Private Practice Shake-Up: Tim Daly Out!

Tim Daly is checking out of Private Practice.

The actor announced late Tuesday that series creator Shonda Rhimes opted not to pick up his contract option for the ABC medical soap’s upcoming sixth (and likely final) season.

In a somewhat terse statement posted on Twitter, Daly said, “Wonderful fans of PPP. Shonda informed my agent today that Pete won’t be returning for season 6. It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder.”

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Coincidentally, just hours earlier TVLine floated the possibility of Private Practice bidding farewell to Daly’s Pete, who was jailed in the season finale for compassionately ending the life of a patient kept alive by machines.

Daly was likely the victim of cost cutting. As you’ll recall, PPP‘s renewal came down to the wire earlier this month as both sides haggled over budget-related issues.

Thoughts? Was Daly the most expendable member of the Private Practice cast? Sound off in the comments?

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  1. Caro says:

    Lousy way to find out, but IMO good for Tim Daly! I can imagine him being angry about finding out and being sacked, but I think it’s better for his career to leave this soap. I was surprised to see it got picked up for another season, actually. I stopped watching a long time ago, around the time everyone started sleeping with everyone. I hope Tim will find a great acting job elsewhere. He deserves a great role on a good show. Good luck Tim!

    • Lisa London says:

      Same here. I gave up in the second season for the same reasons…

    • rough troll says:

      How is that a lousy way to find out? Should Shonda have baked him cookies and given him a hug? Sounds like show business.

      • brin_3532 says:

        Rough troll (fitting name), somewhere between cookies and avoidant behavior is professionalism. Pretty obvious, unless you have no clue about what is professional and what is not.

        • Blue Collar says:

          Please! People in the REAL WORLD get fired EVERYDAY without warning. No boo hoo’s here. He’ll find another job, it’s life, get over it.

      • pat says:

        yes that would be more humane

    • emilia says:

      PP Is a great show!

    • Jayne Yun says:

      Why did they not get rid of Amelia!!!! Hate HER!!!! She’e gets on my last nerve!!! I mean really drug addicted doctor!!! Loser!!! Wished she’d OD!!!

      • pat says:

        yes amelia should be the one to go, she doesn’t even have a storyline, not interesting at all

      • TA says:

        I totally agree cant stand her character or the chick who plays her

      • Lane says:

        I agree – should have kept Pete & sacked Amelia.

      • Amber says:

        Loser? It’s a show! Who cares if she plays a doc getting sober. Doctors are human too and make mistakes. Talk about judgemental….and its not even real! Obviously you don’t know what it’s like to be an addict. It’s a self loathing living hell. It’s horrible.

      • Kim says:

        Tim Daly is probably a lot more expensive (though worth it) than the woman who plays Amelia.

      • Yelizaveta says:

        Really? I LOVE Amelia. She’s my favorite character in the show. And what’s wrong with “the chick that plays her”? I think she’s a wonderful actress one of the best on the show. Better than Tim Daly at least. You can so tell he’s acting. At least Caterina Scorsone is a great actress and can sell her part. Just my opinion don’t mean to offend you

        • Kaleigh says:

          I agree in the last few episodes he played in, it was like he wasn’t even there, like he was trying to remember his lines. The reason I actually googled this is because I actually wonder if he started using drugs and got fired! I think he was a great actor in the beginning though!

    • Andrew says:

      biggest thing with pp and what has hurt greys was they lost the balance of comedy and drama. its just become such a downer. kate walsh in the with the poison ivy was one of the best moments. now its all as bad as an episode of “passions”

    • Donna Betts says:

      I definitely will not be watching any longer. I’m a big fan of Tim Daly. He is one of the more interesting characters on the show. Hey Tim — I am sure better opportunities in the works.

    • Q says:

      Oh well, the last straw why I won’t be watching any longer! The writers screwed up his character a long time ago. I’ve just been hanging in hoping the best for Pete. A lot of great series won’t be returning next year. Think it’s time to take up video games or knitting. At least that will be more exciting. Wishing you the best Tim. Hope to see you soon!

    • Check out The Daly Show on you tube. A role worthy of him- a ridiculous mockery of himself as only he could deliver. Its the best show that’s not on TV.

    • nan rau says:

      I am still watching Wings, what does that say for Private practice. I love PP. I have no respect for PP now. Goodbye PP.

    • Rkeba33 says:

      Im sorry Tim was cut from his role as pete Wilder but private practice is still a great show and has a lot of wonderful talent actors and actress as well! I think private practice can continue on for another year! Im a faithful fan to the show! ROCK ON PRIVATE PRACTICE!

    • Ann says:

      I remember when I first seen Tim Daly in a Western called ” The Outsider”. He was really good in that movie. From there I followed him to see where he was at then. And then that was when I noticed he was on PP. I started watching it. Was sorry to see him go. Hopefully he will land another good show.

      • Carol says:

        Wow, I also first saw him in “The Outsider”. It was first rate! He’s right up there with Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, and Tom Hardy. Wonder why he was never promoted? I have followed him ever since. He can do better than PP. I hope he moves on to a really good movie contract. He deserves one.

  2. Albert says:

    Shonda should have gotten rid of Taye Diggs. Sam is the crappiest character ever.

    • Lauren says:

      But at least he’s pretty and is played by Taye Diggs.

    • Sara says:

      I could not agree more. I am so so so tired of Sam. I love Taye Diggs but Sam is a terrible character and I want him to just go away and never come back.

    • o says:

      Thank you, finally somebody agrees with me!!!!

    • Ava says:

      I hope they drop Violet too. I have never liked Violet, she always makes everything about herself. What a terrible therapist. I would be ok if Sam left too. As long as Charlotte and Amelia stay I’ll be happy.

        • JJ says:

          ditto that. I was so wishing that both Pete and Violet would just leave to get a fresh start somewhere else. They’re both exceptionally grating characters portrayed by actors that deserve better

      • emilia says:

        Violet is the best character IMO! All of them should be there, Audra too. If there is low budget each of the could have less presence. But sacking the actors is NOT NICE

      • Gail says:

        YES! Violet is such an annoying and self-righteous character. Totally not modeled on any therapist I can imagine – she should have had been booted after she lost her license; the show would have been better off with THAT brush with reality.

    • Karen B. says:

      Sam’s an idiot. And Addison is an idiot for even thinking about being with him – for SO many reasons

  3. Debbie says:

    As with any show, we want the original cast to stay! I usually stop watching when a main character is written off because I am always looking for that person. I also think that it is different when you know the actor wants to stay as opposed to them not. I will be forever thinking in my mind “they didn’t want to pay him”. I like PP, but may decided it is one to go for some new show. I can’t keep adding new ones without getting rid of some old!

  4. Sam says:

    Ugh, why? They should get rid of Violet.

    • Debbie M. says:

      Agreed. I would rather see Amy Brennamin go than Tim Daly. I find Violet to be a totally annoying character.

    • Julie says:

      Holy cow YES! A more annoying character on television I have never seen. Jeez. I’ve hated her from day one and have never been very empathetic or sympathetic toward her. Amy Breneman is a fine actress and loved her in Judging Amy but as Violet Turner? I’ve just hoped she’d fall down an elevator shaft more often than not. Pete was turning into Violet – maybe that was by design. But I love Tim Daly more…

      • Spikenalabama says:

        Agree completely about the character of Violet. I would rather her go instead of Pete. But if Pete must go….please let him take Violet with him!!

      • Liz says:

        Cannot imagine why an actress of Amy Breneman’s caliber would continue to play such a limited character–I mean, I realize it is a job, but her talent is diminished by the shallowness of Violet. I stopped watching PP regularly some time ago–Love the Charlotte character, love Tim Daly. Tired of Sam (though I like TD) and perhaps it is blasphemy, but I am sick of Addison!!

        • emilia says:

          shallowness of Violet? Are you crazy or what? You say you stopped watching but then you comment on all characters… a bit of a contradiction :S

          • Sleepy says:

            Note that Liz wrote REGULARLY!!! And I have to agree Violet is a pain in the neck but compared to Kepner on Grey’s…okey… nope, they are just as annoying

        • Shirley Long says:

          I agree, Liz. I do like the Cooper character, too, would like to see him a little more strong. Was a shock to see him go from the Prison role to this one. I do like Amy, they need to revamp her role. AND I SO AGREE ON ADDISON!!!

    • deanie43 says:

      I totally agree with you! Violet is and has been a very annoying character…..and on a show with so many “pretty” people she sticks out like a sore thumb, I don’t find her a very attractive person. Since it has been announced that Tim Daly’s contract is not being renewed….how about sending Violet’s selfish character off in to the sunset to pursue whatever it is she was leaving her family for…..AGAIN!!

  5. Tony says:

    Now he can start a wings sequel!!! SWEET!!

  6. Stay says:

    what a schocker!?
    Interested how will they play it! I loved hi character all up 3×22 war! Than he got mad!
    But that opens so many options for Vi! Intersted where Shonda sees this going!
    All the best to Tim Daly, hope he get a new show soon!

    • Gail says:

      I believe Shonda knows this one is headed for the toilet. Drink up the last 13 episodes, people. I believe LA has run out of people for Addison to sleep with.

      • dlrose51 says:

        I agree. Addison only has Cooper & Sheldon left! She’s slept with her husband’s best friend and her best friend’s husband. She slept with her colleague’s husband and the husband of one of her patients. And maybe a dozen more guys! Yet she thought that Amelia donating her brainless baby’s organs was immoral!! Talk about unlikable!

  7. tvadict says:

    He should go to Scandal, they could use a hotty like him over there.

  8. Hanna says:

    They should have gotten rid of Sam instead. He adds nothing to the show anymore. Pete at last still had his story with Violet and his son. And what a lousy way to go about it. At least talk to the actor directly instead of chickening about by going to his agent first.

    • Alex says:

      I agree, especially with Shonda not telling Tim herself. She’s really starting to annoy me.

      • ger says:

        It’s show business, not show babysitting.

        • Vala says:

          Yes but if you have worked with someone for 5 years now and they have been a big part of the shows success I think it is important to let them know personally! Shonda with this action showed no integrity and no respect toward the people with whom she works!

        • brin_3532 says:

          Somewhere between show business and babysitting is professionalism. Your comment sounds really extreme and naive.

    • Donna says:

      I agree Pete and Violet were just repairing their relationship after his heart attack and not wanting to be married. Sam on the otherhand proposing to Addie because she likes someone else. Never supported her having a child so now he is okay with it. I hope she says no and goes with Jake who was there for her all along. Hope they do not kill off Pete because he did not want to leave, his option just was not picked up because of cost cutting.

  9. Mcat says:

    Where’s the Ask Ausiello??

  10. Paris libra says:

    Violet is the most selfish and useless character, and the least useful in the practice. She and Sheldon are both shrinks – he is interesting, she is not. If they’re going to get rid of Tim Dalt to save money, get rid of Amy Brenneman and her whiny Violet too. I enjoyed Tim Daly. Shonda, you goofed this season. Chyler and Tim – you should have kept them both and gotten rid of the least talented. Saving money isn’t going to save viewers.

    • Paris says:

      Sorry….misspelled Tim Daly’s name above. The funny thing is that when PP first started, it looked like Pete and Addison were going to hook up. There’s a lot of richness in Pete’s character and Tim Daly is a good looking man. Violet has run her course – she ran out on her kid, then she ran out on her husband and kid. Her insanity is not interesting one bit. Seriously, since Shonda fired Tim, she should fire Amy Brenneman. I love the Charlotte/Cooper relationship, that’s been the biggest surprise of the show for me…KaDee is brilliant.

  11. Nicole says:

    Um…not trying to do the blame game. But Benjamin bratt is the one who should be cut out. Tim/Pete has been around from the start. At least let him be in the 100 ep. Benjamin Bratt’s character is lousy and pretentious. I don’t understand why he’s even there at all. And I heard shonda hired him to somewhat help PP’s rating, but ever since he’s on this season the rating has gone downhill. The writers are squeezing a ball into a tiny square box with his character. To be completely honest I can’t even remember his character’s name…anyway, Tim’s been a part of the show for so long it’s kinda disrespectful for Shonda to cut him just like that. But hey! Its her show….so whatever….

    • P. says:

      Puh-lease. Ratings started going downhill when they put the contrived Mason SL as the A-stories.

    • Hugo says:

      He’s neither lousy nor pretentious, so you must dislike him for other reasons.

    • Kate says:

      Totally disagree; love BB’s character and his sl as well. Sooo hoping Addison picks him.

    • Hanna says:

      That’s a bit silly. Feel free to dislike Bratt’s character, but you certainly can’t blame him (or one person in general) for the ratings situation. The quality of the show’s writing kept getting worse and worse since late season 3. That’s what kept turning people off the show. I was quite often close to dropping it off my TV schedule as well – especially during season 4.

  12. amanda says:

    Such a BIG mistake IMO. Tim Daly is integral to the show. Shonda dragged his character Pete through the mud this season and for what if she was just going to axe him??
    This makes me question if PP going to be worth watching next season?! I don’t think she has given his character the ending he deserved.

  13. Nicole says:

    Um…not trying to do the blame game. But Benjamin bratt is the one who should be cut out. Tim/Pete has been around from the start. At least let him be in the 100 ep. Benjamin Bratt’s character is lousy and pretentious. I don’t understand why he’s even there at all. And I heard shonda hired him to somewhat help PP’s rating, but ever since he’s on this season the rating has gone downhill. The writers are squeezing a ball into a tiny box with his character. To be completely honest I can’t even remember his character’s name…anywho… Tim’s been a part of the show for so long it’s kinda disrespectful for Shonda to cut him just like that. But hey! Its her show….so whatever….

  14. As long as they keep Kadee Strickland and Caterina Scorsone, I’m good. They’ve stolen the show the last couple of season — there’s no match for Amelia and Charlotte! They’re amazing characters and amazing actors.

    Honestly, Pete’s become sort of a tool. I won’t miss him! But, classic Shonda to fire an actor through an agent. Feel really bad for Tim Daly. I hate her every day a little more. She seems to me like she feels she’s invincible and unbeatable. So arrogant! I wish she’d get some sort of reality check.

    • Ava says:

      Haha! I just posted the same above. Charlotte and Amelia are my favorite characters. Amelia is especially good. Pete, Violet, Sam are all expendable at this point. They should get rid of those 3 that would save them a ton of money.

      • I REALLY like Violet. I think she’s complex, and I’ve quite fallen for her character in the past few years. And I adore Amy Brenneman. I’d really miss her. But Sam and Pete could go at no expense for me. PP is actually the one show I don’t like any of the mennearly as much as I love the women. Maybe because I don’t find them deasly attractive.

  15. Brock says:

    Gonna miss him and was pleased they reunited… but a crappy ending. South America or jail? Pffft. Not happy here. Love the show a ton. Charlotte need recognition from the voters. Her work beats almost all other in the support drama actress category!

  16. Elyse says:

    If I hadn’t already stopped watching Private Practice last season i would have stopped watching now.

    • Lilys87 says:

      Same here. I gave up last year and will quit watching Grey’s Anaromy this fall. I’m really pissed at Shanda Rhimes and won’t watch anything she’s evolved in from now on.

    • Ellen in NYC says:

      I agree totally! The only reason I ever watched Private Practice was for Tim Daly, but the show was sufficiently horrible that even Tim’s presence couldn’t keep me watching. He deserves better roles to play.

      • dlrose51 says:

        I too watched it for Tim Daly and for Amy Brenneman. I hate what they did with both their characters. Violet’s ridiculous running away from her husband & child, then Pete’s refusal to let her back into their lives until the lawsuit, her not wanting him for no apparent or believable reason, him not wanting her for no apparent reason, then them wanting each other but only when the other doesn’t, again for no apparent believable reason!

        But even with that I liked them more than Addison, when sleeps with everyone, including her best friend’s husband and is SO incredibly egocentric! She wanted a baby so badly, wanted to be a mother so badly, but did she take Dell’s poor abandoned daughter? No! She is the least likable character.

        I found Addison so obnoxious that I only ever watched it for Tim & Amy. Now with Tim gone, so am I!

  17. shuayb says:

    Well Shonda has done it again. Alienated more fans. Its so ridiculous honestly, that she just decides to do away with good actors/ characters. I get that the budget was a huge factor but was there no way to make the budget work with Tim Daly? Since this will be the last season, give everyone less money? Its going to be syndicated in season 6 so abc will always make money from it.
    The show will crash and burn now cuz violet will be a millions times more annoying and make a lot of Violet hating people angry.

    • Mick says:

      Would work for less money but for the same amount of hours? The only actors who do that are soap stars like Susan Lucci who have EXTREME loyalty to a show and don’t need the money. ABC stands to make money from syndication not the actors.

  18. Jarrod says:

    I have no idea what the budget is, but surely Tim Daly’s wouldn’t be the highest paycheck. I’m not saying get rid of anyone, but I’m guessing Kate Walsh, Benjamin Bratt, Taye Diggs AND Amy Brenneman would have high checks compared to Tim Daly, KaDee Strickland, Caterina Scorsone, Paul Adeilstein and Brian Benben. I mean, if anything, they should have just cut down Mason Gluck to recurring role. Making Cooper’s son a main character was stupid to begin with. I get the integrity of his character for Cooper and Charlotte’s character development, but it’s not worth it. I don’t like Pete, but there could have been SO much done for his character in regards to Violet and Lucas and his ‘murder’ storyline. I like Sheldon, but there is nothing there with his character. Cuts could have been made else where and not to an ORIGINAL character. Also, in regards to Shonda Rhimes, nice to know how MUCH respect you have for your cast. I love your shows, but I hope that once they’re open, she is blacklisted. She’s actually a TERRIBLE woman if you ask me.

    • Jarrod says:

      *over – not open.

    • Hanna says:

      I like his character, but they never seemed to know what to do with him, so I think cutting Sheldon would have made sense. I don’t think the kid playing Mason makes a huge difference when it comes to the budget.

  19. Donna-Marie says:

    Her shows are going downhill anyway. Not a big fan of of Shonda Rhimes any longer. Stopped a couple of years ago. She is the typical case of ego getting the best of her with success. As for getting rid of Sam instead of Pete. Never would have happened. She likes ti keep the most annoying characters on!!

  20. Carrie says:

    C’mon Shonda, you need to learn to be “a little less douche.”. And who else could have taught you that then Daly. Oh well, at least he has more time for The Daly Show, which is 100 times better then PP.

  21. Pete says:

    Nah, he wasn’t sacked because they were cost cutting. He got sacked since Shonda ruined Pete’s storyline that Rhimes had no way of redeeming it.

  22. ADC says:

    My least favorite characters on the show are Violet and Sam. I wish SR had gotten rid of one of them.

  23. Jamie0415 says:

    What the heck is the 3rd P for?

  24. s says:

    seriously? Shonda has a way of getting rid of good actors. should expect it of her. he will go on to do better. this show has gotten lame anyhow. and Scandal is horrible, hope it goes away too.

  25. Hellno says:

    Classy for Shonda not to give him a call. You always hear she’s a biatch and that employees are afraid of her. Very sad.

  26. Aimee says:

    I like Tim Daly and hate this for him but I can’t say I will miss Pete very much. I loved Pete when the show started but his relationship with Violet (whom I loathe and I would be glad to see her leave) has ruined him.for me. But I am still sad about this news. I was hoping they would bust him and Violet up for good and make him likable again.

    • Alex says:

      Exactly. Pete was annoying in the scenes with Violet but I liked him with everyone else. I think we can all see that Violet is the problem.

  27. ash says:

    I say 2nd heart attack from behind bars.

  28. Mary says:

    This just ruined my whole day. Tim Daly was the main reason I even started watching this show.

  29. MaryAnn says:

    Never got around to watching it but always planned to check it out — because of Tim Daly. I can’t imagine what it has to offer now that he is gone.

  30. amanda says:

    If this is the last season I don’t understand why she is cutting original characters. I love violet and pete but agree that shonda has written them into the ground this season. I had hoped she would rise to the challenge and write them a cracking season 6. I can’t believe she’s just writing him out altogether – all of that messiness was now totally in vain. It’s also a real shame because the cast all seem to get along so well behind the scenes too. Amy will be gutted for sure.

  31. l k says:

    PPP Private Practive Peeps. Termed by Amy Brennerman and Kate Walsh for their Twitter followers and copied by everyone else.

  32. Carmen says:

    Why fire Tim Daly? His character has been there since the beginning, Pete shared good stories with almost all characters! He couldn’t have cost more than Benjamin Bratt! Shonda should have fired Bratt! He probably costs more and he failed to bring the numbers up, as Shonda said he would. On the contrary, numbers only got worse and his character doesn’t even have a point of existing in the show if he wasn’t used as Addison’t rebound affair. His character is boring as hell, too pretentious and annoying. Only on the last episodes he had some interaction with Amelia and that was all. Unless he gets another story and another “love” interest, he will fail even more. Its clear that Addison doesn’t love Jake and even if they got together it wouldn’t work, so…. Benjamin Bratt should have been the one fired, not Tim Daly. Daly contributed to the show much much more.

    Also, what a “classy” way of Shonda to tell Tim Daly he was fired… :S Pick up the phone and call the man, bitch, have the decency to tell him your self, the man was on the show for 5 seasons and if his character wasn’t that popular the final two seasons, it’s only cause you wrote him that way!

  33. Melissa says:

    Good. I can’t stand Pete.

  34. Oh well, Shonda has become too full of herself. She wants to hog the limelight more than the attention her shows and stars get. I still have never forgiven her what she did to T.R. Knight.

    • Lime says:

      Oh, you mean throwing him under a bus by literally THROWING GEORGE UNDER A BUS? It’s when I quit watching Greys seriously too. Shonda has no class. I tried watching the first season of PP but it’s not for me. It’s just Greys but with even whinier and more entitled characters (a seemingly impossible task, but somehow she does it).

  35. aiza11 says:

    Shonda should have killed off Violet or Sam and not Pete. I love when Pete was with Addison. Now I’m okay with Addison and Jake. If Addison accepted Sam’s proposal next season, I’m done with the show for good.

    • Deion says:

      This is where I am, it has always been clear that Pete is an angry man who ends up hating is wives, but this season they took it too far. Pete was a great character with Addison. They destroyed all his progress and made him an unlikable character only to bounce him without enough retribution. I’d be more ok with Taye Diggs going. I have NEVER been ok with the Addison/Sam relationship and after Naomi and the kids exited, that has been the only reason to keep him around. No to the proposal!

  36. Megan says:

    Shonda is annoying. She ruins every show I watch of hers. Will be expecting some moronic decision about Scandal in a few seasons now.

  37. Lindsey says:

    It’s the last season….if they want to cut costs they should dump Amelia and Sheldon…I like them both but come on, keep the original cast intact for the final season, they are the ones long time viewers are most invested in!

  38. Patti says:

    Typical Shonda. A Lousy boss and writer. Tim D deserves better material anyway. Good luck to him away from the train wreck, favoritism,bigotry and crap that is shondaland.

  39. Leola says:

    I’m sure Shonda has a plan to shake things up. I’ll miss Tim Daly, but he’ll be on a new show very quickly. Very curious to see what happens next.
    Little surprised by the Benjamin Bratt haters on here. He’s a good change and like him w/ Kate Walsh character. Feels like they can finally get something started and deal with normal couple/college stuff.

    • Hanna says:

      I think the Bratt hate is ridiculous. I get Daly fans are angry and I’m very disappointed too, but asking for someone else to be fired won’t help anyone. I like Benjamin Bratt’s character just fine and I woulld have been just as angry if they’d fired him instead. Ideally they shouldn’t have to fire anyone. They could have brought 2-3 characters back on a recurring basis. That way they could have wrapped up everyone’s stories.

    • brin_3532 says:

      The only thing Shonda is shaking is the money tree for the lame network and corporate BS she works for. This is not a creative move, how naive can you be? If Pete had to go, a brighter idea would have been at least one more episode, and lose Violet & Pete, 2 salaries and some closure for fans. Violet is pointless without Pete. He’s the only thing that made her bearable. Tim Daly is clearly the best actor, the only real star in the cast of mediocrity. I hope he got a nice payday and I’m excited to see what he does next.

  40. Colleen says:

    WOW – surprised to see so many wanting to keep him, considering what horrid character Pete has become. I’ve grown so tired of watching him this last season (considering he’s having the same conversations since season 3 with no character growth or another story). The show spent this last season stale and needed to do something to change it up.

    • brin_3532 says:

      Should everyone be lame and boring with no variation? Is that the kind if trite show you would prefer? Changing it up is one thing, an abrupt loss of a main character is a reflection of how bad the show and the people behind it must be. How can you be tired of watching someone so hot and the best acting on the show. Maybe what you call horrid is him having boundaries with annoying, disrespectful, crazy Violet. Pete leaving means so does good acting, sex appeal, interesting storylines. Tim Daly is way better than that show.

  41. coord38n27w says:

    Too little, too late. If they were going to cut people that lose PP viewers in the demo they should have started with KaDee Strickland. Just because her PR people keep posting the same thing, over and over, in every site pretending that she has fans that doesn’t change the fact that she is the only person on PP that systematically loses the show 1 in 4 viewers at halftime when given the A-story of the episode.

    • Aimee says:

      Wow ok! Guess I’m her only fan cause I adore her. Her character has actually kept me watching the show. I love her. She is hands down my favorite character on private practice.

      • Becca says:

        Love KaDee Strickland too! The Char/Coop scenes are my favorite part of the show!

      • Agnes says:

        I agrreee! I started watching because of Paul A. , then fell in love with Char/Coop and grown to love Charlotte and KaDee! She is the only reason i watch this show (well her and Paul, i still love him, love him since Prison Break)

    • Ana says:

      Well, I’m not a PR person and I happen to love, LOVE KaDee. She is phenomenal and actually, her rape story actually jump started the ratings. She’s the most authentic and talented actress on the show. And I happen to like Amelia and Addison although I am a bit ambivalent about Violet because of her whining.

      • coord38n27w says:

        Ignorance is bliss. The heavily promoted rape arc lost one in four viewers from the first to the 2nd episode when it was the only arc going on. If she was any good for the ratings would they have canceled after Kate Walsh is gone?

    • Aly says:

      Charlotte is my favorite and Char/Cooper is the biggest reason i watch anymore…

    • Lea says:

      Are you kidding!? Charlotte is my favorite and I’m no PR person.

    • tiffany says:

      coord38n27w, you are delusional if you think KaDee Strickland is the most dispensable cast member. Most of the PP cast came in with the “star power,” but KaDee Strickland is the one leaving with it.

      • Cathy says:

        Agreed; and she deserves better. She should have gotten an Emmy for the rape episodes, and I don’t think she was even nominated.

      • coord38n27w says:

        When the rest of the cast signs for a full season, and ABC decides to cancel the show when La Walsh is gone It’s because I was right all along. Booom.

        Nobody was considered good enough or able to carry the show.

    • sam says:

      kadee strickland and her rape storyline is what has kept me a fan of this show, she is one amazing actress and shocking, i’m not one of her PR people…..

    • Agnes says:

      You are so desilusional! LMAO! You are repeating this same crap all over again for years! YEARS!! Get a life already, you are boring with it.

      • coord38n27w says:

        And proven right. When Walsh only signed for 13 episodes PP gets canceled after the she was still there 13 episodes. If the rest was any good they would have kept on going.

  42. Jake says:

    I found the way they have been writing Pete incredibly annoying. He leaves violet for no specific reason and now he goes against a patients fathers wishes and let’s a patient die???? It was so self righteous.

  43. Ana says:

    Can’t say I’m sorry. Sucks the way he found out. Bet is the same reason they got rid of Teddy in GA although it looks like Kim Raver at least knew ahead of time. If its money, I wonder why nor let go of the newer additions like Caterina or Benjamin. But I’m glad anyways. Pete was insufferable. This push/pull with Violet was getting out of control..Now, can we get rid of Sheldon too? If he hooks up with Amelia that will be it for me. I was already tired of the lover-Exchange program they have going on in this show. Sheldon is not right for Amelia.

  44. Peggy says:

    As much as I like Tim Daly, I couldn’t get into this mess of a show. He deserves better and kudos to him for telling it like it is.

  45. Summer says:

    I’m probably alone in this, but Amelia needs to go.

  46. kimi2321 says:

    wahhhh! i love him . give Tim Day his own show then. He’s hot!

  47. Melissa says:

    Wasn’t he home on bail in the finale, or did I miss something? How will they go from him being home to being gone? A “Six months later…” premiere or something like that, I suppose.

    • alex says:

      Maybe he’ll die in a plane crash or get hit by a bus… you know, the usual lame ways in which Shonda likes to send off her characters.

    • Joan says:

      In the final episode, after he and Violet made love, he said “what if I have to go away {prison} for a long time?” So when the next season starts, he’ll be in the pokey!!

  48. Lauren says:

    This is ridiculous. So after 5 years of following his character, and his relationship with Violet, he’s just going to randomly disappear? Will he even show up in the season premier for some closure? Probably not. This kind of sh!t is just disrespectful to fans who have been watching for so long. They could have at least wrapped up his storyline in the season finale instead of haphazardly announcing this between the 5th and 6th seasons. FAIL.

    • amanda says:

      Totally agree – makes a mockery of the show. Regardless of whether you like or don’t like Pete’s character, surely we agree he can’t just be there one day and gone the next – or thrown in prison and never seen again.

    • sam says:

      you’re lucky this show got a renewal otherwise you would not see any continuation whatsoever!

    • brin_3532 says:

      Agreed! Great comment.

  49. Bobby says:

    Bring Addison back to GA

    • Fernanda says:

      If this is the last season of PP.. Addison should back to the Seattle Grace/Mercy Death. McSteamy probably needs a new or old love interest if he survives the plane crash.

      I’ll really miss Pete’s character because i love to watch him with Violet. But what happen with her. Divorce mother or a widow??

  50. KB says:

    Um…WHAT? Tim has been a main character since the beginning and he’s very integral to the show! WTF? If you have to cut somebody get rid of Amelia or Benjamin Bratt’s character. Absolutely ridiculous….we better at least get some closure in the first ep, not just some random line about him being locked away. Then I’m probably done watching regardless of how she writes him off. Having a hard time wanting to watch Grey’s next season too after she killed off Lexie….it was just so unnecessary…