90210 Exclusive: Gillian Zinser Not Returning as Series Regular For Season 5

Ivy is getting a demotion.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Gillian Zinser will not be returning to 90210 as a series regular for the soap’s fifth season.

The downgrade should come as little surprise considering Ivy was last seen running away to Mexico with her soon-to-be deported boyfriend, Diego, in the show’s season finale.

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A CW rep maintains that Zinser will return as a guest star, although it’s unclear for how many episodes.

Zinser joined the just-renewed CW soap in early Season 2 as West Bev’s token hippie-chic surfer girl.

Are you sad that there will be less Ivy on 90210

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  1. Samantha says:

    Good Riddance. Ivy was cool for a handful of episodes but mostly annoying.

    • Elyse says:

      i would still like her if they hadn’t killed off Raj. without him she’s boring.

    • Ava says:

      Agreed. I didn’t like Ivy at first, then she kind of became interesting and then she tanked it. I still can’t believe 90210 got picked up.

    • just saying says:

      Can we give the entire show a demotion? What a depressing show for being about a bunch of rich teens. Deaths from cancer, drug addictions, rape, prostitution, etc… Yes, it’s a teen soap and we expect plenty of sudsy over the topness, but this is just ridiculous. The show’s just not fun and ALL of the characters are unlikable. I’m not rooting for ayone.

    • Corbin says:

      Ivy is too cool and she is not annoying Samantha because you can’t play her part because you would have been very ,very ,very super annoying if you were playing her part

    • Azaria says:

      Ur dumb

  2. tvaddict says:

    Haven’t watched in a while but she and annoying Adrianna were my least favorites!

  3. She was the most nonessential character…

  4. Brett says:

    She was alright, had a few really good scenes but won’t miss her too much. I hope they plan on adding a new series regular soon though.

  5. AngieD says:

    I liked Ivy , but she really hasn’t been compelling for the last couple of seasons.

    There are a # of characters on 90210 that wouldn’t be missed.

  6. Reena says:

    Can it just be the Naomi Clark hour please?

  7. candice3150 says:

    Won’t miss her at all. I normally fast forwarded through her scenes anyway. I did like her w/ the photographer but that storyline died with no explanation.

  8. sladewilson says:

    After she and Dixon broke up, it was all downhill from there….

  9. Pam says:

    Thank god! I don’t know why she was there in the first place. WORST character ever!

  10. I was hoping this title would say Ivy out, Teddy back in.

  11. Priya says:

    I won’t miss her but i miss Raj! :P

  12. Kate says:

    Good riddance. She was sort of interesting when she first arrived in season 2, I guess. Her storyline with Raj was the only time I didn’t find her completely useless.

  13. Rachel says:

    I can’t say that I’m going to miss her. To be honest I was never a huge fan of hers, I always hoped she was just a temporary character.

  14. Sid says:

    Her character was fun but she’s the most disposable series regular on the show. I enjooyed her stint on the show.

    As long as Grimes, McCord, Stroup and Lowndes are on the show, I could’t care less who else doesn’t return. These are the ladies I care about.

    • Chris says:


    • Tyinaa says:

      i miss the way this show was during season 3, i actually found it exiting .. especially with all that had happened to Annie . season 4 was less exiting and it seems like they ran out of things to do on the show.. it wasn’t thaaaaat boring but it was certainly much less entertaining then the other seasons.. i still love the show .. but the producers really need to make more intresting things happen yet still save some drama for other seasons, because they might run out and i really hope this series can run somewhat as long as the old beverly hills 90210 series lasted.. and silver should really stop sleeping around with every one in the gorup, its ruining her character who use to be my favourite .. and its not saving anything for later in the show just saying .. … Im exited to see what happens to dixon and how everyone reacts .. so thats good and im glad teddy may be back… i don’t hate ivy .. but she was boring, im not sad shes leaving .. but good luck for her next presentations

  15. lovexxpeace says:

    There’s nothing really left for her character to do. The only time she was tolerable was when she was with Raj, and now that he has died, she’s back to being an useless character again. So, whatever. Good luck to Gillian in other projects, though.

  16. Elle says:

    when they broke her and Dixon up she had no more point being on the show. Good luck Gillian.

  17. Jake says:

    kind of glad, i used to LOVE ivy then this season she kind of became annoying, at least they gave her closure. Hopefully they bring back Teddy full time next season. and maybe add Austin to the cast as well.

    • Jake 2 says:

      Hey my names jake and you stole my comment! I feel exactly the same. Loved her so much when she was snarky and funny but her character was such a mess this season. It was fun while it lasted!!

  18. Maryam says:

    Thank god. She was a useless character. Wish the actress the best of luck on her future endeavors.

  19. Chris says:

    Does this mean teddy will be coming back full time!?!?!?

  20. Raven says:

    Praise the lord, I hated her character

  21. 9Owhat says:

    tbh, I’m not gonna miss her.. But i DON’t want Teddy to return either. :-/

  22. Margaret says:

    i thought she was really good this season until raj died, then i really wasn’t interested in watching her go off the deep end…

  23. Ella says:

    Never liked Ivy, to be honest. Initially loathed her because she was a wedge between my favourite couple, Liam and Naomi, but she never did get less annoying. Her storyline with Raj was sweet but aside from that, UGH. The show is really terrible, they should revisit the original do-over in season 2, bring back some of the core couples and focus on likeable characters rather than pervert them (Silver!)

  24. Jaselle says:

    I want Trevor Donovan back on TV but not on 90210 this show sucks

  25. Kalee says:

    This is good news. Now Gillian (who can act and cry worth a damn if given the right material as seen with the Raj storyline) is saved from this sinking ship.

  26. Bob Genghis Khan says:

    Didn’t even know her real name. That’s how much of an impact she had on me.

  27. Evelyn says:

    I haven’t watched this in a long time but didn’t she get married to the guy with cancer? Now she’s running to Mexico with “Diego”? lol

  28. charlie says:

    I actually liked Ivy so I’m disappointed she won’t be around next season. Although I think they kinda messed with her character a bit after Raj. She had so many love interests it seemed like thats all her character was at that point.

    • Ethan says:

      “She had so many love interests it seemed like thats all her character was at that point.”

      That’s true for ALL the characters on the show. Everyone dates everyone on the show. It’s ridiculous

  29. Kristie says:

    I just hope this means there will be new characters!! So tired of every pets

  30. Jarrod says:

    So yeah, she is leaving, but WHY is the actress leaving? Did they write her off? Did she wanna go? Megan Masters, do you know why she is leaving?

  31. Alexa says:

    Well, I liked her and my initial response to this headline was: OH NOOO!
    Loved the storyline with her and Raj. Plus, she’s kind of unusually pretty.

  32. Dizzle says:

    Really am not going to miss her. Self-righteous and uninteresting. Why they kept her over Teddy for season four is beyond me, but I’m glad at least they didn’t leave her on a cliffhanger.

  33. Beth Ann says:

    I am so glad that they’re getting rid of her! Not going to miss her and her incessant whining and calling everybody “dude” at all!

  34. Matt C. says:

    The only time I ever liked Ivy was when she was with Raj. Gillian Zinser was INCREDIBLE in the episode where Raj died, because they were actually giving her material she could work with, not just whining around with her hipster attitude and, like Beth Ann said, calling everyone “dude” constantly. Hopefully the actress goes on to bigger and better projects, but I’m not sad to see the character go AT ALL.

  35. Okay with this. Please bring back Teddy as a series regular and add Max in there as well! Cause Max is the best character tbh and he is obviously made for Naomi. Please a wedding for them.

    • Tyinaa says:

      Max was fun when they were in high school .. hes too boreing now… it doenst even feel like they have a conection .. and its weird how shes all the sudden “in love” with him again after just breaking off an engagement that she was suppose to be having with that other guy.. but w.e

  36. Fernanda says:

    I love Gillian but her character was the worst character on the show. Adrianna sometimes is boring or pathetic to watch but she is still lovable even when she was a bitch on season 3.

    Adios Surfera

  37. PJ says:


  38. Ed says:

    I think Ivy ran her course. She was awful this season. She married Raj so he wouldn’t have to die alone, then she offered to marry Diego to keep him in the US. Does this girl NOT know what marriage is??? LOL

  39. Tara says:

    This is a stupid move. Ivy started out highly annoying but she quickly turned into a character that I loved and enjoyed. She is very different from any of the other female leads and I’m sad 90210 will lose her edge, sarcasm and sweetness. I don’t think they ever knew what to do with her this season. I really think if the show started showing a realistic look at college and young adulthood the characters would be more well rounded and likeable. The writer are really good at making characters irritating as hell though.

  40. Baskingshark says:

    Hopefully, escaping this godawful show (which is one of the worst-written I have ever seen) this will be a chance for Gillian to find some work that better showcases her talents. I hated the character at first when she was written as a dopey surfer chick mooning after Liam, but as time went on in the few decent scenes and stories written for her, Gillian knocked it out of the park. As to whether her leaving is a surprise – not really. It’s not as if it’s ever seemed that the writers had any sort of plan for any of the characters, they just meander along changing and bending their personalities to whatever the writers can be bothered to throw up for them that week (which usually involves cancer, drugs, car crashes or cancer, drugs AND car crashes) with no continuity or sense of logic whatsoever. The original 90210 looks like Emmy-winning material in comparison.

  41. hope says:

    Im a huge fan of 90210 . It would be great to see Gillian back in for season 5 shes an amazing actress but it was 90210 in general that killed her character. Seriously end of season 3 she marries raj then her and raj split she meets a photographr teacher and falls in love with him then she finds a passion for painting and falls in love with deigo really they made her seem like she was rebounding from raj death and more or lesa they killed her off. I must say this last season wasnt meant for her after raj died.

  42. jennifer says:

    yes i will miss her, but my mayor issue is for lannie, i want liam and annie back! best couple ever!!

  43. megsgood says:

    I grew to like her…but could care less if she leaves…but what really bugs me is that they all date each other…i think i jus watch the show for matt lanter cause hes sooooooo sexy.

  44. davidsask says:

    Face it the only reason why this show must get renewals is popular in other markets outside North America and they need so many episodes for syndication there can be no other reason?!

  45. Jennifer says:

    I will miss her. First I didn’t like her when she had a crush on Liam and when she dated Dixon but when her story with Raj in season 3 was the best of all the season. I though she and Raj were the best couple at the time on 90210. Her performance back when she learned he had cancer , then at prom with Raj when she was sad were AMAZING! This year, when Raj died, I found her sadness really well-done but I totally hate the writers for screwing them up. They could have left together without him being dead. Her story with the photographer and then with Diego was pointless to me.
    Since she’s not with Raj but with Diego, I don’t want to see her. What will she add. Btw, did Gillian want to leave the show. Does it mean Trevor Donovan will come back as a regula?

  46. Jennifer says:

    She was great because she was down-to-earth and the most normal character. Her clothing style was also good, different from the others :)

  47. Elle says:

    I haven’t watched the last season at all but I didn’t really like Ivy. I’d like to see Teddy return and Silver get some decent storylines and ill tune in again!

  48. L says:

    I just love 90210. It is a great show! I like Ivy!

  49. Teddy should come back and move in with Naomi and Silver… make the show a Three’s Company-type dramedy and it could be good… these are the 3 most interesting characters anyway, everybody else is dull and boring.