Ratings: Jesse Stone Wins (and Loses) Sunday, Celebrity Apprentice Finale Drops

CBS’ eighth and perhaps final Jesse Stone telefilm on Sunday night averaged 12.8 million viewers, easily trouncing any and all comers in total audience. And compared to the series’ year-ago outing, the numbers were down just a few percentage points.

That said, Jesse’s 1.2 demo rating ranked last during Sunday primetime, even bested by an America’s Got Talent rerun.

Placing second for the night in audience and leading in the demo, ABC’s coverage of the Billboard Music Awards (7.4 mil/2.7) dipped 6 and 9 percent versus last year.


* Among Fox ‘toon finales, Cleveland Show (3 mil/1.3) was flat, Lady Gaga goosed The Simpsons (4.8 mil/2.1) 18 and 11 percent, Bob’s Burgers (3.6 mil/1.7) dipped a bit and the hour-long Family Guy (5.3 mil/2.5) was up some.

* Celebrity Apprentice, with 6.8 million total viewers and a 2.2 rating, drew its largest audience since the premiere but was down 18 and 23 percent from its year-ago finale.

* The aforementioned Talent repeat (5.3 mil/1.3) fell well shy of Harry’s Law‘s most recent audience but improved on the demo by 30 percent. The Harry’s series finale is currently set to air next Sunday at 8.

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  1. bad kevin says:

    From Idol to Apprentice, Clay Aiken has been the runner-ups of all runner-ups (loss to African Americans: Ruben and Arsenio). I did tune in for Game Four of the Coyotes-Kings and I hope that the L.A. Kings can achieve better than the NBA’s Clippers (got swept by the Spurs) and the Lakers (must win against OKC).

  2. Linderella says:

    I watched Jesse Stone (DVR’d and caught up at 10 PM after The Killing). But I’m the wrong demographic for counting purposes. FYI – I even enjoyed Tom Selleck’s voiceover on Florida orange juice commercials a while back so he was must see TV for me. The TV people definitely need a new way of counting because (a) hardly anyone watches “live” TV anymore and (b) people over 49 actually do spend money on advertised products. But hell, what does the public know…we’re just the ones the high llamas are trying to sell to. The choice of what to watch was actually very easy last night – Donald Trump on the Network run By Clowns (NBC) or Tom Selleck, an actual actor with talent.

    • cuius says:

      Isn’t the problem that the DVRers fast-forward the commercials – advertisers are only interested in the demographic watching live

  3. MaryAnn says:

    What I want to know is what evidence do the advertisers and the networks have that older viewers are not a good bet in terms of advertising dollars? What evidence do they have that such viewers are not open to new ideas in products and set in their buying habits? I would like to see the research.

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Wow, the “Harry’s Law” series finale will air on Memoiral Day weekend (when most people are away from televisions and on vacations) way to go NBC scheduling department for burning off a little watched show even further.

  5. Joni says:

    I was one of the “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt” veiwers and I’M not in the demographic either. Just a few years ago I was relevant one second and the next (when the day changed from the 28th to the 29th) I wasn’t anymore – absolutely ridiculous . With the advent of the DVR and the option of on-line viewing the Neilsens need a new system.
    What was the Original Air Date of the last JS movie. Time of year (Standard Time/Daylight Savings Time) could account for the itsy-bitsty drop.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Innoncents Lost” aired one year ago — Sunday, May 22, 2011, opposite Billboard Music Awards and Celebrity Apprentice finale

  6. cindy says:

    We DVR’d Jesse Stone and look forward to watching it tonight.

  7. Audrey says:

    What does losing to African Americans have to do with anything? If Clay came in second, so what. Donald Trumpp is white. Stop the race hate.

    • Jason says:

      The race trumpcard wins again (no pun intended). It is only a race issue if the person is “Black” or African American, If the person is any other race it is not a race issue. We need to move beyond this issue and stop being so sensitive.

  8. Mary says:

    I think it’s all about advertising the show. I happened to flick channels and saw Tom Selleck on Live with Kelly. That’s the only way I knew it was on and made sure to watch. Keep quality shows like this one coming.

  9. As a fan of Robert B. Parker’s ‘Spencer For Hire’ and the Jessie Stone series I looked forward with great anticipation to last nights ‘Benefit of a Doubt’. Unfortunately last nights installment left me feeling disappointed. Selleck/Brandman Prod. needs to fine another venue to air the Stone series. CBS and the PG-14 rating just doesn’t cut it. Next time try Showtime or HBO, and maybe they’ll hit a home run instead of striking out.
    Will Schaefer Palmdale, California

  10. arial2 says:

    Also not of the favored demographic, yet I probably spent more money on advertised products in the last year than the “chosen ones.” The difference between me and them is that I earn less, but already own my home and car outright, so have more available cash to spend. Perhaps that should be taken into consideration.

    I love the Jesse Stone series. For one bright, shining moment last night, I thought Jesse was interested in the soon-to-be divorced Rose, one of his contemporaries. But, alas, the next thing I saw was Jesse hooking up with a much younger woman. NCIS did a wonderful thing pairing Gibbs with Dr Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis); why can’t other shows, movies follow suit? Romance between more experienced adults can be so much more interesting than casual hookups. Not all women need daddies and not all men need girls young enough to be their daughters. That’s “trophy hunting” on both parts.

    • justjulie says:

      Yes yes & yes to your comments aria2 and maryann. More mature audences not only have “older$$” to send on advertised products– we spend it with more discriminating sense– we have worked longer for our disposable income$ and we arent as easily swayed by fad-ish and/or frivalous impulse purchases. Just like taking our time with things such as character & plot developments, as well in relationships & sexual inuendo. We know time flavors all things cause we’ve had time to see. Maybe another network would be more suited to Parkers’ men.

  11. Doug-H says:

    An age old problem with TV ratings… One of these days, I’d like to here an advertising/media guy explain how ads seen by 14MM older viewers that have money are less valuable than ads seen by 5MM views with no money??? Most of the young people with money bypass advertising with technology…. The only ones in the “Demo” who don’t are poorer folks who can’t afford the advertising bypass tech… Older people could afford it but don’t bother or don’t understand so they watch the ads….

  12. Lola says:

    I know the demo thing makes people crazy, but there’s a reason for it. People in the demo age range make up the vast majority of consumer spending, especially in the categories advertisers look for — entertainment, vehicles, apparel, electronics, etc.

  13. Debbie H says:

    They are cancelling one of the best shows on TV – I guess 10 million older people don’t matter in the magic demographics race.

  14. Always Robert, not Rob, Bob, or Bobby says:

    I see this trend as a sign of the demise of TV as we know it. The Jesse Stone movies, as well as shows such as Harry’s Law, which features a lead actor in her 60’s, are simply not going to appeal as much to people in the 18-49 demographic, as a show featuring 20-somethings doing stupid things people do before they’ve learned any better does.

    I mean, come on, Harry’s Law was the 2nd highest rated show on a network that is seriously struggling, but that is irrelevant because a bunch of teens weren’t watching it? I understand that, because when I was their age, I had no interest in watching The Golden Girls, Fantasy Island/Love Boat (which featured stars that no one under 50 had actually seen in a movie) etc., but just because I wasn’t interested, doesn’t mean there isn’t a valid audience for them.

    I’ve seen the arguments for the importance of the demographics (older adults have more money overall, but kids are much more likely to spend any disposable income they may have) but does that mean that there is no place in television for programming directed to older adults? If that’s the case, sounds like the time’s going to come where all that is left is Reality TV and shows with soundtracks at 300 bpm.

  15. applelvr says:

    Interestingly enough, people that actually have the money to spend on the products in advertising etc. . . . Are people with jobs and responsibilities! They don’t always watch the shows when it airs live. They seem to always find a way to watch later. Ratings are not at all accurate. They seem to cancel shows that actually have merit. Jesse Stone was a great talented show. It will be sad to see it go.