The Voice's Chris Mann on Leaving Glee Behind, Covering Josh Groban and Defending Xtina

chris mann christina aguileraChris Mann may have ultimately finished fourth on Season 2 of The Voice, but the classically trained vocalist says he feels like a winner anyhow. Having entered the competition doubting his future in the recording industry and uncertain about his own musical identity, Mann says the intense process of a televised singing competition and lots of support from his coach Christina Aguilera helped restore his confidence, and pinpoint exactly the kind of singer he wants to be. TVLine caught up with Mann to dish the highs and lows of his Voice experience, including a brutal Battle Round, a triumphant dose of Schubert, and that much-buzzed-about tiff between his mentor and fellow coach Adam Levine during the Season 2 finale.

TVLINE | Before we dive into your run on The Voice, I wanted to talk to you about your previous experiences in the music business. You’d said during your blind audition that you felt like you were constantly being asked to tamp down your natural voice. Tell me about when and where that sort of thing happened.
I had a record deal on Sony a couple years ago, and I was trying to do this classical crossover genre. I got dropped [from the label] right before my record came out, and that really prompted a knee-jerk reaction, feeling like my voice, my music was not good enough. I started running away from the sound that I made, tried to make it smaller, tried to make it sound similar to what other pop singers sound like, thinking that maybe that would remedy the rejection that I had gotten. But in reality, it just made it worse, because it wasn’t natural and it wasn’t me, and I think it really showed. It took a couple of years of me trying to hide my true desires and my true identity before I finally was like “This is a terrible, terrible idea.” And so when it came time to audition for The Voice, I was like, “Win, lose or draw, I have to go out there and genuinely do what I’m passionate about, to the point where I [sang in] Italian. It was scary, but the truth is, when I really did show my true self and didn’t hide my voice, that’s when I sounded unique, and I almost won the whole show.

TVLINE | Having been dropped by a major label, was it tough turning on the radio and hearing a lot of the less distinctive voices dominating the airwaves?
There’s so much character that is lost. The last couple of years, I did a lot of session work for TV and film. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing, but your character needs to not be there, and that makes it really hard as an artist. I definitely lost a lot of my confidence and my “voice,” because I had to constantly be vanilla for work. That’s when I stopped working on Glee. I had to get my own voice back because I was losing it. That’s a scary thing.

TVLINE | What were you doing with Glee?
I sang on many, many, many of the Glee records. I was very lucky to be doing that.

TVLINE | What was your mental state heading into The Voice auditions?
I almost didn’t go, which is amazing. I’ve auditioned for shows like this before, like Idol, and I never got on. I was missing a friend’s wedding to audition [for The Voice], and I was really torn with that because after 11 years of sacrifice, I was fed up with missing out. I contemplated not auditioning at all, but my friends really encouraged me to do it, even though I was missing the wedding.

TVLINE | Your Battle Round performance against Monique Benabou was interesting. On paper, it seemed like a mismatch, but she really stepped it up on “The Power of Love.”
That was the worst part of the show for me. I did kind of go in thinking that I had an edge, but in that first rehearsal with her, she was incredible. And very quickly, I was like, “This is not going to be a shoo-in, and I have to kill it, or else I’m not going to be able to advance.” Then I got sick. In the coverage of the Battle Rounds, they didn’t really show the fact that I was sick, but my voice was cracking and my confidence was really shaken. At that point in the competition, I was still really doubting that I had the goods. So to have the combination of sickness, self-doubt, and this head-to-head battle round, it was really terrible.

TVLINE | Going into the live shows, what was your approach to song choice? Were you still grappling with the debate between a full-on classical sound versus the notion of maintaining some pop edge?
Well, first of all, my goal going into the live rounds was to have fun, because I realized that I wasn’t having fun in the first two rounds. I was so nervous and caught up in the pressure that I was — and I think it showed on camera — a ball of knots. So that was the first thing that helped me out. Second, yeah, it was very important to me to sing songs that allowed me to really use my voice. That’s why “The Power of Love” was fantastic, and my final audition [“Because We Believe (Ama Credi E Vai)”] was great, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” wonderful. At the same time, I fought a little insecurity [going up against] people like Lindsey Pavao, who were so edgy and so cool and singing songs that were currently in the Top 5, or even No. 1. I began thinking, “I’ve got to do something cooler. I have to figure out a way to compete with this, because ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and ‘Ave Maria’ are where I’m at my best, but can I win on a pop show against people who are singing Gotye?” I talked to Christina about it a lot, because I wasn’t convinced that I could, but it turned out that I did. Ultimately, my goal was, regardless of what the outcome was, to sing things that represented me as an artist, because if I left the show at any point, I wanted it to be so clear who I am and what I want to do.

TVLINE | “Viva La Vida” was my least favorite performance of yours. It felt like an odd fit to me. I’m just wondering how you felt it turned out, what your goal was with it, and if you had any worries after you were finished, any fear that you might get eliminated.
You know, I did, because to be honest, it was the only time when I sort of got mixed feedback from the coaches. Otherwise, I got pretty positive reviews consistently. But I think it was the right move. It was very important to Christina and it was important to me to show some range. And from a selfish standpoint, I was seeing these incredible productions happening, and I really wanted to have that experience for myself, whether I got kicked off or not. It’s not every day you get to sing on this huge stage with these lights, and these sets, and people and music. So, I wanted to do something fun. “Viva La Vida” is symphonic, which is one thing I’m immediately drawn to, and it actually has a very beautiful lyrical melody. The thing is, I didn’t really get to sing very many songs that had pace or tempo. So it was an opportunity for me to not sing a ballad, but yet sing something that wasn’t too far off in terms of the elements that I am drawn to in songs. And it paid off. I was voted through by America. I know it was kind of strange, but it also hopefully means that when you think of me, that’s there in the deck of cards. It’s not just “ballad, ballad, ballad.”

TVLINE | That’s a good point, letting people know that in your post-Voice life that your concerts won’t be just 20 ballads.
Yeah. It might be 15 ballads, but I’ll break it up here and there. [Laughs]

TVLINE | In the semifinals, you were up against Lindsey. As Christina said, “It’s apples vs. oranges.” Because the two of you were really doing two very, very different things, was it strange to go into that round knowing it was an either-or proposition, that only one member of Team Xtina could advance to the finale?
It’s kind of funny because at first I just wanted to make the show, then I just wanted to make the live rounds, then I just wanted to make the Top 8, which is the number of people that went on last season’s tour. So making Top 4 was further than I had expected to go. Lindsey, I respected her. She was such an unpredictable iTunes force. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to beat that going into the semis. And then she did Bon Iver and I did Schubert[‘s “Ave Maria”], which was hysterical.

TVLINE | Indeed!
It was completely current vs. completely classical. Christina, she knew I wanted to do “You Raise Me Up” all season, but she encouraged me to sit on it — just in case I made it through. Honestly, Adam Levine sort of hooked me up after I did “Viva La Vida” by saying, “that was really good, but I want to hear you do opera, because you’re the only one who could do it.” And that was really the final encouragement that I needed to hear. So again, through the show, I was still fighting with myself to just do what I do. Which is ridiculous, but that’s why I grew so much. It got to where I was thinking, “Screw it! If I get kicked off because of this, fine, but I know that at least I’m going to sing it!” And I believe the semifinal round was probably my best performance ever, with “Ave Maria.” And it got me to the finale.

TVLINE | Speaking of the finale, Christina wore a dangerously revealing dress during your duet. Had you known what she was going to be wearing?
I hadn’t seen it until she walked up on stage, so I was like, “Hello!” Christina has such a distinct style, and I always appreciate whatever she’s going to wear, because she wears it with confidence and isn’t afraid to turn heads. And she certainly did.

TVLINE | You obviously got to know her over your run on the show, but was there still a little intimidation factor when it came time to sing with her?
There’s always going to be an intimidation factor, but it felt so natural and I was just so excited. That was really a pipe dream that had come true, and I was really appreciative of her being willing to go into my world and just learn the Italian, and bring the Christina Aguilera sound to such an incredible song. It felt so good and it was the high point of the night, and I think everyone knows that. I think it was a really incredible musical event that happened on The Voice.

TVLINE | I have to ask about your finale performance of “The Voice Within.” Was that your idea to run the letter you wrote to Christina on the screen behind you? And what exactly was that letter? Some of the words seemed to be based on things you said to her in your blind audition, but it wasn’t entirely obvious.
Yeah, I wish that it had been a little clearer on the screen. But anyway, I wrote a letter to Christina — a letter that I’m going to send to her on my own, because I’m not sure that she actually got to see it all during the perfomance. You see when they asked us to cover a song from our judges’ catalogs, it was such an obvious no-brainer for me since Christina had a song about finding her voice, and hello, it fit me perfectly. So I wrote this letter about what she had done for me, how I had given up hope and I couldn’t find my voice, and by her really forcing me to get my own confidence back, she literally saved my career and changed my life. And of course, the song is just so fitting. We were really smiling at each other through the performance. It was just a fun moment.

TVLINE | Tell me about your other solo that night. Was there any concern about picking “You Raise Me Up,” a song that’s closely associated with Josh Groban, an artist who’s very much residing in the genre you want to conquer? In a worst case, did you fear people might write you off as a pale imitation of him or did you figure you might as well try to slay the elephant in the room?
I thought, “Let’s just go for the jugular here.” I never would have considered doing that a couple of years ago, just because I respect Josh so much and I want to have my own identity. However, in this situation, [the song represented] exactly what I’m trying to do. You think about Michael Buble and Josh Groban, and I’ve always wanted to be the third name in that category. It was almost too easy, just to go out there and be obvious about what I’m trying to do. Christina was concerned about how to make it my own, though, because it is so associated with Josh.

TVLINE | How did you guys strategize that?
When she heard me sing it, I don’t sing it like Josh. Plus, we added some edgier guitar elements to it. One thing that’s important to me is to really bring 2012 into classical crossover, to give it a little bit of edge. Just the combination of my stage delivery and my voice and a couple little instrumentation things made it different. I didn’t get any slack at all for doing a Josh Groban song, and in fact he commended it on Twitter, which was really amazing.

TVLINE | I know you’ve been asked about this a lot — and I know you probably don’t want to dwell on negativity and drama — but what went through your mind when Christina indirectly inserted you into her feud with Adam Levine and his contestant, Tony Lucca, by pointing to you and saying, “This is a real man right here.” It was pretty obvious that her statement was making a comparison to Tony’s rendition of “99 Problems,” and the possible implication from Adam and Tony that she’s a bitch.
It was just really, really disappointing that all of this media attention [on the Xtina-Adam feud] has taken away from the whole point of the show, especially having done three inspirational songs that I couldn’t have been prouder of. I believe [the feud] really affected where I placed, I think it was completely related to this media frenzy. I don’t blame Christina, because Christina was baited, and I think that’s what has been a little frustrating to me, is how she has taken all of this blame and criticism when Tony and Adam blatantly were calling her a bitch. And I think it happened 13 times in the song, but yet somehow, nobody acknowledges this. It’s so strange. All she said was, “I don’t appreciate it, and that’s derogatory.” And then that caused this huge frenzy and people didn’t vote for me because of it, which is unfortunate. However, I couldn’t have performed any better, and I’m not resentful about it, and I really didn’t think that she did anything crazy. I think she just stood up for herself, which is what she always does.

TVLINE | So what’s next for you?
I have a single coming out called “Roads.” It should be out very, very shortly, and it’s perfect timing and subject matter. It’s about the roads that we take in life to get where we’re trying to go and how it never matters if it’s a positive road or a negative road, that they always lead you back home.

TVLINE | Knowing you had a major-label deal in the past, is there anything that you learned from that experience that will inform your recording process in the future? Any “if I knew then what I know now” philosophies you’re putting into action?
I just think having a strong point of view and a strong identity as a singer and as an artist is so important. I wasn’t as focused before as I am now in terms of who I want to be. I was still splitting the fence a little bit, wanting to be half Josh Groban and half pop. That was just my youth coming into play. But knowing what I know, it prompted me to encourage a lot of younger people on The Voice, sort of as a big brother, to help them fine-tune their direction. Because it really matters to a label that you are really specific. And when I make my record, I want to be Chris Mann, through and through, and now more than ever, I know exactly who that is.

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  1. tarc says:

    I didn’t think Tony’s song was dorected at Christina at all, but to be honest, if it were, she’d deserve it after her behavior throughout this season, particularly to Tony. I think Christina need to check out the Voice UK and The Voice AUS to see how judges should behave – because she wasn’t appropriate or cool, or even nice up there this year. I wish they’d replace her.

    • TheBeach says:

      I guess I have to both agree and disagree with you. I think “99 Problems” was absolutely directed at Xtina and not in a very subtle way. But I think it was their “backatcha” to her for her rude, dismissive and unprofessional attitude toward Tony Lucca on a number of occasions throughout the season.

      • Luiz says:

        I wasn’t a fan of her attitude, but those guys really crossed every line by calling her a bitch in a finalist’s performance. Nothing could be more unprofessonal than that, and no woman deserves to be treated like that. Period.

        • dee says:

          Show me video where he called her a b*tch. Doesn’t exist because he edited the word out of the song. You had to know the lyrics to know what was missing. I contend that most watchers of THE VOICE don’t know their Jay-Z, and don’t know what that song was about with that word missing. Christina is the one who made it about herself.

          • Luiz says:

            I know the lyrics. I know Jay-Z. That’s one of his most popular songs. Tony really didn’t need to sing the word if everyone knew it was there. Like I said, even some people in the audience sang it loudly when he didn’t.

            He called her that. Denial won’t change that.

          • Rudy says:

            It was clearly about her, and it was highly inappropriate. The whole season went downhill because of how both she AND Adam acted. It wasn’t fun to watch anymore. If they want people to tune in next season THEY ALL need to get over themselves. And Adam needs to start picking people based on talent, and not on ‘oh he’s my bro’ like he did in the Tony vs. Katrina situation.

        • tarc says:

          You assume that they did. I think it’s perfectly clear it was just a song. I don’t think Christina thought they were referrring to her (and for such a narcicist, that’s amazing). She didn’t like the selection of a song that used the word in general (despite the fact it was never sung), and personally, I agree. Of course, she had to be nasty about it (again), and then no let it drop (again). As I mentioned, the American judges need to refer to the UK and AUS shows to see how to handle their jobs.

          • Luiz says:

            No song is “just a song”. These people choose songs whose lyrics they connect to.

            And UK and AUS coaches are very useful backstage, but sooooo boring when they’re live… I hope US coaches never try to emulate that.

          • tarc says:

            Again, we disagree. I’d take the AUS judges over all the others, and jesse J is brilliant.

        • Owen says:

          You are absolutely right, Luiz. No matter what she did or acted like (and we don’t even know the full story now, do we?) directing the Jay Z song toward her was a disgrace. “He didn’t mean it but if he did she deserved it! Blah blah blah freakin’ blah.” Yeah, right, let’s defend our guy from both directions just in case.. How weak. .And you know what’s also a disgrace? The women-who-hate-other women adding their two cents to these misogynist’s hateful posts. These so called “men” are so puffed up on their own male entitlement they either deny their guy did anything wrong or get so angered by any woman who dares say anything out of line they have to howl at the invisible moon. And these women who back them up on here, instead of defending their own, they betray themselves and their kind for a couple of cute guys. I’m not even that mad at Adam Levine (I sorta expected that kind of douchey behavior after his comments to Katrina). It was Tony Luca’s disgustingly going along with it. May his career become as black and bleak as his soul.

          • laciejay says:

            So just because I am a woman I have to defend Christina even though she was just as much to blame as Adam was for the drama? I call bull on that. The way she dressed and talked was as unlady like as you can possibly get, where does she get off saying something as subtle as a song is offensive. It is what it is really, if I acted like a total bitch on primetime tv, I would expect to be called a bitch. Thats the way life works.

          • Lyndsey says:

            “Women are betraying their own kind for a couple of cute guys”???! Are you serious??!!! Talk about stereotypes! I don’t have to defend that horrible shrew just because we both were born with vaginas! That’s just asinine!! Sorry but if a woman is acting like a colossal b*tch (like Christina did ALL season) then she deserves to be called one…just like a man who acts like an a**hole deserves to be called one too. Personally, I’ve never been offended by the word b*tch because I know I can be one when I want/need to be and I have no problem with that (heck my nickname used to be Queen B*tch)! Basically, if Christina doesn’t want to be called a b*tch then I’d recommend she quit acting like one. I’d be okay with her getting upset over it if she had been nothing but nice to Tony & Adam but she went out of her way to be rude & dismissive towards them so her actions earned her just desserts. Deal with it!!!! Hopefully her atrocious behavior will get her replaced next season.

      • Michelle says:

        At the beginning of the season, each singer supplies the show’s producers with a list of songs that they would like to sing on the show. “99 Problems” was on Tony’s list from the very beginning, long before the so-called feud. I know this for a fact.

    • TinyTim says:

      I liked the battle rounds and after that the show went downhill. Hopefully they fix that before the next season.

    • me says:

      You’re clueless. She’s the only coach with any real critique. She wasn’t rude at all. People really need to be less insecure with themselves, and stop attacking a strong, intelligent woman. Tony was distasteful, arrogant, and honestly not talented enough to win.

      • tarc says:

        *yawn* And right back at ya with the ‘clueless’ bit. Christina is well known to have a bad attitude at times, probably the result of being raised being surrounded by ‘yes’ people. We see it all the time, and again here.

        • Dawn says:

          Not that this makes any difference, I was Team Blake all the way but I have loved Xtina for YEARS. She can be harsh, and when it comes to picking people to be on her team yes, she can be picky and bitchy about it. BUT, Simon Cowell was the same way on Idol. He was blatent and rude but he told it like it was, and THAT made him loveable (at least to me). Christina reminds me of Simon, in the aspect of eing TRUTHFUL. Doesn’t make her a bitch, IT MAKES HER HONEST.

          • tarc says:

            That’s not what anyone was speaking about. She was awful directly to Tony from minute one, and she was clearly trying the sabotage Tony the entire show. And frankly, I like Christina’s music and have since the minute Genie In A Bottle came out, but you can’t deny she’s a diva in so many ways, many of them unpleasant. She wasn’t being honest, she was being manipulative. It was blatantly unfair to Tony – and I say this despite not caring the slightest bit if the guy won or got tossed out right away. The bottom line was Christina was way out of line. That doesn’t justify retribution, but it has to be acknowledged. That said, I don’t think the song choice had anything to do with Christina’s behavior. It would be completlely nonsensical; let her hang herself, and gain the sympathy vote. Finally, comparing anyone to Simon Cowell is a grave insult in my book.

        • Bitch says:

          Because people like you insist that she is a bad person when you don’t know her personally. Now tell me, how could you say that she has a bad attitude? Because most people said so? Because that’s what you read from a gossip blog? I actually agree that she was the only one who’s extended some constructive criticisms and she was called names. However, when the guys did, it was like nothing happened. I pity Christina

          • K.B says:

            Oh… she is your benefactor right? How much does she give for brunch? Forgive me but I can’t think of any other way you could have a personal relationship with x’tina and still have time blogging!

        • hellothere217 says:

          If you read about her upbringing, she wasn’t surrounded by “yes” people. She was brought up in an abusive home and was bullied in school everyday. She has fought for everything she’s earn in her life and her career. Yeah, she had some questionable comments for Tony throughout the show. She’s paid to have an OPINION about the performance. And it’s just ONE opinion. If Adam and Tony were so insecure about ONE opinion, then Tony is not ready for the big stage. He’s not going to please everybody. That’s the first thing you learn when performing music. Christina grew up learning how to defend herself. That’s all she was doing. A little over the top, yes, but that’s all she knows.

          • Anna says:

            Being bullied in school doesn’t give you carte blanche to be a total diva with an attitude problem. She is the “sassy” one, we get it. But her eye-rolls, ridiculous hats and cleavage got old about 10 seconds into the first episode. “That’s all she knows”?? NO. If that’s the case than those of us that were bullied in high school have free reign to treat people however we want. We have to rise above that, or she is no better than the bullies she met as a kid. She should know better! Grow up.

          • John says:

            Bullied or not, she doesn’t to what she’s being accused of and she’s not the person people are saying she is. It’s as simple as that.

            And, really, if her body or her clothes bothered me, I would just turn off the tv. It’s not that hard.

          • John says:

            doesn’t do, sorry.

      • Me says:

        I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! XTINA FOREVER!!! She has so much talent and really critiques the technicalities of the actual singing on the show, which the other coaches are too afraid to do. There is nothing wrong with a woman speaking her mind and thats just what Christina did. If I stood up for myself about something similar to this, people would either be ok with it or dislike it, but when Christina stands up for something she believes in she gets media, publicity, terrible remarks, and attention that is not necessary. People need to remember that she is just a woman too, and no woman should be blatantly called a bitch in front of an entire country over a silly feud. The only difference between Christina and most woman is that she is EXTREMELY talented and a gorgeous woman willing to VOICE her mind! NEVER STOP SINGING CHRISTINA!

      • Name That Tune says:

        Amen to that!. The Voice could have, oh, let’s Jennifer Lopez, and let’s see what kind of critiques would come out. “Oh Baby, you look really beautiful tonight.”
        Adam is a jerk.

    • Jessica says:

      The way people react to things makes me laugh. Everyone has to be right. No one wants to be wrong. How about considering that everyone is entitled to their own opinion? Some people interpreted Tony’s song as directed at Christina, including Christina herself. Some people did not interpret it that way. I agree with the person who said Christina interpreted it that way because she felt guilty for how she treated Tony all season. I agree because Christina was kind of rude to someone who was her friend at one point. I didn’t completely disagree with all of the things she said to him. I don’t think Tony is one dimensional, I think he’s a great performer, but I do think he didn’t have the best VOICE on that stage, and that was the point of the show. I have followed Tony for years and have a few of his albums and a DVD. I love his music and hope that he now will get a record deal and reach larger audiences. He is a standup, decent guy and great performer and songwriter. He just doesn’t have this voice like Christina, Chris or some of the other performers. But like I said, maybe Christina felt bad for being a little mean to him during the season because he was a friend of hers 10 years ago, and in fact, I even read an interview where she said herself that she apologized to him after the finale and cleared the air with him over it all. But I do not think TONY directed that song at her. I don’t know if Adam did, and I believe I heard somewhere that Adam pushed Tony to sing that song as well. So maybe Adam did, and Tony just ended up going along with the song and tried to make it fun and didn’t intend to have it come across directed at her. Either way, some people interpreted it that way, and some people didn’t. And that’s the way it will always be. I thought Tony could have had a better last song, but I didn’t take issue with the lyrics because whether people are saying bitch or other curse words, everyone curses these days…in every day life, on TV, in music, in movies, everywhere. It’s just a song. They were being cheeky and having fun.

      What I really took away from this interview…between Chris’s comment about his and Christina’s duet being the highlight of the night, and people not voting for him because of Tony’s song and the feud between Christina & Adam…wow, could this guy be more full of himself?! I did like him…until now. Now I think he needs a reality check. He has a good voice, but he doesn’t have a great voice, and I think it’s awfully presumptuous of him to assume and act like he would have won and he was the best performer of the night but the feud cost him votes. I completely disagree. Personally, even though I love Tony, I thought Juliet was going to win by a longshot and was surprised when she didn’t. But whatever, they’ll all get record deals. And now Chris will have to compete with Josh Groban and Michael Buble…I hope he’s up for the challenge!

      • Rina says:

        Christina did not direct it at herself. Her statement was a general statement about the word “bitch.” Which is a word used to degrade women, comparing them to dogs. That is a fact. Adam directed it towards her by wearing the t-shirt. Don’t be so naive.

        • tarc says:

          Actually, b_tch is used in many ways, certainly not always to degrade women, and certainly not usually to compare them with dogs. The word is oftne used in the gay community, for example, in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with women.

          • Rina says:

            Tarc, appropriating a word and using it in other contexts does not demean it’s meaning. There is a large difference in the pragmatics involved with your chosen example. “Bitch” means something very different to a woman when it comes from a man versus a homosexual saying it to their gay best friend. Naivety at its best.

          • Luiz says:

            Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jay-Z, Tony and Adam were thinking about the “gay meaning” of the word when they sang the song…

          • tarc says:

            Nonsense. Words evolve new meanings all the time, and often come in to common use in entirely different ways (i.e. – gay). Currently, there are at least four definaitons for the word, one referring exclusively to dogs, the verb being gender neutral, as well as another of common uses.Check your bias please.

          • Alana says:

            Words constantly evolve new meanings…but that does not mean that we can’t determine one specific interpretation for words in a particular context. The word “bitch”, in general, has a number of interpretations and will possibly gain more of them as its usage continues to evolve. The word “bitch” in the context of the Jay-Z song aligns pretty clearly with one of those definitions, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the gay community or with dogs, so the notion that it’s an evolving word is not really relevant to this situation.
            I do think that Christina was consistently rude to Tony throughout the season, but the song was still inappropriate.

          • Rina says:

            Check which bias? A bias against men? A bias for team female? Which bias are you referencing and do you even have enough information from my two statements to determine that I have a bias? Thank you Alana for elaborating my earlier point, how the word has evolved is not the point, it still has ties as an insult to women perpetuating misogyny (which fits within the context of the song used). The word has a long history of being used as an insult to woman (comparing them to female dogs) used by men to make females the inferior sex.

          • tarc says:

            @Rina – Yeah, I do have sufficient information. You’re inventing a problem when it’s highly unlikely that it exists for many reasons. You might want to take a hard look there – that’s a bias tsunami you’ve got going there.
            @Alaina – I loathe rap because it is rife with all kinds of misogynistic and homophobic language (plus I have no interest in listening to barely literate guys mumbling to a repetitive, uninteresteing beat). But I think it’s kind crazy to suggest that Adam or Tony would select a song that was pointed at Christina. Not only is that out of character for what we know of both, I’m sure the show wouldn’t allow it (and Christina certainly didn’t respond like she viewed it that way either – on the show, at least). If you are speaking of the usage in the song, I agree that it’s the worst variant. But I’d forward that it has nothing to do with being directed at Christina. I’d also forward that Christina should have been chastized by the producers for her highly inappropriate behavior towards a contestant all season.

        • Jessica says:

          Excuse me, Rina, but you have no right to insult me. You don’t even know me. I am not naive. I simply have a different opinion than you. Oh dear Lord, not that! Guess what, not everyone has to agree with you. I did not interpret the performance as directed at Christina by Tony. I think it’s up for debate whether it was directed at Christina by Adam. Regardless, I have the right to that opinion because that is what I saw on my TV screen based on my intelligence and life experiences that lead me to interpret and deduce things the way I do and to form my own opinions. Your intelligence and life experiences lead you to do the same. That doesn’t mean we are going to reach the same opinions. People have completely different life experiences that lead to very different opinions, that make you sensitive to different subjects and different words and different actions, so something that you may take offense to, I don’t. That’s life. That does not mean that I am naive or that you are. It simply means that we are separate people capable of formulating our own thoughts and opinions.

      • Troy says:

        So much talk about ego. But where is your dissertation on Tony’s ego? Being called one-dimensional is not a diss in the show’s context. It is a critique. He could not fathom the fact that someone on this planet did not think he was perfect that he had to attribute her critique as a brash overstatement of negativity, to unwavering relationships with mmc alum and even to “women issues.” What a joke. And his misogynistic performance of ’99 problems’ was disgusting. He’s not going to make it very far by acting unfavorably to the only person to bring him any form of publicity in years. Christina made him a relevant figure and he couldn’t just be a “man” about the situation. But his actions clearly turned many people off. Who knows, maybe that’s the real reason he never made it post-mmc.

        • Alana says:

          I agree that the 99 problems performance was inappropriate, but Christina behaved badly as well. The one-dimensional comment was perfectly fine, but she attacked Tony for having celebrities helping him to get votes, when there were other contestants, like Jermaine, who had the same kind of support and weren’t criticized. I thought that was hypocritical and unnecessary.

          • Dylan says:

            How was it an attack though? It was a passing remark incited by a single occurrence. She was making the point that she wanting the winner to win based on their talent and their voice alone, not by having their celebrity friends tell their fan bases to vote for you before the show even airs. And I agree with her in this regard – win on your own merits. I also don’t see how you could compare Jermaine’s situation to Tony’s. Alicia made a support video during the audition (or perhaps the battle rounds) but voting by the public had not yet been enabled anyway. The only other time Alicia voiced her support for him was when the final 4 were already announced, which was very different – at that point Jermaine had already made it there on his own talent. I thought she made a valid point and so did Cee-lo – so she clearly wasn’t the only one on that panel to feel that way.

        • Jessica says:

          I don’t think Tony has an ego at all…hence no dissertation on it. Clearly you are a Chris fan. I’m sorry to have offended you, but I have the right to my opinion, just like you have the right to yours. And actually, I do like Chris’s voice and I was a fan of his. But I think he comes across cocky in this interview. I have not read or seen anything every to make me feel that Tony has an ego. I could be wrong. Maybe he does and no one knows. Maybe others have read things that showed that. I have not, and I have been following him for years. I don’t think his performance of 99 problems was misogynistic, and I don’t think he has women issues. I simply disagree with you, and I have that right.

        • Lori Fugate says:

          However the OTHER three judges were not saying that Tony’s voice was one dimensional, it was just Christina. She was not critiquing she was being nasty. The other three judges’ opinions are not to be ignored and they are professionals too. Matter of fact; I would think better since Adam and Blake have won and Christina has yet to win.

      • marvelous0ne says:

        Ok I need to make a comment on this one! You want to say Chris is being full of himself cause that he feels that the controversy that was fueled that Adam and Tony made him loose? Well considering that when you have Cee-Lo and including the winner, Jermaine also felt that way. Chris has the right to believe it! But unlike Tony. Chris didn’t discuss it right after the show. Unlike Tony who was right out there putting the blame on the feud that he help to create on why he lost! Chris was just happy that he got as far as he did! He only til recently dodged the feud questions or just eluded to some of the issues when asked. So sorry to bust your bubble. You want to say how bad Chris was for his comment.You want to say how full of himself Chris is. How about how Tony and Adam didn’t even go to the after party? Everyone else was there, but those two! That’s being full of themselves!

        • Jessica says:

          First of all, either proofread before you hit send, or learn some proper grammar and spelling. There are parts that you don’t even make sense. “Cee-Lo and including the winner, Jermaine also felt that way.”??? So are you saying that Cee-Lo and Jermaine also think that Chris would have won but lost votes due to the feud? Because I find it hard to believe that Cee-Lo and Jermaine thought Chris was going to win. I’m sure Jermaine was hoping he was going to win and Cee-Lo thought Juliet was going to win. I don’t think either of them was bracing for Chris to win and thought, wow, he must have lost votes to the feud. Oh well! I’m sure the feud helped Tony lose, so I’m not surprised he said that. And you don’t know what was going on with Tony and Adam and why they weren’t at the afterparty. They could have had perfectly legitimate reasons. You don’t have the right to judge because you don’t know. I have never seen anything that made me think Tony is full of himself. I don’t think he ever acted that way. Adam maybe. But not Tony. He made a bad judgement call on that song, at the prompting of his coach, but he was performing, and even in his performance, it didn’t look to me like he was full of himself. He was just performing and having fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          • Luiz says:

            Jessica, are you sure that there is anything above that allows us to understand that Chris said he WOULD HAVE WON if there had been no coach feud? I mean, really, are you sure about that?

            Because I can’t find it anywhere. And, if you take this out of the picture, it makes a lot of sense that Cee Lo would have said “I think he lost votes because of the feud” or something like that, which was the only thing Chris said in that interview. He really only said that he lost votes due to the feud, which is definitely correct, and he also stated that he doesn’t mind that because he gave his best. When he said “I almost won the whole thing”, he just meant that he got to the finale, which is really almost winning (considered all the journey the artists went through).

            I don’t care if Tony is full of himself or not, I will never wish bad things towards him, but I have to say that Chris seems like a really nice guy – I know I don’t know him and all that, but I’ve been following him on social media since day 1 of The Voice. He really humble, so great to his fans and I’ve even seen him being nice to people who had said bad things about him.

            I know you have the right to have an opinion, and I would never question that. I just believe that you misinterpreted what he said and, because of that, you’re being really unfair to a person who is nothing but a good guy who’s been trying hard to achieve success.

            I’m not saying that to insult you, or to say you’re not capable of interpreting what you read. I could easily misunderstand what a person says. In fact, I already have, a few times in my life.

            I just hope you’re open to reconsider that. Your comments make me believe that you are.

          • Kaley says:

            I may be wrong here, and misreading what Jessica just wrote, but I believe in the above post, she isn’t responding to what was in the article, but instead to the arguments made in the post above her’s.
            Also, everything you said to describe the behaviors of Chris is what we Tony fans have seen over the years from him. Everyone is allowed his/her opinion, but it really is unfair to tar and feather Tony as a woman hater and ungrateful, as a lot of people on this board have been doing.

          • Luiz says:

            Kaley, it was not just about the above post, I was trying to respond to everything she posted… she said she concluded Chris is a cocky guy because of the interview. That’s the main reason I wrote to her.

            And you may be right about people being unfair to Tony. When I realized that people were being unfair to Chris, that’s when it got to me: I should just say that, not bash Tony or Adam to try to prove my point. So, what I say to you, and everyone who thinks people are being unfair is: just say that. Do not bash Christina or Chris or anyone else in the way in order to defend your Idol, you know? I decided I will do my best to try that: I’ll try to make people understand they are being unfair to Christina and Chris without having to say bad things about Adam and Tony. I don’t know them, and I don’t care if they’re good or bad, so what’s the point? Don’t think I will succeed, but at least I’ll know I did the right thing.

      • Tiff says:

        Jessica – word on the second half of your comment. I’ve never liked Chris because I always thought he was full of himself. This just confirms it. Seriously, the “I almost won the whole thing” and “I lost votes because of the feud”? AS IF. Everyone thought Juliet was going to win. Everyone though Juliet deserved to win. It’s shocking that she didn’t. It’s even more shocking that Chris thought he was going to beat her.

        Honestly, Slezak, I would much prefer Juliet and Jamar’s interviews over anyone else’s. I really don’t need to hear any more of Chris’ egotistical blathering. He really does think he’s God’s gift to classical crossover.

    • tiffany says:

      let’s call a spade a spade–the song was directed at christina. and while i think she could’ve been a little more subtle with her comments, her heart was in the right place. when justin timberlake and kim kardashian and justin bieber and all these folks are throwing their weight behind a contestant and telling their fans and followers to do the same, they win. case in point, justin bieber last year with javier colon. dia frampton was killing it in itunes sales and final night of voting, the biebs tweeted to his 20 million crazy followers to vote javier. bam. just like this year, with the juliet simms upset (the adam/christina feud cancelled each other out) and blake/jermaine had alicia keys, miranda lambert, reba mcentire, kelly clarkson, and entire country music tweeting and whatnot. i’ve loved tony lucca for about 10 years, but he didn’t deserve a spot in the final four…and while i thought the britney performance was a nice little jab at christina, 99 problems was tasteless.

    • Heather says:

      I don’t know how you think anyone could “replace” Christina Aguilera. Yeah Cee Lo and Blake have fans, and Maroon 5 has had some hits, but compared to Christina, the rest of the coaches are small time. I can’t say that I love all her songs, I don’t like power vocals in general- but she DOES have the most incredible control and power with her voice of anyone making music today and many years prior.

      Why are you so crazy in love with Tony, exactly? The fact is that she didn’t like his attitude and a lot of people would agree with her.. he was not taking anything seriously and just felt entitled to win the show because he had been on the Mickey Mouse club. He was on the Voice to cash in his I.O.U. for fame, that he thought he had waiting for him all these years. He messed around when it came to his performances and was not consistent. He perpetuated the idea to America that he deserved to win based on his connection with Christina, Britney and Justin. He liked to bring that up a lot, like a spoiled child with a pathetic sob story.

      Just because you knew some people who grew up to be famous doesn’t mean anything for you. He didn’t make it then, why now? I have had a lot of rich friends over the years, does that mean that they should help me get rich too? NO! Seriously people need to be responsible for their own lives, so grow up Tony! Adam is not going to like Tony anymore when he turns out to be a failure and drags Adam’s credibility down with him. Blinded by the bromance.

      • Kaley says:

        Christina’s big movie debut bombed. Her last album bombed, and didn’t produce any hits that I can remember. Her last hit? A Maroon 5 song. The other judges are currently a lot more successful than Christina. Yes, she had past success, but until this show came around, Christina was on a career downward spiral. Of all the judges, she was the small time one, as this was a way for her to save her career.

        • Luiz says:

          That is so not right. In season 1, if you combined Cee Lo’s, Blake’s and Adam’s paychecks for the show, they wouldn’t sum up to the amount they paid Christina. I don’t know if that’s still a fact for season 2, I think it might not, but she still the one who gets the most money. And that’s because she’s the one who drove more people to watch the Voice (the other possibility is that NBC is stupid and gives money away to any random person).

          Adam’s career was completely ressurrected by The Voice (guess what made his last two singles – the one you mentioned and also the most recent one – hits?). If you have a good memory, you’ll remember it’s not the other way around, girl.

          When The Voice debuted, the most current and sucessful artist was Blake, who has won no Grammys yet (Christina’s got 5, by the way). And even Blake’s career benefitted from the show, of course, and that applies to all 4 coaches.

          So, just because her last CD didn’t sell, it doesn’t mean she’s not the main star of that show. If you say that, you must be really young and/or not know about her history and her importance to global pop music industry, which will never change.

          • Kaley says:

            First of all, I would appreciate it if you didn’t refer to me as “girl.” It is just as demeaning as the word “bitch” that you have been so vocally against on this board. Further, I was a teenager (and huge fan) when Christina first came on the scene in the 90’s, so no, I am not “young.” I am actually a pretty big fan of her’s. I wore out my Stripped album and loved Back to Basics. I saw Burlesque 3 times in the theater and own it on DVD.
            Don’t talk down to me. Thank you.

          • Luiz says:

            Gosh, I’m so sorry, I’m not a native English speaker, and I would never imagine the word “girl” could be so offensive and even comparable to calling you a b*tch. In my country, we use “girl” and “boy” so, so often, it just slipped. I apologize.

            Also, I really was careful enough to use “must be” to try to make it clear that that was just the impression I had. Clearly I wasn’t successful. I wasn’t trying to sound better than you. It really was about the points I wanted to make, not about you or me as people.

            Anyway, I’ll just stop this. It’s too hard to try to make people understand things and not get offended when we’re not face-to-face. I’m being misundertood too often and it’s not leading us anywhere. Life goes on.

          • Sha says:

            Girl is just as demeaning as bitch? talk about being over-sensitive. You’re worse than Adam, xtina, and tony combined!

      • tarc says:

        There are a ton of people that could replace Christina. I’d borrow Jesse J from the Voice UK or Delta goodrem from the Voice AUS – both are amazing, great coaches, and don’t try and manipulate the results of the show by tanking contestants on other teams.

        • Luiz says:

          Yeah, let’s have NBC do that and watch ratings drop.

          None of those two can replace Christina, and I don’t think they would try. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t great, of course.

          BTW, you really don’t remembering Jessie J tanking Hannah, from Team Danny? I mean, I didn’t mind, it was Jessie’s best moment on the show, but she did crush her, and the girl got eliminated.

    • sandyne says:

      its really weird bcos i didnt think abt the song being directed to xtina until evryone started saying it…all i thot during the performance was that..the jay-z version was better..until xtina brought it up it honestly didnt cross my mind and if she didnt carry on with it, she wouldnt be getting as much flack as she’s getting…so its kind of her fault all the press she’s getting

    • TheVoiceFan says:

      People criticizing Christina just don’t make sense. She’s the most qualified of all. Her elimination of Jesse was controversial but correct. It also led to two best contestants in her team namely Chris and Lindsey. She showed her honesty and toughness by criticizing Tony for his one dimensional performances and warned him not to expect to win just because of celebrity endorsements from his MMC buddies. It was wrong of Tony and Adam to retaliate and gang up on her by selecting suggestive songs like “baby one more time”, “how do you like me now” and “99 problems”. Last song containing word “!$#!#” (it didn’t matter whether he sang that word or not, everybody knew what it meant, even people in the audience were singing it) was especially offensive considering the recent “The Wanted” controversy. I think Christina handled this very gracefully when you consider how offensive it was. These guys showed how classless (basically misogynist pigs) they were who couldn’t even take a valid criticism from a woman. Christina was right to point out Katrina’s superiority, but Adam chose winning and bromance over talent. Overall Adam’s performance was the worst as a coach/judge and Christina’s was the best. Christina has always maintained that she’s an entertainer first and will dress accordingly. I think it’s refreshing the way she dresses. It’s fun and unpredictable. I’m pretty sure “The Voice” has final say in how she dresses. So if you don’t like it hold it against “The Voice” not Christina. So my request to people would be to be fair in judging Christina and put their personal feelings aside. Anyway justice was served when Tony lost despite endorsements from his MMC buddies and Justin Bieber.

    • Well her job is not to be cool her job is mentoring and coaching new talents by giving them advices criticism. it’s a shame that she take all the blame when she really was doing a great job

    • darren says:

      She was just amazin her attitude is perfect ,she’s not a bitch and she was sayin to tony what she was feelin.. That’s what a true artist is they shouldn’t replace her cause she’s the star of the voice if you don’t like it change channel.

  2. Joan says:

    What he said about the Xtina-Adam feud is so, so true. Even though it seems like everyone in the business thinks Christina is a bitch, calling her a bitch (calling ANY woman a bitch) is not right. Adam and Tony were way out of line and the media made it look like she was the only wrong one.
    Anyway… Chris seems to be a nice person and has a really amazing voice. Looking forward to hearing his own stuff.

    • me says:

      What are you talking about that everyone in the business thinks she’s a b-word. Haha. So false. The only people saying that are people who need the attention. Anyone with real talent loves her. Who cares about some dumb boys like the wanted or some spoiled lil rich girl with absolutely no talent for anything like kelly osborne. They are just jealous. Madonna, Cher, Ceelo, Blake, Britney, Linda Perry, JT, Elton John, almost anyone I can think of ABSOLUTELY LOVES XTINA.

      • Sara says:

        JT absolutely loves Tony, so maybe he wasn’t the best example, considering how much she tried to backhand insult him all season because of his love of Tony.

        • Rhea says:

          No, no, Sara. Christina didn’t do anything back-handed. She was direct all season long. And I think you’re misconstruing the situation and what was said – Christina didn’t insult him because JT loved him – that makes no sense – actually, you make no sense and you’re embarrassing yourself. She didn’t want him to win based on coercion that Tony’s celebrity friends could impose, duh. She wanted the winner to win based on talent.

          • Sara says:

            I meant using JT as an example of people who love Christina might not have been the best example because she kept insulting JT all season. Apologies if that wasn’t abundantly clear.

          • Melly says:

            Sorry, Sara, but you fail again. She didn’t insult JT. English really isn’t your strong-suit is it?

        • Luiz says:

          Xtina didn’t say ONE WORD about JT, personally or professionally. Saying she insulted him really makes no sense at all. And JT does love her (or at least did until this whole incident), he actually TOURED with her for months some years ago and only has great things to say about her.

          • Sara says:

            Well see, that is already incorrect. She called out several MMC names, including JT and Britney, after Hit Me Baby One More Time. And she made backhand insults at JT several times by NOT calling out his name directly when talking about Tony’s famous friends pushing him on twitter.

          • Luiz says:

            Please, tell me ONE adjective Christina called JT. Just one.

          • Sara says:

            Well, as you said yourself in a comment below, she referred to JT in her comment about it being a celebrity popularity contest.

          • Luiz says:

            So you’re saying that the verb “to insult” means “to say a person’s name”?

          • Sara says:

            No, that is all you.

          • Halla says:

            Luiz, this is a losing battle – – Sara lacks reading comprehension and the ability to formulate a correct sentence. Just let her wallow in her ignorance and lack of intelligence. She made no sense before and she’s not going to magically start making sense later.

          • Luiz says:

            Then please explain the use of the verb “to insult” in your sentences…

            (Halla, I have to try… it’s not about making sense, it’s about making sure that, when someone says things like that imprudently, nobody thinks it’s true).

    • Kathleen says:

      Sorry Joan, I have to disagree with you a bit here. There is a media-perpetuated notion that Christina is a “bitch” in the industry, but that doesn’t mean actual people from the industry think or believe that. It seems these media-perpetuated “feuds” can attest to the fact that Christina is unliked, but if you notice Christina RARELY and I mean, rarely makes any public statement about negativity. She just doesn’t seem to care. So, how real can a “feud” be when it’s only one-sided? And probably based on years of insecurity? And also, Christina works in the three main arenas of pop-culture, music, television, and film (acting, soundtrack work). How could she constantly be working so much with new and old people if she’s a “bitch” or considered “hard to work with?” Directors, producers, and songwriters have nothing but good things to say about her. So these accusations just don’t make sense, and I’m surprised when America believes them. Many people have lost their careers because they are notoriously know to be hard to work with, but the usual women that get this stigma, Madonna, Cher, and Christina are still working decades later. How could that be? Frankly, I think many people just view this idea of a strong, opinionated woman as being “bitchy” when in essence, they’re just making sure their voices are heard and are being included in the dialogue. These women are considered legendary for a reason.

      • Me says:

        I completely agree! Christina is just plain talented and gorgeous, strong and maybe opinionated but what is wrong with that!? Never stop singing Christina!!!

      • tarc says:

        There are a lot of people in the industry that don’t have great things to say about Christina. Talent and fame can outweight a LOT of bad behavior, as we see over and over again with so many.

  3. guest says:

    I don’t understand why he left Glee because it was stifling his voice. He obviously wasn’t a lead vocal since he wasn’t on the show, which means he was back-up and being vanilla is kind of the point of a back-up singer. He should have known that going in.

    • marvelous0ne says:

      Chris was doing background vocals for the first season of the shows. He is also one of the original Warblers. Warlber #6 to be exact! It was a job and it was paying the bills. But when your a singer. You do want to be on stage! You want to be in the lime light! Do you think all singers who are seeking to become profession go “Nah, I’ll stick to being in the background!” NO! Glee got Chris some connections. It got him more behind the scenes vocal work. Also made some great friends there! But Chris is a Entertainer. He loves being on stage and singing his heart out! Staying with Glee would have killed his dream!

    • Biz says:

      Jermaine quit his job as a background singer because he felt he had more to offer on his own, and I believe Juliett left her band for the same reason.

  4. larry says:

    I don’t think Tony or Adam were calling her anything. If anything, they were being playfull and cheeky. I think her taking offense just shows that she knows in her heart she was being rude to Tony all season. Her guilty conscience is what made her think that song was directed at her. I don’t think either one of them were calling her a b**ch.

    • me says:

      You’re an idiot! It’s just so ridiculous to go on national tv, with your wife and children there, and sing a song like that. He had so many choices. Not only that but he didn’t even give credit to HUGO who had done that version before him. It was completely obvious that he is a mysoginstic pig. Did u even see when they tried to ask his wife a question he took the mic away from her and wouldn’t let her speak. He has no class.

      • Tyler says:

        I don’t understand how America could be so ignorant and well, stupid to be honest. When Christina critiqued Tony’s performance she didn’t make it about herself, she made a general statement about the word being derogatory towards w o m e n. Adam DIRECTLY made it about her by wearing the t-shirt.

        Also his faulty excuse of a response about “bitch” being a “metaphor” and meaning everything getting you down. Um. Adam, dear, if “bitch” was being used as a metaphor for things getting you down, um, hmm, what would you call that? Oh, yeah, that’s called a PROBLEM. So, Tony has 99 problems, but a problem isn’t one? This makes no sense. He was instigating, end. of. story.

  5. Brandy says:

    Did he really just say he was placed fourth because people took out their frustrations against Christina by not voting for him? Check your ego dude. You are talented but don’t have that typical, what you hear on the radio, voice. I think most of America just didn’t relate to your musical style. Nothing wrong with that, but I think it’s what happened.

    As far as the feud, Christina was rude the entire season to Tony, which I found very strange. I do think that Tony’s 99 Problems song was probably directed at her, but I also think it was all in good fun. I doubt any of them are actually upset about it. The feud brought the show even more media attention and all they care about are ratings.

    • me says:

      If you really think she was rude, than you have a problem with any woman with an opinion. She wasn’t rude at all. She’s a judge and she gave a critique. Women don’t just have to sit there and smile and boost the egos of all men. Give me a break. Everything she said was true. Stop taking things so personally. She wasn’t taking the 99 problems personally. She was only saying the song itself is derogatory towards women. Which it is: read the lyrics. Men should not be using the b-word to describe women. It’s supremely sexist.

      • Sara says:

        You are clearly the one taking things personally since you have been commenting on every post that says that Christina overreacted. I am a woman with an opinion, and that opinion is that Christina was rude. So, by your logic, since anyone who thinks Christina was rude has a problem with any woman with an opinion, I have a problem with myself? Stop making such crazy generalizations to defend Christina’s crappy behavior.

        • Trig says:

          Let’s get real here. She’s getting paid 10 million to judge. Having a past with this contestant doesn’t subjugate the fact that she has a job to do – to make everyone do better. Regardless of how much damage was done to Tony’s ego by being called one-dimensional, the truth of the matter is, it made him step out and try something new on that stage. He should be thanking her instead of playing the victim. What kind of “man” does that anyway?

          • Sara says:

            I don’t think the one dimensional comment was rude, per se, as it was meant to be a critique. I think she could have been a less blunt and more constructive, but whatevs. I think all of her behavior following that comment was rude and trying to hide under the umbrella of constructive criticism. Her attempts at fighting with Adam and the other judges all season (and last season) was rude. Her text messaging during performances was rude. Her texting during Tony’s last words was rude. I hate that Christina defenders seem to only defend the one dimensional comment, which doesn’t need much defending because she was basically attempting to do her job.

          • Luiz says:

            Well, let’s defend everything than:

            – about texting: the show asks them to do that. They tweet a lot during the show and the performances. She could have chosen better timing, but she obviously didn’t to it to disrespect Tony. But again, the guy had just called her a b*tch, so, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t want to pay attention to him anyway.

            – Everything she said was really good, I loved the onedimensional comment, the “there are better voices on this show” comment and I REALLY loved the “let’s not make it a celebrity popularity contest” comment. She was spot on! Xtina was the only coach with the b*lls to make real critiques, which was great.

            – Her comments during the blinds were clearly not serious at all, too! They all make fun of each other, Xtina’s not the only one who provoked the other coaches back then.

            It’s amazing how male judges are allowed to say “mean stuff” and be praised while a strong woman is sentenced to death by the audience for doing the exactly same thing.

          • Sara says:

            Luiz: No tweet was posted during the time frame of when Tony was speaking.

          • Sara says:

            And you don’t think “let’s not make this a celebrity popularity contest” wasn’t a bash at JT?! I mean, seriously, one of your comments negates another one you made.

          • Luiz says:

            Yes, it was, Sara. And people immediately started replying with things like “So that’s what you were doing when Tony was thanking you, huh, b*tch?”

          • Luiz says:

            No, it wasn’t. She didn’t say ANYTHING bad about JT. She only said: people should judge things based on the performances, not on celebrity tweets. How can THAT be bashing JT???

          • Sara says:

            Really? Because I checked during the show and I didn’t see any tweets that were put up anywhere near the time frame of Tony’s last bit. There were some way before it and after, but not during the like 5-10 minutes when she was on the phone. She was doing who knows what on her phone and being disrespectful, not doing her job.

          • Sara says:

            What other celebrity was tweeting their support so openly at that time? Of course it was about JT.

          • Luiz says:

            I also checked it, and I saw it, Sara. Maybe you missed it.

          • Luiz says:

            Let me try to be clear. Here’s what Christina meant: “Even though JT tweeted about you, I don’t think people should vote based on his support. It’s not a celebrity popularity contest, it’s about the Voice, and I think people should vote based on the performances”.

            Is that clear enough? Now please explain how that can be a personal insult.

          • Sara says:

            I really don’t think I missed anything, nor do I think my sister and a bunch of our friends missed it either. But if you claim to have seen it, obviously it must have been there.

          • Jessie says:

            I called it a critique. You called it a critique. It was a critique. It was also constructive because it was useful to Tony, as he changed direction on the show. The idea, that “you think” she could have been this or that, is YOUR problem. She’s not you. She is she and she will act the way she does. Also, her attempts at fighting with Adam? Um. His attempts at fighting with her? Don’t make it JUST a Christina issue. Call a spade a spade. Another spade, Her and Blake are great friends and he’s wanted to work with her forever. She’s collaborated with Cee-lo more than once and he even said Christina gave great critiques. He even called her a King. They have a great relationship too. Texting. Please, as if texting takes away the ability to listen. You don’t know what the situation was, whether she had started to text before he thanked the coaches, or whether it was something regarding her son backstage. You just don’t know. So calling it “rude” is also a premature assumption. You call her actions after the comment rude. What about when she said Tony did well throughout all but one of his performances? You focus way too much on the “negative” that you clearly forgot the positive things she said too. Stop reaching, you’ll pull a muscle.

          • Luiz says:

            And let me be say it again: Xtina and JT already toured together some years ago (look for “Justified & Stripped tour”, it was really nice). They have been good friends and always said nice things about each other.

            Xtina didn’t say anything bad about JT (referrencing his tweet is SO different than insulting him!). Don’t try to make it look like she treat’s every single person badly. It’s so obvious that it’s not true! She loves (and is loved by) a lot of people, JT included.

          • Luiz says:

            Finally we agreed! =)

            Yes, it was there.

        • Luiz says:

          Women are the quicker ones to judge and condemn other women, and also tend to give more free passes to men. It’s weird, but true: a lot of girls are more sexist than guys. That’s changing – slowly -, of course, but it’s still true.

          • TheVoiceFan says:

            I completely agree with you. It was so obvious these two men (Tony & Adam) couldn’t handle the valid criticism from a woman judge (Christina) and decided to retaliate and gang up by selecting all suggestive songs with digs at the woman judge (Christina). Despite that I see most women defending actions of the men here.

        • tiredofdumbwomen says:

          so as a women you dont have a problem with that song. smdh maybe you have a bigger problem at your hands

    • Artlight says:

      >>Did he really just say he was placed fourth because people took out their frustrations against Christina by not voting for him? Check your ego dude.
      He is kinda right though. As others have mentioned here, a lot of people on other blogs and twitter said that they wouldn’t vote for Chris or would vote for Tony just to spite Xtina, so that probably cost him some votes. And taking in count the difference between 3rd and 4th was just .25% he probably could’ve placed at least 3rd if it hadn’t been for the feud

      having said that I dunno if he could have placed higher than that. I really liked him and was rooting for him to win, but he isn’t working in the most popular genre so he already had that going against him. Not to say that vocally speaking Juliet beat everyone most nights (I still don’t know how she didn’t win)

  6. Sam says:

    Did he honestly say that he didn’t win due to people not voting for him coz of the feud?! If anything, the person who missed out on votes was Tony Luca. Susan Boyle may have won BGT but dude here should not compare himself with her. He wasn’t going to win this. Tony had the chops to win this. Plus i don’t honestly think that 99 problems was directed at Xtina. But who knows.

    Am a fan of Xtina but she was very mean to Tony during the whole run. She would have kicked him out of the show the second she had a chance to. I wonder what happened between them during the mickey mouse show.

    • guest says:

      Susan Boyle didn’t win BGT, she was a runner up. She lost to a dance troupe I believe.

    • Luiz says:

      Tony WON votes because of the feud. Everyone were hating on Xtina on Twitter and saying they loved Chris but would never vote for her team.

      • Bitch says:

        Exactly, in every blog, twitter and youtube. People wont vote for Chris because Xtina was mean to one dimensional. Could people be any shallower? Chris should have won this whole thing, no-brainer. It was pretty obvious that the guy from Maroon 5 and one dimensional was picking on Xtina subtly. People who could not take some constructive criticisms. Hope they fire the guy from Maroon 5

        • me says:

          Thank you to Luiz and B. I completely agree. maroon 5 guy is petty, and actually I think he might be gay. one dimensional was just a total douche. one dimensional started the whole drama trying to get media attention and votes. total loser.

          • Luiz says:

            Good to know that you see things clearly regarding the coach feud, but please don’t bring Adam’s sexual orientation to the table. It really doesn’t matter in this discussion (actually it doesn’t matter at all).

          • tripoli says:

            What does sexual orientation have to do with anything? What a ridiculous thing to say. If anyone is petty and one dimensional, it’s you. You and Christina should go find a rock to crawl under.

          • tarc says:

            Adam is straight, though he has a gay brother. he broke up with his long term girlfriend near the end of this season. If he was gay, he’d have no problem saying so, and has said this in multiple interviews.

    • me says:

      How sexist to think she even thinks anything about him from mmc. Give me a break. Just because a woman has an opinion doesn’t mean she’s some bitter ex lover or something. So stupid. Tony doesn’t have the chops. He’s already release 17 albums and none of them have been successful. Why didn’t any of his celeb friends help him before? Xtina was just giving a critique as a judge. Everyone is entitled to their opinion: INCLUDING WOMEN. Don’t take it personal just because a woman has her own opinion about a performer and he’s a man. If it was a man critiquing a woman we wouldn’t be hearing all this BS!!!

      • TheVoiceFan says:

        I completely agree with you. Christina’s criticism had nothing to do with the past. She was just doing her job as a judge and warning him about his one dimensional performances and endorsements from his MMC buddies. TONY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE CHOPS TO GET TO THE FINAL. If it weren’t for his MMC buddies endorsing him, he wouldn’t have even reached the semifinal. And in the semifinal he was bailed out by Adam.

        • Debbie says:

          Katrina didn’t have the chops to make it to the semis or quarterfinals. Adam bailed her out how many times? Tony made it past every round based on audience votes every other time.
          Tony had a lot of fans before The Voice regardless of any celebrity friends he might have. They pushed him along. And Tony can’t control what his celebrity fans do. If they want to support a friend, that’s up to them.

          • TheVoiceFan says:

            Adam didn’t bail Katrina out. He saved her from the elimination because she was clearly better than the rest. After it was revealed that Adam had given Tony 60 to 40 advantage, Adam couldn’t justify it based on talent. He tried to justify it based on bromance and eventual winning. Afterwards we found out that America had indeed voted for Katrina and Adam’s penchant for winning at any cost led Tony to the final. Of course Katrina was sacrificed for winning. Tony had a clear advantage with him being the only person in his group with major celebrity endorsements, which he used to take him to the semifinal. Without those endorsements and based solely on his talent he wouldn’t have made it past the round of sixteen. I’m just glad America judged well and put him just 1/4% off the last place despite endorsements from his MMC buddies & Justin Bieber. His large number of followers (they were at least ten times of any other finalist) may have helped him avoid the last place.

  7. Melissa says:

    Again the whole feud is taking over. The reality of the matter is he had the best Voice on the show and since the show is called The Voice he should have won. Period. Plus he is a class act – a nice very talented guy all the way.

    • dee says:

      That’s your opinion. Me, I thought he was completely boring and derivative at what he did. We have one Josh Groban, thankyouverymuch. Don’t need another.

  8. damian says:

    I don’t watch any of these shows, but I always thought the point of them was to find undiscovered talent? Am I wrong on it? Why is that the only people that get through seemed to have failed record deals? Wasn’t that their chance already and obviously couldn’t hack it? Just curious.

    • dee says:

      Undiscovered by THE AUDIENCE. If a record company signs you then drops you before your CD comes out, you have not been given a chance to reach the audience.

  9. dee says:

    Here’s the thing about that finale night. Tony DIDN’T call her, or anyone, a “b*tch.” He fell silent where that word went. And for anyone watching the show who didn’t know that song beforehand (in other words, MOST watchers–Jay Z fans and Voice fans are not the same), they had NO IDEA what word was missing, or that it was possibly directed at Christina. It wasn’t until CHRISTINA’S CRITIQUE OF THE PERFORMANCE that the audience knew something was going on. It became “a thing” because Christina WANTED it to be a thing. Period.

    As for Chris Mann? On something like The Voice his voice stands out, of course. But in the world of opera? He’s as vanilla as vanilla can be. There’s a reason he didn’t make it in classical music.

    • guest says:

      I don’t know a ton of Jay-Z songs but I think most people know 99 Problems. That’s probably his most commercial and recognizable hit aside from Empire State of Mind.

    • Luiz says:

      Any person who didn’t understand that performance must be incredibly naive. Even the audience was screaming the word when Tony didn’t sing it.

      Also, Blake made a huge joke about the b-word BEFORE Christina’s critique, and that made everything really clear to everyone.

      Chris said everything. Yes, that was directed to her. And, yes, she stood out for herself, and she did it in a really classy way for someone who had just been called a b****.

      • kam says:

        Hi Christina. He did NOT say the b word. Give me proof of him calling Christina a b*tch. I want to see it.

        • Luiz says:

          Just look at the lyrics of his song (if you don’t know them, which is NOT the case of most of the audience). Then, give me proof that NOBODY who watched his performance understood that the b-word was there, and I’ll believe your statement. I want to see THAT.

        • Bitch says:

          You have no brain. Even if you don’t say the word, people would still know it. It couldve been better if they replaced the word with something else but muted the word instead.

      • TheVoiceFan says:

        I agree with you completely. Tony acted like a jerk after Christina criticized him for his one dimensional performances and warned about endorsements from his MMC buddies. He and Adam decided to retaliate and gang up by selecting all suggestive songs with digs at Christina. Actually before his “99 problems” performance he tweeted that he was able to say the word “Bitch” while singing with Hall and Oates. Till this day Tony seems to be fascinated by the word “Bitch” so much so that he keeps finding reasons to tweet the word, whereas Christina handled it in a classy way despite being called a “Bitch” on a national TV. Tony & Adam really thought they were going to win because they had received endorsements from his MMC buddies and Justin Bieber. Oh well justice was served when they came 1/4% off the last place!

        • Hannah says:

          Justice was served to Xtina because people didn’t vote for her contestant because she was so rude and therefore caused her contestant to be the one to come in last place by 1/4%.

          • TheVoiceFan says:

            Christina wasn’t rude. She just did her job as a judge. She did a noble thing to take her best contestant to the final without any regard to winning. Lindsey had broader appeal for the final but Christina still divided her points 50/50 stating their individual talents were so far apart they were difficult to compare. Chris ended up winning the semifinal, but his classical voice was a difficult sell to the American public as compared to other finalist and so he ended up getting the last place which wasn’t surprising. In contrast Adam picked his finalist (Tony) based on winning/bromance not talent (Katrina). Tony had ten times followers of any finalist, and he also had endorsement from his MMC buddies and Justin Bieber. So it was really shocking that Tony didn’t win and ended up almost at the bottom. Even Tony admitted that Adam was expecting a win and the result was a shock to him. So Adam sacrificed Katrina and sold his conscience for nothing! Oh that must hurt! No wonder Adam and Tony were nowhere to be seen at “The Voice” after show party!

    • Heather says:

      do you understand what an “implication” is? maybe you should look it up. Everyone knows what he meant for many reasons, without saying B*tch. 1) that is a famous song and people know the words, especially the chorus. 2) The audience was saying the word during his performance. 3) The context clues in the lyrics would have provided you with the missing word if you as long as you weren’t brain-dead, so either you’re stupid, or you are degrading your own perceived intelligence in order to defend a classless idiot.

      Chris Mann did not ever try to have a straight up classical career, he was always doing crossover classical-pop music. Besides that, if you read the article, he worked on the glee singles which is more than can be said for Tony. Tony’s range is hideously small, and he lacks control and technique, after supposedly being in the music business for like 20 years!

    • Sha says:

      you must think the Voice watchers are a bunch of senior citizens because everyone I know who watches The Voice know that Jay-Z song. I hate rap music but I know that song and many other hits. You seem determined to hate xtina and anything related to her (see Chris Mann). The reason Tony didn’t say the actual word was because it was national television and censorship laws are in place duh. I’m not a huge Chris fan, team Juliet all the way, but if you want to talk vanilla… – TONY personifies that to a T.

  10. xwiseguyx says:

    First of all – amazed he gave an interview to the one site that didn’t acknowledge any of his performances… That being said, I don’t agree with his placing 4th because of the feuding. Chris proved his talent on his audition song (one of 3 from the whole show i downloaded) but frankly, I don’t think Xtina was a good coach because he didn’t improve… He was OK but generic. I didn’t see any differences between his and Josh’s arrangement except he was a little bit weaker. I look forward to his first release though…

    • Gina says:

      The funny thing is; Chris was pushed along by America – most likely for his good looks. Christina was the best coach and gave the only real critiques. Lindsey Pavao improved by miles and so did Ashley DeLa Rosa who were both itunes favorites. You even had former Voice contestants wish Christina had been their coach instead – Nathan from team Adam and Angie Johnson from team Cee-lo.

  11. maya says:

    i dont know why christina aguilera make a big deal of the song,she could
    ignore it, people will not know about it, but blake also commented about it
    i think something is going against her backstage with adam she wants to tell people that he is mean, but people prefere adam levine on her you know teenager girls,she needs to forget about adam next season and foucus only about herself, and for chris
    young people dont like operah so they will vote for him

  12. Chris says:

    Ok, the minor stuff. Chris left Glee cause there wasn’t much for him to remain! Singing background? While he is grateful for his time there. It was time to move on.

    The feud, that started all cause Christina didn’t remember Tony from her Mickey Mouse days. It’s been what? 15 Years or so? It wasn’t like she was close to him. But when she realized it. She apologized about it. It was the media that blew it out of proportion and It was Adam who used it to start the flame. People are so quick to judge Christina on her saying she was rude. but when your in a business that you will be criticized for your singing and performance. You have to be blunt! She was being brutally honest! Think about it? Why else hasn’t he got anywhere? Do you think Justin Timberlake would have gotten anywhere if he didn’t get Nsync? No he wouldn’t have. His voice is very average! Just like Tony’s! Anyway, it’s not the first time he had been shot down and it won’t be the last! But again, Adam used it and he fueled the whole thing. Even Cee-Lo commented about the issues but without using names. He hated it! And after all was over with. You still had Adam and Tony with his sour grapes for loosing. Putting blame at Christina when it was not all her fault! Tony has gone on record that he blames the media and Christina for him loosing. He didn’t have to go with Adam on the chaos he help to create! And the song 99 Problems was a slap to her. Adam and Tony knew what they were doing. And while the song was popular. It was also their downfall! And the sad thing was that Chris got caught in the crossfire!

    Regardless it’s in the past! The show renewed Chris’s faith in his talent and has opened the door to continue to do what he loves to do! To which I am proud of him for doing! Always a #MANNfan!

  13. What a great article! I love the questions and the honestly of the answers. Thanks Michael and Chris for the insights into everything.

  14. Kira says:

    I really was a great article! I was very disappointed in how wrapped up everyone got in the negativity and how eager people were to act like Christina was being mean to Tony because she did her job and gave her honest opinion. I listened to Tony’s music back when he was performing with JC Chasez from NSYNC, and I wasn’t WOWed by his voice. I thought it was boring.

    It’s so frustrating that they overlooked how hard to she worked for her contestant and that she sang beautifully with Chris in ITALIAN. I hope next season the judges can avoid the negativity and remember this is about the contestants and the music. Not their own egos. Actually, scratch that, I hope Christina puts in one more season, and goes back to making music for herself. :)

    • Biz says:

      Tony’s voice is not spectacular. He probably won’t win any awards or be really popular, but listen to his originals. Tony’s got this bluesy rock vibe going on, and there are songs like “Make You Mine” and “Long Love Letter” that are a little bit Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. He’s really talented.

  15. Denise says:

    The song was totally directed at Christina! We all knew it and the fact that Tony walked off stage and said to Christina Millian that Adam had wanted him to wear a Christina shirt while performing proves it! Adam’s lame excuse was just like him Whack. He doesn’t backhanded slaps towards ppl the whole season just like he did Katrina and Pip. Telling Tony he was 1 dimensional was the truth it never changed. His song choice for a finale was inappropriate especially compared to all the other artist! He had the chance to showcase himself, but instead Adam tried to pull off another moment doing something NOT him because he knew what Christina said about him was the truth! As far as it affecting Chris, I think it did a little bit but to be honest I tried to vote for Chris for like 20 mins by phone and the call wouldnt connect, then when it did it went to a busy signal. I think a lot of failure came from there not being enough support. We won’t see Tony again, but I guarantee we will see Chris.

  16. me says:

    Everyone should look up the afterpary. After the finale they put on a concert. Blake and Xtina were there (so were Blues Brothers Dan Akroid and Jim Belushi– they bowed and kissed xtinas hand), all the contestants were there too. Except for Tony and Adam. BAD FORM! What bad attitudes tony and adam must have to not even stay and just have a good time. plus it was very nice of blake and xtina to entertain the crowd of fans. All of the contestants: the winner jermaine, runner up juliet, jamar, erin willet: All of them were hugging on Xtina. Juliet took the microphone and asked the crowd to cheer for Xtina! They all love Xtina!!! She’s the real nice one. Tony and Adam are jerks! — Also, a fun part of the party was the bar was serving “the voice” drinks that were called Team Xtina, Team Blake, Team Adam, and Team Ceelo. They even had a shot named after Purrfect the Cat. hahaha. Xtina mingled with all the contestants and they were all smiling and laughing. She seemed very down to earth!!!

  17. kam says:

    I’m loving how the men are ALWAYS the ones to blame. I’m a woman, and I lo ed Christina, but this season made me REALLY dislike her. I guess no one remembers Christina being rude and snippy at Adam since the BEGINNING of this season. She called him a “wannabe Justin Timberlake”. She said it with an attitude also. Christina has been a b*tch ALL season. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and being rude about it. If Christina was right, then how come SO many people have been calling her a b*itch since the beginning of the season? It’s ok for a woman to call another woman a b*itch, but a guy can’t? I guess it’s also ok to call a guy an a**hole when the shoe fits, but not call a woman a b*itch when the show fits? DOUBLE STANDARDS. Christina made this WHOLE season about her, from her attitude, behaviour, down to her making the coach and contestant performances ALL ABOUT HER. I was VERY disappointed with her this season. You give respect, you get respect. Some of you act like you know XTina personally…

    • Bitch says:

      Lol did you really watch The Voice this season? Men are ALWAYS the ones to blame? Haha try again, actually Christina was the one who took the blame. Your example of double standards was lame, its not alright to call someone a bitch whether you’re a guy or a girl. Now I’ll give you an example, Christina gave constructive criticisms then she was called a bitch and all other names. But when Adam told Katrina she was not the favorite, nothing happened right? And dont tell us that we act like we know Xtina because you’re doing the same, criticizing her like you know her personally.

    • Luiz says:

      You REALLY think western culture – our culture – privileges WOMEN over men???

      Really, you’re SO distorting things… it wouldn’t really matter if Tony was a woman who was using her performance as a finalist to call the only female coach a bitch. It would still be WAY MORE unprofessional than everything Xtina had done on the show (even if we piled up everything she did, she wouldn’t look worse than what was done to her).

      Actually, if a woman did that, everyone would hate her, but some people are giving free passes to Tony and Adam EXACTLY because they’re guys – and, according to some women, cute guys.

      Of course, being a man makes things worse (just like a caucasian calling an african-american a n*gger or a straight guy calling a gay guy a f*ggot). But it would be ridiculous either way.

      Don’t try to make this about something as weird as “prejudice towards men”. It really IS about sexism and misogyny.

      • Leslie says:

        Thank you for this. I’ve always been baffled by the fact that it’s totally fine to replace the word “woman” with “bitch,” while slurs like n*gger and f*ggot are absolutely verboten (and justifiably so! Racism and homophobia are bad). As a woman, though, I consider *all three* (racism, homophobia, AND sexism) to be equally abhorrent. They each demonize a group of people on the basis of an innate, unchangeable characteristic, and that’s not cool. Insults should be based on conduct — not fixed characteristics. People should them, you know? :) Anyway, thanks for pointing out what I felt like I could never give voice to. (As evidenced by Christina’s backlash, women are not allowed to be offended by men calling them bitches).

    • mona says:

      I totally agree with you. I didn’t get that the song was about her, her comment was: u have your lovely wife and family here your daughter, I just think the song was derogatory towards women. I say this, when she came on stage and had a leotard or corset on with her butt cheeks out, some women like me think that’s derogatory towards women but a song that nothing to do with her. Christina had been messing with tony the whole season like she was hating on him or something. And if 99 problems was about her then it was appropriate because she gave him a lot of hate. Fans of hers apparently takes her opinion seriously that’s why he didn’t get the votes he should’ve. Christina kept weak voiced lindsey. That’s why she ain’t won yet. Bad decisions.

    • G says:

      Bravo, Kam! Hi! This is the best analysis of Christina’s behavior that I have seen on here. She was AWFUL to Tony; I was actually embarrassed for her. My husband, always the cynic, made the observation that some of the “feuds” on reality shows are exaggerated or even manufactured by the producers in order to boost ratings. However, Christina’s narcissism is REAL. She turned every conversation back to herself! It wasn’t cute.

      Regarding “99 Problems” – I have a slightly different take on this. Here goes: There is no point to that song if you take the word “bitch” out! It’s like singing “What a Wonderful World” without the word “Wonderful.” More importantly: THAT SONG IS NOT EVEN ABOUT WOMEN! It is a CRITICISM of hip hop music that complains about women instead of focusing on real problems like racism. In the song, bad things keep happening to the narrator that have nothing to do with, and are much more serious than, dating problems. The song is based on an old Ice-T song with the same title. THAT song says totally disgusting things about women. But at the end, there is a conversation between a few men saying that although they have all the girls they want, they face poverty and police harassment on a daily basis. Jay-Z took that positive, political message and wrote brilliant new lyrics: “Fiends on the floor scratching again/Paparazzi’s with they cameras snapping them/D.A. tried to give the n—a the shaft again/Half-a-mil for bail cause I’m African.” THOSE are his problems, and they have nothing to do with women, bitches or otherwise.

  18. moe says:

    Christina took to looking at her phone and brushing off Justin Beiber or whatever and that other boy group. She’s unprofessional and rude.

    • marvelous0ne says:

      That’s not being rude. It was a off moment during the show. Where all the judges didn’t have to be there to critique the contestant. Would it have been rude if one of them got up to go to the bathroom? Beiber was there to promote his new single. Just cause they showed her doing it. Do you think the other judges haven’t done it? And yes, Adam also has tweeted during the show! They all have!

      • kam says:

        Christina looking at her phone was throwing shade to Tony when he was thanking the judges. NOT during “down time”. Rude and unprofessional. Stop making excuses.

        • TheVoiceMan says:

          At least Christina looked up. A person suggesting you’re a bitch DOESN’T DESERVE ANY RESPECT WHATSOEVER. Hence Tony DESERVED to be treated that way because he was the one who crossed the line. I guess you’re used to being called bitch on regular basis or you think that word is not offensive, and so you are able to respond in normal way, but a regular person can’t. Tony acted like a jerk after he was criticized for his one dimensional performances and dependence on endorsements from his MMC buddies. I was dismayed that Adam joined him in being a jerk. So stop suggesting being called bitch is no big deal.

  19. Tj says:

    Don’t think people would have called Christina rude if her comments were just about the performance… she veered off the coach\judge profession not personal point when she felt the need to say that she hoped Tony’s celebrity friends don’t sway the voting. So, don’t say it was just a strong woman doing her job. Also my hubs had never heard JayZ 99 Problems before Tony sung it so don’t say everyone knew. Did everyone who sang a song like someone else had before acknowledge that and state who it was? No, so why is it just shame on Tony? WOW, perhapsif everyone would stop and think about others and make less assumptions we’d all be better off. Just saying…

    • Luiz says:

      You started your comment with an assumption…

      • Tj says:

        Not an assumption as saying that she hopes that people aren’t swayed by celebrity endorsements has nothing to do with performance. Luiz, do you just want to fight? And B*tch, please tell us JUST THE FACTS so we all don’t deviate from them.

        • Luiz says:

          Why would I want to fight? I didn’t say anything bad about you. I just want to clarify everything that is said here so people’s points can be understood.

          If you start your comment with an assumption, and then say people shouldn’t make assumptions, it becomes harder to understand what you’re saying. That’s all. And that’s a fact.

        • Luiz says:

          About the critique, it does not have anything to do with the performance, but it has everything do to with the show. The whole point of having critiques is helping people choose the best contestants (whether it works or not… that’s another discussion). If that’s her job, it’s only natural she would do it.

        • Ann says:

          Luiz went to the Xtina school of “but I didn’t outright insult you, so where is my insult?” Clearly, this person has nothing better than to nitpick everyone’s posts.

          • Luiz says:

            Amazing… isn’t this made for us to debate, discuss our point of views? I haven’t said ANYTHING about any person here, and yet, when I ask them to ellaborate, I get personally attacked. I really don’t get all the hate. I’ll just lay low for now and let everyone bash a woman who stands for herself (and all other women) for absolutely no logical reason, because they are not open to debate or to understand other ways of looking at things.

  20. Amy says:

    The whole “feud” is just a sign of how misogynist the world still is. I was a Tony Lucca fan before the show, I even legally own 2 of his albums. That being said, the performance he gave when Christina called him one-dimensional was boring and flat. If Blake had made the same comments, Tony wouldn’t have sang a song implying he was a d-bag,

    And the Justin Timberlake comment was justified. Considering last season Adam had Justin Bieber tweet his army to vote for Javier.

    • Bitch says:

      Thanks Amy for your honesty and this comment came from a Lucca fan. It is so obvious but still people try to deviate from the facts.

  21. melanie says:

    and all this started because christina gave her opinion/critique of tony calling him one dimensional, the thing is that it was only a critique like she could have said you sang the song bad,in that kind of business he is going to get all sorts of critique and obviously he got offended so i guess every time if someone says something bad or that he doesn’t like he is going to get all butt hurt,he needs to have a backbone in the music business or he won’t make it at ALL! then the media made it worst just cause they were both on mmc together,i bet if blake or cee lo would have called him one dimensional the media,people in general or him wouldn’t mind or care at all,but it was because it was a woman,and i guess he doesn’t like it when an opinionated woman tells him that. Then the whole 99 problems thing was directed towards xtina,even christina didn’t say it herself she said it was derogatory towards woman,but then adam made it obvious with his team xtina shirt,like c’mon he should be professional enough,then again people thought tony was going to win,and he is nowhere to bee seen after the show,so i guess the whole show he made with adam didn’t help.

  22. Rachel Scott says:

    I didn’t see what the big deal was about the song. I myself know that I can be a b****, so I don’t have a problem with the word. I also truly believe a lot of women don’t have a problem with it especially because a lot of women use the word to refer to other women even when it is sometimes is jest. If Christina had a problem with the song and took offense, she should have made it about herself only. If Adam and Tony choose the song to offend Christina, there could have been a more subtle song to do it. Both judges made this into something it didn’t have to be. Personally I don’t like Christina and I don’t think she is as talented as everyone else thinks, but it wasn’t her contestant and she had no choice in the song. She threw back handed comments although some were only critique at Tony the whole competition. If he saw her as a b**** she only had herself to blame and if she took the song as him calling her a b****, then she obviously felt like she had acted like one at some point. Season 2 of the show is over, so it’s just time to move past it now.

    • Ann says:

      I think this is the most well said and logical post on here.

      • Owen says:

        Wow. Just awful. Awful awful…

        • Luiz says:

          Thank you, Owen, for not letting me feel I’m the only one who thinks it’s weird that I – a guy – defend women’s rights to stand up for themselves and not being called b*tches for doing it on national TV while other women think that using the word “b*tch” to describe females is only natural. Thank you so much!

          • Rachel Scott says:

            it’s nice that you see it that way and i understand what some people are trying to say, but i don’t think there is one woman who never thought that another woman wasn’t a b****. i guess that’s why i don’t understand why it had such a negative reaction.

  23. Gail says:

    When you sang, Bridge Over Troubled Waters,it was one of the most beautiful versions of the song that I ever heard. To me,you should have won. Your voice is amazing. And please always be yourself,don’t change your voice for anyone! Keep singing!

  24. Jimmy says:

    I can’t say I understand the anger towards Christina. Was she critical of Tony a few times? Sure. But was she rude in the process? Not at all. The level of sensitivity to anything she says is so silly.
    It’s Christina’s job to give her opinion. She was just as critical of other contestants as she was of Tony, even more so in some instances. But whereas those other contestants accepted her criticism and moved on, Tony reacted so defensively. The number of interviews he have about it was ridiculous. He was using the media to try and win votes at Christina’s expense, which defeats the whole purpose of the show.
    But that may be the problem with the judges being so involved in this show. The egos of the mentors seem to be rubbing off on some of the contestants. The sense of entitlement shared by Adam and Tony was nauseating…

  25. CW says:

    Lol @ people continuing this “feud” about some stupid song on a show whose season has ended. who cares. Its a song. the end. he didn’t sing lyrics that said “i got 99 problems but christina aint one,” nor did he even say the word that goes there in the first place. and he probably shouldn’t have sang it in the first place. But he did, and its just someone who didn’t win singing a song on a singing competition, and a coach of another contestant that didn’t win getting mad about it. *yawn*

  26. Tammy says:

    I love Christina and Adam. However, I noticed early on she did not like Tony at all for some reason. I guessed some issue from when they were kids or something, but it was clearly evident there was something negative between them from the beginning. She did not like him and was not shy about making it obvious. I also didn’t think Tony was all that good either, so thought he’d be gone early. I also know and love the Jay-Z song 99 problems. I liked Tony’s version a lot. Actually it was his best performance. I had no clue that it was believed to be directed at her until now, but if there were issues between them I can see where the idea stemed from I guess. I think people are reading too much into it. It was a popular song that was redone very well. People reading into the tension between Christina and Tony decided it as about her, and if she did too then there’s much more issues going on between them than what we all saw. We have no idea what their issue is, so people should stop trying to be behavior analysts and just watch the damn show….

  27. mari says:

    what i dont understand is how she can say that that song is derogitory when she herself has a song on her bionic record called vanity and she calls herself a b#%$% several times and glorifies it like crazy. It doesnt make sense that shes the only person who can call herself that and tony cant sing a song with the word taken out? Makes no sense christina!

    • Leslie says:

      So, why do some African-American guys call each other the n-word, while I, as a (white) woman, wouldn’t dream of it? Context. When a word is used as a slur against non-privileged groups (racial and sexual minorities, women, ect), sometimes, those groups will reclaim their power by taking those words back. Some LGBT folks have reclaimed the word “queer” in that same way. If I, as a (straight) woman were to use it, though, it would regain its original meaning as a nasty, anti-gay slur, just as the n-word is a nasty, racial slur when it’s used by a white person. See the distinction?

      There’s a difference between an African-American guy calling himself the n-word and a white guy using it. There’s a difference between a gay guy calling himself “queer” and a straight guy using it. And, yes, there’s a difference between a woman calling herself “bitch” and a man using it. It’s all about context. Listen to some hip-hop and notice how many times the n-word is used. Do you want to ask said hip-hop artists why they don’t mind calling themselves that, but would be offended if you used it?

  28. Wendy says:

    Wow, Christina fans, you guys are unbelievably annoying! Take your Xtina-love elsewhere. The article is about Chris Mann. Same to the Xtina-haters. Tere are more comments here about her, Tony Lucca, and Adam Levine than Chris Mann. Seriously, go away.

  29. Samantha says:

    Wow you people are really adamant about forcing your personal opinions on others… WHO CARES. Who cares if the song was about her. Who cares if she was being a Bitch all season or not. It is television, it is entertainment. If people didn’t vote for Chris because of the feud that’s stupid in my opinion because the show is about the contestants. And personally I think there is some awkward sexual tension between Christina and Adam. Also she was extra bitchy because Adam was the reigning champ. He was cocky, she hates to lose. Big deal.

    I knew either Jermaine or Juliet were going to win because their voices are much more relatable. I think the results were fair and who cares about 3rd or 4th place?

    Tony was my least favorite finalist but I think this whole thread is over dramatic, just like the entire 99 problems situation. No need to get all angry and try to prove why your OPINION is right. Calm it downnnnn

  30. Stephanie says:

    To the person who said that Chris was arrogant for saying Xtina’s actions cost hime votes: I’m on the chris fb page. I’m on the voice fb page. I SAW all the people saying they weren’t voting for chris because of her. They wanted to teach her a lesson. Go on the voice page & you’ll see that. It was a ridiculous amount of people saying it. So give him a break, it really DID cost him.

  31. Anthony says:

    I agree with Chris Mann regarding Christina Aguilera. She states her honest opinion and suddenly she’s being called a bitch by the public, Adam Levine and Phony Lucca. Adam Levine was completely unprofessional the whole way through. I don’t recall Xtina doing anything beyond simply speaking her mind, but Adam (besides dismissing real talent that was Katrina Parker in favor of his “bro”) and Tony relied on immature gimmicks and underhanded tactics to get even with her for being honest and garner attention to compensate for the fact Lucca was a poor excuse for a contestant and that Adam was an insufficient coach making a comeback game out of the competition. Absurd. I recall Adam making Lindsey Pavao cry with his honesty, but that’s perfectly acceptable for a man to do, even to woman. When that happened the excuse was that he is a judge and did his job accordingly. But when Christina tries to hold up the integrity of the show by seeing that Adam favored his “bro” Tony over real talent like Katrina Parker (who was unjustly eliminated later) and doing HER job as a coach by being honest instead of fake (as Adam usually is) she is suddenly a sour rancid bitch from Hell, equally at fault for the snipes, rude with an attitude problem and deserved what “she got.” You know, despite the fact she’s more qualified than anyone in the music industry to judge someone’s vocals.

    Perhaps Adam can, you know, expand his knowledge of music more and give his contestants songs that suit them instead of his “favorites,” and follow Christina’s example by simply have his constants sing songs that showcase their voice. She played fair. She didn’t wear Team Adam shirts and have Chris Mann sing songs with inflammatory lyrics directed towards other judges, or songs from a past feud. Disgusting. POOR XTINA.

  32. Kaley says:

    Why is everyone all up in arms about Christina allegedly being called a bitch via insinuation, but no one is upset that she more than insinuated that Adam and Blake were sleeping together? I mean, I might be wrong, but I vaguely remember her basically calling Adam gay and then tried to laugh it off and no one screamed foul for it.

    What’s done is done, the season is over. Let’s all move on, buy our favorite artist’s albums, and let the charts speak for itself.

    • Luiz says:

      She did not say any of those things about Adam, and the bromance thing was a joke, and Adam and Blake were totally okay with it (it actually made the two of them even more popular).

      That being said, you’re right, season’s over. Let’s just drop it.

  33. Jessica says:

    99 Problems was definitely aimed at Xtina. She was pretty hard on Tony throughout the season, however I feel that he should have just used that to motivate him to be better. To be honest, Tony is mediocre…point blank! He is one dimensional, and I think that hurt is feelings so bad because it couldn’t have been the first time he’s heard that same exact criticism. He shouldn’t have even made it to the final show in my opinion.The truth is, the music industry is much colder than Xtina could ever be. He signed up for critiques and at the end of the day, she is paid to have an opinion, no matter what it is. His last 3 live performances were all little shots at her and I just think that he should have kept it about the music and kept it classy. Tony and Adam were lucky though, they definitely benefited from the sympathy votes, but to say they were innocent in the matter is such a stretch. They knew what they were doing and I just don’t respect how they were so worried about making her out to look a certain way instead of him stepping up and giving us the VOICE! The contestants final performances were meant to be epic and push them over the edge and show that they were the voice, and all he did was pick a song to get back at her. He can’t honestly say that he would have picked that as his final song if none of the drama with her never had occured. Adam wearing the team Xtina shirt, just really made their intentions crystal clear. Chris Mann is a class act and he made it through based on his beautiful voice. I wish he would have taken the whole thing!!

  34. Julie says:

    The Adam/Xtina feud left a bad taste in my mouth. I was a huge Adam Levine fan before all of this, but I will no longer buy his music. He acted in a very misogynistic, immature way, and I lost respect for him. Katrina was so much more talented than Tony. I wonder how things would have gone had he put her in the final 4. I’m very happy that Jermaine ended up winning, and hope Adam and Xtina work things out before season 3.

  35. Calli says:

    Wow! So many comments, so few actually about Chris. Good luck to him in his career, but I’m not sure he has the ‘it’ factor to become as successful and famous as he hopes. Obviously, most of the people who read and commented on this article don’t find him very interesting, either.

  36. Kevin says:

    The feud was entirely rediculous and I do believe it hurt Chris to some extent. I don’t think their rendition of “The Prayer” was all that great.

    Of the final four, I would put Chris first and jermaine fourth(iTunes seemed to agree on jermaine). I do not believe Tony Lucca or Adam Levine directed it at her, maybe her words. I thought it funny that she made comments about Tony having celebrity support, but thought Jermaine Paul(former backup singer for Alicia Keys, who made a video showing him support) was great.

    People should forget about it all and move on. I look forward to hearing what Tony, Juliet, and Chris put out.

    • M says:

      There was nothing funny about Christina’s comments. Alicia Keys didn’t say “Vote for Jermaine”, while JT encouraged people to vote for Lucca. That’s the difference.

    • Sha says:

      you’re forgetting that the Alicia Keys video was from his blind audition… aka a non-voting week. She didn’t say anything about voting for him. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake pointedly tweeted on voting night to vote for Tony Lucca, hours before the guy had even performed.

  37. Tonka says:

    Oh please, so Christina said to Tony that he is one dimensional (and he is, by the way – every performance of his is very similar to another, and Christina is all into the versitality the whole time) so he (Tony) didn’t like that she is being honest, because she should be full of nice references (they are old buddies after all, how dares she!) so he called her bitch. And she is rude? By the way, probably that’s why he didn’t make it in the business by now, he can’t stand criticism. And to treat a woman like that, you just have to be a jerk. And I lost a respect for Adam also.

  38. Julie says:

    I am one of those who was not a big Chris fan. I appreciate his voice, but I’m not into his style of music. I am the same way with Xtina. I think she has a great voice, but I’ve never liked any of her songs. I think she was out to do some sort of harm to Tony by the way she offered her critiques, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because he came in with the biggest fan base. He had over 500k followers on Twitter before The Voice. Because of that, I didn’t think anyone else has a chance, but I was wrong.
    Even though her jabs seemed personal (to me), I thought they were valid. Tony and Adam even thanked her for the ‘one dimentional’ comment because they said it made them go in a different direction. He then sang the Britney song, which I thought was his best. Tony bored me. Nothing about him stood out. I was not rooting for a particular Team, so I was kind of watching this all play out with morbid curiosity.
    The finale was awful. I went in thinking I was going to vote for the person who really brought it that night. Before then, I wasn’t a huge fan of Jermaine, but he knocked it out of the park for me. I voted for him because he made me fall in love with a song that I previously hated. I also loved his tribute song to Blake.
    What was awful was the song choice by Adam and Tony. Anyone who doesn’t think it was directed at Xtina is definitely naive. Adam knew she was going to call him on it, so he had his rhinestone shirt at the ready. He said the b-word was a metaphor, but most people don’t buy that. He also said he and Tony talked about the choice for hours. If they thought it was really a metaphor for ‘life getting you down’, they wouldn’t have had to discuss it for that amount of time.
    Behind-the-scenes people said that Adam and Xtina fought so much during the rehearsals for that song that Adam even called her the ‘C’ word. Of course, I don’t have proof that he did, but people on the scene claimed to have heard it. They were fighting so hard that they ended up scrapping the coaches planned song, “Free Your Mind”. Obviously, things got way out of hand.
    If any of you think Xtina started it by bashing Tony, Adam certainly ended it in a sickening way. If they thought her shots were cheap, they could have risen above them instead of making things much worse. In the end, I think Xtina and Adam should realize that Karma is the real b****.

  39. Renee says:

    Christina was NEVER mean towards Tony from Day 1. She was supportive of him during the Battle Rounds. All Christina did was critique him during his 1st live performance and Tony couldn’t handle it. That’s when he and Adam started taking jabs at her. Many of you might say that Christina is being mean with her comments but all she’s doing is giving construction criticism in the hopes that the artist would learn or improve from it. Tony took it in the opposite direction and was whining about it on Twitter. If anyone remembers, during one of Lindsay’s rehearsal, Christina said her performance was one-dimensional too.

    The one thing that bothers me is that people keeps bringing up the fact that Christina is mean/rude and ignores the fact that she was also positive towards other artists that were not on her team (Jermaine, Juliet, Katrina, Jarmar, etc…) Christina was just doing her job as a coach while Adam was just playing dirty.

  40. This article is funny.
    It’s an interview with Chris Mann, yet about 98% of the posts (I eventually got bored reading) are about the “war” between Christina A, Adam & Tony.

    My thoughts; Going from the “one dimensional” comment on, Christina clearly had some kind of problem with Tony – or a problem with Adam & she was taking it out on Tony.
    Sure, Adam was incredibly biased towards Tony, but to think that they just turned round one day and said, let’s do 99 problems and aim it at her is just childish nonsense.
    It would have been on the agreed songs list from day 1 – they would have had to secure the rights I would expect.

    Anyway, Chris “Sylar” Mann. I was never a fan of his, he seemed very smug throughout & quite aloof towards everyone. Maybe that’s just editing, or maybe that’s why he got on so well with his coach. I would agree he was the sacrificial lamb in voting becuase of those two though.

    All in all, a very disappointing second season once it left the blinds IMO. At least Blake kept on being cool & CeeLo kept on being a dirty stop out.
    The nonsense with Adam & Christina, combined with the complete lack of talent displayed by Christina Milian, put me right off.

    • Calli says:

      Doesn’t bode well for him that more people are interested in a silly feud than in anything he had to say, does it?

  41. Iactually think Christina Aguilera did a great Job as a Judge.. She was a honest, yes, Tony know how to sing and play guitar.. but i dont see anything special. i also think Tony and Adam over react with the One Dimensional Team.. At that point of competition, i myself dont see anything new from Tony. He improved when Christina called him One Dimensional. In that sense, Christina was doing a great Job. Adam and Tony in General are user.. They are trying to capitalize on the situation.. Thanks they didn’t won.. and Tony wont be famous…

  42. Theresa S. says:

    I never watched the Voice until Chris Mann sang – and I loved his voice. Classically trained and yet able to sing pop – there is more in his voice than one usually hears! I appreciate his talent and have downloaded some of his i-tunes. I’m looking forward to hearing more of his music. As for the show in general, I hate reality shows and only watched this one to hear Chris and then turned off the rest, so I have no idea what this other stuff is about, nor do I care. I only know that I appreciated his singing. Keep singing Chris!