Supernatural Finale Recap: They Went Where?!

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Misha Collins Jensen AcklesWARNING: If you have yet to watch Friday’s season finale of Supernatural, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Supernatural has been to heaven and hell and, in Friday’s season finale, the CW series headed somewhere new:purgatory!

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In their quest to kill Dick Roman, Dean and Sam teamed up with the shifty Crowley because they needed his blood. Dick presented Crowley with a counter offer: He can have Canada as a free-reign grazing land for all of his ilk in exchange for handing over some useless demon blood to the Winchesters. Despite a lengthy retainer, Crowley eventually handed over the real deal blood to the boys. After convincing Castiel to join the fight – they needed his ability to see the original Dick Roman, who managed to clone himself – they headed into the belly of the beast with style.

“We’re going to announce ourselves – big,” Dean declared as he put the Impala back into action. And what a sight it was, even if Meg was the one doing the driving. Welcome back, old friend!

Meanwhile, Sam found Kevin the prophet, who told him about Dick’s plan to kill skinny people with a drug-enhanced non-diary creamer – you got to give him points for inventiveness – and insisted they blow up the lab. But Dean and Cas were already there and putting that special “kill Dick” bone in the Leviathan boss. The first attempt didn’t take, but then Dean surprised Dick with a second bone through the neck. He exploded in a burst of black goo and disappeared…with Dean and Cas! In the final moments of the finale, the two found themselves in a creepy, dark forest.

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“Every soul here is a monster,” Cas explained. “We’re much more likely to be ripped to shreds [than to get out].”

And then Cas disappeared too, leaving Dean all by himself, as shadowy figures with red eyes circled in on him. Yes, they were in purgatory, and the residents were not too happy about the new visitor.

Elsewhere in the finale:

After nearly killing the maid he was riding and Sam, Bobby said goodbye to the boys. “Here’s to running into you guys on the other side – only not too soon,” he said. And nice touch, team Supernatural, showing Dean and Sam’s broken reactions instead of Bobby going up in flames.

Crowley’s demons came calling for Meg and Kevin, leaving both Sam and Dean alone in two completely different spaces. And while the head of the beast has been destroyed, Crowley sure made it clear that the problem Dick created is far from over, even in his absence. This certainly sets up a potentially dynamic start for Season 8.

How great is it that seven years later, the show still uses “Carry On My Wayward Son” for the ep’s “Road So Far” montage?

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the finale? Did it get you excited for next season? Are you sad Bobby is gone for good? And how much did you yelp with joy when the Impala returned?

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  1. Dilys says:

    Loved,loved, loved the finale. So excited for next season and the Purgatory storyline. So happy to have Misha Collins back on Team Free Wiill and hope he will be a regular or at least recurring next year.

    • Jude says:

      I agree, Dilys! Thanks so much to Sera Gamble for a great season 7 finale! What a great set-up for the next season and for Jeremy to continue with the ongoing battle to save the world! Thanks again, Sera, for your many years of hard work and devotion and for all the great episodes you wrote for us! Good luck in your new endeavors.

      • Jude says:

        P.S, AND DEAN’S “BABY” IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! We missed you so very much, Metallicar!!!

  2. michael ross says:

    hey have to say finale was brilliant can’t wait to see what happens next is there any ideas when series 8 will make it onto the airwaves?

  3. Evyn says:

    I loved it, supernatural is at it´s best when it´s Team Free Will together, I can´t wait for season 8, purgatory looks really promising, and I hope we see a lot more of Cas next season. It was sad to see Bobby go (again) but I really liked how they handled it, it was his choice and he didn´t become a vengeful spirit.

  4. nicky says:

    I have to admit I’m not as psyched about purgatory as some other fans. The prospect of having Sam and Dean separated is the worst they could give me, but they’ve done it before, so I hope they’ll fix it quickly in Season 8.
    Also, it’s so sad to see Bobby go, as in… completely. But maybe Dean will stumble upon him in purgatory?
    I’m not going to comment on Castiel. Still not a fan, but I know there’s many fans out there who love him. So, yeah, whatever.

    • Keenan says:

      That’s exactly why it wasn’t that great. We’ve been done this road before. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Ari says:

      I don’t think Bobby is in purgatory. I reckon he went to heaven. He was a generally good guy who killed evil things for a living. I am really excited to see what happens with purgatory. I have always been kind of neutral on Cas but I liked him in this episode. He has his moments.

      • Jessica says:

        Castiel has never been a favorite of mine. I miss some of the old characters like Ellen, Jo, and so forth. I’m so sad they killed Bobby. Castiel’s an angel and he can’t save people. Seriously? Didn’t he bring Bobby back when he was exploded when Sam, Lucifer, and the other brother went to Hell? BAH! But anyways though I don’t love Castiel the line about him showing up naked covered in bees on Dean’s car was hilarious.

    • Mickey says:

      I don’t like it when the boys are separated either, but what I do like is that this will give Sam the chance to save Dean. It was always kinda sad that Sammy didn’t manage to save Dean from Hell no matter how hard he tried, and he was so broken up about it. If this gives Sam the chance to finally see that through, it will be worth it. Plus, I doubt they’ll let it go on for long. They know better than that.

    • Katie says:

      Worst season yet.

  5. michael ross says:

    i have to admit as great as season 7 was the only thing that didn’t make any sense to me was the word of god that came into it. obviously sam and dean needed it to kill the leviathans but why would the leviathans dig up/try to find the 1 thing that explains how to kill them realistically if dick knew of something like that would exsist would you really seek it out when no one else even knew about it? seems strange in my eyes anyways brillliant series though and can’t wait for the next 1.

    • rowan77 says:

      The only reason Dick sought out the “word of God” was because he knew eventually Dean and Sam would cotton on and find it. He was inside Cas and knows what Cas knows about the boys.
      If the Leviathans found the word first, kept it in the rock and out it in the vault, no one but Dick would even know of it and no one would be able to kill/stop him/them.

  6. Wilson says:

    This was such an awesome episode! I found the cliffhanger really great, because while Dean and Sam had angels to get them out of Hell, there are no angels that care anymore and they can’t get in and out of Purgatory anyway. I’m really looking forward to seeing the boys separate journeys, with Sam trying to rescue Dean and Dean hopefully seeing some familiar monster faces in Purgatory. It will make their reunion that much sweeter. And the return of Baby made me actually shout with joy. And what a return it was! Car porn indeed. And I definitely agree, Wayward Son always pumps me up for the finale. I’m also really glad to see Crowley back as a main antagonist. This is my first Supernatural hiatus (I know, I only caught up this season!) so it will be extremely tortorous for me to wait for Season Eight.

    • AB says:

      What I loved is that before, the boys knew where each other had gone – Dean knew Sam was in Hell, and vice versa. This time, Sam has no idea where Dean and Cas have gone, if they are even together, if one or either is even alive, etc. And Dean has no idea about Sam either.
      Awesome cliffhanger.

  7. katy917 says:

    I was sooooo happy to hear Kansas, it never seems right when they use any other song!! It has become one of my fave songs of all time because of this show! Loved the finale, loved teh idea of purgatory – realistically, it was the only place left, after Heaven and Hell have been explored to the death. So happy to see Baby back, and what an awesome encore for her – but I knew there was no way Dean was driving when she crashed trhough the glass!! So happy that there will be a season 8, but the wait’s gonna kill me! Poor Sam looked so scared at the end! Those boys are two of the best actors out there imo. Love them, love the show, loved the finale (and yes, I’ll say it, I love Cas too, and hope to see more of him next season. So shoot me anti-cas fans if you will. I’m not ashamed, I’ve stuck with the show for 8 years and I will like whoever I want!)

  8. Tlungu says:

    There is no Supernatural without the trademarks…. ‘Road So Far’ and ‘Carry on
    my Wayward Sons’ even my kids know its, as they call it, ‘Sam and Dean’s ‘ Song.

    Loved the episode and season 8 has heller promise!!

  9. Patrick maloney says:

    I definitely feel that this season finale was an improvement to set up the 8th season finale to be as good as the first five seasons

  10. Ali says:

    So….With Dean being in Purgatory…Does this mean we might get some guest appearances by Yellow Eyes, Lillith, Eve, Alastair, and Ruby? Since ya know…they killed them and their souls would end up in purgatory?

    • katy917 says:

      I thought that, too! Would make sense, and be a great idea! Missed ol’ yellow eyes lol. And they can get Mrs Sam back on set, too, as Ruby (although I personally preferred Katie Cassidy).

      • no says:

        ‘They can get Mrs Sam back on set’… OH PLEASE GOD NO! THOUSAND TIMES NO. She sucked as Ruby. Since we can’t have Katie back, I’d prefer no Ruby (unless we got Maid!Ruby).

        • Jessica M says:

          Honestly they could have anyone play Ruby, even Katie (though they probably wouldn’t), because I assume they don’t keep their vessels in purgatory. If they bring back Ruby she would probably be played by Genevieve, but she also could be a completely different actor. Anything is possible on Supernatural!

    • hlots11 says:

      I was thinking Gabriel and/or Balthazar. Carver does great things with Gabriel, and I’d love to see him back, helping Dean get out of Purgatory with all his snark and charm and tricks.

      • lola says:

        I would love to see Gabriel back and to see Dean face of against some of his greatest foes.

        It’s been so long since the show allowed Dean to shine. It’s like once they kicked him out of the Michael/Lucifer storyline, they were literally telling Dean fans that he was no longer part of the story. And he wasn’t, except as the guy who worried about Sam and Cas and Bobby and the actual protagonists of the last two seasons.

        I really hope Carver takes advantage of this great set up and that we go back to a more even-handed story where everyone gets to be heroic and important to the story and not just Sam. In fact, I think it is about time that Sam actually put his money where his mouth is and came through for his brother instead of just relying on him to get Sam out of this jam or that, then going back to bitching about Dean being too over-protective.

        Carver has a chance to rehabilitate Sam to a lot of people who find him too self-absorbed to buy into the so-called brotherly bond, while letting Dean shine again as a true lead character on the show.

        Also, Carver has a potential goldmine in Misha Collins and Mark Shepherd so I hope they also get lots of play next season. Gamble’s obsession with Sam and Bobby this season, sidelined an awful lot of other great characters.

        • Cheryl says:

          Lola, why don’t your stowe your Sam hate and actually try watching the show. Maybe then it will clear up your condtion of cherry picking the facts and you’ll see it about two brothers, not one And that its about love of family a point you’ve sadly missed

      • Ali says:

        I would LOVE it if we got Balthazar or Gabriel back. Especially Gabriel. I’ve been holding out hope they would bring him back somehow. With Dean in purgatory its a great set up to see some familiar “monsterly” faces.

      • Chris says:

        Loved it! Please tell me there will be more. Seasons after next it one Favorite shows it. Can’t end next season I have watch it from the season 1.

  11. Tlungu says:

    I jumped from my seat seeing the Impala…!!! The Good ‘ol days

  12. ninamags says:

    Loved the finale!

    I feel so bad for Sammy, he has to clean-up all that mess! Poor baby! Looked like he was gonna have a panic attack.

    What would Crowley need a prophet for?

    So we have a 4 month wait………

  13. DebbyS says:

    First, Dean boned Dick’s neck, not his head.

    Second, Bobby may have headed for Purgatory first and be of assistance next season.

    Third, maybe in looking for Dean, Sam will find Jesus. Literally. Maybe in Supernatural mythology, if there is/was a God, there may be a Jesus who may, among other superpowers, be able to raise the dead and retrieve Sam and Cass. I’m thinking a Jesus somewhat along the lines of Kirkman’s Battle Pope Jesus, a good-hearted hippy type who has just been waiting to be asked… Or, even better, to get more female recurring characters, maybe a “Mary” type who has a lot of powers as well. She wouldn’t kill so much, just perhaps put demons to sleep/out of their misery, that kind of thing. Wishy-washy but very effective.

  14. Rosalill says:

    Hurray! Dean and Cas together again! That`s awesome! I think it will be good for the brothers to be apart – for a looong time, hopefully . This show needs more characters, – like Cas!!

    • angel64 says:

      Oh no, I really hope they aren’t separated for too long a time, maybe just long enough to give character growth, and make that reunion hug epic!

  15. James hart says:

    Loved this show since the very beginning and after that ending cant wait to see what happens to dean No other song should ever be used for the road so far!!! Loved the song since the very first time i heard it on this show

  16. Ella says:

    I LOVED this finale. Bright spark in a mediocre season. It mended a lot of fences for Dean and Cas, which was amazing, and I love that they’re in purgatory together. Here’s hoping Misha’s back to being a regular next season, any news on that Ausiello? ;)

  17. Erin says:

    I’m not excited about the brothers being apart either, but I hope Carver doesn’t magic them out and makes them earn their reunion. Just not to many episodes, ideally no more than 5 but definitely have them back together before the winter finale.

  18. Nikki H. says:

    I truly loved the finale but I have to admit that when it ended with Dean stranded in purgatory I actually yelled “What the eff! You didn’t just leave Dean there, alone!!” It has been an interesting season and it was truly heartbreaking to lose Bobby, although in the “Supernatural” world we don’t lose characters permanently and that gives me hope. Quite a few fans, including myself, have some interesting theories about where season 8 will go. Something that hasn’t been addressed but could be is the fact that we don’t know what happens to angels, ghosts, demons or the like after they have been unmercifully dispatched from earth. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they were sent to purgatory? And wouldn’t it be equally interesting if that is in fact where Bobby, the arch angels, our beloved Balthazar and demons like Azazul or Ruby were sent?

    • katy917 says:

      It has been addressed – purgatory is EXACTLY where demons go when they die, there was an entire arc about it last season! That’s what the interesting thing is, now that Dean is in Purgatory, he may bump into all the demons he has ganked, such as ol’ yellow eyes, ruby etc

      • Angel says:

        Not demons – monsters. When it was first explained, purgatory was said to be the place where monsters went when they died. Not sure where dead demons go – exorcised demons return to hell, but the ones killed by Ruby’s knife? Not sure the writers ever said where they wind up.

  19. Marc says:

    The one thing my fiancee and I didn’t understand about last night’s episode: Why did they need to stab Dick with the fake bone before using the real one? The first bone they stabbed him with would’ve killed him either way if it had been the real one so it didn’t make sense to us that they used a fake one instead to “surprise him.”

    I also thought that the killing of Dick Roman was kind of anti-climactic. He was this big threat all season and they killed him within what, two minutes? These things were supposed to be more powerful than demons and angels but put up less of a fight than all of them did in the past. Honestly, leviathan were supposed to be the most intelligent and dangerous villains the brothers have ever faced and I never got that feeling at any point in the season. Sure they killed Bobby, but that was a stray bullet — more dumb luck than careful planning. They cloned the Winchesters and went on a killing spree to get law enforcement involved but that lasted one episode. How does that make sense when a shapeshifter and their hunting past alone had law enforcement chasing after them for like three seasons?

    Leviathan in general were written very poorly and meandered weakly throughout the season. It’s a shame too because the mythology was really interesting at first and could’ve gone in so many (different and better) directions. After the strong introduction of the creatures in the first two episodes of season seven, they really squandered the opportunity to do something different and more compelling with the show. I love this series still but this season was not one of its best, in my opinion.

    As for this finale, it was a very good episode but almost didn’t feel like a season finale. It seemed more like a vehicle to set something else up instead of a payoff to the season-long story-arc. Maybe that sounds weird but it didn’t leave me as satisfied as past season finales have. Even last year’s climax (from a season many fans seemed to hate… even though I thought it was light years better than season five and this season) was more satisfying to me.

    Still, at the end of the day I’m excited for the next season and to see where Jeremy Carver takes the show. I don’t blame Sera Gamble for everything that didn’t work (the cracks were starting to show in season five when Kripke was in charge still) but can’t deny that Supernatural lost some of its luster after she took over, especially this season. She was one of the best writers on-staff before becoming show-runner so I’ll miss her in that sense.

    Carver has EP experience and wrote some of Supernatural’s best episodes though so if anyone can help it out, I think it’s him. So cheers to next season! My expectations are high even though this one had some hiccups.

    When all is said and done, this show is still the best on television when it wants to be.

    • Joe K. says:

      The fake bone stabbing was a red herring to make the audience think that Crowley had double crossed them. Nothing more, nothing less.

  20. Sara says:

    Finally!-A great potential supernaturally-themed storyline for Dean in S8! YAY!!! Purgatory looked so creepy and scary. I so hope you’ll give us a few episodes there, Mr. Carver. Dean and Cas(love the chemistry between those two) hunting together while Sam figures out how to get them back would be Aweseome. Sauce. And having Dean come back from there more lethal and dangerous than ever would be the topping on the cake. Such great story possibilities. Can’t wait for S8!

  21. jennifer says:

    We all knew we could not just have a happy ending, Dick is dead and everythig is fine. Dean and Cass in purgatory is very interesting, I wonder is Cass has powers there, yes Dean turned around and he was gone, but did he disappear or was he taken. Sam is going to have to work with Crowley again in any hopes of getting Dean back. Loved the Impala’s entrance. Did killing Dick mean that all of the other Leviathans are dead? Here goes the long wait until October for new episodes. At least I can watch the episodes of season 7 that I have missed.

    • cas ryan says:

      omd i was wondering that too about cas i doubt he’d leave dean in that place by himself i wonder if he was taking by something

    • katy917 says:

      The other leviathan are still around, but it was Dick who was in charge. Crowly told Sam to make sure they didn’t get a chance to get organised, which I guess means that Dick was the mastermind and the others are not as in control as he, so without his guidance, they will fall apart as long as Sam can keep them destabilised. Poor Sam has to deal with that, AND figure out where Dean and Cas went and THEN how to get them home!

      • angel64 says:

        Well, at least Sam will have Jody and Garth, he won’t be totally alone, despite what Crowely said. For all those who wanted to see Sam develop relationships out side of Dean, here’s the chance. I of course still prefer it when the brothers are together. I want to eventually see both boys have real love stories too. Sam had one with Madison, all Dean ever seems to get is one night stands, save for Lisa, and that really seemed more obligation to me that true love. I really want to see what he’s like when he’ actually falling in love. And all the flip side, Sam needs to see some one night stand action of his own.

  22. TheDude says:

    “Did killing Dick mean that all of the other Leviathans are dead?”
    Nope. Crowley mentioned to Sam that all the other Levi’s are still gonna be out there running around. Less Dangerous because they have no leader or gameplan anymore, but still very very tough to kill and going to be very hungry. Sam’s got his work cut out for him, better stock up on Borax weaponry.

    • rowan77 says:

      With the borax and chopping off their head the leviathan are no harder to kill than a vampire. Now that their leader is dead (and in purgatory so I’m guessing Dick will be wanting to rip apart Dean and Castiel himself there) they have no organization so they are no worse than the other monsters anymore.

  23. lianne says:

    LOVED this finale! I think there’s so much great potential for next season with Dean & Cas in Purgatory, fighting off monsters (maybe monsters who Dean already killed??). It would be a cool way to bring back some familiar faces next season. And hey, Dean probably can’t shave in Purgatory so maybe Jensen will keep the beard he has now. :)

    I do hope we get at least a few episodes with Dean still in Purgatory – it’s new and different and I think the show should take advantage of that opportunity. It’s also an opportunity for Dean and Cas to work together and repair their friendship. Dean seems to have forgiven Cas already. And maybe Sam can contact Garth to help him, and Sheriff Mills as well.

    It’s been a few seasons since I’ve enjoyed a finale so much. Great job, SPN!

    • angel64 says:

      I’d personally love it if he ended up with long hair too. I think Jensen’s gorgeous but why does he have to cut his hair so short? To be in more contrast with Jared? (also gorgeous). I saw pics of Jensen younger with a bit longer hair around his forehead, it just brought out his handsome more.And when it’s longer you can see it’s actually dark blond, not brown.

  24. Lyndsey says:

    Really great finale to a great season! I cannot wait to see where Carver takes the boys in season 8. It was past time for the Impala to return & I was glad to see Cas has apparently returned to his old self in Purgatory (thankfully because Dean will need all the help he can get). While I’m excited to see them possibly setting Crowley up to be the Big Bad next season, I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll lose him. Oh, and the scene with Crowley & Dick was priceless! I could have done with more of that this past season.

    Have to say, from the first season finale that it was used, I thought the producers hit a home run with “Carry On My Wayward Son”! It fits the brothers & the show perfectly!

  25. Drew says:

    So, having seen the whole Leviathan/Dick Roman story play out, I can now safely say WTF? That made no sense at all.

    God created the Leviathan, but it was super powerful and couldn’t be killed, so he instead sent them to Purgatory. They escape, wreak some heck on Earth for a while with some kinda cliche scifi/fantasy plotline about feeding people goo and there’s no way to stop them. You can borax and decapitate, but it seems like nobody ever brings both the borax and the machete with them anywhere. Sam and Dean have several chances to take off Dick’s head, but they don’t, because according to them… they just can’t quite yet? So, how will they stop Dick? Well, luckily, Dick made the classic villain mistake of hunting down and unearthing the only thing that can possibly be used to stop him, which would have gone completely unnoticed and unused had he not uncovered it himself (kinda like the First uncovering the Scythe, which only a Slayer can use anyway). But wait… Didn’t God sent Leviathan to purgatory because they couldn’t be killed? But doesn’t killing a monster send it to purgatory? But Dick didn’t go to purgatory, because he was all over the walls, while Dean and Cas were simply transported.

    Killing Dick is supposed to stop all of the Leviathan… except, it doesn’t anymore. Taking out their leader now just… takes out their leader. Until they get a new one. Or something. But Crowley has an army of demons waiting to… do something.

    So, Dean and Cas corner Dick in this lab and run him through the chest with their weapon. Dick shrugs it off and pulls it out, telling them how much they suck because he’s not dying. Except, it was a trick! Cas grabs Dick and Dean stabs him with the REAL weapon, which actually does kill him.

    Am I the only one wondering why they friggin’ crap they wasted their time stabbing him with a fake weapon?! Is this really the time to be pranking the bad guy?

    And okay, so Dick is gone now. But there’s still a world of poisoned food products and Leviathans which are apparently still around to eat the people who eat that food. So, who cares if Dick is dead? Apparently, there are a ton of him walking around anyway. Why not just continue the plan?

    Leviathan is supposed to be a sea creatures, but there was nothing made of them or their relation to water. There was no connection to the actual myth at all. I like how Supernatural takes myths and twists them in different ways, but this was just slapping an old name on a new bad guy.

    The saddest part of this is that there were strong character arcs which, by the end of the season, were sidelined in favor of the weaker Leviathan story. The Leviathan was a short-term baddie who was dragged out for far too long and made everyone look stupid. I’m still not even clear on why they’re supposed to be worse than any other monster, except that they have a business plan.

    Bobby turning dark should have been the emotional finale. Him becoming the thing they needed to stop should have been the punch in the face that capped off the season, and the Leviathan story should have been nothing more than a means of getting to that punch. As it was, the burning of the flask was oddly emotionless. Bobby was really gone this time, at the hands of the Winchesters and I felt nothing. How does that happen?! I should have been crying like a little girl.

    The issue of Sam’s sanity wasn’t given proper attention. They played it out, but it should have been more of an ongoing struggle. I’m still not clear on what Cas “shifting” the crazy means. Sam’s soul was flayed. THAT is what made him crazy. If Death couldn’t put it back undamaged where did this “shifting” come from?

    Dean losing everything was a huge arc… until it wasn’t. He lost Lisa, Ben, Bobby, his car, everything that was familiar to him. He was drinking. He was hurting. Then, he wasn’t.

    Somehow, the writers lost sight of the fact that the personal storylines for Sam and Dean are the meat of this series. Everything else exists to serve those characters, and that is where we connect to whatever bad guy they’re fighting. Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer, Crowley/Castiel… They were all powerful because of how they threatened not just the world, but our main characters. The Leviathans wanted to kill the Winchesters just because a voice in Castiel’s head told them that the brothers were trouble. The powerful story there was how they took away all the safety nets that the brothers used their whole lives, but by the end of the season, none of that mattered. It wasn’t about the Winchesters fighting to get their lives back, it was about the evils of corn syrup and some really immature dick jokes, which got old.

    Sera Gamble ran the show in season 6 (thought Kripke still had a hand in it) and I thought that was a great season. However, season 7 seemed as though it was written by someone who didn’t even know the show. The story got away from the writers and nobody tried to regain control of it. I won’t say she’s a horrible writer or even a horrible producer, because she’s been with the show since the early days and season 6 was great. But as the solo leader of the writers, she just dropped the ball here and I think she knows it (why else would she be replaced?). Some people aren’t meant to run shows. Jane Espenson stepped down as showrunner of Caprica without any shame.

    I just hope that Jeremy Carver can pick the ball back up and… do whatever the good thing would be that one does with balls in this type of analogy.

    • hlots11 says:

      Seasons 6 & 7 were a mess. I’m really looking forward to what Carver can do – he’s great at a lot of the stuff that “missed” attention this season – like real-world consequences of things like insanity and addiction/alcoholism. That said, I think the main mistake with the Sam storyline – him being crazy and hallucinating – was Gamble’s crush on Sam and JP. He simply didn’t have the acting chops to take it where it needed to go, so they “transferred” it to someone with more range, destroying the canon issues and continuity.

      • Drew says:

        I think season 6 was pretty strong. seasons 1-5 were one story and season 6 was something different. It was more mystery than the show normally does, which I guess turned some people off. But especially rewatching it on DVD now that I know what happens, it is a really strong season, in my opinion.

        I don’t have any issues with Jared’s ability to pull off the crazy scenes. Moving it to Cas struck me more as a quick way to get Sam back to normal. It didn’t make much sense though and I think there was probably a better way to do it over time… if they were willing to invest that time.

        • Syl says:

          I thought season 6 was good, too. And the whole Cas/Sam thing made sense to me in sort of a weird biblical way. Cas didn’t have the power to erase what happened to Sam, but was able to take the damage on himself. I thought it was kind of a weak analogy of Christ taking on the sins and sorrows of the world. Also, since Cas had personally broken the wall, it was fitting that he offered himself to help him.

          • deb hanley says:

            i agree season 6 was good just different sometimes things have to change a little to keep it interesting looking forward to season 8 hope jeremy carver is as good as he was on supernatural before with his writing.

      • angel64 says:

        I disagree. I admit to being a bit more partial to Dean, but I don’t think Sam’s hallucination arc was given the attention it needed. When he finally snapped, I thought Jared did great with what little he was given to work with. I feel the same about Jensen; they really didn’t give him much to work with either, save the time travel ep, he did what he could with it. Neither fella was given much this season, mostly everything going to guest stars and supporting characters.

        • Drew says:

          I think we actually agree that the insanity arc wasn’t given proper attention. It was played out, but more quickly and with a far too simple solution than it should have been. The solution also didn’t make much sense.

    • Marc says:

      This comment explains pretty much everything I feel, but much more elequently. Season seven was a mess and the big bad was turned into a joke. There was no dimension to the leviathan and yet the characters’

    • Liberty says:

      I’m waiting for Dean to go crazy. Everything he has gone thru and he is still holding it all in. I think him going off the deep end would be a great story. It could be funny too! I see hallucinations of burgers, beer and boobs.

    • Jude says:


      • angel64 says:

        Jude, who the heck are you talking to? Who on here do you think hates the show? Just because we like some things and not others? So, you’re only a fan if you are completely happy with everything at all times?

  26. skepticalinquirer says:

    I’m so glad Sera is gone and by the squee I see floating around, I hope Jeremy Carver can raise the general quality of the show and manage to do a show where things actually progress and change on a permanent basis rather than going back to square one all the time.

    I would like to see Dean and Castiel be friends, and for Dean to have a purpose and feeling of worth that’s not all about Sam. Sam can finally be responsible for his own actions and show that he actually learned something by not drinking demon blood or hooking up with a monster while Dean and Castiel are in Purgatory but actually do something good like either live a normal life or keep hunting but do it as a human and not blame anybody or anything for any bad decisions he makes.

    • Drew says:

      Sam will probably always be Dean’s priority. Dean is all about family and that is part of what makes him the great character that he is. The key is giving Dean more of his own life and his own family to care for… which is why I think it was a shame to get rid of Lisa and Ben. They should he brought back.

      • Liberty says:

        Dean would never put anyone in danger which is why he can’t be with Lisa and Ben. They didn’t chose to be part of the hunter’s life. Dean feels responsible for all the people he cares about.

        • Drew says:

          And therein lies the arc that should be played out. Figuring out how to have a home and a life while doing his job. When he was with Lisa, he kept the hunter life and the home life separate. He didn’t even really explain the whole vampire situation to her after it happened, he just moved on and beat himself up for it. Now, I personally like him with Lisa and Ben, but even if that’s not how it turns out, I would like to see him with a family that is part of that world. A woman capable of helping, if not in the actual hunts, then with the research or something like that. Someone who would know the deal she’s in and be able to handle it… kinda like Jo, but alive (preferably).

          Dean is a family man who currently has one member of his family and that’s it. I think that instead of finding new ways of ripping the brothers down, it might be interesting to spend a couple of years having them find a way of actually making it work. Build them up a little. Maybe Sam and Dean are the new Bobby, with a home that they return to and a life that they lead. It would be a long, hard struggle. But it might be more interesting than constantly trying to think of a new monster that’s as dangerous as Lucifer (which didn’t work out well this year)

      • angel64 says:

        Yes, I know they can’t have permanent relationships, I just would like to see what Dean is like when he’s really in love, just once. And having to leave her behind.

        • Drew says:

          Dean was in love with Lisa.

          • angel64 says:

            Was he, it didn’t feel that way to me. Well, I feel he may have come to love her eventually, but we didn’t get to see any ‘falling in love’ process. That is what I’d like to see.And if Dean was going to become a father, I would prefer he had his own, not a ready made family. I still think Jo would have been the ‘one’ for Dean. If they had actually shown Dean meeting and falling in love with Lisa, not just showing up at her door years after a sex extravaganza weekend years before, I could have gotten behind that relationship more. It just didn’t feel authentic to me, more like just the promise he made to Sam. Who knows though, it might make an interesting story if Sam and Dean accidently came across Lisa while working on a case, and all the feelings that could dredge up for Dean, especially if Lisa had feelings of Dejevue (did I spell that right?)

      • deb hanley says:

        ah glad someone else out there thinks like me i want lisa and ben back as well think it could work if written properly and dean deserve s a break about time there was someone special for sam too.

    • Cheryl says:

      Wow what show are you watching? What is with the cherry picking the facts. Guess you forgot the fact that Castiel knowingly used Sam (and Dean) to start the Apocalypse in Season 4 . Castiel was Dean’s Ruby. Castile played Dean just as much as Ruby played Sam .
      What aboutCastiel being responsilble for everything hes done. He got a complete free pass in Seson 4 in S 6 shoudl eh get a free pass for Mass murder, torture, kiling Bobby?
      Sam not being responsiblle for his actions LMAO You really must not watch or you wouldn’t say this. As its obvious you don’t know what makes Sam tick anymore than you do Dean.

    • shmrck14 says:

      I am so tired of reading the comment about Sam taking responsibility for his actions from seasons ago. He did, he sacrificed himself for the world going to hell. What else can he do? Nothing for some fans, they just hate no matter what.

    • sagan says:

      Let’s hope loopy Cas has learned something too, that self-absorbed ass. If Dean wants to blame someone for purgatory, Castiel is the culprit. I hate that Sam has to clean up Castiel’s mess once again.

  27. Sandra says:

    2 best scenes in that ep: Dean killing Dick and Dean and Cas in purgatory, that storyline has a great potential plus Sam on the others side figuring things out.

    All the characters can have a proactive role at the same time grow as individuals, love it.

    Good Luck to Carver.

  28. booboo says:

    The picture you used up there, they must have cut that scene. I hate how the boys seem like they’ll be seperated in season 8. That finale fell flat to me. I did not like it.

  29. Girish says:

    Damn we get to see Purgatory next season!!!! Finale was so badass!! 5 freaking hellish months before we can finally invite season 8!! I don’t know if I can survive!!

  30. jaret says:

    Umm why is someone commenting on how much their mother or grandmother or whatever makes online comment about the awsome season finale of supernatural.

  31. Awesome finale! I’m so excited about Dean and Cas finding themselves in Purgatory! What an interesting twist. I’ve not been this excited about a season finale/premiere since “No Rest for the Wicked.” Finally, something really interesting for all characters and not just one. I love it when Dean is in hot water, it’s been such a long time. Can’t wait to see where season 8 goes!

  32. lola says:

    I haven’t seen this much excitement in the online chatter in years. This show has burned a lot of fans and I know tons of people who loved Dean and Cas that have drifted off since the end of season 5. But maybe all this buzz will convince them to give the show another chance, now that the show is not going to be so heaviliy focused on Sam.

    However, those of us that do come back, aren’t going to have much patience so if Carver doesn’t follow through on the promise of a good storyline for Dean, then many of us won’t be sticking around for another bait and switch.

    That kind of disrespect towards the dean and cas fans is exactly why so many of us are thrilled to see Sera Gamble go. I wish her the best of luck, but I won’t be following her career, that’s for sure.

    • Drew says:

      Why are people always counting lines of dialogue with this show? Dean had a really strong arc with the losses he suffered this year. Season 7 was pretty much all told through Dean. He isn’t the character who will suddenly turn out to be demon spawn. That’s not who he is. His stories often revolve around dealing with the people he carws about because that is who Dean is and that is why he fights. I don’t want some random paranormal event centering on Dean, just to give him more time on screen. Sam got those stories because that is how the show was set up from the start. Dean’s story is his humanity, but his biggest fans are never happy with that. Which makes me wonder what makes you like Dean at all in the first place.

      He has had really steong arcs over the past couple of years. it is a shame if you missed them while waiting for something to happen.

      • Liberty says:

        I didn’t notice Dean had less screen time. I thought his angst over Bobby’s death and castiel’s death and everything else was great. Usually he just buries everything but this time you could see how much he was hurting with all the alcohol.

        • angel64 says:

          Speaking of which, Dean gets up and first thing every morning starts drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle, and yet, we never see him stumbling around or slurring his speech! Yeah, I know hard core alcoholics can develop quite a tolerance, but come on. And shouldn’t this be affecting his health and appearance as well? Come on writers, suspending reality is one thing, but at least in Sam’s case, we actually did see him Jones when he didn’t have the demon blood and kudos to Jared for acting that so well. Jensen could really act the affects of Dean’s alcoholism well too if the writers ever wrote it that way! Also, I don’t believe it’s just the booze, which is bad enough in itself. I also believe Dean’s been popping pills for a long time as well. Are we ever gonna get his addictions addressed?
          BTW, I think he has/ had a sex addiction too, at least until monster child. Not that I ever want to see him give up sex!

      • angel64 says:

        I don’t think Dean got less screen time. He just got a sucky storyline.
        I do believe most of all the previous seasons gave Sam juicier story arcs, just my opinion, but that certainly wasn’t the case this season. And I don’t want the focus to be all on Dean either. I want both of them to equally get great story arcs. As far as certain fans complaining when their favorite is not the sole focus, well, I’ve seen that coming from both sides. There’s Sam fans who say they only watch for him, and Dean fans the same. It should be BOTH brothers, not just Dean and not just Sam.

        • Drew says:

          Yeah, I’m not a Sam groupie or a Dean groupie… I think those debates have no place on a show like this. This isn’t like Stefan and Damon or some show like that… it’s actually good quality television.

          Sam got most of the demonic type storylines, but that’s just because that’s the core of the character and how he was designed. Sam was manipulated by demons, used by demons his whole life and that’s how he got into all of those arcs (which are now over). Dean is the humanity of the show, and his arcs are more subtle but I’ve never seen them as less meaningful or less juicy. The subtle story is usually more valuable than the biggest demon story and more challenging for Jensen, I’d imagine. I just don’t want to see them throw weird stories at Dean just for the sake of doing it when it doesn’t fit his character.

          • angel64 says:

            Yeah Drew, we’re in agreement there. I would like to see Dean get an actual love story though just once, not counting Lisa because that felt more like obligation to me, even though we know they can’t have permanent relationships. And I think it would be great for Sam to get some sex action too! He hasn’t seen any action that way since Souless Sam, and he’s too gorgeous to waste, just like Dean is, so bring it on! These guys are too hot for total celibacy!
            As for Sam too, I think he has learned and grown from those past mistakes, don’t think he would ever make them again. In any case, I hope the focus shifts back to Sam and Dean, not the supporting characters.

          • angel64 says:

            I do think they resolved the situation with Emma way to easy. Especially since Dean always wanted to be a father. Yes, he didn’t know Emma or have a chance to develop an emotional attachment to her in the mere 3 days that she existed, and she was a monster 5 times physically stronger than him and hell bent on killing him, despite all that, you’d think it would have had SOME effect on him. I hope they bring it up again sometime in the future.

    • Cheryl says:

      Oh you’re talking about the losers who don’t get after 7 freaking seasons that this is the story of Sam and Dean. That its about both brothers not just the one you want it to focus on solely and its certainly not or ever will be the story of Castiel and Dean.
      This show lost over half its fandom between Season 4 thru 6 because of the lack of the brotherhood and the showrunners reinstated the brotherly love quite quickly mid season 6 when the ratings dipped dangerously low and no doubt motivated in part by the loud outcry of fans threatening to jump ship after waiting for seasons for the brotherhood to return. Don’t think they wil be making that mistake again This show is about the love between two brothers and the Supernatural element being the background and even if that concept got somewhat lost in Season 4 and 5 The show has been struggling to get back to that in season 6 and 7 and to reclaim that magic the brothers relationship has and 8 might just get us there But in good and bad this show has always been about Sam and Dean they are this showes heart and soul. Supernatural at its core is about love of family and anyone who doesn’t get that has sadly missed the whole point of the show

    • angel64 says:

      Why should Cas get more story than Sam did, which I felt was exactly what happened this season. SPN is Sam and Dean Winchester. It’s not Dean and Cas or Sam and Ruby. Supporting characters have their place and they should be there, but only as catalysts for the bigger story of Sam and Dean.

  33. Marc says:

    I just have to say one thing, unrelated to the show. The search and comments interface on this site absolutely suck. ZEspecially for those who are blind with screen readers, like yours truly. I just had something I’d been typing up for like 20 minutes get cut to one line because of this thing and that’s not the first time it happens — it’s extremely frustrating!

  34. Carrie says:

    Great episode, of course. “Supernatural” finales are always awesome. The fact that they ended it with Dean in purgatory leaves so many possibilities for next season. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  35. adam bramble says:

    It was beyond perfect but i will miss bobby rip. Can’t wait for Season Eight :) and I hope Meg is okay <3

  36. Kristin says:

    Great!!! Great!!! Season finale of Supernatural … And one more thing, I have to say that we’ll see the F****** purgatory on Supernatural … I can’t wait to see this!!! :D

  37. Mickey says:

    “Supernatural has been to heaven and hell and, in Friday’s season finale, the CW series headed somewhere new:purgatory!”

    Hat trick!!!

    I’m so looking forward to season 8! Wednesday nights are going to be so kickass with Arrow and Supernatural on together.

  38. Angel says:

    So, Sam and Dean have been to both Heaven and Hell. Now it’s purgatory for Dean. Which I’m sure the writers will top off with Sam eventually going to purgatory. I’m a bit disappointed with the direction this show has been heading in for some time. I remember how I used to look forward to each and every episode with bated breath. Now – not so much. There are still moments here and there, little glimmers of what the show used to be like, that give me a little hope that maybe the writers can turn this around. Killing Bobby – again and now possibly forever – was too heartbreaking. Although I kind of like Cas as he currently is, I still miss the days when he was on Team Winchester. I understand at this point in any series, it is hard to keep the episodes fresh and not like repeats of past episodes, but it almost feels like the writers aren’t even trying anymore. And it truly pains me to think of this show in this way. Supernatural used to have clear, concise seasonal plot lines, but most of the past two seasons have felt like mindless wanderings that were difficult to follow (And for the record, I was able to follow and enjoy every twist and turn, flashback, flash-forward, and flash-sideways of Lost). My love for what this show once was is the only thing that will have me tuning in next season with a bit of hope that maybe, just maybe, my show will reclaim some of its past glory.

  39. Fates3 says:

    Wow, that cliffhanger…! What an exciting last few minutes to this finale! The episode had some pacing problems, and I have some issues with the Ghost!Bobby and Leviathan stuff, but I loved the things we had with the guys and their allies, and I just loved the ending! It was so wonderful seeing Dean actually be an active participant in a season finale for a change! And I love love love the storyline possibilities for Dean for season 8, with him and Castiel being stuck in Purgatory! So wonderful to go into a summer hiatus excited about a storyline for Dean! Heck, so wonderful to go into a summer hiatus knowing that Dean actually HAS a storyline, it’s been so long!

    I think this finale set up a lot of exciting possibilities. Dean and Castiel in Purgatory, trying to survive the monsters after them. And could we see a return of some of the monsters that Dean has taken out in the past, after him for revenge? Could Lenore be there, Gordon, the Vampire Sire that Dean took out, the Shapeshifter Alpha, the Shapeshifter who took over Dean in “Skin?” So many possibilities, I hope they spend at least a couple of episodes exploring that! And Sam on Earth, trying to save them and survive himself. Maybe they can redeem Sam from the mess they made of his storyline the last time Dean was taken away from him and sent some place horrible. I really hope that Carver takes this wave of renewed enthusiasm that I see for the show – in fandom and in the storyline possibilities – and runs with it!

    Bring on Season 8!

    • shmrck14 says:

      So Sam the character needs to be redeemed from the mess the writers made of his storyline. Sure, ok.

    • astrid says:

      Hope they can redeem Dean and Cas from the mess they made of their storyline. I got tired of Dean’s endless emo a long time ago.

  40. Katy says:

    Loved the finale. Had me on edge of my seat. Will be nice to see the Boys on their own for a bit (Jared’ll get more days off for baby time, and Jensen for making baby time ;) ). Is it wrong of me to hope that Dean’ll run into Gabriel in Purgatory and bring him back? Or that Sam’ll need some Charlie help? Or even some Ghostfacers help?

    • angel64 says:

      Yes Katy, I hope Jensen gets to start a family soon too. His wife says he’s too busy but Jared was able to make time so come on Daneel, give Jensen a baby soon, he’s already in his mid thirties! LOL

  41. SarahW says:

    Loved the second half of the finale, thought the first half was dragged out a bit too much. Looooved the cliffhanger. For me the last two seasons has been less than stellar, but I can see a lot of potential in the new season. I really hope they use some of those opportunities offered up by the cliffhanger. I would love to see some of the old characters, like Gabriel, come back. I’ve felt that the last two years have lacked some really great secondary characters (I’m not counting those that we already knew before season 6 like Crowley and Cas). Only Balthazar and Dick Roman and the alphavamp really made an impression on me, the others were just a lot of meh!

    I hope they keep Dean and Cas in Purgatory for a while, let us get some really scary fights there, and give us Sam trying to bring big brother and their friend home, while evading the rest of the Leviathans and maybe getting in touch with old friends like sheriff Mills and Garth to help him. I really need some secondary characters this season, especially with Bobby gone, and am so glad Cas is sticking around. I need the brothers and their world to grow, and 8 seasons in, it’s about time for them.

  42. tvdiva says:

    To me this was the most depressing season ever. With a new showrunner (who wrote some of the best stories for Supernatural) coming back into the fold, next season should return to our favorite fun and horror show. I think Bobby got a lousy send off in the finale so I hope he is back next season. I do like the new version of Castiel with his marbles missing. Is Crowley now the big bad since he stole The Prophet? And the Alpha Vampire said “see you next season” so you know he will be back. I hope Death is back, too. Dean and Cas better not be stuck for more than an episode or two. Otherwise, we are just repeating when the Winchesters took turns being stuck in hell.

  43. Cheryl says:

    Good episode not the best paced and what a sucky ending But I get putting Dean with Castiel in Purgatory its a good way to give the Angel a more fitting (or fan pandering) and permanent exit from the show. Since It’s the only reason according to Robert Singer Castiel was brought back in Season 7 And this show seriously needs to drop Castiel and the Angel mythology for good. The show needs to move forward and it can’t if it keeps drudging them up time and time again as it only hurt this show each time it does. Doing so has made a joke of good storytelling by this bringing back a character when he no longer fits and should been gone long ago,simply to pander to fans. Supernatural is above this 4

    Castiel told Dean if he dies he will just be brought back as his resurrection was a “punishment resurrection”. And it means that God didn’t forgive him but brought him back as a punishment and the only way to end the punishment is for Cas to die permanently.”
    So hopefully Castilel in some manner( while Sam works the other end) will sacrifice himself t o push Dean out of Purgatory
    Then once we get past that bump in the road transcending to the boys being on the road again is easy It would have been easy without the trip to Purgatory but we don’t want Cass in the back seat with them

  44. Arch1 says:

    Truthfully, I would absolutely love to see Gabriel come back, but only as a Gabriel flaunting his full archangel powers…I think he was completely down played as the character he could have been. The way lucifer completely destroyed the pagan gods, why did Gabriel not command the same respect? No posing as a trickster, no trying to co-exist or blend in with the monsters of pergatory. I mean come on, he’s Gods 4th son… I would think Gabriel or the all powerful Death would be Deans only chance at survival, or escape. Needless to say, this is one of the best cliff hangers I’ve seen, even tho I do wish the levi’s would have been shown putting up a better fight, or even battling the angels in the garrison…

    • angel64 says:

      And ya know, if Gabriel was just playing at being a Trickster, doesn’t that imply that there are more actual Tricksters out there, so how come we haven’t seen them?

      • Arch1 says:

        Weren’t those tattoed things that were draining dean of his blood and had him in a fairy tale life where sam and jess were married, but sam and dean didn’t get along tricksters? The episode where he was happy to cut grass? Lol

  45. angel64 says:

    Anybody else think Sam should just wing on over to Scotland and burns Crowley’
    s bones?

  46. TS says:

    As far as Supernatural finales go, I thought this one was probably the worst. I was expecting an epic battle with Dick Roman but it was very anti-climatic. The return of the Impala was good until Meg got out of it. Now there is going to be another season focused on Purgatory and Crowley. I preferred when they just fought the monster of the week. The whole season was pretty much a let down in my opinion.

  47. Stephanie says:

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t include the return of Metallicar aka Baby in your may sweeps scorecard.

  48. chris says:

    Every time I see Dick al I can think of is when he was in sienfeld staring off into space when he hears the song desperado.

  49. Lori says:

    The finale was incredible! Jared and especially Jensen did an amazing job! I was heartbroken to see Bobby go and hope TPTB find some way to resurrect him in S8 but I was overjoyed to see the Impala and to hear “Carry On My Wayward Son”! I think it is a great twist to leave the boys to fight their way out of their two separate locales. Also, Meg is growing on me…it might be interesting to see a demon try to repent…and the way Cas is protecting her is hilarious.

    Can’t wait for next season!!!! I hope Cas comes back with the boys – the new Cas is wonderful!

  50. Natalie says:

    How great is it that after 7 years later the show still continues to not only consistently surprise the viewers with fresh exciting story lines, but said story lines continue to get better than their predecessors? Most shows are stagnant and masters at rehashing story lines 7 seasons later, but Supernatural just gets better and better every week. Amazing.