What to Watch: Royal Pains Returns, Kristen Bell Goes Country, Just Shoot Me Reunion and More

On TV this Wednesday: Veronica Mars is feeling a li’l bit country, USA Network is feeling the Pains again, Cleveland hosts a Just Shoot Me reunion and more. Here are 11 programs to consider.

8 pm CMT Music Awards (CMT) | Toby Keith and Kristen Bell (in her first visit to Nashville/first gig as an awards show host) lord over this year’s kudoscast.

8 pm Dogs in the City (CBS) | This week’s problem pooches include a K-9 canine transitioning into retirement and a dog who won’t stop barking aka every dog that has ever lived next to you.

8:30 pm Up All Night (NBC) | A Repeat to Revisit: It’s game night, in one of Christina Applegate’s fave episodes from Season 1.

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9 pm Royal Pains (USA Network) | Season 4 premiere: Hank and Divya treat a professional competitive eater as well as a local amateur who  happens to be Jill’s brother (played by Terriers‘ Donal Logue); Evan steps out from Hank’s shadow to start a business all his own. (A Season 3.5 marathon airs from 6 to 10 am.)

9 pm Haunted Collector (Syfy) | As part of the Season 2 premiere, the team checks out a house that’s possibly haunted by an 1868 steamboat crash that killed more than 60 people.

9 pm Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America (Travel) | Series premiere: An 11-part, cross-country survey of the best things on sliced bread.

PREVIEW VIDEO | Happily Divorced Finale Sneak Peek: Will the Karate Kid Pull Any Moves on Fran?

10 pm Necessary Roughness (USA Network) | In the Season 2 premiere, Dr. Dani and the Hawks hit the ground running — albeit smack into more crisis — while her romance with Matt remains very hot, very heavy and… very secret. Rob Estes (Silk Stalkings) guest-stars as TK’s agent.

10 pm Fast N’ Loud (Discovery) | Two car enthusiasts travel the back roads of Texas, scouring barns, swap meets and open fields in search of rare rides to restore.

10 pm CSI (CBS) | Rerun to Revisit: Catherine-slash-Marg Helgenberger says goodbye.

10 pm The Soup (E!) | Sam Trammell pays a True Bloody good visit.

10 pm Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) | Season finale: Oh, Just Shoot Me — David Spade visits former castmate Wendie Malick’s new show, guesting as a hair stylist whose rival is played by Regis Philbin.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. tp says:

    Can’t wait to see Necessary Roughness. Felling kinda iffy about Royal Pains. I didn’t like it when they had the other doc working for Hankmed. I’m not looking forward to yet another doc. Also I always feel like Hank kinda has a holy than thou attitude. Eh. I will record it and see if I feel like watching it.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Thank god I’m not the only one. Hank’s attitude basically aggravated the mess out of me last season.

    • bkwrm says:

      I totally agree. I don’t think I will be watching the show this season. Hank irittated me so much last season. Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like Jill and Hank as a couple?

      • @tp, Irishgirl and bkwrm – THANK YOU! I had so loved Royal Pains the first two seasons, then last year, everytime it came up on the DVR I just kinda went, ugghhh. I let it build up to the last four epis and then just wiped them all. I just didn’t have it in me to continue. Glad to know I’m not the only one is annoyed with, and bored, by Royal Pains. Hank seriously is annoying. It was originally a great concept, but somehow it got off track. I think I am now okay to completely perge it from my life.

    • tp says:

      Wow, just saw my typo. *feeling

    • Fluff says:

      Royal Pains went from an easy-going summer show to an incredibly pretentious one around Season 2 and the lead character followed through. Evan is painful too.
      I only kept wincing through it for Jill, who’s a summer breeze but honestly she’s being wasted on this show when Evan’s annoying girlfriend is on more than her.

  2. Jason says:

    Watching only to see Jill Flint on Royal Pains, and the guest Danal Logue – the rest of the cast is pretty lame. They really don’t know how to use her over on that show. Jill needs to get back on primetime at other networks!

  3. Tran says:

    Stanley Cup Final Game Four. The L.A. Kings are one win away as champions.

  4. Aiden says:

    Out of all these programs, I’m most excited about Kristen Bell’s hosting gig at the CMTs. The first cycle of Veronica Mars repeats just finished on SoapNet and I’m back on the ‘gutted it got canceled’ boat with this show, I so badly need a VM-related fix.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Kristen was very excited to be asked, so it should be a real hootenanny.

      • leahbh says:

        Too bad she has to do it with tk. Can’t stand that jerk.

        Also, saw the preview for get next movie at white white, it looks funny.

        • leahbh says:

          wow. my phone really can’t spell! I meant to say, I saw the preview for Kristen Bell’s next movie before snow white and the huntsman, it looks like it might be good.

    • CJ says:

      Her irritatingly nasal voice makes it difficult to watch any show she’s on.

  5. Géraldine says:

    The only comment/question I have about Royal Pain is : will Jill Flint aka Jill be present in this season -and when I say present, it means really present & with a SL-?
    She is almost the only reason for which I watch this show so, could you tell us Matt?
    (I like her in her role of Lana in The Good Wife too but I know that it’s only for a couple of epiosdes so…)

  6. Justin says:

    Necessary Roughness and Royal Pains for me.

  7. c jones says:

    just shoot me reunion? there only 2 of the actors, and not in the same roles.
    What reunion, matt???

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      At least two people is what we in the headline-writing business qualify as a “reunion.” (Wait ’til you read about the other “reunion” I’ll be reporting on later today!)

    • CJ says:

      Plus, featherweight shows like Hot in Cleveland thrive on stunt casting like that–they seek out former costars of their casts and then promote the reunions–Cleveland has already had Bonnie Franklin, John Mahoney, Laura San Giacomo, Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner, etc.

      • beej says:

        I agree with the original poster. If they had brought Laura San Giacomo AND David Spade THEN it would have been a reunion. Bringing them in one episode at a time is not going to make it “must see tv” on my list. (Although I have had a thing for Laura San Giacomo for decades).
        But by definition “reuniting” can be just two people (yet for the purpose of saying a show is going to be reunited means more than two people to any sane person NOT in the “headline writing industry”)

  8. Ethel says:

    I gave up on Royal Pains as I realized “Evan” was becoming one. I also ask, what Just Shoot Me reunion?

  9. Eddie Jaga says:

    Matt, does Hot in Cleveland deserve to be called Wendys “new show” when its in its third season?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      HiC is so bakery fresh week in, week out, it feels like every season is the first season. That is how ;)

      (Besides, you knew what I meant. But a clever parsing of words!)

  10. sam says:

    can i just say that i’m really happy that you do this post every day, it’s often so hard to keep up with when shows premiere, etc.

  11. Jo says:

    Poor Kristen Bell hosting a yokel award show on basic cable. She deserves so much better than that.

  12. Stacey says:

    Can people stop trying to make Kristen Bell happen? It’s not going to happen. Being on a canceled detective show that was on a canceled network doesn’t make you well-known

    • CJ says:

      I find her annoying, but Veronica Mars had a fervent (if tiny) cult, and people like that tend to be unable to give up their hope that their favorite show will someday get mainstream popularity–just look at how fans of The Wire STILL can’t shut up about it. The collective apathy of the general public isn’t ever enough to discourage them.

    • Fluff says:

      Hey I agreed with you on the Kristen Bell cult. I never watched more than one episode of Veronica Mars and that was enough to know it wasn’t my thing. But she is really good on the really average House of Lies right now and I think she has potential if she frees herself from the Veronica Mars teen crap, which she really is trying to with parts like House of Lies. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Mikael says:

    I don’t think 2 former castmates counts as a reunion, but whatever. IMO, a “reunion” would be MOST of the original cast, if not all. For example, Jennifer Aniston guesting on one episode of Cougar Town was not a Friends reunion.

  14. rubytu says:

    I love Kristen Bell, but it would take a lot more than her to get me to watch the CMT music awards, like maybe if I was a nominee for an award. She needs a good role. Yes, maybe Veronica Mars Detective Agency would be good. I was always hoping she would just show up on Gossip Girl and say, “hi, I’m Gossip Girl.

  15. beej says:

    None of you Kristen Bell commenters have Showtime? She’s been on “House Of Lies” as a regular all year.

    • Stacey says:

      No, I don’t actually. But just going by her interviews I’ve seen she appears annoying and I honestly thought Veronica Mars was a little boring (or at least the episodes I watched were)

  16. Ana says:

    Necessary Roughness! Yes!!! Love Dr. Dani. Can’t wait to see what trouble the Hawks get into this summer. Royal Pains doesn’t work for me, mostly because I don’t like the cast. Love Hot in Cleveland although I never catch it live.