Fall TV Preview

CBS Schedule Revealed: Two and a Half Men on the Move, Mentalist Sees New Home on Sunday

Two and a Half Men ThursdaysCBS on Wednesday morning revealed its primetime line-up for the 2012-13 TV season and here are the headlines: Two and a Half Men is Thursday-bound, while The Mentalist has replaced now-cancelled CSI: Miami on Sundays. Meanwhile, freshman hit 2 Broke Girls has netted Men‘s coveted Monday at 9 pm perch.

Among new shows, the Sherlock Holmes-esque Elementary will air Thursdays at 10 pm after Person of Interest, while the Michael Urie-David Krumholtz comedy Partners has been slotted after How I Met Your Mother on Mondays.

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On tap for midseason: Undercover Boss, as well as new series Friend MeGolden Boy and Mark Burnett’s latest reality gamble, The Job.

Still TBD: The fate of bubble comedy Rules of Engagement.

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The complete schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8/7c How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm PARTNERS
9 pm 2 Broke Girls
9:30 pm Mike & Molly
10 pm Hawaii Five-0

8 pm NCIS
9 pm NCIS: LA
10 pm VEGAS

8 pm Survivor
9 pm Criminal Minds
10 pm CSI

8 pm The Big Bang Theory
8:30 pm Two and a Half Men
9 pm Person of Interest

8 pm CSI: NY
10 pm Blue Bloods

8 pm Crimetime Saturday

7 pm 60 Minutes
8 pm The Amazing Race
9 pm The Good Wife
10 pm The Mentalist

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: CSI: Miami, A Gifted Man, How to Be a Gentleman, NYC 22, Rob and Unforgettable.

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  1. Steve says:

    That Thursday comedy block is going to DESTROY everything else on TV. Does this mean Rules of Engagement is finally cancelled?

  2. The Mentalist on Sunday is NOT cool.

    • Amen! Major NOT cool!

      • Polly says:

        Totally NOT cool!

        • tripoli says:


          • Hober Mallow says:

            Sunday night is where CBS sends shows to die. It goes like this:
            1. We need to make some room for this great new show and since your ratings are down a bit, we’re moving you to Sunday. If your fans are loyal enough they should have no problems finding you Sundays at 10:27, 10:45, etc.
            2. Since you moved your ratings are even worse. (Surprise) If you were good enough they’d be up.
            3. We always knew you couldn’t hack it. You’re lucky we kept you around another year.
            4. RIP, You’re cancelled.
            5. Great new show is cancelled or moved to Sunday.

            And the meat grinder turns once again.

          • James B. III says:

            EXACTLY! That is the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth! That’s exactly how it goes. I agree 100% CBS sucks!

      • Cynthia Sneddon says:

        Put Survivor on Sunday nights and Good Wife on Wed. Mentalist on monday and hawii five o on Sundays.

        • They better do something becuase EVERY SINGLE SHOW that follows CBS REALITY TV GET CUT. AND WHY becuase CBS NEVER allows enough time for the reality shows they ALWAYS RUN OVER, hence BAD ratings for any show that follows. Survivor better not go over into CRIMINAL MINDS try saying it’s not one of the top shows in hollywood CBS, and the GOOD WIFE following Amazing Race, if ratings go down on either show it is CBS’s fault.FYI- not EVERYONE likes reality TV, if you must show them then give them the TIME ONE HOUR IS NOT WORKING FOR ANY REALITY SHOW CBS!!!

    • Bob says:

      Too bad. Two good shows now on Sunday (The Good Wife and The Mentalist) that can’t be recorded because of Football games running late. Also I have not been able to find episodes of the Mentalist to replay if the recording does not work. Boo to you CBS!

      • Abe Froman says:

        You need to learn how to work a DVR.

        • dexx says:

          You need to learn to understand the concept of some people needing shows to be on exactly when scheduled in order to not interfere with other things that they are recording. Cable shows tend to repeat and some cbs shows are available on demand or online but if that doesn’t’ apply, people run into issues. Are you ignorant to that or something?

        • Paul says:

          DVR’s are useless on Sunday nights. I used to DVR Amazing Race, but I was tired of guessing how long to set it for and taping a bunch of meaningless garbage. CBS needs to schedule Football until 7 and leave it at that.

          • Janet Whitley-Webb says:

            I agree with Paul 100%. Sunday nights never ran/showed according to time schedule. It just got so that I would set DVR out extra three hours on Sunday just to be safe.

          • James B. III says:

            I agree with paul 100% too! I really wish I would of thought 2 set my DVR for several hours myself that’s the only way I would’ve caught CSI Miami because I do not watch the good wife & when I set it 2 catch CSI that’s all I would catch! DAMN! CBS y’all have & still are messing up bad!

        • Cynthia Sneddon says:

          You can work a dvr, but the ball games still ruin everything on Sundays. I have tried to tell networks before that they need to find a channel for the games and leave channel four and five alone for folks that don,t watch sports. use channel 36. That is the one with espn. cbs ruined my show anyway by taking off Gifted Man. That stupid person’s of interest and Elementery are so stupid. Having lucy lu play watson is really not right. bring back Gifted Man and Mentalist to their slots.

      • tvdiva says:

        CBS owns The Mentalist and will not allow on demand streaming of a lot of their on air shows because they do not want to “dilute the syndication rights”. So people end up DVRing entire seasons and keeping them on their machine until the DVDs come out. Nothing viewers can do about this CBS policy.

        • Salvatore says:

          Actually, Warner Brothers Television owns the Mentalist and licenses it to CBS for Broadcast. WBT is the entity that doesn’t allow online streaming and on demand showing for Mentalist, as well as others.

      • Just record the next two shows and you should be good and by then you”ll be done watching whatever it is you watch.

      • Linda J says:

        I record them just put like an extra 45 min into the show. But now I will just make it like 3hrs so I can make sure I get them all since they are on together right after each other.

      • Pat says:

        I couldn’t agree MORE!!!! CBS update your schedule so the DVR’s work!!!! or move both shows to another night.

        • Salvatore says:

          Actually, they did. The commenting on this little article has gone over 4 months now, and CBS may have heard. They are automatically updating the schedule on the days when there are two football games this year by at least 30 minutes (including on the channel guides for dvrs!).

          Also, you can sign up for a text, email or tweet service where they will be sending real-time programming updates (the last message on Sunday came at 7:28 PM: #CBSEyeAlert: Due to Live NFL Football Sun, new start for #TheMentalist (10:37pmET/9:37CT) East/Central Times Zones ONLY).

          They’ve also arranged for the Mentalist to be available to stream on CBS.com this year starting the day after it airs!

          Thanks for listening, CBS.

          • James B. III says:

            Now if they’d jus bring back CSI miami everything would be ok!

          • Steve says:

            When? I have Comcast and it has not happened yet. It was an oversight not to overrun recording because of football which further infuriates me that they moved the Mentalist to Sunday at freaking 10. CBS sucks and Lucy Liu as Watson is an epic fail. They missed the boat not casting new talent instead of regurgitated aging actress.

      • jen says:

        Mentalist reruns are on TNT.

    • followmal says:

      Agreed. I liked it where it was. Too much competition from cable on Sunday. :(

    • artie says:

      they want kill the show that why they move it to sunday

      • Chris says:

        Exactly!!! This is the start of it. They did the same thing to Without A Trace.

        • Cheanne says:

          Loved Without a Trace, watch reruns all the time and skip other CBS shows.

        • This is totally where it started ALL THE REALITY SHOWS ARE RUNNING WAY OVER and no one knows when to start their DVR or wait up if watch it live. Not everyone likes REALITY TV CBS SO GET WITH THE PROGRAM. 1st Without a trace then Cold Case, now CSI MiAMI. Football is on every year can deal with that at least they keep you posted on show following: Amazing Race needs 1 1/2 to 2 hrs so why not get done with all of your reality TV by 7pm, fixes the whole problem CBS since on demand is not an option, I don’t care if it CBS or Warner Bros, just fix it or find someone that has some TIME SENSE!!!!!

    • o says:

      Absolutely NOT cool.

      • carolyn says:

        ABSOLUTELY : when cbs moved csi miami to sundays i knew it would soon be cancelled.

        • Paukette says:

          I agree!!! I watched CSI MIAMI since it first came on TV and hate it that it is gone and “THE GOOD WIFE is still here, hate that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • DeAnne Harvey says:

            I have also been watching CSI Miami and all of the CSIs since their beginning. I am so sad to lose Horacio and Eric Delco. CBS has made some bad mistakes with programs in the past but this is one of the worst! I am also sad to see Unforgettable go, I really enjoyed that last season.

          • Cheanne says:

            I am not watching any more CSI shows, they will be next to be cancelled anyway, why follow a soon to be cancelled show. Who is watching these other shows anyway, I think soap operas belong in daytime (The Good Wife).

          • Cheanne says:

            Also can’t believe they cancelled Unforgettable!!! Loved that show, and Poppy was great!!! May have to change to another network???

          • Carey says:

            I really liked CSI Miami they should keep that show and get rid of CSI New York that one is a bummer, and they chould have kept Without a Trace and Cold Case on

          • Carey says:

            People would have been able to watch CSI Miami had that not put it on sunday night when they know football games are on during that time

          • Rebecca says:

            I cannot believe that CSI Miami isn’t returning!!!!! Big Mistake!!!! I like it so much better than CSI NY!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!

      • annette callahan says:

        I really that csi,miami is not coming back on I. Was so looking foward to seeing this fall bad move cbs bad move

    • CarolH says:

      I absolutely agree…having to watch the time because of sports for Amazing Race is enough…trying to do it for The Mentalist is something I don’t believe I will do…I have watched this show since day one and this season will be my last…maybe if it could be watched online it would help but since Warner Brothers does not allow this I guess I am done..,.I really believe a lot of other people will be also and next season will be the last for The Mentalist.

    • Kendall says:

      Seriously, what the hell did The Mentalist do to deserve this? It was a strong performer on Thursdays.

      It would actually have been better off moving to Fridays, like they played with earlier this year. This is just a slap in the face to both the show and the fans.

    • Joy says:

      I agree with that. Look at the trouble The Good Wife has had on Sundays as running late so many times. A stupid move for both these shows.

    • Mike says:

      Completely agree. Asinine scheduling. We’ll get to find out who Red John is several years earlier than we would have if they’d stayed on Thursday, though, so I guess it has that going for it,

    • Sandy M says:

      I hate the mentalist.I like unforgettable and the gifted man

      • Teresa S says:

        Agree…don’t care for The Mentalist but liked The Gifted Man…what ends up on Sunday night (except football of course)…dies quickly. Hate to see CSI Miami go but knew it was coming. Still think CBS is the best…but they make some DUMB choices.

      • Alex says:

        I loved Unforgettable…can’t believe it has been cancelled….

    • jerry says:

      i agree look what happened to csi miami they used to be on mondays then switched to sundays cbs is stupid

    • Robin McDonald says:

      It will be the next to cancel!!! CSI Miami didnt do good there either.

    • Jon Davis says:

      The Mentalist on Sunday is just fine.

    • Ryan says:

      CBS has a GREAT show in the “Mentalist” and they kill it by moving it to Sunday! Damn you money hungry BASTARDS!!!

    • Ryan A. Cunningham says:

      wait wait wait……. everyone is bummed out about the mentalist moving to Sunday because it’s on it’s way out..or something. My concern is a show that was a newer show, yet had TEMENDOUS potential and lots of suspense, mystery, damn good acting, and incredible sex appeal(I mean, the girls were FREAKIN’ HOOOOOOT). Plus, it stayed on Tues. night at 9pmcst. So…..why is it cancelled again? I mean REALLY FOLKS….. new show called Vegas?????? I like Dennis Quaid as an actor, but put in the Spencer for Hire guy and you have the old Vegas from the late ’70s. I mean, look at what happened to the new Charlie’s Angels. IT TANKED because the actresses were annorexic, horrible actors, and the storylines were below the cut. what do you think will happen with this new crap like Vegas. One season…..and it will tank too. Y’all will be BEGGING the actors, writers, and producers of Unforgettable to come back….. BEGGING ON YOUR KNEES.

    • Steve Hacker says:

      They put “The Mentalist” in the “sure death” time slot. CBS should learn during NFL Football season to block out the 7 to 8 pm time slot.

    • Cynthia Sneddon says:

      I think they should put Elememtery,on Saturday nights. there is never anything good on there anyway. The amazing race can go there too. rules of engagement was to go to channel 12 abc.

    • Sym says:

      Welcome to what happened to the Good Wife fans. Always pushed back for gold or football, luckily it’s survived, hopefully mentalist survives also :)

    • Natacha says:

      I will miss CSI Miami so much one of my favorite
      Hate the mentaliste.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Damn! I so wanted them to get The Good Wife OFF of Sunday!

    • Sam says:

      Me too! I had to stop watching it this past season after trying for a couple of weeks and having no luck with the dvr and other shows interferring. I loved that show and truly hoped they’d move it to another night. oh well, will have ot wait for the dvd to the past season to come out and then do the same thing next year. Not worth stressing over, it’s tv, but CBS does have an ability to either ruin or cancel the shows I like. One of their biggest blunders by far(and this is going back a couple years or more) was to cancel the show Moonlight with the hot vampire RIGHT before vampires got super big in the entertainment industry. way to go CBS!

  4. Daniel says:

    That Thursday lineup is too good but that’s not going to save Elementary. Even having POI as the lead won’t make me watch that crap rehash of legendary Sherlock.

    • tp says:

      Not necessarily. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have never seen Sherlock, myself included. I think it will be interesting.

      • Superhero says:

        Do yourself a favor: watch the original instead. I can almost guarantee you it will be better than the cheap knockoff CBS is giving us.

        • TV Gord says:

          Of course, you have no idea, but let’s take the word of some anonymous person on the internet over making up our own minds. Thanks. That was useful.

          • Britta Unfiltered says:

            Chill. Superhero was just offering a suggestion, no reason to get snippy. I have heard the BBC version of Sherlock is pretty good, I’ve been meaning to check out it out myself some day. Thanks for the reminder about it, Superhero. I keep forgetting to try and find it. I had actually heard BBC was threatening legal action as they didn’t like the fact that CBS was stealing their idea and making weird changes to it that didn’t make sense. I’ve been wondering what’s happening with that. Not much, I guess, as CBS is still going ahead with the series as planned.

    • DL says:

      I adore the Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman fronted Sherlock, but why should watching it and Elementary be mutually exclusive? Jonny Lee Miller is a fantastic actor who I’ve loved since Trainspotting, and his characters are always strong and memorable, from Eli Stone to his despicable Dexter villain Jordan Chase. I also like Lucy Liu, and she turned in a very good performance on Southland this past season.
      For me this all adds up to giving Elementary a shot. Sherlock only airs three episodes a year, anyway. Elementary will fill my Holmes fix in the meantime.

      • sas51079 says:

        Thank you. I agree with you completely. The BBC Sherlock is amazing, but that will not stop me from watching a new re-imagining of the stories. Johnny Lee Miller is an incredible actor, and I think he will do a wonderful job as Sherlock Holmes. I look forward to this new series.

  5. Bernd says:

    You know, “new shows are in CAPS” doesn’t work for CBS: CSI, NCIS etc are all in Caps.

  6. Elyse says:

    Mentalist on Sundays? After football when it will have to start late every week? Seriously? Not happy.

    • Rose says:

      I love The Mentalist and I can’t believe that CBS is moving it to the worst night of the week. I for one will not be watching it next season because I am not going to be guessing every week what time it will actually be on. Why didn’t they move CSI NY to dreadful Sunday nights???”?

  7. TJ Loves TV says:

    Oh sure put Elementary on opposite my new favorite Scandal… and for the love of all that is good and holy, Two and a Half Men is the second half of the hour with TBBT, just couldn’t put something good with that huh?!?!

  8. Andrea says:

    I’m not really interested in any of CBS’s new shows. Sunday night might be in trouble with ABC’s new schedule (OUAT and Revenge). It’s a good schedule otherwise though. I think ABC/CBS have the better programming once again. So manyof NBC’s new shows are too gimicky and don’t look like they will last long (ex.- The Revolution) Looking forward to the fall for ABC and CbS!

  9. Saint Alicia says:

    I can’t believe they’re leaving The Good Wife on Sundays AND moving The Mentalist to join it in no man’s land. To hell with you, CBS. And Nina Tassler can STFU with her inevitable justifications.

  10. Stacey says:

    I hate they didn’t move the Good Wife off Sunday. That night is hell for their ratings. Do the delayed starts…

    Annoying the Two in a Half Men is on Thursday. Hate that show. But maybe because it’s down, it will go further down. Glee and Grey’s Anatomy will be more enticing probably to fans who want something else…

    • Stacey says:

      OOps. Got the time wrong, though it was going in the 9 p.m. slot. Forget what I said. But still I don’t know if it will do much good given the age of the series… But then it still gets bigger than normal ratings.

  11. Tom says:

    Did not see the Two & half Move to Thursday, thought they ere going with a 2 hour comedy block on Thursday. Interesting……

  12. Rock Golf says:

    It’s about time CBS went back to the old tradition of trimming 60 Minutes to fit whatever time is left between the NFL overrun and the top of the hour. Starting their Sunday prime time line-up 10, 20 even up to 40 minutes late on the East Coast is doing serious damage to their brand. In a time when more and more people are using DVR, watching CBS programs is nearly impossible. I’ve given up trying to watch any of it live and record their shows on the West Coast feed.

  13. mspenn1013 says:

    Thank you CBS for clogging up my dvr every Sunday during football. Why oh why must they have 4 hrs of programming on instead of 3 so the shows start on time during football season?

  14. When will CBS release trailers for their new shows?

  15. Nancy says:

    I really wanted them to pick up “Oh F***, It’s You”. Is it definitely dead in the water?

  16. bad kevin says:

    Tough choice for the 10 p.m. Monday night time slot between Hawaii Five-O & Revolution on NBC. I’ll definitely watch one show entirely and the other On Demand.

  17. heather_kaye says:

    All I wanted was for them to bump Person of Interest to a time that WASN’T 8:00C on Thursday – I didn’t think it was much to ask. Apparently I was wrong.

  18. Joanne says:

    Was Rules of Engagement cancelled?

  19. Bob Jones says:

    I will watch Revolution on NBC, and ‘DVR’ Castle (ABC) and Hawaii Five-O (CBS); Rules of Engagement sould receive a 13-ep Season 7 order (hopefully).

    • Jelly says:

      ROE has been on for 7 Seasons! I had no idea. That is like the little show that keeps on going, no matter how many times they try to kill it.

  20. KSM says:

    Well at last I can continue my tradition of watching Big Bang and then switching to Fox to see who gets kicked off of Idol or X Factor.

  21. Boiler says:

    Hopefully the Thurs block of Big Bang and Men will finally reduce IDOL and X Factor to nothing

  22. Abby says:

    Wonder if this move to Sunday will finally allow the Mentalist to be available online. At least when football runs over I was able to catch up with the Amazing Race and The Good Wife online but unless something changes with the Mentalist I will be missing episodes. CBS better change the viewing possibilities of the Mentalist or they are going to really mess with that shows viewership.

  23. valma44 says:

    i am so sad for TM, go to hell CBS!

  24. Keith says:

    Does any of this matter? Does anybody actually sit down at 9 pm on a Monday and watch TV, I havent watched a show on its normal time in years, I DVR everything and spend my weekend watching the week’s worth of shows.

    • Bobbi says:

      It matters if you DVR a show that doesn’t start when it is supposed to because of some stupid football game running long. I cannot believe they left The Good Wife on Sunday!

      • John says:

        I add an hour of padding to shows in that time slot along with multiple recording head dvr’s I’m set no matter the silliness.

  25. Kind of curious to move Two and a Half Men to Thursday … I kind of thought they’d move 2 Broke Girls instead. But assuming Two and Half Men has a lot less life in it than the latter, I guess it does make sense to try to build up the Monday night around a new show. I feel bad for poor NBC, though. 30 Rock and Up All Night don’t stand a chance!

  26. Ruth says:

    I think 2 Broke Girls is the most over rated show on TV. I can’t believe CBS gave it the 999 hour on Monday night.

    • missk says:

      i gave broke girls a chance but its just not that funny the dark hair girl is a bad actress, not on my list !!!! bring back rulesof engagement and put it that time slot its funny!!

  27. tahina says:

    Sunday nights is becoming networks coveted space for where do I put you shows? The Mentalist, pff def not cool! After this, its a goner next year..still I’ll try watching it since its after TGW.

  28. dee says:

    You know, I found my interest in The Menatlist waning this season, anyway. Now that I know next season it’s moving to a time slot that makes it VERY unlikely I’ll keep watching, I’ll just skip the cliffhanger season finale this season and make a clean break. Thanks for making that decision easy, CBS.

  29. MichaelS says:

    I like the new schedule…although it looks like I’ll have to record CSI:NY, watch Malibu Country, and watch Community online. I like that Wednesdays stay intact, and I like the comedy moves on Monday and Thursday. Although I will watch 30 Rock on Thursdays instead of Big Bang. A strong schedule, but I’m afraid ABC will clobber CBS on Sundays, which is fine, and that CBS will clobber ABC on Wednesdays, especially at 10/9 p.m. Bring back Rules of Engagement for a final season of 13 episodes…..please.

  30. Alex says:

    On my God…. The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are going to destroy everyone. Smart move CBS… Personally I could care less about Two and a Half Men but seeing as how the ratings were dropping I can understand the move to the coveted spot after The Big Bang Theory. I watch both Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory but I still won’t tune in to Two and a Half Men, even though those two will probably destroy everything else.

  31. greysfan says:

    I find it absolutely hilarious everyone thought a 2 hour comedy block was coming to Thursdays and like i said before ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, and it didn’t. CBS are great programmers except for Sundays. Good Wife is going to get killed against Revenge and well The Mentalist seems to be sent to Sundays to die a slow and steady death.

  32. sarah says:

    I am glad the did not mess with the times for H50, POI and Blue Bloods, however I think moving CSI NY one hour earlier will hurt the show. I hope not!

  33. Marc says:

    Doesn’t matter. I’m still watching The Vampire Diaries on Thursday at 8pm and am most certainly not taping or DVR-ing CBS. Good grief. In fact, I’m proud to say that I never watch anything on the geriatric network…except a good 48 Hours Mystery on Saturdays. Just keep programming those crime shows and drawing the coveted “65 + Sleepy” demo. “Depends” have to be advertised somewhere.

    • Gem says:

      Thank you for reading my mind! I would have watched Community and the back half of TVD but now I can just watch the whole thing now. Looking forward to it!

    • retiree69 says:

      Sounds like you have no parents or grandparents. I feel sorry for u that you so dislike the elderly. But the fun will be, where you are one. :)

  34. Volcfom says:

    Hmm… I still don’t plan on watching any CBS shows. I might check out Elementary, but as a fan of the actual Sherlock stories, all these rehashes are getting tiring.

  35. Jo says:

    How do they fit so many awful shows on one network?

  36. Jack Bauer says:

    CBS shows most likely to end until 2013: How I Met Your Mother (the mother will be revealed very soon), Criminal Minds (no more Prentiss) & Two and a Half Men (this may end up being its last). Also, CSI: NY should come to an end now that Miami is finished. :-(

    • jen says:

      Can’t understand why CBS would cancel CSI Miami, not cool… that was a great show..

      • I REALLY am disappointed that CBS has cancelled CSI Miami. I, too agree, that moving the show is just a fore runner to cancellation. It could have had a season of closure for the characters. It left us all hanging. I really don’t like what CBS has done to a lot of the shows I watch. This network is going to the dogs!!!!

    • Sandy M says:

      I love CBS and CSI New York. I hated CSI Miami. I watch more CBS than and others.

  37. Diana says:

    I still think that CSI Miami will be in the fall schedule. I think that Elementary will be cancelled soon. I think that it is an insult to the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, I see a lawsuit coming regarding this show. CBS should still be able to pick up CSI Miami before the new season starts. Also even the series A Gifted Man sounds better than Elementary.

    • Cynthia Sneddon says:

      I think they should have cancelled Hawii five o. That is an insult to the first one. I never have watched it and never will. I don’t like David on csi miami so I won’t miss that show.

  38. Martin says:

    I thought CBS were idiots when i heard they weren’t moving forward with the 2 hour comedy block on Thursdays this season but they are actually geniuses, SERIOUSLY!!

    They are preparing for the end of 2 and a half men by putting 2 Broke Girls in its flagship Monday 9pm slot and getting men to open up more viewers to Thursdays at 8.30pm all the while strengthening Person Of Interest for its eventual move to 10pm.

    This will definitely work well for Thursdays, a little worried about 2 Broke Girls but they will surely make it work.

    A 2 hour comedy block is a guarantee for next season 2013/2014 now at this stage, they are just preparing for the end of 2 and a half men.

    Also, bold prediction for next year, ABC No.2 in Adults 18-49 for end of season.

    I know they are technically 4th this season but that is only because NBC had Super Bowl this year but next year CBS will have it and FOX will go lower because of faltering hits.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t they leave well enough alone. It’s a great show. The Mentalist belongs right after Person of Interest. The Mentalist on Sunday will probably fail because CSI Miami did because it comes on too late due to the games they put on before the show.

  40. Kendall says:

    The only explanation here is that Les Moonves is Red John.

    • Susan Long says:

      If not him,then that Nina person!!!! Why can’t CBS schedule shows with a later repeat like USA ? Also, wish they’d have kept a gifted man . Do not like what CBS is doing!

  41. MarkNC says:

    What about Rules of Engagement? Is that picked up?

    • Jack Bauer says:

      CBS still has no word on the fate of Rules of Engagement. Three words: ON THE BUBBLE.

      • MarkNC says:

        It’s like look, I understand, but isn’t this website all about scoops and stuff? They don’t have any insider info, nothing? I mean come on

  42. The WB Frog says:

    CBS needs to NOT air 60 Minutes AT ALL during football overruns. Begin Sunday primetime at 8PM. STOP this overrun bull crap!!!

  43. lora says:

    Mentalist on Sundays?????? Ugh.

  44. Morgan Purdy says:

    Being a Canadian, and with our CTV, CBC and Global picking up US shows from the networks, I don’t know how this will have implications here. But Mentalist fans will go to whatever night it’s on, as you can PVR (in Canada our term) a show, like I do for Monday night and Castle (great show) and the revamped modern Hawaii 5-0 (though Caan is not believable as a cop – he overacts). I did like his father’s cameo. What happens to all the actors who were on now cancelled shows? Do they start popping up on other shows, like some of the cast from CSI Miami, taking jobs in Vegas or NYC. Wow, the executives at CBS did not give NYC 22 much of a chance to garner an audience/following, and that show is on Sunday night. What about that show out of Texas on Sunday night? I wonder if the CBS brass, or any networks, look at these posts to gauge feedback, or fallout? Duh! The baby boom generation, which I am part of at age 53, dominates the population in North America. I like the demographics that networks use for cutting shows, based on ad dollars. PVR a show like my sister, and she just skips the commercials. That’s why I like HBO or the other cable networks, which don’t censor shows, and look outside the box with shows like Game of Thrones, Shameless, Dexter. CBS should have grabbed up Alcatraz for its lineup. Enjoy reading these which shows there is a passion for TV watching still.

  45. Niobe says:

    Not happy about ‘The Mentalist’ move. It’s one of my favorite shows and to see it moved to a slot where several shows before it went to die does not make me happy. Hopefully it lasts anyway more than one or two more seasons. I want to see the characters grow and developed and see where they continue on in their lives. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it. It’s still a good show with so much more story to tell.

  46. davor says:

    They should have picked up Gotham and put it behind POI cause they sounded very much alike… Also they should hae picked up the Martin Lawrence comedy and put it behind HIMYM… Also The Mentalist should have at least gone to Friday or better yet Tueseday!!!

  47. Selek says:

    There seems to have reached the point where CBS is basically the Borg. Every fall season, they trot out the same used and abused cop/lawyer drama, the latest crass, comedy series where poop/gay/misogynist/fat/boob jokes abound. Most, if not all, of their shows seem written and directed by 12 year-old boys. But because resistance is futile -and people need to talk about something at work- American’s savor this crap like its the crown jewels of TV Greatness. When in reality, it’s all the same. The same mystery show, the same cop show, the same comedy show. Creativity is certainly not part of CBS’ fall line-up.

  48. Selek says:

    Elementary is -might be- one of the most controversial of the new season. Well, maybe not completely controversial. Despite the fact that we’ve already got a pretty great contemporary update of the Sherlock Holmes story running on BBC and seen via through PBS, CBS has decided we need another one. And according to the producers of the BBC version, the Tiffany Network did approach the Beeb, at least according to what executive producer Sue Vertueey, said: “CBS approached us a while back about remaking our show. At the time, they made great assurances about their integrity, so we have to assume that their modernized ‘Sherlock Holmes’ doesn’t resemble ours in any way, as that would be extremely worrying.” Anyways, one of the major changes CBS will do (and it did prevent them from being sued, sweetness) is turn Watson into a female, to be played by Lucy Liu. I’m sure BBC will be paying close attention to make sure that CBS stays away from their format. One also hopes that they don’t have Joan Watson falling for her Sherlock, because that would be too stupid and predictable. And BTW, why did I not know Jonny Lee Miller was British?

  49. JP says:

    I was just saying to friends today that CSI: Miami was doomed by the Sunday night timeslot & I felt sorry for whatever show gets that timeslot next. Will be interesting to see how long The Mentalist can hack it.

    Frakkin’ football!

  50. mia says:

    I’m glad I’m Canadian and I don’t have to worry about football running over…but I have sympathy rage for you Americans. It would literally drive me insane to have that happen.
    My Sundays are going to be busy!! Good Wife, Mentalist, Revenge, OUAT, Amazing Race! Gah! Thanks for pvr’s eh.
    The Mentalist is a natural fit with Person of Interest…but I can also see the appeal of pairing it with The Good Wife. Still, a Sunday night for TM? Seems whack. Hope the run-over via football doesn’t kill it.