How I Met Your Mother Boss Reveals 6 Things to Know About Season 8

How I Met Your Mother Season 8The following contains spoilers from Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother.

On the Season 7 finale of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, a bride was revealed (It’s Robin!), a bride (Victoria!) ran away and a former bride (Lily!) gave birth. Here are six things you need to know about the big episode and what it means for Season 8, from executive producer Craig Thomas.

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WEDDING BELLS WILL RING | Yes, the Barman and Robin will get hitched. And lest you think that’s a huge giveaway, “That wedding day is going to be full of enough other surprises,” Thomas reassures. As the EP previously told TVLine, it won’t be a smooth affair. “There’s going to be twists and turns built into that day,” he teases. As for when the momentous occasion will occur, he’s keeping mum because it would give away too much about the show’s endgame. “There’s a lot of fans that think that’s the end of the show – Ted meets the mother [at the wedding], and that’s the [series] finale,” he explains. However….

THE MOTHER’S DAY MAY COME SOONER THAN EXPECTED | For those hoping to meet the show’s titular momma and fall in love with her alongside Ted, Thomas is leaving the possibility for that option too. “There are people who think it could keep going, and there will be more story after [the wedding day],” he continues. For example, “What are Barney and Robin like married? What happens with that marriage?” But for the time being, Thomas says Season 8 will be about the onetime couple’s journey to “not only getting back together, but deciding to take this enormous leap.”

QUINN WILL BE BACK | Although Thomas can’t say how much or how little we’ll be seeing of Barney’s fiancée next season — perhaps they break up? — he does reveal that Newton, who stars on his and fellow HIMYM EP Carter Bays’ new Fox comedy The Goodwin Games, will appear in the first episode back, which picks up on the same day as the finale. “There’s a lot of great stories to tell just in that one day,” he says. “Episode 2 will leap ahead to September, and we’ll see where everybody is four months later.”

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8ROBIN WON’T BE PINING | “We’re going to introduce a new love interest for Robin right away,” reveals Thomas, who calls the romance a “significant” arc. “It’s not going to be Barney and Robin together immediately, because they’re too tangled up in other things. … We’ll show you how that [new] relationship ends up leading her back to Barney.”

TED IS ON THE LAST LEG OF HIS JOURNEY | Thomas and the writing staff brought back Victoria in the beginning of the season knowing that she would return at the end, with a greater purpose. “Ted Mosby [is] closing the last couple doors in his mind that he has to close to really be ready to meet the mother,” explains the EP. “One of them was Robin, and the other door is Victoria.” As such, yes, we are getting very, very close to the Mother. In fact, even though the Victoria relationship will inevitably end, don’t expect Ted to fall into a romantic funk again. “It is going to lead to the best thing in his life,” counters Thomas. Until then, he’ll have to deal with his guilty conscience when he learns in the Season 8 premiere that Victoria didn’t leave a note for her jilted fiance, and he turns the car around to rectify that. “The episode shows all of the ramifications of that decision.”

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A NEW MYSTERY…. | In addition to the mother and how Barney and Robin eventually get married, another big puzzle will plague next season: “How do [Marshall and Lily] still go down to the bar and get drunk with their friends?” Thomas poses with a laugh. Like most busy parents dealing with the major time commitment of a newborn, they’ll find that their relationship with their pals might suffer a little. “We’re going to see them figuring out what it means to be parents and still try to be great friends.”

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  1. Josh says:

    Ergh so three characters in relationships we all know will go no where…So bored..

    • beatriceblythe says:


    • Zayne says:

      This x1,000,000. I really want to keep liking this show but I’m not interested in watching things I know are doomed. It’s why I’ve hated every single girlfriend Ted’s had in the past several seasons.

    • Russ says:

      I want to see how Ted and Victoria play out, they were great in season one and I read if they so was cancelled after one season she would have been the mother. As for Barney and Quinn I hope they break up in the first episode because I want Barney and Robin.

      • Ethan says:

        Team QUINN!! After that sweet proposal it turns out the bride is Robin…BOOOO!!

        • Karen B. says:

          I completely agree. Why make us love Quinn for Barney. Robin is stupid boring and should stay in Avengers. Hated her previous relationship w Barney. They NEVER made sense. They should show us later that they divorce too bc in real life this couple would never last.

          • Matt says:

            Barney and Robin make perfect sense. His proposal to Quinn was fantastic, but the minute they walked back into that apartment to announce the news, Barney was focused on one person – Robin. He didn’t go in the bedroom to tell Marshall and Lily the proposal story. His eyes locked on Robin, he made the “last chance to run away together” joke, and he said “I hope you’re ok with this” to guage her reaction because she’s who he wants. They are very much alike. Robin was the first girl to break through that wall and got him to fall for her. She’s the only one who’s been his wingman/bro and in love with him. He loved Noretta (she also called him on his bs), he loves Quinn, but something in the foundation of his relationship with Quinn is going to crack. I think it will be that he has never gotten over Robin, and in the end he wants to marry his best friend. Kids/no kids, that stuff is for the writers/producers in the future. I always wondered if Robin would get married after seeing the drawings by Ted’s kids where it’s just “us & Aunt Robin at the zoo”.

          • Sean says:

            Barney and robin may not connect in some of the crucial elements but they go perfect in others if barney had ended up with quinn they would get irritating with theyre.bitchy narcacism. I think robin brings out the best in barney and I knew theyd get together from the start

          • you sound like a bratty 6 year old.

        • toni says:

          i think the part in season 7 where barney is fixing his tie and asking a friend if he is wearing the right tie in his wedding is the moment where he is to marry quinn but he changed his mind the last minute bcoz he realized he still loves robin..then after a while barney and robin will eventually get married..thats the reason we saw robin in her wedding..

          • josie says:

            yeah I think future ted mixed up the times (two weddings both involving robin and barney somehow) like with his surprise parties and the goat. Also, whenever Lily told Ted the bride wanted to see him, Marshal wasn’t there. He was outside. Then, when they’re next to the brides door he’s with Marshal. So, I think the ducky tie Barney and Wedding Robin are different weddings. The ducky tie Barney is whenever he’s getting married to Quinn, then Ted goes to Quinn and she can’t get married for some reason. Then, Wedding Robin is much later at her and Barney’s wedding.

          • Steph says:

            And they are all wearing the same outfits? Including Lily wearing the same pink dress to two separate weddings? I think it’s much easier to believe it is simply Barney and Robin’s wedding. They will tell us what lead up to that point.

          • jai says:

            ma ka bhosda bc

        • tony says:

          Quinn is so much hotter too

        • Steffanie says:

          I KNOOOW! i was soo mad when i saw that it was robine not quinn!

        • Ciara says:

          I agree!! i was so happy that Barney and Quinn would get married. He was always so cute to her!
          When i saw the end of that episode i was so disappointed! There’s a reason why it didn’t work out with those two.. fat Barney and old Robin :)
          I don’t understand why Robin just can’t move on from Barney and let him be happy with Quinn :/

          • andreaappel says:

            It seems like Barney doubts moving on (as seem when he makes the “last chance” joke to Robin) so it doesn’t matter if Robin moves on from Barney because he still has feelings for her.

        • Sean says:

          Totally Agree super lame ending deserves a bigger boo

    • R.O.B. says:

      Agreed! This is the TV show equivalent of Stephen King’s increasingly frequent use of “…I didn’t know it then, but that was the last time I ever saw her alive…” It is difficult to get invested in anything or anyone when so much foreshadowing tells us not to.

    • Amy says:

      What I have loved about all the failed relationships (minus Zoe – she was just annoying) of Ted and especially Barney and Robin is that the relationships allowed for them to grow, to mature into the people they need to become to be in lasting committed relationships. So, while knowing these are doomed relationships, it has been worth it to see them come this place.

      • Leanne says:

        I agree. I think it’s important to them. People shouldn’t just watch the show for everyone’s end-game. It’s about the journey these characters take as people to grow and learn, and eventually realize who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. And since I know these are all “doomed” relationships I am just more curious to watch and see how they get from these points to their final points. I can’t wait to see how Barney and Robin eventually find their way back to each other and what steps will happen in Ted and Victoria’s relationship so he can finally get closure and meet the Mother. :)

      • Goaty McCheese says:

        All of a person’s romantic relationships are doomed except the last one. That’s how it works.

    • Isa says:

      The show is about the journey, not about the endgame. When Ted dated Robin, we knew that their relationship wouldn’t last, and it was one of the best seasons.

    • Ivanaaaaaaa says:

      TED AND ROBIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 ♥

  2. I’m intrigued about how they’ll fit the mother into the show. I really hope they allow viewers to get to know her alongside Ted, as they mentioned in the interview. I loved the finale and think that this next season will help fill in a lot of gaps that will help make the show even better than I already think it is.

    • DL says:

      This. I want to get to know the mother as part of “the gang” the way we got to know Quinn and Kal Penn’s “Kevin” this season (though with a bigger presence than either). We can’t go on this long and winding road only to find ourselves at the end and not get to enjoy the rewards of going on the journey. Admittedly, part of this will have to do with CBS renewing the show and the cast continuing to renew their contracts for long enough to have the mother be a recurring character, but I hope that turns out to be the case.

      • Brooke says:

        Agreed completely. After all this time we’ve spent with Ted, just seeing a woman on the screen that he announces is “The Mother” without learning anything else about her would be very hollow and empty.

        • Tamara says:

          I wouldn’t feel empty because it seems to me that Bays & Thomas has changed the show to the Barney & Robin show. I hate them as a couple so much and I feel that they are stealing the shine from Ted and his story.
          After so many years dedicated to the show I feel cheated why do I want to watch Quinn and Barney’s relationship imploding because Bays said it’s a wedding that went horribly wrong, is this anything new Punchy’s wedding went horribly wrong, Marshal & Lilly’s wedding went horribly wrong was I supposed to be shocked at this ending because I wasn’t and to me I feel like I was cheated

          • Danielle says:

            Barney is a big part of Ted’s life, and his journey is part of Ted’s story too. And as for the weddings, NO wedding is perfect :) and this show is all about the imperfections of life, but they all take you somewhere in the end. Just try and enjoy the show for what it is, we’d all be bored if the only story told was TedTedTed and life wasn’t complicated.

          • Gigi says:

            The show is really Barney and Robin-centric since few years, but i think this isn’t a big problem, (i think) they are awesome together, and Ted’s storyline isn’t so interesting. Of course, i hope, he met the mother, and they living happy together, but now Ted is just a loser, who dating with boring womans, and still desperate love with Robin, or Victoria (the “Victoria-storyline” is no wrong, i like them together)
            Marshall and Lily are sweet, but boring too, they are parents, always cheerful, and totally love with each other, really sweet, but not interesting.
            Barney and Robin are a very difficult couple wiht a very difficult story. The most of watchers love them together (me too), and we have no informations about the future of the couple. (we know, in the year 2030 have Ted two childrens, and in the year 2029 Marshall and Lily are still a couple and living happy together)
            But the story of Barney and Robin is important in Ted’s stroy, because on their wedding he finally met the mother.

    • Ava says:

      I think it depends on if they get more seasons or not. We know Ted is a new father in 3 years so he has to meet the mother by 2 years and 2 months from now. If they get another season we’ll have to meet her. If season 8 is it, we’ll just meet her and then bam it’ll be over. I’m hoping that we get to meet her and see what is so awesome about her that we’ve heard about her for 7 years and never seen her. If I had to sit through Stella, Zoey, Quinn, and Kevin then I better at least get a little bit of the mother before the show ends.

    • josie says:

      I think it would be cool if in the first episode we see the mom (or maybe the second episode) we see it from her perspective, like that one time with Robin. I think that would be cool because then we learn more about her and also see and understand her first impressions of Ted better.

    • tony says:

      i can see the show ending in a season 9. season 8 will talk about how barney and robin come together and will lead to ted meeting his future wife. and then season 9 will show how they date, become engaged, and finally married (including some twists as well im sure)

      • Super Blasto says:

        If they have a 9th season, I’m thinking the writers will split the season with Ted & Mother, Barney & Robin (how they deal with marry life) and Lily & Marshal’s gowing child. And only with a 9th season can they deal with all of this.

  3. ggny says:

    so pretty much we are at the exact same place we have been the last 3 years.

  4. TV Gord says:

    It’s so discouraging when even a writer doesn’t know the difference between there IS and there ARE!

  5. JBS says:

    I really do hope that we get at least a half a season or even a full season to get to know who the Mother really is & how she & Ted get to the altar. Why? Cause we as fans have seen how Marshall & Lily & now will see how Barney & Robin end up together happily (presumably in the case of Barney/Robin) married. It would suck if we just got to meet the mother & then they go all Sopranos on us in the series finale (cut to black.) We as fans deserve full closure on the titular Mother storyline and IMHO, just meeting her won’t cut it.
    That being said, HIMYM is (IMHO) among the the best comedies on network televison & I will still be a faithful follower as I have been since it started.

  6. ByeBye says:

    Time to wrap this show up. Please confirm next year is the LAST season.

    • Dan says:

      Naw still great I feel it could go another 3, but 10 seems to be the limit for sitcoms, or at least the ones doing well.

    • Brendan says:

      You’re welcome to stop watching at any time, the rest of us would be very pleased to get a season 9.

      • Cloudy Knight says:

        Not all of us. I’ve been a faithful viewer since the beginning, but I think it’s about time to meet the mother and move on. There are talented actors on this show and I for one would like to see them in some other roles.

        • kcbalfour says:

          It’s nothing to do with the show. The actors can take side projects whenever they like – Jason Segel wrote and starred in a muppets movie, for god’s sake; among many other things. Cobie Smulders had a role (albeit a minor one) in the Avengers movie, and given that her character is fairly involved in the original comics, will probably be in more Marvel films. If the actors choose not to take on other projects, it’s not the show’s fault.

  7. Epip. says:

    Sounds like next season is final?

    • MJ says:

      I think HIMYM got a 3 season pick up last year so it is good through 2014.

      • MJ says:

        Oh wait…I was was picked up for 2 years last year, so through 2013.

        • JBS says:

          @MJ, disregard my comment below yours. You corrected yourself at the same time as I corrected you. I apologize for that

      • JBS says:

        Close. After season 6, HIMYM got a 2 season pickup that’s now halfway through as of last night. So after season 8, it’s status is up in the air (although I really hope they do get a season 9.)

  8. Dave McGee says:

    Who is the script supervisor on this show? How are they going to rectify that they have referred to “Uncle Don” before, and hinted that he and Robin were married?

    • ElKabong says:

      I don’t believe this ever happened.

    • Calla Lilly says:

      Yes they did, I remember it b/c I was really happy about it.

      • Ari says:

        You were happy about a fictional thing. This never happened. I have rewatched the Don years specifically to see if this really happened. It did not.

        • Dave McGee says:

          It was an offhand comment made during a non-Don episode (he was only in 6 episodes). I will find it, and we’ll have Ausiello call those guys on the carpet.

          • Storms says:

            It only happened on the live broadcast. They changed the mention of Uncle Don in rebroadcasts and on the DVDs. It most certainly happened, I distinctly remember turning to my wife being like, “Whaaaaaaa?!?!?!”

    • Rowrohoh says:

      What you are thinking of is where Marshall and Ted tease Robin that whenever a woman says she’s “focusing on her career,” it means she’s about to find her future husband. And they were partially right — it definitely led to a serious relationship. But not to marriage. And I just finished rewatching all of season 5 and 6, so I can say with a lot of certainty (if not absolute certainty) that Don is never once referred to as “Uncle Don.”

      • Cloudy Knight says:

        Because they edited it out for the DVDs and syndication. The first airing of that episode DEFINITELY used the words Uncle Don. The showrunners then realized they’d made a mistake that they rectified as best they could.

    • Seb says:

      This is something that keeps going around, but i dont remember hearing don referred to as Uncle Don at all. Im pretty sure they never did. If so what episode?
      I mean either way their are always a few problems that come up in series that sometimes leave answers that can never be given mainly due to the actors playing the roles, such as Michael trucco who was referred to “as being more to their story” but then his show got picked up for a second season and he could no longer appear on Himym, though he could possibly be the new boyfriend for robin their talking about, if they sorted contracts out, that would be good but maybe itll just never be resolved, its understandable some things just are not thought through at the time or they just cant be resolved, but these problems are insignificant compared to how much they do obviously think through in this series.

    • Marla says:

      Whew! I thought I was imagining Robin getting married to Don. I am glad someone else noticed that. Howefer, I do like Robin and Barney together.

    • Andrea Bierman says:

      I don’t recall Don ever being referred to as “Uncle”, however Barney called him “Tokyo Don” in the episode “Twin Beds”. “Hey, hey, hey, hey Tokyo Don…you ever try this in Japan? WASABI!!” One of my favorite episodes. :)

    • I remember this too!! but I rewatched the whole series on netflix and couldn’t find it!

    • I think the only logical answer left is that Don is the mother’s brother, so he is automatically uncle Don without marrying Robin

  9. Babar Suhail says:

    Aren’t those SIX things

  10. moobear says:

    I thought that Barney wanted children and we all know Robin is going to be kid free, doesn’t seem like a good fit to me.
    Now, I’ve only discovered this show a little over a year ago (thank you Netflix), but even I feel like we’re past due on meeting the mother, I can only imagine what it’s like for people who have been with the show since the beginning.

    • Rowrohoh says:

      I’m sure the issue of whether or not Barney wants kids will be resolved next year. And since they get married, it would appear that it will be shown that he does not want kids (at least, not more than he wants Robin)

    • Pineapple says:

      There’s nothing to say Robin (and Barney) won’t end up having kids. Robin talking to her fake children telling them she’s glad they’re not real was her in present day imagining it. So not necessarily the actual future. And we all know TV shows love putting in those miracle pregnancys.

      • lumi says:

        There is. In Symphony of Illumination, it’s said that Robin never becomes a pole vaulter which in the context of the episode meant that she never became a mother, and this was confirmed by the writers later on. Robin never becomes a mother and thus she and Barney will never have children.

    • lumi says:

      The writers have said that Barney only wants children ‘in a very theoretical sense’ and thus it won’t really be an issue with him and Robin, especially since he knows perfectly well how she feels about the matter. (Of course, she still hasn’t told him about her infertility, so that will probably come up next season.)

  11. rita says:

    I follow the show since day one. and love stories doesn’t interest me as much as characters evolution trought the years and the good laughs himym had given me… but i am really sad about barney and robin marrying each other. I always believed he would end up being a dad and an husband while robin would be the figure of feminism, free and happy… for me, marrying her make no sense. she’s a free spirit.

    • Rowrohoh says:

      One can be a feminist, happy, and free while still being married. All that means is that she’ll have a fulfilling career and a personal life of her own choosing; that’s a lot to celebrate from a feminist standpoint.This isn’t 1952, a woman’s life can look however she wants it to.

      • murley says:

        exactly! how is it feminist to say that a woman isn’t allowed to be married and still be considered a strong, free spirit. that is just as oppressive as suggesting a woman has to be married in ordered to be fulfilled. good greif.

      • tony says:

        but also older ted mentions she goes to live in argentina and japan (which she does), but he mentions she went to live in a bunch of other countries as well for a bit…does this mean barney goes with her to these places? i cant see him barney quitting his job and going to these places, but maybe it happens.

        Also if you notice Quinn has been around for most of the season and older ted never refers her to aunt quinn. something pretty subtle, but if barney is mentioned as uncle barney, then you would think he would be calling her “aunt quinn” or “your aunt quinn”. something i realized in the finale that led me to believe the bride isnt quinn. sucks though because they have had a great little love story and they seem to fit better than robin and barney

    • lumi says:

      A woman can be a feminist regardless of whether she’s single, in a relationship, married, has children or not, etc. The suggestion that a female character isn’t as strong or somehow less because she chooses to be in a committed relationship or have children is in itself oppressive and unfeminist, because it implies that these traditionally feminine-coded roles are ‘lesser’ than masculine-coded ones (being single, work-focused, having non-serious relationships), and that in order to be ‘good feminists’, women cannot make certain choices in their lives.

      Robin’s character is already a good mixture of ‘traditionally masculine’ and ‘traditionally feminine’, and she and Barney have never had a particularly traditional or restrictive relationship. While Ted might have desired to turn her into a Stepford wife (like his fantasy in Trilogy Time suggested), it’s her independence and strength that Barney has always been drawn to. It’s already confirmed by the show that she will become very successful in her career and she’ll get to travel, so there is nothing to imply that romantic commitment would force her to give up anything.

  12. Luminosity says:

    I’m just so happy to know that — in the end — Barney and Robin find their way back to each other.

  13. dado says:

    I hope season 8 won’t be the last season!!! I hope there’ll be at least a season 9!!!

  14. FuzzyBlanket says:

    I personally believe it’s 2 weddings….. Barney and Quinn and Robin and someone else…. I know it says Robin and Barney but that’s what I think..

    • dee says:

      no.. the creators confirmed that barney n robin will be getting married.. sth bad will happen in the wedding but robin n barney r endgame..

    • katy917 says:

      Did you even READ the above article???? First line of the first question, “Yes, the Barman and Robin will get hitched.”

      • Rowrohoh says:

        Additionally, Craig Thomas himself outright said “The wedding will not go smoothly, but they will get married.” As in to each other. Because “they’re a very special couple.” There is no question now that they are endgame.

        • Caycayd says:

          No one said “to each other”.

          • Jaramukhti says:

            “What are Barney and Robin like married? What happens with that marriage?” But for the time being, Thomas says Season 8 will be about the onetime couple’s journey to “not only getting back together, but deciding to take this enormous leap.”

            It doesn’t get much clearer than that, man.

            I just want the writers to get through the Barney and Robin drivel (I still don’t see the chemistry others claim to have seen, in fact I’ve seen a decidedly noticeable lack of chemistry from the two if I’m being honest) and give me a chance to know YM before the series ends. Even if Ted himself doesn’t meet her until the wedding, I still will feel cheated if I spent 8 years following Ted’s oft-soul crushing journey to meet his future wife only to have her make a 5 second cameo in the series finale.

      • R.O.B. says:

        Maybe we find out Robin’s green card is getting revoked and she has to marry to stay in the country?

  15. tamara says:

    i’m so excited that barney n robin will end up together! but I’m sad that victoria will not be the mother.. I mean, ted n victoria is one of the best stories they had on the mother’s entrance to himym must be better than victoria’s! n i feel kinda sad that we r close to finding the mother.. i mean yeah we;ve been waiting for her.. but feels like the show will end once we know the mother.. :( but I hope it wont end after the mother is introduced! i love this gang on my tv screen!

  16. Dusan says:

    I really doubt that HIMYM will get a season 9, because it got soooo boring! Fans are tired of waiting, shows becase somewhat empty. It’s not the same as before. So i guess that is going to reflect on ratings.
    Btw, thank you Barney, i almost broke my computer because of you. Idiot… Quinn is so much better than Robin.

    • Tulip says:

      Dusan, you realize Barney isn’t real, right? He didn’t “make” you do anything.
      And just because you might find it boring doesn’t mean that the other several million people who watch it do, also.

    • Rowrohoh says:

      Surprising that you can feel a near computer breaking amount of passion towards a “boring” television show…

    • Ari says:

      You do know that HIMYM had higher ratings this year than last right? This fan doesn’t care who the mother is, I just like watching the lives of this quirky little group.

      • Katsus says:

        This! The reason I’ve been watching the show for 7 years isn’t because I want so badly to find out who the mother is. In fact, for a long time Ted was my least favorite character, so I could have cared less. I watch it because I love all the characters, and I love watching their lives. As someone else pointed out, the show is about the journey, not the endgame.

    • Gigi says:

      Why? I can’t understand… Quinn and Nora aren’t god characters. Or charachters… Nora was just “Barney’s second girlfriend”, and Quinn…
      She is a “smart stripper” – Are you kidding me? I think a smart women isn’t stripper.
      And we don’t know more informations about Quinn.
      Peoples, who says, Quinn is better than Robin, hate Robin. And i think Barney isn’t idiot, he just love with Robin…

  17. dessy111 says:

    I disagree!!
    The Fringe finale was fantastic

  18. Blah says:

    I love how the main answers relate to barney and Robin, and not Ted and the mother. Another show suffering due to pairings of charcters. Sigh

  19. Calla Lilly says:

    I definitely will NOT be watching next season, or the next. As much as I love it, I cannot STAND Barney and Robin together.

  20. Brit says:

    I loved finding out Robin was the bride at the end. Robin and Barney had a great relationship for awhile and it didn’t work out at the time. They’ve alway had bad timing but they love each other. So hopefully, we get to see what brings them back together. When the show first started, I loved Robin and Ted together, even though I knew them as endgame wasn’t possible. I think this just shows how good HIMYM is, that I can root for a completely different couple after a long time of rooting for another.

  21. Lisa says:

    I knew this was coming, but I still hated it. Not a Barney and Robin fan. Also, why does this show always have to do fake outs? It’s so bad that when Barney proposed to Quin I immediately new he wouldn’t marry her.

    • Monica says:

      I was REALLY hoping the surprise would be that he DID marry her, but of course it had to be Robin. The same fans that are getting upset about how boring the show is and how it’s not centered around Ted, are really the same fans that once fancied Robin and Barney getting married. Let’s all be real, fans!

      Regardless of which direction the show will go, I will still be a fan and keep watching because I need closure. And I want to see Lyndsay Fonseca and David Henrie as beautiful grown-ups on the couch at the end. :)

      • Jaramukhti says:

        That doesn’t describe me at all, actually — I never saw the chemistry between Barney and Robin, but I started and am still watching out of loyalty to Ted.

        I watch because I still hope (maybe foolishly so) that eventually the show will come back around to placing Ted’s journey back in the spotlight. However, season 7’s finale has me worried that the 8th, possibly final season, will be just another Barney and Robin tango with Ted sort of showing up as an aside like the writers throw him in there to give some legitimacy to the show’s title.

        I will say that while I intend to be there to see Ted finally complete his journey, season 8 may be the first season I tune out for in large chunks. I have NO desire to see an entire season devoted toward showing the roller coaster relationship of a couple whose chemistry was always questionable in my opinion. Instead, I will probably tune in for Bays/Thomas-penned episodes (they seem to be the only writers who give a damn about Ted’s search anymore) and skip all the Barney/Robin drama.

  22. I mean, I’m glad they’re finally confirming that Barney and Robin WILL get together in the end. But why couldn’t they have done that last season? I feel like this whole season was a bit of a mess, and I’m not really looking forward to seeing Robin dating some other random guy when we know she’s going to get back together with Barney. Also, is it just me, or does the article imply that Quinn’s role in the next season might just be in the first episode? The fact that episode 2 skips ahead four months just gives me that impression.

    • jess says:

      Well, obviously Barney wants to have TWO 24 hour engagements under his belt so he can keep up with Robin’s glorious track record.

      (Obviously love them both and I’m certain they’ll end up together and their engagement/wedding will be for real, but this show DOES treat engagements as not so serious. Anyone else notice that?)

      • Yes! First Ted with his failed engagement, Robin and Barney during that horrible break-up episode, Robin and Kevin, and now presumably Barney and Quinn?? Not to mention technically Marshall and Lily in between seasons 1 and 2. :|

      • Evie says:

        Yeah. Just like the rest of America. Hence why our divorce rate is so high.

  23. Ann says:

    I want Season 8 to be it’s last! I love this show too much. I don’t want to see it stay on the air way past it’s expiration date…like all the other shows. Please, CBS, announce the upcoming season as it’s last!

    • graywolf323 says:

      someone correct me if I’m wrong but I remember reading a while back that Jason Segel’s contract ended with Season 8 and he wasn’t planning on returning?

      I don’t see how they could have a season 9 without Marshall

  24. Michael says:

    Sorry I have to be one of those people who want the show to end at the end of next season…they have told all these stories…have had great times…but they need to wrap it up…the show is called How I MET your Mother…NOT How I met your Mother and spent two seasons with her so that the audience could get to know her…I remember the producers saying that when we saw the mother we would be treated to all those moments that lead up to this point….seeing why Ted told his kids somethings that didn’t seem important…but now the guy is realizing the end is near and like many people wants to keep it going…end the show right instead of letting it drag on into crap…Don’t let it stay on so that people only say..”I liked it a few seasons ago, but now it’s just stupid”…only my opinion and you may agree or diagree….just my thoughts on it…

    • Evie says:

      I also agree. I never expected to get to intimately know the mother. The reason I don’t mind that Barney and Robin’s story gets so much spotlight is because I like the show revolves around all the character’s journeys equally, not just Ted’s. And since I never expected to get to know the mother, I appreciated all the side stories that took spotlight, rather than just 8 seasons of Ted having failed relationships until he met the right one. I personally think that the mother is going to Barney’s half-sister that’s in college, hence why he meets her at Barney’s wedding.

  25. I will never understand this Robin/Barney thing. They sucked together the first time and I doubt things will be better this time around. For me, this really ruins the show and although I’d been expecting it, I hoped it wouldn’t happen. This is the one thing that will make me give this show up. So goodbye, HIMYM.

  26. lain says:

    Maybe I’m the alone on this, but Barney and Robin?! Ugh! Give it up Robin.
    It’s feels like she only likes the guys when they’re in committed relationships.

  27. kathleenem says:

    Oh thank goodness Victoria is so annoying… her and Ted are to alike to ever work.

  28. GeoDiva says:

    Well the show is called How I MET Your Mother, not How I Married Your Mother, or How I Fell In Love With Your Mother, so it will probably end with Ted meeting her at Barney’s wedding (I believe she is Barney’s half-sister). There will be that spark of recognition between them and a smile and then fade to black….end scene.

  29. Christopher says:

    This show has been pretty bad the last couple of years. I only keep watching it out of addiction and because my girlfriend still likes it (although she thinks it has gotten very stale as well). What the hell happened to this show? I’m guessing it was serious writer after season 3. The jokes are simply not as funny, Barney’s character has jumped the shark by falling in love with a stripper (who started out after his money) and Ted has become the most annoying woman on any show I currently watch.

    • Christopher says:

      I meant to say serious writer turnover. oops! Ever since Marshall and Lilly tied the knot and even more so since Marshall’s dad kicked the bucket, I feel like this show has been less and less funny with the jokes. Does anyone else wish that Chris Elliot was the dad who was sent to an early grave instead of the loveable Dauber (from Coach). Lilly’s dad is AWFUL. Kal Penn was also terrible (or his character was anyway) and I was a huge fan of Harold and Kumar (enough to pay to watch both of the uninspired sequels in the theater).

    • Chuck norris says:


  30. Ella says:

    I really wanted the bride to be Quinn. And I used to be a BIG Barney/Robin fan. Something just died there for me and Neil and Becky have such amazing chemistry. It’s a shame. Not all the lead characters have to end up together…

    • Rowrohoh says:

      They won’t. Ted is going to end up with someone outside of the group. But if you think it’s realistic from a television creation standpoint for regulars to not be the main couples, both for logistical and storytelling purposes, then you’re kidding yourself.

  31. Blue says:

    I was really hoping that Quinn would be the bride, and for a second I thought she was… it was just too predictable that it would be Robin, and I had faith that the writers would want to surprise us by NOT making Robin and Barney end up together. I don’t know if I will keep watching next season, knowing there will be 3 doomed, useless relationships and that 4 out of the 5 main characters will end up pairing up? Please, that’s just too much and it’s ruining the show. If the goal was really to have Robin marry one of her best friends, it should at least have been Ted.
    I really hope that what made the wedding day go wrong is that the wedding was canceled after all.

  32. Daniel says:

    the mother IMO is barney’s step-sister who is in the mid 20s and goes to college (as stated in the ep. where barney is having dinner with his father i think). shes the one in the eco class and the one living with cindy (she goes to that college so its only natural). she will be at the barney’s wedding (cos shes family) holding the yellow umbrella (cos it rains). ted approaches her seeing as thats his umbrella, boom. sparks fly everywhere. the rule saying bros cant go out with their bro’s sister is not valid cos shes the STEP sister… hence uncle barney and auntie robin. the wedding might not go well cos quinn might show up and declare her love to barney in the middle of the ceremony.. or something like that. just my thoughts.
    the mother is definately not robin or victoria. anyone saying that is just ridiculous…

    • Karen B. says:

      I wish you were the show writer. I like it!

    • Pineapple says:

      Hmmm a rare mother theory that makes sense. After all why bother mentioning the sister? It wasn’t put in for Barney’s story (so far anyway) as he’s expressed no interest in meeting her. Which that in its self is particularly weird. Barney has a sister in college (meaning college girl friends) and he hasn’t tried to use that. Can only assume its because the writers don’t want us to meet her until the reveal. Only flaw is it’s not exactly realistic for Barney to meet his sister on the day of his wedding. If she gets a mention next season then I’ll be convinced.

    • Lance says:

      I think you are correct on this. Marshall and Lily are called Aunt and Uncle but Ted would be the type to make them god-parents since they are best friends. Barney always tries to claim he is Ted’s best friend but its obviously Marshall. So future Ted referring to Uncle Barney caught me off guard the first time I heard it. I think the step-sister is the Mother and possibly the same girl he bumped into at the bar where he found the umbrella.

      Now the finale “exposing” Barney and Robin getting married…iMO this is a HUGE curve ball. Craig is quoted saying they “will” get married and “that wedding day”. Nowhere does it say what we saw in this finale is THE wedding day. I am betting these are separate weddings. I do think it will be teased about Barney’s wedding that the mother was there but due to the events that happen Ted and her will meet but it will be in passing or something.

      I really hope they do introduce her character soon. I love the show and look forward to the next season. I am sad it will not be Victoria as I loved the sparks between her and Ted. But her leaving someone at the altar like this when it has happened to Ted is going to be a moral dilemma for Ted.

  33. Sam A says:

    What does he mean by ‘what happens to that marriage?!’ why was barney hiding his ring finger in the 2015 flash-forward?
    It’ll be so NOT cool if they get married and something bad happens. That’ll just suck!

    on the other hand…YAY!! Robin’s the bride and they ARE gonna get married. But i wonder how the wedding day went “horribly wrong”….

  34. bigbang says:

    I think the mother will never be revealed and he will just keep leading into other stories that he has to tell before he can say how he met her. Funny show but way to obsessed with marriage and love. Ted is the only one I cant stand.

  35. Sara says:

    I love Robin’s dress here!!

  36. jr says:

    ted is a boob why does he just keep deciding he’s in love with the same women robin then victoria? this is getting annoying!

  37. Andy says:

    OKAY…glad everyone got that off their chests. Firstly, those of you that are threatening to stop watching the show, don’t watch it. Clearly you’re not true fans because as a fan you absorb what the writers are giving you and watch how the characters grow. Yeah the show might not be going how you would like it then again you’re not the creators now are you. I personally don’t find any fault in them dragging out the process of us meeting the mother; how else was Ted going to grow? Obviously you meet a few wrong people, go back to old lovers and give up a few times before you meet ‘The One’ and this is what the writers have incorporated. They have to be realistic to a certain extent. As for Robin and Barney…I’m totally for it! I’ve always been a strong believer in their love for one another and yeah they might not be perfect for each other but that’s what makes it so great! So what if they don’t last? (Which I’m really hoping will not be the case…no divorces are necessary) it’s like the creators are showing us that people take chances, even if they’re completely wrong for each other, because of what they feel! (Every story needs that “defying-the-odds” moment). And stop complaining about the attention being on Robin and Barney more this season than it is on Ted, you’d be complaining if they kept the attention on Ted for the entire 7 season because then you wouldn’t know anything about the rest of the gang. But oh wait,there wouldn’t be 7 seasons if all the attention was on Ted and where’s the fun in having your favourite sitcom ending within 3-4 seasons? Enjoy the show whatever happens and trust that the writers know what they’re doing or quit watching and find something that has a story line exactly the way you want it to go (predictable) but quit with the whining. Thanks :)

  38. Luis says:

    I am proceeding on the assumption that 8 will be the final season for HIMYM. I hope the producers and writers do us better than introducing the Mother at the very end. Obviously, if Ted is to have a baby within three years, the relationship has to begin within a fairly short time. I think HIMYM has done a tremendous job delving into the lives of these five people and developing the twists and turns of their lives in ways that have been very satisfying for the audience – the characters all seem like real people, friends we enjoy seeing every week. It will be interesting seeing how Lily and Marshall adjust to parenthood and the changes it will inevitably bring to their relationships with their friends, and it will be fun watching Barney and Robin navigate their way back into a relationship, though I am still not thoroughly convinced it will end a lasting marriage. As for Ted, I say what I’ve said every time a potential mother comes along – where’s the yellow umbrella?

    • Megan says:

      Barney and Robin have to last! Otherwise it will just be a repeat of their cop out relationship last time which was just plain annoying, I love Barney and Robin together! They are the reason I watched all 7 seasons in 3 weeks only to find their storyline lasted about 3 episodes.

  39. Jonathan Muck says:

    i really hope barney and robin don’t get married or at least it doesn’t last. From the first season the writes have made me fall in love with the robin and ted story and that’s how i want it to end. I know robin will not be the mom but that does not mean he wont have kids with someone else and then realize its always been robin and it always will.

  40. josie says:

    I want the show to go on as long as it can. Past the wedding of Ted and the Mother. To whenever they have their second kid. Then, its like a little collage of their life until it gets to 2030, where you see everyone old. Then, it ends on the five of them at a booth together like old times. And, maybe even go a couple years past that and have their kids at a booth like they used to.

  41. Nurrie says:

    I really hope that it’s Robin and Barney getting married to each otehr and not to another person!

  42. Jake says:

    I used to love this show but can’t stand it these days. What happened to good ol’ free roaming Barney? This show jumped the shark the moment he and Robin first got together and their marriage is the nail in the coffin. Your funniest character loses his awesomeness and marries a cynic? (ugh) You’ve got 5 main characters and 4 get together? (ugh) You have Ted dreaming about being with Robin for 7 years then he meets some woman who’s supposed to be more important in his life than Robin? *It’s not going to happen*, not convincingly anyway.

  43. Eric says:

    what if Barney isn’t married to Robin in 2015? he and quinn’s marriage never happens but he does meet the Mother at the wedding they keep showing.

    Barney and Robin’s wedding is farther into the future

  44. nadanoor says:

    didn’t anyone see the twist or the flip in Barney’s nd Ted character it’s like they have switched places, in this season we see barney being not in one serious relationship but in two nd he’s not that scared of commitment kind of guys that we always knew he wants to have children he’s ready to get married, he was welling to meet the girls parent although he has a rule against that even if the girl is hot or as he further said even if her mother is hot he did that with no hesitation at all with Nora,he even spend a night at the cafe waiting for her response,, This act sounds more like Ted but we cn relay that to the fact that he really loved her but then he broke up with her very easily without mentioning that he had any hard times in getting over what seemed to be the real thing nd to so long he went into a shallow relationship with a random chick he met the writer’s didn’t show exactly what made her so special she even was after his money nd he knew that but still went for it even though we know that barney is not that kind of people who get fooled easily, they moved in together in no time and without any complication except a small fight over her Mugs!! and suddenly he became the kind of guys who express his feelings openly by saying in several occasions that he misses her and he loved her while talking to his friends?? Ted turns out to be the womanizer who want to hook up with any girl forgetting all his past principals and the fact that he is a very sensitive kind of guy, he used to care about the personality of the girls he is dating looking back at the girls he dated and the reasons why he broke up with them i found them very lame and shallow unlike his passionate charecter and his ability to ignore all the little flaws and accepting the person for who she is not what she does in a certain moment, i mean he broke up with the slutty pumpkin because he hated everything she do,, and that girl Janet Macntire because she was perfect and so on that surely doesn’t sound like Ted ,, to be honest i was shocked when he asked Barney to hook him with Quinn’s friend who is also a stripper,, is that the kind of women he likes now??? what happened to that sweet, romantic and passionte Ted that we love, and where’s that playful, smart and funny Barney ???
    in season 8 i’d surley love to see more of that …

  45. Megan says:

    HIMYM already has Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe/Monica depending on how you look at Lily, I think Ted’s wife will fill in the last ‘friends’ role

  46. Katie says:

    i think that there is a beauty in the way the handle these relationships, because even when ted fails at his relationship and is heartbroken we as the viewer know that it was for the best because he will ultimately end up happy. Not every relationship your in will lead to marriage but i think each relationship teaches you something about yourself and what you want for the future. Each of Teds’ significant others has taught ted something different and without those lessons he would not be the Ted he is when he meets the mother

  47. Fabio says:

    Robin’s going back with Ted. Ted has left Victoria for Robin once, and he’s going to do it again. Maybe even almost marrying her. That’s the way Ted’s going to be single (Since he will be going out with Victoria. Then again, it’s somehow leading to Robin going back to Barney again. I’m really curious about this season.

  48. Giulio says:

    For those who say that Ted and Robin are officially over I only have one thing to say: Not Yet.

  49. Arthur90 says:

    I really love Barney and Robin together.Although Quinn and Barney seems like a better fit,you gotta watch closely and you’ll realise that Barney still has feelings for Robin(the time when he tells them that he and Quinn are engaged) seems like a good example.I think season 8 is gonna be all about how these two get back together and taking a giant leap towards marriage.As for Ted,he is on a journey of cutting all his past ties which will eventually lead him to his “The One”.I really wish they show the mother in season 8 and there is a high chance that the yellow umbrella is gonna play a prominent role.There will be a season 9 which focuses on Ted and his “The One”.I don’t want them ending the show by just showing the mother.Hopefully,it will be about how she fits in the puzzle.As a gang member,as a wife,as a friend and as a mother xD.

  50. dirk says:

    well, first of all it is a fact that “The Mother” and Ted´s wife is not the same person. So it is still plausible that the mother of the kids is juast a “affair” of Ted. And Ted is telling his children in 2030 who is there biological mother.

    I still belive that Robin will marry Ted! Why?

    S1E1 The name “Robin” was not said untill the narrator says: thats hor I met your ……Aunt Robin. Kids Aunt Robin???????

    In a Inerview Carter Bays and criag Thomas said definatly “Robin is not the Mother” ….”Not Yet”
    And they said as well that the biggest hint who is the mother was in the first Episode.

    There might be the chance that thos double wedding theorie is plausible. Why Lilli said ” The bride wants to see you? and not Robin wants to see you?

    So I think the wedding day (from twhich we see the small forward clips) is the ultimate final where Ted marries Robin and Barnie probably Quinn.

    Another option is possible that the Narrator is not Ted by 2030 but Marshall by 2030 and thelling his kids the storry and he just said he wants to make it moré dramatic and swiches the persons.

    • andreaappel says:

      *crickets chirping*…seriously? Have you thought that comment through? How can “The Mother” and Ted’s wife not be the same person?? What’s the point of him waiting 7-8 seasons to meet her, only for the writers to decide “hey, you know what…let’s not make them stay together”. And the whole theory about Marshall being the narrator…really now?

      • dirk says:

        I have some questions andreaappel
        – Why the narrator is a “seperate” voice not Ted´s voice?
        – Why cant you see the narrator?
        – Why the S01/E01 started exactly with Robin?
        – Why the name “Robin” was not pronounced / spoken out in the S01/01 untill the narrator said Thats how I met your …..aount Robin”

        Answer to your Question:
        biolocical mother = someone else
        teds wife = Robin

        There is also the possibility to swiches the Name, same as a joint = sandwich

        • andreaappel says:

          -It is meant to be “older Ted” speaking now, doesn’t that call for a voice change?
          -It lays a role in the storytelling? I don’t really see how us not seeing the narrator plays a role in him not being Ted. And if the narrator is Marshall, why do the children look similar to Ted?
          -The writers might have wanted the audience to think that Robin was the mother (which was the case).
          -The answer is more or less the same as above.
          I do see your point as to why you would think that, I just don’t see why the writers would do that. Sorry if my previous comment came across as harsh.

          • dirk says:

            I am sure Carter + Thomas had a big Masterplan for HIMYM and knew already at the first episode who the mother will be at least they had a basic idea. Because HIMYM is such a big success they have to and will “fill in” extra episodes (have look who who writes the script at the diffrent episodes) mostly the first and the last episodes in a season where wrritten by Carter and Thomas. The “filler” are done by other writers and they are not pushing the story forward. So thats the reason we are basically at the same knowledge like in the end of season 6 or even 5.

            So I think they are still trying to keept the story open in each direction. With the prhase ” a wedding that went horrible wrong” they made almost everything possible again. Will Barnie get married to Robin I dont think so. Why?

            – Never bring a “EX” to the wedding
            – The wedding went horrible wrong
            – I think Ted will not meet his Mother at a “wedding that went horrible wrong”

            So I somehow believe that there is still the option that Robin is “the Mother”

      • robertkrasser says:

        So Andreaapple what do you say now?