Glee Season 3 Finale Recap: Bye-Curious

If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Glee season finale, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

It’s fitting that Glee‘s third-season finale ended with the bittersweet ritual of high-school graduation, and not just because half of the show’s characters happened to be members of the William McKinley High senior class.

Indeed, with Glee‘s future in flux — early word is that the show will split focus between Lima, OH, and the adventures of a number of characters in NYC in Season 4 (read this week’s Ask Ausiello for more details) — there’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the Gleek Nation. Which of our favorites will remain front and center in our lives come fall? And which will begin to drift away, forgotten footnotes in the history books of of our weekly TV rituals?

If you were too busy trying to find a train line that could take you from Ohio directly to Grand Central Station in NYC, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* We saw the McKinley seniors in their red caps and gowns walk the line and get their diplomas: In order: Mike Chang, Quinn, Mercedes, Puck, Santana, Kurt, Finn, and Rachel. Yep, Noah Puckerman got a C- on that final European Geography exam and earned his degree. Alas, Brittany and her 0.00 GPA did not. Also: How come I thought Sam was a Senior all year?

As for our characters’ futures?

* Rachel, Finn, and Kurt decided to get together and open the acceptance/rejection letters from each of their first-and-only choice schools. Finn did not get accepted to “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Kurt, similarly, got rejected by NYADA. Only Rachel got good news: Yep, Ms. Berry’s outstanding showing at Nationals must’ve impressed the heck out of Carmen Tibideaux!

* Rachel decided to defer her admission for a year to help her fiancee and bestie achieve their dreams, but in a climactic scene that featued Corey Monteith’s best work in three seasons, and Lea Michele’s best work since Hector was a pup, Finn drove Rachel to the train station instead of heading to their wedding. “You’re gonna get on that train and you’re gonna go to New York and be a star,” said Finn, who reckoned if they were meant to be together, they could wait. Oh, also, he’s enlisting in the military as a way to honor his dad’s memory! Talk about an ending I didn’t see coming, but one that was — let’s be honest — a lot more realistic for both characters. Now the question becomes: Do Ryan Murphy & Co. keep Rachel, Finn, and Kurt on these divergent paths in Season 4, or is there a convenient escape hatch waiting to be pulled to send them all to NYC for good times, good music, and dancey-dancey next fall?

* Santana decided to ditch her cheerleading scholarship and head to NYC, too, with her mom’s blessing — and money! Good work by Gloria Estefan as a fine (if crazily lenient) example of Lima Heights motherhood.

* Mike Chang is Chicago-bound, thanks to a scholarship from the Joffrey Ballet School.

* Mercedes is bound for Los Angeles, where she’s been signed as a backup singer for an indie label (thanks to the “Disco Inferno” YouTube performance Sam posted a few episodes back).

* Quinn is still headed for Yale, but not without one last smooch with Puck, and a Metro North pass for new pal Rachel. (Are they that close, really?) Also, Quinn got a really sweet farewell scene opposite Sue.

* Puck is…well, he graduated. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

And now, onto letter grades for the episode’s musical numbers!

Mr. Schue, “Forever Young” I dunno, maybe I’m a dark-hearted beast, or maybe Mr. Schue’s diminished role this year made his “emotional” sendoff for the kids a little less impactful? Grade: B

Burt, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (lipsynched, of course) Another shining (albeit silly) moment for Glee’s best parental unit. Grade: A-

Kurt, “I’ll Remember” A sweet rendition of an underrated Madonna ballad, though I found it weird Kurt went out of his way to dedicate it to the New Directions guys, with whom he’s never been as close as the ladies. (Side note: Remember when Kurt and Mercedes were inseparable? I do, too.) Grade: B+

New Directions seniors, “You Get What You Give” I’ve always had a soft spot for New Radicals’ only hit, and this spirited rendition captured its jaunty essence. Grade: A

New Directions underclassmen, “In My Life” Not the most ringing endorsement for the National Champions’ 2013 chances. Just being honest. Grade: C+

Puck, “Glory Days” Was it just me or was the Boss’ ditty about middle-aged folks thinking back on their youthful good times a tone-deaf choice for modern teenagers on their big day? Grade: C+

Rachel, “Roots Before Branches” Didn’t really know this song before Rachel closed the episode with it, but I’m glad I do now. A triumphant ending for a girl chasing her dreams, not her delusions, in the streets of New York City. Grade: A

Now it’s your turn: Were you shocked by Kurt’s rejection? Bummed that Mercedes didn’t get more of a story arc? And how did you feel about that three-hankie scene between Finn and Rachel? Take our poll and vote for your favorite musical performance from “Goodbye,” then hit the comments and share your thoughts on how the season finale played out!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Larissa says:

    that episode was BRILLIANT! i don’t think it could have been any better. i’m just speechless.

    • Stacie says:

      That episode was rushed, it was predictable and it was wrong. Brittany NOT graduating and people NOT making a big deal of it like they did Puck is the worst thing I’ve seen Glee do and that’s saying a whole lot. The only thing they did was keep every single storyline wide open. They have zero idea what to do next season with these characters, that’s definitely what we learned right now.

      • Dannnnny says:

        I think its mainly because they don’t know who they want back or not. I’m sure Quinn, Mike and Mercedes have left the Glee universe. And Brittany had a grade point average of 0.0. How was she ever suppose to pass? And who cares?? Its Brittany. Shes only relevant because she has stupid one-liners that havent been funny since s1 and because shes with Santana and with Glee breaking up Finchel, every couple is on the chopping block.

        • Moriah says:

          You guys apparently haven’t read Ryan Murphy’s interview… He said that none of the characters are leaving the show, that they won’t all be in every single episode, but that they all want to continue on the show and he’s written all of their characters in.

          • Ron says:

            It’s Ryan Murphy. at least half of what he says is complete BS

          • Ryan says:

            Oh, honey, Ryan Murphy doesn’t know what the heck is going to happen in season 4. Anyone who takes anything he says as more than a grain of salt needs to take a quick glance over the interviews he’s given during this season alone and they’ll see how many times he’s either: A) lied, B) talked out of his ass, or C) just fanned the fandom flames. I’m sure some people will be back for one or two episodes (Dianna Agron, Amber Riley, Mark Salling) but we won’t know for sure until the episodes actually air because Ryan Murphy doesn’t know what’s going to happen until the episodes actually air. That’s why I don’t understand how anyone thinks the Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson story arcs are set in stone – especially now that we’ve seen that Kurt didn’t get into NYADA and mainly because of the Anne Hathaway reports that never panned out. I’m not meaning to attack any news outlets, like TVLine, because it’s not their fault. It’s the “Glee” execs and alleged “writers” who need to keep their mouths shut until the episodes are in the can because you can’t believe a word they say – ESPECIALLY Ryan Murphy.

          • Keenan says:

            Good! i hope he continues to have no clue i want his focus on AHS,

        • Mikael says:

          Yeah, wasn’t JLo supposed to play a lunch lady?

      • Olinka says:

        Stacie, I have to agree – they made such a huge deal out of Puck’s geography test, but nobody bothered with Brittany, not even her girlfriend???

        • mylene says:

          brittany doesn’t graduate because she’s younger I think

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Brittany did not make a big deal of it. Puck did. My problem is how is she a cheerleader, class president and in glee club, a supposed after school activity if she’s failing her classes. In theory, she should not be allowed to do anything unless her grades are decent next fall.

          • znachki says:

            Silly Snsetblaze, it’s Glogic!

          • L says:

            i thought the same exact thing. in real life HS, u can’t do sports or many activities enless u have a decent gpa. thats def true for football, cheerleading and sports like that. not realistic there.

        • Ruby says:

          Nobody bothered with Brittany because she had absolutly zero chance of graduating. Puck had a chance if he could pass one test. Brittany could have gotten an A+++ on the test and it still wouldn’t have mattered with her zero gpa. She wrote an english report in crayon for goodness sakes!

          • Marie says:

            Nobody bothered… She had zero chance of graduating because the glee writers are f***ing idiots. With a 0.0 GPA she is still a freshmen or would have been already kicked out of school years ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        People have got to stop making this big deal about Brittany not graduating. Seriously. It happens. There are people out there who aren’t making the passing grades and just don’t graduate with the rest of their class. Puck had a GPA that was high enough for him to graduate granted that he passed that one final exam (which he did). For Brittany, her GPA was so low (0.0) there was nothing she could have done. She’s just going to have to repeat her senior year and work hard and score passing grades to graduate. That’s it. End of story.

        • Aren’t HS GPAs cumulative? So wouldn’t a 0.0 essentially mean that she failed all 4 years of HS? This really isn’t realistic whatsoever, but I guess they wanted to make it “funny”.

          Also, do high schools let people over 18 attend? Obviously, kids who have late birthdays (November/December, sometimes October) may already be 18 and still in HS, but do they let students re-do their senior year?

          • A says:

            ya in my high school they called them overgrads (people who need to finish a few more credits to graduate or students who graduated but are just not ready to go on and choose to take a few extra courses until they figure out a path they want to go on)

          • x says:

            They absolutely allow it (all those jokes in TV shows and movies aren’t based upon something that can’t and doesn’t happen…. in this case). I don’t think there even is any fixed limit in many (any?) states, although most would eventually expel you at some point. I think it’s even Federal law that you have to be allowed until at least 21 to complete. So you are guaranteed to be allowed a number of senior years if need be hah. After 21 they can do what they want, kick you out or let you try for yet another year if you both agree haha. It’s not common by any means but a repeated senior is hardly unheard of and very rarely you do read about someone a number of few years beyond 18 in high school somewhere or other.

          • Elizabeth says:

            when I was in high school about a decade ago, people were allowed to stay in the school for a long time if they didn’t graduate. One of my English teachers told me about a student that finally graduated at 24. I think a couple years later the school started expelling students that hadn’t finished by 21, though.

          • Lee says:

            In my high school, in my day, GPAs were for the year, only.

          • MaggieSusanne says:

            It’s obviously either hyperbolic, or a continuity error, remember how Santana, Britt, and Quinn were the only 3 cheerleaders academically eligible to participate in after school activities? That combined with the fact that it was made clear that the cheerios were being passed based on shady dealings among faculty.

            The 0.0, is more likely a way of expressing that Britt’s just beyond fixing her grades this year, unlike Puck, who could up them just a bit and be passed.

            Another possibility is that she just failed everything this year, and had a 0.0 for the semester. Either way, I look forward to more Brittana. They’re very funny,

        • Babygate says:

          It’s not the fact that she didn’t graduate. It’s the fact that it was so ridiculously played. No one can finish 12th grade with a 0.0 GPA. No one. She wouldn’t even had gotten past 10th grade. And the fact that her own girlfriend didn’t know she was graduating was weak. And the fact that no one seemed to give a crap about it. She was the class president, and one of the most popular girls in school and yet she didn’t even get an encouraging word while everyone was waiting to hear about Puck’s exam. It’s just not realistic. This was the worst played story line of the night. That’s the point.

      • A says:

        I think that it was pretty realistic of Brit not graduating. I LOVE Brittany but the girl is sometimes as dumb as bricks. And while I did think that the whole 0.0 gpa was kind of like a joke its pretty realistic of Brit to have a low gpa. they never showed her really applying herself as much as Puck did and she didnt really show much of a drive or ambition in anything she wanted to do other than when she wanted to win class president. you could see that Puck genuinely wanted to graduate.
        and i mean did you honestly really think that she was going to graduate?

        • Sky says:

          Brittany with her dumb as bricks as you say mentality has been as long running joke. Not meant to be any thing other than a humorous take on a dumb blonde. Started as 1 or 2 liners just for a real kick. She was hilarious and cute as can be season 1. Season 2 many fans wanted her character to be more focused and we got someone with an IQ of 10. Fondue for 2 in s2 was hilarious but showed Brittany as an airhead with no hint of interest in learning anything In the xmas episode s2 she was demonstrated as infantile. Season 3 she has been characterized as power hungry and only interested in Santana. Her only verbal lines have been just short of embarrassingly moronic. And people got mad at Finn for saying she shouldn’t be so stupid. Well, she is! And I hate what Glee has done to Brittany since season2. In real life she wouldn’t be able to be senior class president with a 0.0 gpa. The only reason she got it was because she slept with most of the boys s1 and she said she would go topless. So when Glee made rittany the brunt of the dumb blonde jokes, I stopped considering anything but background character for her. Her 1 liners are funnier when she is in the background. Santana’s character given some common sense and mental awareness and also alot meatier role she has come into a whole new aspect since s2. Now Santana is one of the most popular characters to date. Surpassing Quinn IMO and definitely Brittany. Brittany just became Santana’s girlfriend and prom king. Since the start of s2 I dropped my interest for the Brittany character. So since she has been played IMO as a baffoon for laughs there was no intention of Glee heads to graduate her. She is their star dancer especially since Mike will be gone.

      • Kelly says:

        Of course they left every story-line open — it’s called a cliffhanger, so people will be enticed to tuns in and see what happens! All shows do that. Otherwise, where’s the suspense and anticipation if everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow? As far as being rushed, I thought it was metaphorical, if you think about it — everything in their lives is changing so fast and in the blink of an eye, everything they knew is upside down and now they’re just trying to figure things out. As for Brittany — really? Everyone knew she wasn’t graduating; it was obvious, and so that’s why no one made a big deal out of it, because it wasn’t a surprise. She’s the girl that does book reports on construction paper with crayons! Puck was different because he probably has the capacity to do well, but just doesn’t try, and they were rooting for him, because he was trying so hard and everyone knew how much it meant to him. If anything, you should have had a problem with the fact no one helped Brittany before she was in that predicament (which I’m sure you do). Because let’s face it, in real life, she’d be in alternative classes (not necessarily special ed, but somewhere in between). But it’s a fictional television show for entertainment purposes and Brittany was pure and simple comic relief, not to be taken seriously. I think it’d be hilarious if when it is Brittany’s time to graduate, she becomes valedictorian — everyone would be shocked (except her because she’d be like “Duh! Of course I am”) and that speech would be utter hilarity!

        • fainfair11 says:

          the problem is that Brittany in season two was also portrayed as an emotionally wise, idiot savant kind of person. The relationship between her and Santana, and Santana’s anguished coming to terms with herself as a lesbian, deeply engaged some peope’s hearts. To now have Brittany reduced to a dumb blonde cheerleader stereotype in a show that prides itself on championing the dignity of the underdog is a huge mis-step on glees part, and to show Santana as so ignorant and uncaring about her girlfriend’s plight reduces the only queer women’s relationship on the show to a mockery.

          glee asks us to take them seriously as well as be entertained. TV matters. TV shapes and reinforces public opinion, as Ryan and his crew are very well aware. But folks who are bright and intelligent in a way that differs from the norm and lesbians are clearly still fair game for lampooning without dignity. Shame, Glee. Sad, really.

          • Keep it Real says:

            Santana is not ignorant to her plight. Have you ever had friends who failed senior year? There is little you can do about it —- especially for Brittany who is failing every class! And Brittany was not flanderized into a dumb blonde cheerleader suddenly. She is the most consistant character on the show!

          • Kay says:

            Of course TV reinforces opinions and Glee is always trying to set examples and send messages, and reality is sometimes people don’t graduate and with only a few days until graduation, there wasn’t anything anyone could do in that sort of time. If Brittany had graduated, it would’ve been extremely unrealistic given her character’s history.

            That doesn’t mean Santana is a bad person/lesbian for not flipping out about Brittany not graduating — Santana’s personality is that she has difficulty showing her emotions. But it is unfortunate that no one helped her before she got into that situation. Maybe Santana isn’t the right person for her, because even though they love each other, sometimes people just aren’t good for one another (lesbian or straight). Santana’s flaws aren’t related to her sexuality but she tends to have a flippant “whatever, who cares?” type of attitude, which isn’t necessarily a good thing in a relationship when you need to be supporting and guiding the other person. Again, that doesn’t make her a bad lesbian, but shows she needs to do some growing up.

            Yes, Brittany is an idiot savant and yes she started changing emotionally in season 2 while dating Artie & with Santana’s sexuality, but that doesn’t mean they should’ve given her a diploma if she didn’t have the grades for it. Even though she’s extremely intelligent in other ways, she doesn’t have the capacity for mainstream academics it seems, so maybe they need to create a different curriculum for her that fits her learning styles so she can thrive. Sometimes people just need time to grow up and be serious and maybe that will happen next year and she’ll graduate (and obviously the 0.0 was a hyperbole). I also think it’d be interesting to see Brittany and Artie reconnect, but even though Brittana were cute together, I always thought Artie brought out a different side of her — a more thoughtful side where she believed in herself and felt more confident.

        • talesofaskiinstructor says:

          I would hesitate to even call it a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger generally refers to a specific event. There has to be some element of suspense or mystery, or some big question that needs to be answered. Something that keeps the viewer wondering, will ‘will she or won’t she’. A do or die situation. There was nothing like that. We don’t have enough information to even ask that sort of question. They didn’t create a cliffhanger, they just left everything open ended so they can decide what they want to do over the summer. Nothing was resolved, and nothing was really left to keep us on the edge of our seat. It just sort of…ended.

      • LaurenMC says:

        The difference is Puck only needed to pass one test to graduate, whereas Brittany had NO chance of graduating. There was nothing they could do and she’s so dumb I’m surprised she made it this far in school.

        • Sam says:

          A 0.0 GPA in her Senior year is IMPOSSIBLE, pure and simple. 0.0 GPA means she failed every single year, every class. She’d be in her fifth Freshman year and she wouldn’t be a Senior. She couldn’t be a Cheerio or Senior Class President. She even passed her Junior year without being on the Cheerios, but whoop, she magically fails everything in her Senior year?

          Glee is crap but this was too absurd, even for them. And LOL @ whoever says “but it’s supposed to be funny” yeah nope, it’s just nonsensical. But the whole episode was a rushed pile of crap.

          • F. Dillinger says:

            OMG PEOPLE she, brittany, herself, said she had 0.0 GPA. you can’t take what Brittany says seriously! she obviously had a low GPA but I’m sure it wasn’t EXACTLY 0.0, that’s Brittany, who believes in santa claus, thinks she’s an unicorn, and still thinks Joe is a girl. It’s not that difficult to understand.

      • Pearl says:

        The only reason why i didn’t care that Brittany ailed, is because i’m praying that we see more of her next year. I mean, that girl can sing and dance, if they just give her better songs and more spotlight, she would be terrific.

      • MIchael says:

        I’d be more concerned that no one has put Britney in special-ed or an institution. The fact that you’ve gone along with it this long makes your comment sound unreasonably bitter…like now we should be shocked. Britney is a buffoon. Graduating her would have been a crime against humanity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Overall, the episode itself wasn’t exactly spectacular. There was so much ground to cover on top of the graduation ceremony that some things were too quickly rushed while others were just slightly brushed upon. Then there were a few things that hardly got any insight or respectable acknowledgement at all. What could have been a fantastic episode was far too rushed and would have served better with a two hour finale instead.

      What should have been the most important scene of the moment, the graduation ceremony, was left with no real emotion or heart to it. It was quickly glossed upon with a song and left a taste to be desired. Again, it was just too rushed.

      HOWEVER, the final moments of the episode from Rachel and Finn talking to one another in the car leading all the way up to the very last second of the episode was one of Glee’s VERY BEST moments. Ever. You could be a shipper of these two or not (I’m not, but I do like them together), that scene in Glee was so incredibly done, I don’t think any moment in this show tops it.

      • Marcos says:

        THIS!! The ending between Rachel and Finn was i n c r e d i b l e. So real and then Finn saying he was going to the army—heartbreaking. I find myself totally rooting for this couple all over again! I hope they give Lea more material next year, for her not to get an Emmy someday would be a travesty.

      • Sky says:

        For all of the Finn haters who thought he would hold her back. This was the most loving thing a boy could ever do. He loves her so much to let her go. This scene was the best of Glee in all three seasons IMO. He didn’t say he was enlisting, he said he was going to petition for his Dad in Georgia. These two lovers were willing to give up a future to be together. This is a wonderful potential for story lines for Rachel, Finn, Kurt separately and then together. I think season 4 we will get to watch all of them search out new directions, hopes and dreams. I think it will be just as magical as season 1 was. A new start for all. Only as adults.

        • Thank you. I didn’t hear him say he was enlisting either. I heard Rachel assume it.

        • Ann says:

          Yeah Finn making Rachel’s life decisions for her and forcing her to do something against what she had already chosen for herself is really romantic and sweet and not at all unhealthy and abusive and controlling.

      • Kay says:

        The acting by Cory Monteith and Lea Michele was so well done. The last goodbye scene between Finn and Rachel kinda tore apart my heart but in a good way. Phenomenal scene by two wonderful actors!

    • greysfan says:

      I agree. It was a brilliant ending to 3 great seasons. Can’t believe what happened at the end there. I guess Rachel took her “journey” of wanting to go to New York and actually making it and going there. I’m interested how they will do season 4.

  2. Emily says:

    I HATE GLEE worst episode ever they ruined everything

  3. garrett says:

    totally disappointed by the finale….weak sauce

  4. David says:


  5. stacy says:

    What just went on. I was ten thousand percent sure Kurt was going with her…

    • mirleival says:

      Yea, I was wondering about that too. Aren’t they splitting focus between NY and Lima? I don’t think Rachel and Santana are a big enough reason to keep them on NY.

  6. James says:

    The only good thing about this episode?? Finn and Rachel breaking up!! I felt like punching her for not wanting to go to NY anymore because of her damn HIGH SCHOOL boyfriend. They really made me hate Rachel tonight

  7. CA says:

    What was that??? Loved most of the songs but found the episode to be a bit off kilter. Really not sure how I feel about this season finale!
    –Loved the flashbacks without making the show a retrospective
    –Where was Mercede’s moment? Or Mike’s….
    –Nice to see Gloria E. but it was such a fast scene.
    –Kudos to Glee to keeping the twist of Kurt NOT getting into NYADA. I guess that is what Ausiello meant by saying Kurt and Blaine’s story would be resolved….Kurt didn’t leave (at least not yet).

    • Laylagalise says:

      I was waiting for Mercedes’ moment… Especially since she’s one of the original Glee Club members. We probably won’t she her next year since she’s going to L.A. And the rest are headed to New York. But at least they stuck in that 30 second scene with Sam and Santana so we know where she’s going.

      • Juan says:

        I was waiting for that too, because Kurt, Finn, Santana, Quinn, Puck, and Rachel all got their inner-monologue moments.

  8. Ken says:

    What is Kurt going to do now? Wasn’t shocked with Finn’s letter but Kurt was a major surprise.

    • Jessica says:

      I know especially since we already know he moves to New York and Sarah Jessica Parker is his mentor next year. It was a total shock that he didn’t get in.

    • Olinka says:

      Agreed – I have to admit I was (and still kind of am) outraged about Kurt’s rejection letter. I mean, he absolutely nailed his audition, unlike Rachel, and this whole twist didn’t make much sense to me at all. But then I started thinking that maybe it’s the producers’ way of keeping Chris on the show and making sure Klaine-ship sails strong? Long-distance relationships do not work, period. And I would hate seeing Kurt and Blaine breaking up…

      • Moriah says:

        Long distance relationships do work. It’s extremely biased of you to say that they can’t when there are military relationships that are long distance and working every day.

      • really? says:

        If you knew anything about performance schools you’d realize to get it is more than one audition. It’s the compilation of all of their work which even Kurt admitted he had none. He can’t even get a lead on a high school glee club during nationals. He’s far from deserving to get into NYADA because he took a risk at an audition.

      • Burt says:

        Because Klaine staying together is all that matters, if Kurt is unhappy who cares? ..

    • Cyndi says:

      I agree Kurt got robbed. He nailed his audition and Rachel choked. Nationals was all about Rachel, Kurt didn’t get a moment to shine. I call total BS on this storyline. They are punishing Kurt for doing everything right and earning his spot, while rewarding Rachel for essentially stealing the spot that was rightly his. Way to reward your only major award winning young actor Ryan Murphy

      • He gave him a major disappointment to play, a great scene with his “dad” and the chance, depending on the writers, to stay on the show full time, and this is bad and punishing? What world do you live in?

      • Sarah says:

        Kurt and Chris aren’t the same person….

      • really? says:

        Really just an idiotic comment..really is.

      • Sky says:

        The only thing with having only a a great audition is that is not the only thing specialty colleges look for or require from applicants. Kurt said in the bigging he didn’t have enough extracurriculars to get in. That’s why he needed a starring role in the musical and be president of student council. Whereas, Rachel has always auditioned for community theater probably got a part or two. She was a member and president as a senior of 16 organizations not including Glee. Remember s1 and her voice over saying all the clubs she was a member of? Plus she has a starring role in the musical and had several solo or part solo in performances at competitions. She has always mentioned she won trophies for singing and dance competitions. All of these seemed way too OCD for 1 person but that was Rachel. However, Kurt never seemed to choose at an early point in high school to follow vocal music as his future til season 3 and Rachel’s influence on him. I personally don’t feel Kurt got robbed at all. He was spectacular but may not be what Ms Thibideaux thought NYADA needed. Besides, it is just fiction. Kurt is a good vocalist but not outstanding. NYADA is the school who only takes the cream of the crop.

  9. Lorinda says:

    Burt Rocked It!!!! :)

  10. Robin says:

    Yeah it really wasn’t all that good but that last Finn and Rachel scene was well done

  11. Olita says:

    Very satisfying season finale!

  12. Jessica says:

    First how can Kurt not have gotten into Nyada when Sarah Jessica Parker is his mentor in New york next year? Second I am so glad Santana is moving to New york, and third I am annoyed they changed Sam from a senior to a junior! When he came back to Mckinley he made it clear it was his senior year. Ugh. This isn’t the first time they’ve changed facts on Glee and its annoying. I mean I love Chord Overstreet and am glad he’ll be back but still you know what I mean. What was the point of explaining his family dynamic and stating he’s 18 and a senior so he can secretly strip to help them and all that crap if your just going to say oops we need to keep him around since most of are big male voices are graduating. *facepalm*

    • D.J. says:

      Sam changed schools every six months. I’m surprised he’s still not a junior.

      • Ryan says:

        Changing schools doesn’t affect your GPA or grade standing unless you’re out of school for extended periods of time or enter a strange school district with strange credits. Trust me. I know from experience. I just don’t get why they didn’t have Sam graduate when I’m sure they STILL won’t make Chord Overstreet a series regular – a title that he deserved last year but they said he still needed to work for because it takes two years to be a regular (meanwhile, Darren Criss got regular status in snap – but let’s not get into THAT debacle…).

        • mirleival says:

          Agreed. I was shocked when I saw him sitting with the juniors (and Brittany). He was a senior at the beginning of the season. Ryan Murphy needs to learn to do right by his characters, not by nostalgia to simply please the audience. That’s part of it, but it’s not everything.

          • Mikael says:

            And they clearly made Blaine out to be older than Kurt when they introduced him, and then promptly made him younger and more immature when he transferred to McKinley.

          • @Mikael says:

            Blaine is not younger or less mature just because he’s a grade below. You’re letting the GRADE retcon bias your perception. Blaine doesn’t have to be younger to be a grade behind, and he is one of the most mature characters on the show (more mature than Kurt, I’d say).

  13. KSM says:

    Totally bawled at the end. I thought they wrapped it up pretty nicely – it wouldn’t be a tv show if everything worked out perfectly!

  14. McFudge says:

    I actually teared up at the end. Lea Michelle was fantastic in her break-up scene with Finn.

  15. Courtney says:

    I’m glad that Rachel ended up going…but I can’t process the fact that Kurt isn’t with her.

  16. Hubba Bubba says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY DID RACHEL AND FINN HAVE TO BREAK UP!!!! And Finn and Kurt…. i feel SO bad they didn’t get into NYADA! Finn in the army, too! :'( Such a sad episode!

  17. maru says:

    no KLAINE PDA?? hahaha no i’m joking!! i think over the summer Kurt is going to fight for another audition and get into NYADA! this is just the hook to make us see the next season soooo no worries for me :) p.s. this episode sucks emotionally! haha

  18. I thought the way the episode was pretty realistic with real life, with the exception of Santana’s mom giving her a bunch of money to just go to New York with. While Finn and Rachel breaking up was heartbreaking–II’ll admit that I cried–it was real. A lot of the marriage stuff has just been too fantasy based. It would have been so wonderful if it had worked out, but they chose to send them on a different path. Still really sad.

    • Bacon says:

      Ditto. I’m pretty sure Santana will end up being Rachel’s roommate in NY too. I hope they are realistic with her situation. Since Santana is not going to college she’s going to have a hard time finding a decent job or making a living especially in NY.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I think that Kurt will get to NY somehow and room with Santana. Rachel was meeting her dad in NY to look at the dorms (and the rest of the school which she had not scene.).

    • Sky says:

      The episode didn’t end the way I wanted at all. So sad the besties, Rachel and Kurt, and Finn would go to New York together. But this is a wonderful way to end this perfect season. Reality bites for lots of young people starting out in the adult world. After all, we were told that it was going to be different next season. Lots of different obstacles to over-come. In the last three seasons the outcasts who were shunned and ridiculed were finally accepted. Just as in real life high school grads face new challenges and uncertainties. These grads will have to as well. There was no other place for them to go but to face new obstacles and to find new dreams to acquire. Just like the pilot only all grown up. I think this was brilliant and I for one am really excited for the new look and challenges our favorites of our favorite show will face. Again I’m going to be positive about a new and exciting show ahead.

    • Sky says:

      But IMO season 3 was fantasy for the kids and us. No major dramas or traumas, except for Quinn. No third party couple dramas. Just music, fun, happiness, finding themselves, getting closer, sex, etc. All their dreams were coming true. Happy. Finchel engaged for the wrong reasons-too young. Youth dream big thinking that nothing will alter their lives or their choices until reality strikes. They lived in their happy bubble for the whole season. But when it is time to graduate and their hopes and bubbles burst- ex Finn and Kurt denied acceptance everything changes. Fear to face the unknown, in their case they had no second or third choices of colleges. Finchel engagement was not meant to happen now. As much as I was enjoying all the happiness they shared this year, it was too good to be true. IMO, Glee has run its course with this Glee club under dog trying to make their way for acceptance. Season 3 they did at McKinley. Now it is time for Glee to expand to outer regions like college and let us watch the graduates deal with their new unknown paths and experiences. I love the idea and ready for season 4. As college is 4 years this is a great opportunity for Glee to parallel life experiences for more adult story lines for the grads. New ventures, taking chances, facing obstacles, fighting new insecurities, meeting new challenges along the way can give a plethora of new plots for the characters. None of which we have seen before. I like. Cannot wait. A chance for at least 4 more and new and interesting seasons of Glee. New and improved.

  19. 76ers says:

    I BAWLED MY EYES OUT! Especially at the break-up scene between Rachel and Finn! I loved how they all didn’t have a happy ending. Its completely realistic to have Kurt not get into NYADA but I’m sure he’ll make it to NY somehow. I hate the phrase “Haters gonna hate” but for the people that will bash this episode you are HATING, it was great.

    Things that did annoy me though:

    -Santana’s out of the blue interest in NY, she wants to be famous, most people who want to become famous go to CALI.
    -Quinn’s out of the blue declaration of love for Puck.
    -NO OTHER COUPLE broke up except Rachel and Finn! That was complete BS, Glee should be realistic and let Klaine and Britanna break up too! I would love to see them with other people and have different experiences next year.
    -The random order of graduates on stage, they were not in order by last name

    Great finale all in all. Roots Before Branches was great.

    • Taryn says:

      No, klaine and brittana should NOT break up, other wise there would be almost no reason to watch glee in the fall. They are both happy and perfect together and should stay that way.

      • mirleival says:

        No one, ever, in the existence of time, has ever been happy and perfect. That’s the bubble gum universe. In reality, relationships are hard work, full of tiny arguments and what not. Keeping a relationship in the happy bubble will dissuade a number of audience members who don’t believe it.

        • Ann says:

          I agree that no relationship is perfect, or happy all the time.

          But I disagree with the idea that happy couples should break up just because. It is possible to write a healthy, happy relationship between two people with believable and character-consistent conflict and drama WITHOUT breaking them up.

          A lesbian couple and a gay couple, shown to be happy and normal and relatable and actually GETTING that happy ending (as opposed to dying of AIDS, cheating, whatever) is refreshing and VALUABLE in mainstream television, for all the folks out there that can benefit from seeing queer relationships be normalized and presented as positive and loving (this includes ignorant people AND queer people themselves as it means a great deal to see yourself represented in mainstream media).

    • McFudge says:

      I think most high school couples don’t break up when they move away from each other, they just wind up realizing over time that if absence isn’t making their hearts grow fonder, it’s time to move on.

  20. Allimac827 says:

    I have to say I am rather disappointed by this episode. It felt very disjointed and not at all satisfying. They tried to fit way too much and create too much of a cliff-hanger for next season with the surprises at the end and it resulted in feeling haphazard and incomplete. I still don’t feel like I know what half the graduates are doing post-McKinley and except for Rachel, no one was given much of a send-off (I know they will be back, but except for Rachel, whose fate was decided, and Quinn, who we’ve known for a while would be going to Yale), everyone else’s futures were either undisclosed, undecided or given a rapidly read sentence in an unimportant part of the show. Very disappointed.

  21. Sam says:

    I actually have to thank the writers for once. because as it should be Rachel ends up in NY. can’t believe she actually considered not going for a year just because of Finn. it’s amazing how dependent they’ve made her on Finn in the past couple seasons. Maybe now we can get back to the real Rachel Berry.

    • really? says:

      Rachels story line is probably the most realistic of all of them. People giving up dreams becasue of early love is as real as it gets. Especially someone who has struggled with getting people to like them and then all of a sudden find their dream QB. I’m just glad they did it the way the did. It’s way more realistic then assuming Kurt had any shot at NYADA considering he wasn’t even the best singer/dancer in his high school glee club.

      • Sky says:

        Bravo!! Rachel was a lonely loner who finally had friends to prom queen and going to marry the quarterback. She told Finn that asserting her whole being to becoming a star when she was lonely made her feel better about herself. She believed she belonged there and still does. But when in a deep loving relationship that she has with Finn she felt that why not have both. I agree she could have both. But with Finn and Kurt’s denied acceptance to college they are not able to follow her right now without feeling inferior or even resentment. She needs this time to venture into her new world of school for “stars”, make her way to knowing what she wants in life and what she wants and needs to be as an adult. Wonderful way to mature. Finn needs time to focus on himself and find the motivation and drive to excel and find a dream of his own-not just Rachel and her dream. He needs to redeem his dad’s name to be whole himself. Kurt needs to find what his dreams are without Rachel as well. Rachel was his catalyst to believing Broadway was his future. I’m hoping brotherly love and intervention will be a big part of season 4. I have loved Furt missed them. As much as I love Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Finchel together I really believe that this growing life process is what they all need. Bring it on.

  22. Meagan says:

    I’m sad that Glee ever did a Bruce Springsteen song. It wasn’t terrible but I was hoping it’d never happen since they won’t ever be able to the Boss justice.

  23. Brian says:

    I want more than anything for Dianna Agron to move on. To not return. Because she’s been handed the worst storylines in the history of tv whilst on this show. She’s a better actress than this and she needs to move on to bigger and better projects.

    • Erik says:

      LMFAO @ “shes a better actress than this”. Dude. . . .wake up.

    • Tin says:

      She’s not a very good actress though and she’s lucky to be (have been?) on this show. Who was she before it?

      Exactly. There’s a million girls who look like her and are far more talented.

    • Cam Bro says:

      Agreed. And to you Dianna haters, she’s beautiful and obviously talented. Otherwise, how could she have gotten on this show in the first place? Try to have a little respect, ‘Kay?

    • so says:

      i agre with you, dianna agron is cute and all but she is a terrible actress. imagine if her storyline on the first season was given to someone with major acting skills, that would be a golden globe nom for sure.

      • jDubs says:

        The only reason Quinn had that storyline at all was BECAUSE of Dianna Agron. She was cast as a a sterotypical mean girl, but when the writer’s realized the emotional life she gave to the character they humanized her with the pregnancystoryline. I saw Ryan Murphy talk about it in an interview.

  24. Cassia! says:


    • Giovanni says:

      Relax. It’s not the ending, it’s coming back in the fall. All that was left open it’s supposed to be answered next season.
      Btw: Lazy* And you don’t get to talk to anyone like that.

  25. aaa says:

    there was too much focus on finn. i wanted to know more about the other seniors and their plans. i feel like some of the cast might not have a huge part next season and we didn’t get any proper goodbyes for them, especially for an episode titled ‘goodbye’.

    • mirleival says:

      But remember, they should all be coming back for Emma and Will’s wedding. Hopefully at least. But I agree, aside from Rachel and Quinn, that wasn’t really a good goodbye.
      Kurt’s would’ve been great, if he was going to NYADA. Santana’s would’ve been better if New York wasn’t so out of the blue for her. Finn’s wasn’t too bad, but I swear we’d put to bed the whole dad thing, it felt like Murphy was just recycling.
      Brittany’s was expected, people were naive to think she wasn’t coming back. Mercedes was unfinished, and like a twelve year old had written it, like: “Oh, yea, I’ve got a record contract. Okay, bye.”

      • don says:

        as a retired teacher, i feel there is something totally creepy about teachers socializing with students. i hope none are invited to the wedding.

  26. Jully says:

    I think that may have been my least favorite episode of Glee ever. It beats I Kissed a Girl and Night of Neglect. Wow…

  27. daci says:

    That was horrible!! Brittany failing treated as a joke while Puck gets serious attention and support for friends? How the hell is that right? Finn coming out the hero, yet again. Rachel even considering not going to NY because of Finn? Kurt and Santana with no plans at all?

    This show needs a brand new batch of writers.

    • Erik says:

      Brittany has a grade point average of 0.0. Do you know how much non-work you would have to do to receive that? That means she has been failing classes since freshmen year, it actually means she has NEVER passed a class. It was really too late for her. Puck was a test grade away from graduating. .Brittany would have to repeat the year AND attend summer school to graduate. There was no way. And clearly Rachel was being naive, when Finn asked her if she was 100% sure of getting married. .she wasnt. I think one of many cliffhangers is what Kurt will do and Santana is going to NY.

    • Cheryl says:

      Brittany would have just been walking thru the school to get a 0.0 average. Somewhere along the way a teacher, or councelor or principal would have noticed. Plus, when I was in school, you had to have a B average to be a cheer leader, or class president. And, as close as Mr. Schue is suppose to be, he should have noticed. And, Kurt not getting into NYADA after doing such a good number isn’t realistic. Rachel choaked and her performance in NYC wasn’t as good as Kurts and she got in. Oh, well, it is just a show. Doesn’t have to be completely realistic. There is such a thing as artistic license, but it seemed that was written with a learners license.

  28. LC says:

    Worst Glee episode EVER!!!

  29. sladewilson says:

    It was.. well to be kind – Weak. I expected better. All the seniors should’ve had a moment and they didn’t. You really want a season ender – Finn gets in while Rachel and Kurt don’t. Finn goes last and says he didn’t get in, and only the audience sees the letter in the trash stating he did. Kurt and Rachel vow to go to NY to fulfill their dreams and Finn realizes his dream is to redeem his dad’s legacy. Hence the breakup and the beginning of Rachel and Kurt’s NYC adventures.

    Ta freakin’ da.

    Plus ain’t they all coming back for the wedding anyway?

    • Olinka says:

      Wow, your version of the Glee finale sounds so much better than what they actually did. I would rather see that….

  30. thefirstmrshummel says:

    Thank you Glee for finally giving me the finale I needed to stop watching this show. Rachel gets everything, Kurt gets to stay in Lima and be Blaine’s boyfriend. Take your Season 4 and shove it, because I will NOT be back.

    • AF says:

      This pretty much sums up how I feel. Won’t be watching anymore, as I’m sick of watching Rachel get pretty much everything she wants. She’s the worst character on “Glee” and I’m over it.

      • McFudge says:

        Rachel spent most of her life being bullied, made fun of, slushied and egged. She’s had her heart broken. She got suspended and couldn’t compete in Nationals. She choked at her original NYADA audition. But she’s talented, focused and works her butt off, and it all finally paid off for her….but only at the expense of leaving behind the man she was going to marry. Nothing was handed to her on a silver platter. And in New York, just like all high school superstars do who go on to prestigious schools, she will find that she is in a class chock full of people who were also the best at their high schools……which will either make her or break her.

        • Anthony says:

          Points well taken about Rachel working hard to get where she is. And you are right, she will be a big fish in in a even bigger pond with other big fish.

          However, I feel like alot of the criticism comes from the continued focus on the character at the expense of others. She isn’t the only talented one in the bunch. She wasn’t the only character who worked hard and yet, you would have thought the finale and the latter half of this season (as well as many moments in previous seasons) that we were being treated to The Rachel Berry Show. And its fine if that is Ryan Murphy’s goal. Just stop calling the show Glee and stop pretending we have an ensemble when it feels at times Rachel and the everyone else.

    • Apogee says:

      I agree. I cringe during anything Finchel. Given that this was the end of senior year and Rachel is coming back in some form, why did she get to be the last one singing? By herself in NY? They all should have done the last song together. Stupid. I can’t look at LM whens he sings, but I don’t mind listening. And yes, that’s not nice, but I don’t like watching people eating buffalo wings either. just ugh.

    • Ann says:

      Hello Blaine hater.
      Actually, Kurt WILL be going to NYC if you pay attention to any spoilers, and he’ll get to be Rachel’s sidekick!
      Kurt is the POV main character, he was never and will never be “just Blaine’s boyfriend”. So suck it and stop blaming Blaine or Klaine because there was NEVER anything about Kurt’s dreams being in opposition to his relationship with Blaine.

  31. Amy says:

    That felt all over the place. It felt like the clumped a lot in one hour. Oh, well. Interested to see where it goes next year.

  32. Im really mad that Kurt nailed that addition, and that Rachel totally flunked it……. AND SHE GOT IN!!!! that actually really pisses me off!!!!! The writhers must be morons!! They would have a better show if lazy baboons directed it!!! Me and my friend are going to wright a very strongly worded letter to the writhers about that last scene…… D:

  33. TVMovieLove says:

    Loved the season finale. Cried when Finn was jogging after the train and Rachel was singing as they waved their goodbyes. Can’t wait to see how they work it out next season. I also loved the flashbacks to seasons past and how they showed the seniors really growing throughout their years at McKinley. Looking forward to season 4!

  34. Tiff says:

    I just lost it all over the Finchel breakup. That was some seriously good acting. I can’t believe this show made me cry again. Go Glee. I have no idea how they’re going to handle Kurt, Finn, and Puck next year. Let’s hope Kurt gets into NYADA after all…

  35. Trin says:

    Rachel is more talented than Kurt can ever hope to be. I’m so glad the show finally acknowledged that.

    • Lily says:

      yeah, I prefer Kurt to be an apprentice of Vogue magazine…

      • Trin says:

        Agreed. They should have allowed him to pursue fashion all along. When compared to Rachel on a musical theater stage, he’s always going to come out the lesser. And his resume and lack of experience reflects. I wasn’t surprised at all that he didn’t get in. He should have been working in getting into Parsons all along.

    • James says:

      Actually, no she isn’t. There are dozens and dozens of girls like her, with a voice like her. Lea Michele, while talented, is no where near a special snow flake. Just go see a few good Broadway shows. Kurt on the other hand has a very unique voice and there are always less boys than girls so in reality he had far more chances to get in than she did. I don’t mind Kurt going into fashion or not getting into NYADA by the way, I do oppose to the way they handled this story which is very poorly. It would have been better in the end if neither got in and they would be off to NY to try their chances by auditioning and fighting for it. Rachel’s success was unearned and forced and I love Rachel. What a mess of a show last night.

  36. john says:

    Its television so you knew the writers were going to throw in twists more for surprises rather than good story writing. That being said, about what I expected based on the previews. Predictable and therefore a fail in my eyes. Oh well just a show.

  37. Samantha says:

    What I don’t understand is that they made Rachel’s train ride like it was this HUGE goodbye….last time I checked there’s a whole SUMMER before college begins. I get that Rachel has to go look at dorm’s considering she has never gone to the NYADA campus, but it’s not like she wouldn’t be coming back a week or so later. So why the Finn/Rachel breakup so suddenly. Enjoy the summer, and then do what you have to do. I thought it could have been written much better, or at least they should’ve shown a summer gap before she went on that train. While it still made me cry (I am a mush after all), it was not my favorite Glee episode.

  38. Steve says:

    Great episode and great ending although it felt more like a series finale than a season finale. I wasn’t familiar with that last song but I was crying midway through – and I thought Lea and Cory were brilliant. Glad there was a bit of surprise since Kurt didn’t accepted to the NY school but Im worried that its a dream like Dallas or some Lost Mumbo Jumbo…I wish Glees ratings had been stronger and we would’ve gotten a spinoff with Kurt, Rachel and Finn in NYC (maybe they could merge with SMASH on NBC?)…Wonder what they’ll do next season…waiting months is the thing I hate on TV and makes me realize I can live without wasting time on all this stuff…Does that mean people like Mercedes or Mike Chang or Santana are going to just be recurring next season?

    • Suz says:

      As Rachel made it through NYC, I was thinking she should try for SMASH and thus another FOX (Idol) tie in with NBC. Finn can help build sets, Santana can hit on Ivy as she dances at a strip club and Kurt replace terrible Ellis..

  39. jen says:

    Yeah Quinn and Rachel are that close now

  40. Lynne S. says:

    Kurt gets rejected and then NOTHING??????? NO resolution or discussion with Burt or Blaine? WTF?????? What about Kurt??? This show sucks.

    • Olinka says:

      Yup, my thoughts exactly.

    • MLo says:

      That def. sucked. I hate the TV Trope of everyone only applying to one college, and if you don’t get into your dream school with a full scholarship, welp, no college for you.

    • Jenna says:

      THIS. The absence of a scene showing Kurt’s reaction to the letter was glaring, and made it jarring to see him happily sending Rachel off at the train station. Heck, I discussed the finale with a casual fan who noted that he and his wife thought they must have just missed that reaction scene, as they were switching between Glee and DwtS; it didn’t occur even to casual fans that Glee wouldn’t show a reaction.

    • Sky says:

      It’s called a cliffhanger. One doesn’t get the answer til the next season. Season 3 has shown this will be what we get from now on. It wasn’t just Kurt who was left on a limb. Well, this episode showing that if you fail to be accepted to your first choice and only choice college is a reason to have a back-up plan. Choose several with open ends to accept a lesser college but still have a scholarship in tow. He and Rachel learned a hard lesson.

  41. Jacqi says:

    HATED the finale!!! What is up with Finchel not being together in the end?!

  42. AD says:

    Started out strong and ended as a massive fail! There should have been a Santana and mom duet song. I’m highly disappointed.

  43. Lois says:

    I will speak up here and say that I absolutely loved the finale. I sobbed throughout the entire thing. This show has meant SO much to me and I can’t wait to see where they go with it next season. I don’t quite understand why people are so angry about it, usually I can see reasons but for this I really can’t. Glee has never been the best written show on television and people really shouldn’t act like it is. They should take it for what it is, a show that you can find love, and faith and happiness in regarding these wonderful characters and almost always fantastic music. People can’t say this is the worst finale ever, or even the worst finale of this season (I watched the Grey’s finale, and for a show that used to be one of the best written shows on television, it was SO bad). This was a fitting tribute that took the show back to it’s roots and set up some really interesting storylines and twists for next season.

    • Babygate says:

      Although the Grey’s finale lacked the tension that a plane crash would evoke, the writing of the two shows are in two completely separate universes. They cannot be compared. Some would argue that Glee’s finale failed to provide a solid footing for the characters (some were over-exposed and others got no attention), neglected obvious plot holes such as Brittany’s 0.0 GPA which is just an impossibility and in an effort to fit too much in the hour, it rushed through realistic development and used the romanticism of Finchel to attempt to deviate our attention from the obvious gaps. I’ve never expected Glee to be Shakespeare so I’m willing to give it a lot of latitude, but this finale for some people felt unsatisfying and gimmicky and required that we suspend belief in order to buy what the writers were trying to sell. I mean, so now Quinn loves Puck? Brittany flunks and no one is the wiser but everyone is waiting with bated breath for Puck’s scores? And just how did Rachel’s dads leave for NY? Did they sneak out of the house? Because Finn picked her up from her house and went straight to the station where Finn announces that the dads are waiting for her in NY. And why a train? Why not just fly? (Obviously because it wouldn’t have been as dramatic). And if the dads were waiting for her, where were they? She just left Grand Central station by herself. They are trying too hard to make this the Rachel show. Let’s see how that works out for them.

    • Sky says:

      Yes, me 2. It did not end the way I wanted it to but it has given the start of new story lines for most of the characters. I loved it. These are cliffhangers not unsettled story lines. A wonderful way for the show to take a new direction into next season.

  44. WayneInNYC says:

    I’m assuming Sam got held back when his family moved and he had to work.

  45. Divine says:

    Oh this episode….this is the episode that can finally allow me to let go of Glee. For those of us that watch the show for characters other than FInn and Rachel, this was a complete let down. The storylines were rushed and many of the relationships didn’t get closure. I don’t even know what I just watched except for Rachel getting everything she wanted. Not every senior was focused on and that was an insult to the characters. They are seniors! They deserved more closure than what they received. And the 0.0 for Brittany?? Really?!? The writers really didn’t do most of them justice.

    The episode was titled correctly because I am going to say goodbye to this sinking ship.

  46. Anne says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLL Some of you…I just saw one thing… FABERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Matt says:

    I love coach roz and sue together. “have you ever realized our principal is an idiot? “

  48. Molly says:

    What is happening with Kurt?!?!?! Seriously? In their rush to make it the Rachel Berry show they totally didn’t explain what Kurt is going to do now. That was just weird.

  49. ahlataziz says:

    Wow. people need to chill. I’m sure some of the characters like Puck and Quinn and Santana and Finn will leave the show, because lets be honest they can’t have interesting story lines of their own. Rachel will probably leave with Kurt for NYC where Kurt will have to find his own in the world without a quality education and will end up getting mentored by Sarah Jessica Parker. Also, I’m sure Mercedes will end up in NYC with Kurt and Rachel or leave the show, either way she wasn’t that dynamic of a character anyways. She only really did anything impressive when someone was trying to be oppressive with her.

    Sam, Tina, Brittany and the others will stay and be part of the new Glee club which will see several new additions to the show (most probably from the Glee Project).

    Lastly, i think people are thinking the show is all about high school and those specific characters too much. I mean yes it started off as a high school show about a bunch of teens but i think the writers are trying to develop it more into a medium that lets them explore and express the troubles of being an unpopular/different/unappreciated kid in high school AS WELL AS what happens AFTER high school and how just because you graduate high school doesn’t mean your troubles are over.

    People have got to calm down a little.

    • Moriah says:

      Theyre all staying on the show next season, Ryan Murphy said in an interview that everyone was returning.

    • STW says:

      Actually, the 4 actors confirmed as returning regulars for Season 4 are Cory Monteith (Finn); Lea Michele (Rachel); Chris Colfer (Kurt); and Naya Rivera (Santana). They were confirmed to return as regulars back in December 2011. So whatever happens next year is certain to focus on the four of them, however that plays out. The others all have the option to return, and have all said that they want to stay on the show in some capacity — maybe as regulars, or semi-regulars, or as occasional guests. What Ryan Murphy has said is that no one’s character was being written off the show in a way that they couldn’t return; that all could stay connected in some capacity if they wanted to; and that although some might stay connected, that doesn’t mean they will be regulars who appear in all 22 episodes. They are still working out what the appearances of all of the rest of the long-time cast will consist of.

      • Sam says:

        Naya was never confirmed as a regular.

      • Hector says:

        sam is right!
        Glee’s Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are returning for Season 4, along with all the cast members — but for how long?

        Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly told The Hollywood Reporter during this week’s upfront in New York that members of the swelling cast — which counts a graduating class that includes Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron and Mark Salling, among others — are in talks for the duration of their return and whether they’ll be signed on as series regulars for 22-episode deals or recurring roles. Deals are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.