Body of Proof Mass Exodus Continues: Sonja Sohn and Nicholas Bishop Out!

Sonja Sohn Nicholas Bishop Body of ProofTurns out John Carroll Lynch’s dismissal from Body of Proof was just the tip of the iceberg.

TVLine has learned that Lynch’s costars, Nicholas Bishop and Sonja Sohn, also won’t be returning for the ABC procedural’s upcoming third season.

Bishop co-starred as medico-legal detective Peter Dunlop, while Sohn played homicide investigator Sam Baker (and partner to Lynch’s Bud Morris.)

All three actors had been with the show since the pilot.

Negotiations to bring Body of Proof back for a third season came down to the wire last month amid speculation that the show’s budget was being dramatically slashed.

News of Bishop’s departure was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. So…it’s basically not the same show anymore? Weird.

    • elr says:

      That’s my thinking also. What will the show be like when it comes back on? Will there be any interactions with detectives or investigators at all?

    • lorna says:

      WTF no more Peter? Have onl seen a few eps, my ma likes this show. I’m already depressed with the crap changes on GA, PP, VD and ringer axing. guhhh

    • Debbie says:

      I have watched the show from the very first episode and have loved it! I am SO disappointed that Nicholas Bishop and Sonja Sohn are gone!! Nicholas Bishop is a great actor and so adorable!:-) Sonja Sohn gave the show sassy vibrations and unpredictability. So sorry to see them leave.

  2. CC says:

    Budget cuts!!

    • Simon Jester says:

      Yup. Clearly, a cast reduction was the price of renewal.

      • KevyB says:

        Really, how much could these people be getting paid? They’re far from A-Listers. So if they’re dumping the three cops, does that mean Megan and the docs turn into CSI: Philadelphia?

        • ChrisGa says:

          I imagine both Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan get paid pretty decently; personally, I would’ve let the two actors who play Megan’s co-workers go–they’re the least essential to the show’s dynamic IMO.

          • Larry McD says:

            Agree wholeheartedly. The supporting cast in the coroner’s office are clichés and, as often as not, thoroughly irritating.

        • Robin Weaver says:

          You wouldn’t believe what some of the cast members were being paid. If you want a quality cast you have to put the money into it.

  3. Well, this will be its last season. Too many changes.

    • PPPG says:

      I agree. I always felt NB’s character was going to fall for the good Doctor. I’ll give it a shot, but I don’t expect much longer than the first 3 eps.

    • Robin Weaver says:

      I thought it sucked when they stopped filming in Rhode Island. I loved seeing the cast when they came on set every morning. I will miss Peter, Bud and Sam. It won’t be the same but because it started in my home state I will continue to watch.

    • nancy says:

      I probably won’t watch anymore they got rid of some good characters and left only primaries and nobodies. What a waste of a good show. Budget cuts just an excuse.

  4. Megan says:

    Not sure if I’ll watch anymore. Peter was my favorite character! :(

  5. OK, i could deal with a cop change-up but Bishop’s character is Delaney’s character conscience. Without him, she doesn’t always catch her faux pas’. Guess I’m done watching now.

    • I think your quite right……he played a more unique role, which i believe is critical to the viewers..;)

      • Erin says:

        Agree to all. The team dynamic makes these shows. I’ve watched the first few eps but the rest of the episodes are waiting on my PC for me and the Peter and Megan’s relationship was one of the things that drew me in.

    • Izzy says:

      Agreed completely. I thought Delaney and Bishop’s character are the show! So who’s gonna do the detective work if there are no more detectives on the show? Is it changing into medical show???

  6. Cari says:

    Well I was debating whether or not I was going to continue to watch. Guess they just made up my mind for me…

  7. George says:

    Obviously when BoP got a third season massive budget cuts came with it. Based on who they’re getting rid of it seems to me the show is going to be concentrating on the “medical” side of things, which quite honestly I found more interesting anyway.

    I do have to wonder what they’re going to do with Peter based on the cliff hanger at the end of season 2.

  8. I was shocked when Body of Proof was renewed. I really must wonder why they even bothered renewing the show with all these people leaving. It seems far too late for a retool.

    • rowan77 says:

      They’ll replace them with fewer and less expensive actors. The show isn’t written very well to begin with. You take away the seasoned actors and all you have is Dana Delaney constantly looking smug while delivering terrible lines.

  9. Keith says:

    Maybe they can all go work with Lynette Scavo at Katherine Mayfair’s frozen food business

    • The8treGirl says:

      Now that’s funny. And given all the cannibalism stories in the news lately, also a little creepy…

  10. Carry says:

    hate this!

  11. Bonnie says:

    Oh no, not Peter! I guess he’s not going to make it after the cliffhanger… too bad, he had a lot of great storylines last yr.
    Sad about Bud and Sam too, they are quite a pair.

  12. Scott says:

    Without Bud, Sam and Peter the only investigator will be Megan. Is she going to get a new partner? Maybe Kate who could carry the show as she did when she was 7of9 on Voyager. Or will Ethan and Curtis be promoted from “comic relief”?

    Even with the cops going, and Peter gone because of what happened to Dani in the two part season finale, it’s not going to be the same show as it was.

  13. Leah says:

    What the heck? No Peter? His relatioship with Megan is at the center of the show? If all these changes were necessary to get renewed, it should’ve been canceled. Losing one of the three was doable, but all three? Impossible.

    • moobear says:

      Completely agreed! It wasn’t the strongest show to begin with, but I liked the dynamic and was hoping it might build on that, hence the reason I would sometimes catch an episode here and there, to see if it got better, but blah I won’t bother with it now…here’s hoping that ‘international’ audience will still watch it, because I like Delaney. Though I predict a handful of episodes will be aired before it gets yanked from the schedule.

  14. Donna says:

    I understand getting rid of the other homicide detective – she was the weak link of that duo and I never thought they “worked” within the show’s vibe, especially Sam (whose name I had to re-read the article for.) More surprised by the exit of Peter’s character, except they killed off his gf and I think we’ve established he and Delaney’s character aren’t going to have that “zing”….and otherwise he hasn’t really become a part of the team in-house. If they bring in a detective team with better show mojo and another pretty face to the ME’s office…I’m good with that.

  15. mdb says:

    i won’t miss any of them – they were all weak characters be nice to have some new blood

  16. sara says:

    So I guess they’re getting rid of the cop drama and just going with the coroner thing.

  17. Viv says:

    omg! Sonja Sohn was on tv again?? I totally would have watched this show if I’d known that!

  18. John says:

    Show’s definitely skidding to stage left….

    The detective duo was replaceable (though I liked them well enough) but Peter was an integral component for the show as it was and his investigation scenes a welcome relief, truth be told, from the autopsy close-ups. I am a Dana fan so I’ll give it a chance but with more than a bit of skepticism.

  19. joe says:

    There is a new producer,I think he is from one of the csi shows don’t know which one Im ok with the dectives gone but I liked the peter character ,I too was VERY surpised when this show got renewed

  20. AF says:

    Well…that kind of sucks. I liked these characters a lot. I’m still going to watch next season and it will be interesting to see how the show is going to change. But, I’m sad to see these three characters go.

  21. sarah m says:

    well thats stupid, without the original cast its not the same show, and it means not only will their budget be slashed but also their audience figures too!

  22. Dave says:

    Nicholas Bishop is a bit of a surprise … but those two cops just had to go. Combination of over-acting & under-writing for the two characters did them in.

    • Karrie says:

      I agree, I could do without the two cops, they won’t be missed by me but Nicholas Bishop and his character will be; I’d rather they got rid of Jeri Ryan and her character and the creepy nerdy dude (don’t really know what his character is).

  23. Jason Long says:

    and with that I think i am done with this show… it CAN NOT be the same anymore. Oh well I had too much to watch anyway!

  24. Sam says:

    Suprised to see Nicholas Bishop fired. I found him core to the show. Too bad. And i really liked his character. Though he did feel often underused.

    Sonja on the other hand won’t be missed. I always kept asking myself.. “what is she doing here”. Her her Lynch could leave. Meaning we might have a new cop played by cheap actors.

  25. joe says:

    I guess peter won’t survive the cliffhanger

  26. PFitzDC says:

    Too bad they didn’t cut the Lacey character—hate the subplots with the daughter!

  27. greysfan says:

    Guess we know the answer to “Does Peter survive” then don’t we. Body of Proof is losing all the good characters. The 2 cops were really growing on me at the end and Peter was great. This sucks.

  28. elena says:

    Wow they really are retooling the show, i heard one good castle writer is writing for body of proof now, alexis hawley. well sad blood bath for the show, they might as well cancel the show, and give something else to dana.

  29. SJ says:

    I seriously doubt this has to do with budget cuts. The show is only entering its third season and aside from Delany and Ryan, there are no “big name” stars. Plus, they just won that lottery thing a few days ago. The show must be dirt cheap to produce.

    I’m sure they just wanted to go in a different direction. As a matter of fact, I expect Luke Perry to come on board as a full-fledged series regular as speculated a few months ago. I guess the show will just focus on the medical stuff and rotate detectives (just like David E. Kelley’s The Practice, of the top of my head, did). Body of Proof is not a police procedural. There is no need for regular characters who are cops.

    I will miss John Carroll Lynch, as his banter with Megan (Delany) was one of the more enjoyable parts of the show. On the other hand, I’m so glad that Sohn and Bishop are leaving. Sohn is really bad and the character of Peter is extremely expendable.

    • ann says:

      Well…that just sucks!

    • Elvia says:

      I agree. But I also think that will have another guy to be Megan’s partner. I just hope that this new one be a nicer, interesting and charming character than Peter.

      • Robin Weaver says:

        Are you sure we were watching the same show? Peter was a very good character. I will miss him. He was a very likeable, sympathetic character. Anyone that didn’t like the character of Peter probably has an I.Q smaller than their shoe size.

        • Elvia says:

          Seriously Robin?!?!?! I prefer very much the british guy than Peter. I’m still watching the S02E16 episode, and I don’t know if he’s going to appear until the season finale, at least I hope so… He’s adorable.

  30. I really liked the show, but Peter was a big reason I watched. I like the character and his dynamic with Megan. I may just watch it on Hulu next season.

  31. Poppy says:

    Well, I guess they can add me to the list of people who are not coming back to this show now. I was sad when I heard about John Carroll Lynch’s departure but I can honestly say that Nic Bishop getting fired was something I never saw coming. Upset doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this.The funny thing is that as far as I’m concerned they could have cut EVERYONE but Megan, Peter, Bud and maybe Sam and I still would have watched but this?! No. The relationship between Megan and Peter was an integral part of the show for me. Without that Body of Proof is no longer a show I want to watch, not matter how much I love Dana Delany.
    Fans bent over backwards fighting for the show to get a 3rd season. I was so excited when the show got renewed but considering what ABC is doing now, they might as well have canceled it.

  32. the8tregirl says:

    I might catch this show just to see how high Dana Delany’s heels are this week… laugh my ass off (because, seriously? those shoes in a MORGUE?? doing an AUTOPSY??)… and then go read a good book on coroners/medical detectives. I really like Delany but her combination whining/superior character, and the weirdo idiots working in the morgue with her, are why I don’t hang in there for more than my shoe giggle.

    • tp says:

      She wore scrubs and crocs in the morgue. Are you sure you watched this show at all? Or should I ask did you pay attention?

  33. ljd213 says:

    Okay, I was annoyed that John Carrol Lynch’s character was gone with a new baby imminent. But this tears it, how can you get rid of Nic Bishop? He was what made Megan human on the job originally and allowed her to become more of a team member. Not to mention the chemistry, not to mention him showing up to save her and she ends up saving him…then, he’s wounded.

    Yep, this sucks. I think I’ll skip the show’s third season unless someone gets some sense back and brings back Peter.

    Bummer on top of the pleasant surprise of the show being picked up.

  34. Diane says:

    So why should we continue watching,Dana is good, but better with the others. I was so looking forward to third season.

  35. liza Tish says:

    We have to think positive! The show may very well get spiced up. Sad to see those actors go but there are so many others out there praying for a break! Juice it up BOP! I wanna see several seasons ahead! : )

  36. Alia says:

    Bye bye BoP, I won’t watch 3rd season, Peter was my fav character.

  37. Mena says:

    So typical. They want to lose the show, but with its strong fan base they need to shake them off before making their move. Same MO as community, just change the show so they can cancel it this upcoming season

  38. Maddy says:

    Cancel it now! Stupid people are always changing a good thing!

  39. Jason says:

    Good. Now if they’d just replace Windell Middlebrooks this show would get back on the right track. That or tone down his ‘sassy black man’ routine, so over the top. Glad to see this show getting re-tooled, it has potential.

    Always bugs me when people say they’re going to stop watching shows after cast changes. If you were just watching for that one actor, clearly you weren’t very invested in the show to begin with, were you?

    • PPPG says:

      I wasn’t watch for the actors but for the character interaction. Just as I hated the premier of Royal Pains last night because I liked the camaraderie of the brothers

    • Poppy says:

      Your logic is flawed. This isn’t just about the actors getting fired but about the characters we fans have invested our time in and gotten attached to over the past two seasons. Yes, a show needs a good premise and good story telling but you’ll be hard pressed to find a show that has ever succeed just based on that. Great characters that people are interested in and can relate to are just as important. I for one liked the ones the show had just fine and without them BoP will no longer be the show I fell in love with. I’m not interested in watching the same show with a new cast. Sorry.

  40. Lorie says:

    Whoa! What the heck is happening over there?! Bummed about Nicholas Bishop.

  41. MagicallySuspicious says:

    They should have kept Peter and ditched Jeri Ryan’s character. She irritates me to no end.

    • NP says:

      My thoughts exactly – they would have saved a lot more money getting rid of her and we need Peter – her character is just irritating (much like Lacey)

  42. Jennifer says:

    Well ABC should have cancelled Body of Proof and picked up Awake from NBC

  43. GeoDiva says:

    What?!?!? I like the cops and guess Peter won’t survive. Why couldn’t they have gotten rid of Lacy? She is so annoying.

    • Ben Oliva says:

      Abc is a failure with there NEWS Department by leaving out 50% of the news, now in there Entertainment Department is deleting 50% of the program characters and there goes the story line. Thanks ABC another one of your programs for me to delete.

  44. Curt says:

    yeah, this was one character (Peter) I am sorry to see go, but like the show so…..

  45. TMW says:

    Didn’t watch this after the pilot because I felt Delaney was surrounded by an extremely weak supporting cast I didn’t care to follow. I’m surprised they weren’t dumped after the first season.

  46. Pam says:

    Why bother to watch the show without those 3 characters. They should have just cancelled it instead. Very sad :(

  47. Chloe says:

    I was so happy when they renewed Body of Proof but now…… I will miss Bud and Sam but Peter?? OMG, what a mistake to let him go! I had been hoping that he and Megan would get together now that the girlfriend was gone. Guess that’s not gonna happen. They appear to be making sure that this show won’t go beyond the 13 eps that it’s been renewed for. *shakes head sadly*

  48. Will says:

    Guess they should a picked up Unforgettable instead huh?

    I’ll still watch though, see what they do with it. Never really cared for Peter anyways.

    • kmg says:

      Well, since they’re on two different networks, it probably wouldn’t have helped.

      • Robin Weaver says:

        I was working as a security guard on the set of Body Of Proof when they were filming in Rhode Island for the first season. I have met the actors and they are very down to earth. They realize that without their fans the show would go nowhere. I will miss the out going actors as well as the characters they play. I am sure they wish nothing but success for the show. I know I will miss the characters of Bud, Sam and Peter in the upcoming season, but I will be watching the show.

  49. wooster182 says:

    Yay! I HATED Peter. So glad they got rid of him before he became a love interest.

    • Erin says:

      From what I’ve recently read, that wasn’t the aim. They were bucking the trend which is refreshing. I like a nice close platonic frienship.

    • Jess says:

      Yay right… because Kate as Megan’s love interest would be soooo much better. No.