American Idol: What New Songs and Encores Would You Pick for Jessica and Phillip?

phillip phillips jessica sanchezIt’s hard to believe there are only two episodes left in American Idol‘s eleventh season. And while it’s equally impossible (for me, for you) to envision a finale not involving Joshua Ledet, the show must go on. (Hey, Skylar Laine sang it, so it must be true.)

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe Tweeted last week that the Season 11 Top 2 — Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips — would be tackling three songs apiece: 1) Their favorite song of the series; 2) A song chosen by Simon Fuller; and 3) Their individual new single.

Part of me remains optimistic that for the first time ever, Idol producers (or at least Jimmy Iovine) won’t saddle the Top 2 with treacle-y nonsense along the lines of “No Boundaries” or “Do I Make You Proud” for their first trips to radio, but that probably falls under the “Fool me 11 times, shame on me and everyone with whom I’ve ever associated” territory.

Instead, let’s focus on the Simon Fuller selection and the “Idol encore” pick (since I’m assuming Uncle Nigel meant Jessica and Phillip can choose to repeat something they’ve covered during their Idol runs, not their favorite song performed by any contestant in the series’ 11-season history, even if the latter option is more interesting).

Simon Fuller Pick
Jessica Sanchez: The Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing” would certainly put her old-soul growl to work, and prove she can move in the process. (One caveat: no 7-inch heels allowed!) I also wouldn’t mind hearing Jessica tackle ‘Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry,” an unexpected, emotional choice that would still allow the 16-year-old’s massive instrument to soar (especially on the final refrain). And while I’ve been pushing for it all season, why not make one more plea for Jessica to tackle “Pearls,” a lesser-known gem from the Sade catalog that would become an instant Idol classic for Bebe Chez.

Phillip Phillips: It’s time for Phillip to prove himself by tackling something out of left field and putting his swampy guitar stamp on it. If he gave Keith Sweat’s “Make You Sweat” the same treatment her gave “Thriller” and “Nice and Slow” in the pre-voting rounds, he might even get his naysayers to speed-dial. The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me” would give Phillip a chance to rock a little harder — and prove himself radio-ready. Still, as I advocated earlier in the season, George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” might be the perfect marriage of music, lyrics, and audacity Phillip needs to snatch the Season 11 crown.

Season 11 Encore
Jessica Sanchez: If Jessica isn’t limited to songs she’s tackled during the voting rounds, then I vote for her Vegas-week solo (“The Prayer”) or better yet, her Vegas-week group number (Buddy Holly’s “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”). If she’s forced to repeat something from Top 25 week or later, though, I guess I’d go with either “Like a Prayer” (Top 9 week trio with Skylar and Hollie) or “You Are So Beautiful” (provided that her Fuller pick and debut single aren’t both ballads as well). Nope, I didn’t go with “I Will Always Love You” or “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”: Those Season 11 moments were too big the first time around, and won’t give her any new momentum in an encore situation.

Phillip Phillips: I’m really hoping Phillip isn’t limited to repeating his voting-round performances, which means that the aforementioned “Thriller” and “Nice and Slow” would be on the table, as would his Vegas group ditty, “I Only Have Eyes for You.” If that’s not the case, though, then I’d push Phillip to break out “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” from Billy Joel week or perhaps “Still Rainin.”

What are your picks for the Top 2 final performance night? Hit the comments and share your opinions!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Beck says:

    I don’t want Phil to do Volcano again because that was epic. Ohhhhhh I’ll have to vote hard tomorrow night.

    • Katie says:

      i like when the contestants pull our up beat songs for encores. I like that scotty did gone again, but if he would of done one of his slower songs it would have been boring. My bet is on phil bringing out superstition since he has said it was his favorite song of the season to perform. I reallly hope jess doesn’t do a ballad she had a moment with, because that would ruin the moment also. Maybe she could do the beyonce song, but this time upbeat instead of slowed down. Phil sang nice and slow at his homecoming so i hope he can do that again cuz that was pretty sick.

      • wickerpark says:

        Volcano was Phillip’s best performance IMO but it’s too recent to reprise. Nice & Slow maybe a good choice. As for Jessica, I’m having a hard time picking one song cause she had a hell of a run the whole season. Whatever she picks, I’m sure she’ll kill it. I love that it’s Phillip & Jessica in the finale. They’re my two favorites but for tomorrow I’m voting for Jessica only. 18664365701, 03 & 05 FTW! #teamwaffle

      • Leo says:

        For encore performances, Jessica shall do “I Will Always Love You” or “Sweet Dreams” or “Love You I Do”, Philip shall do “Thriller” or “Still Rainin'” but he probably will do “Volcano”. Damn, I’m excited. I don’t care if WGWG wins, i just want Jessica to perform the best!

    • Jenay says:

      I am going to be voting hard, too! I am tired of people slamming P2 and saying he is not as talented as Jessica. They changed the game when the allowed instruments and I will always pick someone that can perform, play and sing over someone who can just stand there can sing.

      • Mary B says:

        I totally agree with you.

      • Shaun says:

        You do know she’s 16 right?People can learn you know….idjit.

      • Tim says:

        Allowing instruments was the biggest mistake the show ever made. We’ve had nothing but boring WGWG winners ever since.

      • me talk pretty says:

        And that’s why we keep getting the same winner over and over. Now playing an instrument and imitating some type of rock singer matters more than anything else. All the people who don’t favor music that features lots of guitar are screwed.

      • ben says:

        As a musician, I have to say that playing an instrument is way way easier than being able to sing well – anyone with musical talent can learn to play the guitar sufficiently. If thats what you are voting for, then you way overestimate how talented that is. This isn’t a knock on Phil though – just a knock on people voting for that reason.

        • Liz says:

          Agree with you totally!

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          Exactly, I know how to play the guitar so well, been doin it for 6-7 years now. However, as far as singing goes…I got zero talent. So much easier to go to lessons and learn how to play an instrument than listen how to sing well, u gotta be born with that ability.

        • Sha says:

          true, a powerful voice isn’t something that can be taught. Jessica was definitely born with it.

        • deedee says:

          You’re going to put down musicians who play instruments?? Playing an instrument is exactly as easy as singing. You can be a mediocre singer just as easily as you can be a mediocre instrument player. It takes skill to do either well. It takes skill and *soul* to do either brilliantly.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          But nobody played the guitar like Casey James. There’s playing a guitar – and then there’s playing a guitar!

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        Too bad then. … Robert plant,Steven Tyler, David l Roth, axl rose, mick jagger, roger daltry …. We’re some notable “non musicians”… That you might wish to check out…

        • Templar says:

          Steven Tyler and Axl Rose are both accomplished musicians.

        • Lee says:

          You’re kidding–right?! You’re actually comparing Phillip’s guitar playing to Plant, Tyler, Roth, Rose, Jagger and Daltry? More like Tracy Chapman. However, I would compare Jessica’s singing ability to the likes of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey.

          • deedee says:

            I’m pretty sure the point of the comment you’re so p*ssed off about is that – unlike Phil – Plant, Tyler, Roth, Rose, Jagger, and Daltry *don’t* play instruments in their band – they only sing. Tommy is on your team, Lee, touting the vocal prodigy that is Jessica.

        • I’ve seen David Lee Roth play guitar. He’s not Eddie by any means but he knows a few chords

    • Robin says:

      I want Phillip to do Nice & Slow!

  2. Lady Janet says:

    They’ve sung everything. It’s just a matter of who you think did it better.

  3. Lunakit says:

    Simon Fuller… really? Yeah, I get that he is the “boss”, but he hasn’t been a presence on the show all season, so why does he pick a song? We are not connected to him in any way. If it was Nigel at least the majority of us could pick him out of a line up.

  4. tea says:

    I like Jessica to do either I will always love you or everybody has a dream for the “Idol Encore” part of the show

  5. Mary says:

    Stuttering was jessica’s favorite….loved it too… Would love for her do a song that has real funk to it for Simon Fuller’s choice…ie Tell me Somethin’ Good (Chaka Khan)…might not be big enough though…I liked Movin’ Out for Phillip.

    • Joshtinpowers says:

      If memory serves, the week Jessica did Stuttering is the week she got voted off….might wanna stay away from that one.

      • Tim says:

        Agree about Stuttering, for her repeat song I would go with IWALY or Sweet Dreams or maybe even Love You I Do for something more upbeat. Though I’m secretly hoping she does The Prayer.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t believe it had anything to do with her song choice. Her fans thought she was totally safe and didn’t think they had to be worried. Notice it did not happen again? But maybe you’re right…why take the chance? Then I agree with Slezak…The Prayer or the group round song.

        • aravis says:

          I hope you’re right cause I really liked Stuttering! I don’t know if Jess’ love for it will supersede the fact that it was the week she sang it that she got voted off even if the reason is that ppl thought she was safe.

    • Suggestor says:

      They have probably announced some of the songs by now, but I have always wanted Jessica to cover a Chaka Khan or Jessie J song.

  6. Brent Castro says:

    I want Phillip to sing ” In the Air Tonight” That was my favorite performance.

    • C says:

      That was miserable. All he did was sort of moan the words. If I hadn’t known what they were to start with, I never would have been able to figure them out. That song was when I knew I absolutely could not stand this guy’s style.

      • tarc says:

        And as Brent mentioned, some people thought it was great. (Personally, I’m a Phillip fan, but I’ve heard all those old Phil Collins so many times, I really have no desire to revisit them – ever.)

    • TheBeach says:

      That was probably my least favorite of P2’s performances. The song is tired and I didn’t care for the way he sang it. Please choose a different one.

  7. deedee says:

    Oh, Slezak, I LOVE your choices for Phillip, especially the Killers and George Michaels’ song. “Freedom 90” contains the lyric: “sometimes the clothes do not make the man” … does not get more perfect than this :D.

  8. Tahoe Mike says:

    I’m just waiting for the interview with Skylar to show up. I no longer care much about what happens on the show after Joshua left.

    • Kristen says:

      COMPLETELY agree. I’m not even gonna bother watching tonight – all my excitement for Idol this season left with Joshua. I’ll watch tomorrow night though, since I’m sure they’ll have him onstage again where he belongs!

  9. Steve says:

    Would prefer if Jessica would not sing anything. She doesn’t belong in the finals. She is only there because the machine that is AI & Nygel want her there. Listen to her sing, her voice is really not that good and someone please tell her to just quit with the “omg I am so shocked the judges are giving me a compliment” so fake it sickens me. Let’s see if she sings another out dated song and the judges trip over their own drewl to praise her when they bashed others for doing the same thing. Disgusting.

    • Tim says:

      Please have your hearing checked.

      • Steve says:

        20 years in and around music and singing pal. Take away her growling and what do you have? A good singer with a decent high range and no low range. Anytime she has to drop down you can’t hear her. Don’t kid yourself you going to tell me it was just coincedence the judges didn’t use their save till she was in the bottom? BS they knew week in and week out her voting numbers were going down so they held on to that save just for her so the powers that be can continue to push her along.

        • Tim says:

          I can her her low range just fine. Thus, I stick with my suggestion. Were you in a loud rock band?

          • just saying says:

            you can hear that’s she can’t hit the notes in the low range. Seriously, i’m a musician-singer, too, and the low range is definitely where she needs work. i like the girl and her voice, but some people are overpraising her and ignoring her flaws. nobody’s perfect and she’s no exception.

        • wickerpark says:

          Yeah you know everything. Good for you but I beg to differ. And I’m sure millions of youtube viewers on Jessica’s performances feel the same.

          • Steve says:

            Ok if your little teeney bopper feels she is so good then so be it. Answer me one thing, 2 weeks ago the judges destroyed Holly for singing Bonny Rait and stating she was too young to understand or have had the experiences that song portrays then Jessica performs that Esthel can remember her last name song and the song from Dreamgirls. Both were songs which portrayed things she at her young age wouldn’t have a clue about but Randy, JLo and Steven fell over the desk praising her.

          • me talk pretty says:

            Because she sang the song while shaking with emotion. She sang it like she meant every word. Hollie did not do that on the Bonnie Raitt song. And just because Hollie got critiqued for something doesn’t mean Jessica has to get the exact same response. That’s your issue.

        • Mary says:

          Did you hear the Jermaine part of I’ll be there? She can do the low range beautifully!

        • me talk pretty says:

          And she’s going against a guy will no real range at all. He sounds nice in his small sweet spot but not so much out of it. I guess you require all singers to have Mariah Carey type mega ranges before you call them good?

          Jessica can sing. I don’t even see why that is at question.

          • givemeglenn says:

            Anyone who listens to Phillip sing his version of Hendrix’s “Watchtower” would disagree with you if you say he has no range. In fact, he’s shown a lot of range during the show, but that particular song has as much, or more, range, than anything Jessica has ever attempted, and he does it better.

          • Mary B says:

            Just listened to it. I think PP2 us really, really good and yes he can sing and well too.

          • just saying says:

            you mean dave matthews’ version? i have appreciated phillip much better when he stops trying to be dave.

        • EC says:

          Interesting how you act like some guy who’s relevant because you’ve been in the business “20” years and make these kinds of judements on a 16 year old girl. How is that that every artist that was a mentor this season (Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, IYAZ, were all were blown away by Jessica. If she was just a “good..decent singer” like you say why do they feel much differently than you do??? Throw in Adam Lambert, Jennifer Holiday, Beyonce, the list goes on and on of the celebs that have endorsed her on Twitter and other media outlets. These people must know a thing or two about ‘exceptional’ talent since they are exceptional artists themselves, and all have nothing but high praise for Ms. Sanchez!

        • ben says:

          What kind of music were you around? No genuine musician in their right mind could legitimately criticise any of the top 6 as not having great voices. Having favourites, sure, but saying her voice isn’t that good is just plain wrong. I wonder if ‘being around music’ makes you a sound guy or something. I do agree with you about one thing though, I don’t think it was a coincedence the judges held their save till she was in the bottom because there was absolutely noone worth saving who left before her.

          • deedee says:

            Well, I happen to disagree with you. I think Erika Van Pelt is a far more soulful singer than Jessica, who didn’t connect with the public because she didn’t get the “cute girl” edit. If she weren’t a wildcard pick, I’d say she should have gotten the save.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I agree, deedee. I loved the tone in Erika’s voice. She was wonderful. I tried really, really hard not to get attached to her or Elise because I knew they wouldn’t be around long. Elise actually lasted longer than I expected.

        • G-Mom says:

          I agree completely!! She has no power whatsoever on the low notes. The Mariah Carey song (for which the judges inexplicably praised her) was very weak. She’s a sweet girl, but she either screams or whispers her songs. Someone like Kelly Clarkson, who has an awesome range, can pull off high and low notes. Her low notes are beautifully rich in tone. Jessica’s voice just needs to mature. I’m voting for Phillip all the way!

          • Cel says:

            Why don’t listen to her studio version of “My All” and tell us if she really can’t pull off the low and high range of Mariah Carey. For some reason when she performed on stage that particular week she doesn’t have that much power but her studio version is solid. The passion even sound authentic, its like her voice has a life of its own.

        • Cel says:

          Steve, 20 years in music eh? And yet you definitely have a hearing problem. You can’t even understand why Hollie can’t do justice to the song of Bonnie Rait. It’s not really about whether she have experience or not. It was what Randy said the song doesn’t suit her voice quality. The song is vulnerable and needed a touch of desperation and sadness in voice quality. Hollie is a sweet and sensitive girl but her voice has a powerful and dramatic flair, the kind of songs that fit her is songs about survival like the ‘The climb’. I don’t think Hollie can ever do justice to the song even if she has experience for it. Even Adele didn’t do justice with the song. Why don’t you review how Bonnie originally sang it to understand? It just so sadder when Bonnie sang it because of her voice quality. If you can’t understand it, I don’t know why you are in music business at all. You must be just there but unsuccessful one. As for Jessica, as to why she nailed it, she used the time she was voted off as inspiration for the song, isn’t that not counted as experience? We don’t really need so many experience as inspiration in singing a song. One experience per song can be enough as inspiration.

    • wickerpark says:

      Wow so much hate. Bless your heart.

      • Steve says:

        No hate at all. I don’t blame the girl for doing what she is told, it’s not her fault. AI went from a good singing competition to a G rated version of Professional Wrestling. Great stories, looks so real yet SCRIPTED.

        • Mary says:

          Steve…my goal is to change your mind about Jessica. I know you secretly want her to win …I believe the judges have been so muted about their praise for her…unlike Josh and Phil. She has had to work the hardest and was given the hardest song to sing (judges pick). She’s got so much funk…yet can sing angelically as well. have I convinced you yet?

          • Steve says:

            I really hope you are being sarcastic. I give you credit in trying but no way. MUTED??? They have done everything besides kiss her feet. If you look back the contestants got tired of it too. Everyone else was the punching bag instead sweet Jessica. Look at the girl from Jersey no matter what she did the judges hated her and it showed in the voting and she wasn’t the only one, Philip was not the predetermined pick to win this thing but he won everyone over. When this started it was Joshua/Jessica Jessica/Joshua and there was nothing the Judges could do about Philip he stole the show. I don’t personally like Philip but I respect him more for being more talented and not being a puppet.

          • wickerpark says:

            I don’t think you can change the mind of “Mr. Know It All” so let’s just let him be. It is a fact that millions of people thinks Jessica is good otherwise she wouldn’t be in the finale.

          • ben says:

            Ha yeah right Mary. How can you change the mind of someone like that? One thing for sure – you are right that the judges have criticised jessica and held back on her praise far more than they did for Joshua and Phil all season. At the root of this is that Steve just doesn’t like Jessica, patently, and it’s clearly far more about personality than voice. One eyed people are one eyed.

    • Katie says:

      jessica has a good voice. Everyone who was in the top three, even the top 6 deserved to be in the final. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. ALL of them are good and that is a fact!

      • Sam says:

        I think we forget sometimes but everyone in the top 6 were amazing. They are all so great that sometime they don’t seem as great, like they neutralize each other. Everyone in the top 6 can out sing a lot of people on the radio these days and are far more likable.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Sam – I agree. I am not a fan of Jessica’s style but she can certainly sing circles around Rhianna and Katy Perry!

    • Brownremus says:

      This guy is stupid.

    • flutiefan says:

      don’t worry about all these “haters”, Steve. i’m with you.
      i feel she has talent but i cannot stand how she uses it.

      • wickerpark says:

        The difference between you and Steve is that he doesn’t believe Jessica has talent and thus doesn’t deserve to be in the finale. Now that’s what I call hating.

    • helena says:

      Really!!!! I know you dont know about music or just plain ignorant, I just feel sorry for people like you…those three AI were great

      • Mary B says:

        I totally agree I think the top 7 idols where all great and I really think having to tear one apart in order to raise your favorite is so childish. Jessica sings beautifully and Phillip also sings great but they are two different types and all it comes down to is a matter of taste and what you like to listen to. To say one or the other won’t make it if they win is really not fair. No one here is God and no one knows the future. I honestly think both of them will be successful whether they win or not but that is my opinion not a fact.

  10. Tim says:

    I like the idea of Sade for Jessica but I might go with something like Is It A Crime. The problem with any Sade song though is that I’d imagine it’d be hard to do justice to one in a cut-up two minute version.

    • Noelbelle says:

      I love, love, love Pearls, and I so want someone to cover it. I’m not sure Jessica has the depth of emotion yet though.

  11. Lisa says:

    A contestant may have to do a song that they’ve done before, but that doesn’t mean that they have to do it the way they did it before, right? A different arrangement would be amazing. But, I know they’ve got tons to prep this week with the finale and all the group numbers, so I guess that’s asking a bit much.

    • TheBeach says:

      I think it would be a lot more fun if they had to sing a song performed by another contestant and were not allowed to repeat one of their own. I’m not particularly looking forward to hearing them sing one of their past ones yet again. Show us something new.

  12. Sookie says:

    Hopefully someone will give Jessica some better advice about her song choice so she doesn’t end up doing that awful Aerosmith song again. My bet is that she does “I Will Always Love You” because of the high praise she got for it.
    I was actually hoping Phillip could do some of his own music this week but I guess not. I thought Volcano was his best performance but it’s probably to soon to repeat it. I just hope he can perform since he is apparently in need of surgery but refusing until after the finals.

  13. ..I’d like to see them tackle songs that haven’t been done to death on the show already by past contestants …would love to hear Jessica tackle Mary Jane by Alanis Morrisette ..and Phillip tackle Someone Like You by Van Morrison ..two songs I love and think they could pull off beautifully.

  14. bjp says:

    When will you be posting your interviews with Skylar and Josh?!

  15. bjp says:

    When will you be posting your interviews with Skylar and Joshua? I can’t wait!!

  16. Mary B says:

    Is Phillip going yo do an original song for his first recording song. One that he wrote himself? As far as his repeat song I vote for Still Raining.

  17. james says:

    are they only singing two songs — it doesn’t seem right that it would be only 2 and one is an encore

  18. Hamish says:

    Perhaps Jessica will actually put the final consonants at the end of her words. Some of her recent songs have been practically unintelligible. The words *do* matter!!! I don’t have a horse in this race as neither of the finalists are my favorites.

    • EC says:

      The same advice should be sent to Philip Philipps too! Sometimes he goes off in his on self-indulgence thing and I can’t understand his phrasings as well!

    • tarc says:

      Oh, Hamish, you’ve done it now! The Jessica pushes will be all over you for daring to mention that she mumbles from time to time!

      • Hamish says:

        tarc – LOL. Phillip certainly isn’t any better in the diction category. I think he looks as if he’s swallowing a hairball when he’s singing.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I agree with Hamish – Jessica does drop her consanants at the end of her words on occasion. It was particularly apparent on the Mariah Carey song last week (“My All”) in her lower register. Part of the problem was she was not supporting her notes correctly. Jessica belts out a song just fine in her upper registers but needs better breath control and support in her lower registers. I’m going to cut her some slack because she’s so young and probably hasn’t had any formal training – but she can certainly sing, whether you like her style or not.

      So far I haven’t had any trouble understanding P2 and haven’t noticed the same problem with him.

      • TheBeach says:

        Those were my exact thought on Jessica’s “My All” last week. She kept dropping off the words.

      • Cel says:

        Well P2 is just always singing simple song. That’s why we don’t notice it. Why don’t we suggest he sing “My All” let see how he transition between low and high notes. My bet is he will just sing it flat.

    • helena says:

      Thanks a lot teacher of speech ; happy to hear from the expert keep using it dont mind the songs at least you have something to say thank you about your expertise….

  19. Steve says:

    I keep fantasizing about JESSICA doing a tribute to Donna Summer and belting out a great original version with a little new twist and having a fantastic moment with her version of LAST DANCE. If not, I hope at least the Top12 do some kind of tribute to Summer and Robin Gibb. I think P2 has it in the bag but Id really like to see Jess pull it out. I still lhad really hoped for a Josh/Jessica finale. Rumors are that Josh is going to duet with Fantasia – that could be an awesome performance with the right song…and Jessica doing a duet with Jennifer Holliday which could be awesome but could also be overkill on yet another version of AND I AM TELLING YOU as thats the only song Jennifer Holliday sings – I mean screams – and most young people don’t even know who she is and think JenHudson created that song.Plus Jes has already sung it but maybe they’ll do a medley -they could do a little Dreamgirls and then do a Donna Summer tribute and maybe Philip and someone could do a RGibb/BeeGees tribute.

  20. Vetle says:

    For the encore, I wanne hear Jessica do Everybody Has A Dream from Billy Joel week. It really suits the night.

  21. ali427 says:

    Encores: “Vienna” for Elise; “Runaway Baby” for Joshua. I wish.
    Guess we’ll have to settle for “Love Me I Do” for Jessica; “Still Rainin” for PP.

    • deedee says:

      Haha! I wish, too. I’d even settle for “I Wish” ;)

    • ben says:

      Love me I do would be a good choice for Jessica actually, she really sounded like J-Hud when she did that, it was a great performance. I think Phil’s best performance of the season happened last week, with We’ve Got Tonight. But is it too soon to repeat?

    • Sha says:

      lol it’s Love YOU I Do

  22. Wanted the two J's says:

    I hope Simon gives Jessica a Beyonce or Adele song, something mid-tempo. Then she has to grab one of her ballads. Song choice will win this thing but if Phil wins (another WGWG) then AI becomes pointless next season (we know who will win anyway) and I will give X Factor or The Voice a try.

  23. db says:

    Jessica to sing “Sweet Love” – which I think is a song that is timeless and could be re-released successfully.
    P2 “I’m a teapot short and stout..”….kidding…”Here is Gone” Goo Goo Dolls or something by them…

  24. Tim says:

    Somebody tell Mr. Expert that just because you’ve been around music 20 years doesn’t mean anything if you’re tone deaf! I’ve seen Kelly Clarkson live 6 times and Martina McBride live 3 times, yet Jessica Sanchez is the only vocalist that can move me to tears with her beautiful, beautiful voice. I can also assure you that Jessica is a very humble young lady who doesn’t expect any accolades to be reaped upon her. She had to sit there week in and week out as the judges stand as if they were prodded everytime Josh took the stage, Steven Tyler even going so far as to say he could go home now after a Joshua performance although Jessica still had to perform. And fyi, that Phillip rendition of “We’ve Got Tonight” that everyone praised so much, was in its best moments poor kaoroke, and in its worst moments, him reciting lyrics instead of actually singing them.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Exactly, whoever said this was scripted for Jessica….like did they not watch the same show I did? All 3 are great, but common…16 standing O’s for Joshua and 2 for Jessica? Really? This show screams ‘we love Joshua Ledet’. Jessica defs did get muted praise.

      • Marie says:

        uh….I believe the judges used their one and only save on Jessica, so please stop with this “Jessica has had to struggle BS”. It’s getting old

        • deedee says:

          They didn’t even let her do her whole “sing for your life” song before storming the stage and telling America they were *stupid and crazy* for voting her off.

          • laqrui says:

            They didn’t let Casey Abrams finish his “sing for your life” song last year, so it’s par for this set of judges. Jessica did struggle to get back into contention after that vote out and prove herself worthy of the save and she did. None of those who were eliminated before her had realistic chances of winning, so it was right that the save was not used on them.

        • Cel says:

          Oh yeah they did use thier save but it’s like Jessica doesn’t exists anymore after that. All praises goes to Joshua.

  25. Tim says:

    If Jessica doesn’t win the Idol crown, it will be because of a bunch of underlying factors. Of course we all know about the teeny bopper girls swooning over Phillip factor, the rest are very dark and I hope we as Americans have gotten beyond those…I guess we’ll see Wednesday night.

    • flutiefan says:

      i am crossing my fingers and toes that Jessica does NOT win. i’m no teenybopper girl and i don’t have any “dark” reasons. i just can’t stand her calculated moves, her maddeningly slow vibrato, her robotic demeanor, and her entire family priming her for this for the last 12 years. i think Phillip actually has artistry and i find him admirable and dedicated for performing in immense pain during this whole competition. he may not have the best voice, but i’d rather listen to him than her or Joshua ANY DAY.

      • ben says:

        Those sound like the ‘dark reasons’ to me. They aren’t really about music, they are about personal politics, but whats more stuff like her ‘robotic demeanour’ and ‘priming for 12 years’ are racial traits – even without racism, the fact these are brought up by so many does indicate a lack of understanding about what is actually pretty much the norm for asian culture. Don’t fool yourself that race isn’t playing a factor, even if its not by intentional thought.

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        How does her family play into this? Her mother has been at every show,looking very proud… Her father may have been busy with his military stuff… Protecting you right to be stupid….

      • Sha says:

        why are people so judgmental about her parents? In case you haven’t noticed, Phillip’s parents have been supporting him his whole life as well in his music. It’s what parents do jeez!

    • deedee says:

      Why is it that every other contestant was voted off fair and square, legitimately, because America didn’t like them as much as the others … but if Jessica doesn’t win, it will be because of “a bunch of underlying factors”? *eyeroll*

      • Tim says:

        Because we’ve seen the same underlying factors at work for the last five seasons. The show used to be about creating pop stars, now it’s about finding the cute guy who’s going to pack ’em in at the coffeehouses.

        • deedee says:

          So? That’s what America wants. Are you going to tell them they’re wrong? There’s nothing “dark” about it – it’s majority preference. What will be the dark reason for Phillip – if Jessica wins?

          • Tim says:

            I can’t tell them they’re wrong, I guess… just misguided based on what I thought the show is supposed to be about. I mean, it was originally called “Pop Idol” and you had winners who actually went on to sell records like Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, even Jordin. And Lambert, who is doing much better than the busker winner of his season.

            I don’t know what he meant by the “dark reasons” (I’m not the same Tim)

  26. darcy's evil twin says:

    ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz….OH, it’s time for the finals!

    Oddly, one of my favorite Jessica peformances was “Bohemian Rhapsody”, particularly the slow section at the beginning of the song. I felt as though I was hearing Jessica’s own voice for the first time. That certainly wasn’t her best performance, though. I would go with “Everybody Has a Dream” (Billy Joel) because, again, she sounded like Jessica and not Beyonce, Whitney, or Jennifer. I like Jessica when she sounds like herself.
    For P2, “Volcano” was wonderful but I really enjoyed “Midnight Hour” and especially “Hard to Handle”.

    But what I’d REALLY like to see…I think it would be interesting if Jessica had to sing P2’s favorite song from this season and P2 had to sing Jessica’s favorite song from this season.

    • Fran V says:

      I’d love to see Phillip sing “Hard to Handle” as well. He seemed to have more fun with that than he did anything else this season, making it fun to watch.

    • Liz says:

      Ha, ha! I love your suggestion of each singing each other’s favorite! Now that would be interesting!

    • Cel says:

      Oh yeah I love “Everybody Has a Dream” too. I played it on my phone over and over. I can feel her in that song, it has special meaning too since she has a dream of becoming a singer. I hope she choose that song.

  27. kristi says:

    Jessica has to sing ” I will always love you”. It literally gave me chills! If she does, she’s all but guarenteed the win!

    • deedee says:

      Gawd no. Jordin Sparks just sang it on the Billboard Awards 100X better. Anything but that song.

      • Mary B says:

        So true, I wasn’t wild for Jordin on idol but she was amazing last night and also looked fantastic too.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        Is that a joke? Jordan messed up at least twice clearly in that song when she was off pitch. She did a great job but compared to Jessica, Jessica did it way better.

        • deedee says:

          You’re right, Jordin had a couple of pitchy moments, which to me doesn’t mean all that much. It happens (Alicia Keys was all over the place!), But Jordin’s commanding presence, and clear-as-a-bell voice, and lovely emotion were all very much on display. I never feel anything when Jessica sings. It’s all just pretty noise that I promptly forget the moment it’s over. Just being honest.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Before ppl start coming here and being ugly, I guess we’ll agree to disagree :P

  28. reprises says:

    Jessica: Sweet Dreams, but at the midtempo of the album original, and perform with a little attitude.

    Phillip: Movin’ Out but with a band onstage, thus a fuller arrangement.

  29. TiaGata says:

    If Jessica sings a ballad, I will be voting for Phil with a quickness. Well that’s not fair, since I had already planned on voting for him – LOL.

  30. Tara says:

    My choices are:
    Smooth -Santana/Rob Thomas
    I Put A Spell On You – CCR
    When You Wish Upon A Star – Disney
    At Seventeen – Janis Ian

    • Sookie says:

      At seventeen? Bit heavy for a 16 year old, not to mention that she is 16! Kind of hard to connect with a song about middle aged regret.

  31. davey says:

    I am nervous that Simon Fuller is picking songs. You rarely see him and what connection does he have with the contestants that he would know what to pick?

  32. JBS says:

    The way that I see it, P2 was destined to be in the finals no matter the circumstances due to his extremely loyal fanbase; they are the real reason (aside from talent) why he’s gotten this far. He is by no means my favourite, but I can accept him being in the finals.
    Now Jessica on the other hand, should’ve been eliminated weeks ago. America clearly spoke & wanted her gone at top 7. But obviously, some people (i.e: Nigel, the “judges”) still wanted her to stay, which at the time was justifiable. So the save came into effect. But little did we know that after the “save” was used, the overall voting results went into the toilet. I mean, how else could anyone explain Colton, Elise, Skylar, Hollie & Joshua being voted out in 5 consecutive weeks? There are probably many reasons, but I blame Jessica being saved for the 5 sendoffs that we’ve had. Now what’s really ironic was that America had been voting really smart before the save was used on Jessica; then all hell broke loose after the save.
    I’ll still watch the finale, but this’ll be the first time ever that I’m not truly leaning one way or the other with regards to the final outcome. I honestly don’t care what songs they do, cause they aren’t truly my favourites.

  33. ASH1157 says:

    Wouldn’t it be a total hoot if, for once, they actually DID drag out a real phone book and have one of the contestants sing from it??!? Honest to goodnes…I’d be in super speed dial mode for whoever attempted that. C’mon Phillip…I know you’ve got it in you!

    • Margeaux says:

      Truth be told P2 would have a better chance with singing the phone book because he writes music, whereas Jessica would be totally screwed because she’s have no one to copy. LOL

  34. sandi says:

    Couldn’t care less what either of them sing. If Joshua isn’t in the final 2, I doubt if I will even watch it. Phillip sounds the same no matter what song he sings.

  35. ladyhelix says:

    If Phillip sings Springsteen’s Drive All Night – the way I know he could sing it – I will be sobbing. Though maybe not enough people know it for the finale….
    How about you? Do you know it?

  36. egmtv says:

    Adam Lambert sang mad world twice, so why cant phillip and jessica sing their best song?

  37. RO says:


  38. Jessica wins says:

    the winner will not be determined by the performances, it its clear the major voters are going to vote for their favorite or against who they do not like. PP could adding the alphabet song and people will still vote for him. I hope they make them adding the SAME original song, it sounds as they will have some wiggle room by Michael’s description.

  39. Nicolas says:

    I have been folllowing this show from the start, and I fell for the 16 yrs old’s power pipes. That girl is talented. I pray she wins cos she’s an epitome of a great singer n performer, considering her age, I feel she still has a lot more lands to cover inorder to be the icon to recon with in her generations. Go Jessica, though I can’t vote from Nigeria, I wish you all the best tomorrow

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Same. I believe Jessica is so good that she deserves to go up there as one of those legendary singers in the future.

  40. givemeglenn says:

    Both of the singers already have contracts in place after the finale, so the winner is only for show as far as I’m concerned. In fact, the winner is almost at a disadvantage in that they’ll lose some creative control over their own career where the winner is locked in automatically to the contract and second place will have their choice of labels.

    I think the “individual song/winner’s song” will make a huge statement as to who SHOULD be the winner as each of them will have to take a song they don’t know and make them their own. They will be responsible to make the arrangement work, etc, and if they can pull it off professionally, then more power to them; it shows they have the chops to be in the big leagues. If they don’t, then they just aren’t ready, in my opinion. Of course, everything is subject to personal preference, and we all know it will end up being a popularity contest, so we’ll have to see what happens.

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      No none of them have a choice in labels…19 owns the rights to all of them for at least six months… They can option any contestents…

      • givemeglenn says:

        Including Joshua? I think the winner is the only one guaranteed/locked in with THAT label, but the others have other labels (may be the same producer, I’m not sure how that works). At the end of the day, however, it really doesn’t matter because they’ll both come out of this with recording contracts, and heh, isn’t that what this is all about?

        • MA says:

          My understanding is that the contract they sign at the beginning of the show gives 19 the right of first refusal for a set period of time. Maybe that’s six months? I don’t know. But the contestants can’t shop around for another deal until 19 flat-out says it’s not going to sign them or the contracted period is up. I think that’s what Tommy means.

        • Tommyo2000 says:

          The winner, maybe the top 2 are actually guaranteed contracts, but they still have the right to option any contestent for a set period of time … meaning that Josh can only sign with 19 for I think six months, I could be wrong about the lock up time period …

          • deedee says:

            Yes, that’s how it works. Jimmy has already optioned Josh, but if he decided to pass on him, he’d be free to pursue another label.

  41. Sandi says:

    Off topic but what happened to the Skylar interview? Did I miss it?

  42. TC says:

    Sorry to sound like such a Debbie Downer but who cares??? This finale is going to stink. I’ll skip out Wednesday night and watch Josh, Elise and Hollie on Thursday.

    • Sha says:

      it’s the a day early this week. The finale is wednesday

    • deedee says:

      Yes, I’ve already booked something for work during the first half of the finals (on tuesday night). I would not have done that if Josh were in the top 2, lol. For me, it’s deja vu from last season, after Haley was gone.

  43. Sha says:

    I think Jessica could definitely follow a Jordin Sparks-like trajectory after the show. I like your choice of The Prayer but I think choosing something upbeat will be better. If she does a ballad, how about Skyscraper? No one can accuse her of singing something too old…

    btw, I hope the show doesn’t run for two hours tomorrow? 6 songs and minimal filler in one hour is totally possible!

  44. Tommyo2000 says:

    Where is the Idology recap? ….

  45. Schmed says:

    Where’s this week’s Idolatry? It’s bad enough that the larger media doesn’t get to give the third place fiinisher his due, but I thought surely you and Melinda would…

  46. JASon says:

    I think Joshua should do “When A Man loves a Woman” and Haley should do “House Of The Rising Sun”

    • Mary B says:

      Has anyone done a sneak peak at Haley’s album? I pre ordered and sampled some of the tracks on itunes. It is really, really good. I predict she is going to be the break out star of season 10. She has it all, looks, voice and demeanor. Go Haley!!!!!!!!

    • deedee says:

      and Elliott should do “A Song For You”! :D

  47. triple says:

    Who would buy a joshua ledet album?

  48. triple says:

    he sings great but his style in not liked by many people and only a few listens to his type of music

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Jessica is a good vocalist and has tons of potential but I’m not a fan of that style. Different strokes, as they say. Who would have thought Susan Boyle would be a star? My neighbors all love Susan Boyle and Josh Groban. I pray they don’t put on their CDs when I go to their houses, LOL.

      • deedee says:

        Ha! I don’t get the enormous Susan Boyle love out there. Beautiful voice, but really drippy interpretation of the songs.

  49. JASon says:

    I don’t generally listen to his type of music but I’m a fan. Of course it all depends on whether he gets good songs written for him or can write good songs himself.

  50. Jessica wins says:

    Jessica needs to sing Halo by and I Have Nothing, by Whitney. She will tear the house down with those two songs. Anything that plays to her strengths. Whatever PP sings will sound the same because he stays in his lane.

    • Mary B says:

      I dare you to play all his music and tell me he sounds the same. He doesn’t. So please stop with that nonsense. Talk to us that downloaded his music and listen to it all the time