Fall TV Preview

ABC Schedule Revealed: Revenge Moving to Sunday, Happy Endings and Apt. 23 to Tuesday

Revenge Season 2 SundaysSundays just got Revengier.

ABC is the third broadcast network to pull the curtain back on its 2012-13 schedule and the big news is that freshman hit Revenge is moving into Desperate Housewives‘ old Sunday/9 pm timeslot. Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B—– In Apartment 23, meanwhile, will form their own a-mah-zing comedy block on Tuesdays at 9.

Among new shows, the Connie Britton-fronted musical soap Nashville has nabbed Revenge‘s former Wednesday at 10 pm perch, and the Shawn Ryan-produced undersea thriller Last Resort has landed the Thursday lead-off spot.

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On tap for midseason: Body of Proof, Wife Swap, and new dramas Mistresses, Red Widow and Zero Hour.

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The complete schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8/7c Dancing With the Stars/The Bachelor (in January)
10 pm Castle

8 pm DWTS Results
9 Happy Endings
9:30 pm Don’t Trust the B—– In Apartment 23
10 pm Private Practice

In January


8 pm The Middle
8:30 pm Suburgatory
9 pm Modern Family

9 pm Grey’s Anatomy
10 pm Scandal

8 pm Shark Tank
9 pm Primetime: What Would You Do?
10 pm 20/20

In November
8 pm Last Man Standing
9 pm Shark Tank
10 pm Primetime: What Would You Do?

8 pm Saturday Night College Football


America’s Funniest Home Videos
8 pm Once Upon a Time
9 pm Revenge
10 pm 666 PARK AVENUE

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Charlie’s Angels, TBS-bound Cougar Town, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, GCB, Man Up, Missing, Pan Am, The River and Work It

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  1. silvermike says:

    is Happy Endings/23 8:30/9 or 9/9:30?

  2. josephguest says:

    I love the ABC! I had a feeling they were going to move Revenge, but not to Sunday 9pm. So glad they have so much faith in the show.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I expected this from the get-go; not sure about being sandwiched between two fantasy/supernatural shows but guess we’ll see.

      • smidnite says:

        It’s also on opposite The Good Wife.

        • Martina says:

          I was a revenge viewer this season but will be DVR’ing it next season, prefer The Good Wife, I won’t be watching any of the new ABC shows.

        • Monkey21 says:

          We don’t know yet where TGW will land. Rumor has it CBS is holding it for midseason so it can run 22 episodes with no interruptions or reruns (or football delays!)

          • abfidy says:

            I don’t know if I should be overjoyed or heartbroken by that rumor…must.know.Kalinda’s.past.now.

    • Ginger says:

      Maybe Mistrisses wil fill in for Revenge reruns.

    • TheBeach says:

      Aw man, I hate it when they networks screw around with the time slots of successful shows. Part of the reason some shows are hits are because of the air times and competition. Sunday nights are the best of the week for me and when the premier cable and pay channels run their best shows( Breaking Bad, True Blood, Homeland, Justified, Mad Men, etc). Spread the wealth.

  3. M. says:

    Castle holds it’s spot – great!

  4. Keenan says:

    Ooh! Revenge in the driver’s seat! They deserve it.

    • Dorothy Fay says:

      I absolutely love Revenge but wish it could stay on Wednesdays. I also love The Chew on daytime
      tv. Great characters and really good recipes.

  5. SmartMove says:

    Moving REVENGE to Sunday’s DH spot is VERY SMART. in fact, the smartest move of a current show I’ve seen so far this week.

    • Mitholas says:

      I agree. I’ve always thought Revenge was a great show that the DH viewers would probably like once that went off the air. Seems someone at ABC saw it the same way.

    • I don’t think that Revenge will survive it’s new slot. Too much competition on Sundays at 9pm. Maybe in the 10pm slot would have been better. It makes me sad because I really like this show. So many of my favorites have been cancelled (Missing) or moved to alternate times that I’ve just been left feeling disgusted with primetime tv!

    • best move ever i love this show and once upon a time two great shows thumbs up you go guys keep up the good work

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Castle, OUAT, Revenge and College Football are the only things on this list I watch. I may check out 666.

    • Russ says:

      666 Park Ave. trailer looks great. I hope it is actually good. its has some of my favorite actors from other tv shows.

  7. Linda says:

    Guess I will have to wait for #BodyofProof until midseason but better that than not at all!

    • Dizzle says:

      It’ll likely take over from Private Practice on Tuesday nights, given that PP only has an order for 13 episodes (and it is all-but-confirmed that this is the last series).

      • No one ever said that PP only had a 13 episode order. That was Ausiello’s assumption. It was never confirmed. We have to remember that some new shows won’t live through the first half of the season. Body of Proof could take any of their spots.

        • Kristen says:

          Actually, it was confirmed that Private Practice is getting 13 episodes. What wasn’t confirmed is if it is the final season, or if they will/won’t get more than 13. They have already said they are issuing at least 13 episodes, and I’m sure depending on how ratings go, they will either increase that along the way, or wrap up the series by midseason. Trust me, I’m not happy about this either. I wish I could watch Addison and Sam together every Tuesday for the rest of my life. Lol

    • Laura says:

      I agree Linda…I love Body of Proof and Castle!!!

  8. martina says:

    Revenge will do amazing on that timeslot! And I’m so happy they decided not to move Castle.

  9. LemuelG says:

    I’m surprised by the Thursday lineup. Last Resort was reported to target men, while Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are surely targeting women. Unlikely there will be much overlap between these audiences, will there?

    • Emily says:

      Well, Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t exactly need a lead-in, so it might work. Now, if Last Resort came after Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, then that would be weird.

  10. greysfan says:

    Wow my 2 new favourite shows are on the same night. Once then Revenge is going to be awesome. Thankyou ABC. So Scandal keeps its post Grey’s timeslot. Not surprised really. Should we call Last Resort DOA since it got the Thursday 8pm death slot? Interesting Don’t Trust the B is getting a 1hr timeslot.

  11. ChrisGa says:

    So I wonder when Body of Proof is returning? It’s not listed as an alternate anywhere. Sigh…it’ll prob get the Cougar Town treatment and get burned off at the end of the season.

    • anonymous says:

      The article states the Body of Proof is on tap for mid-season. My guess is that it will take over Private Practice’s spot on Tuesday nights since PP was only renewed for 13 eps.

      • anonymous says:

        Ok – so I was wrong about PP and the 13 episodes…I thought I had read that somewhere, but it may have been speculation. Either way, Body of Proof will come on mid-season.

      • steven says:


    • Pismofinest1641 says:

      I don’t think Body of Proof is coming back i saw the tv line-up it isn’t there, Private practice has it’s time slot! I my self are very discussed with the Networks,so many reality shows have the reigns on the popular shows but Series shows always get the axe! It’s getting to the point that i rather not watch Network television anymore.

      • greysfan says:

        Private Practice is only a 13 episode order in which looks like it will be its final season with Kate Walsh leaving after it, you might as well call it quits because she is the reason we have Practice in the first place, secondly Body of Proof is expected to replace it mid-season and will be back. Its been confirmed by ABC.

  12. Hmmm…where is “Body of Proof?” Are they holding it until Mid-Season?

  13. Andrea says:

    I’m so happy Castle didn’t change times, I look forward to Castle Mondays. I think Revenge will do well on Sundays, I’ll tune in for it. Also going to check out Nashville and Malibu Country. So far, this looks like the best schedule released to me.

  14. George says:

    So, are the two comedy’s debuting in January on Tuesday replacing Happy Endings/Apt 23 or Private Practice? Did ABC “officially” announce this is PP’s last season & it’s shortened?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS…. and FAMILY TOOLS will fill the Tuesdays at-8 hour, starting January.

  15. Colleen says:

    Is there a “Private Practice Finale Season” announcement yet or not with the schedule?

  16. JAA says:

    Revenge’s fans are very, very lucky. 9pm slot after Once Upon A Time is the best slot to move in a show

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh, is ABC trying to build back a Friday night comedy block with Last Man Standing and Malibu Country starting November?

    • Dizzle says:

      The new exec has already stated one of his intentions was to bring comedy back to Friday on ABC… These family-friend multi-cameras seem like the best bet for them, although why delay them until November just so they can air two newsmagazines?

      • Sg.Grant says:

        Because families have high school football games to go to until November.

      • jasie says:

        Plus its an election year and there will be a lot for these news shows to discuss about politics leading up to the November election.

  18. Jordan says:

    There will be 10 comedies come January…WOW!

    • Frank Lovejoy says:

      Yeah. But will they be funny. Todays audience thinks vulgarity is comedy. All one has to do is watch an episode of Two Broke Dogs er Girls on CBS to see what I mean.

      • Mitholas says:

        I agree, but I don’t think you can really blame ABC for trying out different kinds of comedy. They have some good comedies right now (Happy Endings takes the crown in my book). Diversifying is okay.

      • pat miller says:

        I don’t watch 2 brook girls because of the crude talk and trust me I’m no prud but it’s not funny just vulgar

  19. sarah says:

    What about Zero Hour or Red Widow? I was interested in Zero Hour.

  20. BadMove says:

    Bummer about HAPPY ENDINGS — so similar to NEW GIRL. And I enjoy them both. But will stick with NEW GIRL now that they are pitted against each other.

    • jenna says:

      I wish they didn’t pit these 2 shows against each other :( Personally I find happy endings to be funnier so I think I’ll be sticking with that one

      • Ginger says:

        We have DVR, Hulu, and iTunes, so it’s not that big a deal, but I like Happy Endings better.

        • Alex says:

          It kinda is a big deal when that demo is all advertisers and networks care about. If enough people start DVR’ing/Hulu’ing Happy Endings instead of watching it live then it might not live another season.

    • Fabe says:

      I’ll be watching Happy Endings. New Girl went downhill after a little while.

    • Mitholas says:

      Happy Endings came first, so New Girl is similar to Happy Endings. I honestly think Happy Endings is a much better show. But then I’m not under the Zooey Deschanel spell, so maybe that’s why I’ve never understood the hype.

      Besides, Happy Endings is lower-rated, so if anyone likes both shows and is in doubt, go with Happy Endings on the night itself and DVR New Girl. That way, everyone gets to keep their favorite. ;)

      • Sg.Grant says:

        I love how people still feel like they actually matter to ratings. If you don’t have a Neilsen box, you don’t matter. It doesn’t matter which show you watch live.

  21. EveatEden says:

    1) Revenge was on Weds not Tues, typo in the article
    2) Where is Body Of Proof? I was surprised by the pick up announced last week, happy but surprised but it isn’t mentioned on the schedule. I figured it would be a spring thing but not seeing it here :(.

  22. kimmy says:

    what about Body of Proof?

  23. Che says:

    Revenge will compete with The Good Wife, that’s a bummer. Anyway, ABC is the smartest network of all, I could easily watch their entire schedule since its so well done.

    • TV Gord says:

      I’m hoping CBS moves The Good Wife out of the Sunday slot. Even if they put it on Friday, paired with Blue Bloods, I think it would be better off than stuck in the often-delayed Sunday night slot.

      • Margaret says:

        I hope they move TGW as well (too many pre-empts and delays).. just not to Wednesday. I already have too much stuff to DVR on Wednesday nights. LOL! Fridays could be alright, though.. maybe at 9PM (since I have a weekly appointment with WWE Smackdown already LOL)?

  24. brandy says:

    Happy Endings vs. New Girl? Seriously?!

  25. TV fan says:

    Happy Ending vs. New Girl. Which one to watch live and which one to DVR.

  26. Jordan says:

    Bravo, ABC!

  27. sarah says:

    Nashville, Modern, Grey’s and 666 Park Ave.

  28. Dizzle says:

    I get the logic behind moving Revenge – it’s a good fit with OUAT – but given the network has struggled to fill that Wednesday 10pm timeslot for years, I’m surprised they’ve taken the chance. Other than that, I’m loving the mix of comedy, and that they’ve put Last Resort on in the Fall – this was one I was looking forward to purely because of the behind-the-scenes pedigree!

  29. Heather says:

    Once Upon a Time followed by Revenge?! BEST NIGHT EVER. =D Love that two of my new fave shows will be back to back! I’m not thrilled about PP being stuck on Tuesdays but I’m just going to enjoy the fact that they brought it back and then enjoy seeing Body of Proof whenever it comes back (midseason?). I LOVE that Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B—- will air back to back during a time when I have no other shows. That will be one funny hour of TV for me! Not too much for me to complain about here. My fave shows are pretty much set for another year. Thanks ABC! =)

  30. ggny says:

    dam it ABC did you really have to pit Happy Ending vs. New Girl? dam it dam it dam it

  31. Jen says:

    Revenge is currently on Wednesday, not Tuedsay : )

  32. Jerry Glonek says:

    I just realized that Revolution, Castle and Hawaii Five-O are all going to be on Mondays at 10. Hm, this isn’t good. Do broadcast shows repeat in the early morning hours like cable ones do? That’s how I usually catch any shows I couldn’t record.

    Also I hope OOAT stops running till 9:01 next season. My DVR doesn’t understand how to start a show a minute late and just cancels the next one completely!

  33. Josh says:

    I Love you ABC Once upon a time and Revenge on the same night is awesome i figured they might move Revenge to replace DH

  34. anthonynewhall says:

    I mean, okay. I’m happy for Revenge, but I watch so much on Sundays. We’ll see. Excited for it.

  35. Frank Lovejoy says:

    Nice to see Once Upon A Time renewed. A fun show that’s a great lead in to Revenge.

  36. Autumn says:

    I’ll watch Once Upon a Time and I”ll at least check out 666 Park Avenue. Gotta say that almost all of the pilots (with a few exceptions, particularly with CW) sound dull. I’m still disappointed that ABC’s Beauty and the Beast didn’t get picked up. I wanted two! Does anyone know what happened to it? Anyone get to preview it?

  37. Eric says:

    Reba McEntire once did quite well on Friday nights. She might once again. The season overall is shaping up to be VERY sitcom-heavy for the first time in a looooooong time.

  38. Chad says:

    Very happy that Castle says on Mondays. Will checkout The Last Resort – good cast in that one. Also looking forward to Nashville. I would follow Mrs Coach to the ends of the earth….and my wife says she would do the same for Eric Close – not sure how I feel about that…

  39. Paige says:

    Happy Endings up against New Girl? Not cool networks! Sigh. Well, I’ll have to catch up on one of them On Demand I guess.

  40. Jake says:

    Love the line-up. ABC is and has been my fave network for a long time now. Revenge on sunday is awesome (although the cable competition on Sunday is really tough). Still pissed about GCB.

    • Elyse says:

      so mad about GCB!!! i loved it.

      • Mitholas says:

        That show really did deserve better. I think it really suffered from its name. Good show long as it lasted though.

        • lisa says:

          I was hoping they were going to renew it, the promos were originally for the series finale but later referenced the season finale, I had hoped this meant it was being renewed … it had a lot of potential – and least we’ll still have our does of crazy Texans when Dallas returns

      • Eliz says:

        I loved it too–and I’m from Texas.

  41. Eric says:

    Really???!!! Putting Reba’s new show on a Friday night???!!! Why not just cancel it right now!!! Malibu Country should be on wednesdays after Modern Family, because that new show after Modern Family looks absolutely dreadful!!!

    • ggny says:

      i agree that the new show after Modern Family sounds horrible. But Reba wouldnt work after Modern Family and ABC is trying to bring back TGIF that why it is on Friday is a family friendly spot

  42. Sid says:

    My favorite and only show I watch on ABC is Revenge, and sorry but I am going to disagree with those thinking this is a great move. Last week Revenge got 7 million viewers and 2.2 for a season finale, and it’s a new show just starting out and not pulling close to DH ratings this year. The show is serialized and that means, and any new viewers at 9:00 on Sunday that never watched the first year is going to be so lost, they will stop watching it. Sorry the show was doing fine were it was at 10:00, and if the show does not gain new viewers, the numbers they got this year is not acceptable for a 9:00 show for ABC.

    • greysfan says:

      Revenge not finished yet. 2 episodes left. I still think it can do very well on Sunday. For starters it will have a better lead in than Apt 23 which isn’t compatible with Revenge.

  43. Moving REVENGE to Sunday is the worst move they could have made. The Walking Dead will slaughter it. REVENGE will not survive that slot.
    SUPER PISSED ABOUT GCB TOO. The ONLY shows I watch on ABC now are Thursday 9-11.

  44. cc says:

    Where is Body of Proof???

  45. Brent Reed says:

    Poor Happy Endings and Apt 23. They are going to have to struggle in the post Dancing w/ the Stars results show slot. Totally incompatible programming there. Older skewing/family friendly show followed by two shows definitely targeted towards a younger crowd. It seems like Last Man Standing/Cougar Town all over again. I hope HE and DTTBIA23 can survive until January.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Well, ABC seems to have alot of faith in HE, so placing it behind DWTS makes me think they really want to make it work. I will say I think pairing it with Apt 23 is a good move; the two have a very similar comedic tone, far more so than LMS and Cougar Towm.

      • Eric says:

        I think ABC has had tremendous faith in ‘Happy Endings’ ever since it performed so well in what will be the ‘Nashville’ time slot, two years ago.

      • Brent Reed says:

        The comparison was that Dancing is a poor lead in to Happy Endings just as Last Man Standing was a poor lead in to Cougar Town. Not that Happy Ending is a poor lead in to Apt 23. I agree that ABC is showing some faith in Happy Ending, but not much by placing two shows that are clearly not considered ‘family friendly’ and targeted at the 18 – 35 demo after a show that is VERY family friendly and also grabs the ‘older’ demo. I really hope that I am wrong about this and that Happy Endings and Apt 23 are able to thrive, but I have major doubts.

  46. bad kevin says:

    Happy to see Revenge taking over the old time slot held by the departed Desperate Housewives. Also, Happy Endings goes up against New Girl on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and DWTS goes up against The Voice for Round Two on the same night and time respectively.

  47. Juan says:

    I hope FOX clobbers ABC with New Girl.

  48. Rebecca says:

    I had not heard if Scandal had been renewed, but I guess it has, it’s on the schedule. Woo Hoo!!

  49. Emily says:

    I figured Revenge was moving to Sunday, but I thought it would be at 10, with 666 Park Ave. at 9. It’s a bit strange to stick Revenge in between two supernatural shows and it seems like sandwiching a new show between their two most popular new dramas would have been a great way to boast viewership. But perhaps 666 Park Ave. is darker than I’ve been imagining.
    I wish they would have kept GCB around (It was one of those shows that could have really hit its stride in its second season). It would have been a decent companion with Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B- (as opposed to Private Practice that just needs to be done.)
    The Last Resort seems so out of place with Grey’s and Scandal. Then again, it seems really out of place on ABC…

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I think Revenge would have made more sense paired with Scandal, but then I also think they shoud’ve paired Body of Proof with Castle from the get go and that never happened.

  50. joe says:

    Body of Proof held till midseason ? It will be given the cougar town treatment by ABC ,I Bet