Syfy's Sanctuary Cancelled: 'Bloody Hell' and More Reactions from the Cast

Syfy’s Sanctuary will not fly for a fifth season, it was announced on Monday — news that elicited a familiar refrain from series lead Amanda Tapping.

“‘Bloody hell’ indeed,” Dr. Magnus’ portrayer shared via Twitter, not long after the bad news broke. But prior to that, the actress gave kudos to the show’s passionate fans, saying, “We love and adore you. Thank you for the love and support. Now to the long dark tea time of my soul.”

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In the months after Sanctuary‘s Season 4 finale aired in December 2011, little or no buzz surrounded its possible pick-up, leaving fans to fear-slash-prepare for the worst.

Other cast members weighed in on the news via Twitter, such as Robin Dunne (who played Will): “Thanks to our wonderful @SanctuarySeries fans for 4 years of love & support. You gave us a great life. See you on the next one. XO.”

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Ryan Robbins, who played Henry Foss, wrote: “Truly overwhelmed by all the wonderful #Sanctuary messages. You guys continue to be full of awesomeness. #bestfansever,” while Robert Lawrenson (Declan) tweeted, “A huge thank you to the phenomenal Sanctuary fans, cast, crew & producers for a wonderful run. Look back with pride and forward with spirit.”

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  1. Benztv says:

    Hey SyFy, good move. Now there’s more time for the sport of all sports, professional wrestling! (What do you mean wrestling is scripted??? unbeliever!!)

  2. scifisiren says:

    Sorry to see it go, mostly because I won’t be getting my weekly dose of Amanda Tapping. I wish they could do a spin-off of Helen and the rest of The Five throughout history. I’d watch that show all day long. The Five were the best.

  3. Bruce parish says:

    Hey SyFy! Since you killing yet another of our beloved shows in Sanctuary (I will miss you Amanda), could you at least give Eureka back to us. That’s what I thought. Why must you torment us so??? Maybe it’s time you renamed yourself again…..SyFy Frustration. Geez, I hate to see what is next.

  4. Ela says:

    Oh gosh, THIS SUCKS! Became a huge Amanda fan because of this, but I have to agree they should have sticked with the S1-S2 storylines and gave the show a chance to rebound. It still had an awesome run nonetheless.

    I’ll miss this show so much!

  5. Maria says:

    Well, it’s a bummer, but at least the last episode was kind of like a series finale.

  6. I am really upset, I LOVED Sanctuary was one of the shows i really looked forward to. Stupid stuff like Haven and Alphas I tolarated, but the afore mentioned Sanctuary, Wharehouse 13, Eureka, and the like were not only ground breaking but truly enjoyable, I see that I will be watching less , and less of what USED to be a favorited station. You totlally disgust me, and you do not care about any of your aduience do you ?????? So DONE with the syfychannell!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jerri says:

    Eff You SYFY.

  8. SAM says:

    I understand being upset about cancellation of a favorite show but you have to remember that producing series in this genre costs a lot of money because of special effects, etc., and so there has to be certain level of viewership to be cost-effective. It is “show business”, not “show art”.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t think that the general scheduling line-up on SyFy really is terrible.

  9. John Moshier says:

    the way the season ended was going to be hard to continue

  10. Jenn says:

    I do agree with all of you but I am happy that Sanctuary did end on a good note. I’d be more disappointed if it ended on a cliffhanger. Still wish they could continue.

  11. john says:

    when nbc bought syfy i thought maybe with all those corporate dollars will get more and better series not just reruns and cheese cheap shows. Well instead of being smart and moving the great show surface to syfy where it was getting decent ratings; they cancelled it. they’ve replaced reruns with cheap cheesy reality shows cut the original series budget by atleast half and brought in wrestling that doesn’t have any better ratings then any thing else on the network and accually hurts the shows that come on after it; and produce some of the most god awful movies ever made for television mostly horror, like I’ve said the name should be everything but syfy

  12. Triple Bloody Hell! I can’t believe it really happened- it’s really cancelled. I can’t image not knowing what happens to the team and the abnormals from here on out…..after they showed up that beautiful underground world. Really sucks! (I know I probably sound crazy, and yes I do know the diference between TV fiction and reality, LOL!) Will especially miss Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus- what a great believable character and a strong hero! :(

  13. Dar says:

    Bloody Hell why would cancel this series. I love this show.

  14. fredo says:

    funny how everyone forgot about scifi’s painkiller jane
    i miss that show :(

  15. pdxnet96 says:

    Money !!! that’s the only reason..

  16. the syfy channel is doing the same thing the other networks are doing canceling the good shows bring back sanctuary.and see about doing sg-1. i love sanctuary o bloody hell. i like amanda, and robert, and ryan please dont cancel sy

  17. diana says:

    Maybe if they would have stopped screwing around with the schedule, more people would have been able to watch it. “SYFY” doesn’t deserve *that* name anymore. Almost no science fiction on it anymore.

  18. Mary Ann says:

    I still haven’t gotten over the cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis. That was one of the best shows on television, and they took it off to put on the dismal and depressing Stargate: Universe. Apparently syfy doesn’t like shows where the characters have likeablity.

  19. lembrandt says:

    I’ve got a good idea – why doesn’t somebody start a TV network that is devoted to, and airs, science fictions shows?

  20. Karen Kreman says:

    I was looking forward to a summer of new “Sanctuary.” Very interested to learn more of Magnus’ second past, while she avoided herself – or did she avoid herself? Loved the new Frank Lloyd Wright look of the newly built underground sanctuary as well as Magnus’ new look. I’m really hoping to find some way, such as a write in endeavor, to convince all those who create “Sanctuary” to continue!

  21. holly says:

    yet again, i fall in love with a great show and they pull the plug… SG1, atlantis, now i loose sanctuary. BOOOO!

  22. Jerry says:

    I am not surprised about Sactuary. I no longer watch Syfy that often. I will watch Warehouse 13 but don’t expect it to be on long. Also, don’t like the repeating Saturday/Sunday shark attack or shark against creature of the week. I guess I will read a syfy book instead.

  23. joe says:

    Syfy channel y’all made a bad choice by canceling the sanctuary show. sanctuary is a good show.y’all will lose ratings in do time off this.y’all could of at least gave the show one more season so it could end right.but I’m thankful that y’all gave sanctuary the chance to be on y’all network station.I know a lot of people that love the sanctuary show but now they dont like the syfy channel anymore because their favorite show been canceled.the fans and ratings keep yall on the air you don’t wont to lose that or your channel will fail badly.its a lot of good tv shows getting canceled its sad.if you care about your fans and ratings you shouldn’t cancel good shows.I love the syfy channel but y’all made me upset off this choice.the sanctuary deserve a fair ending let them finish the ended unfinished.eurika is a good show as well.

  24. gigi says:

    I agree that the 4th season of sanctuary wasn’t that good but I still watched them because I love the show. They kind of left some things undone. like where is Druitt, what happened to Biggie, wasn’t Kate getting hitched, what about Will’s girlfriend Abby, was she going to join them in the new Sanctuary, A lot of questions were left that should have been answered. The producers I feel don’t actually look at the huge fan base when they cancel a program. Look at Firefly, they only had what one season and they have a HUGE fan base. Amanda Tapping said in an interview somewhere that they let the studio they use go and they wouldn’t have been ready by the fall. I think this is crap. They ended in december 2011. They had ample time for everything. They had about 8 months do get ready. They could have still had a fifth season. I will miss this show greatly. I don’t think shows like Casino Royal are syfy and I think there original movies are kind of dumb. Why not show blocks of their original shows like painkiller jane, invisible man and some older ones like highlander, xena, hercules and andromeda. I also am tired of seeing haunted collector, ghost whisperer, fact or fake, and ghost hunters (both of them). They barely have any original programming any more.

  25. Laura says:

    This is just sad! There are so few shows worth watching anymore and Sanctuary was one of those few! I refuse to watch the brainless, IQ lowering reality show trash that syfy is airing more and more. Syfy you just lost a viewer!

  26. Carol says:

    I am so angry to find out Sanctuary was cancelled. All the good shows are gone. First, The Dresden Files, now this. I think the reality shoes are terrible and boring. Not to mention wrestling. When I durst had the st ft channel available, I was.exciting and watched it all the time. Now I don’t bother

  27. Milord says:

    I have started to assume any show on SyFy with a decent cast and story line will be cancelled. It is almost as if the network is trying to drive people away. When SciFi cancelled FireFly–the best space opera ever put on TV including the original beloved Star Trek (sorry, Trekkies, it’s true)–that marked the beginning of the end, for me. The name change to something completely meaningless should have been a tip off for everyone. My set used to be tuned to SciFi most of the time it was on. Lately, I can’t even find when the few decent shows on SyFy are being aired, so I just search for them on Hulu. Wrestling, Ghost Hunters and the rest of the faux reality crap is a total waste of time and effort. It is sad to think there are that many mindless zombies tuning in to make it worth the network’s investment.

    • Phil says:

      SyFy didn’t cancel Firefly, Fox did. They did, however, cancel SG-1 after 5 seasons (yeah, I know it ran for 10 seasons but only 5 of them were on SyFy) and ended it on a cliffhanger, Farscape was cancelled at the last minute after only 4 or 5 seasons and ended on a cliffhanger, Atlantis after 5 with a very mediocre series finale, SG:U after only 2 season and once again on a cliffhanger, Eureka after 5 with one bonus episode to wrap things up after being promised 6 more episodes next season to wrap things up properly.

      In all honesty, I’m not too sure that it’s SyFy doing the cancelling, I read that SyFy really wanted to keep Eureka but they were ultimately forced to cancel it by the bean counters at Comcast. I can’t help but to wonder if that’s the case with every other show that they’ve canceled prematurely and why, in several cases, the show was assured they were golden and were good for another season only to be told at the last minute that they were being canceled instead? Could it be that SyFy did have every intention of bringing back many of these canceled shows for at least one more season but were instead overruled, at the last minute, by higher ups at Comcast?

      • Jamie says:

        A tech fixing one of our mass specs (yes, true nerds) told me back when someone bought the syfy channel and Battlestar Galactica was ending, that the new owner didn’t even like science fiction. He wanted to put more shows for a younger audience and reality shows on. I was hoping he was wrong but obviously he wasn’t.
        I watched the pilot for “Revolution” and I liked it but how in the hell does NBC expect anyone to commit to anything they put on. I actually have watched the first 4 episodes of a show that I think is only shown on Hulu Plus called “In the line of fire” or something like that and after Warehouse 13 and a couple of others go, it will be better than anything they have left on syfy although it’s not science fiction.

  28. Don says:

    Will miss Amanda/Magnus; black hair, black leather, black 1911, what’s not to love?

  29. Denise says:

    Can’t believe this has been cancelled. I LOVED this show, even the latest series that other people have been saying has not been the best. Amanda Tapping is great as Helen Magnus and I really wanted to see how the new Sanctuary would bring a difference to the show. Boo to Syfy for cancelling, do they ever bother to find out what people want to watch or are they just looking to show stuff that costs them hardly anything to produce? Will really miss this…..

  30. Paul says:

    The show started on the web. Sounds like it’s time to literally return to it’s roots!

  31. Jay says:

    I hope SYFY dies in a car fire!!!!

  32. ~Mystic~ says:

    this depresses me. This was my favorite show on TV. Syfy and other channels need to smarten up. the reality crap has taken over and in my opinion has gone too far. If I wanted reality I would turn off the TV and go out. I watch TV to escape reality for awhile and just enjoy a good show. Whats next? Housecleaning: the motion picture?

  33. toes says:

    There have even been TV industry insiders that have commented on how ridiculously SyFy handles it’s programming decisions!

  34. Stephen Johnson says:

    It should have come as no surprise to anyone once we saw season 4. When the background area becomes tents and brickabrack all they are doing is cutting the costs of the show. Think Andromeda’s last season. With regard to the issue of having a lead in like wrestling the issue is not does wrestling have good viewing numbers. It does. The problem is whether the viewers for wrestling are the same viewers that will want to stay for SciFi. Any sciFi. The answer is NO they are not. So programming wrestling as a lead into Friday night Science fiction is a mistake and the someone programing the Scifi channel should be fired. Repeatedly. Just because a show has strong numbers does not mean it is a good lead into the Friday night shows. They probably are thinking they will introduce new fans to scifi shows. This is also a mistake and wrong headed thinking. Lastly, some great new shows have moved to Friday night on other channels which hurt the ratings of the SciFi channel. Shows like Grimm and Fringe are high quality shows and will steal viewers. SciFi shows can compete and hold its core fans against any type of other show except other SciFi shows. Just that simple.

  35. Don says:

    F’in “SyFy” seems to go out of it’s way to piss off fans. They continue to kill of excellent Science Fiction shows and instead eith opt for completely insane choices (e.g. wrestling) or the WORST B Moives I have ever seen PhiranaConda !!!! Really!!! How to the actors even keep a straight face during filming. I mean they can’t even spell SciFi correctly that should have been the first sign!!! SciFi used to be one of my first channel choices, but no longer I go to that channel now as a LAST RESORT. Who ever is making these decisions is the poster-boy (or girl) for the Peter Principal

  36. Shirley says:

    What reality? They are scripted and they stink! Sanctuary is a truly class act, and they will be hard pressed to find something better. I thought their motto was “Imagine Greater”!” What is GREATER about all that Haunted crap? Did you ever SEE a ghost on one of them? Let’s get rid of junk like that and leave the really imaginative programming in place!

  37. garrett says:

    well what did you expect look at all the shows syfy has cancelled over the years at this point it should be obvious to everyone syfy is a lost has been to me for years

  38. Kristina says:

    That fact that syfy cancelled another amazing show is utter crap. There’s hardly any Sci-fi on the syfy channel. Total Blackout is just fear factor in the dark. Insane or Inspired is just a spin on Worlds dumbest. The only show left that i watch is Warehouse 13. If that goes, im offically boycotting syfy & never watching the network again.

  39. kazzie says:

    I have grown up watching sci fi programmes from the original Star Trek,Stargate,Doctor Who ect ect and i am pretty fussy when it comes to shows.
    After watching season 1 and 2 i still was unsure on my thoughts of the series there were a few characters i really loved Tesla ,Biggie and Henry and the rest grew on me as they settled into their roles.
    Season 3 started and that’s when i really got into the show,lots more twists and turns and under-plots the kind of way Doctor who plays out,things happen each episode but theirs other stuff going on which results in a big season finale(if you get what i mean) and stuff to make you think,too many shows are dumbed down which is what i felt bout season 1 & 2.
    I was so looking forward to seeing season 5 with the new sanctuary,so much could have been done with this.I would as some said like to have seen less focus on Will,a bit more of a serious Henry (as they had kind of turned him more into a clown figure), definitely more Tesla,i also love his interactions with Henry,and more background story on Biggie.
    This had so much potential ,i wanted to have the ‘tour’ of the new sanctuary,they would be working more covert as no authorities know about the new sanctuary and they think Magnus is dead.
    Well hey ho here’s hoping another network will pick it up as for the syfi channel well there doesn’t seem to be a lot of sci fi on it.
    Just my opinion as a sci fi/fantasy fan.

  40. Richard Deckert says:

    Face it for every one sci fi fan, there’s five thousand drunken trailer trash rednecks watching wraslin. NBC and its minions would rather cater to people who watch a show and think it’s real, then people who watch sci fi for enjoyment.

    • john decker says:

      i think you all miss the point here scfy is looking to make money not pay big bucks to actors to play in good tv shows, people at scfy make money not good tv shows

  41. Les Krysak says:

    What a shame. A show comes on that is entertaing and fun to watch with a different type of premise, no robots,spaceships, etc. The stories took pace in the here and now and on earth. Oh well, I guess Syfy can introduce “Dallas” or “Dynasty” or some other stupid show if they are concerned about television ratings or even start a new series from the old days, ( Lost in Space, The Fugitive, etc. ) like alot of movies and tv series’ from the past, because Hollywood can’t produce NEW ideas so they look to the past and just produce the same old, same old. Well, good luck, because the Syfy channel has basically lost my interest!!!

  42. syd says:

    nothing i hate more then when i get a show i like and the stupid idiots cancel it. what morons. i

  43. David Gronceski says:

    Wow, I have been waiting all spring and summer for the fall lineups to start and just looked at the fall lineup on SyFy Channel and what a disappointment. I’m sorry to to say it now the SyCry channel now that they have canceled all the good shows that once made this channel a leader in Science Fiction Entertainment. I have been a loyal follower of Sifi/SyFy channel for more than 12 years but not any more as all that remains of any worth is Lost Girl and Alphas and they are marginal at best. Say good bye to SyFy… :(

  44. dave says:

    I enjoyed the original concept of “hollow earth” but I think the writers made a mistake in having the city be destroyed and all the ab-normals come to the surface. One the ab-normals came to the surface and Helen told the public that there were ab-normals amongst them – there really wasn’t anywhere for the story line to go or develop. The premise behind “Sanctuary” was to protect and hide ab-normals from humanity. I think the rest of the seasons would have just been about ab-normals waring with humans; with a few odd shows about other stuff. I really liked sanctuary, but I sometimes feel the developers take the shows too quickly to the main events, and then end up having nothing left to offer the viewers.

    I could have forseen 10 seasons of sanctuary, with Rana from Parxxis developing a friendship a friendship with Helen, and then them both discovering another older city then Parxxis whereby they discover that the Parxxian technology was from a alien influence.

    Mabye even develop the story whereby the ab-normals were alien experiments thousands of years ago. There was heaps of avenues to explore to keep the fans interested and the money flowing in, and I think they just gave up on the series too quick.

    There is such a HUGH science fiction fan base out here, I’m surprise there is not more shows being developed.

    I would personally prefer to play a computer game or read a book than watch another “BORING” reality TV show.

  45. Douglas Fish says:

    Well Syfy needs to change there name again to Wrasslin Central. Like comedy central. All the Reality CRAP, and Wrasslin to top it off is like a Crap sandwich topped off with a Smelly reality crap. The IDIOTS in charge of SyFy should be tossed out the window on their stupid anti good show ears !! First they kill Eureka and then Sanctuary.
    Un-Freaking believable. Before you know it there will be no Sci Fi on the incorrectly named SyFy as far as im concerned. As soon as they cancel Warehouse 13, I am DONE !
    I only watch Alphas and WH13 now. Everything else on there is garbage, Including the lame smelly B Sci-Fi movies. Gawd they are bad…. They don’t even say they got anything new worth a crap to replace Sanctuary, or the long gone Star Gate shows.

  46. Crystal says:

    No good shows & no good movies. I am done with syfy!

  47. Heather Dunn says:

    Syfy has always been my number one channel, I’m always watching syfy, but lately I have been so disappointed, and what the hell are they thinking cancelling sanctuary that was number one! All I have left is Merlin, unless your thinking of cancelling that too, if so let me know so I can remove syfy from my cable package.
    Sincerely pissed off!!!

  48. JTM says:

    Whoever commented about NBC owning Syfy is correct, and I would add that with the influx of sci-fi programming on other networks (Revolution on NBC, and The Walking Dead on AMC), it is becoming more and more difficult for niche channels like Syfy to get ratings. Speaking of the CW, remember when it used to be the WB- then Cartoon Network came along and stole all of its ratings. A similar thing is now happening with Syfy. I for one am not surprised. I saw this coming back when SG-1 was cancelled. Anytime a generational program like that is cancelled, something bad is about to happen. But at the same time, I sort of welcome it. Syfy had its heyday when science-fiction programming was still a cult phenomenon. Now that the genre is becoming more socially acceptable, there is no longer that need for a network devoted to it. Syfy is becoming irrelevant. It is simply a sign of the times and I suggest we all get used to it, sad as it may be.

  49. Its gotten to the point that these days I’m praying that Discovery Science starts making their own Sci FI series since they’re picking all the good canceled ones