House Finale Recap: Did Everybody Die?!

House Series FinaleIf you have yet to watch tonight’s House series finale, run — don’t walk — to the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Holy smokes.

The series finale of House found the cantankerous doc arguing with his subconscious – tricked out with several familiar faces — about why it was time for him to leave the land of the living. (Perhaps you thought selfish House was going to let Wilson steal the mortality spotlight for another episode?) As flames slowly consumed the abandoned building where he lay, it looked very much like the end of the series was going to double as the fiery end of its main character — rather fitting for a man who used his scorched earth policy as a calling card for eight seasons. But a switcheroo in the final act, no matter how unlikely, allowed the ultimate episode to be all things to all people: an examination of altruism, a paean to a great teacher, and a testament to male friendship. Of course, it wouldn’t have been House without a baffling medical case on top of it all. Let’s take a look at the high points of the series finale, “Everybody Dies.” (Or do they?)

Hell of a reunion As flames steadily consumed the abandoned building where he lay in a drug daze, House’s inner self took the form of people from his past. First up was Kutner, who pointed out two important things: the man laying on the floor next to House was dead, and the building was ablaze. We learned that the dead dude was a junkie patient (Girls’ James LeGros) who’d been in House’s care and who, upon learning he was dying of ALS, selflessly agreed to take the fall for the doc’s MRI-ending, season-ticket prank. But as much as House wanted someone to end the possibility of his return to prison — which would make him unable to be there for best buddy Wilson’s final months — he realized he’d misdiagnosed the addict; surgery changed the game, and the patient lived… long enough to OD when he and a despondent House shot up in a drug den. That’s when Kutner arrived, followed by Amber (main point: House doesn’t love helping people, he just loves solving puzzles), Stacy (main point: Though he claims not to, House believes in love), and Cameron (main point: House was arguing with himself until the fire got so bad that fate would make the choice he was too cowardly to make). The blonde’s harsh words snapped him into action. “You’re right,” he agreed, making his way unsteadily to his feet. “But I can change.” Yay! Until…

Up in flames | With an assist from Dr. Nolan, Wilson and Foreman deduced that House was in an emotionally bad place and then tracked him to a physically bad place — the empty, burning building. They watched him limp toward the exit, then seemingly get taken down by a falling beam moments before an explosion blew out the windows. Poor Wilson. He’s having a seriously bad couple of months, no? After a coroner confirmed that a body pulled from the ashes was the Vicodin-popping physician, his friends gathered for a funeral. The show did a nice, concise job of pulling together our old favorites; Cameron, Chase, Masters, Thirteen, House’s mom, and Stacy joined Foreman, Park, Taub, Adams, Dominika, and Wilson. But the cancer patient’s starkly honest eulogy — “The truth was, he was a bitter jerk.” — was interrupted by a text message: “Shut up you idiot.” Either we have a Pretty Little Liars situation brewing here, or… could it be?!?

He lives! Listen. I don’t care how unlikely it is that a drug-addled man who has impaired mobility under normal circumstances (and likely was suffering from smoke inhalation) snuck out the back of a towering inferno unnoticed. I’m also not going to question his convenient explanation that he switched his dental records with the corpse’s. All I care about is that Wilson is going to be able to spend his dwindling days with is best friend. “I’m dead, Wilson,” House said. “How do you want to spend your last five months?” Wilson’s grin was the perfect answer. We even got to see them ride off into the bucolic countryside together! Swoon. (Bonus points, House, for letting us know that Chase took over for his former mentor and that Cameron is happily married with a cute infant and loving husband, and for at least mentioning the much-missed Cuddy at least once during the episode.)

Lines of the night

“Did you never see Dead Poet’s Society? Carpe diem.” — House on his good mood, despite some bad times (and a shout-out to Robert Sean Leonard’s star-making vehicle)

“Blah blah blah” — House’s team talking medical details, at least in his head

“Everybody lies.” — Wilson on the addict’s false home address, and a nod to the title of the series’ pilot

“Cancer’s boring.” — House’s last words of the episode

What did you think? Grade the episode in the poll below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. RIding off into the sunset. Kudos.

  2. pamlany says:

    I was disappointed. I was expecting big things and it didn’t deliver.

    • I’d have liked to see more interaction among his friends at the “funeral” but I think they did pretty darn well. Glad to see Stacy, Cameron, etc. again.

    • henry says:

      Yeah…. I mean, I thought the finale was all over the place. I liked the fact that they brought many familiar faces to wrap up the series, but it all seemed so… I don’t know, I get the psychological side of House as a TV series and him getting to terms with everything, but I’d rather House died in that fire which by the way, they never managed to explained why the hell House got trapped in that building and how the fire started, it would’ve been better if they showed the repercussions of Wilson’s death on House… I expected way more of the finale… The high point for me was Cameron playing the “devil” inciting him to end it all, Jennifer Morrison is brilliant as an actress!!

    • Shaun says:

      I thought Chase and Adams were supposed to be headed somewhere this season?

    • Luis says:

      Worst series finale ever. Cuddy was missing. WTH? Boring, predictable…disappointing.

      • tripoli says:

        Cuddy sucks. Deal with it.

      • Sally says:

        Don’t be ridiculous, it was not predictable at all! It was amazing, the perfect finale! And I didn’t miss Cuddy at all, on the contrary.

      • Cat Penn says:

        u HAVE to be kidding!!! Best episode ever!!! Well directed and writen…We get the grieving of House’s death and the euphoria of the buddys taking off for parts unknown!!!!

      • Ivan says:

        In no way the episode was predictable. Very good. The title was excelent. It is about death… everybody’s death. Some real (Wilson eventualy), some fake (House) e some psychicological e emotional (for the rest).
        It is impossible to conclude an 8 year history in one hour episode in a way that feels that nothing is missing. Face the last episodo as a goodbye where the essence of the show, especially House, was there to wave a farewell to all.
        Cuddy was an element lost in the way that did not affect the greatness of the show at all.
        By House. I will miss you…

      • Tania says:

        Yeeeah, I think that Lisa Edelstein rejecting a return visit had something to do with the absence of Cuddy. Just sayin’.

      • Hugo says:

        Exactly, what a boredom without Cuddy. I thought she would pop up. It was a meh episode. The show has a lot of much better episodes than this.

    • DJT says:

      The pre show actually telegraphed the ending. Laurie and producer discussed the Sherlock Holmes connection. Ending echoed Holmes “death” at the Reichenbach Falls as all think Holmes dead— resurrected later.
      Wilson, like Watson, “saw” House/Holmes “die”— only later to have him reappear.

    • GDV says:

      Me too! Totally disappointed. Especially after watching the Sherlock faked-death episode the other day (which was done much better). The House finale just seemed a little lackluster. I totally knew he wasn’t dead the whole time, and the way he faked his death was completely impossible. Overall, pretty boring.

    • gigolo says:

      me too! not the best finale of this show.

    • Tania says:

      Sounds like the same complaints when people saw the final episode of The Sopranos. Many people have been weened on overly dramatic, crazy endings. The ending to “House” was perfect and in keeping with the tenor of the series. I’m going to miss the grumpy guy.

  3. Megan says:

    F A I L

  4. Everyone Dies says:


  5. whosmurry says:

    Since the character was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, I love that they ended it like The Empty House.

    • Jackie says:

      yes yes yes!

    • Sara says:

      this! :D

      • irishrose4583 says:

        lol especially after watching Sherlock’s finale last night all I could think about was Reichenbach Fall and the Final problem as well as empty house. i did like the sherlock parallells throughout the series and especially found it fitting in the finale

    • Lauren says:

      YES :D it made my night. That along with the reference from the swan song/ pre-episode deal, where they pointed out the whole “Holmes/Watson & House/Wilson” thing! I mean I always noticed and loved the parallels but for some reason I never picked up on the whole name thing.

    • gigolo says:

      The empty house is the return of Sherlock Holmes after his fake death! but good point, we’ll see again House in the future! ;-)

  6. gigolo says:

    not surprising! and House will be back I’m sure!

  7. Gabriel Anthony says:


  8. It was a sweet summation of the philosophy of the show (“enjoy life, because we don’t get a lot of it”), even if elements were a little silly. Overall, it was better than most series finales.

  9. anna says:

    i still feel like there is a cuddy-sized hole left in the show

    • Emma says:

      I agree. Regardless of her relationship with House, she was a pretty important character and it was weird having everyone else but her there…

      • TrinaM says:

        Even though I’m not a Huddy, I understand your disappointment. However…I have a feeling the “breakup” ( and I don’t mean onscreen) was less than amicable and they just couldn’t get Lisa to come back. And that was not a rolethat where you could just use a double or a stand in. “You can’t always get what you want”.

        • Donna says:

          That is what I read – Lisa Edelstein said “no” to being on the finale. Not much they could’ve done.

          • tahina says:

            I would have loved seeing Lisa back…but I think David Shore would have made no huge changes even if Cuddy was still in the series finale..we know Shore wanted House alone, no connections with any women. History of the series speak for itself. And speaking of Lisa, yeah, agree with the above statement, she had strong reasons for not coming back, not money related, or at least that’s what Ive read.

    • Huddy Sucks! says:

      Oh please, get a Friggin life you pathetic Huddys!!!

      • itbean says:

        Jeeze judgemental much? I think it would have been nice to see her. I am not a “Huddy”, just because someone likes the character doesn’t mean they are a Huddy fan. Stop painting everyone with the same brush. I think it would have been a nice edition to the finale to have her there. But I think maybe as an ending montage or something showing her happy in her new life. Not sure how that would’ve fit in but still nice to see.

      • Whatever says:

        Eh, I hated their relationship, but I agree it felt strange that she wasn’t at least somewhere in there. That’s FOX for you though. Better to believe she hated his guts that much.

        In any case, I loved the ending. It ended as it should: House and Wilson together till the end.

      • Christa says:

        Everybody who didn’t like the finale and everybody who missed Cuddy may just is a bitter Huddies! OMG here are many simple minded people…. Dazzle the Huddy hate!

    • @anna says:

      I could not agree more. It made it that much more striking since everyone was there but her. It just felt weird, wrong and incomplete without her. She was such a big part of the series and of House’s life.

    • Ahreada says:

      Cuddy’s absence was great. I was cringing with every hallucination expecting her to butt in. Much more enjoyable with Stacy, Kutner, and the old team.

    • Tee says:

      I liked Cuddy, had an open mind going into their relationship, but was SO glad when it ended because it was getting painfully uncomfortable to watch.

      But she was a big part of the show for a long time, it seems reasonable to want to see her send off the show, if so many other folks were returning.

    • Luis says:

      That was the worst thing. When i saw Tracy i was sure Cuddy would show up. But no. What a horrible way to end a show.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, a really stinky hole. So glad she didn’t show up!

    • sandy says:

      i think Stacy kind of took the place that would’ve been cuddy. it felt wrong not to have her there

    • Jill says:

      Only because LE did not want to be there. She losses

    • Belle says:

      WHAT??? She left, the end of her character. All you people who miss her deal with it…there was/is no hole left by Cuddy; she got her farewell I am SO happy :) they didn’t bring her back, there’d be no possible way to explain it – in real life people leave, and no they don’t come back for happily ever afters!!!

      • someone says:

        we’re talking about an episode full of hallucinations, so “in real life” arguments don’t really matter. hallucination!cuddy would have made just as much sense as hallucination!cameron.

        and i don’t know what you mean by getting her farewell, because that’s exactly what she didn’t get.

        • Linda says:

          No she didn`t get her farewell but it is not DS or the writers fault. She declined the invitation. Maybe ask her what went wrong.

          I have to say The show is about House and all the great other supporting character worth rooting for. I feel sorry for some so called fans who watched only for her three minutes appearances per episode,sure she was a part of the gang but she was not more important than the others in Houses life. You obviously missed the point of the show and what was it about, sorry to tell her.

          • someone says:

            You’re reading way more into my comment than what’s actually there. I never said it was David Shore’s fault, I merely said that it would have made sense for her to be back as well, and I missed her. Why she didn’t come back I have no idea. I can appreciate that the show is about House and at the same time miss the appearance of a supporting character, when every other supporting character made an appearance.

          • Cuddy's lawyer says:

            Cuddy was much important than you haters wanted it!
            “Fact is, Edelstein was a big reason House ever seemed even remotely sympathetic”-this from a TV critic analyzes!

  10. Bittersweetsonata says:

    Holy crap. I’m still processing.

  11. Jackie says:

    I loved it!

  12. Mike says:

    Absolutely the best. Hugh Laurie/House is the man!! Thanks for 8 great years of Dr McCrankypants

  13. Sher Gill says:

    I loved the series finale, it a great way to end one of my favorite TV shows. Goodbye Dr. House, you will be missed.

  14. Marion says:


  15. Kate says:

    I wanted a better hameron ending but glad she got him to his senses-loved that photo of the original team :) seasons 1-3 will forever be the best!!

  16. Karen says:

    Did they really reference Dead Poets Society right off the bat? Way to go Kate and David.

  17. amiee says:

    As I watched it more and more, I realized I don’t think House should have REALLY died. I liked it.

  18. alr says:


  19. Holmes fan says:

    How fitting that the episode takes this path after the Sherlock ep that aired last night. Well done Shore!

  20. JT says:

    It screamed for Lisa Edelstein, not Sela Ward. It’s a shame something couldn’t have been worked out. It was nice to see Ann Dudek as Amber one more time, probably her best role ever.

    • Huddy Sucks! says:

      Lisa Edelstein only cared about the money!!

      • Kath says:

        You don’t know that. She left well-paid stable job and appeared on screen in smaller, not so famous roles. It’s definitely not about money.

        • NotMyBabyWilson says:

          Yep RSL cared about the money which was good because it means he kept his ego in check something apparently LE had trouble doing. I think she was a pain in the ass in so many ways and it’s all youtube. Take a look. The networks didn’t want to pay such a divisive actor and character more than they thought she was worth. One of the reasons I came back for S8 was because there would be NO Cuddy/Huddy. Hated the character and the Huddy crapfest.

          I was so happy the series finale was marred with her presence.

          • NotMyBabyWilson says:

            Final sentence should read: “I was so happy the series finale was NOT marred with her (LE’s) presence

          • Kath says:

            Yeah, he kept his ego, especially according to his last interview. He said “screw them” to all the fans who were waiting for Cuddy in the Finale. ‘Cos – damn it! – there was a whole season without Cuddy and Lisa E, but fans were still asking about her. Dancing on someone’s bones by the end of the show is a greeeat, worthful promotion for the show. It was the second time he said bad thing about Cuddy character and actress, while Lisa haven’t ever said any bad word about the show, characters or the actors. To hear RSL’s ego breaking out was a disappointment for me. I thought he was better than this disrespectful behaviour.

          • Tessa says:

            He’s clearly tired of everyone asking about a ship that had obviously already sailed. They’ve been working so hard to make a bad situation work, and all anyone could ask was whether the bad situation could magically become good. If I’m sick of hearing about it, I can’t imagine how they feel. They tried, LE wasn’t coming back. So they had to make it work without her, but no one cares about that, they only care about Cuddy. Yeah, I’d say that’s grounds for annoyance.

        • Isanderson says:

          I agree!! totally right!!

      • Lau says:

        LMAO! The one who only cares about the money is RSL. How many times has he said it. But hey, keep trashing LE.
        Cuddy´s absence was hughly felt, IMO.

        • mooseonajew says:

          RSL stated he cared about money in reference to providing for his family e.g. wife and child. He is not a big spender that runs around Europe etc,,,He was building a nest egg for after the show’s run. Get your facts straight.

    • I did miss LE, but I honestly thought Sela Ward being there was entirely fitting. They really loved one another– a lot of chemistry between them. I liked her showing him a baby that he could still have with someone who wd love him. And I love, love, Anne Dudek!

    • CAM says:

      Hmmm… I was so happy to see Sela Ward. I always loved the interactions between Stacey and House. I admit I was not a Cuddy fan, so that was part of it, but Sela Ward was great!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    It wasn’t original, it didn’t elude to it’s greatest episode structure. It was lackluster and dull. Missing Cuddy made it terrible from the get go. You can’t have a series regular not appear. No matter how messy the divorce.

    Glad it’s been put to sleep for good.

  22. Lola says:

    Ending with House and Wilson is perfection. Bye House!

  23. sjc1987 says:

    I think I would have preferred the actual death, honestly. I did like the idea that he’s off with Wilson, for a little while, but what after that? Where can he go? I liked that it looked like the show was ending on a note of finality, but now, I’m just plagued with questions of what his life will be like after.

    I love that Chase took over the department, though. Definitely one of my favorite small things.

    Definitely one of the better series finales I’ve watched, I think. I almost cried when Wilson started speaking…just as I was about to, his tone change. So, I didn’t.

    I will miss this show.

    • JD says:

      This means the finale worked. If you’re plagued with questions, it means that the show made you think. I think the point of the ending is that it didn’t matter House and Wilson’s time was limited, they were going to make the best of it and House would wait to deal with it until after his friend was gone. He gave up being a doctor, gave up solving the puzzles, for Wilson. House finally changed. Just a fantastic end to the series.

      • Chris says:

        No, it means the episode was not satisfying.

        • Clay says:

          Not everything has to be wrapped up neatly. I agree with JD. A good series finale is suppose to leave you wanting more and wondering what’s next. It wasn’t an entirely happy ending. It was bittersweet. Chase got House’s old job. Cameron is happily married with a husband and child. Wilson is spending his last few months with his best friend. In a way, this finale was similar to Chuck’s. A lot of people were complaining about not having a definite answer to where Chuck and Sarah end up but like House’s, it left a sense of ambiguity so that viewers can draw their own conclusions.

          • Justin says:

            Agree 100% with JD here. The bottom line is the poll on this site and the poll on other tv sites have 70-75% of the readers giving this either an “excellent” or “very good”.

            If I were David Shore I’d be thrilled with that. You can’t please everyone. I think they did a fantastic job with the ending to this series overall. As the season 8 House poster stated, “This is Not a Democracy.”

            I will miss my favorite show greatly, but what a great accomplishment this series was.

            There will never be another House, ever. But if any of my fellow readers here has a good recommendation for a drama I might like next fall feel free to let me know.

      • sjc1987 says:

        I don’t think House changed at all.

        But no, it doesn’t mean the finale worked for me. I love being plagued with questions during a show; at the end, I like to know.

    • mg says:

      I think that’s the point though. He’s never really cared about consequences. He sets forth with a plan he feels is right and whatever happens happens. I think that was a great way to end it. He gets to support his friend at the end and doesn’t really care about what happens after that point.

      I also liked seeing how the other original members ended up, and that Foreman figured out that House fooled him one last time.

      • CAM says:

        I agree. The look on Foreman’s face as he stared at House’s ID card was great! Also liked seeing Chase become the head of the team. He even had House’s ball on the desk.

        • cathiecat says:

          This was the key element foretelling House’s post-Wilson future. As Foreman’s look showed, he knew only a live House could have left him this clever message. He knows House’s medical future is so not over. The moment of the tilting table was shared only between them, as was the id badge discovery. Great ending of a great show.

    • sandy says:

      yea the explosion was pretty sweet and would’ve made a good ending

  24. JO! says:

    Great ultimate theme. Goodbye to the one of the past decade’s worldwide television icons. See ya Kutner, Cut-throat Bitch, Stacy. Bye two lady series regulars of the last season. Bye Taub and 13. Bye Foreman. Bye Chase. Bye Cuddy. Bye Cameron. Bye Wilson. And a truly sincere goodbye the eyes and voice I’ll remember every time I read and hear, “Everybody Lies.”

  25. Peter Venkman says:

    Loved it. Loved everything about it. RIP “House, M.D.”

  26. Bailey says:

    The ONLY way it could’ve been better was if they had gotten Cuddy back; Stacy was really a poor stand-in. Otherwise, it was everything I had hoped for. Didn’t even see the twist coming. I honestly thought they were going to kill him off… until Wilson started ranting instead of eulogizing. Then I knew something was afoot. Bravo all involved. The (not so) good doctor will be missed.

    • Huddy Sucks! says:

      Wrong! Huddy was a poor ret-con jammed into an otherwise perfect series!

      • itbean says:

        Why are you so obsessed about Huddy? That’s twice now you’ve immediately assumed that people wanted a huddy reunion when only mentioning cuddy’s name? You realize she was an important character waaaay before they started the huddy failure? The only one mentioning “huddy” around here is you.

        • Huddy Sucks says:

          Stacy was the love of his life, it was canon and it showed in a well thought out, well written, well acted arc back in season 1-2 between two actors with incredible talent and chemistry. And not a “poor stand-in for Cuddy”. And Cuddy was not an important character in the seasons 1-3, only a supporting character played by an actress who seemed to worm her way into a bigger role by befriending a showrunner and some of the writers. An actress who crowed in promotional interviews about how hard she lobbied for a sexier wardrobe and hairdo. An actress who boasted about being the married lead actor’s “American Wife” at a time when tabloids were speculating about his marriage. Clearly, Huddy only happened because of the delusions of grandeur of an actress playing a supporting character who lobbied (and who knows what else?) for her own selfish agenda that resulted in a pathetic excuse for a love story, Huddy.

          • Hugo says:

            Yeah but the show tanked when she left. I mean, not even the finale could get decent ratings. She can be all you want but many viewers watched for Cuddy and without her this crapfest called show is cancelled XDDDD

          • @Hugo says:

            The ratings tanked since season3 and even with her on the show. Compare the ratings for example from season 6 and the heavy Cuddy season7 and you will see they dropped as much as from season 7 to 8. They lost over the course a lot of viewers for several good reasons. I´m pretty sure even with Cuddy on board the ratings wouldn`t look different. Probably i should add that House ended for FOX still as its Number1 drama even with these figures.

      • Ahreada says:

        True, Huddy made House unwatchable.

        • Lau says:

          And I guess that´s why the ratings tanked this season, right? “/

          • James R. says:

            It tanked because of the way they had to end last season because of how LE left.

            No matter, the show was fantastic and it will be sorely missed.

            Oh and BTW.. Sela Wards character played a much bigger role in Houses life than LE’s did. They were together longer, and his leg was bummed because of her decision.

  27. dhcoop says:

    Probably the best series finale ever!

  28. Hanna says:

    The opening shot of the funeral looked a lot like how they opened a similar scene in the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie. That, plus I watched the Sherlock finale last night, so it was fresh in my head. I actually started laughing when I saw it because I had a feeling I knew what they were going to do.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Great work by everyone, one of the best episodes to date. Thanks so much for this fun ride. Such a tense episode, and the ending sure resolves everything.

  30. Skbranch says:

    Some of the best writers in the business! A great send off and I liked how they wrapped up the other characters too, especially Chase becoming the head of the dept. as always, a wonderful job to the House crew.

  31. WOW! Even as a Huddy who was waiting for a surprise appearance of Lisa Edelstein (which didn’t happen) I loved how it ended! Relieving and… perfect! And open enough to write every fanficions you want ;)

  32. Km says:

    The waterworks started when Wilson was delivering his eulogy…. Until he called him an ass…. Then it got completely awesome.

    • Christine Dix says:

      Because it was awesome…..sitting there listening to everyone “Blah, Blah, Blah” about how great he was just totally brought “Everybody lies” into play……

  33. Sean says:

    Ending very much like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, not a memorable finale overall. Lacked the killer humor and freshness of House when it started and lacked a truly dramatic and satisfying resolution. Good show overall, stopped watching after season 6 though until now, kind of glad I did. Hugh Laurie is great though, as is Robert Sean Leonard.

    • Brendan says:

      Maybe the missing two seasons were why you didn’t find it a dramatic and satisfying resolution? A lot of what happened over seasons 7 and 8 informed the exposition in this episode (quite frankly the entirety of House’s 8 year journey was important to this episode).

  34. David says:

    It was great, but didn’t move me like so many other episodes. A broken house collapsing on Cuddy, Wilson finding Amber’s note…so many tear inducing moments. This was nice, but not the POW/WOW moment I expected.

  35. HouseFan says:

    It was an okay finale, but I wish it would have answered a few more questions. I would like to see a spin off with Chase as the head of diagnostics. All in All House is House haha

  36. Clarissa says:

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
    I would have been happy with him dying too tbh.

    Only thing was I was hoping for more thirteen.

  37. Cantare says:

    I thought it was perfect – couldn’t have been better. And I loved that they brought back Stacy. Fabulous!

  38. Kyle says:

    Great to see Sela Ward and Jen Morrison again. But it was sort of incomplete without Cuddy.

  39. Jackie says:

    You will be missed. I have loved your show for eight short yers. I do not know what my Mondays wiol be like now. Thank you Gregory House.

  40. Kevin says:

    Hope Shonda Rimes was watching. This is how you write and stay true to the characters!

  41. I haven’t been able to watch it yet — is Thirteen still there as a real person or is she just one of House’s vision’s now? (LOVE Thirteen! She’s my favorite!)

  42. Karen says:

    Loved it! Will miss Hugh on my Tv evry week!

  43. Jade252 says:

    Perfect. So many series who know they are ending have out of character last episodes. This was awesome!

  44. Viviana says:

    It was absolute crap!!!! I can’t believe I wasted 8 years of my life. For everyone that jumped ship before: You Were Right. I thought you guys were wrong but no. I was. I should’ve stopped watching the show a long time ago. The whole burning building / hallucination was stupid. It’s a recycled story from when Amber had the bus accident. I did like the montage of the team but what’s going to happen to House when Wilson dies? Is he going to just be ‘alive’? No consequences? Then the character hasn’t grown at all. Then what was the point of the show and development of the characters.

    • Brendan says:

      Um… what show were you watching? The burning building was not at all the same as him trying to recover a lost memory in season 4, and no consequences? He’ll either go to jail for a long time or lose his identity and not be able to be a doctor anymore, as they established when he was sitting on the steps. And hasn’t grown at all? Honestly, what show were you watching?

    • Nadia says:

      when wilson dies… house is gonna be in prision for a couple or more years without medical lincense or a very sad person who cant be a doctor because he is legally dead so, I dont really understand your “just alive/non consequences” theory.

      it was a good ending for an 8 years tv series… with time they just tend to go down…

    • Sharona says:

      The point was that House gave up what he loved – the puzzle – to be with Wilson. After Wilson’s dead, he can figure out if he wants to face the music…or disappear into a new life, but he still won’t have the medicine.

      • Viviana says:

        I understand what you all are saying. I still didn’t like it. It was still House not wanting and not learning to deal with the consequences of his actions. By going off with Wilson, yes he’s spending time with his friend, but he is still running away from the consequences. He is not dealing with it. What do you think will happen when Wilson dies? Who’s going to call the hospital and let the team know? What’s going to happen when Wilson gets so sick that House has to call his ‘people’ to come get Wilson so he doesn’t die alone because they can’t see that House is alive? Sooner or later House has to deal with it.

        • Emily says:

          I guess I’m a little confused. Would you rather we ended with House going to jail and Wilson refusing to visit House? This is how House is dealing with it. House has faced consequences before, he’s been both institutionalized and incarcerated. What happens in five months? Who knows. What happened after the Sopranos cut to black? What happened after Buffy was no longer the only Slayer? What happened after Jack Bauer went on the run from two countries? Perhaps House will kill himself when Wilson dies. Perhaps he’ll turn himself in and go to jail. Perhaps he’ll get himself a new identity and become a dentist, or run away to the Ukraine with Dominika. I, a person who always needs more answers, am finding that I don’t care. It was pretty much the best ending possible. It’s obviously impossible to explore a House without Wilson in one episode. So House got his sliver of the happiness that has always eluded him by choosing Wilson over his puzzles. The end.

          • tripoli says:

            Very well said. Completely agree.

          • dddddd says:

            “What happened after Buffy was no longer the only Slayer?”

            I take it you haven’t t read the BTVS comics.

          • Emily says:

            I have, but most haven’t, and the comics are not the series finale. The finale was meant to provide closure. The comics could go for years and become atrocious, but whatever happens in them wouldn’t impact my impression of the show.

        • Kitty says:

          Actually he did face consequences. If he came through with the deal he made with Foreman, instead of expecting others (Foreman, Wilson) to fix it for him, he would have spent Wilson’s final months with him and have a life to go back to after prison. The consequence of his irresponsibility was loosing his entire life and his puzzles to be there for Wilson.

          Also why would House call others at the end if he could go to another hospital where they don’t know him and be there with Wilson in his dying moments, since it’s House who was closest to him and I think Wilson would have prefered/wanted to have his best friend there with him. I think House would somehow (maybe in a way that they wouldn’t know it was him) notify others later.

        • Wilson will just die. Cancer is not only boring as H. said, it actually is very simple.
          House can easily just put him “out of his misery” as he promised 13 he would do. He doesn’t need the team or the hospital.
          I know… because my husband almost died, and also another friend took his own life when he had melanoma.

    • erin bowers says:

      I totally agree .. what a load of crap …

      More Hallucinations,More drug use (Heroin instead of Vicodin)Wilson is much more understanding about his DRUG USE than Cuddy but then Wilson isn’t dying right ?, and more flaunting authority
      People keep talking about House’s BIG SACRIFICE but I have yet to recognize it.
      What did he actually give UP… Medicine Well he actually gave that up when he destroyed the MRI machine and was arrested a second time.
      His good name HA… Hasn’t had that since he was incarcerated.
      His ability to diagnose and solve puzzles… Well with his past criminal record and employment record NO ONE will hire him now anyway. He can always offer his diagnostic services online to unsuspecting patients.
      He sacrificed nothing because he has nothing to sacrifice. He didn’t have anything of any value

      Maybe he can still look up Cuddy and see if the diagnostic department is looking for a Genius Diagnostician with a criminal record and a complete disregard for authority and the criminal justice system. On second thought he might just want to skip that as I am sure before hiring him the hospital would expect him to take a drug test.. AWKWARD….
      Anyway… House will probably be too busy in the next few months.. He has to euthanize Wilson and then there is always his promise to euthanize Thirteen when her time comes. It appears he is REALLY good with the euthanasia thing and perhaps he could make his career out of that.
      There is your spin off it is called DR DEATH House is the good hearted fugitive doctor who goes from town to town in search of sick and dying patients who need to put to sleep.Resembles the Fugitive always on the run from the long arm of the law. He could be chased by the one armed man TITTER from season 3

      So,all in all the House finale was about NOTHING. House did drugs, hallucinated and decided to change his life. Hasn’t he done this before in season 3, 5 and any time he hits rock bottom. He went to MayFair where he went through detox and therapy. He even made a new best friend Alvie but if it didn’t work then why do we believe him now. I know I don’t . Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me …

      The whole premise is based on a lie he is FAKING his death It is nothing but another PRANK .Many will say it is because of Wilson and the epiphany in the burning building. Well house has epiphanies every season and has told Cuddy and Wilson numerous times in that he could change he could do better. He is still a drug addict and still not owning up to his actions. NOTHING has changed. Many will say he changed so he could be there for Wilson at the bitter end. Why couldn’t Wilson just undergo chemotherapy and prolong his life so House could go to jail and complete the time and have House live up to his obligations. House has always been a con man and this is just his biggest con yet on Wilson and the rest of society. He sacrificed nothing because he has nothing to sacrifice

      Enjoy your Finale it was a FAKE and the JOKE is on the VIEWERS

      • Maria says:

        “Why couldn’t Wilson just undergo chemotherapy and prolong his life so House could go to jail and complete the time and have House live up to his obligations.”
        Because he didn’t *need* chemo. He needed surgery and then radiation and he would probably be just fine. That storyline was a joke.

      • ! says:

        bitter huddies are so annoying, shut up please, no one cares about your delusions

  45. Great ending to an amazing series. Kept you guessing till the end. Only thing missing was Cutty. Too bad they couldn’t work her in. Kudos to the team for 8 great years.

  46. ray says:

    Loved it, simpler then i thought it would be. Thought the end should have included more dramatics, dealing with house’s leg. The episode did deal with who house is as a person but thought there could have been more, the show was always so greate with filming such amazing dramatic episodes so i thought they would have pulled out all the stops. I understand the simplistics and will always be a proud house fan! House gave up his life in order to be there for wilson, loved thos tow and the rest of the cast. House will be missed!!

  47. Nadia says:

    It was good, I didn’t expect EXCELENT so god is enough for me. People don’t be cruel, it was cool enough for the ride.
    House doing the last sacrifice to Wilson, and well, it was a happy Wilsonat th eend, house was gonna go back to being house and in prision or not being a doctor at all.

    after greys anatomy… compare to it.. it was awesome

  48. Brendan says:

    Absolutely amazing, delivered on all accounts. Brilliant ending to a great tv series.

  49. Taryn says:

    I loved it. Glad to see both Sela Ward and Jennifer Morrison back for the finale. this was the ending i had been hoping for. one where wilson and house ride off into the sunset together.

    • I was glad Stacy and Cameron returned. They were trying to make up for LE’s absence, I think it worked. She had a “right” to be absent (House tried to kill her and child, from her pov)
      I am glad House and Wilson (Holmes and Watson) were together at the end.