House Finale Recap: Did Everybody Die?!

House Series FinaleIf you have yet to watch tonight’s House series finale, run — don’t walk — to the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Holy smokes.

The series finale of House found the cantankerous doc arguing with his subconscious – tricked out with several familiar faces — about why it was time for him to leave the land of the living. (Perhaps you thought selfish House was going to let Wilson steal the mortality spotlight for another episode?) As flames slowly consumed the abandoned building where he lay, it looked very much like the end of the series was going to double as the fiery end of its main character — rather fitting for a man who used his scorched earth policy as a calling card for eight seasons. But a switcheroo in the final act, no matter how unlikely, allowed the ultimate episode to be all things to all people: an examination of altruism, a paean to a great teacher, and a testament to male friendship. Of course, it wouldn’t have been House without a baffling medical case on top of it all. Let’s take a look at the high points of the series finale, “Everybody Dies.” (Or do they?)

Hell of a reunion As flames steadily consumed the abandoned building where he lay in a drug daze, House’s inner self took the form of people from his past. First up was Kutner, who pointed out two important things: the man laying on the floor next to House was dead, and the building was ablaze. We learned that the dead dude was a junkie patient (Girls’ James LeGros) who’d been in House’s care and who, upon learning he was dying of ALS, selflessly agreed to take the fall for the doc’s MRI-ending, season-ticket prank. But as much as House wanted someone to end the possibility of his return to prison — which would make him unable to be there for best buddy Wilson’s final months — he realized he’d misdiagnosed the addict; surgery changed the game, and the patient lived… long enough to OD when he and a despondent House shot up in a drug den. That’s when Kutner arrived, followed by Amber (main point: House doesn’t love helping people, he just loves solving puzzles), Stacy (main point: Though he claims not to, House believes in love), and Cameron (main point: House was arguing with himself until the fire got so bad that fate would make the choice he was too cowardly to make). The blonde’s harsh words snapped him into action. “You’re right,” he agreed, making his way unsteadily to his feet. “But I can change.” Yay! Until…

Up in flames | With an assist from Dr. Nolan, Wilson and Foreman deduced that House was in an emotionally bad place and then tracked him to a physically bad place — the empty, burning building. They watched him limp toward the exit, then seemingly get taken down by a falling beam moments before an explosion blew out the windows. Poor Wilson. He’s having a seriously bad couple of months, no? After a coroner confirmed that a body pulled from the ashes was the Vicodin-popping physician, his friends gathered for a funeral. The show did a nice, concise job of pulling together our old favorites; Cameron, Chase, Masters, Thirteen, House’s mom, and Stacy joined Foreman, Park, Taub, Adams, Dominika, and Wilson. But the cancer patient’s starkly honest eulogy — “The truth was, he was a bitter jerk.” — was interrupted by a text message: “Shut up you idiot.” Either we have a Pretty Little Liars situation brewing here, or… could it be?!?

He lives! Listen. I don’t care how unlikely it is that a drug-addled man who has impaired mobility under normal circumstances (and likely was suffering from smoke inhalation) snuck out the back of a towering inferno unnoticed. I’m also not going to question his convenient explanation that he switched his dental records with the corpse’s. All I care about is that Wilson is going to be able to spend his dwindling days with is best friend. “I’m dead, Wilson,” House said. “How do you want to spend your last five months?” Wilson’s grin was the perfect answer. We even got to see them ride off into the bucolic countryside together! Swoon. (Bonus points, House, for letting us know that Chase took over for his former mentor and that Cameron is happily married with a cute infant and loving husband, and for at least mentioning the much-missed Cuddy at least once during the episode.)

Lines of the night

“Did you never see Dead Poet’s Society? Carpe diem.” — House on his good mood, despite some bad times (and a shout-out to Robert Sean Leonard’s star-making vehicle)

“Blah blah blah” — House’s team talking medical details, at least in his head

“Everybody lies.” — Wilson on the addict’s false home address, and a nod to the title of the series’ pilot

“Cancer’s boring.” — House’s last words of the episode

What did you think? Grade the episode in the poll below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. paula M. says:

    When House died I didn’t know wether to be upset or not. Killing the character was just to easy. And House was never easy. You thought he’d go left and then he’d go right. That is what I’ll miss about the show. That there was an unpredictability about his actions/motivations. The finale ended where it should have with House and Wilson. Will he turn himself in after wilson’s Death. Who Knows? Depends on what you got from the Finale. Will He Change . Could he. Everything else was awsome from Chase taking over to seeing Cameron again. But I do Have to say Cuddy was missed. Relationship or not.

    • Karo says:

      she was missing but you have to admitt the writers made a great job with the Finale without her. She didn`t want to come back and the House finale was still fantastic. Loved Camerons part so crucial and contraversial to Houses final decision, awesome ;)

  2. Paige says:

    I loved the series finale! I thought it made the series go out on a high note. Especially since I stopped watching earlier this season because of the two new additions – bland brunette and chipmunk. But when it was announced that this was the last season, I tuned in for the final 3 episodes and was not disappointed. Kudos for the wrap-up.

  3. Courtney says:

    I LOVED it. It shocked me. It made me cry. I laughed a bit. I loved seeing everyone, and didn’t miss Cuddy one bit; I love how everyone turned out. I love how Foreman knew what was going on. I love how even though Wilson will die and House will probably go to jail forever, we don’t have to see it.. and I loved the case, it was perfect and fitting. It was plenty dramatic and the ending scene and words were great. Im clearly very emotional. I just thought it was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for more.

  4. keykeykey says:

    Damn Cuddy is shallow didn’t even show up at his funeral lol. I’m glad he didn’t die. The ending worked because it leaves space for a reunion show or something. House is forever!!!

  5. Great finale. Now for a spinoff, Chase M.D. lol jk

  6. Courtney says:

    Even if Cuddy was there, id want Stacy too! I didnt feel she was a ‘substitute’, her not being at the funeral would have felt so wrong, but Cuddy not being there can be explained.

  7. rainondust says:

    I felt that the characters in House’s subconscious represented all of the arguments about how House would end. Amber represented those people who believed House was all about the puzzles and would just go on solving them. Cameron, fittingly, represented the fans that were always over accepting of the idea that House shouldn’t change. Sela Ward represented the “find a good woman and settle down” fans that were also fans of Cuddy. And in the end, it was a homage to Holmes as it was in the beginning and his Watson was important and he could give up his practice to become a beekeeper…or biker. It was very well done for a finale. Few series have done better than this.

  8. Chris says:

    PEOPLE! House at its core was ALWAYS Sherlock Holmes! It was all about the relationship between Holmes and Watson (House and Wilson). This was absolutely the way to end things…With the two of them together. Also, David Shore doesnt wrap things up in a bow. Finale does not mean all questions will be answered. Do you recall that happening in Lost…?

  9. Mark says:

    It was a good way to end the show. Believable? Not really. But House really was beyond belief anyway. It showed the real romance was between House and Wilson all along. Huddy never stood a chance.

    • Pat says:

      EXACTLY!! House and Wilson was the real love story. Loved this last season and the new team-wish there had been another season, Stacy was great but as it was develped in series he loved her but even she said he was not always there for her.IMO it was because his work and Wilson were his true loves.Dont understand why they ever went that Huddy route-awful. He was NEVER in love with her. Best written show on tv though.

  10. Ronnie says:

    I was hoping that Cameron would call Chase in the end when she watched that picture of the original team, I got sadly shocked when the husband and baby showed up! I still think it was really unfair for her and Chase to break up, specially after Lockdown and I was really, really hoping for them to get back together (when I saw them sitting together in the funeral I thought they would hold hands or something like that). I would have prefer they hadn’t shown her new family, it really saddened me! At least they didn’t make him end up with Park! I’m happy he got House’s job. Watching Jesse Spencer every week is what i’m going to miss the most about this show! I wish his new show were more interesting

  11. sandy says:

    is like David shore said; it was one more episode, and it does not define the whole series. it didnt wrap things up nicely like i would’ve liked. i want to think that after wilson dies he goes after cuddy or the domika and has that baby from the hallucination.

    • Pat says:

      Wilson is the only one House ever loved deeply enough to listen to.After his death it has been said by HL and others that its likely House will follow,He has NO interest in Cuddy or anyone else.
      That was shown thru hallucination when he rejected them as just fantasy

  12. Hanna says:

    One big question:
    Is the ending meant to be ambiguous? The fact that they played the same song that Amber sang when House hallucinated her made me wonder if we were just watching one more fantasy as he rode off into the sunset with Wilson.

    loved the way they handled thE cameron-thingy, like allways she was challenging him. She tickled his survivor instinct in a way only House dould do. It shows how much she learnt from him. The finale was fantastic.

    • Regina Felange says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the ending and the song. It would have been more congruous to use “You can’t always get what you want” and it would have fit well, so I’m assuming they picked “Enjoy Yourself” because it does, in the long time fans, create just that little bit of “Hey, wait a minute…”

  13. sandy says:

    the retrospective was awesome btw

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. It was a really lovely way to wrap things up. So nice to see the behind the scenes people that have also put so much effort into making House such a great show.

  14. Maria says:

    It was boring as f*ck. The part with the baby was especially cheesy. We obviously don’t get any answers, but then that’s to be expected since the writers are pretty much useless. We don’t see House having to face consequences either, because they suck so bad they don’t even know what kind of a character they’re writing for… I really missed Lisa Edelstein, but I’m very glad she didn’t show up for it.

    I take it House is going to spend those last months with Wilson (the oncologist who is so f*cking useless that he’s dying of stage II thymoma) and then he’ll, what, get a job flipping burgers until they fire him for being such a worthless piece of sh*t and then he’ll live on whatever money he didn’t spend on hookers and then go live under a bridge? Or is he going to turn himself in? He should have gone to prison for clogging the toilet. It was ridiculous enough to fit this season.

    • Gawd says:

      Wow, what a poor attempt of trolling. You wouldn’t have been smart enough to walk out the back entrance. And guess what! WE WOULDN’T MIND!

    • tripoli says:

      Be gone troll. You are clearly a moron, not worthy of all that is House.

    • clare louise says:

      I’m surpised you watched until the end or watched the final at all.. I wouldn’t watch a TV show I hated, but thats just me!

    • Kathy says:

      TVLine, Please flag Maria Comments. It has improper language in it. Thank You.

  15. George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

    It ran its course…but I was a great show with good acting and production.

  16. Babybop says:

    Sobbing at the end. I’m glad Chase got the team, and House’s legacy will live on (and so will he!). It’s been a great 8 seasons… Now to collect them all on DVD.

  17. Loved the good ‘ol bait and switch in the end with his “death”..<3 House & Wilson riding off "into the sunset" together :)

  18. i guess you could look at the ending two ways, that house did fake his death to be with wilson or house did die and wilson simply concocted( i mean that bit about the dental records…) the notion in his mind that house survived as they ride of into the sunset, i mean house did say ” wilson i’m dead”…. so great ending, pick your poison

  19. Jill says:

    Perfect end to a perfect TV series. I am really going to miss House, every monday night. Great to see, Kutner, Amber,Cameron,Stacy and Nolan back again. Cuddy well not so missed, it was Lisa Edlestines decision not to be in on the ending. So that is that I did not miss her at all. Thank you for a great 8 years House, I am going to miss you on my TV.

  20. Matt says:

    Totally didn’t connect the ending with the Sherlock Holmes ending until I read this. Then I smacked my head. Of course! It could not have ended any other way. Now I like it a lot more getting the Sherlock connection.

  21. NotMyBabyWilson says:

    Loved the episode – Loved it, especially the ending and in and out time jumps. I loved the return of ANNE DUDEK, SELA WARD, KAL PENN, and DIANE BAKER.. Great, great series finale!!

  22. Alicia L. says:

    The needed to change Cameron’s scrubs to the ones from PPTH and it should have been Chase at the end with the baby! That would have made the finale perfect! Other than that it was a great episode!

  23. detudorola says:

    Great finale! Very happy to see Amber, Stacey (what a great surprise!) and everybody again. Hugh and RSL did a fantastic job!
    and, of course, i missed Cuddy too!
    Congrats to everyone involved on the best show ever!

  24. Richie says:

    I don’t understand why every show has to end with the possibility of the main characters dying. Why couldn’t this show end with House doing what he does best and Wilson always being there for him. Instead, House is no longer a doctor and Wilson is going to die. I think thats a horrible ending.
    I just think that this was a horrible last episode. I think they were more occupied with bringing as many people back for the finale than making a great finale.

    • tripoli says:

      And yet, it ended with both House and Wilson still alive. How is that not good enough. They get to ride off into the sunset, with an unknown future ahead of them. There for each other until the end, whatever and whenever that may be.

  25. cen says:

    That was perfection. I am in awe.

  26. nikki says:

    I prefer Stacy and Cameron over Cuddy. Sela Ward and Jennifer Morrison were great for returning. Too bad both of them weren’t on the show more.

  27. Chance says:

    The only TRULY fitting end would have been for House to die of Lupus.

  28. Hojana says:

    Good ending, loved it!

  29. Master_K says:

    Great finale, really going to miss the series :(

  30. Mark says:

    All last nights episode proved was how much the producers cocked up by getting rid of Jennifer Morrison from the show. The show wasn’t the same after she left as the female leads that came after her never matched the fact she was seen as houses equal. Another fail from last night was the fact everybody got a minute to tie there story up be it to show Chase taking over Houses job or Cameron with her family etc the only story not tied up was thirteens. Overall though a decent end to a show thats lacked a spark since the original cast was split up……

  31. clare louise says:

    Loved it! So great to see Sela Ward who is to me just stunning, and Jennifer Morrison whos character I have missed. I loved the way the other characters lives were shown at the end. House and Wilson, what can I say! I expected to be really sad at the end but I’m still smiling!!!

  32. Marty says:

    It was all over the place and did feel contrived at time but boy, what a ride! I will really miss this show :)

  33. Polly says:

    Absolutely loved it.

    Also big kudos for keeping the House/Sherlock Holmes comparison on til the very end.

  34. noo says:

    i know some people were expecting “something big”. but frankly i was tired of house’s big events. this episode was so unique. it could fit in any of the seasons, the lighter seasons with the old team, and the newer ones where house was severely dysfunctional. all our questions were answered in a very simple way and it was very satisfactory :D

  35. abel2284 says:

    it was fantastic…amazing.. i didn’t find the word, and jennifer morrison was great i loved her acting in this finale…….best house episode ever..i will miss the show but everything good come always to an and & everybody dies

  36. Regina Felange says:

    Great, satisfying ending. Could they have done a million other things? Of course. Will everyone be happy? Never. But as an episode, it was enjoyable, focused on House and gave a nice wrap up for the secondary characters. Cuddy/Lisa Edelstein was a very notable omission and given the fact that everyone and their uncle came back, I kind of hope that whatever happened between her and the network/show ran a heck of a lot deeper than contracts and feeling valued because if not, she really dropped the ball here. And I find it interesting that everyone is saying Stacy/Sela Ward was a poor replacement for Cuddy, where as I felt that, had Cuddy been there, she would probably have taken Cameron’s place in the rotation of people. She would have fit that part much better, and it would have been two rational thinkers on the upper level, two loves on the lower — Now don’t get me started on the “Dante’s Inferno” levels of Hell correlations.

    Well played, sirs. Well played.

    • chloe says:

      Get over it.
      Stacy had a major role in House life than cuddy, No need for cuddy to be there at all. The end was Perfect.

      • D says:

        Not strictly true. Cuddy had known him for longer, was involved in saving his life after the infarction, employed him for way longer than anybody else could stomach, saved him from unemployment and/or killing himself on average 2 or 3 times a season, and that’s before we get into the effect their romantic attachment had on him. He loved both of them, but in terms of who impacted on his life more it was definetely Cuddy.

        At this point I’m glad Cuddy wasn’t there. I don’t think they did any of the characters justice.

    • Why would Cuddy show up at the funeral of a man she had a restraining order against? O.o

    • Regina Felange says:

      Ok, so let me clarify since that’s not what I meant at all. I said I thought the finale was great as it was. I said I thought Stacy was the right choice to have there, but maybe I wasn’t clear enough in saying I meant in his hallucinations. My observation that I thought it was interesting how other people were saying Stacy was clearly only there because there was no Cuddy, but why not wonder why Cameron was there was in reference to who his subconscious chose to bring forward to reason with him, not who was appropriate to be at his actual funeral. Had no intention of sounding like a raving Huddy.

    • imho says:

      love your blog name! Any Art Vandeley’s here?

  37. hello says:

    Fantastic finale where everyone i wanted to come back actually came back, even Stacy.

  38. Belle says:

    It was a fantastical way to end this one of a kind, totaly awesome series…House & Wilson together forever, the way it’s meant to be :) As dsyfunctional as their relationship was, it was the best one on the show!!!!!!!!
    THANKS to the cast, crew, writers, and everyone for sharing this great show with us! You will be missed…

  39. me says:

    Loved it, loved it. Loved it
    The swan song was beautifully done, the finale was uplifting
    House and Wilson together till the end

  40. “Cancer’s boring.” The final words of the episode. Also, one of the first lines from the pilot.

  41. Marcus says:

    I don’t know anyone IRL who didn’t like it, except for my sister, who will forever be one of these butthurt Huddy stans. Your ship sucked, get over it!

  42. D says:

    It was pretty poor to be honest. So forced, as was the whole Wilson cancer arc. If that was going to work it should have been spread across the whole season. Oh and Shore, Moffat whooped your ass on the execution of the whole ‘fake death’ thing. By a mile. I know they’ve always emphasised the link to Holmes, but it would have been nice if they’d thought of a more original ending that was more specific to his character, maybe by bringing it back to the leg or whatever.

    • gigolo says:

      YEP! I would have like to have a more original and intense finale, the ref to sherlock holmes is nice but hey it’s a show about House, same ending is a very easy way to end the show.

  43. Judy says:

    This was a perfect ending. I will miss this series more than I can say. I’m afraid that Hugh Laurie has painted himself into a corner by being SO incredible in this role that he won’t be able to get something else that I can drool over him in. Please, entertainment gods, give this brilliant man a butt-load of movie roles!

  44. I have watched this show since day one so I feel like I’ve got a great grasp of the show. I miss the old days, yes I do. And so here are my comments, for what it’s worth…

    You forgot to mention House strategically placing his ID card under the leg of Foreman’s table to let Foreman know he was still alive. I loved Foreman’s smirk. I was unimpressed in this episode except for the moments where we delved into House’s psyche and the moment when Foreman realized House was indeed still alive! Something about him knowing pleased me greatly.

    A day after the episode I feel unfulfilled by it. I feel no closure, no fitting ending, not for a show I have been watching for eight long years. Ok sure, after all these years, House puts someone else FIRST and perhaps giving up his identity, his worldly possessions, and practicing medicine (which is the one thing he always figured he could count on) to spend five months with the dying Wilson IS a bigger sacrifice than going to prison for six months and leaving Wilson alone and no closure to their friendship. House went into the warehouse planning to shoot up heroin and end his life and then after his subconscious talked him out of it (using truth of course), he changed his mind about dying and planned to walk out of that warehouse and do something. He hadn’t planned to use the opportunity of the dead corpse to be him but he did. And I wondered if he’d really changed? Is he being there for Wilson or just avoiding prison. In the end it could be said he made a bigger sacrifice by giving up his current life for those five months.Actions have consequences, nobody knows what consequences, but there are always consequences nonetheless.

    What I do know is that the idea of the six months hanging over his head was due to a stupid plot about stuffing tickets down toilets and then the police finding fingerprints. But he wouldn’t have stuffed those tickets if Wilson hadn’t had cancer, which was another annoying plot. For a medical show that for years has been believable in regards to medicine, they sure screwed this one up.

    Prior to mid Season 7, House was a believable show, its medicine and the characters actions. It’s like continuity and character history just went out the window And sadly, cheap unbelievable plots have taken over this show since Season 7 when House drove his monster truck into the hospital parking lot. At that moment I knew it was over. At that moment, it seems writers used ridiculous unbelievable stuff to get our attention. It didn’t work.

    We have been left over and over again with amazing storylines that were not explored. House and Cuddy were pushed for years by Shore/Jacobs and then suddenly it ended. House’s emotional abuse by his father John, knowing more about his biological father (we had another wasted opportunity this season which imploded from the start), Wilson’s brother, House’s leg pain, there were so many things not addressed enough or just not addressed at all, things that could have been worked in very nicely in sync with the medical cases and the characters. We were given some great things and then….POOF! Nothing. No Development.

    I love this show, at least up until last season’s Bombshells when it just seemed to tank and then of course the S7 finale….don’t even get me started on that. I miss “classic House” you know, the good old days where there was that great banter between House, Cuddy, and Wilson, that mesmerizing sexual tension between House and Cuddy. I miss House at his best…on top of things. This season he seemed a little tired, though Hugh played him to perfection.

    Again, I can appreciate House’s sacrifice last night so Wilson will not spend his last five months alone but the fact is we wouldn’t even have had to go there if the writers hadn’t taken us down that road and given us mediocre/less than par writing and if Shore hadn’t tired of the show, which is apparent he did as is clearly evident in early S7. The acting in this show has always been great especially by Hugh, Lisa, and Robert as well as Omar, Jesse, and Jennifer. The acting for me has never been my major bone of contention, it’s been the writing since S7. We deserved better writing last season, in this final season, and in last night’s finale. I feel left with a sense of emptiness that is difficult to explain. Now all we are left with are memories of better days, good times, before everything went south.

    Here’s to “Classic House, M.D.”

    • Courtney says:

      Everyone has their opinions on what years the show was better, what storylines were amazing and which sucked, so I dont want to argue a bunch of things, its just… how was the cancer plot & the ticket thing annoying? It seems fitting that in a show about medicine, a main character would end up sick and/or dying, having it be the main-main character, House, would have been obvious, so I think giving Wilson Cancer was actually kind of smart and unexpected. &As for the ticket thing.. House does stupid things! This is nothing out of the ordinary and it was just a stupid move gone wrong, which is something that can happen in real life.. and like in real life, he does have to face the consequences. Whether its a life in jail or no life at all. Side note about Huddy ending so quickly; no one liked them. Sure, some people did, but even people who always wanted them together felt that once it finally happened it just wasnt good. At ALL. So it was good it ended quickly. They got rid of something that most fans didnt want. Not to mention it to is realistic. I think its true to relationships that if you dance around something long enough (or if youre just not a good fit), then it wont be long before you realize it’s just not gonna work out.

      • I think House and Cuddy were better BEFORE they got together to be honest obviously because Shore and Co made them great early on. Once Shore put them together he blew it up. They had good chemistry on and off screen and made for great television moments. In Season 7 too much focus was placed on the relationship and NOT on the rest of the show, thus it became annoying. It could have been handled better. All that buildup and then nothing was really disappointing. You say that fans didn’t like it but had it been done PROPERLY it could have worked, totally and completely dysfunctional too. Would have given us more dimension to House. The creator seems to have forgotten the long history between the two characters and that made for huge errors in continuity. They build them up, their history, for so long and then it disappeared into thin air. I’m a big fan of both characters. Cuddy was a very important part of his life and Wilson’s and she offered balance to House which was lacking in Season 8. If you look at House ratings in S7 and later, Out of the Chute was the last double digits in regards to viewers, after that it tanked dramatically. Such a shame. This show was pure awesome for so long.

        • Courtney says:

          I agree it could have been handled better. I actually NEVER wanted them to get together, but I thought the s6 finale was really nice. I just dont think no matter how it was handled that they could have/should have worked out. The only ending that would ever be okay with me is House with Wilson.

  45. One more thing! The use of the song “Enjoy yourself” was really rather interesting. We know where it started. In that moment House sees Amber in his hallucination and calls Wilson to come get him. Last night it was used House who came to get Wilson. I actually love that song and thought it was appropriate. By the way anyone know the legal issues related to faking one’s death? In my mind, Wilson has taken care of House’s “estate” and his own before they go off on their big five month adventure. My guess is that once Wilson dies, House moves on and reveals himself eventually, explaining to authorities what happened at the warehouse and the need to avoid the prison sentence, finally do the six months, hopefully getting a deal LOL, makes things right with mom and Cuddy, and maybe even his team, and somehow gets back to medicine, although not at a hospital…ever. A guy like House fights on to the very end. He’ll never ever not want to solve the puzzles and he’ll never not want to be the genius everyone counts on. A guy like House always finds a way. So that’s the way I have to leave it. It’s just too difficult to believe that House would give up everything he’s worked so hard for…forever. It’s not him.

  46. drajf0429 says:

    Well, since we know that House has been a Sherlock Holmes type of figure all along, it’s fitting that he faked his death and came back to his “Watson”!

  47. The Annoyed Elephant says:

    As I said elsewhere: It was Sherlock Holmes. While Holmes went over a waterfall with his mortal enemy (Moriarty) before eventually reuniting with his friend Watson, House survived a falling, exploding building (a firefall) after battling with his mortal enemy (his own psyche), eventually reuniting with his friend Wilson.

  48. imho says:

    I really believed they would shock us all and Cuddy would pop in for one last fight. But other than the hard to believe “snuck out the back” part, I loved it. (I can see him switching dental records easier than the sneak out). Loved how he tipped Foreman off by leaving his badge in his office.

  49. Yvone says:

    Lisa what a shame! I’m really disappointed with you BUT happy with the end and Stacy! GREAT!

  50. Astrid says:

    How can you do a final without Cuddy?? She was a BIG part of the show.. Stupid. I’m kinda annoyed!!