Smallville's Justin Hartley Won't Take Shots at TV's New Green Arrow: 'He's Going to Be Great'

In speaking with Smallville‘s erstwhile Emerald Archer, Justin Hartley — who is now playing doctor on the new CW drama Emily Owens, M.D. — and Stephen Amell, star of the network’s upcoming Arrow, it became clear that neither of the actors has placed a bullseye on the other.

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When I asked Hartley if he has even jokingly offered Amell any points on, say, drawing an arrow back, he said no, adding, “[Stephen] doesn’t need any tips from me. I wouldn’t even begin to do that… He’s going to be great.”

Amell in turn told me that while he and Hartley have become “buddies,” they “haven’t talked that much” about their respective Oliver Queens.

After all, he contended, “People will realize within five minutes of watching the [Arrow] pilot that other than in name, the characters don’t have anything in common.” (That’s why Arrow was developed as a distinct property and in no way a Smallville spin-off, thus ruling out Hartley as the new series’ lead.)

“They’re both in  DC universes,” Amell explained, “but those universes are very, very different. [Arrow is] sort of like [The Dark Knight director] Chris Nolan’s DC universe, where nobody has superpowers, while in Smallville a lot of people had powers. That’s a fundamental difference.”

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There’s also the matter of the name the fellas’ bow-wielding alter egos go by.

Whereas Hartley’s crimefighter bore the full Green Arrow name, Amell says his archer goes by just Arrow, as he patrols Starling (not Star) City and conceals his identity from ex-flame Dinah Lauren Lance (Gossip Girl alum Katie Cassidy).

“He’s actually called ‘the hood guy’ a couples times in the pilot,” Amell says with a chuckle. “But for now he’s just Arrow.”

Watch an Arrow preview here:

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  1. Faith says:

    I wouldn’t deviate too much. There’s a reason why GA in Smallville and GA in the comics worked as well as it did.

  2. TheDude says:

    I like the choices they made with the Universe where it’s like Nolan’s Batuniverse where There are no other superheroes operating. Also, hopefully they keep this Oliver Queen with a real bow instead of constantly using a Crossbow like Smallville’s Ollie did.

  3. For all of those who still complain about Hartley not playin Oliver in Arrow, remember that he was cast to play Aquaman in Mercy Reef after another actor had already played the part in Smallville. This is no different. Different show, different take, different actor.

  4. AMarie says:

    I do think the danger with going at Green Arrow in Nolan’s style is that he’ll come across as a bargain Batman. Whatever short term benefits could come from such a comparison are lost when you consider that the character itself would disappear into Batman’s better known mythos. Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow should be treated distinctly.

    • Green Arrow has always been a bargain Batman, it’s part of a running joke in the comics. Batman has confronted Arrow over their similarities, from having a teen sidekick to having an Arrowcar and an Arrowcave (this, of course, harkens back to the original interpretation of the character from the comics, before he grew the beard and changed his personality from a Batman-wanna be to a hero of the people fighting corrupt politicians).

      I’m sure that the only reason Oliver appeared in Smallville at all was because the producers couldn’t get Batman to show up.

      • Jason says:

        Bingo, he is exactly right. The rights to the Batman storyline belongs solely to warnerbrothers and DC comics and they in turn lend these rights to different medias, as of now these rights belong mostly to the Batman film series ans have since 2006. Sorry Charlie but if this were not the case there would have never been an Oliver Queen in Smallville and never an Arrow series; Adam Knight would have been revealed to be Bruce Wayne as the writers had intended and Green Arrow never would have appeared.( In actuality The show Smallville was originally planned to instead be series about the beginnings of the Dark Knight not the Big Blue Boy Scout and Jensen Ackels, of Supernatural fame, was in the running for the lead but because of the plans for a new movie franchise the series was change to the story of a young Clark Kent as opposed to Bruce Wayne and thus Smallville was born.) Sadly, because of the incredible movie franchise, this never happened though to be honest I’d prefer the movies to Bruce being second fiddle to Clark for 6 seasons. Green Arrow is now and will always be a poor mans Batman but I do believe this series shows promise.

      • KEVIN says:

        I would have to disagree with you why the producers chose GA over Batman. Bruce Wayne didnt become batman at the time. He was busy training his body and mind to reach perfection He had many trainers in different countries. So Bruce didnt become Batman until (I would say) late 20’s. Also, Batman didnt know Superman’s SID when they first met. Being CK didnt put on his costume until the last episode of Smallville.

        • it’s all relative. For instance, in the Batman, Superman, and Justice League animated series, Batman predates Superman. Pa Kent makes a remark about Batman’s existence in Gotham before Clark comes up with the Superman identity. In fact, in the current comics published by DC Clark has only been Superman for about five years, while Bruce has been Batman for 10, or just abouts.

    • Onyx says:

      the problem is that gfreen arrow’s and batmans origins are so comprehensively similar, i feel an origin series looking for a darker feel has no other option but to tread on similar gounds. I’m curious how you feel they could have avoided this? both heroes trained explicitly for their craft, they are both billionaires with essentially unlimited access to accomodate their needs, While Oliver Queen seems to abide to a certain code it certainly does not follow the suite bruce wayne chose.

      I’m sure the fact that this character is in truth, a “bargain batman” is very likely one of the main reasons they chose to pursue this series project. it’s a similar story with a tested and true recipe. I applaud the attempt and, of course, wish only the best success as we immerse ourselves into this new tale.

  5. Jace says:

    I dont understand why they’re making changes to certain things. Green Arrow to Arrow (this MAY change with time, ie Blur to Superman), Dinah to Lauren, im sure there will be others. The names would make no difference to new fans, but it will just piss off people already familiar with the characters, especially when there seems to reason to change it.

  6. JC says:

    So if there’s no superpowers in this version, does that mean Laurel is not going to be the Black Canary?

  7. tvnewsplus says:

    I think its a big mistake to not continue the story of GA in the Smallville universe, like Angel in Buffy verse. I wont be tuning in to see someone else in the role. Period. The show will fail. There was a reason why Smallville was so great…

    • Sg.Grant says:

      I don’t think the show will fail. It will attract a new audience that CW does not currently have and will be considered a success, especially by the CW standards.

  8. George says:

    Hoping This upcoming 2012-2013 CW TV season. All their new shows need to cut back on Repetitive exposition. They need to bring smart writing and Dialogue. CW tries so hard to wing it on Sex, violence, and Pop music. The ratings are in the toilet and not just because of long hiatuses. CW pleas bring back Adult sensibility to your dramas that one of your former predecessors The WB had in its dramas.

  9. Carrie says:

    The trailer did not grab my attention at all. I guess it remains to be seen, but I wonder if they would’ve been better off doing a “Smallville” spin-off with Justin Hartley. I’m not sure why they chose to do a completely different version of a popular character that already existed on a popular show.

  10. Whimsical says:

    You don’t have to be in the Smallville Universe, per se, but if you’re not in a normal DC universe(I.e. one with SUPER heroes), you’ve just wiped out a signficant portion of fan interest. Including mine.

    Here’s hoping you learn your lesson quickly and make GA the center of a large, interconnected universe. Cause one guy alone, shooting normal arrows? Gonna get real old, real quick.

    • Gilian says:

      But don’t you think it’s worth a shot? The DC multiverse is so interesting because of the variety and differences in each and a universe with no super powered heroes may become very interesting albeit the limits and restrained brought forth by the lack of powers… they are going to have to be really creative with their villians and heroes…

    • Onyx says:

      but one guy alone with bat shark repellant worked just fine. You’ll note a lack of supermen and justice leagues in the superman and batman flicks. Smallville catered to the fanboys, no reason to assume no supernatural or alien entities will be excluded just yet just because they aren’t quoting the DC bible verbatum.

  11. Shaun says:

    Hell sakes!!If there’s no powers then we aren’t gonna see Black Canary at all!!I don’t get why they’d hire him for a MD series and not for a branch off show.

    • Gilian says:

      I associate Arrow with Canary as well. Something about Dinah makes him more realistic… Don’t get me wrong, I love Arrow, but the idea that a guy with a bow and a quiver full of trick arrows being able to stand up to villains in an age more modern than our own and some with powers which he most definitely lacks is a bit hard to swallow. Dinah makes the jokester into a realistic individual.
      If you’ve read article on, his ex-girlfriend’s name is Laurel Lance, so I guess this is the Nolan-verse equivalent of Dinah Lance, yes?

  12. Drew says:

    I thought it would have been better to continue the Smallville universe and have a franchise that the CW and DC could continue on like Star Trek did. That didn’t happen and I was uneasy about this series from the jump. With the addition of the sister and mother, it sounds like they’re trying to keep Gossip Girl elements on the show.

    However, based on the commercial that aired during Supernatural tonight and the trailer online, I am reserving judgement. I won’t say it sucks because it’s not what I thought they should do. It could be a really solid series, if they do it properly, and it won’t detract from the work that Smallville did (which was admittedly hit and miss of over the years).

    Maybe Arrow will become Green Arrow once other archers arrive in town. The comic have Red Arrow, who starts off as a sidekick for Green Arrow but eventually becomes a hero on his own. Merlyn is also an archer, though a villain… though I don’t see why the name change would come from that. Oh well, theory shot.

  13. Sasha says:

    The Arrow Preview does look good so i’m reserving judgement. Or I was until i read they’re taking out all the SUPER stuff from it. Whats the point of that. It just holds back introducing new characters.

    Like one commenter said having a guy just shooting arrows is going to become old.

    i’m gonna say that Stephen Amell looks ridiculously fit and so smoking hot that i rewatched those ab scenes a few times

    Ah well we’ll see

    • ChrisGa says:

      I’m thinking it’s gonna be the most successful of the CW’s new slate(which may not be saying much). Still not crazy about going with another actor; Stephen Amell is definitely hot but sorry he doesn’t hold a candle to Justin Hartley in my book.

      • Sasha says:

        I’ve been a fan of Justin”s since Passions (its not saying much since i hardly watched that show)

        I find him to be hot yes but pretty as well, definitely fits the playboy persona.

        Stephen look more dark, more gritty…i dunno

        I dont prefer either or but i’m hoping Arrow turns out to be good.

  14. sephkane says:

    I think it will be at least a decent show. BUT I’m still not going to watch because Hartley isn’t Green Arrow. Not much out of spite, but because JH was the best I could ask for, and it would be dumb of me to just settle. It should have been a spin-off, because then most Smallville fans would have tuned in, myself included. Because then the show would at least have a chance. The way I see it, Arrow doesn’t have a chance, seeing as so many Smallville fans are pissed about the casting, so why waste my time with it?

    I hope the show does well in the ratings, and if it does after one season, I will probably give it a chance. But I am still in awe about this terribly missed opportunity. What the HELL were these people thinking?

    • wednesday says:

      I’m like you, I won’t be watching either. To me Justin Hartley is Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow hands down, no substitutions! I wish the show all the best, but I just can’t watch it. I miss Smallville alot & it’s hard to believe it’s been off for a year! With this show coming on in the fall it only makes me miss SM even more! And now they’re pairing it with Smallville’s brother show Supernatural! It isn’t right! They can have Arrow & I’ll keep my Ollie! Thank goodness for DVD’s! I can put my show on anytime & watch!

    • Superfan says:

      I won’t be closely following this series either. And I followed Smallville even during its up and downs. The idea of some vigilante with a bow and killing ppl with it is a no-brainer. The only thing I truly liked about Nolan’s Batman is his sense of justice which clashes well with Joker. A spiteful murderer looking for revenge isn’t why I liked GA. Although the parkour action scene seems cool, I still prefer the trick arrows, flair and ideas of GA which was somehow fulfilled in Smallville. If its another universe, what’s wrong with using the same actor and gadgets, and improve from there.

  15. Brent Castro says:

    I agree…although it’s interesting to see a Green Arrow show it is ridiculous that it is not tied into the smallville universe especially since Smallville was a success for the cw. It seems only logical to want to continue the story that was built on smallville and cash in that way (with the already existing fans). The only reason I think the executives would want to re-interpret Green Arrow is because they believed they failed with him the first time so they want to try again and do it better.

    If they wanted to do another superhero show then they should have taken on another superhero and not green arrow. at least not so soon. this was a bad decision especially if it pales in comparison to smallville’s green arrow. Obviously if the cw’s target audience is smallville’s audience then the audience is going to be making comparisons right off the bat and some of them may want this show to fail from the get-go.

    And if they want to isolate Green Arrow from the rest of the superhero/power world and make him into another vigilante then that totally destroys the appeal of this character. It takes away a lot of what makes Green Arrow…Green Arrow.

  16. Sullivan says:

    I really wish they would of did a spin-off of Smallville! Smallville was by far one of the best shows on television. Justin Hartley was a perfect fit for Green Arrow and by not having him play the character makes me not want to endulge in the series. Also taking away the superpowers and super heroes, exactly how far can they take this show. Smallville was the CW’s best show and it brought in viewers. I wish this show the best of luck but by not spinning it off of Smallville will hurt the show.

  17. katy917 says:

    Spins off rarely work. There s a reason for that – they can never do as well as the predecessor. I loved Smallville, it was my 100% fave TV show for a decade of my life and Ollie was one of my favourite characters in it. But if they made this into a spin off, they would have to bring in characters from Smalliville from time to time, and that could get expensive and all you would get would be fans complaining that there weren’t enough guest stints. Then there would be problems with continuity, if they wanted to do a story a certain way, they would be tied to the old plots of Smallville. There is also the problem that Smallville fans are people who have grown up with the show. I was 15 when I started watching it, today’s 15 year olds would have been 4 or 5 when it first came on. I’m not saying you can’t be a die hard fan and watch the DVDs etc, but there are a lot of people out there who would not watch a Smallville spin-off, as yes it would attact SOME Smallville fans – but a lot have grown up and may not want to commit yet more years of their lives to the exact same franchise, and the younger audience, or completely new people, may not tune in. You can’t create a show based on the fact that one fan base MAY tune in. It’s very risky, especially a full year after the old show ended. I really like the look of the new Arrow show, I think it is something that the CW needs, a darker, edgier show that may attract people who otheriwse may not watch CW shows. Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy are both smokin’ hot, which gets a lot of male and female veiwers from the get go. And yes, so it Justin Hartley! I like that they have mixed things up a bit, I know it may piss off fans at first, but it’s their way of making this show unique, and it worked on TVD. They are NOTHING like the books, the characters, plots, storylines are all a million miles away from any of the books. Yet it is their best rated show, I think BECAUSE of this. Fot me, it was definitly time to put Smallville to bed. Yes, it will be super weird watching someone else play Oliver Queen, but as long as the acting, dialogue and writing are good enough, the show should hopefully start to hold its own eventually. Will there be comparisions? Of course. If the show is good, will it matter who played the role first? No way. I’m looking at this as a brand new show and when I watch it, I’m gonna try to wipe Smallville from my mind and thank God for my (epic) DVD collections.

    • jb says:

      totally agree with the points you have made. If it was a spinoff of Smallville, it would seriously have limited the storylines etc. Like you, I’m going to give the show a chance.

      • nick says:

        Spinoffs do work on occasions look at ncis it’s a spinoff from jag going in it’s 10th season and that has a spinoff it self then also the law and order shows so ya spinoffs do work

  18. Keenan says:

    Well of course he’s not going to say anything bad. He’s still employed by the same network. DUH…..

  19. Jessica says:

    Wow, you guys are GENIUSES. You have it all figured out. You should all be TV excutives since you know everything.

    • Josclyn says:

      Sar. cas. tic. claps. (Community reference) but I totally agree. People all have their opinions, but really no one cares.

  20. MaryAnn says:

    I totally support the new “Arrow.” The previews look absolutely great, as does the actor they have cast in the lead. There is no way that “Smallville” ‘s “Green Arrow” had the level of screen presence of this new choice. IMO they are going after a totally new audience — perhaps the same one that follows “Supernatural.” It is strong and gritty and has none of the apple pie and silver linings of “Smallville.” Don’t get me wrong — I loved “Smallville” and “Smallville”‘s Green Arrow. But this show feels like the Bourne movies and “The Dark Knight” franchise., I’m betting it has the legs to go ten years if the strength of the writing comes up to the strength of the previews.

  21. Danielle H says:

    Trailer does not have a great feel at all. I may not even bother checking this out. Deviating this that much from the comic book fans is going to hurt them on a place like the CW where niche fans really push viewership.

  22. Brendan says:

    I’m just happy this GA is not clean shaven… should be a goatee though.

  23. bad kevin says:

    Think Arrow may have better archery skills than Katniss (The Hunger Games) and Hawkeye (Marvel’s The Avengers).

  24. This is so disapointing really. I would be so excited right now had the cast Justin Hartley as Green Arrow and if this truly were a Smallville spinoff. Way to drop the ball.

    • Matt says:

      Dude, learn to read. Someone above you already wrote a long comment on WHY it’s a bad idea for this to take place in the Smallville universe!

  25. James says:

    I’m not gonna lie by looking at the trailer this looks pretty sick, I mean the dialogue was a little weak but i’ll wait till i see the whole pilot before i judge it. I do have to say I’m a little concerned that thier trying so despretly to brake away from smallville that thier not getting the essence of the character. the comics have been around for like thirty years and it certainly diserves justice. I adored Justin Hartley in the role he totally capture the duel persona of the character, but by the trailer Amell looks like he’s gona bring his own flare to it which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as they stay true to the character. BTW Starling City is a horrible name writers dropped the ball on that one.

  26. Mikael says:

    The show looks good, so I’ll check it out. But no superpowers??? So that means no Black Canary, which is a huge mistake. And why change her name from Dinah to Laurel? And Star City to Starling? Wouldn’t they want Green Arrow fans to watch? This is why DC live action will always fail compared to Marvel. The Avengers got it just right. Nolan’s Batman films are great, but they completely cut out any potential for other DC characters, which is what they’re doing with Arrow, when The Avengers just proved big time that superpowers do work in live action.

  27. Brandy says:

    I love television shows that are suspenseful and keep you on your toes and this yr people have gave us a lot of new shows that are great and they did a great job picking the actors for there parts Justin Hartley will always be my favoirite in smallsville that was a great show and I still watch it every morning kodos to the great minds behind these shows

  28. margot moss says:

    Green Arrow will not last 10 season because the is 32 years old, Stephen A. is not a great actor!

  29. tom says:

    bad idea to get rid of the superpowers and change the names of star city and dinah lance. but totally looking forward to the show

  30. Allison P says:

    When I first heard about this show, I decided I didn’t want to watch it. I don’t like new actors playing the same characters whether it be in the same show or just on the same network (in this case). But after seeing the preview clips, I’m willing to give this show and its version of Green Arrow a chance. I think it could be pretty cool.

  31. Personally, I’m not hoping for much, considering how the CW trashed the Superman mythos with SMALLVILLE, particularly after the fourth season.

  32. Sam says:

    Justine Hartley was amazing as Aquaman as well in that test episode… You have seen that right?!?

  33. Greenarrowfan says:

    Can someone tell me why hes calling himself just “Arrow”??? Hes the Green Arrow, hence the name Emerald Archer,….please tell me he will eventually change cause you cant take a iconic character thats been around so long and just change his name. Whats next a green lantern show just called “lantern?” Or a wonderwoman show just called “wonder”? Cmon DC, respect your fans, I get changing the guy thay played green arrow on smallville, I get changing the wardrobe but NOT the name, some things you dont mess with!

  34. Kotabtno says:

    I dont really care who plays him, but honestly justin hartley wouldve probably fit the role better. I think it will fail because it Doesn’t follow the comics, changing names, and come one the trailer was so corny. I’m pretty sure superpowers is what made dc comics famous. So, that being said they decide to take them out. Since they screwed with the mythos of which made the green arrow who he truly is, true comic fan probably won’t be watching this. The show is going to fail.

    • mark says:

      Watching the preview now, and this version is a cheap batman knockoff. They didn’t have to incorporate smallville in order to give Justin Hartley the role. It would have been better than watching a batman clone! The guy had Ollie nailed already, I think the cw/dc made a bad call here. Hopefully they’ll do a justice league reunion smallville style eventually…

  35. Clark says:

    Something in the trailer(s) just doesn’t feel right. I don’t have a problem with another person playing the part or it not being a spin off. The whole vibe of the series doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s the trailers and the show will be good. I’ll probably give the first episode a shot. But if I get the same feeling as I do now, I’m out. And I probably won’t be the only one. It will be a love or hate reaction with no in-between for viewers.

  36. Treestumps54 says:

    Arrow would have been better as a spin off of Smallville.
    Justin Hartley is the Green Arrow and without him the show will not bring in the ratings.. Arrow will not have a second season cause it’s going to be cancelled in the first few episodes.. The show is destin to fail.!!

  37. jdfrost says:

    Just like tom welling and christian bale and JUSTIN HARTLEY they are this generations superheros. If they continued with grren arrow smallvilles version they would already have a great cast and could have special appearences without wasteing episodes explaining them. I mean come on they are gonna reboot batman after the dark knight rises. We the d.c. and smallville fans want an on going story not be doomed to repeat it every 6 or 7 years. Marvel has the right idea these shows and movies are c.g.I. and they are popping them out like candy and they are good quality. We were so sad to see smallville go and for tom welling to not play superman in the movies. Noone really watches the c.w. … I only watched smallville and supernatiral and it was a great two hours of t.v. but let’s face it you reboot green arrow…excuse me ARROW! And its not like smallville after 10yrs and the millions of fans. Well ill start watching it if its still on after christmas. It looks good but it reminds me a lot of a show that died fast and was good called THE CAPE!!

  38. L. Luthor says:

    A spinoff from Smallville would be cool, but they wood have been limited because of the Smallville storyline, Chloe would have to be on there because at the end of Smallville she and Ollie were married and had a son, that said a new green arrow independent of Smallville will be way better, look at all the new stories they will be able to play out. Not having super powers in the show will be a cool idea, the Nolan like universe sounds like a good idea, don’t forget Oliver Queen is a billionaire just like Bruce Wayne, so you know he will have all kinds of cool toys he didn’t have in Smallville, because he will be the main character, they couldn’t give the coolest toys in Smallville because he couldn’t be cooler than Clark Kent, in arrow he can be cooler
    and more bad ass like Batman in Nolan’s universe

  39. Karen says:

    Hartley was wonderful as the Green Arrow, he is very missed by his fans. I happened to love his humorous rendition of Oliver Queen, and would have been first in line to watch a spin off with him as Arrow, but Smallville was way past due to be over so I do not think it would have been very successful. With that being said, I have no desire to see another person play Oliver Queen because I would miss Hartley. In contrast though I definitely do not want to see Hartley play a geeky doctor either on Emily Owens MD. The show holds no appeal to me what so ever.

  40. Squee says:

    I am cool with this being unrelated to Smallville, but I am not cool with there being no powers in the world. It kills a lot of potential for stories. They should go ahead and set it in a larger DC world with powers, and they still could. Most of Oliver Queen’s enemies are normal, and few super powered beings even hang out in his city, other than a few minor league exceptions from time to time.

  41. kristi says:

    I’m going to give it a chance.. but its hard to not compare the two. Hartley is was sexy I would of loved to see him in this role. I hope the show doesn’t tank just because they went with someone new they made the whole Batman comparison with different actors but those batmans where yrs apart Smallville hasn’t been off the air very long I think that’s going to make ppl compare them more because Smallville is still fresh in the fans mind.

  42. Matt says:

    Watched the first episode and have to say …bad , the acting and the dialog is terrible , with no super powered Heros/ villains In the pipe line it really could get boring fast , DC has shot itself in the foot with allowing this as well as the network , I’m sure this one will be action packed and full of killing etc but will never do anywhere as near as ood as smallville , can’t see it getting renewed for longer than 2 seasons . Creating a spin off would have been the best idea , revisit some of the stories of GA past that we saw in smallville but in more depth, I loved smallville and still do , but “arrow”just isnt anywhere near as exciting

  43. Shadow says:

    Been watching the show but I still wish Justin Hartley was in it. Been a fan of smallville and would’ve love to see GA continue on from smallville. But producers always have the say anyway so I guess we all just have to take it as it comes. I’d be surprise to see Arrow last a few seasons.

  44. Marius Dixon says:

    I watched every episode of Arrow. This show is really boring. Like really boring. They kill Deadshot off in his first appearance, give us a lame Royal Flush gang, they’re gonna make Oliver’s sister Thea his sidekick Speedy and completely get rid Mia Dierden. All of you people saying a smallville spin off wouldn’t have worked are way off. Oliver, Chloe and Mia make up part of the cast and bring in any of the other JL members in on guest spots. I don’t like the no super power rule, what a waste of a Black Canary.

  45. Pamela butler says:

    Well I have not looked at the trailer but I have been very amused by the comments. Lets give it a chance no one is forcing you to watch or comment. But you have a right to say what you want. Lets keep it clean.

  46. MsLane says:

    I’ve been trying to get into the Arrow show, like some here I disagree with the new take on the Green Arrow character and really loved Hartley as the Green Arrow, he was a fantastic actor who could be sweet and humorous, with the ability to be dark as well.

    While Stephen Amell is nice to look at, he’s not the greatest actor, makes the show kind of hard to watch sometimes.

    Although last weeks episode was ok.

  47. Matt says:

    I just stumbled on this article and these comments are ridiculous. Smallville truly sucked and so did Justin Hartley as green arrow. Every detail reflects a soap opera just like every cw show. Arrow has had a successful season and it doesn’t follow the typical cw/soap opera formula. This show is probably my second favourite aside from HIMYM. CW made one of their best decisions with arrow because it isn’t their usual crap

    • Marius Dixon says:

      Arrow isn’t a bad show, It’s just extremely boring until they flash back to the island. Then it’s back to watching {Green} Arrow read a list of people to take down. Take away any superpowers and any chance of Oliver meeting other DC characters(You know, the ones we give a crap about?) Toss in a few batman villains, a couple of name changes for what ever damn reason, a few awful Comic references to characters we’ll never see(Flash, Wonder Twins, Nightwing, Hell why not have Green Lantern’s GF Carol be mentioned for whatever reason they had.) I like Smallville because they didn’t cut themselves off from the full DC Universe as much as Arrow did. I hate seeing Dinah(Oh I’m sorry, Laurel) and her mother(Who are both Black Canary) Powerless. Their version of “Count Vertigo” was awful too. Seems like all they did was mix Joker and Scarecrow from the Nolan Batman movies. However I will say this. I liked Arrow’s version of Slade/Deathstroke more then the Smallville one. But then again those were two different points in Slade’s life. Huntress was cool too and it was nice to see another non-villain DC Character. The finale was… Eh. semi boring but it had it’s moments. There’s a bunch of stuff I can sit here and nit pick at, but in the end I’ll always like Smallville More then Arrow. I feel Arrow won’t make it to a season 5. Which is good cause five seasons is more then enough time for Oliie to become Mayor of Star[ling] City, Thea to become Speedy, Roy to become Red Arrow and Laurel to become Black Canary(Or most likely just “Canary” since he’s Arrow and not GREEN Arrow.) Even though this show doesn’t use super powers, they still don’t wanna bring any Bat Family members into the show For what ever stupid reason. So in the end, everybody’s entitled to an opinion. But at the rate they’re going, Arrow won’t last as long as Smallville did and it’s just more interesting for me to watch. Justin’s always gonna be the better GA to me cause he’s closer to the cartoon/comic versions I’ve seen. This Stephen guy looks like he should have just been in a batman show, he even looks a bit like Bale in the first couple episodes during the flashbacks. All in all, Arrow gets a 6/10 for me. Good but could be better.

  48. OSDxArsneal says:

    I was an avid fan of Smallville and I have become a fan of Arrow as well. I am glad this is a whole new show, when smallville ended I was hoping for a Justin Hartley spin off however after watching this I’m glad it isn’t. The way I look at it is this show is a based on the DC Comic characters, but id dont think it should be the same story we see in the comics or smallville. It should be a new, unique and keep us interested. Ive seen some call it boring, well I disagree. As a writer myself I know the importance of “slight of hand” and I see them doing this here. At first it is about the names in that book, but I think something bigger is coming in the future of the show. I believe the writers have a vision that right now only they can see, and they don’t want us to see it until this series conclusion.
    I like the no power thing, and for awhile in the comics, Black Canary didn’t have powers wither, she was just a good kick ass martial artist. However I have read rumors of Flash being in the series, so I don’t think the “no powers” thing is going to be absolute. I wish we could see Night wing though, maybe do a Dick Grayson/Roy Harper story since those two have such a history.

  49. Debesh says:

    Look which show is on top now… Smallville totally ruined it in later seasons, Arrow is way better and Barry Allen comes in nxt episode best dhow on tv right now

  50. charles says:

    I don’t care, they COULD have made it work. I’ve read all the reasoning in the world but I simply have refused to watch “Arrow” on the CW SIMPLY because they did NOT cast Justin Hartley as the star. Many could even say that while playing his role on Smallville (in some ways), even saved that series, no one can say that he did a poor acting job or contributed anything “negative” to Smallville. In fact, as I’ve read, I’m not the only one that was simply (almost) devastated that Justin Hartley didn’t get the role. Sure, back-stories and character relationships (all that), could have and it may have taken a little time, but could have been worked out to separate itself from being considered a “spin-off” from Smallville. And even so, why would it have been such a “bad thing” if it was called or considered a “spin-off” in the tv-land? What the big deal about it. We (and I mean a TON of viewers), wanted and expected (it just made so much sense), if Justin Hartley would have been cast as Oliver Queen and they could have even kept the name of the show the same. I consider it a big disappointment. I’m not putting anyone else down (whomever that guy is that actually got the wrote) – see how much I don’t care, not even enough to give the show a chance, in my mind? They (the CW), lost me when I found out that Hartley wasn’t going to be the hero everyone wanted him to be. The show might be going well right now, but I believe that this was a grave mistake and it will be the show’s demise. Or look at it from a money standpoint (isn’t everything about money these days?) – just imagine how much MORE money, advertising dollars, ect…all that goes into how and what makes a show “make money”, not just for the actors, but for the network it airs on and I even bet that in the long run, if we could some how run in a parallel universe and look into the future (one where both actors had the this main characters role) and compare just how long the series lasted (how many seasons, episodes, ect), I would BET that in the Hartley universe, the show would have lasted longer and made more dollars!!

    • Jim R. Johnston says:

      I don’t know if anyone has the same opinion as I do. But I think they should bring back the hole Smallville cast and more actors and actresses to create a hole new superman series called Metropolis. Something proceeding after the series. What do you all think?