Duets Series Premiere Recap: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right

robin thicke olivia chisholm“There are 7 billion voices, and very few of them are unique and special.” That quote from R&B star John Legend was supposed to sum up the difficulty of trying to find two amateur vocalists with whom he could share the stage on Duets, ABC’s new entry in the reality singing sweepstakes. But in a larger sense, Legend’s weary commentary might also reflect the uncertainty of a TV audience that’s trying to figure out if it needs — or even wants — the search for new radio and iTunes stars to be a 12-month-a-year endeavor.

Indeed, with American Idol and The Voice running January to May, The Voice and The X Factor running September to December, and now Duets occupying the summer months, the question becomes: Are there enough unique and special voices to keep all these machines humming along tunefully?

The good news for Duets is that whether or not it manages to unearth the next Kelly Clarkson, it has the actual Kelly Clarkson as one of its judges/mentors/vocalists, as well as Legend, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, and soul crooner Robin Thicke. Each of these stars has taken two amateur artists under their wings, and instead of merely mentoring their performances, they’ll join them on stage and carry half the weight. In other words, you shouldn’t ever have to sit through more than a few minutes of this show without hearing somebody with legit vocal talent.

Duets also takes a “let’s cut to the good stuff” approach to the genre that’s almost jarring in its efficiency. “No cattle calls, no panels — just intimate moments,” said lively and not-at-all-annoying host Quddus, describing the show’s audition process where the judges reviewed audition tapes, then set out for one-on-one meetings where they figured out which two singers they wanted to work with. That the audition rounds were reduced to brief highlight reels preceding each contestant’s debut performance was oddly refreshing, and resulted in far fewer “my mom got hit by a bus and my dad is trapped in a bear cave” contestant backstories.

My only big complaint is the show’s “secret” scoring system: After a contestant and his/her celebrity partner finish their song, the other three judges anonymously score the performance on a scale of 0 to 100; the contestant’s name then appears on the leaderboard, but while we see where they’re ranked, we don’t see their actual point totals. Even worse, because their scores are never revelaed, the judges could conceivably give lower scores to the best vocalists, in an attempt to eject singers that pose the biggest threat to their own proteges. The folks behind duets Duets to realize that audiences who’ve grown up on Idol are sophisticated — and cynical — enough to spot injustice and sabotage like hawks eyeing prairie dogs from 500 feet. And without full disclosure of vote totals and how they came to be, the urge to swoop down and rip that leaderboard to bits is almost overwhelming.

Anyhow, let’s do a quick assessment of how the eight contestants fared in Week 1, during which they had to cover one of their mentors’ hits:

J Rome (with Jennifer Nettles): “Tonight” | As Robin Thicke pointed out, Jennifer is a beast (vocally speaking), which made it all that much more impressive seeing J Rome stroll out on stage and match his mentor on a song that’s all about big, gut-busting glory notes and soaring “whoa-oh-oh-ohs.” That said, I’m not sure if J Rome is slightly lacking in stage presence, or if it was just my intesne dislike for his black jacket with silver studded patch and low-scooping tank top.

Johnny Gray (with John Legend): “Ordinary People” | Johnny definitely benefitted from getting assigned one of the night’s best songs — and from a stripped-down piano arrangement that put his voice front and center. There were moments — like the line “seems like we argue every day” — where the student might’ve actually outsung the teacher. And yet the question is, though, is the contestant most likely to need his brow mopped by Quddus just a one-hit wonder? When Legend asked Johnny to tackle a second song in his audition, his vocal shed weight like Kirstie Alley after a couple weeks of Dancing With the Stars.

Olivia Chisholm (pictured, with Robin Thicke) “Lost Without You” | A life-sized Bratz doll with a voice reminiscent of the late Aaliyah? File under: Heck, yeah! Olivia’s breathy tone isn’t the kind you hear much on reality singing competitions, but don’t underestimate her just because of her feathery tone. She hit every note this time around, and never lost her way with the loose, freewheeling vibe of her mentor’s big hit. I just wish one of the judges had encouraged her to spend a little less time singing to Robin, and a little more opening up to the audience and the TV cameras.

Jason Farol (with Kelly Clarkson): “Breaking Your Own Heart” | I was surprised Kelly picked Jason for her team after he broke down crying while dueting in front of her concert audience of 6,000, but as Robin pointed out, the kid is adorable. What wasn’t so adorable, though, was the way the pitch slipped from Jason’s hands like that chick getting dropped by Stallone at the start of Cliffhanger. In other words, it’s not good to end a song with a gaspy, pitchy warble, but it’s even worse when you’ve got Kelly Clarkson crushing it like a tin can right alongside you.

Bridget Carrington (with John Legend): “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” | Jennifer described Bridget’s performance as “sophisticated,” but was that just code for a tiny bit boring? A couple of Bridget’s riffs toward the end of the tune were promising, but it’s probably not a good sign that I spent half the performance focusing on how the top of her strapless blue dress looked like an intricately folded dinner napkin.

John Glosson (with Jennifer Nettles): “Stay” | I loved that Jennifer discovered her second duet partner by trolling 4H’s national awards banquet for potential talent, that she burst into tears listening to John’s booming version of “How Great Thou Art” in her hotel room, and that dude turned out to be from her own hometown (where her aunt raves about John’s performances in the church choir)! With his wacky pompadour and big glasses, John kind of came across like a modern day Roy Orbison, and the comparison was even more pronounced when he busted out his bell-clear vocals for a mournful rendition of “Stay.” Jennifer’s elated finger-pointing toward John as they finished the number said it all: Dude has a shot to win this whole thing — if Duets’ secret-scoring doesn’t turn into an excuse for sabotage.

Alexis Foster (with Robin Thicke): “Magic” | Team Robin might turn out to be my favorite overall, as church mouse Alexis bloomed into a full-fledged club diva nailing the syncopated rhythms, then riffing over the chorus of this disco-flavoted jam. I dug this performance so much, I couldn’t even roll my eyes when Robin shouted “come to papa!” after Alexis got solid feedback from the judges. Yep, Alexis has got that m-a-g-i-c.

Jordan Meredith (with Kelly Clarkson): “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” | I didn’t actually measure the length of each pre-performance package, but it certainly felt like this Kelly Clarkson superfan got more screen time than her seven rivals, didn’t it? But hey, when it’s episode one of a new reality singing competition, and you’ve got Kelly Clarkson as one of your selling points, you kind of need to play to that angle, right? Kelly clearly saw a diamond in a rough pair of shredded white jeans and fuchsia hair coloring, but on the live stage, Jordan’s nerves seemed to get the better of her, resulting in a quaky, off-key opening verse. Jordan’s vocals improved over the course of the song, though, and by the end, I had to agree with Jennifer and John that it was hard to separate the contestant’s voice from her superstar mentor’s. No, the goal of the show isn’t to cast the lead in a Kelly Clarkson cover band, but there are worse critiques you could give to a pop-diva wannabe, right?

Anyhow, it turned out there were no eliminations this week, but next week someone will get booted based on the judges’ combined scores. Here’s how the leaderboard looked after Round 1 — which elicited a playful “that’s a little suspect!” from Kelly — followed by my own personal ranking for the night:

Judges’ Leaderboard
J Rome

My Rankings
J Rome

What did you think of the premiere of Duets? Who are your early favorites? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. sam says:

    i would have ranked bridget and jason as number 1 and 2.

  2. noa says:

    hey Michael! you spelled Jordan’s name “Jordin” (it’s not Sparks! we can only wish) in the first list.

  3. Rollin'Stoned says:

    At least Kelly learned she needed to low-ball the other singer’s scores like the other stars do and not score them fairly……

  4. mick says:

    Not a fan of Robin, so I had a hard time liking his duets. Some of the over singing gave me a headache and I quit a little after the 1st hr.

  5. Betsy says:

    I need a break before I can commit to another singing competition show. I started watching but just couldn’t take it. American Idol’s corpse hasn’t even cooled off yet! And Jennifer Nettles has a GREAT voice, but she also has Celine Dion syndrome (lovely to listen to, hard to watch). So I changed the channel. Thanks for the recap, tho. I’ll follow along here and maybe start watching in a month or so.

    • Mary B says:

      I agree, I still am in the idol mode and finf it hard to concentrate on the new show. I had it on but stopped paying attention after the first two duets. Not sure how I feel about this show yet. Is it ever going to go to home voting? Voting does not seem fair to me if it is just the judges voting. They are not neutral enough.

    • Dallas says:

      ITA!! Over-singing competition overload here. Can. Not. Watch. 2 hours of the same. ol. thing. New “talent” has become a bore and it used to be so darn much fun! They killed it! Murdered it! Buried back o’ the barn.

    • tewence says:

      yes, BORE FEST. man it left me wanting…the talent on duets pales in comparison to that of american idol. that was the first and last time i will watch that show. :/

  6. Jay says:

    This show was better than I expected, even though I’m a fan of John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Nettles. (I don’t dislike Robin, just not as familiar with his music.) I’m still a little fuzzy about the premise and future of the contestants after the show, and, yes, the scoring is suspect. John and Bridget’s performance was hot; man he’s sexy!

  7. Amy says:

    Thank you for pointing out the easily manipulated scoring system. As the show went on, I became more irritated with it. They must have wayyyy over scored j-Rome for him to stay first the entire night.

  8. Templar says:

    I gave it 30 minutes and was so bored I switched channels. Never cared for Robin Thicke, as I find him a bit smarmy. And Jennifer Nettles voice is …. well … nettlesome. I may give it another try, but last night after Idol just finishing, it wasn’t for me.

  9. noa says:

    so viewers have no say in who stays and who leaves the show? that’s kind of weird. it’s hard to get invested that way, isn’t it? i mean, i don’t live in the US so i usually can’t vote anyway, but in general, it’s hard not to have the power in a singing competition…

    • Tiff says:

      I agree. That was the part I found so weird. What’s the point of us watching? We don’t know what the scoring looks like, we don’t have a part in it…and frankly, it wasn’t just the scoring that was secret, but the rules entirely. My fiance and I spent the entire time trying to figure out whether these are the only people who are going to sing all season, or if there’s one elimination a week, or if the winner next week gets the recording contract and we start all over again…

      First rule of PR: Tell them what you’re going to tell them, Tell them, Tell them what you told them. Just tell us the damn rules!

      • noa says:

        indeed! why wasn’t the format explained first thing? i tried looking for it on wiki and on the officail website, and nothing! what is this show?

  10. Lee says:

    i thought robin & Alexis was the worst performance of the night

    My List:
    J Rome

  11. Randi says:

    I think that this is one show that I won’t be able to get into. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched each season of American Idol, The Voice, and X Factor so I do support the musical-talent-search types of shows but I don’t know if I can watch Duets and be fair. When you pair an unknown with a celebrity with the intention of having them sing together, many people (or atleast I will) will probably tend to lean towards the celebrity that they like the most (Clarkson & Legend) and against the ones that they haven’t ever been much of a fan of (Nettles) or annoy them (Thicke). On The Voice and X Factor, the contestants don’t actually sing with their mentors for votes and therefore make it easier to differentiate and not pick favorites based on if they can sing with your favorite artist or not. I wish I could watch this show cause I was really curious if Clarkson could one-up American Idol. I’ll give it one more week. Here’s for hoping it will get better!

  12. onthegointo says:

    Yeah, not disclosing the voting and having all the judges just say “you were great!” is pretty silly. There’s gotta be some meat to this. They need to critique the performances and show their voting scores.

  13. Linderella says:

    I DVR’d this and found myself fast forwarding through a couple of the performances. I’m neutral about Jennifer Nettles and although watching her sing is painful, John Glosson was definitely worth listening to. I would have preferred to hear him sing with Kelly Clarkson! I found myself paying more attention to Jordan’s look than her voice which is not a good thing. I’m sure she has potential if she gets her nerves under control. I’ll stick with this a couple of more times before I make a decision about the series. The big draw for me though is Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, not the contestants.

  14. MJ says:

    I do not like the scoring system at all. I really enjoyed John Legend’s performance with Bridget. They really had a connection and it was hot. I wanted to like the last girl with Kelly, but Kelly outsung her on the song and I could barely hear her.

  15. MA says:

    Let me begin by exposing my bias: I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. Whatever she does, sings, etc., I will watch it and like it just because she’s up there singing and smiling and being wonderful. However, my girl may be too nice for a show like this. (Yeah, yeah, Idol, but come on…she’s never be able to win now.) She seemed to be scoring the others fairly, while her two got shafted. And it almost seemed like she picked her people based on who she liked the best and wanted to mentor the most, rather than who might be the best singer. The boy was good, I thought, but the red-haired girl just wasn’t that strong. I also found it interesting that Kelly picked the two crying, nervous kids with potential, while the others went with more polished singers. How very Idol of her. :)
    I think I liked Jason and the “Stay” guy the best so far. Thought Robin Thicke was smarmy. LOVE Quddus! Jennifer was fine. John Legend…I don’t know. He’s just never grabbed me, but he seems fine too. Maybe it’s just that I really don’t like R&B.
    The scoring system is bizarre, I totally agree. It doesn’t seem fair that the people voting are also the ones competing. And I don’t understand how it’s going to work. So if Kelly’s two people get kicked off first, then what? She has no one left, but is still there to judge? And does the audience ever vote?

    • noa says:

      i think what i enjoyed the most was hearing the name “Quddus” over and over again. but i REALLY enjoyed it, so maybe everything else wasn’t so bad as well. i’m just getting over this Idol season which was the most demanding for me (did i just seriously write that a reality show season was “demanding”?? what’s going on with my life?..). anyway, i stopped watching the Voice mid-season cause i couldn’t handle both shows at once. and now i think this is a little soon.
      but who knows? the summer is a long good-tv-free time.

      • MA says:

        I hear ya. “So You Think You Can Dance” is usually all I watch in the summer, but if you’re going to put Kelly Clarkson on my TV, I won’t be able to look away. I just wish the amateur singers were a bit more interesting. Not with crying back stories, but more dynamic performers. I wonder if the pros are just so much more seasoned that the contestants pale in comparison? Don’t know. Plus it seemed like a lot of R&B and ballads, probably my least-favorite kinds of music. But we’ll see. All the contestants might just have been really nervous, and the show might pick up as it finds its own groove.
        I love Quddus from his MTV days. He’s a cutie, and of course, his name is fun to say.

        • noa says:

          i’ve never heard of Quddus before. but i like Quddus. Quddus is great! (i refuse to use pronouns when it comes to Quddus).

          i usually choose a show i haven’t seen before for the summer. i like scripted TV more anyway, so it’s kind of a nice break for me. will see. i’ll let Slezak decide for me if it’s worth it. i’m starting the summer with Downton Abbey. yes, it’s a little because of Idology.

    • TheBeach says:

      I agree with you. The scoring system is truly weird and if they continue to keep it secret they will lose a lot of audience. They should show the judges’ combination scores for each performance and have them explain why they scored them that way. I also found Thicke a bit smarmy and didn’t enjoy his all-falsetto first song. I love Kelly and thought she came across as very real and down-to-earth, Jennifer Nettles has an amazing voice but overdoes it a bit in the performance area and John Legend is a bit sleepy to me…although his second duet was pretty steamy.

  16. Joey says:

    I liked Olivia. Kind of couldn’t take my eyes off her the entire time, but I’m probably biased. But like, no one’s “great” yet. With American Idol and even the X Factor, there’s usually a contestant that makes you go, “yes, that person has it” during the auditions, but everybody on Duets was like “just okay.” I think if I’m going to keep watching it week to week, it’s just going to be to see the mentors sing.

    • Sandy says:

      I have to agree that getting to watch the mentors perform is probably the best thing about the show. Perhaps they overshadow the actual contestants, but I love all 4 mentors so I don’t mind. Plus I like seeing seasoned artists help aspiring artists hone their skills.

  17. Danielle Notaro says:

    I don’t know, Mike. Robin Thicke is my fave, but I thought his performances came off the weakest. I too think it blows that Kelly’s 2 contestants came in last.

  18. Diz says:

    I watched for Clarkson & she clearly got screwed. Don’t know if I will continue watching or not.

  19. Alienate says:

    This interesting show will be KILLED by the viewer’s Frustration with the Rigged Voting System. What Idiot Producer thought THAT was a winner? I want to watch it. I may get so turned off by the voting that I have to go read a good book.

  20. Sam says:

    I’m getting tired of all the reality shows, and this one I mostly watched because there was nothing better on. Love Kelly Clarkson and thought her partner Jason should have scored higher. Her other partner I thought was horrible and deserved to be in the bottom. John Legend and Robin Thicke I had never heard of before this show, which means I obviously don’t listen to their genres of music so it was hard to care about those performances. Jennifer Nettles is awesome then again I love Sugarland’s music so I’m a tad biased. I missed her first performance but the John guy was good. I mean Jennifer and John singing “Stay” was good and all but doesn’t rival Sugarland.

  21. tanya says:

    I wanted to love this show. I’m a fan of the mentors and the concept…but really? Scoreboard of mystery? Yuck much? I’ll stick to my SYTYCD for these coming months.

  22. Sandy says:

    I’m a diehard Idol fan. Love The Voice. Loved The Sing-Off. Watched X Factor. I was skeptical about another singing show, but since I love all 4 judges, I decided to check out a few minutes of Duets to see if I like it. I was pleasantly surprised. The show is charming and I found myself rooting for all the contestants to hold their own with the superstars. That’s got to be every aspiring singer’s dream. It didn’t hurt that I know and love most of the songs performed. I ended up watching the whole show and enjoying it overall. The only flaws I noticed have already been pointed out by Slezak: the secret judges’ scoring and the cute but corny host Quddus. I’ll watch it again but I don’t know if I’ll become invested in any particular contestants.

  23. tarc says:

    I like all of the stars, but Duets was a horrible bomb. The structure is awful, the sets look cheap and the premise is more like a commercial for the stars. I was bored in minutes. I’ll predict quick cancellation.

  24. Gail says:

    I was really turned off by the voting but enjoy the singing so will likely watch future episodes. I can’t imagine why they came up with this system – it was obvious there was something going on biasing the votes.

    • karin says:

      they need to change the way they vote its clear the judges are out for themselves not for the best singer, maybe they should let the audience vote instead

  25. Ed says:

    Only watched the tail-end of the show but did anyone notice that Kelly Clarkson walked off the stage when the closing credits were rolling. I think she was seriously pissed about the scoring of her two team members. The other three stars stayed on stage to small talk but if you DVR’d it, you can watch Kelly walk off.

  26. Tiff says:

    I’m giving Duets one more chance to impress me. The obvious scoring problems, the complete lack of transparency about the rules, and the fact that I don’t care about most of the judges makes it kind of unbearable to watch. I’m glad they didn’t have cattle calls, but man, I was kind of bored last night. The only one who impressed me was John from Jennifer Nettles’ team.

    • karin says:

      i think john was the best of them all, their judging does suck, its not one of those shows that wow i cant wait till next week to see again if i missed it wouldnt bother me.

  27. JAO says:

    DVR’d it and only watched Kelly Clarkson’s & Nettle’s portions. Meh to the rest.

  28. blingedup says:

    I tried to watch this. I wanted to watch this. I do love me some singing competitions, after all.
    But I have to admit, that I just felt total fatigue when I started watching. Maybe I needed a couple of weeks between Idol and the next singing show start up? I just couldn’t do it though.
    I’m taking a break for the summer, and will be back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by the time X-Factor rolls around.
    Because I never tire of reading your awesome recaps though, I will keep up with Duets by reading about it here.

  29. Ana says:

    I don’t like singing competitions but I wanted to like this one but I couldn’t. The judges are basically voting against each other which makes no sense. The scoring is a mystery and the contestants with the exception of JRome, the red hair girl and John all have the same style. In some instances you can’t really discern the voice because is hidden behind riffs and loud music. And the host, wow, wrong choice. Period. Poor Kelly, she just didn’t pick the right partners. I thought ‘Stronger’ was the weakest of the night.

  30. Chris says:

    First I have to disclose that I am definitely a Jennifer Nettles fan. I absolutely love the way she takes on her songs and brings them to life through her physical stance in live performances (I’ve seen her duet with a lot of folks over the years) on top of having a great singing voice. I am a fan of Clarkson, Legend, and Thicke but out of the four I don’t own an album. That said…

    J Rome (with Jennifer Nettles): “Tonight”
    I thought he lacked stage presence and I wasn’t a big fan of his performance. I thought it was good but not great. I felt like he needed a little bit more vibrato.
    Johnny Gray (with John Legend): “Ordinary People”
    Johnny did out sing Legend in some areas and I loved the stripped back version. It’s such a great song but I don’t think Johnny will win it. I just don’t see it but he is a good singer.
    Olivia Chisholm (with Robin Thicke) “Lost Without You”
    LOVED Olivia. I loved their chemistry and liked that they sung to each other. I think she’ll surprise us because I know she’s holding back.
    Jason Farol (with Kelly Clarkson): “Breaking Your Own Heart”
    He had a lot of pitch issues and by the end of it I felt bad for him. He has a lovely voice but his nerves definitely got the best of him.
    Bridget Carrington (with John Legend): “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”
    Bridget’s performance lacked appeal to me. I was more focused on Legend – he was feeling the song she was just singing along… It’s a great song too and I would have worked that mood.
    John Glosson (with Jennifer Nettles): “Stay”
    John Glosson equals BRAVO!!! He can hold his own with Jennifer and just WOW!
    Alexis Foster (with Robin Thicke): “Magic”
    Alexis has a great tone to her voice but she looked uncomfortable to me, possibly the dress and high heels… not sure. I’m glad he picked her though and I look forward to hearing what she’ll do next.
    Jordan Meredith (with Kelly Clarkson): “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
    Jordan was flat at the beginning but she did get better as the song progressed. I wished for a do-over…they did blend well. I dunno….

    I thought Legend’s facial expressions during some of the performances were funny! I love Jennifer, Kelly, and Robin’s personalities too!

    My Rankings:
    John, Olivia, Alexis
    J Rome, Johnny, Bridget
    Jordan, Jason

    I don’t really get the voting system but it’s early in the TV show competition so maybe it will change. I really enjoyed watching it and will tune in next week!

  31. Lin says:

    The ONLY reason i watched was because of kelly clarkson, and she got SCREWED. I’d never even heard of the other three mentors before. Jennifers voice is so annoying i wanted to put a pillow over my ears!

  32. Realist says:

    Horrid show.

  33. karin says:

    i agree with kelly on the judging thing i dont think its being done fairly, it seems like the judges vote according to how it will help them in the end not on the quality of the singers. Legend said he was looking for voices that are different and stand out yet the ones at the top of the board sound just like everyone else. if thats the way the shows going to go i most likely wont watch it after the second one airs. I think the voice is a much better show it seems more honest to the performance of the contestants then duets does.

  34. Amy says:

    How in the world is John not at the top of the leader board? His song with Jennifer Nettles was hands down the best song of the whole 2 hours. I was really rooting for Kelly Clarkson and her team more than any others, but John came in and stole the show!

    • Cat says:

      Agree John was like a young Vince gill and I think he has the vocal chops to take this. Kelly clarkson is a phenomenal singer but her duet partners were more background singer types. But this show just is not good. A gimmick that will not go beyond this summer.

  35. Scout says:

    This is by far the DUMBEST voting system ever. It was clear to me that judges were underscoring competitors – and I can’t stand a whole season of that. I quit after an 1 hour. I am done with it. Next…. And no, we do not need another singing competition. Loved Nettles though. She’s dope.

  36. Name That Tune says:

    I will give it a look until the return of Hell’s Kitchen & MasterChef next week. Got too many other things to do this summer, and I’m getting entirely bored with these singing/talent competitions. Never have been a fan of SYTYCD or America’s Got Talent, not gonna start now.

    I did like skipping all the auditions and getting down to business. I think they showed there are plenty of Voices that are pleasing to listen to, but do any of these people have the charisma to attract a following/

  37. davidsask says:

    The first thing I said about this show was WTF with the scoring system, it needs to be justified and fixed proper by next episode or more viewers be gone! I also can’t get over Robin Thicke’s huge hair really its not working, and his way to tight t-shirts that keep rising up on him constantly. I will say the tighter pants he wears the better as from frozen stills and pics I have seen his schlong is huge!

  38. They should show the viewing audience the scores for each contestant to make it more interesting but should not show it to the judges because there is a tendency for bias and sabotage if a mentor sees that his/her protege is scoring low in the charts. Also, what is the point of showing the obvious position of the 1st singer in the chart? And why would they just let the bottom 2 sing acapella for 1 minute? They are singing for their lives, they should at least have a full song with acoustic accompaniment. The format needs a lot of work so I doubt we’ll have a Season 2 of this show.