Shonda Rhimes Weighs In on Scandal Season 1, the Finale's Killer Reveal and Fitz's Future

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of ABC’s Scandal.

ABC’s Scandal wrapped up its frothy freshman run on Thursday night by having Vice President Langston’s chief of staff, Billy Chambers, aggressively accelerate his twisted plan to torpedo President Grant’s first term by commandeering a press briefing to posit that Fitz had a fling with ill-fated former White House intern Amanda Tanner. Meanwhile, Olivia Pope & Associates swung into action to clean up the scene of journalist Gideon Wallace’s murder, lest Quinn — I’m sorry, “Quinn” — enter the system and have her actual super-secret identity be discovered.

By hour’s end, Cyrus and Liv teamed up to exact a fine piece of damage control — with more than a little help from First Lady Mellie — though it may have come at the price of Olivia ever getting quality one-on-one time with POTUS ever again.

TVLine spoke with series creator Shonda Rhimes earlier this week to reflect on the season gone by, her plan for Season 2, and answer a few burning questions.

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TVLINE | I was actually looking back at my notes from the January press tour, and you did describe Scandal as being “very adult,” a show that would snowball to a point that we’d be “catching our breath.” Still, were you surprised to see people surprised by what it evolved into over the course of the season?
It’s always the same way – everybody always thinks you are whatever you just wrote. It’s interesting to me that no matter what I write people are like, “It’s going to be just like Grey’s Anatomy!” Which I completely understand, because that’s what you’re identified with. So I wasn’t surprised that people were surprised, because it doesn’t matter what you tell them [ahead of time]. People have an expectation and I totally accept that. I felt like we were doing something outside the box, compared to what the audience thinks that I do.

TVLINE | Have you heard recently from Judy Smith (the White House alum/crisis management pro on whom Olivia is partially based)? Is she getting grilled by her friends, “You were holding out on us! Did these things happen?!”
Judy holds everything so close to the vest, even with us, that part of what we ended up doing was make up scenarios and then going, “How would you solve that problem?” Because she was never going to tell us any of her actual client scenarios, so we sort of went by what we read in the papers, what we could find. She provided us with some interesting twists and turns and suggestions. She’s very good at what she does.

TVLINE | [ABC president] Paul Lee told me he gave you 13 episodes for Season 2 — and that you might be entirely content with that, because of the pacing you had in this first season.
I enjoyed having seven episodes. We took it as sort of a gift because it meant that we could tell story in a way that you can’t really tell story on network television.

TVLINE | Right? I mean this thing burned hot these last five weeks.
Yeah, and that was exciting for us. I wrote the pilot thinking, “Oh, we’re going to have to stretch this thing over 22 episodes, and that’s going to be hard,” and it was great to not have to stretch it over anything. It was like we were doing a little cable show. I constantly am saying, “Don’t we just want to do 13 episodes of everything?” But nobody listens to me. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do you have any idea how much time will elapse on screen between seasons?
I don’t. I try not to let myself think about what we’re going to do next season, because I don’t want to get too excited about it and then not get the show picked up. We just started talking about it this week, and I haven’t made any decisions yet.

TVLINE | But will there still be a bigger story, a through line along the lines of Amanda Tanner?
There is absolutely always going to be a through line, and we’re going to keep the pace as fast as we kept it this time. I feel like that’s important, the way that the story lays down, the way that the end of every episode turned what you were watching into something else.

TVLINE | Is that Season 2 through line necessarily the mystery of Quinn’s true identity?
That will be a part of it, absolutely.

TVLINE | Because outside of her being, like, the Lindbergh baby, I have no idea where you’re going with that.
[Chuckles] We joke about that. We call her “the Lindbergh baby” every once in a while. But she is definitely not the Lindbergh baby.

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TVLINE | I’ve told Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn that I am a little worried that, given what happens at the end of the finale, we will see less of POTUS next season — if Olivia in fact keeps Fitz at arm’s length, per the deal with Mellie…
The President of the United States is our leading man, so we are not going to see less of him.

TVLINE | Is Cyrus’ role in Amanda’s death a loose thread that is ever going to be tugged on, maybe later rather than sooner? Or is that just a piece of information for us to file away about him as the series progresses?
It’s going to be tugged on. When that tugging happens is not yet set.

TVLINE | I wanted to talk about character development. Because of the pace you had here, you couldn’t really delve into anybody outside of Olivia and Huck. Are you going to explore the other associates in drips and drabs here and there, or will it be, “This is the episode where you learn a bunch about Stephen,” “This is where you learn a bunch about Abby”…?
That was kind of the plan. We had our episode where you learned Abby’s backstory, and we had the episode that sort of focused on Huck. That works nicely. I don’t know how we’re going to lay out people’s pasts. We do it when it feels right for the story, when it feels like the right time. I think it was much for fun for us to not tell you exactly who everyone was in the beginning, to let you discover stuff as you went on.

TVLINE | I’ve had many of your actors – Tony Goldwyn and KaDee Strickland (Private Practice) included — sing your praises when it comes to casting. Still, does a part of you feel you lucked into something extremely special with Kerry and Tony and their off-the-charts chemistry?
Even though we just called Tony and offered him the part, I had worked with Tony. He directed some episodes of Grey’s and some episodes of Private prior to any of this, so I already had a feel for him. And in looking at Kerry, I remember saying, “God, wouldn’t it be great if we could get Tony Goldwyn?” It was just about matching them up together.

TVLINE | It’s important that the chemistry is there, because there are a lot of reasons to not root for this couple.
There are a million reasons not to root for this couple. I kind of love that we’ve created a world in which you’re rooting for an adulterous relationship. But you are, you’re rooting for them to be together despite every reason in the world for them not to be together. And yeah, their chemistry was a really important part of that. If I had gotten that wrong, we would have been screwed.

What did you think of Scandal‘s first season?

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  1. slizabeth says:

    Brilliant show. Brilliant finale. WAY TO GO SHONDA!

    • Stacie says:

      As much as I think she sometimes gets a little to into her ego and her not really caring about the audience as much as she cares about telling her story, I love this freakin show and I still enjoy Private Practice and Greys. She’s an evil genius.

      • josephguest says:

        That’s why I love Shonda Rhime’s writing and shows, she puts telling the story she set out to tell over the whining off the audience, it’s the why all showrunners should be.

      • Brenda Gonzalez says:

        To completely frank, I don’t think that’s a horrible thing. She’s not scared to not cater to her audience, she cares much more about a good story and at the end that’s what really matters… I can care less if she cares about my feelings, as long as she is telling me a heck of a story.

        • Khem says:

          Yeah I agree. I LOVE a good story. I can and do watch plenty of Grey’s reruns. I got to Scandal kind of late, but I watched my first episodes twice in the same night. I want Scandal now!

          I hate to say it, but I want Olivia and Fitz to interact more-like Together, Together. That’s bad I know; It’s a fictitious story, LOL.

    • Margaret says:

      bellamy young as mellie rocked it tonight. she was awesome. so funny to see her on 2 shows this week in 2 totally different roles, she’s also beth on criminal minds, the first real romantic relationship hotch has had since his wife was murdered in season 5. gotta love tv. also, the chemistry between kerry washington & tony goldwyn is INSANE, their chemistry blows early mer/der chemistry out of the water.

      • Brenda Gonzalez says:

        I agree. Their relationship of so much more than I have ever seen from mer/der. There’s also something so incredibly sad about it. When they held each other for “one minute” in her apartment, I think I wanted to cry.

      • Coquette says:

        Yea their chemistry is out of this WORLD intense my gosh, I really loved Mer/Der but Fitz and Olivia’s chemistry has easily surpassed into a completely different league. Insane is really the correct word, they seriously might have the best chemistry on network tv.

        This is definitely my new favorite show, I really love watching their love story unfold. Shonda is incredibly gifted to simply be able to tell they would hit it off without even having to screen test, she is truly in her element and has hit it outta the park with this show.

    • Juanita Washington says:

      I agree it is brilliant. The chemistry between Kerry W. and Tony G. is hot…… I can’t wait to see season 2. Shonda thank you for bringing us Scandal.

    • Paul says:

      By FAR, The Best New Show of 2012! Way to Go on On ON!!!

  2. Jen says:

    No one cares about this! We want grey’s stuff!

    • Rolfe says:

      Speak for yourself. Scandal come in under the radar and quickly became one of my favorite current shows. The article was great. Can’t wait for season two. Love that ABC is giving smaller episode orders.

    • Russ says:

      I thought that the 7 episode season of Scandal was better than this years 24 episode season of Grey’s.

    • TJ says:

      Then why are you even here if you don’t care?!? I’m here because I love SCANDAL. I don’t watch either Grey’s or Private Practive but I would never knock anyone for watching or loving either show. Just wow…

    • Andrea says:

      No “we” don’t want Grey’s stuff. Personally “I” wish that Shonda would forget that Grey’s and PP ever existed (since I’ve never watched them) and concentrate solely on Scandal. I haven’t seen the finale yet (totally spoiled myself), but I love this show and its cast. I so agree with the comparisons to TGW and a darker, more sinister version of The West Wing…and we even get Josh Malina, too! Good work, Shonda! You finally got me yo pay attention to one of your series.

    • Tiffany says:

      If you don’t care, why did you read an article that was clearly about Scandal and then scroll down and make the effort to comment? GA gets plenty of attention on all the sites. Scandal was an incredible show that did amazing things in only 7 episodes, if you’re not interested in it, that’s fine, don’t read articles about it.

    • Brenda Gonzalez says:

      Speak for yourself (I mean that, you putting your own words into other people’s mouths)… yes I really like Grey’s and have been a fan since day one. But there’s no reason to say “who cares” about a new smart show, just because you are a fan of another show. Both shows in no way affect each other.

    • Khem says:

      Yeah creativity like Shonda’s and her team’s is special-marked by the Greatest Creator of all by whatever name. Yes Shonda take care of yourself. so that you can continue to share your gift with the world, or at least us Americans of these United States!

    • delle says:

      How do you know so much about what “we” want? Besides, why would you waste your time reading an article you have no interest in?

  3. apple says:

    BLOODY HELL we dont care about Scandal’s finale, we want to know more about what she has to say for herself for the Grey-fiasco-Finale.

    • Kristen says:

      While i do care aboutbscandal (love this show) i couldnt agree more regarding greys fibale fiasco. That finale was DREADFUL

    • TJ says:

      Like I said above THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE…

    • Austerica says:

      You may need to find a forum where it concerns Grey’s Anatomy; this article is specifically about Scandal. If you don’t want to hear/read about it, then find a place where she is being interviewed about what is to come concerning Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Juanita Washington says:

      Speak for yourself. I want to know about Scandal’s finale. What is the true identity of Quinn? Who is she?

    • Katie says:

      I have been a long time GA viewer and loved the first season of Scandal as well. My suggestion to Shonda is to see if Chyler Leigh would appear in an episode or two. It would be great to see here again, and in a different role.

  4. JBS says:

    No disrespect to Scandal (which is a great show to watch & had a well-done finale tonight) but I think that a Q&A session about the Grey’s Anatomy finale HAS to happen really soon.

    • TJ says:

      Then go to a Grey’s page and post it there, some of us only watch Scandal and come here to talk Scandal… dang, I’m done – should have known better than to read the comments section of anything. :(

      • Brenda Gonzalez says:

        I agree.. why are people all up an arms, what she’s not allowed to work on other shows or be interviewed for them? Grey’s is good, but so is Scandal… if you want to read about grey’s, do what I did… Google “grey’s anatomy season finale”. Stop wasting your time reading articles you don’t care about and let people who also enjoy this show have fun reading about it.

  5. Kelly mel says:

    Another great episode; Cyrus shocked the heck out of me w / the guy on the bus; how dare he want to keep Liv apart

  6. sladewilson says:

    I care about Scandal AND GA. As for Scandal – great episode and Melly has become my fave character. She’s no joke.

  7. Maj says:

    I love Greys as well, But Scandal is soo good! Not sure what you guys are b-ing about. All Shonda coverage is good coverage! :-) (except for Off The Map – not sure what she was doing there…)

  8. ScandalFan says:

    I think you all should check the main page of this website because I could’ve sworn there is a “Grey’s” post finale wrap up, Q&A…Just saying…

  9. TS says:

    “I kind of love that we’ve created a world in which you’re rooting for an adulterous relationship.”
    Women are their own greatest enemies.

    • Khem says:

      ROFLMAO– Well the adultry would be bad and Shonda flits around with it pretty well. Maybe the FLOTUS can disappear for good somehow, and they get together.

    • Nikky says:

      Is that what she assumes?I for one am not rooting for it cos I think POTUS is full of it,wanting to have his cake and eat it too.Cos at the end of the day if the affair comes to light Olivia obviously get’s thrown under the bus as the home wrecker who seduced POTUS.IMO,the only difference between POTUS and all those other lying,full of BS “I’ll leave my wife for you” dogs is that he’s POTUS.I don’t think he’s in love with Olivia,like most other adulterers,male or female I think he’s in love with the CONCEPT of Olivia and the whole risky business of the affair.Should it come to light he and his wife would probably stand side by side garnering sympathy and crucifying Olivia.
      Though I also think that for all her intelligence Olivia is very stupid,allowing herself to be played like that.Considering her profession I’m sure she’s swept enough indiscretions under the rug and she should know better….case in point her willingness to destroy Amanda Tanner at the beginning of the show when she thought the affair claim was true.That could easily have been her in the hot seat

      • Tyler says:

        You are obviously allowing your personal beliefs dictate your perspective of a story. Shonda Rhimes has done a wonderful job proving that is just the exact opposite of what you are saying. As a studying screenwriter myself, you learn ways of cluing the audience in on what is to come, and it is very clear that Shonda is creating a provocative story that makes you WANT TO ROOT for the couple that for all intents and purposes you shouldn’t root for–but that’s what makes it intriguing because you normally never want to root for someone in an affair because it is morally wrong, but what do you do for two people that are genuinely in love and a wife that’s power hungry and could care less if you cheat as long as she get’s to keep the limelight? That right there adds another element. If you are going to watch a film, tv show, or read a story then you have to have the ability to take your personal ideals away or else you miss important elements that the writer is trying to tell. Sure it’s fine to have an opinion but one like yours is so left field that its clear you’re just missing the entire point of it all.

      • Tyler says:

        And helllllo that’s the point…no matter how intelligent we can be, people do have flaws and weaknesses and LOVE is a big weakness for EVERYONE. People find themselves making mistakes on judgement calls when they are in love. This wouldn’t be a realistic show if she was miss perfect. Good grief, go watch Leave it to Beaver because you obviously think this world is filled with sunshine and roses and no stink…that’s what makes life life, people make mistakes and hopefully learn from them–even if it takes them a life time to figure out.

      • Brandi says:

        I agree with you completely! I love the rest of the show but Olivia’s relationship w/ Fitz is getting to be enough to make me stop watching.

  10. Gigi Smith says:

    Hadn’t seen the show until tonight – the final! LOVED IT! Can’t wait until next season!

  11. I don’t care about this serie. Stop messing with Grey’s, Shonda, please! :'( Why killing her?

    • Russ says:

      The post has Scandal in the title and nothing about Grey’s. Why are you even commenting if you don’t care?

    • Brenda Gonzalez says:

      What she’s doing with Grey’s Anatomy has nothing to do with this completely separate, unrelated show… So go complain on a Grey’s Anatomy page, you’ll see me there also complaining about it… IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Stop ruining it for us who also like Scandal.

  12. A says:

    Scandal is amazing. Olivia is a great character!

  13. Bookworm says:

    Excellent! The finale has me on my toes right now. Seriously, its almost an hour later and I still can’t get off of this Scandal high. Shonda is so darn good and though I felt the season went by so fast, it was great that every episode was meaningful. We didn’t get fillers where there was nothing important to talk about. Instead, we got every episode leading to something bigger and better and episode 6 was a nice filler of Liv and Fitz relationship history and also moved the story a long in small steps.

    Liv and Fitz though..LIV AND FITZ! I seriously want them together and I felt so bad for Fitz when Liv just agreed with Mellie and left him. He clearly would drop it all for her and I think, at one moment, she thought that he could and they would be alright. But they can’t and I think she knew she had to let him go; I really want to see what happens with them next season because their love and attraction is way too strong for them to just move on.

    And Quinn! Who is this chick!!!??

    • Nikky says:

      “He clearly would drop it all for her” yeah,just like all those men who “promise I’ll leave my wife for you”.Love is a strong motivator but being POTUS is a heluuvalot stronger.Plus can you imagine the backlash that would bring?Olivia being villified as the homewrecker who “blackmailed” one of the most popular presidents to step down for her own selfish reasons?Cos you know that’s how the press will spin it.It’ll be all modern day Yoko headlines and nothing about how sweet and happily-ever-after sailing into the sunset

  14. Leah says:

    Lovvvvve this show! I was never this invested in Grey’s.

  15. Rach says:

    SCANDAL WAS FREAKIN AWSOME…i want to blow abc’s lines up begging for more episodes for season 2! It is well deserved…just watched the finale and I liked to hit the ceiling when the show ended the way it did…im dieing to know Quinns identity!!! Please hurry up n bring my show bck! It’s well deserved…I can’t wait to shut myself in my tv room n lock the doors for no interruptions ..with the volume up high lol n I dnt move from my chair until its over..n I HATE commercials!! But I couldn’t miss a single moment of Scandal!!!!….I can’t wait for season 2…it’s driving me nuts I can’t watch it now…WHY THE FALL…bring it back this Summer lol :)

  16. AJ says:

    I don’t watch nor care about Grey’s so you people that are upset can go gripe elsewhere. The Scandal finale was great. I would like to see more than 13 eps next season but if not I am still glad it got renewed. I figured I would hate it since I find Grey’s so absolutely stupid but it’s a good show. Huck needs to kill more people next season. :)

  17. Manie says:

    Best 2012 show!! Scandal is mind-blowing!!! And damn I love Millie, but I’m sure she’ll be the one seeking out Olivia next season! (Anyway I wish)

    And crap, Tony and Kerry have the craziest chemistry I’ve ever seen on tv, like it’s dangerous!

    And I’m really glad for Scandal to get 13 episodes instead of 22… I’m a huge fan on the more UK 13 episodes series than US 22 (if I can call it like that), I seriously can’t wait until next season!!!

    Scandal season finale: 11/10

  18. stacey says:

    Scandal is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE GREY’S FINALE!!! And I can’t wait to see where Shonda takes us next year! She has me hooked once again..

  19. Coco says:

    Love this twisty little show! So, Shonda looked at Kerry, thought of Tony, and didn’t test them together? Genius. Loved Cyrus calling them out for acting like star-crossed tweens. Also loved the FLOTUS. She’s terrifying! And Quinn FINALLY got a little interesting. Now all I need is for Stephen to get actual things to do (b/c HIC is awesome). Onward to season 2!

  20. ChrisGa says:

    Scandal’s a great show, def the best thing Rhimes has done since GA. Another reason ABC has one of the best slate of shows; this and GCB both launched at midseason and for my money were two of the absolute best series of the entire television season(too bad GCB got canned; it was addictive in it’s own little way). Still, cannot wait for season two of this one; Kerry Washington and that cast kill it every week.

  21. lidia says:

    OMG I absolutely loved Scandal, I can’t wait for season 2! I was so rooting for Olivia n the Prez to make it but that would just be totally wrong. As for GA I feel the same way about the finale, they could’ve given us a bit more but still looking forward to both! :)

  22. mantua says:

    Is that 13-episode order final OR it might get the additional back9 ?

    • Margaret says:

      they got 13 with the possibility of more, shonda has said that she wants a shorter season, though, so the story telling pace can be like it was this season, which i think is a big part (that & the INSANE chemistry of tony goldwyn & kerry washington) as to why the show was so successful. they couldn’t afford to drag anything out bc they only had 7 episodes & didn’t know if there would be a season 2 so the pace was fast & furious.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Let me try this again: It’s 13 right now, and it may stay 13 not because ABC doesn’t believe in the show but because Shonda and Paul Lee liked the tighter, faster, shorter season format.

      • Coco says:

        I like the idea of shorter, more focused seasons. The only way I could see 22 working is if they did a season 2A of and season 2B with two separate 11-episode arcs.

  23. llws88 says:

    Some of y’all are a mess….Greys has been going on for ages….Shonda doesn’t need to do a Q&A for such a show…if a major shocker happens…then it happens…its already been 8 seasons. Reason why Shonda is doing ALOT of press for Scandal is because its her new baby…radically different from her two current shows….she’s putting in work to get people on board. Personally I love PP…but from episode 1 I’ve been HOOKED to Scandal…cannot wait for a season 2…and I am glad it will be a shortened season….22 episodes would be way to much for such a fast paced show.

    By the way..the finale….was AMAZING…Mellie! YES

  24. I don’t know why you guys are watching this show. She’s going to start killing everyone off really soon, let me tell you…

    • Kori says:

      You can’t compare Scandal with Grey’s Anatomy… One is fast paced and full of secrets and the other is just dark and twist.

    • Cathy says:

      It’s an awesome show, and obviously, you’re not watching it, because she already started killing people off!

    • Bobby says:

      Oh Barbie, you’re just mad cause you embarrassed yourself over on the Grey’s board with your silly “Lexie won’t ever die, she’s the new Grey’ comments for the last week. People here don’t care. People here want to talk about Scandal. Just because Shonda created both shows doesn’t mean they are the same, and the same things will happen. The fact that you don’t know how different the shows are tells me you don’t watch Scandal, which makes me wonder what you’re doing here?

      • I am not the least embarrased for assuming Sonda Rhimes was a better was writer than that. I would have said, if you wouldn’t have been after me insulting me for that. I’ve commened in many boards I was actually interacted with respectuful people how I was wrong. I have no shame in being wrong. And, no, I don’t watch scandal. I just thought I’d warn people. Shonda is a very predictable writer, it’s her MO. Believe me, she’ll burcher your charcters,too.

        • Tyler says:

          There has to be a certain level of “predictability” hun or else you have a story like LOST, that just gets convoluted too quickly and boggled down with too many twist, turns, and mysteries…an element of “predictability” can work when it just makes sense for the story to move in that direction…sounds like you’re just being a troll.

    • Leese says:

      Someone diee on GA…. Is this what all of the whining is about? Are you people serious? It’s a television show;seems like Chyler (Lexie) was okay with the offing and felt it was time. Don’t take this stuff so personal.

  25. LaLa says:

    Loved the Scandal finale! Kept me on the edge of my seat, just like Grey’s did – but it wasn’t heartbreaking. That’s what I call genius. Showing us different ways to get drama.

  26. Once again, Scandal proves why network television should shift to shorter seasons a la cable (USA, HBO, Showtime, AMC, etc). Dragging a show out for 22 hours is just painful and exhausting, especially when you consider the hiatuses (hiati?)–sports, speeches, the upcoming election. Shorter seasons do mean a longer wait, but if every episode is strong with excellent writing and character development, then what’s the harm? Certainly the writers, cast, and crew wouldn’t be as exhausted. Wouldn’t you rather have twelve great episodes in a row versus one great episode, three subpar ones, two reruns, one sort-of good episode, a great episode, four reruns, two subpar, etc.?

  27. astrid says:

    It is so weird how different perception is. I don’t care about Olivia and the POTUS at all.

    I must say I never really warmed up to the majority of these characters and by now I have seriously started disliking a lot of them; especially when they start their ramblings about them being the really, really good guys and Olivia the superstar of goodness… which sounded presumptious, cheesy, dumb and embarrasing at the beginning and after watching them for a while horribly wrong and delusional.

    And that last twist was not at all surprising! The word “twist” should not be employed for developments that have been drawn out so effing long and was that crystal ever since last episode; but we still had to endure full 40 minutes of stalling it.
    it was Cyrus after all… Who did NOT see that one coming?
    And weeks ago this big “QUINN” twist was set up to be the major cliff hanger for the season? Am I the only one getting pissed about this extremely slow and annoying way of unraveling the plot?

    I was more surprised by that generally lame POTUS being a full-fledged black-mailing ass-hole threatening to throw 14-year-old-pregnant daughters of political rivals under the bus… seriously who likes that guy???

    I like Abby, Mrs POTUS is creepy but genius and fun to watch and I adored Malina’s character as being some kind of accidental rock in this storm of stupid insanity… And then he caves for no reason at all and even his character becomes ridiculous!

    The one moment I REALLY liked was when Chambers lost his patience with the extremely untalented investigative journalist and started yelling about him being really dumb. Unfortunately, then came the point where they had to prove again, that this was this super-adult show and that was faithfully accomplished by Chambers jamming scissors into the young man’s throat. What the f***!

    I like a lot of different tv-shows but this one I just don’t get! I must have some kind of blind spot. I read those comments and I can’t believe we’re talking about the same show.

    • sladewilson says:

      I agree with alot of your points esp. the one about Olivia and Fitz. I hear EVERYONE talking about their “crazy chemistry” and I don’t see it. Actually, the pairing irks me to no end because it really does show him to be a philandering coward and shows a serious flaw in Olivia. She needs a flaw so I guess it’s good for her character but for once can we have a President who actually is in love with his wife (like our real life POTUS?) and not wanting to have sex with everyone else (and how is it really love when he had sex with po’ lil’ Amanda)? I love Cyrus as a villian and I knew it was him but the tell was when Charlie got on the elevator with Billy and he didn’t recognize him. Hello? Huck gonna be hella-mad when he finds out. My two fave moments was the Chambers blow up on the journalist and when Mellie went ABSOLUTELY IN on Olivia and let her know she’s nowhere near blind as Olivia thought she was…. Great moment.

      Can’t wait for season 2 and 13 episodes? Perfect. This way you can keep up the pace and not have dead spots…. All shows should be 13-15 episodes.

      • kjess says:

        I agree about Olivia and Fitz – I get the heat, but in the flashback episode we were supposed to “get it” and start rooting for them. I didn’t. I still saw heat, not “soul mates” as they were billed. Either way, though, I love this show!!
        I’m also wondering when this interview was done. Shonda says she tries not to plan season two because she doesn’t want to get her hopes up then not have the show picked up, but the show was picked up for season 2 a week ago (or more).

        • Tyler says:

          I think there is definitely an element of intense desire between the two of them, but I think in terms of Fitz seeing Olivia as his soul mate comes from his wife being so power hungry, I mean who sacrifices love and their marriage for political gain? You are a really twisted person to allow your husband to cheat as long as you can stay in the limelight, and since Millie was an adulterer before Fitz begun his affair with Olivia, he’s presumably always known this character flaw in his wife.

      • Chester says:

        Their chemistry is like the chemistry in porn movies. He sees her in a meeting criticizing him, and he is instantly attracted to her, so he tells his chief of staff to fire her. “Why do you want to fire me?” He gives a look. She figures it out, “Oh that.” They stare at each other and smolder.

        It is the same thing with Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl . . . yes, I watch too much t.v. They keep staring at each other, longingly. What chemistry, what heat, oh they are meant for each other. The only difference between these tv shows and porn is that we don’t see all the graphic detail. Instead we have to imagine it . . . if we want to do so.

        The problem is that there is no substance to these relationships, unlike say Charlotte and Cooper on Private Practice, which I used to watch. Now I skip through it because I can’t stand the monologues and repetitive speech style share by all the characters. “I am a doctor. Yes, I am a doctor. I save lives. Saving lives is what I do.” Another example would be Beckett and Castle who have heat but who also share a deep friendship. Even Dan and Blair shared a true friendship on Gossip Girl, but that show is so poorly written that it does not count.

  28. Am i the only one who feels that Shondaland is the only one who can make adultery good? Look at Grey’s, Scandal, and Private Practice. Then look at other shows, i.e. Smash, who did not do it right at all.

    • R says:

      Exactly my thoughts! They made Meredith and Derek the most favorite couple while Derek being married to Addison, then same happened to George-Izzie-Callie fiasco. You can’t help but like OliTz (yeah i just made it up with Olivia and Fitz as Filivia doesn’t ring) :P

    • Brenda Gonzalez says:

      Well… even though Grey’s has been one of the few shows I have been able to follow for over 8 years, I just could not swallow “Private Practice” I just didn’t like it, maybe because it felt like I was watching Grey’s Anatomy by the beach, I don’t need another one. So Scandal is great. Love it, can’t wait to find out who Quinn is, that’s pretty much all I am worried about.

      • i think Private Practice is pretty original. The show tackles a bunch of issues – rape, teenage pregnancy, addiction, and etc. On that front, wow have they brought the drama! And on Scandal…it’s my favorite new show this year – so great!

    • Tyler says:

      Smash wasn’t trying to do an affair right, you’re missing the point—every writer has a different stylistic approach–some writers want to address the idea of an affair from the standpoint of an audience wanting to root for adulterous lovers, while others want to explore the heartbreak and distrust that appears from an affair.

  29. kat says:

    I like how she says the part about rooting for an adulterous behavior, like it’s so new for her. Wasn’t that the foundation of Grey’s? And still has been a pretty recurring theme….

  30. SexyDoc9 says:

    Scandal is definitely the show of the year. Episode 5 made me blush and cross and uncross my legs several times…lol. Yesterday’s episode gave me goosebumps when I started to figure that I didn’t really know these characters as well as I thought I had them figured out. Mellie was fire!! I adore Cyrus when he was speechless and said he can’t live a normal life and stormed out of the president’s office. Now, of course, I can’t finish without talking about Liv and Fitz. I don’t care whether they’re cheating or not b/c they’re FICTIONAL CHARACTERS on a tv show. I love watching Fitz’s face when the two of them are together b/c he’s always happy and can let his guard down. Liv is kinda like his protector and he’s more of a romantic idealist.

  31. NIKKI says:

    This show has me wound up like crazy. I love Kerry Washington so much. This show has me sitting straight up in bed. I knew it would be good but it caught me totally off guard with how great it is. I’ve watched the 6th episode at least 10 times. Don’t know how i’m going to make it til the next season.

  32. Jukesgrrl says:

    I’ve never seen any of Shonda Rhimes’ work before because I don’t watch shows with doctors. But given that I used to work for two different DC lobbying groups, I was on this immediately. Loved it, loved it, even though I don’t think Washington is quite this exciting. My mother says she’s watching, too, if for no other reason than to see Kerry Washington’s clothes. She IS beyond gorgeous. The seven weeks went by so quickly, I can’t wait for new episodes. Given the plot twists this time around, I’m sure Quinn’s identity is something I wouldn’t have guessed.

    Thanks, Shonda!

  33. Vee says:

    I absolutely love this show. I can’t wait until season 2. Hopefully, I don’t have to wait long. The chemistry between “Olivia” and “Fitz” heats up the show.

  34. epjayprc says:

    I agree with the majority…Olivia’s and Fitz’ chemistry is off the charts! I love it!

  35. Juanita Washington says:

    I stopped watching all things that Shonda had anything to do with when Isaiah Washington was fired. I felt that he did what they asked of him and apologized and they still fired him. Who hasn’t said things that they later regret? He should have been given a second chance. I tried to stay away, but with the development of Scandal I can’t do it anymore, I love it. You are forgiven.

  36. Brenda Gonzalez says:

    Was anyone else screaming through the whole season finale… WHO IS QUINN… WHO IS SHEEEEE? (Yeah I am embarrassed that I was sitting up on my bed screaming at my TV… I never do that).

    Also realistically (as much as I hate to say it out loud) I doubt Fitz and Olivia will ever be together. She believes too much in what he means to the country to allow him to leave it all for her. She’s kind of that tragic hero who has to suffer for what is best and what is best is for that man to be president and for him to stay president he has to stay with his wife and Olivia has to be no one but a friend.

  37. NotMyBabyWilson says:

    Damn, I am in mad love with this show. That finale was off the charts awesome. But SR, I have got to have me some FriOli love – You cannot deny me my FriOli time. They have so much FLAVA. Love Tony and Kerry.

  38. Christie Spencer says:

    Tony already said he was “enamored” with Kerry before Scandal, and OOH WEE does it show! He’s been married for decades, now the naughty married boy living out his fantasy on screen. LOVE IT! Thank goodness I tape every show because I KNEW I would want to watch it again…immediately after! Did you see the last kiss under the oval office camera? Good Lord! Tony Goldwyn…..WHO KNEW?! Can’t wait for the full season repeat.

    • Deinara says:

      You do not have to wait… the DVD and there are no commercials! I have watched the episodes at least twenty times since it came out…. episodes 6 and 7 even more times.

  39. Michele W says:

    This is the absolute best series on tv right now!! I can’t wait for season 2!!

  40. Cece says:

    FYI she already did one for GA days ago. Just look it up instead of making Scandal fans mad. I watch all three and I like Scandal the best it actually makes me look forward to something in the week. So just get on google and look for it. Now back to Scandal

  41. Sharena says:


  42. Sharena says:


  43. mlisabmy says:

    Absolutely LOVE this show, hopelessly addicted, can’t wait for season 2 I will def be purchasing the season 1 dvd. I can’t wait to see how the Olivia and Fitz love story will unfold, I love love love this pairing and their chemistry is explosive I want to see more of Huck, Stephen and David. I want to see Olivia start dating a really hot successful guy next season (maybe even several), it obviously wont last, but it would be fun to see her give it the old college try, have some fun and also, the possibility of watching the president’s head explode would be awesome lol

    I look forward to seeing the changes in the president next season, to see him go from idealistic to jaded and cold. I think its gonna be sexy and deliciously angsty to see Fitz and Olivia angry with each other, I think that will up the stakes and make things that much more intense between them when they inevitably can’t be mad at each other anymore. I’m really looking forward to S2 and in the meantime I’m spreading the word about this awesome show!

  44. dee says:

    This show is utterly addictive. Haven’t seen anything this engrossing since I can’t remember when. Tony Goldwyn plays longing and chemistry build unlike any actor I’ve ever seen on tv or movies. Looks like he’s been miscast all these years. Reminds me of how Humphrey Bogart became a leading man after years of being cast as a villain to finally become a heartthrob in Casablanca. Tony’s time is here and now!

    Love the show and almost sorry I started watching it b/c I’m addicted to the replays.

  45. Correna says:

    I agree that this show is utterly addictive! I love it & I’m eagerly anticipating the next season!

  46. Joyce says:

    All I can say is that I fell in love with season 1,and I actually bought it and have been watching it every night. :) Sensuous and sexy. WAY TO GO!!!!
    I can’t wait for season 2. HURRY,HURRY.

  47. delle says:

    Know what cracks me up every time I think of it, Cyrus turning the corner and running down the hallway to stop that press conference. Don’t know why I find that so funny, but I do. Maybe it’s the look on his face, such determination. LOL!

  48. Joyce says:

    For all you scandal lovers,go to youtube and check out “Scandal-Fitz & Olivia-Because it’s really love.” I have been watching that video every night. :) LOVE IT!!

  49. SHERRI says:


    • Dawn says:

      I am so glad you like it. We are all looking forward to September when Season 2 premiere.
      P.S. Please go to Youtube and view videos of Scandal with Olitz/Fitz and Liv. You’ll enjoy it as well. Congrats on your newborn baby girl.

  50. CanadaLuvsScandalABC says:

    So glad to see that so many people love this show. I’ve never been a huge tv watcher but Scandal’s couple ‘Olitz’ just does it for me. I get my ‘scandal fix’ on youtube daily; the clips with Olitz/FitzandLiv are just crazy good. Their chemistry is totally INSANEEEE!!! It is tender, sensual, gentle, fierce, erotic, soulful, angsty, fluid, sad, euphoric…I want chemistry like this. Then add smart, ambitious, cold..Cyrus and Mellie to the mix, and you have yourself a super hit show. Thanks a lot Ms Shonda.

    • Deinara says:

      I am so addicted to this show…. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon, and constantly watched it again on “Prime time on demand” on Time Warner Cable while it was on the lineup until my DVD arrived. I watch this show so much I should be in “rehab”.
      I need my FitzLiv fix.

      If you just want to see their primary scenes from all of the episodes….go on youtube and type in “FitzLiv”. Someone has made high resolution clips of all of their best moments and put them together in a plaly list. I have watched it a zillion times….better than fast forwarding the DVD (when you are in that frame of mind).

      I am not only wondering who Quinn is, but how they are going to explain Stephenl not being a part of the show anymore. I will miss him being Liv’s BFF.