TVLine Items: Whitney Gets a New Boss, Kelsey's Boss Sneak Peeks Season 2 and More!

NBC’s Whitney is, as we already knew, returning — but with a new showrunner at the helm.

Exec producer Betsy Thomas has stepped down from the top spot, and is relocating to NBC’s Guys With Kids (where she’ll serve as a co-EP), reports. Succeeding Thomas as Whitney‘s new boss is Wil Calhoun, whose sitcom credits include I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Gary Unmarried and, some time ago, Friends. Got advice for Calhoun on how to improve Whitney? Hit comments!

Whitney Season 2 will air Fridays at 8, leading into Community.

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Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

* Starz has released a promo for Season 2 of Boss, which bows Aug. 17 and is of course fronted by Golden Globe nominee Kelsey Grammer. From the looks of it, things are gonna only get worse for Mayor Kane both physically and politically:

* Stand-up great/former sitcom king Jerry Seinfeld is rumored to be popping up on FX’s Louie during Season 3, which bows June 28. (A network rep could not confirm the buzz.)

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* Speaking of FX summer fare, Brit bad boy Russell Brand has let loose with a new promo for his new late-night series Strangely Uplifting Brand X With Russell Brand, which will air Thursdays:

* American Idol judge Randy Jackson has sold MTV on a (take two guesses, first one doesn’t count) singing competition that would pit family/sibling bands/groups against each other, Deadline reports. Kinda like when the Partridges had that naaaasty throw-down with The Silver Platters. What?

* The first wave of presenters for this year’s Tony Awards has been announced, and among the TV types you’ve got Ellen Barkin (an absolute scene-stealer in the new NBC/Ryan Murphy comedy The New Normal), Candice Bergen, Smash guests Bernadette Peters and Nick Jonas, Angela Lansbury, 30 Rocker James Marsden, South Park sires/Book of Mormon authors Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Big Banger Jim Parsons, Homeland‘s Mandy Patinkin,and TBS poster child Tyler Perry. The Tonys air June 10 on CBS, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother).

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  1. Sam says:

    How did Whitney even get renewed?

  2. Mike says:

    Oh, god. Gary Unmarried was actually tolerable but I Hate My Teenage Daughter…

  3. Tausif Khan says:

    It looks like Russell Brand’s show is called Brand X

  4. xwiseguyx says:

    Whitney found perfection at the end of the season – those dissing on it most likely stopped watching after the pilot… as for changes, the guy that played the one supporting character’s ex-husband was gayer than the character they made gay – glad they got rid of him (or have him come back as a boyfriend for the bi-guy).

    • checkermate says:

      Totally picked up as the season went on. Hate that the editors aren’t paying attention, cause it is a funny, funny show!

  5. Mike says:

    Whitney was weak when it started but as it progressed it got progressively funnier, even hilarious at times. Whitney found her groove what with her dirty mouth and TV censorship. Her boyfriend also is a very good foil to her sort of like Alice Kramden was to Ralph

  6. John Howard says:

    Not sure why everyone gave Whitney such a hard time, so many haters out there for no reason. Her lines are smart and funny. Some say the ad campaign was too aggressive and that female viewers don’t like her. I think the show is 100 times better than 2 Broke Girls which I’ve tried to watch unsuccessfully several times. Chris D’Elia is one of the most underrated actors on television. So natural as Whitney’s BF. Hoping people will warm to it in season 2. Glad it’s coming back.

    • Sawyer says:

      I totally agree. I really wanted to like 2 Broke Girls cause of Kat Dennings but couldn’t stomach it for long. And I have grown to LOVE Chris D’Elia.

    • checkermate says:

      I like TBG, and I totally love Whitney. And am a woman. Agree that there is no reason for all of the haters. Sometimes the editors just knee jerk, and that really annoys me. I would like the people I read to be better informed. And Chris D’Elia is incredible…I love their chemistry!!!

  7. CJ says:

    I really love Whitney. It started out weak but improved so much by the end. Definitely my favorite new comedy of the season. Way better than Whitney’s other show – 2 Broke Girls – which is funny, but over-the-top vulgar at times. I really hope people give Whitney another chance next season, because it really is great.

  8. Goat Girl says:

    ATTENTION NEW SHOW RUNNER… Run! FAST! This show is horrible! Don’t ruin your career.

  9. AJ says:

    Didn’t they renew it only to move it to Fridays? Yeah that isn’t going to go well at all. Hello 0.7-0.9 ratings in the 18-49. And then cancelled. The whole engagement turned into a gay guy thing was just weird. I understand things like that happen in life, but it seemed so out of place for some reason.

    • mia says:

      I really enjoyed the gay turn, it was really realistic and sexuality does exist on a continuum, its not fluid. I found that story incredibly organic and really reflective of the people I know. It made me love the show.

  10. John says:

    So that means Boss will hopefully end this season because nobody watches it.

  11. mia says:

    I love both Whitney and 2 Broke Girls; sassy, vulgar women who are rough around the edges and a heck of a lot more realistic than the female characters normally on tv.
    I’m sad the showrunner has been replaced, but I hope this new guy continues what Whitney was at the end of the season; smart and INCREDIBLY current. Them *not* getting married was a breath of fresh air; deciding that it wasn’t for them?!
    Turning the one character gay was genius and the way it was handled was both funny and incredibly supportive of the queer community.
    Do not undo these elements; don’t make Whitney suddenly want to get married and don’t suddenly turn the gay kid straight or turn him into a stereotype. Let them be the characters they are now.
    That is what my generation is about (the oh so coveted 18-34 crowd)

  12. Tran says:

    Let’s hope Whitney gets canceled…AGAIN!

  13. jon says:

    Advice for Calhoun: Recast Whitney, just Whitney.

  14. Brad says:

    I love Whitney!!! Ive been with it through the sucky beginning and all of the sudden the show struck gold. I dare to say that with the right moves, this show could be the new Friends.

  15. Erika says:

    I actually really like Whitney and I’m happy to see that it got renewed. I hope that in the upcoming season it will find it’s stride and we’ll all get to see it reach its full potential.

  16. Parker says:

    I love the show…but there is room for improvement.

    1.) Change the opening credit music, the weird instrumental music is awkward.
    2.) Change the music that happens in-between scenes. Make it more cooler.
    3.) And just have fun with the show, make it humorous. The cast is strong & just run with it.

  17. mabo says:

    I really think is one of funniest show right now. The last 4 or 5 show were ridiculous hilarious.

  18. Tyler says:

    It’s great the way it is. :)