Gossip Girl Finale Post Mortem: Show's Boss on Blair's Choice, Dan's Revengenda and More

WARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Broken hearts, sex tapes and a whole lot of texting — it must be finale time on Gossip Girl. But while some relationships came to an end in Monday’s Season 5 capper, an old one started to rekindle when Blair finally admitted that her heart belongs to Chuck. So will the couple get their happy ending? Are things really over with Dan? And will Serena spiral? Executive producer Stephanie Savage weighs in on all of those questions and previews the upcoming sixth and final season.

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THE FINAL GAME PLAN | “Getting ready for Season 6, everybody rewatched the pilot,” says Savage. “We talked about what our favorite episodes were, some of our favorite dynamics. … We’re leaving it all on the floor. We really want [the last episodes] to count and to be really special.” Priority No. 1: Focusing on the core characters. “The gang that you saw in that final act [of the Season 5 finale will be] the main players when we come back.” And yes, that includes Georgina, who Dan summoned to help him eviscerate the Upper East Side after getting dumped by Blair and used by Serena. So just how nasty will his quest get? “When you call in Georgina Sparks, you’re not looking to [play nice],” hints Savage.

BLAIR’S HEART | The former princess may have chosen the Dark Knight, but Chuck— tired of putting her first and losing everything — was having none of it. Still, Blair showed up at a Parisan casino where Chuck was gambling to earn back his fortune. “It was Blair coming to declare that she was in it to win it with Chuck and leaving that [relationship’s future] as the question of Season 6,” previews Savage. And for the Dair ‘shippers out there, we’re afraid we have bad news. “We crafted the last act of the episode to set us in a certain direction next year,” says Savage, all but confirming the death of Dair.

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SERENA’S DOWNFALL | In a deliberate echo to the pilot, Serena took off on a train and retreated to her old, bad habits, using drugs and hooking up with strangers. “Feeling like she’s lost Blair, lost Dan, she’s all by herself again,” explains Savage. “It’s going to put her in a pretty precarious situation.” Meanwhile, that sex tape she made of herself and Dan may rear its ugly head again. “Well, if somebody had a sex tape on their cell phone, and they said they deleted it, but you never really saw that it was deleted…” the EP trails off. Yeah, we can do the math on that one.

NATE: YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME | Nate will “be tracking down” that mysterious hooded figure who may or may not be Gossip Girl. But unraveling the indenity of the infamous blogger “is something that has larger implications to the franchise beyond just our series,” explains the EP. “That reveal requires conversations at the highest level.” While Nate may have gotten a major clue in the war against Gossip Girl, he won’t be so lucky in the romance department next season. Ella Rae Peck, who plays Lola, is starring in NBC’s new drama series Infamous, so “it seems like she’s not going to be available to do the show next year.” Poor Nate, will he ever find lasting love? “That’s something that’s a big part of his series arc, and something that we’re going to be exploring next year.”

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  1. S says:

    That episode was really terrible, but thanks I guess, since I won’t bother watching next season.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      It was like this whole season never happened, just terrible terrible writing.

      • Gillian says:

        most things that went down this season were ridiculous and unnecessary and I really am ok with pretending that Louis, the pact with God, and Dair never happened.

      • Don Draper says:

        It will shock you how much it never happened!

        • Dick Whitman says:

          hopefully, I won’t stick around to be shocked.

          • ash says:

            No more GG for me. What a crappy writing. The abused girl begging for the abuser to take her back again after telling him in 5×17 “I love you but not in love. My heart belongs to someone else.” What a inconsistent board of writers do they have. Can’t CW be sensible with their show. Gosh. Such a pathetic finale.

    • Daniela says:

      AGREED. We’ve waited all season long and in the end Blair’s love life still is somewhat in question. Get over with this pathetic plot already. Chuck saying to her that he wants to be more than just Mr. Blair Waldorf made me scream on my screen. Have these characters not developed in these five years one bit??? His father screwed him and he says no to Blair again!?
      Lily and Bart really deserve each other. -.- Of course now Lola has to think that Lily wants to screw over Carol all over again and give all her money to Ivy. WTF!?!?!? That girl is a con artist! This is so unrealistic. It’s not even soapy. It’s just stupid.
      Blair and Dan didn’t even got a real break up. Are we supposed to believe they didn’t even talk to each other to talk things through? It’s high school all over again. And Blair is supposed to take over her mother’s empire??? What a complete joke!
      Serena is irredeemable at this point. And if she uses the sex tape of her and Dan somehow, maybe Serena should just die in the series finale. I’m sick and tired of her and will NEVER believe that she learned anything at all. She makes a good tragic figure though. Her returning to drugs was the only good thing in this finale.
      And as for Nate, I somehow hope that he gets back together with Diana. Since Jenny isn’t available, Diana was the only love interest that mattered for me.
      Anyway I’m so happy this show is ending next season. It’s about freakin’ time.

      • A-Freaking’-Men! I have finally came to the realization and admitted that I fell out of love with this show after Season 3. Since then, it’s been completely down-hill. Nothing but crap, then crap, then more unrealistic crap piled on top. I kept watching, kept hoping, kept my fingers crossed that it would somehow turn itself around and become even HALF as amazing as it used to be. Yes sadly, even this long. Tonight’s finale confirmed it. At least with Serena snorting some drugs I got SOME recollections of what vintage GG was like. Everything else was poorly written, poorly developed, and overly-dramatic drivel.

        • Keenan says:

          Very well said! and here i was thinking nothing could be worse than The O.C’s 3rd season.
          1 thing however what they showed of Gossip Girl keeps my crazy theory that it’s Eric in tact.

      • Liz says:

        Agree… even though I was a DAIR shipper they had been through enough to at least get a proper ending. And have CHAIR have a proper end game beginning too. It was just ridiculous on so many levels. Blair taking over Waldorf company is just lame I thought last season it was decided to have her be an editor. Ugh I have a feeling that the last season is just going to be a Blair trying to win back Chuck. Way to end the series GG writers. I’m going to go with Hart of Dixie next season!!

        • Jay says:

          Me too ! HOD FTW :D

        • Totally agreed! I’m very much a Dair fan, but I’ve never disregarded the fact that Chair is just as real and valid for Blair. The writers completely undermined both relationships with this episode. Blair couldn’t even tell Dan that while she did love him she was choosing Chuck? After fighting for her all year and losing everything because of protecting her and loving her, Chuck couldn’t accept her proclamation with open arms? Dan’s suddenly plotting for revenge? Seriously? All 3 of them, my favorite characters, were OOC and it was a terrible way to end the last full season. I’m glad GG only has 11 episodes next season so we can be done with the repetitive story lines, Blair’s endless indecision, Serena’s immaturity and the writers will finally have to wrap up story lines properly.

      • Lucy says:

        How I serena non redeemable! She had sex with fan mutually! When she loved him.. Leaked blair diary cause she went out with love of her life.. Dan didn’t wait for Blair to say it was over he assumed! He wanted to sleep with her.. And chuck.. Is just saying what she said to him in 4.09! Abused? They both abuse each other.. Her and dan had bad sex and no friends… Only Nate! She was isolated and not herself… And he cheated like he always does with serena?

    • lovebug says:

      Terrible! I don’t know why I am even still watching but destroying Dan to make Blair’s choice make sense was the worst teenage written fantasy crap I’ve ever seen. I don’t necessarily think she should be with Dan (wouldn’t it be great if she was alone for a while and then met someone totally outside of her group who was a mature and resonsible man…heck even Nate would be better) but she shouldn’t be chasing after the would be rapist who treated her like property, abused her, humiliated her and again is making her beg. True Chuck…I only want you as long as you don’t want me. GROSS!!! Only good thing…I don’t have to watch next year!

      • hera says:

        I hate that they totally screwed Dan’s character…why did he have to sleep with Serena?? What was the purpose? When in the end he tells her there is no us…so what in the next season when Blair does find out she can actually be glad she chose Chuck! Please this show! GTFO!

    • GGDEAD says:

      Wow!! so Chair may or may not get the happy ending and every1 around them gets ousted,burned,falling off the wagon again etc… I was expecting this from the finale but i was kinda hoping the writers will go on a diff. direction. but dis is d worst finale ever!! All d build up stories 4 dis season was so great and now dead. and so as the show.. they shld have cancelled it and saved TSC. i still love Josh Schwartz though

    • “It hurts? I wish I could feel it”, bb ;) Because the whole season we endured deep pain watching profound ban’s bs… Now we won and nothing hurts and no regrets! Deal with it

    • E says:

      Terrible, indeed. It was some of the sloppiest writing I’ve ever seen on this show, and that’s saying something. Won’t be watching the next season, but things the writers could do to improve: Have Dan and Georgina screw over EVERYONE. Give Nate a REAL storyline that doesn’t revolve around his flavor of the week that ends up getting more of a plot than him. (This is just wishful thinking) Kill off Serena. If they’re gonna go with Chair endgame, FIX THIS RELATIONSHIP. No more of Chuck seeing Blair as less than him and being exchangeable for currency. No more Blair groveling for Chuck and completely throwing away her strong qualities in order to be with him. It is so painful to watch. Stop bringing in randoms and giving them long story arcs. And no more resurrecting the dead.

    • silly says:

      After reading this I’m glad I stopped watching in season 4!!

    • willys says:

      how can you say that! this season was not good as the others but just as good especial the last episode. you people seriously have no clue. can not wait for the next season, you obviously are not true fans.

      • afw87 says:

        Thank god someone on here isn’t totally stupid and can actually spell real words in English. Agreed. Not the best season, but get over yourselves. After 5 years, I feel like I know these characters. They’re not just dancing monkeys for my amusement. And you want realistic?? Don’t watch a teen soap about the UES. Duh.

  2. dave says:

    it seemed like gossip girl was a guy based on the video that Nate saw. and i wonder if the idea to where a sweatshirt came from “A” on pretty little liars

  3. Zack B says:

    The Lily/Rufus/Bart triangle is not interesting, it is ludicrous. “You lied to me, faked your own death, and hid from the world for five years but I choose you over the man who stood by me as my mother nearly died (three years ago) because he did not approve of my own secrecy.” Thank goodness next season is truncated so they can’t do too much more damage to what was a fun story.

  4. katherine says:

    What was the point of doing Dan/Blair if they were just going to ruin them in every possible way and spit in their fans’ faces?

    • Hera says:

      I totally agree they just used them for their grand reunion.

    • jjovana3 says:

      Because apparently it was NOT enough to have them just be bickering friends who respect one another. Once they had sex, started hosting lame parties and explaining IN EVERY EPISODE why their relationship works, their chemistry was gone. It was an experiment that didnt work. But yes, I kind of wished they gave them a better closure, or atleast a break up scene, but this way they have “evil”, “vengeful” Dan in Season 6. No break up scene was a complete plot device to set up next season Dan.

    • yeah they are going to act like it never happened. ok, if they can’t see a good story when its in their faces, fine.

    • Erika says:

      Seriously. Why even go through the trouble of building up this relationship and letting them have all this growth if you’re just going to completely annihilate them and void all of that? They were probably just thinking it’d be fun to get the all Dair fans’ hopes up and then kick the entire fandom in the face.

    • I says:


  5. amandon says:

    The finale was sweet justice

  6. it was another level of horrible.

  7. jjovana3 says:

    Chuck and Blair casino scene was perfect. She was confident about herself and the choice she made. She’s ready to take on a business and the love of her life. It sickened me how badly Chuck’s father belittled and emasculated him. No wonder the poor boy has been damaged for so long. I hope he finally breaks away from his horrible influence. Amazing finale and its sets up Season 6 just perfectly.

    • I agree that he shouldn’t have belittled, emasculated him, or tricked him in anyway. However, Bart had a HUGE point. How long does Chuck chase after Blair and get turned down before finally growing up and getting it? For the past 2 seasons Blair has much too indecisive and flighty for me. What happened to headband wearing, life-destroying, ‘I know what I want and I’m gonna get it!” Blair? I miss her. :(

      • jjovana3 says:

        But isnt that exactly what she said in the closing scene of the episode? She told her mom she knows what she wants, and shes going to get it. This was the FIRST time in this season that Blair was confident and decisive. She’s taking a risk with Chuck and betting on him.

        • True, but it has taken a long time to get there. I think the writers finally smartened up and decided at least to go out with a bang for the final season. Fingers crossed, anyway.

      • Ava says:

        We saw that Blair at the very end of the episode at the blackjack table. Can’t wait to have her back next season. I can’t wait for Chuck and Blair. 3 words, 8 letters. For real. Finally!

    • Jay says:

      I hope you not like Blair lol You’re confident about loving someone and then he just rejects you because he feels like he is not powerful enough. That’s not love, that’s pathetic. I can love only on one condition, i need to be more powerful than you. What a strange couple.

  8. leigh says:

    Bye Dair Chuck and Blair forever!

    • Garrett says:

      Just a fan of the show but have to ask, would anybody really want to be with Blair at this point? I think Dair and Chair fans have been fighting over her for so long but lets be honest no one in thier right mind would ever take her back or date her if they already know her. (along with most characters in the show not just Blair)

    • Chico says:

      lol what a moron!

    • Erika says:

      But are you really happy with the way this came about? Looking at this finale without a ship preference in mind, this was terrible writing and a terrible way to go back to Chair.

  9. michelle says:

    And somehow TSC gets cancelled but this crap is coming back next year.


    They should have canceled the show 3 years ago.

    Potential wasted.

  10. Beth says:

    The finale was awful, I legit couldn’t believe it and not in a good way. I don’t understand why they even spent this season doing Dan/Blair or who will be interested to watch next year except Chuck/Blair shippers. Serena and Blair’s friendship and story lines are ruined, Bart’s story line and existence is ridiculous, Dan already wrote a book that upset everyone, who even cares.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, it really was like the whole Dair thing never even happened; the whole Dan/Blair friendship was the only redeeming thing about S4 and their romance was the only worthwhile thing about this season and now it’s been reduced to a phantom story a la Dallas. Frankly, I’m sick of the Blair/Chuck merry-go-round; it got stale at least two seasons ago and rather than honor the expiration date they keep going back to a dry ass well for water that ain’t there. On top of that, Serena’s been completely ruined, not to mention yet another bout with drugs, and Lily pretty much got there last night when she chose Bart over Rufus(a doormat that they really need to retire; he’s like the male Vanessa). And this is what TSC and Ringer got cancelled in favor of….ugh.

  11. Alex says:

    That finale was a gigantic mess…the whole season was pretty bad, with the exception of the hundredth episode and a couple of others. Maybe it will be better next season when Josh Safran isn’t around? But in any case, glad that they’re getting a final run of episodes to wrap everything up.

  12. angelica says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how they completely ruined everything. Not only a terrible finale, but.. why even start this whole Dair thing? I’m a huge Dair shipper and to see it being smashed to the ground (and they sure rubbed some salt in while they were at it) was a slap in the face.. I’m glad to say that I’m free from this show. At last.

    • S says:

      I always figured the writers would eff up Dan/Blair, but this was just ridiculous and insulting.

      • Elisha says:

        Dan’s always cheated why are you surprised? Dan and Blair were terrible too

        • jjovana3 says:

          So true. He has cheated on EVERY girl he’s been with, since Season 1. Its very much IN character for him.

          • megs says:

            its not so much dan is a cheater, he quickly believes the worse in the girls he is dating which leads to him going towards a random hook up.

          • jjovana3 says:

            Maybe if he didnt LOVE every girl in the show, I could have considered to take Dair seriously. Once that lame hipster salon party happened, that ship died before it had a chance to even sail.

    • afw87 says:

      Free of this show? Did someone hold a gun to your head to make you watch it or are you one of those people who’s too lazy to change the channel if you can’t find the remote? And how do you think the Chair fans felt for the last 4 years. Get over it.

      • Who care’s about the Chair fans, they more or less destroyed the show, who cares about any ship for that matter; why can’t these writers just focus on producing a good show that we’ll actually get something out of rather than worrying about what the fans want?! I can’t believe they were paid for writing this crap.

  13. Stephanie’s interview gave me hope for the potential of the good gossip girl episodes to come back. Chuck and Blair !!!

  14. Tia says:

    utter trash. I hated this episode and will NOT be watching any of the episodes from season 6.
    why would you give us like 5 episodes of Dair and be like ‘Oh just kidding! hahahaha’
    and how many times is blair going to be like, oh you have my heart he doesnt! no you have my heart now! no, you do!’ Make up your mind! If you were going to stick with Chair, then stick with Chair! or have her stay single for a while and then go back to Chuck!

    and the Lilly/Rufus/Bart triangle? Are you freaking serious with that?! wow, i really dont know what to say about that…
    Good bye Gossip Girl. I’d say its been fun, but, well…it hasnt.

  15. Judith says:

    Chair are back together!!! Blair finally realised what she had been running away from this past season (which really makes this whole season a bit of a joke). I hope they do GG justice in the final season. I want lots of CB, SB and NJBC- what this show was built around!

  16. Elisha says:

    Chuck and Blair! Blair and Chuck! Dan’s a dirty cheater

  17. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    This episode thrilled me beyond words. So glad Blair is fighting for Chuck!! “All in,” indeed!

  18. ggny says:

    that was horrible. it was a huge mess all around the storylines made no sense at all. Dair build up for nothing all of the Serena/Blair stuff for 5 years for nothing. Even Rufus and Lilly…Seriously what the hell was the point of the last few years of Gossip Girl.

  19. Jeannette says:

    So glad that Chuck and Blair is happening again, but haaaate how they handled Serena and Blair’s story line. Everything else kind of sucked. Please just let season 6 be all SB, CB and NJBC.

  20. suck it, sukc it hard, Baners!!! I will watch GG in season 6 as I’ve been watching it all these 5 years!!! Finally, it’s back to the roots and it is the STORY I want to listen!!!

    • Smigglesby says:

      I agree, gossip girl at it’s heart is totally ridiculous. If anything I felt that the writers finally have embraced that in the last two seasons, with season 3 being the true low point for me, the whole Hilary Duff mess. Since getting rid of Vanessa and Jenny it’s been a better show, and I found the whole Ivy/Charlie/Lola plot to be totally out of left field (in a good way). Sure, after 5 years it’s become kinda incestuous as does every teen-ish drama with a small core cast after some time. But it has a small final order, and I’m looking forward to it.

  21. jenkins says:

    Chuck and Blair season 6!!!!!! Burn!

  22. Lexie says:

    I’m so glad next season is no Dan and Blair. I hate them and I’m ready for a solid season of Chuck and Blair. I’m worried about poor Serena, though

  23. Mary says:

    That was such a terrible finale. It was so cluttered and out of character and I feel cheated that there was no closure with Dan and Blair. REALLY? They couldn’t have at least given us a break up scene. It was boring. I didn’t think “looking back at the pilot” meant “throwing out all 5 seasons and having ZERO character development”

    • samantha says:

      throwing out all the “character development” (or character disfiguration as I prefer to call it) that went down on season 5 if fine by me, seeing as it was crappy and unnecessary… the writers are finally bringing this show back to it’s roots and that’s what most of us want.

    • Ray says:

      zero character development?u think blair losing her baby and not even sparing a second to mourn the baby was character development?you think her going from telling chuck she loves him more and more everyday on one episode to telling dan she only loves him within a couple of episodes was a character development?

  24. Sara says:

    Haven’t watched the finale, have no intention to now that Blair and Dan are done. Bye bye gossip girl, finally Gonna say goodbye!

  25. a says:

    Chair is endgame.Everything is chair and nothing hurts.

  26. JBS says:

    Shark, GG has officially jumped over you.
    Tonight was a pathetic excuse of a finale!!!
    Obviously, the showrunners have shown that they are spineless goofs who don’t care about the quality of their own show and care only about the feelings of a select group of fans.
    But I don’t blame the showrunners. I blame the self-absorbed, egotistical, atheist, republican, homosexual, arrogant, smug, delusional, bratty, spoiled, scared, not loved by anyone, pathetic, puppy hating, abusive relationship experts…otherwise known as Chair shippers.
    You got your way. NOW SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!!!!!!!

    • Mel says:

      The show jumped the shark with Dan and Blair- hence why people left. Chuck and Blair have been there since the beginning. By Dair fans- we won’t miss you jerks

      • JBS says:

        The proper spelling is Bye. I guess I forgot to add idiots to my list

      • Tia says:

        jerks? lol okay…
        Chair fans have called us pathetic, to suck it, along with other things.
        We may have some dair shippers that are jerks, but get off your high horse and realize that chair fans can be just as nasty.

        • tripoli says:

          That person’s comments are always pretty awful. Likes to get everyone riled up, no matter which coupling they are fond of. I would just ignore if I were you.

    • Jennifer says:

      And what, pray tell, is wrong with being homosexual?

  27. Brenna says:

    Soo happy for chuck and Blair!!!! Now I can start watching the show again :)

    • Jay says:

      Watching a show for a ship is pathetic. I’m a Dair shipper but that’s not the reason why i will never watch that show again. They destroyed every characters. Even lily & Rufus for who? Bart Bass ahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Janet Snakehole says:

        Lily and Rufus got ruined the moment Rufus became a waffle making useless househusband who sided with Ivy and took upon himself to make decision FOR Lily. I was shocked she picked Bart, but woman like her needs someone meaner and stronger, because Lily can handle it. And by law, the 2nd marriage if the 1st one is in tact, is automatically annuled, there is no choice.

      • Lola says:

        Liar. You clearly have dair fans who ony watched the show for Blair and Dan. Get over yourself.

  28. Will says:

    The finale was just sloppy as hell. After 5 years of development, the writers managed to ruin nearly all of their characters in 1 season. Not only is that a major slap in the face towards the fans, it simply proves that the writers clearly don’t know what they’re doing. How many times can one play this back and forth game with Chuck and Blair? It’s always the same thing between those two each season and it’s frustrating. No growth can occur between those two if they insist on running in circles. I also think it’s incredibly ignorant on the writers end to damage Dan and Blair’s relationship after everything they’ve been through together. They didn’t even have the courtesy to make them breakup onscreen.

    I’m not even going to get into how they assassinated Lily and Serena. It’s so out of character that it’s hard to take seriously.And to add more insult to injury, they intend on having Ivy stick around when her time on the show should’ve expired MONTHS ago… Her appearances are so forced and repetitive. I just can’t. It will take more than a mop to clean up the mess that was made in S5. And with only 11 episodes, I can’t imagine how much damage control they can do.

    • Mel says:

      Chuck and Blair are endgame what has not told you pathetic anons?

      • AgentVee says:

        How are you even interpreting that comment as having a shipper bias? You do realize there are people that don’t care about ships on this show, right? And not everyone is an “anon.”

    • Ray says:

      “I also think it’s incredibly ignorant on the writers end to damage Dan and Blair’s relationship after everything they’ve been through together.”
      you are sad about them damaging a relationship that lasted like half a season?how do us chuck and blair fans think we felt when they tried to damage a relationship worth 4 seasons of build up?
      and if you think that dan and blair have gone through more than chuck and blair then you obviously havent watched the show since the begining!

      • tripoli says:

        Especially since in this very episode she referred to Dan as her best friend. Clearly her and Serena are on the outs, and even though she “chose” Chuck, he didn’t choose her in return. So next year it will be sad little Blair, friendless and fighting to get Chuck back? Sounds oh so thrilling.

    • devilish. says:

      ‘I also think it’s incredibly ignorant on the writers end to damage Dan and Blair’s relationship after everything they’ve been through together. They didn’t even have the courtesy to make them breakup onscreen.’

      Oh, shush you, it happened off-screen, duuh. Just like Blair mourning her child, her falling out of love with Chuck after she said she’d always love him two episodes before that, that ridiculous thing in like, fifth grade that Dan went to(?),her divorce and so many other things. This has been their favorite excuse this season, ‘it happened off-screen’. They have been using this to get away with just throwing in random stuff and failing to show/explain important aspects of the chracters’ relationships and feelings/emotions. There were so many loose ends in this episode and things that didn’t make sense, that I don’t even…ugh, this show.

  29. samantha says:

    DAIR IS DEFINITELY DEAD! that was the only thing that could get me to watch the show again (plus Josh Safran won’t be a part of season 6, that helps too) now that I know Blair is not as stupid as she’s been acting this entire season i’m willing to catch up on Gossip Girl and even suffer through the Dair scenes (I stopped watching when the couple happened) just because I know they’re doomed, and even though I think this whole season has just been pointless and idiotic and made me hate Blair, after the finale I’m willing to give GG another chance… count me in for season 6, but please writers do it right this time.

  30. jjovana3 says:

    I forgot to add to my previous comment, now Dan/Blair fans know how majority of CB fans felt when Blair declared her UNDYING love for Chuck on her wedding day and just before that wanted to run away with him to raise her baby together, ONLY TO BANG HUMDRUM week later. How do you think we felt? This casino scene was a reward for that mockery.

  31. Kristen says:

    Lily did what!? Scum.
    I’m so mad at the writers for ruining Serena’s character.
    At least with Lola gone maybe Nate and Serena can finally come full circle. Other than Blair and Chuck, they are the only other could I enjoyed together. Not to mention, he might be the only person willing to talk to her when she returns, considering all the writers had her do. Ugh. Way to ruin an entire series.

  32. MSC says:

    Blair loves Chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Season six will be all Chuck and Blair, Baby! I feel no pain!

  33. Alana says:

    They used Dan and Blair for drama, how disgusting. I cant wait for this show to be cancelled, they are only in this for the money, thats why the put chuck and blair back together because they think the ratings will go back up.

  34. joy says:

    This season has been a mess but the last 3 episodes were getting back to the UES GG. It was as clear as anything that Dair was just a temporary thing and a plot device to keep Chuck and Blair apart a little longer and to destroy Blair and Serena’s friendship. They should have left DB as friends because their romance didn’t work. I will be watching in Season 6 to see how this all ends and Chuck and Blair FTW.

    • Jenna says:

      Oh, Dan and Blair were terrible. What a wast of space but now we can look forward to Chuck and Blair. Love them!

  35. Sarah says:

    I am probably not going to watch this show anymore. Why is Blair always with a guy? Cant she go one episode between them?

    • Jennifer says:

      Seriously! I don’t mind the show putting Chuck and Blair back together but jeez! Couldn’t B have been single for a few episodes? They should’ve nixed Louis entirely so she could have a little breather in the middle of the season.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah. Honestly I dont ship Blair with any one anymore so I do even really care who she ends up with. But lately she just goes from guy to guy. If they where going to end Dair like they did they shouldn’t have even put them together. Just keep them as friends and Blair could have been single or awhile. Or as you said dont both with the Louis storyline.

  36. Aims says:

    This finale was an even bigger mess than last season’s. Nate basically had the same thing he’s had all season, which is nothing of real substance or serious focus. Blair goes back on everything she said about looking for happiness, about losing herself when she was sold for a hotel (Chuck) and selling out for a crown (Louis), and went back again to the guy who stripped her of her happiness. Then you have Serena, who we were promised was going to grow up this season, proving yet again that she has learned nothing from her mistakes and reverts back to the manipulative, messed up child we all knew she was. Then the writers had to drag down Dan and make him completely OOC just to make this finale “work” in their favor. On top of that, the writers (who spent a season and a half building up Dair) didn’t even give the ship and the fans watching for this ship any sort of closure or show them breaking up. The worst of it all is the fact that the writers basically developed and built up Dan and Blair’s relationship to be the healthiest thing on the show only to what? Give up at the last moment and toss Chuck and Blair together? After basically watching her go the second half of the season not giving Chuck a second thought? Then they had the balls to have Chuck reject Blair, tell her that he keeps putting her first? Him? The guy who sold her body for a hotel? The one who would rather bankrupt her and her family than see her happy with someone else? That’s putting her first? Also have Blair say he makes her happy? I call BS all over that. It was disturbing when they had Blair and Chuck together after he SOLD her to his rapist uncle, it was degrading when they had Blair and Chuck have sex after he physically put his hands on her in a fit of anger and punched a window next to her head and it’s disgusting that after all of the terrible things Blair and Chuck have done to each other the writers STILL try to write them as anything other than the unhealthy cycle of abuse they are. Not even the final season of Gossip Girl can keep me interested after the mess I just watched tonight.This show is ridiculous, this finale dropped the ball in every way for every character and I won’t be tuning in for the next season.

    • Amanda says:

      ^This. Couldnt have said it better myself.

    • amiee says:


    • Sunny says:

      He makes her happy and I get Dan and Blair fans are biter but it’s always been about Chuck and Blair.

      • Sara says:

        It has nothing to do with bitterness….lol. It has to do with the fact that Chuck and Blair have an EXTREMELY volatile and toxic relationship. I used to love them as a couple; and then I realized how disturbing it truly was. I for one love Dan and Blair together, but I can live with them not being together. I can’t be okay with Chuck and Blair together again though. She deserves someone better than that. All females do and I think it’s rather sad that they keep pushing this relationship that is so clearly abusive.

    • jjovana3 says:

      You must be fun at parties.

    • Nadia says:

      What the hell have you been watching for 5 years?

    • Dizzy says:

      ^^^ Far more coherently written and cogent than this whole season of GG, apparently.

  37. Sunny says:

    Awesome for Chuck and Blair fans! Finally a reason to watch!

  38. Roy says:

    Yo, Dan and Blair… I’mma let you finish, but Chuck and Blair was one of the GREATEST COUPLES OF ALL TIME!

    • Danielle says:

      Hee! And now that we’ve let Dan and Blair finish, we can look forward to an awesome Chuck and Blair reunion next season!

      (Sorry Dair fans, not gloating, really. I know how much it sucks to see your favourite ship sink. I’m just a bit giddy that mine didn’t.)

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Kanye

  39. bad kevin says:

    Don’t know how Gossip Girl will go before the “final season” this upcoming Fall. My grade on the finale, let’s just say I give it an XOXO.

  40. amiee says:

    The bitterness in this post is so SWEET. Bye hypocrite dair stans. Come on now, did you REALLY think Blair and Mupp…Dan were gonna be “endgame”? REALLY?

    • Jenna says:

      Yeah, Dair were terrible. More Chuck and Blair next season!

    • cookiemonster says:

      I guess you Chuckistans got what you wanted. A Blair with no backbone, no personality and no defining traits outside of being her rapist pimp’s girlfriend.

      • jjovana3 says:

        No backbone? Did you watch the last scene? The only problem Blair has is timing. She chose the WORST possible time to tell Chuck she loves him. I mean, right after his father belittled him and emasculated him, but then again, timing was never their strong suit.

        • Beth says:

          Are you kidding? We had to watch Chuck — who sold her and smashed glass on her face and treated her so badly so many times — REJECT Blair to her face and tell her that you are not enough for me, that he doesn’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf.

          And that’s supposed to be a good thing. I can’t believe there are girls out there who get off on this stuff, guys you are so much better than this no matter what pairing you ship. All the girls who watch GG deserve better writing than this for an “epic” endgame “romance.”

          • jjovana3 says:

            Are you really going back to old arguments that were resolved? Characters have moved on. Do the same thing or GTFO. Dair is over. Now I have to be immature because thats the only way you talk to you creeps.

        • cookiemonster says:

          Oh, no, how dare Blair pick a wrong time to tell Chuckles that she loves him. Bart emasculating Chuck is all Blair’s fault and it’s fair for Chuck to take it out on her.

          • jjovana3 says:

            Who said its Blairs fault??? I only said TIMING WAS BAD. Holy crap you Dair fans are irrational as hell. Im glad Dairsaster is OVER.

        • Jay says:

          Chuck basically told Blair that he can not be with her unless he feels more powerful than her.WTF?

      • dizzymisslizzy says:

        blah blah blah… Dair is officially over so you can take your stale arguments and GTFO.

      • Lucy says:

        No back bone? Last 3 episodes she’s been herself and oh wait dan didn’t like she had friends! And saw other people other than him.. With dan she hid what she loved scheming.. She didn’t try and get a job she didn’t do anything!!!

  41. Danielle says:

    I’m glad Dan/Blair is over. Honestly, I never saw the chemistry between the two and it’s fairly obvious they would never survive long-term. They live in two completely different worlds and have two completely different sets of values.

    Looking forward to a Chuck/Blair happy ending!

  42. so many dbers come to lament on ausiello’s shoulder… poor trolls, do the math and study canons ;) basic GG knowledge doesn’t hurt as well as the honesty and intellect

  43. This show frustrates me. The fact that we all love/hate it shows some serious emotional investment on our parts. We’ve been watching for almost six years and we all feel one way or the other about the different relationships on the show, but dear Lord why do some people on here feel the need to get ugly to prove their point? Grow up!

    • tripoli says:

      That’s a lot to ask of this fandom. They take too much pleasure in their epic wars over which couple is the best.

  44. Whitney says:

    That finale was awful! The writers could of at least given Dair fans closure. Dair should have just stayed friends if this was their plan for them all along. The writers have completly ruined this show.

    • I’m inclined to agree. I always enjoyed the dynamic between Blair and Dan, which is why I loved it when they paired them together. They should have done it last season when it felt RIGHT instead of dragging it out by having her marry Louis, then having her choose Chuck, then having her get with Dan, then having her choose Chuck again. By the time they decided to actually go through with it, I didn’t buy it because just two episodes before that she was professing her love for Chuck and he was trying to raise her baby with another man. I literally sent one of my coworkers a text message after the finale was over that said “I HATE THIS SHOW!”.

      • Whitney says:

        Agreed. This whole season was so sloppy and made me truly dislike the series. I’m glad it’s coming to an end because it is out of control.

  45. AgentVee says:

    Post mortem…how apropos, since most every sensible person that used to watch this show is swearing it off for good. Good luck finding work in Hollywood, Gossip Girl writers.

  46. Molly says:

    idgaf about couples – this episode was just awfully written, plain and simple. no coherency, no nothing. this whole season has been a mess. bye bye GG, may you burn in hell

  47. Nadia says:

    I’m so Glad Dair is over! OMFG I hated them so much! And Chuck and Blair in the Casino WOW! She’s all in and now I am!

  48. meg says:

    peace out show. ausiello, wish you would’ve warned us. that was whack.

  49. Ray says:

    the dair fans who are bitching and whining should just get lost!it was their fault for getting so worked up over and rooting a couple which just came out of the blue! show runner stephenie savage has said it herself. “There was never any doubt as to whether Chuck and Blair would reunite!” they have been there since the season one and the primary focus of the show…
    and as for closure?how many episodes did they last anyway that they need closure?LOL

  50. Respect Yourself says:

    “We crafted the last act of the episode to set us in a certain direction next year,”

    Hey Savage, you mean the last act that you piled on like a garbage, right? And the direction next year is the same direction you’re going for the past 5 seasons which is the same Chuck/Blair garbage of an abusive relationship. You’re an insult to all the women out there who respect themselves. You’re disgusting! Go and have an abusive relationship like Chuck and Blair is basically the message you’re sending. What the hell is wrong with you?!

    • Nadia says:

      Stay pressed Dair fan

    • me says:


    • ash says:

      Read an interview of Josh Safran condoning Chuck’s lost of temper and all his abusive behaviour as an act done out of love. Is Josh Safran a gay? He seems to be condoning abusive relationship. A man who appreciates woman would never condone such a thing. And this lady Savage must be influenced by his gayish idea. This showrunners are mentally retarded or what. Why can’t send a positive message instead of justyfying horrfying relationship as an act of love. I wonder how the actors themselves feel about the show. This show is basically useless right from the beginning to the end.

      Message send to their teenage viewers- “Sleep around with every man/lady you meet as long as your goal is fulfilled, if not take drugs, or loads of alcohol, or else party or shop till you drop. If a good man loves you say no to him because you need an unpredictable relationship and that’s what love is about”

      And the worst nightmare is to see all these teens rooting for Chuck/Blair.


      Welcome to Gossip Girl -the dysfunctional dynamics.

      • raya says:

        No, this lady Savage is rather unattractive and lacking in the looks, style, and feminine charm department, to put it mildly. Sadly, such a woman will choose Chuck 10 out of 10 times.

        • ash says:

          This show has such a bad impression on those of us not from America more so UES of NYC. The impression one gets is that the teenagers there are leading such a degraded life full of vices nothing meaningful and now the choice that the showrunner carved clearly just reconfirms that. What a pathetic life.