Grimm Bosses Answer Burning Finale Qs and (Lightly) Spoil a 'Bigger and Badder' Season 2!

Grimm Season 1 Finale -- Woman in Black Grimm‘s season finale left fans of the freshman spookfest with more than chills — it left them with plenty of burning questions, too: Can Juliette be saved? Where did Adalind go? What’s the story with Captain Renard? And most of all, is the Woman in Black really Nick’s mom?

In the following Q&A, showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf — who are already hard at work on Season 2 — weigh in on the finale’s mother of a twist, talk about their “critter inspiration” and promise that ultimately your questions will be answered.

TVLINE | That was quite a cliffhanger! Will Season 2 pick right up after the big reveal, or will there be a time jump?
JIM KOUF | Moments later! We’re picking it up right from that scene.

TVLINE | Did you always intend for Nick’s mom to be alive? Or did the identity of the Woman in Black evolve throughout the course of the season?
KOUF | That was something we talked about when we were doing the pilot, before we even had a series. It was one of the first things we came up with.

TVLINE | With Akira Kimura dead and his mother alive, what is Nick’s next step?
DAVID GREENWALT | He’ll have to be dealing with his mother, Juliette, Hank and all kinds of people and things. There will be bigger and badder enemies coming for him, and everything will be sort of on a larger scale.
KOUF | As you saw in the finale, his life is becoming a little more unraveled by all of this, and it’s going to continue to do so in the first few episodes of Season 2 — he’s going to be forced to deal with some more issues.

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TVLINE | One of his biggest issues was ‘fessing up to Juliette. Do you think she believed Nick at all?
GREENWALT | We knew he had to come clean this season because it was putting too much pressure on their relationship and making her think she was crazy or that he was having an affair. But the way that scene [in the trailer] wrote out was that… the more you tell it, the more ridiculous it sounds. It did scare the hell out of her; it’s frightening to see the one you love apparently coming unraveled.
KOUF | No matter what you do, I don’t think there’s any way you can tell that story without seeming like you’re nuts! [Laughs] But as the audience knows, all he was really doing was telling her the truth!

TVLINE | She may never know, now that she’s under that spell! Is it safe to say she won’t die before Season 2?
GREENWALT | She’s in a weird zone, and you’ll have to stay tuned to find out exactly what the weirdness is. It definitely had a big effect on her life and psyche, but we also can’t assume anything about Juliette. Anything can happen!

TVLINE | Rosalee was working against the clock in the finale. Will she be featured more prominently next season?
KOUF | Oh yeah! She’s going to have a larger role, and she’s going to have something pretty horrendous happen to her!

TVLINE | What about Hank? Should we be worried about his sanity?
KOUF | Yes. [Laughs] It is going to get worse for Hank before it gets better.

TVLINE | Hank has had it the worst, especially with Adalind. Is she done causing trouble?
KOUF | Well, right now she’s run away, so we don’t want to reveal whether she’s coming back or not.

TVLINE | The true “big bad” of Grimm is seemingly the Captain. What’s his story?
GREENWALT | The Captain is many things to many people, and next season, much more will be revealed, and early on! We’re going to reveal a lot more about him right away.

TVLINE | What’s next season looking like? More of Nick’s life or more procedural-focused?
GREENWALT | Both. It will still be a procedural that you can watch without knowing nothing about nothing — except that it’s that cool show where they solve crimes and people turn into critters. [Laughs] But if you’re a hardcore fan — or even a softcore fan — there will be plenty of mythology to keep you interested and keep you watching and locked in. While there will be focus on Nick’s life, there will be some new and evermore frightening creatures — as well as a list of returnees.

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  1. prish says:

    Well, I like the Captain. I hope they develop him as a sympathetic character and keep him around as a positive force. I heard that’s what they did with Chuck’s brother-in-law Awesome. Lions are such fun creatures. Don’t make them the real baddies, here.

  2. Andrea says:

    What has me puzzled the most is that the finale of Grimm ends EXACTLY like the finale of Hawaii Five-O…
    Anyway, I’m so looking forward to season 2. It’s a fantastic series.
    The only thing that is slightly annoying is that nobody gets the German names right. Well, maybe the actors can take some German lessons in the meantime.

    • CC says:

      I guess they don’t get the German right ’cause German is not the language they speak. They probably would not always get it right if it was Spanish, or Korean, or Italian, etc. if those were not languages they spoke. If it is a language they speak, then I guess them getting it wrong would be annoying.

      • Templar says:

        There is a difference between high and low German. Also the accent in Bavaria is different than the accent in Hamburg etc. I speak German and understand most of what they say.

    • Nixy says:

      Yeah, I understand that one can get annoyed over the German words BUT it’s not supposed to be German.
      It’s supposed to be Americanized German, twisted over the years. German is what you speak in Germany, if you move the language to America – it gets changed over the years.
      Compare it if you will to the difference between modern Swedish and some of the Swedish that Americans with Swedish ancestry can speak a little of – it’s not the same thing at all.

      • Alex A. says:

        A lot of Americans study Spanish in high school, so they won’t know if the German is wrong anyway.

      • Tom C says:

        Exactly, in the same way that Americans don’t/ can’t speak English rather a bastardised version of it

    • Meg says:

      I was wondering if anyone would mention Grimm’s and Hawaii Five-O’s endings. Mom?? I was like “WHAT?!” It’s funny, because they’re my two favorite shows. Lots of hot guys in that little mix.

    • MissTris says:

      OH I KNOW! I noticed that, too! Even the part about the characters being watched. The private eye. The photos. A loved one in danger (Kono and “what’s-his-name”‘s wife in 5-0 and Juliette in Grimm). I was like “the writers of both shows have the same idea!” But I can’t wait for Grimm’s season two! I LOVE 5-0 too!!

    • Clara says:

      Well, I speak Dutch and I understand all the German stuff. Sometimes it sounds plain Dutch to me: Blutbad in German is bloedbad in Dutch and the prononcation is similar. Blutbad means bloodbath in English. If you look at the written words, you kind of can figure such things out yourself :)

      • Kim says:

        I speak Dutch too and the German in Grimm is indeed very easy to understand. For example that the German word ‘gift’ means ‘poison’, that doesn’t look alike. But in Dutch it’s ‘gif’, so that’s a no-brainer. I really like that about the show.

  3. Angie says:

    And I like Adalind. I hope she’s coming back, but not just as a baddie. I want her to move to the gray area in terms of morality. I think she and Nick work so well in their scenes together. I’m trying to think of a different, less cliched word, but chemistry just fits.

    • Fabe says:

      I so agree with you. She could be like Faith from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I don’t know if you’ve seen that show, but she was very much an antihero. She was very conflicted, never knowing if she was good or evil and I think Adalind would do that type of storyline perfectly!

      • Carm says:

        I like watching her too so I hope she comes back. But she was definitely evil. She was really mad when Nick took the beast out of her. That is probably why she did what she did to Juliette, to get back at him. I also couldn’t help but to laugh at Hank and his huge gun.

        • Fabe says:

          @Carm……I agree with you that she was definitely mad, but she seemed so humanly emotional after the beast was taken out of her. Also, when her mother and the captain rejected her, she seemed truly hurt and that is why I think she “poisoned” Juliette–to get back at Nick for taking the very thing that defined who she was away from her.

      • hachicritter says:

        I hope not, I hated Faith!

    • Sandy McKenna says:

      I’d like to see Adalind move to the invisible area–no cred, no depth. And Juliette’s too bland to be a focal point . Both are such cutsie little things and fall flat next to Nick, Monroe, and the Captain. Rosalee is the only woman (we’ll see how Mama works out) who holds her own in terms of charisma with the male cast. Monroe is great. Glad to see he’s got the strongest woman; very glad she’s a full part of season 2.

    • Adalind is my favourite! The show won’t be the same for me if she leaves for good. Faith is amazing, don’t disrespect!!!

  4. MeeMee says:

    I want Season 2.. NOW.

  5. Sheldon W. says:

    The first season of GRIMM was fun and cool and all, but that finale was mind-boggling! And is just me, or does Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio qualify as a hot mom?

  6. The Kaibosh says:

    There’s a lot to like about this show but its not perfect. I’ve said it before why does everyone go on about Juliet as though she’s been put the through the wringer and should be at her wit’s end? She’s been through a couple of things but she hasn’t seen and endured so much that her and Nick’s relationship be as strained as much as its suggested. It’s false drama and its cheap! They need to give Juliet some real edge because the viewer should care about her and Nick’s relationship and quite frankly I don’t. She’s basically Lana: sweet, pretty and flawless who suspects the person she loves is hiding something. 7 years of “you have secrets and I can’t truly love someone with something to hide” fake drama on the CW was too much. NBC better not go down that road cat scratch witchcraft or not.

    • hachicritter says:

      In the last month or so, have you been the victim of a home invasion, had to fend off an attacker who severely beat your boyfriend, been kidnapped and threatened with death by a psychopathic woman, found several victims of a mass murder while on the job and had to turn down your boyfriend’s proposal of marriage because you think he’s hiding something? Sheesh. (Not to mention recieiving thousands of calories of baked goods from well meaning BeaverFolk)

      • This says:


      • I totally agree with hachicritter, & not for nothing, but Juliette can be pretty bad ass herself! She got rid of the Siegbarste by throwing boiling water in his face, she cold cocked Ariel so sweet – I loved that “No, time for YOU to scream!” pow. Juliette is brave, but I’m just hoping she’ll be more open minded. What would be awesome is if this poisoning situation can actually cause her to ‘see’ wesen like Nick does. Rosalee is awesome & I’d love to see things get going with her & Monroe (who really makes the whole show), but Juliette is great.

    • Uberkiki says:

      I agree Kaibosh. Juliette is actually the one weak point for me on this show. I don’t buy the relationship between Juliette and Nick. There’s no real chemistry between them. I’m done with the fragile woman waiting around for the big strong supernatural man scenario. They either need to seriously amp up her character or make the change and I’m just not sure that lovely actress is right for the part. I’d love to see Nick meet his match romantically and supernatural asskickingly :P

      • malarson2 says:

        First, LOVE this show. It’s the one show my kids and I sit down together and watch. All of us. It’s awesome and I’m so grateful to the makers…if you are reading this – thank you! On Juliet…we live in Portland one of the major things we love about her character is that she is SO Portland. She has the look, the casual, cool demeanor. She is not a drama queen and we like that. If fits with the feel of the show, which is also very ‘Portland’. Other than the scary people changing into monsters thing, of course.

      • Mun says:

        Personally i dont think juliette is a weak point and i dont understand the hate for her character. I do agree with many people that she hasnt got much of a story but i think it is very understandable because this is the first season and the writers probably want to focus on nick and introduce a bunch of wesens first. I think juliette is a badass herself and shes a cool woman. Sometimes she gave a vibe that seems like shes even tougher than Nick. For example, when she handled Ariel and when she quickly jumped in to help Nick research about his parents death. She may only seem weak and fragile because shes been kept in the dark and doesnt possess any supernatural power, but i feel like for shows like this, we need a few relatively normal person to keep the balance. I think juliette is only weak in a physical sense, but her personality is very tough.

        I actually dont like Rosalee as much as everyone else seems to like her. Shes a nice addition and its good to have her around helping out and become a love interest for our fav blutbad. But the actress is kinda stiff at times. I dont think shes played the part very well. And i really dont find rosalee as a character all that special. There isn much charisma as people say. In the female cast, Adalind (claire coffee) has the most charisma and Juliette (bitsie tulloch) has to be the best actress of them all. I love the way she played the scene when nick revealed the truth. But i can understand and agree with the decision to add rosalee to the show, just hope the actress can play her more naturally next season.

      • Mary says:

        totally agree. The character of Juliette is boring, tedious, unfunny, uninteresting… maybe it’s because of the actress who playes her

  7. julia says:

    I loved the finale. The timing was great and even though we kind of knew what would happen in some areas, it was still well done and not dull in any way. Can’t wait for Season 2!!

  8. This has been the absolutely BEST finale for me. The ONLY one I just can’t wait for the next season. I adored it, as I have come from liking, to loving to adoring the series… I’m truly wondering about Rosalee… he says it like he’s enjoying torturing the poor thing :( We’ll know she’ll be a regular, so, she won’t just be killed off. I wonder what’s coming her way. I just love her so much. Sh made me love the show even more… GRIMM has turned into one of my favorite shows really, really fast.

  9. theresa says:

    I can’t wait for next season!! More Monroe & hopefully a romance with Rosalee. And what will happen with Nick & Juliette and his Mom showing up!!

  10. BrianR says:

    I had the suspicion she was a Grimm from the way she moved and once at Nick’s I knew he would say mom. Nick’s confession to Juliette was so manic that there was no way she was going to believe him. He should have gone to Monroe first.

  11. Fabe says:

    I hope Adalind has a bigger storyline next season! I could see her and Nick developing a love-hate relationship. That would be so cool!

  12. Preeti says:

    I love Adalind too. Please bring Claire Coffee back for next season. She is evil awesome . I love her scenes with Nick, Renard. Also Jessica Tuck as her mother was good.

  13. moobear says:

    Yeah, well I heard, yo mama is so stupid that she spent twenty minutes lookin’ at an orange juice box because it said “concentrate”.

    • moobear says:

      What the????
      That was suppose to be posted as a reply to one of those stupid scam posts and they took it down!!!
      Dang, and I can’t even remove these posts so it totally doesn’t make any sense :(

  14. Annie says:

    GIMME SEASON 2 NOW! And oh, I don’t like Juliette, so she can go either way, meh.

  15. mountaineer says:

    I don’t care for Adalind at all. She can stay gone.Loved the the finale and I can’t wait for season two with Mamma Grimm. And too much Monroe is not enough. Love love love him!

    • Jenn says:

      Praise. Adalind is the absolute worst. I love Monroe. I also have really come to like Juliet.

      • I agree, Monroe totally rules & I adore him, Juliette is great as is Rosalee, but I can’t stand Adalind. If she does come back, let’s see what was up with her & Capt. Renard, but keep her relationship with Nick hate/hate.

  16. hachicritter says:

    Love Nick. Really like Juliette, Monroe and the rest. Adalind would be good in small doses. Monroe is not the main character of this drama however, I don’t get the MORE WOOBIE ADORKABLE WIDDLE MONROE fans, this isn’t a comedy about a goofy Wolfman. He’s a quirky dude with a questionable past. Respect him please.

    • Kat Majors says:

      I also adore Monroe – he has high morality, is loyal to his core and always up for a good fight! And besides that, he’s a gorgeous hunk of man/wolf.

  17. This says:

    The finale was so good! Giuntoli did a really good job doing “crazy” in the trailer scene, that was really well acted. I also hope Adalind comes back; the storyline wouldn’t feel resolved without her. I think the Captain is my favorite character so far. I love the ambiguity of the character but I need answers soon hahaha. I can’t wait for next season!

  18. Jenn says:

    Good episode, but disappointing that it revealed absolutely nothing. It was not satisfying at all, especially when they made it set out to be that Juliet would learn everything. Huge bummer. Was hoping for a lot of things to be answered, and the exact opposite happened (nothing was answered).

    It was a good episode for a regular episode, unsatisfying for a season finale (especially for a show with so many unanswered questions).

    • ally says:

      i think they usually answer all the questions and tie things together when the shows won’t be picked up for another season… this is why a lot of things are in the air otherwise would you really stick around for the next season if everything is answered already?!

  19. mia says:

    Great finale! The Captain is my favourite character (and they really should cast Richard Armitage as his brother or something).
    I’d like the Captain to not be this great big evil, but instead some sort of contemporary moderate who is using his position to change the vesin world or something. Just something cool.
    Hope Juliette and Rosalee get some girl-bonding time next season.

    • sarah says:

      Yeah, the captain really seemed like he could end up being this kind of complex but decent guy. He usually seemed reluctant to use force, and he protected Nick a coupla times, right?Could have been for his own reasons, of course, but I hope they make him good or at least conflicted, not just downright evil.

      And Juliette has been such a boring character so far…a bit of interaction with Rosalee might help that. I hate to say it, but Juliette and Nick together leave me feeling kind of…blah. I’m not sure if it’s their lines, their acting, or just a basic lack of chemistry, but oh well. Whatever happened to Juliette at the end of the finale is bound to make her a more interesting character now!

      • Jim says:

        Couldn’t agree more with you Sarah. Seems like the writers know it also and are converting Juliette into some kind of Wessen. Nick should have hooked with a dynamic Wessen like the Plumed Serpent fire breather. That would have been fine by me because they would have made a powerful team.

  20. tvdiva says:

    I watch the show for Monroe and the Captain. They are both scene stealing characters who add a lot to the on-going story. Did anyone else think about Warehouse 13 and Pete finding out his Mom was alive and a Regent? I thought about that when Nick’s mom identified herself.

  21. Lady says:

    I love Adalind too, I thought she and Nick had better chemistry than Nick and Juliette. I definitely could see her going the Faith route so I would love to see her come back for a couple of episodes next season. I knew the woman in black was Nick’s mom before the ‘big’ reveal, when she started kicking ass. I think that’s gonna be an interesting storyline.

  22. tsi431 says:

    I think his Aunt was actually his mother, and his “mother / lady in black” is actually his Aunt. Which is why he got his powers after his “Aunt” died.
    It was kept a secret so he could be safe from the Wesen.

    • RothfussFan says:

      Of course! >Smacks forehead!< I had been wondering about the powers passing when his Aunt did. I guess it could have been some sort of generational thing, a well.

    • krista budnar says:

      so so so so so smart. I was pondering this myself. I am not “in” to this kind of program normally, but I have really enjoyed “GRIMM”. I think you are sooo right. I think his mom was his aunt…and the powers came because she died…..and it was all to protect him…YES! Brilliant! way to go….now i can go to sleep….have a nice weekend!

    • PassedOut says:

      If Aunt Marie is the real mother, who’s the real father?
      Many plot points were plodding and predictable throughout the season. There were many times I hoped to be pleasantly surprised and just wasn’t. And I still could not stop watching every episode. Yep. I’m an addict.
      Am I wrong to have been hoping for many episodes now for something really awful to happen to Juliet, leaving Nick hurt and damaged and emotionally inaccessible to a really perfect match he meets soon after? That could lead to much less pedestrian exchanges and romance. The only challenge here: the relationship is so flat, it’s hard to imagine him being that damaged by it ending, no matter how tragic the circumstances.
      And seriously, this bit with the cat scratch and any of the three most likely results of it: annoyingly formulaic and in no way does it even begin to compensate for just how unbearable Juliet is. Making her more interesting this way just makes her a more interesting unbearable.
      By the way, for those who don’t know: Renard is French for “fox” – just in case you’ve been dying to find out what the captains looks like in a wave. But he is one cool cucumber! Not even a hint of a flicker of a wave to tilt his wowen nature to Nick! Might he in someway be related to Rosalee?

  23. Jenn says:

    I’m completely blown away that so many people love the captain and Adalind. Adalind annoys me and the captain is a good secretive/villian character, but not much more. I very much dislike Adalaid and while I don’t mind the Captain, I’m not particularly fond of him either.

  24. KC says:

    This probably doesn’t mesh with the mythology, but I would love Renard to be a vampire.The man just has that look! Love this show!

  25. liam hacker says:

    More screentime for the captain and Monroe as well a possible return of Ariel Eberhart in Season 2 are what i would be loking forward, its really great news that they will be back in august.

  26. I want to know when the Dragon girl comes back, since she is alive.

  27. Lynn says:

    I love the show, and all the characters. Not sure about Juliet.. she just doesn’t have “chemistry” with Nick… maybe as a cat demon, she’ll develop something… she’s just so.. bland. Other than that, I’m totally with the show and the storyline. I like the Captain, but am pretty sure he’s a big bad evil. Adalind, I can take or leave, though she does work well with Nick.

  28. kim says:

    i love monroeand his girl friend.. I love the show can not wait for season 2!

  29. Missjo says:

    I don’t think Nick & Juliet have chemistry. They have more of a casual acquaintence feel. I want to see more of a spark between them. Don’t know if the actors don’t have the right chemistry or if the woman can’t act. I am so glad you are filming in Portland, Oregon! I’m from McMinnville!

    I wanna see the captain become like Faith. Never saw the show, but from what others say, it sounds right. I can’t wait to see if Rosalee & Munroe get together. I hope so. Adelind, I haven’t made up my mind, yet.

    Love the season finale, too many questions need answered, but I know they’ll be answered in the coming seasons.

  30. Erik Wiley says:

    I can’t wait next season is going to be much darker I hope and Nick will be even darker I hope.

  31. Sofia says:

    Juliette is boring. I think it is time to get rid of her.

  32. mai says:

    Really looovveed the show! Can’t wait for the next season!!! Love how the characters interact with each other.

  33. Jewli Judd says:

    questions about the finale:

    what is up with the Capt wearing a wedding ring?
    did anyone notice the strange likeness between Juliette and the Woman in Black?
    does anyone else think that perhaps the Capt may be related to Nick?

  34. Kat says:

    I love GRIMM and that says a lot because I hate most television these days! So original, yet with a familiar twist that brings me back to youth with all the storybook characters and fresh twists on old tales. I love to see the evolution of Nick from your run of the mill detective to bad-ass Grimm! My Fiance and I do not miss an episode! I am dying for Season 2!

  35. Kerry Jessica Paulos says:

    More Captain Renard. Sasha Roiz owns this role, and makes his scenes unforgettable. He’s the best thing on the show- and the show is fantastic. Love it and can’t wait for season 2!!!

  36. Bert says:

    How does Nick appear to his enemies? What does a Grimm look like to them?

    • BABA says:

      Been wondering that myself. I hope it’s not as simple as that they realize he doesn’t have a wesen from.
      I actually hoped that he has a badaz Grimm form that they can see, like a metallic chiseled look with a certain glow about him.
      But please don’t make it look like the vampires in Twilight when they step out in sunlight.

  37. Flemming R. says:

    I’ve been watching the show since it 1st appeared in September and after I moved in with my girlfriend in April, she quickly caught up on OnDemand and we were able to watch the awesome finale together. Like the chemistry between Nick and Adalind, and am curious to see what becomes of Juliette (whom I also like). Monroe is awesome as the comic relief with his one-liners like “Lowen!? I know they’ll rip your face of and eat it.” The mystery behind Renard and what’ll happen to Hank also make the show worth tuning into for season 2. Best show that’s not Dexter and Breaking Bad.

  38. leona says:

    I hope Juliet is okay. I just love her and how she can stand up for herself and even saved Nick from the ogre. Hope Hank gets better soon. Love every character on the show – even Sgt. Wu.

  39. Emerson Rodriguez says:

    love this series! nice work! :D

  40. Nic says:

    Does anyone not think maybe Juliet is evil???
    She is maybe trying to get close to the Grimm so the trailers secrets???

    • Shemar Natsu Uzumakie says:

      Oh please why would juliet be evil, she is all most a perfect woman. Don’t let your imagination cloud your judgement.

  41. Shemar Uzumakie says:

    Grimm is the best original supernatural series I have ever watched! I am just dieing to watch season two.

  42. Vicki knigge says:

    How about Adalind possessing Juliet and all the twists and turns that could happen as we saw she may no longer be a hexenbeast (my spelling) but she can still concoct potions and can probably cast some spells. Remember Adalind was purring like a kitten when the Captian was around what would happen if Adalind/Juliet had a moment with him and say Hank saw it hummmm. I have wondered how the Wesen recognize Nick that wo uld be interesting. I think mama bears watching perhaps she’s been a Geimm a little to long and will show Nick the darker side of his nature. I’m in Portland a lot and it’s fun to recognize the sights and it’s not a big stretch to believe anything about the people living there-it’s one of the great things about the city!

  43. James says:

    Must say that I rather do love this show. The captain is awesome, Monroe is exceptional, and I even don’t mind Juliette as much as I mind Lori from The Walking Dead. It’s also nice, as an Englishman, to see Brits playing characters that aren’t evil or controlling a Death-star.

    As far as things go, if Adalind has somehow taken control of Juliette, as I suspect she may have, then I can only imagine clichés happening. With two Grimms, and Munroe etc so close to finding out about the cat/poison and so forth, you’d expect that any possession would be quickly sniffed out. Of course, Nick would be all emotional and just accept that she suddenly woke up and is now completely fine, or hopefully not.

    Anyway, I’d just like Nick to ‘Grimm out’ a little more, we have now seen him as a detective (and a good one at that), but I think with his ‘mum’ there it is time he got back to his roots a bit. After all, someone has to actively hunt down the ‘bad ones’.

    Great series, great cast, brings back much nostalgia for Buffy, and can’t wait for season 2!

  44. debbie says:

    Grimm is the best show on tv now. I love rhe fact that Nick is such a good guy and only wants justice against the bad vesens. Don’t want to see him go dark. Like his character just as he is. Julliet is very good with him and was surprised she reacted as she did when he tried to tell her his situation. I really like the interaction of all these characters in the show and hope they don’t try to make drastic changes. I’m hoping julliet wakes up and is capable of helping nick in his grimm duties!! Monroe is great and show wouldn’t be nearly as successful without him. Like his relationship with rosalee. Adiland is a convincing bad gal but in small doses. Captain is good but I think he wants to control the vesen. Hank needs to be filled in so nick has one more major ally. Keep doing what you’re doing. I won’t miss an episode and rewatched every episode on demand. Got my husband and son hooked as completely as I am!!!

  45. diana says:

    I Hope Hank gets better and i cannot wait to see season 2 of grimm by the way the captain is my best character he is cute

  46. John says:

    Im really interested in the Captian! Apparently he has SERIOUS leverage in at least Portland, with the police and the spookier side of the community as he was seen very many times with Adalind and backed off some off Nicks enemies before. It’ll be interesting to see this develop.

  47. Lovely Ashley says:

    I’m completely excited about the new season! I personally think all the cast is doing an absolute wonderful job but my favorite character by far is Hank! I mean he stands by Nick and has his back even though he doesn’t fully comprehend these weird situations and I personally think its pretty crappy that not only was he completely mindf**ked by Adalind after that witnessed Monroe in true form AND THEN watched this guy change after falling to his death and after all that Nick won’t tell him diddly squat?! Come on now! Nick is letting Hank think he’s going crazy and not doing crap to save his sanity. Whatta great partner :/ I don’t like how they protray Hank as untrustworthy, at this point I’m sure he would be relieved to know wtf is really going on so I hope they take that pressure, stress and self doubt off Hanks shoulders in this next season. :)

    • txroguesniper says:

      I thinl that Nick is being a crappy partner by not telling Hank what is going on but what is he going to say. Oh hey Hank by the way those people you see changing they are real and its my job to kill them so you want black coffee or your regular.