Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Happy Endings and More!

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Question: How is next season of Glee going to work exactly, what with half the show being set in New York and the other half at McKinley? —Jenny
Ausiello: This is subject to change, but it’s my understanding that they’re taking a Lost-like approach to Season 4 — devoting whole episodes to one location or the other. In other words, the premiere might be set at NYADA with Rachel and Kurt, while Episode 2 could focus on the first day back at McKinley. Smart way to go, IMHO.

Question: Please tell me Glee will actually be shooting in New York next season and not on some cheesy Hollywood backlot outfitted to look like New York. We can tell the difference. —Melissa
Ausiello: And so, apparently, can Ryan Murphy. “We’re coming to New York,” the Glee boss insists. “Nothing is in stone, because we’re still budgeting, but I would love to come once every five weeks and shoot a lot of scenes there. We are 100 percent doing that; we’re not going to do it all on a soundstage. That was one of the fun reasons to do [the storyline].”

BLOODBATH | Smash Drops Four Actors Ahead of Season 2

Question: Any scoop on the “bonus” Happy Endings episode? Like, what’s it about and when is it going to air? — Keith
Ausiello: What it’s about, from what I’m hearing, is approximately nine kinds of amahzing. “It’s our Bad News Bears episode” — only with kickball replacing baseball — Adam Pally (Max) tells me. “I get to play the Walter Matthau character [the team’s coach]. It’s all six of us plus Scotty [played by Childrens Hospital‘s Seth Morris] taking on all the Chicago businesses, like a local nail salon and a deep-dish pie shop.” Not only does the team have a name — “It’s Xela [pronounced Shayla], which is the name of Alex’s store, which we didn’t know until that episode,” Pally reveals — it has a ringer, too. “Scotty is on steroids through the whole thing,” Pally laughs. “And we did find a way to bring in Lance Brigg from the Chicago Bears; he’s the real ringer.” So, um, not Penny? No, says her portrayer, Casey Wilson. “She’s wearing six-inch heels for the whole game. So she does not do well.”

Question: I don’t have a question, but rather a favor: Could you please post the link for your May Sweeps Scorecard. I thought I had bookmarked it but I can’t find it anywhere. —Stacy
Ausiello: Here you go: 2012 May Sweeps Scorecard. (I am so damn accommodating, it kills me sometimes.)

Question: When will you guys be posting your Summer TV Calendar? —Michelle
Ausiello: It’ll be up later this week. (Again, ridiculously accommodating.)

Question: Have the talks for Netflix to pick up The River fallen through, or is there still a chance that might happen? I need my scares! —Adam L
Ausiello: You need to let go is what you need, Adam.

Question: I’m curious as to your thoughts on Shonda Rhimes’ recent interview that not everyone may come back alive in Season 9. Do you think she’s just trying to stir up buzz, or might one of the actors not get his or her June pick-up? —Jennifer
Ausiello: No clue. But, if we consider Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh safe — which we should — that leaves Eric Dane and Jessica Capshaw as the only question marks. That said, my gut tells me they’ll all return home safe and sound. Or my gut is hungry. Possibly both.

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Question: Just curious if you have forgotten about the best summer show ever, Drop Dead Diva? Need scoop! —Amanda
Ausiello: Turns out Jane may not be the only person dealing with major possession issues. In the June 17 episode, Patty Duke guest stars as “another woman who [Jane] believes is in the same predicament she is, and by that, I mean there’s another person’s soul in her body,” previews executive producer Josh Berman. “Jane thinks she’s met somebody else who’s pressed the [return] button.”

Question: Dexter Season 7 scoop, please! —John
Ausiello: Is Dex taking his little vigilante operation behind bars? The show has put out a casting call for a “hardened yet thoughtful” prisoner who’s currently serving a life sentence for murder. Speaking of Dexter, did you see this?!

Question: You’re having a Comic-Con party again this year, right? Asking for a friend who likes free booze. —Ivy
Ausiello: Is this the same “friend” I’ve had to take restraining orders out on in three states? If so, tell her no, I’m not having a party, then check back here for deets yourself, because yeah, I totally am.

Question: Please any juicy spoilers for Rookie Blue? Are they breaking up Sam and Andy before they even get started? Can’t wait for season 3! Thanks! —Audrey
Ausiello: Good news: Although Andy and Sam haven’t seen each other for three months when the new season picks up — and he’s none too happy about that fact — they’ll get back on track in no time. Now for the could-be-bad news: Executive producer Tassie Cameron tells TVLine the theme of the season is, “Be careful what you wish for.” “We tried to look at what these characters have been wishing for and wanting and desiring for a couple of years now,” she explains, “and what it looks like when they get it or it happens to them or when their dreams come true, professionally and personally, and how that always comes at a price.”

Question: Have any good scoop about Grimm‘s second season? —Sue
Ausiello: Expect a Hooker cameo — T.J. Hooker, that is. We asked exec producer David Greenwalt to name his dream Season 2 guest star and, without hesitation, he replied, “Two words: Bill Shatner.” Playing who (or what?) exactly? “God only knows,” he shot back with a laugh. “Himself most likely!”

VIDEO | Revenge Finale First Look — Emily Faces Off Against [Spoiler]

Question: Loved the Grimm finale. How big a role will the coins play next season? —Max
Ausiello: “Not a big role, but they do resurface,” responds fellow EP Jim Kouf. “And they have to be dealt with.”

Question: I think we can all agree that Grimm became a better show with Bree Turner around. Any chance she might join the regular cast next season? —John
Ausiello: I think there’s a very good chance, seeing as how it happened a month ago.

Question: So B chose C in the Gossip Girl finale. Fine. But it seems like D and B didn’t get any closure… Should Dair fans pretty much stop hoping next season? –Mel
Ausiello: Dair is done. I’ve made peace with it, and now so should you. In other GG news, EP Josh Schwartz confirms that the 11-episode final season will focus on “core dynamics and the core characters.” Adds Stephanie Savage: There are definitely some things we want to see in the series finale, and we think we have a great opportunity to tell those final stories and honor our characters and honor our fans. We’re really excited for this final run.”

Question: I need some Killing, scoop. —Katrina
Ausiello: Stanley Larsen’s assault victim Bennet Ahmed returns in this Sunday’s episode. That’s all I got!

Question: I know it’s a little premature, but anything on the new season of The Vampire Diaries? —Pam
Ausiello: Elena’s “death” will weigh heavily on Matt and Jeremy. As EP Julie Plec notes, “I think that’s the worst tragedy of all is that they plotted together to get her out of town so she wouldn’t have to be part of this life. And now as a result of having been on that bridge at that moment, Matt is basically responsible in his own way for her being the one thing she never wanted to be. He’s going to carry that very heavily. It’s going to take his some time to get past that. And I would say certainly Jeremy, who would never want this for his sister, is going to have a real, real visceral reaction against Rebekah for what [she] did. There might be a little bit of retribution.”

Question: Are the Bones producers approaching the upcoming eighth season as the show’s last? —Robert
Ausiello: Hell no. “I could see Season 9 or 10 being the last,” says series creator Hart Hanson. “But definitely not [Season 8]. Post Booth and Brennan being together, there’s a good three seasons [of story] left.”

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  1. jen says:

    Really people are anal enough to notice the difference between NYC and a set in LA?

    • etc111 says:

      that’s insulting to new yorkers, im offended- NY looks completely diff that fake LA

    • lauren says:

      You never saw Seinfeld, did you honey? It’s an insult to New York viewers.

    • Dr. Bombay says:

      I’m not offended…but it does look really cheesy. Especially on shows like NYPD Blue or CSI:NY. It adds to the authenticity of a show to shoot on location.

      • Jenn says:

        I thought csi:ny shot on location. In NY. But it totally irks me when a show touts being “from” central or North Texas and you see the cliffs on the Pacific Hwy as the back ground. Or shoot using mountains. Umm, the only moutains in Texas are in El Paso. So, yeah it is annoying.

        • Ace says:

          Did you ever see the episode of Supernatural that supposedly takes place in Richardson? (Last time I checked, Richardson had neither dense forests nor cowboy-themed motels. You’d think they’d know that, since one of their stars grew up there.)

          • fiona says:

            well for supernatural they can’t budget actually going to all these locations it is a show that constantly travels different cities after all. The best they can do is go to vancouver and hope most of it applies to the “cities” the boys are supposed to be in

        • Gretchen says:

          The worst was a show a few years back–cop show, set in San Francisco–that had the lead characters in the worst part of town with the Golden Gate Bridge behind them! I wish that a certain percentage of a show had to be shot in that city/area for it to be used.

          • big cheddar says:

            MONK was the worst at that. I remember on episode in particular when they’re supposed to be in Chinatown (downtown San Francisco) and decide to walk a few blocks to check something out and. -POOF- they were in the suburbs!

      • Bob says:

        I thought something similar during the recent ‘House M.D.’ episode where Wilson and House took a road trip to Ohio. The “Pennsylvania” scenery they were driving through looked way to California to be believable. But, I realized this is only a TV show, with a budget, and the thought quickly passed.

      • I think they might do like ER did and shoot mainly in LA but they’d come to Chicago every few weeks to do exteriors.

    • kyle says:

      i think he meant fringe-like approach….

      • Maybe he was refering to the first half of LOST S5? Where some of the stories were on the island, and some were about the people who made it back home?

        • Lauren says:

          I was wondering about that also. I think you’re right about Lost S5. Other than that, almost all the episodes split time btw the island and flashbacks or real life.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Its also insulting how they portray Ohio, but lets worry more about the authenticity of NYC…

    • Ashley says:

      You must live in LA. Or somewhere backwoods. That’s the only reason you wouldn’t notice the difference when LA (or Toronto or Portland etc.) doubles for NY…Or Chicago. Or Portland. Or Boston. Or any other city in the country. This is especially true if you’re a native of said doubled city. I don’t get offended, but of course I notice. It wouldn’t say much for my own observation skills if I didn’t.

    • Alan says:

      i live in ireland, ive been to nyc once in my life and i can tell when its a horrible back lot. its really distracting

    • Hali says:

      Yes. If you live in a city where a show is based and they don’t shoot there you can ALWAYS tell (and sometimes it creeps into the writing too… coming from someone who lives in Miami).

    • Mía says:

      lol these people are so sanctimonious about their precious city. I’ve lived in both NYC and LA and have never once felt ~betrayed by a fictional show’s shooting location. It’s motherflipping Glee and you want authenticity?

  2. Sarah says:

    If dair is done than so am I. I don’t care what the execs lie about now for the end of the show. I’m done not gonna watch Blair with her abuser. sick

    • Stacey says:

      The fact that you call it “abuse”, just shows how butt hurt you are

    • Aoife says:

      A tad dramatic don’t ya think!!

      • GG writers are complete idiots says:

        Sorry, but I think Dair fans have a right to be dramatic and upset. We got royally screwed over this season. The writers totally baited us then ripped the rug out from under us at the last second. They completely mishandled this storyline, we got no closure, and now apparently we’re stupid for having liked Dair? So yeah Dair fans get to be dramatic all over the friggin place. There’s not having your ship work out which happens sometimes and then there’s having your ship crapped all over. And we got that raw deal, so we’re angry. And you know had Blair stuck with Dan, the Chair fan would have all had meltdowns. Oh and defend Chuck all you want but selling someone for ownership of a hotel is abuse no matter how you look at it. It has nothing to do with us not getting Dair.

        • Laura says:

          Lmao “We got royally screwed over this season” are you actually saying these words. I cant believe your saying you got royally screwed over this season then add that the writers baited you only to rip it out from under you at the last second. Take season 4 finale for example, they left it so everyone thought Blair was pregnant with Chucks baby, they proceeded to lead us on with bits now and again until in episode 10 she finally says its Louis baby. We see Chuck and Blair reunited only to be destroyed 10 minutes later all in one episode.

          As much as i agree with you that you should have got closure lets be honest here the writers couldn’t really give a crap, they didn’t care/think that the IP storyline was such a terrible idea and damaged CB alot. They didn’t care about Blair’s pregnancy or baby, they didn’t care that all the storylines they done this season led to nothing, non of them got any real ending or progressed at all and half of them didn’t even make sense. Lets be honest this season was the worst. Trust me, dair getting no closure is not being crapped all over… Chair fans no all to well what its really like to see your ship be crapped all over. Plus the writers crapped all over every ship this season to boost up Dair, so in all honesty not getting closure wasn’t great but its not at all what its like to be crapped on. Lets face it Dair fans (or GG fans in general) never thought they would ever go there but at least they did? Damn right we would have, have you seen actually seen GG? We have had our ship in love for 5 whole seasons to have them reunite and be ripped apart by whatever stupid storyline they have come up with next.

          I don’t think you’ll find any Chair fans who loved Chuck “selling Blair”, but lets look at the whole picture here before you make Blair the victim. They both scheme and manipulate people to get what they want, if you honestly truly think that Chuck did it knowing she wouldn’t forgive him. Do you really think he would have done it in the first place? No. He loved the bones off the girl, had never been loved or felt love by anyone in his whole life. He was incredibly naive and stupid imo. Tbh you got Dair, hell you had them for alot longer than we have even had Chuck and Blair this season or season before that. If you seriously didn’t see the warning signs that your relationship was sinking or never really began floating then i’m sorry but it was Claire and Dylan you loved and that was never going to be endgame.

  3. hello says:

    Only thing i care about on Dexter right now is if they are going to drop the disgusting incest-story

    • Brendan says:

      no actual incest has occurred or is likely to occur, don’t get ahead of yourself.

    • duh! says:

      It is NOT incest. If you happen to remember, Dexter has only one sibling, a brother, who he has already killed. As such, though they grew up together, they’re not actually related by blood so it is not incest. Creepy anyway, sure, I’ll give you that. I’m thinking that since they’re no longer married that it’s not going to go too far. That and the fact that now Deb knows about him, and how badly she freaked from his brother, it shouldn’t go far at all.

  4. ahlataziz says:

    Happy about the Bones scoop! I would love to see 10 years of Bones. Also, the GG writers get 11 episodes to reveal who GG is so i hope they execute that well.

  5. Great we have to put up with stupid baby Christine for another 3 mores years!! I think I will quite watching Bones right now then!!

    • Jillian says:

      Of course. She’s their baby and she’s a big part of their lives. They can’t just give her up for adoption or something. Also…I think that next season they will go back to focusing more on cases than baby and personal stuff.

      • suzi says:

        I agree, Jillian. No problem seeing the baby her first season, and while I’m sure she will not be so prominent next season, as with Jack and Angela’s baby, Christine is a valued member of this crime-fighting family.

    • katy917 says:

      “Stupid baby Christine” – how old or you, like, 12? Too young to be watching adult shows if you’re spouting out such childish nonsense!

    • Gretchen says:

      I thought I read that there will be a time leap when the next season starts, so the babies won’t be babies anymore. Which is fine by me, I hate hate hate Bones and Booth together. So predictable and dull!

      • Sina says:

        I have to agree.. I tried watching Bones this season, but it’s not working for me. I just pray that it will b different with Castle. :(

        • Jess says:

          Caskett hooked up in 4 years!! What more could you possibly ask for?? I think we are definetly in for a treat this season!

      • Lauren says:

        The time jump is only going to be 3-4 months, so yes, they will still be babies. And if you hate aspects of the show, stop watching.

    • Anne Schuch says:


  6. We have already had the bonus episode of Happy Endings over here in the UK, It was indeed “amahzing” I really just wish that every episode featured more Penny, that girl rocks.

  7. F.R. says:

    Forget ‘The River’ talks, what about the Netflix/Jericho talks?

    • Dbalcer says:

      There was tweet from a supposed Skeet Ulrich twitter account that Netflix had picked up Jericho. What do you hear?

  8. Willa says:

    thank you for Dair being done. Chuck and Blair forever! and please fix Serena and Blair!

  9. etc111 says:

    so glee should be even more inconsistent next year, even more all over the place

    and bones needs to end- went downhill after the writer’s strike forced them to shorten the Gormegon storyline, and they never recovered. And after the pregnancy at the end of last season it’s just been booooooorrrrrrring

    • Alanna says:

      “And after the pregnancy at the end of last season it’s just been booooooorrrrrrring”

      Says you. Bones has been fantastic – if you don’t like it, stop watching. It’s that simple.

      • mooshki says:

        God, I hate that statement. What’s wrong with saying you think a show is off-track, and you want it to go back to being good like it used to? I’m pretty sure most shows would prefer to find ways to please their fans instead of driving them away.

  10. I just got a little sad because I realized there will never be another House AA scoop.

  11. Seriously?? You don’t notice a glaring difference???

  12. Sam says:

    The final season of Gossip Girl better be amazing to make up for that incredibly sloppy finale.

  13. Jos says:

    Good I only have to watch half the Glee episodes next year since I’m only interested in the NY crew.

    • farsia2010 says:

      me too, the only characters i was ever interested were Rachel, Finn, Kurt and now Blaine. oh crap, i will have to watch the other half too because of Blaine. Darn it!

  14. Lavizhaa says:

    Rookie Blue os back. Best show ever

  15. anon says:

    Any dair stans leaving just because of Dan and Blair can leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  16. Trash says:

    no Dair, no care. I’m so done with this show :)!

  17. Marie says:

    Thanks for The Vampire Diaries scoop! Matt and Jeremy as Team Human are my favorite part of the show. I can’t wait to see Jeremy go after Rebekah. He’s awesome when he’s in hunter mode.

  18. Jenn C says:

    Done with Gossip Girl. The crappy way Dair was wrapped up was a slap in the face to all the Dair fans who have continued to help create buzz about this show that has been on its last legs for years now. I have made peace with Blair choosing Chuck, in that I just choose not to watch anymore. If she had to choose Chuck though, it would have been nice to have some kind of Dair closure, instead of writing that atrocious season finale, having almost all of the characters acting all kinds of out of character, all for the sake of contrived plots. But…. I guess that’s what GG has always done.

    Onto happier topics, I’m so excited about the direction of The Vampire Diaries has turned in. I know the triangle is what gets everyone so fired up, but I’m just thrilled to see where this Elena becoming a vampire story goes. The writers have now opened up a whole new world to explore, so I’m interested in seeing where this goes. Used to hate Matt, but he’s grown on me a bit now that he’s part of the whole gang of supernaturals lol And this spoiler about him and Jeremy feeling guilty sounds like a pretty good story, too. Love TVD!

    • Alex says:

      Completely agree with you about GG. I don’t care that she chose Chuck, but not wrapping up the Dair storyline, something they’ve been building up for a year, was just so dumb. I will tune into the final season but I don’t expect anything good.

      • Lauren says:

        Couldn’t have said it better!

      • Svenja says:

        I agree with you guys. It was unfair and unsatifying. A scene where they talk it out and break up like adults or at least something like that would have been great. I always knew Chair would be endgame. I might not love it, but I wasn’t delusional or stupid. I knew, but the way they handled things in the finale was just a mess.

        • htp says:

          I agree with everyone re. the end of Dair. If they had managed to end them in a proper and not completed disrespectful manner with storylines and actions that MADE SENSE, that would have been one thing, but to destroy everything so spectularly was a major, unwarranted FU to Dair fans. At least Dan/Serena, Chuck/Blair and even Nate/Serena got their respective sentimental “sink or swim” breakups. DB did not even get a conversation. Dair fans have a right to be outraged. That finale was such an inane, nonsensical train wreck on so many levels. Since I have stuck with this show for 5 years, I will most likely keep watching – but only as part of some marathons when I’m bored and can ff idiotic scenes, and mainly out of habit. No way in hell am I sitting through commercials for this.

          • htp says:


          • htp says:

            *also correcting: “completely” in the first sentence, not “completed”. Apparently sitting through that clusterf*** of a finale has affected my ability to type properly, among other negative side effects

          • mooshki says:

            I hated Dair, and I still think their ending sucked. I can’t imagine how pissed I’d be if I’d been a fan.

  19. sahy says:

    oh anon even here so pathetic, when dair was on you chuckistan were boycotting the show & sent insults & threats to the writers so just shut up

    Dair is done! I’m done too! I watched GG again for them, now the writers screwed everything between them I’m don, enjoy the chair/chuck show!

    • anon says:

      The only ones that are pathetic are the ones that are chanting “no dair, no care”. Like seriously? Grow up.

  20. sarah l says:

    Glad Dair is gone it was awful to watch and finally Chuck and Blair. Now just to get Serena/Blair fixed which I’m sure Chuck will help them

  21. jane says:

    As long as we still get Rachel Berry I don’t care where it is.

  22. The Happy Endings episode was awesome. Loved the Brad stuff.

    • Mikael says:

      I’m surprised there was one episode left, because I thought the last episode that aired worked great as a season finale. Is just aired out of place, or does it continue from where the wedding episode left off with the Penny/Dave/Alex triangle?

  23. Chris says:

    Sooooo excited for the last eps of GG then!!! Bring them on!!!!!

    And interesting about Glee, I may just watch Glee NY then! LOL

  24. Huh says:

    I really don’t understand why Gossip Girl did Dan and Blair so well to just drop them like they did in the finale. It’s almost like they are punishing all the viewers who follow the story lines they are actually telling by just yanking the Dan/Blair narrative away and saying ‘oops just kidding Blair will only ever love Chuck.’

    Anyway, I won’t be watching the final season because Gossip Girl’s finale finally succeeded in ruining absolutely every character and relationship I cared about. Dair, Serena/Blair, Rufus/Lily, Dan and Serena, the bar sex made me angry as a Serenate shipper… And I stopped liking Chair a long time ago but ofc he is still a huge jerk to Blair saying she isn’t enough for him and she has to help him get back the hotel he sold her for. Who writes this garbage???

    • Aoife says:

      What did you expect in fairness?? These are the same writers who couldn’t write storyline for a couple who shared off the charts chemistry without throwing any obstacle in the way, which they even admitted themselves. You say that they have been built up the past year?!! Chair have been built up since 1×07!! & have never been given proper closure!! & their fanbase creates more of a buzz tending WW on twitter every Monday night! Dair shippers seemed to think their ship was invincible when in reality why did you expect any different??

    • Jessica Valure says:

      I completely agree with you that was bad writing, ending Dan and Blair like that was rude, and why would she want Chuck after selling her for a hotel and after what he said to her in the finale. Bart was right about Chuck he does everything for Blair one minute he’s selling her for a hotel the next minute he’s paying her dowry and she still choose Dan over him and prince Louie, they both are not good for each other, both hurt each other and that’s not a good relationship at least with Dan they don’t hurt each other expect for end the end when she choose Chuck that hurt Dan alot.

  25. Dair is over? NoOoOoo LOL I’m kidding, happy that ooc prop “relationship” is over. Time to focus on the core relationships! Can’t wait for season 6 !!!

  26. Sina187 says:

    Celebrating Dair’s funeral, finally it is over. Hope “honoring the characters and fans” means more Chair and NJBC in season 6

  27. Ana says:

    I hope they follow that plan for Glee. Since I’m not a Kurt or Rachel fan I can skip all the NY epis. Then again, with the new time slot on Thursdays, I will be catching the non-NY episodes online and watch Greys Anatomy live.

  28. sarah says:

    Thank you very much for the spoilers. I’m glad Dair is over but that it was clear just by looking at the season finale. And I’m glad that the last season will be dedicated in the core dynamics and the core characters. So this next season will be dedicated to Chuck and Blair and Blair and Serena, great!!!.. All I want is that Chuck and Blair end the series together and happy and that Blair and Serena back to being friends!!.

  29. Cindy says:

    Bones S9 and 10? No way!!! S8 will be it’s last.

    • Rachel says:

      Ausiello may have missed the look of incredulity that passed between DB & ED when the possibility of S9/S10 was brought up at Paleyfest this year, but I sure didn’t. And I don’t know if I can take another three possible seasons of being disappointed in the diminished chemistry, mailed-in acting, and the awkward stilted kisses between the once mighty Brennan and Booth.

      • Jillian says:

        Then don’t watch it anymore!!

      • Lauren says:

        Everyone talks about this “look” between ED & DB at Paley, but I have a feeling some people are looking for something that isn’t there b/c they’re dissatisfied with the recent seasons.

        If you’re not happy, then don’t watch and stop complaining to those of us who still love the show.

  30. SM says:

    Thank God Dair is over with! This was the most tedious season ever. Safran should have kept them as friends, but he just couldn’t resist I guess. So glad Chuck and Blair are coming back! They make the show! I’m hoping for some Derena in the final season as well.

  31. Joanna says:

    The very awkward moment when I find myself smiling at the sight of Schwartz and Savage’s names. So weird. But I love what I’m reading. Yes to more focus on core relationships and characters. Yes to more Chuck/Blair and Serena/ Blair (given that they will fix them of course) and Chuck/Nate. Yes to more NJBC. And can this poor soul that has stuck around despite all the obstacles and that so-not-rewarding 100th episode or season for that matter hope that when Stephanie refers to certain things they want to see in the finale she means a Chuck and Blair wedding? Say yes!

  32. Jessica says:

    wooooohooooo dair IS DONE. Finally. Now we can get back to gossip girl and not insider with claire and dylan. I need serena and blair’s friendship repaired, chuck and blair wedding, serena to end up with nate and NJBC scenes ;) Too bad we only get 11 episodes though, lets hope they are full of quality! ;D

  33. Line says:

    Thanks god, dair is ower. It was the worst couple I ever seen in all teen show and I’ve to admit I watch a lot of teen show. It was boring! GG is about scandal, not a boring and snob couple! Chair all the way, always and forever a chair! I can’t wait! B will fight for her man, best ST!

  34. Alicia says:

    Eh. I really don’t understand the GG writers. So intent on keeping Chair fans happy that they don’t care about the story they’re actually telling. Whatever though. I sat through years of the Chair show. I don’t see a point in sitting through another one.

  35. chylerleighononceuponatime says:

    Thanks for the scoop. On Grey’s I think it’s just bs and buzz. No one else will die,maybe the pilot but none of the series regulars.

  36. Ashley says:

    Bones is so overrated and is utterly terrible now. I don’t know why I even bothered watching this season because it was so horrible. Honestly, the finale sucked and all the characters have reverted to whiny children. I’m still shocked that it was picked up for another season, but honestly, there’s no storyline left for that show. I can easily see season 8 as its last.

  37. Allie says:

    I can’t even deal with this Chair/Dair crap – the writers have ruined Blair. I also don’t care for the Nate/Gossip Girl identity storyline. He saw “gossip girl” in a black hoodie…it’s all too Pretty Little Liars.

    I used to love this show but it clearly went so wrong.

  38. mia says:

    Thanks for the Grimm scoop!

  39. Andrea says:

    Dair is dead and buried! Pop the champagne, y’all! Can’t wait for a season of happy Chuck and Blair and hopefully a Dan and Serena reunion too!

  40. erin says:

    By the sound of it, I don’t know if I will be back to watch GG next season. I only started watching GG again in season 4 because a friend told me Dan and Blair were teaming up as friends and the idea intrigued me. I mean they hated each other last I watched, I thought it was going to be good. They really reeled me in. In the beginning of season 5 I had no hope for a romantic Dan and Blair relationship. I was content with friendship, quietly longing for more. I knew Blair would eventually end up with Chuck and I was at peace with it, I did at one time adore Chuck and Blair together. However, they told us a story that made me foolishly start to believe that Dan and Blair could make it work for the long run. They created a beautiful relationship built on friendship and it was really refreshing to see, and for that I am truly grateful. Having said that, they could have gone about ending Dan and Blair differently, did they really have to destroy them? If that was the plan all along they should have written it that way, not by pulling the rug out from under their fans in the finale. A little closure was all I wanted and so far it’s not sounding like I’m going to get it.

    I may tune in for the first episode, but that all depends on the spoilers I read. I usually don’t even read spoilers because I like being surprised, but I will from now on with this show. I didn’t like the surprise that was waiting for me at the end of this past finale.

    • Jackie says:

      I’m so sick of the whining from Dair fans about having the rug pulled out. Are you kidding me right now? Chair fans have been getting screwed over left and right for TWO YEARS. Excuse me if I lack sympathy tha your five episode relationship wasn’t given its proper respect. Please.

    • I agree, I only watched s5 because I liked the idea of Blair/Dan being friends (their witty banter always made me smile) However, Dan is a giant manwhore (he seemed to get worse at Chuck got better) so I am glad that the B/D relationship ended… I think that Blair will always, only love Chuck – and while they keep breaking up, eventually, B/C will end up together.
      From what I’ve seen, everyone has come full circle, some characters grew, and changed, but eventually reverted to their ‘old ways’ when something didnt turn out as expected…
      Georgina scares me.
      I just hope Serena doesnt end up dead in a ditch…
      And it would be nice to know why Gossip Girl seems to hate Serena so much…

  41. Jackie says:

    THANK YOU BABY JESUS FOR DAIR BEING OVER. They were the most contrived, chemistry-less, laughable pairing in Gossip Girl history and that is saying something. Safran and his Dair obsession are gone. Woo hoo! Party time! Celebrate! Hope season six is full of strong, powerful Blair, Serena and Blair, Chuck and Nate, and of course Chuck and Blair.. you know, the epic love story they have been telling ON SCREEN for five years. Hell yeah!

  42. Kaitlyn says:

    Dair brought fans back after the abysmal third season, which saw the lowest ratings until this season. The fifth season lowest rated episodes were Chair episodes. People can deny that all they want, but it’s the truth. Let’s see how many fans tune in for the Chair/Chuck manpain show next season. I know I won’t be coming back.

    • Jackie says:

      Well now you truly are dairlusional. Dair tanked the ratings. The last half of S5 was ALL DAIR and guess what? It earned the show it’s lowest ratings IN HISTORY. I can’t even argue with people who dispute SOLID FACTS. Go cry in your beer.

      • Ava says:

        Then as soon as we all knew Dair was done the ratings DOUBLED for the finale a.k.a Chuck & Blair reunited.

    • Allie says:

      LOL, are you for real? The “third season saw the lowest ratings until this season”? No, wrong, ratings have been going pretty much steadily downwards since their peak in S2. But nothing sent them off a cliff the way Dan/Blair did, both in S4 and S5. Huge drops in ratings for their arcs in both seasons. And it’s hilarious that you’re claiming the lowest rated S5 episodes were Chair episodes, which is patently false- they were all during the Dair arc. In fact, their sex episode was the second-lowest-rated of the entire series. The lowest-rated ep of the series was the one where they decide to go to Rome together.

      So no, Dair didn’t bring anyone back- or if they did, that just means even more people left because that’s how math works.

  43. Hojana says:

    True Epic Love domestic abuse yay!

  44. Kelly says:

    Could the e-mos get over the friggin sick of hearing about that overly rated crap tv show with a lead actress who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    • Summer says:

      Honestly! I tried to watch the pilot but couldn’t sit through it.

      • Kelly says:

        I know, I have tired several times, because of all the hype but couldn’t even rented the first season and watched several episodes of this season. I just don’t see what is so great, except that it is very much a teen drama.

    • Wilson says:

      Everyone is on this page to talk about their favourite shows. I would not make fun of the shows that you watch, so maybe you should leave us TVD fans to enjoy our show in peace.

      • Julie says:

        Agreed Wilson! I just can’t see the point in coming on here to rag on someone else’s show. I don’t like Gossip Girl so what do I do? I skip over those parts!

    • Shaun says:

      She plays 2 roles,and both are quite genuine.If she was junk this show wouldn’t float.

      • Kathryn says:

        Sorry, but Nina Dobrev isn’t the draw. Let’s see if they got rid of Damon/Ian Somerhalder and see how many people would watch for Nina Dobrev.

        • Ava says:

          I find Elena a very dull character. I don’t think she is likeable. She is a terrible lead character. That being said, I don’t think it’s Nina Dobrev’s fault that they wrote her character to be a whiny little *****.

        • keller says:


    • Shona says:

      Geez Kelly, why so nasty? I personally think the show is well-acted and has great stories. That’s my opinion, no “e-mos” (as you say) here. We all have our opinions. Gosh, I hate when people slam other people just because they have a different opinion.

  45. Nicole says:

    Are people trying to be funny? Dair saved the show? LOLOLOL. OK then. Guess we must’ve imagined Gossip Girl earning the worst ratings in television history during the Dairsaster. Oh you guys are hilarious. Chuck and Blair for the motherf’ckin win.

  46. Sam says:

    The only thing about this season of Gossip Girl that offended me was Dan’s hair.

    • Aimee says:

      I’m with you on that! Dan’s hair was terribly upsetting.

      • Ava says:

        To quote the man, ron Swanson: “Are the scissors broken in your house son?” I could never believe Blair would date someone so unkempt. Did Dan forget how to shave and where the barber is?

  47. KPH says:

    Thank goodness Dair is over so I can stop watching the crapfest that is GG. Dair was the only decent thing in years but even its brilliance couldn’t overcome the horrible writing. Hope the 3 GG fans left enjoy the final season–I’m sure it’ll be just as nonsensical as most of season 5.

  48. Elise says:

    Dair is over?! Commence the celebration!!! Those who have stuck with GG- S6 will be back to the real Gossip Girl. Dair/Inside/Safran are gone :) It is a truly happy time for us. Chair forever baby!!

    SO HAPPY!!

  49. Vanilla says:

    We already knew that Dair was done. You said it once and it was crystal clear in the finale. Thanks for the early Christmas present anyway! I can finally watch GG again without cringing!!

    I wish they had not made Elena a vampire. I guess they had do new storylines! Hopefully this opens up more Delena!!

    Chair and Delena!!!

  50. Wendy says:

    I am one of the few who still enjoys Bones, but the Monday slot has seen the same-day demo drop. Maybe Hart Hanson has plans for beyond S8…but will Fox? Not so sure there.

    • Jillian says:

      I think Fox is very happy with Bones’ ratings. Yeah, they aren’t great…but they are strongest show that Fox could put in that timeslot and I think that’s all Fox wants right now. Also, I don’t think Hart would talk about doing Bones beyond season 8 unless they were already in talks. And lost of people still love Bones. We are not the few.

      • Elle says:

        Ratings are decent but the demo has been getting much lower. Even with DVR viewing, the overall numbers and demo are way down. If this trend continues next season it could be the last. It all depends on how their new shows do

        It is more thn just the new time. DVR viewing has not increased. Regular viewing ha decreased during the season and it does not seem like people are watching it later either.

        HH may have the stories but he needs an audience and a good demo. These actors are not cheap. The show needs advertisers. Also, I think HH made these comments before the second half of the season aired. He may not be as confident now

        • Jillian says:

          DVR has increased. They gained +37% in 18-49 demo to 2.6. I don’t understand what’s with all the Bones hate and why people are so anxious to see it get cancelled? If you don’t like, don’t watch.

          • Elle says:

            Not a hater just stating facts. 1.9 demo for finale that night.

          • Jillian says:

            But that’s still pretty decent considering they were up against two reality shows and a stable comedy. And they are increasing in demo for DVR.

        • Wendy says:

          Like I said, the demo is low, but I will say DVR with Live + 3 always seems to bring the final rating up to mid 2s. So, maybe Fox finds that acceptable. Guess time will tell.

          • Jillian says:

            Fox would have to pretty stupid to assume that they would win the night with above 3.0 against 2 reality shows and a stable comedy. I’m sure they are thrilled right now.

          • Jillian says:

            Like I said, I don’t think Fox expects Bones to win the night. I think they just want to get some good numbers because Mondays at 8pm is a very competitive timeslot and Bones is doing that. And with DVR ratings, I think they are very happy with Bones right now.

          • Linda says:

            I would have to agree with Jillian, the move to Monday for Bones was NOT the best because the number one show starts the same time, The Voice. I also think people were not happy with the season being shorter than normal. As for those that keeps complaining about it being boring…..why watch it? I, for 1, love season 7, but was a little disappointed about it being shorter than normal, but I still love the show. Also people were not happy with the whole “baby Christine” story line towards the end, but I thought it brought something else to Bones instead of just the gross bodies and solving crime. I have faith that next season the “babies” story line will not be as much as this last season. As for the finale I thought it was an OMG moment……never thought THAT would happen……we all know Brennan is not the type to run away, BUT I do understand why she did it. I think it was a perfect way to get the views up especially when DB tweeted about a death and someone leaving Bones……but not in the way we (as viewers) thought :) All I have to say if you want to complain about a certain show, then why watch it? There are some of us who still love the show and we don’t complain on the one’s we don’t like.

      • Linda says:

        I agree with you Jillian, Bones may not be the number 1 show for Monday’s, but the rating are not terrible that Fox will pull the plug after season 8. I have heard of shows with lower ratings than Bones. Actually if you heard Bones was the 1st show on Fox to be renewed for another season. They announced it about 2 weeks BEFORE any other show on Fox was renewed. I think this says that Fox is happy with the show. Fox already knows what’s going on with all the episodes on Bones and if they did not approve of any of them they would have pulled the plug on season 7, but they did not. I think people were just upset with the starting date being so late (started in November) and then the BIG break until they came back in April for the remaining of the show. I got over being upset with the time gap and I actually like season 7. I thought ED did a wonderful job on continuing her career after having a baby in real life. I have to say if people read the interviews with Hart Hanson, if they did not write in the pregnancy then Brennan would have been stuck in the lab BEHIND tables or not on the show at all. I for one could not watch it if they did that to her character. I thought the writers did a awesome job on this season and I thought it brought something else to bones besides solving murders. We get to see how people deal with their jobs and juggling their personal lives as well.