Dexter Exclusive: Meet Season 7's Mystery Girl

Kellan Lutz’s onetime leading lady will soon be sharing the screen with Dexter Morgan.

Swedish born actress Katia Winter, best known for her role as Lutz’s seductress in last year’s Hunger Games-esque action thriller Arena, is joining Dexter‘s Season 7 cast in a recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Winter, whose resume also includes a February 2012 guest stint on NCIS, will play a Russian stripper who works in a Miami club.

She joins fellow Season 7 newbie Ray Stevenson (Rome), who was recently cast a high-ranking member of an Eastern European crime ring who arrives in Miami determined to learn who killed one of his associates, and TV vet Jason Gedrick as the owner of the club where Winter’s character works.

Dexter‘s seventh season is set to premiere Sunday, Sept. 30.

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  1. Shaun says:


  2. rikes says:

    Bring Lumen back!

  3. Kimberly says:

    I want Lumen back so bad! She… was different :/.

    • mike says:

      she was also sloppy and almost got him caught multiple times. i wish hed kill her but she was halfway innocent

  4. Patrique says:

    Lumen was the worst. She ruined Dexter’s life. She f’d up his plans and he completely disregarded Harry in favor of Lumen. No more love interests! No More!

  5. magdellaina says:

    NO LUMEN!!! She was a horrible addition. And her character was short lived for a reason. I’m already distraught over the whole Deb thing.

  6. Jeff L says:

    I still miss Rita :( She was the best…a comeback?

  7. michelle smith says:

    I agree, I wasn’t too crazy about Lumen either, and quite frankly wasn’t too impressed with that whole season

  8. Victor says:

    The whole lumen season was horrible, most of the things that happened in that season were undone in the following season.

    • RoseyP says:

      Are you nuts? The worst season was the British invasion! I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Lyla myself :(

      Lumen was so good for Dexter. Sure she made a mess that he had to clean up but their romance was off the charts! Bring back Lumen! if only for one or two episodes. Dexter is so happy when she is around and Harrison loves her :)

  9. Axu says:

    Lumen and Rita are both gone, Dexter needs something all new! Exiting and fabulous! I’m waiting 7th season interested and way too excited! :)

  10. Jessica says:

    Bring back Doakes!!!!

  11. RLS says:

    Last season was the worst season of Dexter on record. It was god awful. They had better bring it right out of the gate with this season or this longtime viewer is gone. This is like the last few years of 24 where it was so tired and stretched out it was absurd.

  12. Katie says:

    Is there away to be like that was a fake Rita that died or something cause I miss Rita to lol

  13. Katie says:

    Ya I loved the series dexter but I stopped watching after Rita died cause I thought it would prob go down hill :/ sorry dexter I might be wrong but i got that foreshadowing impression between dexter going threw a whole bunch of different lovers now.

  14. bilal says:

    with the direction deb’s character is headed in….i wont be surprised if she is eliminated just like rita at the end of the coming season.

  15. andrew says:

    KILL DEB, she’s a dirt skank.

    • andrew says:


    • John says:

      That would be stupid. First of all.She’s hot as hell. Why would they kill a main character like her. The 7th season will likely be the last. There’s only so much they can do with a series like this without dragging it out so much it gets to the point were it’s just stupid, I didn’t even watch the 6th season because I heard it was really bad.

  16. monika says:

    Lumen made things quite interesting

  17. Stuart says:

    I hope you people that want Rita and Doakes back aren’t being serious! I think if im right they are as dead as dead can be… Especially Doakes

  18. Rachel Russell says:

    I totally hated Luman. They need to make last season a nightmare for Dextar. Like he was a sleep the whole season. And that the Trinty killer didn’t really kill Rita. He dream that too due to a deep seeded fear his son would experience being born in blood as well. So he is in over drive to protect Harrison from going through that. So they can also bring back Rita and Deb wouldn’t really know the truth about her brother. So things can get back to normal in Dextar’s life.

  19. Jade says:

    Don’t bring Rita or Lumen back. They are gone and that’s completly correct (even if i like each one of them) . But, Deb in love with Dexter ? Please no! .. this is soooooo weird.

  20. Jim says:

    Wonder how long it will be until Michael marries this one, or at least dates her.

  21. If you need another person I would love to see Betty White be Dex and Deb’s Morgan Grandma, who has a problem. Her house is going to be moved by the CDOT for another highway and she need Dex’s help in between kills to move her dead bodies under her rose bushes. She has a dark passenger also.

  22. hootie mcboobie says:

    Doakes died, Rita died, Lumen left. End of. The holes in the storyline were disappointing last season. There have been some ‘convenient’ events that help move this seasons story along that i havent liked. I still love it though. Lastly some of you should learn how to spell.

  23. John says:

    FYI Rita dying was the best thing to happen to the Dexter Series.

  24. Justin says:

    Season 4 was without a doubt the best. Since then I really haven’t been to impressed where they have gone with the series. C’mon back to the basics. I love dexter though!

  25. Tommi says:

    I hope for scenes of Dexter and Rita early days ….

  26. Lumen was the best season by far. She was a beauty the best so far is the series. love her. want her back… julia stiles

  27. Martha Pace says:

    I can’t wait for season 7 although I’m not excited about the idea of Deb finding out about Dexter and his double life it takes away from the mystery of missing people then the whole she’s in love with him is crazy

  28. Fran says:

    I thought the season with Lumen was excellent and she brought out a different side in Dexter. I loved her character!

  29. Dan says:

    Moron. Showtime has already signed on for a 7th & 8th season, so this ‘season 7 will be the last’ you’re saying is blatantly wrong.
    Read the article! It’s not brain surgery to comprehend a few sentences. Although I do question if some of the idiots posting on here can even wipe their own arse.

  30. Xander says:

    Season 5 was a necessity people. It shared a lot of similarities to the pace of season 2. They had to show Dex’s life after Rita and how HIS coping mechanism. A serial killer who only has a set of morals because of his father and has LEARNED how to feel and make connections – because it IS something he inherently lacks.

    Lumen’s entire story (multiple men raping her, who did it to a dozen other women and killed them) – was needed. A woman who want through something brutal (in essence, similar to Rita) but this time Dexter could save Lumen (and going with one of the theme’s of the season, attempt to “fix” Rita’s death by correcting and saving another slender, blonde haired woman.

    As far as season 6 goes – the writers are simply continuing ground work that has been laid. Deb has gone through being engaged to the Ice Truck Killer, almost losing Anton to the skinner, losing Lundy, lived with a guy who had it in for her brother for awhile (not to mention the losers before Rudy/Brian (married mechanic, etc)). She always desired spending time with her father, but her step brother took that away from her in a sense. Her brother (dex) is distant with her, never shares anything with her, and is only there for her when it is convenient for him. In the aftermath of all of this, being promoted to a much more stressful job, etc – she slowly realizes maybe she has feelings for her STEP-brother. In all likeliness – these feelings will of course not be mutual to Dexter (it’s not normal, people would have an eye on him, he would ‘lose’ a sister which helps him seem normal, etc). The character of Deb however needs to experience these feelings for Dex as part of her healing process. She NEEDS to be rejected by him so she can let go of this pattern she has fallen into with men. By being rejected by Dexter it will force her to become more independent (this is pure speculation from someone with a psychology degree and is now a psychiatrist).

    Season 7 seems prepped to now have a “big bad” to be a woman. Deb will likely be torn over seeing Dexter murder someone, and she’ll slowly piece together that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher all along. The show could even end (season 8) either as (a) Deb helping Dex to flee Miami or (b) Deb having to take down her brother

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