NCIS Boss: Season Finale Packs a Surprising Return and a 'Cliffhanger for Everyone'

Will the Season 9 finale of CBS’ NCIS (airing Tuesday at 8/7c) feature a wedding and a funeral? Or one or the other, or neither? With the hunt for the newest member of the NCIS Most Wanted Wall, CEO-turned-terrorist Harper Dearing, rolling to a boil, TVLine spoke with showrunner Gary Glasberg about what to expect.

TVLINE | I wanted to start off by saying I think it’s interesting what you’re doing with Richard Schiff (The West Wing) as the villain. He’s not some ex-Mossad extremist, he’s not some homegrown militia nutjob….
Thank you. The intention with the Harper Dearing character was to always go with sort of the opposite of what you would expect, someone more intellectual and mild-mannered, and yet have this really interesting complex backstory of what’s driving him. Having Richard do it was a real treat for us because he brings such complexity and nuance to his work. The subtlety and the twists and turns of who we wanted Harper Derring to be is something Richard handles beautifully.

TVLINE | Are his motivations for sabotaging the Navy compelling? Is this about financial gain, a misguided cause…? A bit of both?
That’s all revealed as the final episodes unfold. But there is a deep-seeded emotional and psychological drive to why he feels he has to do this.

TVLINE | Gibbs seemed to have a real fire in his belly about this case. Would you say that it is affecting him in some unique way, different than others have?
It definitely connects, and anytime that we’re talking about an aggressor attacking the Navy and innocent military personnel, he is going to respond in an aggressive way back. And as the storyline unfolds, people will learn a little more about Gibbs’ position on this.

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TVLINE | What can you say about how Scott Wolf, returning as Jonathan Cole, fits into the finale?
Scott has had this really fun arc for us throughout the season — I know he has been pleased with it — and I think everyone is going to be really surprised by how he fits into this. His involvement is really going to run the gamut.

TVLINE | How would you describe the finale’s action quotient? Some fans feel that the NCIS mothership has been a little “quiet” as of late.
I think that people are going to be shocked at what they get at the end of this season. I personally don’t mind mixing it up and pulling back periodically and mixing in “quieter” episodes, as you said, and then opposing those with moments that really push everyone’s buttons and are more explosive.

TVLINE | Will the finale leave any of the team members injured, or perhaps even close to death?
We’re definitely giving everyone a true cliffhanger at the end of the season, and absolutely putting people in dangerous situations that will leave everyone wondering what has happened.

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TVLINE | With all you have going on in the finale, will there be time for Jimmy Palmer’s wedding?
There are elements of the wedding that people will get to see. You will get to see Jimmy and Breena, and there is lots of discussion and some really sweet wonderful moments that happen. Larry Miller will not be returning (as Breena’s father); I know he has been ill and we certainly wish him all the best. But there are some great little moments you will be getting.

TVLINE | Speaking of little moments, you know I must ask: Anything “Tiva” fans can look forward to?
There a couple of exchanges in the finale. But I think the characters are so focused on the case and what’s going on, it’s more about that and it’s less about any specific relationship moment between [Tony and Ziva].

TVLINE | And where will things stand with Jethro and Dr. Ryan (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) at the end of the season?
That sort of reaches a climax in the finale, and they have some really wonderful scenes together. I’m going to leave you with a big question mark and let people see how she sort of fits in to the Harper Dearing Story, and how that affects their relationship.

TVLINE | Are you feeling good about having everybody back for next season? [Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray have yet to ink deals for Season 10.]
The studio handles the contractual aspects of it, while I and the writers handle the creative side of things. But I have no doubt that it will all work out.

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  1. Olivia says:

    Oh god. I’m so nervous. But so excited. :D

  2. Looking forward to the finale! It’s shaping up to be the best in years!

  3. TV Gord says:

    Last week built to an exciting crescendo, so I am really looking forward to seeing how this season wraps up! I love season finales!

  4. bad kevin says:

    Richard Schiff has done a great job playing baddie Harper Dearing. Still missed his great performance on West Wing and I remember that one time when his character got eaten up by a dinosaur in The Lost World: Jurassic Park back in the summer of ’97.

    • Svenja says:

      Oh yes, he is a good psycho. And also Scott W. does a tremendous job playing another psycho on the show. Can’t wait to see two psychos collide today

  5. Michael says:

    I am on the edge of my seat can not wait to see what happen

  6. Vn says:

    Why do you always have to add in the Tiva bit? There is a very large portion of the fan base that is anywhere from neutral to outright negative about this relationship. Constantly bringing it up makes many, many fans frustrated that the team is being neglected in favor of a poorly conceived relationship between coworkers.

    • Gretchen says:

      Very much agreed. Can we have ONE show where there isn’t an eventual sexual relationship between coworkers? It’s hurt Bones, will be annoying on Castle…this isn’t a romance show, why bring it in? If I want romance, I’ll watch Hart of Dixie or something like it, thank you very much. It’s all so contrived and really what’s the point, we all know the leads will end up together to please that part of the fan base. It’s lazy writing, really and not at all creative!

      • smidnite says:

        I don’t feel it’s hurt Bones; but I see the chemistry there more than I do for any of the NCIS couples.

      • Just accept it. says:

        Um, tiva is a very large part of the show, actually. Not as large as castle or bones but still.
        Yes they bring it up in most articles, because it is one of the things that make the show so great, and most fans like the relationship.
        All you anti’s need a good whack up side of the head.

        • as says:

          wow…gotta love the last line – ever so typical of a certain part of the NCIS fanbase…
          I agree with those who say that it’s uncalled for to constantly ask about Tiva – don’t see it at all, especially after Ziva attacked Tony in s6. Gibbs & Dr. Ryan have way more chemistry than T and Z…

        • Barb says:

          Yeah, again with the “most fans like the relationship.” How do you know? What proof do you have? Let alone what proof do you have that says “most” fans like the relationship as YOU see it? Please, come and whack me up side of the head, because that’s SO going to make your case for you.

          • Gaara says:

            FYI the episode after that big Tony/Ziva scene (e13 A Desperate Man) scored 21,032,000 viewers (+1,218,000 viewers gained since e12 Housekeeping) and is s09 most watched episode

          • Sammie says:

            Love how @Gaara puts of one fact and does not leave themselves up for responses so any one can dispute. Well I will if TIVA is so loved why when you promote them in Missionary Position they get the lowest viewers of the season of 17. million and the lowest demos of the season of 20? Follow that up with promoting “TIVA in Italy” in Playing with Fire and still you have 17 million viewers and only 3.0 demo well below the average of 4.0. The most promoted TIVA episodes of the season are also the LOWEST viewed of the season. Or take a look at least year with the two part “Enemies” storyline which had Ziva/TIVA mentions in the press and was down 2 million viewers from the same time the previous year. There were only two lower viewed episodes that year and one of them was Swan Song which again had TIVA/Ziva spoilers.

            Nope you mention the viewership of one episode that had no TIVA promotion and came after one scene that no one new was coming. Plus that episode had a big conclusion to an on going storyline, but I am sure it was because EVERYONE loved that TIVA scene in one episode that received no promotion. Oh but wait if that is true where were all those viewers when they did promote the TIVA in episodes this season? Not only did they not those episodes it seems as if talking about TIVA made most viewers not watch. I know I did not watch those episodes because they mentioned TIVA. Seems like I was not alone.

            TIVA fans always say they are part of a large fanbase but the ratings do not prove it, add that any TIVA board I go to is always the same 10 people commenting either there or on Twitter. TIVA fans are loud, demanding but not large in numbers.

          • Gaara says:

            LOL “most promoted TIVA episodes” ? Where was all that promotion? They didn’t mentioned or showed anything about them travelling alone together on the tv promos. There was an article on TV Guide magazine for The Missionary Position, all about Ziva’s mentor, Tony wasn’t even mentioned. Since ncis’ USA viewership for the most part is not internet savvy, those are pretty much their only source of spoilers. Even on sites like this, they sure as hell never promoted them as “tiva episodes” (and they were right since there wasn’t any Tiva, unless you consider “Tiva” every time they share the screen!)

      • Kath says:

        Don’t blame Matt, blame the producers of NCIS (Bellisario, Brennan and Glasberg) for teasing the relationship since season 3. At this point, they either have to do it or justify suddenly dropping it because yes, there are a lot of tiva fans in the audience..

        • ana says:

          LOL – they don’t *need* to justify anything, kath…they drop what some see as a tiva romance it’s simply for storyline purposes – end of that…
          What’s going to be funny is then watching how many of the supposed tiva fans cut & run after spending years on various forums claiming that they were true fans of the ‘whole’ show

          Beyond that – it’s entirely possible & correct to share some of the blame for this supposed Tiva with the folks on this website & others (ew, tv guide) because it’s mostly because of them that Tiva was ever picked up in the first place – it’s a media created monster, not a show created one.

          • Gaara says:

            Oh here we go again, “a media created monster”. Yeah, riiiight. Did you know that belief in conspiracy theories can be a sign of mental illness?

          • Kath says:

            The first tiva teasing started with Kill Ari and was ramped up in Under Covers, both of which episodes were written and filmed before season 3 started, long before there was any fan reaction to Ziva’s arrival on the show.

            When Tony’s bucket list on the CBS site includes “talk about Paris”, that isn’t the fans pushing it, that’s the show itself. And since the show has been promoting that there are feelings between Tony and Ziva, to suddenly drop it without explaining why they wouldn’t work as a couple would be dishonest story telling.

            I consider myself a fan of the whole show when it was a whole show but I think it’s gone downhill the last two seasons. There’s been too much emphasis on the back stories of Vance, Tony and Gibbs (as stand-alone characters Tony and Vance bore me and I know all I want to about Gibbs and his tragic past) and on inferior new characters (EJ and her team, Kate’s sister, Wendy and Samantha Ryan) while McGee, Abby and Ducky have been reduced to their workselves and all Ziva seems to be doing is looking for marriage and a home. It’s become sadly out of balance.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Well, I am a fan of the show NCIS. I don’t watch an episode because I think it is going to have a Tiva scene. I think that is silly. I am a fan of the whole show. I like the tension between Tiva, but would prefer they never carry it out and become a couple. Someone would have to leave the team. A married couple, while could work for the same agency, cannot have the same supervisor.
            McGee and Abby had a thing, and now they are not together and sometimes I am annoyed at how McGee respnds when there is male interest in Abby. Remember how rude he was with Kade? The big guy on Barrett’s team? I thought he, McGeek, was being a jerk. Gibbs’ rule about never dating a co-worker is right on!

    • loki says:

      So you’re the spokeperson of a very large part of the fandom? Arrogant much huh? Of every polls pro/anti tiva I saw – even “official” ones at cbs sites – in the end all of them were pro tiva. Just sayin

      Idk why it surprises you, since they teased tiva from their very beginning in Kill Ari! Sooner or later it’s bound to happen. Imo, one has to be blind, deaf or delusional for denying that.

      That said, I’ll be perfectly happy with any tiva scene we’ll get. Tbh it’s more than I expected. This season finale is about the team, danger, Navy crisis, Jimmy’s wedding, and I’m super excited and more than a little scared about it. It’s gonna be great!

      • vn says:

        I too am very excited about the upcoming season finale. It promises to be one of the better ones. What I am disappointed by is that every spoiler and every article has to mention romance. This show isn’t a romance. And just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean that you (not just Loki) need to flame me. This is a public forum to express opinions, not slam one another. I didn’t express arrogance or claim to speak for all fans in regards to Tiva. But I am knowledgeable enough to be aware that there are many fans that are tired of the constant focus on the romance whether they be pro-Tiva or anti-Tiva, pro-McAbby or anti-McAbby, etc. I respect others’ rights to their opinion and expect my rights to be honored too.

        • loki says:

          I didn’t meant to flame you, but I’m sorry if that’s how you felt. Most of the times this discussion turn out so much more heated and nasty, unfortunately.

          I’m pissed because every. single. time. even the most insignificant spoiler or mention of tiva comes out, a very vocal group of Antis always cry out and bitch about it like it’s the end of the world. Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Maybe they are the ones who think ncis is all about tiva. We don’t get much (heck we have the biggest patience ever after 7 years) so why don’t they let us enjoy what little we get and spit their poison elsewhere, for Pete’s sake! It’s like going to your favourite restaurant and ordering your favourite food, and you’re trying to enjoy it while the people at the the next table keep throwing things at you, screaming that your food sucks and the whole restaurant will close because of it! Crazy huh?

          Surely TPB have their accurate infos and data if they’re so obviously going for tiva, sooner or later. I somehow doubt that they would make multi-millionair decisions based only on comments on sites like this, and no amount of whining could make them change their minds – otherwise for example CdP would have been kicked out of the show last year. Instead her contract was renewed for 2 years!

          If there’s something that’s ruining the show, surely it’s not a ship who is not even canon yet and only gets a couple of meaningful and important moments every 24 episodes – c’mon only a blind idiot could believe that’s the reason.

          Don’t let me started with the old it’s-a-crime-show-there-is-no-room-for-romance argument. Newsflash: ncis it’s never been just a crime show – that’s why it’s so succesful. Since s3 they added various degree of romance to it, and it only got better and more popular, ratings wise.

          • page57Tiva says:

            ^ 100% agree

          • Kath says:

            Well said.

          • Bob says:

            And don’t forget this show is “sort-of-kind-of-but-not-really” a spinoff of JAG, which was much heavier handed with its’ romantic backstory. Many followers of NCIS came from JAG. To try to say this show shouldn’t have an inkling of romance because it’s a crime drama is ignorant of its roots. You don’t have to like the Tony/Ziva dynamic, but there are plenty who do like it. It isn’t going to stop, and it isn’t going to make you stop watching the show so stop being a debbie downer for the rest of us.

          • priscilla says:

            Well spoken, I too am am big fan of the show, but continue to watch because of the whole show, the entire cast and each unique episode, thank you for giving some prespective to NCIS, watched the cliff-hanger seasson end #9 and can’t wait to see what happens n ext season ?

        • Sam says:

          If you want to watch a show that is crime stories only and no romance – may I suggest Criminal Minds. We would be happy to see you leave the NCIS fandom.

          • Gretchen says:

            Personal relationships are fine–and if you watched Criminal Minds, you’d know that it is also about relationships, don’t type about what you don’t know. But putting the male and female leads into a “will they won’t they/love relationship” is LAZY and BORING and done to death.

            You seem to have issue with those not in lockstep with you. How boring your life must be if differing views bother you this much!

  7. Chelsea Ginger says:

    I really hoped for a lot of tiva… :(

  8. Nat says:

    @vn – actually you are dead, dead wrong. Those who are negative in their support regarding relationships on the show – Tony/Ziva, Abby/McGee – are in the VAST minority. There is an overwhelmingly LARGER fanbase of both “neutrals” and “shippers” who fully support co-worker relationships – and are getting tired of NCIS show runners and/or CBS dragging their rears when it comes to recognizing that….especially because NCIS spends soooo much time “teasing their audience” about these relationships, but shortchanging at the same time by never following through. It would be far better for NCIS not to have these desired relationships at all, rather than use Tiva/McAbby for marketing purposes & continue to play around with the millions of fans who DO care about that sort of thing. THAT is why Mr. Mitovich asked those important questions.

    • as says:

      hey NAT – it’s not ‘teasing the audience’….it’s something called SUBTEXT…NCIS used to be great at it…showing the audience enough for the audience to interpret it any way they preferred. it wasn’t until the now ex-showrunner came in that the whole T/z garbage took forefront and tony was reduced to a prop for a single character’s ‘greatness’.
      Too bad this so called majority who wants all of these romantic pairings can’t deal with subtext – it’s the one thing that would keep ALL the fans happy

      • evoli says:

        Lol of course you want subtext when you are on the losing side. it stops being subtext when 3 different showrunners, the actors the writers and the media all talk about TIva and tease it.
        Deal with it.

      • Svenja says:

        I have to disagree. What happened this season wasn’t subtext. In fact GG gave us the most evident Tiva stuff ever in episode 12 and 13. SB never had any real intention to put them together. That’s why this “jet lag” episode happened in order to let antis think “nothing happened” and pros think “something happened” blah… GG is just slowly and VERY slowly building it up and not doing it every episode. That is just my impression. I could be wrong but also his whole talk that Ziva and Tony want the same thing etc. etc. kinda shows that they are gradually heading into a certain direction.

      • Kath says:

        How can you say that Tony has become a prop for Ziva? The last two seasons gave us endless Tony-alone stories — Tony and his father, Tony and his regrets about his ONS with the facebook girl, Tony and his obsession with the reporter, Tony and regrets about turning down Rota, Tony and Ej, Tony losing and finding EJ, Tony and his old partner in Baltimore, Tony with amnesia, Tony working with Gibbs on the sting, Tony’s old fiance wanting him back, Tony and the hints of tragic regrets, Tony and the kid from Baltimore…

        It’s been the other way around; Ziva and her miserable Ray storyline have been props to Glasberg’s fascination with Tony.

        • as says:

          simple Kath….because you are speaking of the current seasons under GG and in my post, I spoke of the seasons under SB.

  9. I’m looking forward to the season finale…..I have a feeling I will be on the edge of my seat watching it. I can’t imagine NCIS without any of the cast….it would feel empty, so I hope everybody will be back in the fall. Thank you, Matt, for asking these questions and for sharing with the fans. Very much appreciated.

  10. the goddess of caffeinated citrusy goodness says:

    I really hope the “cliffhanger for everyone” line will mean EVERYONE and not Gibbs, Tony and/or Ziva. There’s some of us chomping at the bit for Tim, Ducky, Abby and Palmer to get some finale lovin’ instead of a scene here or there. Oh, and we can’t forget Vance.

  11. SG marzipan says:

    Yeah! No Tiva! Emphasis on the case, please, not hurling ‘ooooo, luve hurttssss’ anvils at the fans.

    • Meg says:

      I think you misread – he didn’t say no Tiva. He said there would be some Tiva exchanges – but that the emphasis is on the case – where it should be. Plenty of time for Tiva in season, because that seems where GG is going. And I for one am very happy about that – along with the vast majority of the fans.

      • estefania says:

        totally agree

      • SG marzipan says:

        Ah, yes, ‘vast majority.’ Riiiiiiiight. Read what you like, since it’s a hot case, I’m glad they’re actually going to be working the case like adult agents, not making goo-goo eyes like love struck puppies.

        • Meg says:

          ah yes, but if it was Tony making goo goo eyes at Gibbs instead of Ziva – you would be more than happy to watch that!

          And yes, the vast majority does like Tiva or is neutral about it – it is the minority that doesn’t like them and the vast majority of that minority are Tibbs shippers.

          • SG marzipan says:

            I would? Um, actually … no. No on-screen romance, please. It (oh, so obviously from just the comments here) divides a fandom and dilutes focus from cases. On-screen, I’m a fan of ‘team-feel’ – I’ve got your back, buddies, total loyalty. Think Kate and Tony. Ducky and Gibbs. Tim and Tony (in a good ep). Lately, Gibbs is billed more as Superman and less as a part of the team. Not a big fan of that.

          • ana says:

            Lol, Meg to the ‘goo goo eyes at Gibbs’ comment. Much like you’ve already been told, my preference would be no romance at all – face it, the show’s writers don’t do it well. If we’re going to have a romance, let it be with a 3rd party OFFSCREEN. Like we first got with Ziva & Ray

      • Claire says:

        Exactly. As always people hear what they want to hear.. >_>

        • Claire says:

          * My reply is to Meg

          If antis want to delude themselves , hey they are welcomed. Hope they will not cry like babies when the time comes

  12. Lucia says:

    This is like a game of Russian Roulette. Who will live? who will die? I do hiope it’s a cliffhanger for “everyone” and not just the agents.

  13. Max says:

    Sounds just like S8, S7 finales… boring stories!!!! Jamie Lee Curtis’s character makes it even worse!

  14. Kathi says:

    So excited for this episode – it sounds like it is going to a great end to a great season. Glad we will get a glimpse of Tiva, maybe setting us up for season 10. The vast majority of fans are eager tom see this relationship move forward & it looks as if GG is going to make it happen!!!!

    • Michael says:

      I hope not that not why he was hire he was hire to stop Tiva

      • as says:

        and he’s done a great job so far except for Housekeeping and ADM….so here’s hoping he continues to ‘do his job’

      • evoli says:

        ooh so GG was hired to stop TIva?? LOL!! What are you smoking, man?

        • as says:

          Consider the logic Evoli….
          Shane Brennan pushed Ziva and Tiva to distraction….Brennan is GONE and in comes GG. Since GG has fully taken the helm, the tiva tease and ziva focus has dropped considerably..hhhmmm – suspicious?

          • page57Tiva says:

            that/s funny, I always thought Brennan was every antiTiva best friend. After all his whole Tiva philosophy could be summarized as “a step forward and a step back” cause he wanted to please both sides regardless of the show’s continuity. Under his reign I had no doubt that Tiva would have happened only on series finale’s last seconds….. So yea, it’s refreshing now to have a EP who doesn’t like to mindlessly tease us but cares about the characters, gives them time to heal and a common path & evolution. If you like to think that housekeeping & ADM were just a coincidence, well, you’re free to do it….

          • Mel says:

            And you know what else has dropped since GG took over? The quality of the show. The writing has become, with only a few exceptions, lazy and predictable. Characters in and out of character. Re-cycled plots. One boring, intrusive guest star after another to take time away from the TEAM. You criticize those who only care about Tiva, and yet you seem wiliing to sacrifice the quality of the show simply to get rid of that same Tiva. Is that your priority? Personally, I’m more interested in getting the quality and excitement back. I like how they’ve developed Tony and Gibbs better than S7 and most of 8, but they need to stop tinkering with canon, and develop other characters as well. JMO of course.

          • as says:

            Mel – I’d strongly disagree on the quality of the show being sacrificed with GG at the helm…he’s done more to restore the show to what DPB originally gave us and to minimize the damage down to various characters thanks to SB

      • Meg says:

        you are so full of it Michael – GG was NOT hired to stop Tiva – if so, he should be fired – because the Tiva has grown under him. As a showrunner, he talks more about Tiva than any previous show runner. Get your facts straight.

  15. Alison says:

    Can’t wait for this cliff hanger episode – and for any little Tiva moments we might get. Very episode is better with a little Tiva in it.

  16. nas says:

    Rather than create a buzz, this article was just kind of a buzzkill for me. Basically what I seem to get out of it is we’re going to get a lot of insight into a bunch of guest stars. I would love it if a reporter asked GG about the sheer amount of recurring guest stars he’s chosen to focus on. Because as far as I can tell, it’s not Tiva or anything but the influx of characters like Ryan, EJ, etc. that are taking away from the team. The only characters who get any insight anymore are Gibbs and Tony. Ziva gets some stuff to do but it’s shoddily written and gets no follow up. The rest are practically invisible.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this big cliffhanger is just more focus on Ryan and Dearing. It’s no surprise to me that there will be major Gibbs/Ryan moments, I’m betting there will be little for the rest outside of proceeding the plot along.

    Sorry for the ramble, I’m just a disappointed fan who really misses the show being excited about its own main characters instead of what guest stars are brought in for.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Perfectly put. This year’s finale will probably be the last ep of NCIS I watch, the show has lost it’s way. There has been zero cohesiveness for the past 2 seasons (probably longer), with the writers concocting the biggest calamity–but failing on the execution–and then neglecting to tie it in to the larger plot in any meaningful way. The whole watcher-fleet thing, the the port-to-port killer, the arm chips; where has that gone? Nowhere. It has been completely pointless and unsatisfying. And now they’ve added another layer of useless by throwing this Harper Dearing into the mix (and dredging up Scott Wolf’s character for some reason); all of which will never be explained.
      Not to mention in these interviews Glasberg (or whoever) always completely talk-up and over-hype the storylines, which inevitably fall flat because the actuality is nothing like what they teased. Take the Palmer wedding, which has changed from the team gathering in Miami for the nuptials to “There are ELEMENTS of the wedding that people will get to see. You will get to see JIMMY AND BREENA, and there is lots of DISCUSSION and some really sweet wonderful moments that happen.” Practically a 180 after what they’ve been selling for weeks… and I cringe to think what will come of this Dearing terrorist threat. It was the exact same scenario with the P2P killer plot, and the the outcome was completely devoid of any legitimate impact. The killer goes through all the trouble of intricately murdering servicemen, then finally taking the SecNav and his niece hostage in order to exact his revenge, and then what does he do? As he’s holding them at gun point? He kills HIMSELF. By jumping out a window. Who the hell thought that made any sense?
      Now I’m rambling, but like my comment, this show is a mess. Between the over-saturation of guest stars, the climax mis-hits, and holding Tony and Ziva’s relationship hostage, I’m ready to be done.

      • Michael says:

        Did you even watch the show he did not kill himself he was murder to show that we are no better then the bad guys Plus His murder made NCIS get a new secNav………………What I find funny is how everyone bitch about last season but its ok with season 6 NOW THAT SHOULD OF NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN BUT IT WAS

        • ana says:

          Season 6 had to be forgotten…if it wasn’t HRH princess Ziva would be rotting in Israel or dead in Africa because of her assault on Tony…she should *never* have been allowed to return to the US & definitely not be an actual agent in NCIS….

          • Alexi says:

            the Ziva haters are the only ones who insist on bringing that up. Tony has moved on (so should you). Tony wasn’t afraid for his life – go back and watch that scene – he didn’t for one minute think that Ziva was going to end his life – he was more concerned with if she loved or Rivkin or not. GG has said that Tony has feelings for Ziva and we have seen that over and over again this season – you and the rest of the antis need to get over it or move on to another show. Tiva is going to happen – maybe not soon – but it will happen.

  17. Sarah says:

    This Tiva fan thank you for the heads up of no Tiva. I won’t be wasting my time watching Gibbs and Ryan’s yucky kissing. :)

  18. Terri says:

    Same old same old. NCIS should end in S10.

  19. Tucker says:

    “Old Gibbs + old Samatha” —> Sorry, not my cup of tea. Won’t be watching.

  20. TV Gord says:

    I’m glad I was able to be the third poster, before all of the lunatic Tony/Ziva nutjobs showed up.

    • Mose says:

      its the antis who are the nutjobs – but then by your comment – we know which side of the fence you sit on.

  21. Kathy says:

    I’m gonna die, if I have to wait 4 months before we know if everyone’s safe. That’s horrible, but that’s good! That episode sounds awesome.

    I watched the preview, and I’m terrified. Very interested to see the team on that case that hits them close to the heart.

    For the people who are sure there are tons of people wanting Tiva, or that there are tons of people not wanting it, my opinion is that most of the 20M watching, just don’t care one way or another. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

  22. Ashley says:

    I warn you now that this will be a mini-rant. Still reading? Okay, then don’t whine at me later (though discussion is always encouraged).

    Uhm, am I gonna be the only one that speaks the truth here? Harper’s story is neither complex nor interesting. Harper is simply a man with a grudge because his kid is dead. I adore Schiff, he’s great in pretty much everything, but this story is weak as water. And I’m also tired of everyone fixating on Gibbs like he’s some kind of homing beacon for crazy. The Reynosa’s, Sharif, Ari, Kyle Boone, Col. Bell, Cobb (P2P), this Harper guy. I love Gibbs as much as the next person, but seriously, what makes him so special? I’m not saying all of those grudges were without merit, but come on. I can’t be the only person who’s watched since practically the beginning and think this show has slid downhill. It’s a caricature of it’s old self and I’m not saying any of this to start a fight or anything, I just miss the show I loved…. Okay. Rant done. Just had to get that off my chest.

    • Michael says:

      Dude we don’t know the full story get your pantis loose YOU clearly do not love the show or you would know why these people went after him

      • Ashley says:

        Look, I warned you it was a rant, no? Besides, if I didn’t love the show, would I really give any craps? I think not. You’ll never see me commenting on an article about H50 or NCIS:LA because I definitely have no interest in either. See how that works?

    • SG marzipan says:

      Well said. Exactly what I sighed when I heard this newest ‘worstest baddie ever’ was focused on Gibbs. Really? Well, at least we’re not going back to Mexico.

      • Ashley says:

        Good to know I’m not just crazy and nitpicky. Clearly, it isn’t wrong to want things to make a little sense.

    • Mel says:

      Totally agree. And please, not another Gibbs-centric finale. Yawn. Where is the TEAM?

      • Ashley says:

        Thank you! And where is the character development for the team? I actually happen to like Ziva (I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but hey, to each their own), so I’ll use her as an example. She’s stalled in development after that whole Horn of Africa business. And recently she screwed up yet another commonly used idiom that she should have heard a million times in the past 7 years. That stuff isn’t funny anymore. She just looks stupid. And don’t get me started on Tony.

      • Michael says:

        The last Gibbs Centric finale was season 3 all the rest were Ziva centric

    • Bob says:

      **If you haven’t watched the 5/15/2012 episode don’t read this**

      No you are correct. This Harper Dearing story is not compelling in the least. A good villain is either completely detestable, or misguided and almost lovable. This guy is just…there. What he’s doing went from grand to much less than grand. It’s anti-climactic. He began with trying to destroy a populated navy destroyer or something like that and has moved to car bombs outside a building. It seems backwards.

      I also do feel like the individual episode plots have been scatterbrained lately. I’m glad they’ve toned down how obnoxious Dinozzo is over the last year or so. I hate the Gibbs/Ryan relationship. It is awkward and not at all believable. When she goes to leave in the last episode found myself hoping she gets killed off. Her character is terribly unlikable. The Watcher Fleet thing is not at all compelling. Why they even needed to bring back Cole to be killed off like that made no sense.

      Anyway, I still like the show, but I agree with you that it has had a definite drop in quality as of late.

  23. Why? says:

    I found the character played by JLC is as irritating as EJ and Wendy!

    • Svenja says:

      I didn’t think so until the last episode. She turned irritating in “up in smoke”. But maybe that is because Gibbs doesn’t trust her and so the audience doesn’t trust her as well.

      • BTM says:

        I never trusted her. I thought she was playing him from the start. My guess was that her mission is to tie him to the murder he committed in Mexico.

        And yes, I think Gibbs is a murderer.

  24. Barb says:

    And the above would be why I personally have had to take a giant step away from this fandom. A bunch of rude little children who claim to be adults name-calling and being snide. It’s pathetic. I wish those of us who could disagree peacefully, which do seem to be in the minority, could find a safe place to do so.

    • katy917 says:

      ^^ Well said, Barb!! Couldn’t agree with you more, I HATE all the ship wars that take away from every story published on this site, practically! There should be 2 forums, one for ‘sane’ fans and one for the ‘crazy shippers’!!

      • anna says:

        katy917….actually I can think of several forums that would fulfill your request for space away from shipper wars

  25. Svenja says:

    I, for one, can’t wait for this finale and hope there will be some real angst. An I still hope there will be a wedding. Maybe Breena and Jimmy will decide to delay it and we can have it later? Who knows? I love explosive stuff. I am a big Tiva shipper and I am very happy with where they are heading. I don’t need a rushed get-together because it is the finale. I can wait a little longer (but I said a little. I meant like maybe one year? LOL). To me they are a vital part of the show, but the most important thing is the team and a good, stunning story. I want a big cliffhanger, I want some real tradgedy and angst. I loved JLC, but I think she took away too much screen time. So I kinda hope her part will be over. The relationship with her and Gibbs is interesting, but it never going to work out. That is just my opinion. I loved them in “the tell” and “psych out”. I got annoyed with them last episode and I don’t trust the character Sam. But so does Gibbs. He doesn’t trust her at all. So we will see where it takes us. I hope there will be more team-stuff than Sam-Gibbs stuff. I appreciate good recurrings and guest-stars but I don’t want them to take over a show. I watch for the team. It’s also why I’d rather have just 10 seasons than losing one of them. I think the key to the success of the show is the team as it is. You take out on piece now and everything will fall apart.

  26. page57Tiva says:

    I agree with Glasberg there is a time and a place for everything, Tiva included. No reason to squeeze them inside a 42 m episode alredy overfilled, I’ll be pleased with any little interaction they’ll have. Like many others here I can’t wait for tonight :)

  27. Michael says:

    Here what I thinks going to happen since Tony,Abby and Mcgee has yet to sign up they will be put in danger so people will want them to come back to find out what happen to them if you ask me there no reason to have Tony on the show anymore because Ziva has complete replace him on the show now so he should either be kill off or move to LA

  28. Victoria says:

    I failed my exam today because of all the excitement for this episode, but who care. NCIS is more important. I really am a Tiva Shipper, but I’ve learned to appreciate everything I get. No matter how small it is. Just them sharing a moment makes me scream of happiness, I am a die-hard shipper, but I really want this season finale to be all about the team as a team.

  29. Jenni says:

    The big question for me is, if the NCIS building gets blown up, what color will the new walls be? The orange really is bad, isn’t it?
    I think a lot of fans do need to chill out. I am neutral on the shipping. It doesn’t bother me but I don’t have to have it. I enjoy the friendship of the cast on screen the most. I enjoy watching Tony, McGee, Ziva and Abby working together as friends. I think this finale will be much better then last years as it will seem to affect everyone. Last year it was about Vance and he is the least important and likable character of the main cast. I know many people don’t like JLC but I am interested to see how she is tied to Dearing.

    • Kathi says:

      I too think Ryan is tied to Dearing somehow – there is just something “hinky” about her. Very excited for this episode, and while I am a die hard Tiva shipper and love their “moments” – I have to say that tonight’s episode is not one for shippy moments – there is a time and place for those and tonight is not one of them.

  30. Sarah says:

    can’t wait for this episode and I love Tiva – will take it whenever and wherever I can get it.

  31. vicki says:

    I have been disappointed in the season so far – and I’d like to see any Tony/Ziva romantic relationship disappear.. I hope I[m pleasantly surprised but tonight’s show, I really miss seasons 2-4. A friend and I were just saying we wish some of the writers from Person of Interest would write some eps of NCIS.

  32. irishtrish says:

    Im a big NCIS fan, love Tiva too but don’t really care if we don’t get any ‘moments’ between them tonight. Im not expecting them to get together soon, I think if we do get them together it will be when the show is coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed how GG has written them recently- slowly but surely they are getting closer and they’ve both been seen to wanting something permanent for themselves in the future, weather that leads them to finally sealing the deal – who knows? hopefully.

    As for GG writing these arcs, eh I don’t know. I wasn’t all that impressed with the P2P arc, especially when he killed off franks and for what? At least Brennan wrote Arcs with a bang, now he had me on the edge of my seat. I miss him for that.

    As for Dr. Ryan – like many said, she takes up way to much screen time and those mind games she plays, Gibbs would of got rid of her -long time. There’s a character I wont miss any time soon.

    Here’s to hoping for a great episode of NCIS tonight, il try and not get my hopes up too much

  33. Michael says:

    Just a FYI GG did not write this arcs Brennan did

    • Stephen says:

      wrong again Michael! GG wrote the finale arcs for the last two seasons.

      Seriously dude! do you just make stuff up as you go? cause it kind of seems that way.

  34. Mose says:

    this comment is for Sammie – if you know anything about ratings (and this is true for the past several seasons) ratings always drop this time of year – always – so don’t blame it on Tiva promotion. Tiva fans ARE the majority and CBS knows it – if it weren’t – they would listen to the minority antis and kill it – but they haven’t – they still promote it on their website, on the FB page and in interviews – why? because they know the majority of the fans want to see it happen. You and the rest of the antis should give up your losing crusade – Tiva will eventually happen and I for one will be happy. If you aren’t – then too bad for you!

    • Sammie says:

      Yes they do go down but no by 11% and not that early in the season. Again if if TIVA fans such a large fan base why should the viewership go down wouldn’t they at least stay the same? Clearly TIVA does not get more viewers. As for it happening, who ever said that would happen? Not one show runner or actor has, in fact MW has said TIVA getting together would be a disaster so why you think this will happen I don’t know. Actually what I hear is TIVA fans complaining since it is not happening. Ratings don’t go up no matter what time of year the episode airs – example the two parter “Enemies” in season 8 which LOST 2 to 3 million viewers from the same time the previous year so your argument about the time of year does not hold up. As for websites and FB does not hold up either since the VAST majority of viewers don’t go to those sites and CBS knows that too. Just like Matt who knows mentioning TIVA will get him more hits because those who love it and hate it will comment making the page more popular.

      The fans whom seem to be upset are the TIVA fans who think they are owed something. I am not owed a thing. You give me TIVA I wont watch, you give me an episode based on a case and I will. No skin of my nose. But guess when you have the show runner that says the episode that ends the season, and will try and get viewers back next year, will not be about one person or TIVA but about the TEAM and a CASE that does tell me what important to them. After all if so many fans love TIVA why not have the finale be about them? If TIVA is what fans want why not give it them? And if viewership always goes down this time of year then why would TPTB air the two big TIVA episodes at time when people are not likely to be watching? I would think you wold want to put TIVA in episodes when you likely get the most viewers if most of the fans are TIVA fans.

      You want to have a fight go a head but you can look at it any way but there is no actual proof that TIVA is the majority when it comes to ratings. And as of it happening I don’t see that either. I see them stringing you along when it suites them, and it gives me a heads up to watch. So who is more upset? The TIVA fans whom are always complaining that they are not getting what they want fast enough, or me who has several free hours a month to do something else? So I guess I have to say thank you to the fans who ask about TIVA. You help me to know when not to watch.

      • Mark says:

        oh please, just because we like Tiva doesn’t mean we want to see it happen to the exclusion of everything else. I like the cases, I like the team, I just happen to like Tiva too. I don’t think the show caters to Tiva fans (just like it doesn’t cater to the non-fans). The show is what it is and whether you like it or not – Tiva is part of it – has been since Season 3 and will continue to be until the show ends.

  35. arial2 says:

    If one of the regulars has to die, please let it be Vance. I think his character is pretty much played out, plus I’m sick of the CBS attitude “kill off the female characters because they’re not as important…”

    • ana says:

      NOOOO….they’ve switched directors enough already!! Plus there’s still way more to tell with Vance & he, fortunately, has not gone all looney the way Jenny did.
      I still think we’re going to get a completely predictable final scene with either all 3 or one of the 3 unsigned actors in peril so there’s on out plot in case someone doesn’t sign.
      Hopefully CBS remembers that many of the fans are solid core 4 fans – lose MH, DMc, PP or MW and the show will be toast.

      • Mark says:

        I agree the show wouldn’t survive the loss of Mark Harmon and possibly not the loss of Michael Weatherly although that would be debatable. But if David McCallum or Pauley Perrette left – the show would go on. Fans would be sad to see them go – but heck, we hardly see them now.

      • Kath says:

        I think MH is the only one who is necessary for the show, although given that The Closer is losing Kyra Sedgwick and still going on, maybe even he is replacable.

        I think one of the best things the show did when Cate left was to replace her with Ziva.

        Everyone has their favorites. I like Ducky, Abby and McGee but I wouldn’t miss Tony at all.

        • ana says:

          Don’t really think it’s a point of having favorites Kath…even MH & PP refer to the originals as the Core 4…& honestly can’t see DMc or MW hanging around if MH decided he was done.

          • Mark says:

            David and Pauley are “core” only because they are part of the original casting (as was Sasha- and the show has thrived without her). Ducky doesn’t even appear in all episodes – he is a Tier 3 character. Abby is Tier 2/3 at best – she rarely gets more than 5 minutes per episode – she is restricted to her lab, spouts some techno jargon – sucks up to Gibbs and then she’s done. Seriously how is she “core” to the show? I don’t care how they refer to themselves – camera time is king in TV and Abby and Ducky don’t get it. Abby is liked because she is almost invisible – you can’t tick people off if you aren’t around. Don’t get me wrong – I like Abby okay and I really like Ducky – but to say they are core characters just isn’t true. Again, it’s a play on words core four sounds better than original four – but that’s all there is to it. The only character essential to the success of the show is Gibbs.

  36. Marisol says:

    As a die hard Tiva shipper I am excited to see an exchange between Tony & Ziva. Tiva is coming – we all know it (even if some of us are in denial).

  37. Steph says:

    This show will be the death of me. As a huge Tiva fan I didn’t expect to have any moments in the finale. It’s going to be crazy enough with Jimmy’s wedding and things getting blown up. A few exchanges is good enough for me. They don’t even need to say anything to each other. All they have to do is share a look and I go all fangirl.

  38. Chris says:

    Glad to see an exciting finale (for a change). The P2P killer arc fizzled rather early last year – so far this year the finale arc has held on. Season 9 overall has been a better season than 8 – which bodes well for Season 10.

    and I am a Tiva supporter – though I refuse to say I am a shipper (such a childish term) – this season was a good blend of team, cases, and Tiva. My only regret – too many guest stars.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t know season 9 was going good at the start drop the ball in the middle and got better toward then end Season 8 was perfect from start to finish and the P2P storyline is the best ending since season 4

  39. Kath says:

    I’m disappointed that Larry Miller won’t be there at the wedding. He always brings a delicious twist to the roles he plays.

    As a character, Samantha Ryan hasn’t gelled for me, possibly because of all the game-playing between her and Gibbs. She’s better than M. Allison Hart (who isn’t?) but I’d be happy not to see her around again.

    • SG marzipan says:

      “better than M. Allison Hart (who isn’t?)” – Hilarious! That’s setting the bar very low, isn’t it? Like many posters here, I’m very tired of the guest stars being kind of in charge of the plot. Too much screen time involved in following Ryan and others instead of devoted to TEAM Gibbs. Still worried about Ducky based on his talk of wills and estates and such. LOVE David McCallum.

  40. NcisLover says:

    Omg!!!! I just finished watching the finale crying ny eyes out

  41. Terri says:

    Just got done watcing NCIS, I hope someone finds Ducky in time. The show wouldn’t be the same without him.

  42. NcisLover says:

    Omg!!!! I just finished watching the finale crying ny eyes out If u didnt you HAVE TO!!!!!!!! It was amazing sad and upliftin and cliff hangy all at the same time . At the ending i was screaming at the tv noooooooooooo. I was so sad :( but cant wait till the next season :)

  43. mcgee is ausome says:

    i really miss ducky if he dies if he goes off the NCIS SHOW ILL STOP WACHING IT let there be more ncis in season 10 plzzzzzz

  44. rabingiel says:

    You gotta be kiddin! They have NOOOOO chemistry and I don’t want to see her back unless she’s a villain and then gone!!!!

  45. Gaara says:

    OMG I’m dead. This finale was perfect and heartbreaking. Well done, Mr. Glasberg, WELL DONE. *cries until September*

  46. Alison says:

    Yeah, right – The show doesn’t support Tiva – yet the finale had Tiva talking of weddings & eloping and put them in the elevator together for part of the big cliff hanger. hang on folks Tiva is coming & there are MILLIONS of fans who support it!

  47. irishtrish says:

    One Amazing episode! .. oh that was the mother of all cliff hangers. Poor Ducky . Well done GG, much better then previous arcs. Definitely a favourite, hate that i have to wait until September!!

  48. anna says:

    One fantastic ep…nice to see what GG can do when the writer before him doesn’t make his ep out to be more than the lead in to the finale….makes me wonder what s8 would have ended like if it had a better lead in

  49. pat catz says:

    watched the season finale last nigt and was very upset! PLEASE dont let this be Duckies last season. I love his character, He is a true gentleman. I hope the writers will listen to fans and have someone show up and do CPR, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  50. Jeannine says:

    I agree. Ducky has to survive. H e is great fun. And I hope that jlc disappears with her erkel son. God what an awful character. Don’t the producers understand that jlc does not fit into ncis? And I repeat myself, Col. Mann and Diane Neal (cgcis) are two good candidates for Gibbs romantic side.