! :D

      • luvprue1 says:

        Exactly! Plus it took 3 whole season for Damon to change. Klaus hasn’t been on the show that long,and he has killed ( On screen that is) half as many people that Damon had.

  50. L. says:

    This show without Klaus would be dull. For me, he’s kinda like Spike from Buffy, that bad guy with so much personality you could never say goodbye. Yes, they’re different but same principle. Joseph Morgan has given this character so much life, i’d be honestly sad if he did die so soon now that he’s vunerable and with that stake out there.. it’s opened up so many storylines, glad the writers chose to explore him more, otherwise we’d be stuck with the main love triangle and I know thats the main goal of the show but damn, that ain’t why I watch! Interested to see Elena’s transistion and how everyone is effected but I do love some Klaus, dude has sooo many issues. Plus, him & Caroline have to happen.

    • Manie says:

      I don’t want to repeat myself, so just read what I wrote in the previous post as an answer. Klaus is no Spike! And I’ve detailed why.

      • catbean says:

        No Klaus is not so much like Spike, Damon is. The whole loving someone that doesn’t love you the same: Spike/Dru & Damon/Katherine and then meeting someone truly good and falling for them: Spike/Buffy & Damon/Elena. And the whole getting angry and acting out (killing people, being self destructive) and then getting pulled back and feeling remorseful due to wanting approval and love. Klause has a tremendous amount of potential to grow (his back story where he was the bastard child, never loved, always picked on by Mikael, his inability to open up and accept love and trust, even from his own family). His desire to be liked, even loved, by Stefen and now Caroline gives potential for him to grow as a character and we’ve seen that before with other villians. Yes, I too love Elijah and want more of him but Joseph Morgan is a terrific actor and if they do move beyond the ‘lets kill Klause’ weekly thing, I think there is great things they could do with his character and I do believe they will move away from that since we now know that all the vamps (except maybe Elena since we don’t yet have absolute confirmation the vamp blood Meredith gave her was Damon’s) are tied to him and trying to kill him just doesn’t work any longer.