Fall TV Preview

Fox Fall Schedule Revealed: Glee Shifts to Thursday, Touch Moves to Friday and More!

Glee Season 4 ThursdayGlee is on the move.

Fox unveiled its official 2012-13 schedule this morning and the big news is the relocation of Ryan Murphy’s musical dramedy this fall to Thursdays at 9/8c following The X Factor results show (and American Idol at midseason). That timeslot’s former occupant, Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch, will shift to Fridays where it will lead into the final season of Fringe

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Among new shows, Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project has, as expected, landed the plum post-New Girl slot on Tuesdays at 9:30, and Jordana Spiro’s Mob Doctor will air after Bones on Monday.

On tap for midseason, in addition to American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen NightmaresThe Cleveland Show and Cops: Kevin Williamson’s Kevin Bacon-fronted serial killer thriller The Following (to air Mondays) and the Scott Foley-Becki Newton comedy The Goodwin Games (to air Tuesdays).

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All told, the Fox schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8/7c Bones

8 pm Raising Hope
8:30 pm BEN AND KATE
9 pm New Girl

The X Factor

8 pm The X Factor (Results Show)
9 pm Glee

8 pm Touch
9 pm Fringe

8 pm Fox Sports Saturday

8 pm The Simpsons
8:30 pm Bob’s Burgers
9 pm Family Guy
9:30 pm  American Dad

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Alcatraz, Allen Gregory, Breaking In, The Finder, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Napoleon Dynamite and Terra Nova.

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  1. Nycitynygirl says:

    why are they moving Glee?? I don’t mind thursdays but 9pm?? I like the 8 o’clock slot better!!

    • Nicole says:

      They are probably moving it because it always gets slacked by NCIS. I don’t watch glee or even like it. It too corny and campy for my taste. There is a large following so maybe the network is trying to find a time slot where it has a some what of a fighting chance. However it going to be up against Grey’s at that time.

    • sam says:

      i’m really excited about the move because it will get a strong lead in!

      • Miranda says:

        But it’s up against Grey’s. Which is the dumbest idea ever. I’ll be PVRing it for 12 on my satellite, because Grey’s will always come first.

        • Chanelle says:

          I do think that Grey will be hard but we were agaisnt NCIS wich I *think* is the most watch show. And Grey is gonna have a lot of new cast member so that might actually hurt. I’m pissed anyway cause I watch a lot of tv but glee and grey were the only 2 that I NEEDED to watch live :S Though gotta say if Korev doesnt come back for next season it won’t be that hard to record it. 1 hour I can make it haha

          • Dubliner says:

            I already watch Greys not-live (which I do with most shows now), so watching Glee not-live isn’t a problem.

    • Amy says:

      I want THE FINDER to be on the schedule, I don’t care WHEN it airs, I’ll find it!!!

      • Russ says:

        It was cancelled, so you could find it in the rejected pile.

        • bonnie says:

          Rude that was a good show can not believe They are taking the Finder off i can not believe the ratings werentgood so stupid

      • Jackie says:

        amy I was so dissapointed when i heard. leave it on and we will find it.

      • Morgan Purdy says:

        Do not understand why the brain trust at FOX would cancel shows like The Finder, and especially something new and different as in Alcatraz. That had so much in the way of storylines, and why/how…let’s hope another network or cable channel picks it up. I liked that cop on Alcatraz and what she brought to the screen – does she die? So many answers. The Finder – campy fun, and lots of messages. Good acting. And overlap with Bones.

        Why the networks move shows around is beyond me. Like CIS being moved to Wednesday from Thursday. Surivor worked on Wednesday after leaving Thursday.

        • Tom W says:

          Fox doesn’t know how to keep GOOD shows alive. They ruined Firefly by airing episodes out of order. Breaking In was good, but they managed to ruin that too. Terra Nova, Alcatraz, The Finder and a few other shows, that had followings building get cancelled so they can make more room for more Reality TV which, to me, is killing IQs left and right. It’s kind of like how MTV took away music and gave the world Jersey Shore. The film Idiocracy is becoming more and more of a true to life future documentary with some of the no-need-to-think reality TV that is coming out than dramas and sitcoms that will actually leave you thinking and wanting more. I really wish Fox would find a home for Terra Nova and Breaking In instead of cancelling them. So many good shows get cancelled because FOX can’t figure out that certain time slots work best for certain shows (in most cases) and they feel the need to drown us with Idol and X Factor, which among other shows that air on other channels are all the same.

          • Kelly says:

            AMEN TO THAT!!!! Tom W. I am so SICK of reality tv which isnt really reality that much except for the drama bs Theres always plenty of arguing on those lame shows. like survivor or big brother. stuff like that.The arguing and fights are the only thing that seems real about them. Even some of those are probably scripted and staged too. I think alot is bad acting done by regular people or amateur actors just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. But still scipted and staged NOT reality. For example WWE wrestling. STAGED. LAME!!!!! The dancing and singing shows do give a select few a chance to try to get some recognition and money but I’m sure there’s a twist in all that somewhere too. Like I doubt we will ever see a an american idol in a wheelchair. Or somebody that the public would technically consider ugly or unpleasing to the general publics commercial idea of beauty in some way. Even if that person has the best voice in the world. Its alot about looks and a little personality. What would be interesting is if they had a singing show for age 16 through adult age contestants that didnt have an age limit and the judges and tv audience were NOT allowed to see the contestants or know their age, only given thier first name and hear them so the contest would ACTUALLY be judged on their voice and personality only. Like they would be hidden from our view somehow but they could still see the studio audience to get the full experience of performing in front of a large crowd which I can personally say can be unnerving at times. But one heck of a rush. Now that would be one singing show I would actually watch. There are also too many singing and talent shows as there is anyway. and I’m sorry to all that like them, but the jersey shore and ANYTHING to do with the kardashians or paris hilton needs to be banned from the airwaves forever. I lose IQ points even seeing a commercial for any of their shows. and what did happen to MTV anyway. I thought MTV was supposed to stand for MUSIC TV. It used to be back in the day. I was younger than 8 years old but I remember sneaking to change the channel to watch the music videos. I remember the talent of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many others gracing the airwaves with their unforgettable videos like thriller and material girl. They hardly play any music now so they should just change their name to something else. Half of Tv now is crap. So I don’t bother to pay for cable either. Not worth it anymore since I can get the few basic and cable tv shows online for free anyway. When I want and without commercials. Hooked my laptop up to my tv and I’ve got everytihng I want.

          • Jack says:

            I loved Terra Nova and have been looking forward to this season. I was shocked to see it had been cancelled I hope FOX changes it’s mind and brings Terra Nova back.

      • ASC says:

        I liked and enjoyed the Finder. Maybe they will bring it back. It and Bones are the only showes I watch.

      • Mark says:

        I loved it, bring it back please!!!!

    • Streak says:

      Betcha you don’t remember that in the summer, Glee’s reruns would air Thursday

  2. Rich says:

    I don’t watch Touch, but I am guessing Fox wants to kill it. Friday is the death of all good shows.

    • Sam says:

      Not all just most, if you remember the show Sisters, and Providence both were Friday night shows and lasted several seasons each.

      • Brandy says:

        Sisters was years and years ago, back when TGIF was must-see TV. Now with all the other ways to access shows, nobody’s willing to be tied to their TV on Friday nights.

    • The series TOUCH is awesome !! One of my favorite shows !! I sit on the edge of my seat the entire time.. Love how they write each episode.. Wonderful !!

      • Chanelle says:

        Is it doing badly? I thought they had great ratings but then why move it to fridays O.O it’s weird

    • Carla says:

      Fringe has survived on Fridays since its move. Even though the series is ending after next season, that’ll be 2.5 seasons it’s lasted on Friday nights and the viewers will be able to get a conclusion, rather than a cancellation.

    • Paul says:

      Blue Bloods seems to be doing alright.

      • Ana says:

        With viewers. But really low for the demo, just like every other Friday night show. I don’t think one of them breaks a 2.0 in the demo.

        • sasksleddog says:

          I have to wonder how much the demo really matters on Friday nights. Or maybe I should say how much the demo really SHOULD matter on Friday nights. It’s taken pretty much for granted that you’ll lose most of the 18-34s and a high percentage of the 18-49s no matter how much you pander to them on Friday night. Friday is date night or go out and get drunk after work night. So maybe the best strategy is to go after the people on either side of the demo. After all TGIF didn’t go after the demo, they went after the kids who would grow up to be the demo.

    • luli says:

      that is not true.. nikita is on the death slot and it just got renewed for a third season…

    • frakulated says:

      Fringe has run for several seasons on Fridays now, and is still going strong. It’s not always a death sentence. It just depends on the show. I do think it killed Finder, which would have done well following Bones if they hadn’t moved Bones to Monday.

    • beth moore says:

      Yeah putting Touch up against CSI/NY-I love Keiffer & I work at nite & don’t have TiVO or whatever so I guess Touch loses I’m sad to say.

  3. jaynecobb2 says:

    Fox is slowly moving Glee to the Friday kill slot.

    • If it was that big of a problem they’d had cancelled the show. Graduation would have been the perfect time for it to end…

    • Aerilyn says:

      Not exactly. Putting it behind X Factor / American Idol will likely give it a boost in the ratings. Glee used to be behind American Idol on Wednesdays nights I think, and it performed extremely well then. I think they are trying to juice out all they can from Glee and trying to keep it afloat with a good lead in again.

      • Laurie says:

        I think putting Glee on Thursday just means Fox is trying to regain audience at that time. CBS has been kicking Thursdays in a big way. Fox is losing American Idol audience to Big Bang Theory. There is noise that American Idol is on its way out. Maybe they hope Glee will shore up the leak.

        • Rolfe says:

          Noise that American Idol is on the way out? It’s Fox’s top show and still killing it in the 18-49 demo across the board. Ratings may have dipped, but Idol is still a power house.

    • Emily says:

      Glee is the one odd show that I watch regularly, but if it were cancelled (or killed, whatever), I wouldn’t care. So be it, Fox can move it wherever they like. If it works, win for them. If not, there’s always something new on the horizon.

  4. Sofia says:

    Dear FOX, Glee’s problem is the AWFUL writing, NOT the timeslot.

    • n says:

      this. exactly.

    • Sam says:

      Nailed it. I hope their viewership takes a dive. I’ve already stopped watching, I can’t stand to see character assassination after character assassination. Or whatever excuse I can hear the producers coming up with.

      • Felicia says:

        Do all of you live under a rock or do you just not know what good script writing is beccause glee has some of the best writing I have ever seen

        • Chanelle says:

          And have you ever heard of continuity?
          I LOVE glee, I watch it every tuesday and I go crazy and I read fanfic I,m on tumblr blablabla I’m a FAN. But.. it lacks a lot. And fans makes up for it with headcanons. They mess up the characters for storyline, there is no continuity (though this year is better), they talk about big subject but only for one episode (suicide, transgender) and then it’s like it never happened…
          I’m not gonna say the writting is terrible or bad. But it is not “the best” onless you take certain episodes and forget about a lot of the others. Cause yes you can watch Born this way, Laryngarus (? something like that lol), Never Been Kissed, many others. and say that those were brilliant I agree :D but as a whole there is too many things that doesnt work.

        • TigerNightmare says:

          I really don’t understand how certain Glee fans have such huge blinders on. Yes, they have the occasional really good episode like Chanelle mentioned and sometimes the music (covers) are entertaining, but most of the time, the music is random, serving little if any purpose in the plot and the characters are never consistent. In season one, Artie was depicted as lonely and hopeful, and yet today, we see him as egotistical, sexist and lacking humility. Those aren’t layered characteristics, those are completely contradictory. They suddenly alter a character dramatically in order to make us dislike them, only to predictably redeem them later in the season, like Quinn. Sue is the worst of this problem and it’s sad that I like Jane Lynch but am glad when her character isn’t around. If you just want to watch the show for its musical content, fine, but for story and character, it’s not hard to find a better option.

          • Chanelle says:

            Yes, this is said better. And I so so agree about Sue. Sometimes I like her for a 5seconds cause she makes a great joke but then that’s it.

            And Quinn. Didn’t she had a revelation and everything was good, she was going to Havard (yale?) and was free of her man drama. And now Hello Joe, crazy prom queen drama. Yes she gave it up for Rachel, that was nice but she already came to that conclusion 5episodes ago

            Any way. Glee is the kind of show that you turn of your Brain and turn on your emotion side and musical comedy love and just enjoy and turn a blind eye on every thing that doesnt work. That’s how fans are happy.

      • Sky says:

        Your free to have your opinion but I disagree. The show needed a new story line direction season 3 very provocative. Now the PSA’s were a part of Glee that didn’t suit my taste but so be it-It is Glee. People talk of continuity or lack of it. There was so much more continuity season 3 than s2. Season 2 the creators tried a new format which was jumbled and didn’t gel together. Too many show boat performances with little story line. Season 3 Glee had 3-4 main story arcs with a few smaller ones on some of the episodes. Each subsequent episode answered the previous story line. They have 3 more episodes to complete the main story arcs and to fill us all in to the futures of the graduating class. I cannot wait for the cast to be thinned down. There were too many characters over 22 episodes to try to create nice story lines for each of them. That is a fact. Maybe some of your more favorite characters didn’t get as much screen time causing your dissatisfaction with the show. The thing is the creators have their story to tell no matter what we as a fandom may want. If we don’t see what we hope for so far this season then those of you who are disenchanted with the direction of the show should choose something else to do on Tuesday night. Now Thursday night. I think Thursday at a later time is a great idea to extend more mature story lines thusly bringing in more mature audiences. Glee at the earlier time slot was content with the younger audiences and their fandom. But the class will be graduating leading more mature lives. This will enable the show to go into a more grown up and adult audiences wanting adult themes of the show. Looking forward to it. The dating games and swapping girl/boyfriends were getting old.

        • Chanelle says:

          First, sorry cause I only read the first half of this. But Glee season 4 will have just as many actors. We will see New York AND New Diretions. How is this less Character. They brought Sugar who didnt do much but she is not a senior so she’s back, 2 new guys from the glee project who might come back (maybe not rory), there is a new season of the glee project and last time that ended with 4 winners. There’s a good chance they will hire new freshman, there is already 2 guest stars announced with 6+ episode arc. Rach/finn/Kurt in new york will meet poeple so there’s more there too. AKA Ryan/Ian/Brian do not care how many character there is.

          And I agree that season 3 was getting better at the whole continuity thing. And it makes me think that reviewers don’t always watch the show cause they keep bringing things up that didnt work in season 1-2 and that the new writers + RIB are actually trying to fix.

          And now I need to stop coming on this article. omg. I just like talking about glee i guess haha

    • Chanelle says:

      Not that I don’t agree :) But the reason they moved it is because Tuesday is suposed to be “comedy night” And they finally realised that Glee was a bit too much of a drama/comedy, not like season 1.

      Though thursday 9pm. We can kiss goodbye to glee after season 4. This slot is hard. Lots of other popular shows. We’ll see

  5. Julie (@CDNspnFAN) says:

    SO! Happy that that Allen Gregory isn’t coming back to ruin Animation Domination!
    As for Glee it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the show to begin with now that most of the students will be graduated, and even more interesting to see if the time slot change will be a factor to the ratings (of course if the ratings are low this way they won’t blame it on the casting changes but instead of the night move).

    • Spike says:

      it will certainly benefit from airing behind xfactor/idol

      • Lola says:

        Probably not. Neither of those shows are getting the same demo they used to and, barring any major changes by CBS and ABC, it means that Glee will be up against Person of Interest and Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t know if it will do a lot worse than in its current timeslot, but I don’t think it will get any benefit whatsoever from the move.

        • Julie (@CDNspnFAN) says:

          I was thinking that actually, and honestly I think that Fox is aiming for rating gains or whatsoever. Not that it matters to me honestly since I don’t watch Glee anymore but whatever floats FOX’s boat I guess

          (Besides, it’s not like this show has gone through night switches within a season before…….)

  6. Spike says:

    boring schedule, just as lame as NBC … how come networks launch every good show midseason nowadays. midseason shows barely work and get picked up for a 2nd season

  7. Jarrod says:

    Moving Glee is a big mistake. Yes, it’s ratings have decreased of late, but moving it to Thursday night as a possible attempt to raise them? Big mistake. Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Office/Parks and Recreation and I’ll assume The Vampire Diaries may be shifted to 9:00 or used as a lead in for a new show such as Cult. So it’s going to be up against some competition if you ask me.

    • Esaul says:

      To you it may be a mistake, but this is actually a smart move on their part. Why not make use of The X Factor and American Idol as lead ins? There’s more of a chance that people will tune into these shows a little early so they’re not late for Glee, or they may stick around afterward out of curiosity.

      • Ava Jean says:

        I agree to this. This will actually KILL The Office, especially now without Mindy and Steve, and Parks and Recreation. Until about a couple of days ago, Parks were on the bubble and rumours were going on that it will have a final shortened season. And not until NBC announced their lineup on Sunday, there was no news for The Office. This is probably a great move for Fox.

        • Sky says:

          Totally agree. Even though Glee might be opposite Grey’s Anat, Glee was opposite NCIS on Tuesday. Glee was almost always in second to NCIS. This way American Idol/ X Factor will be a great lead in for Glee.

    • K D L says:

      If Vampire Diaries stays at an 8 o clock time slot. I’ll be ok! Haha. I don’t have DVR so this could be a potential issue for me!

      • Amy says:

        I thought I heard after last weeks episode of Vampire Diaries that it was moving to a new time of 9pm? Did I hear wrong? Is it still on at 8PM?

  8. Dane says:

    I think Touch will be a great lead-in for Fringe, but what happened to Kitchen Nightmares?

    • Kaa says:

      Don’t worry, you’ll get your Gordon Ramsay… when Fringe goes off the air, it gets replaced by Hell’s Kitchen.

  9. shuayb says:

    Glee is gonna go down in the ratings, not a good move for them. Lots of competition.

    • Meg says:


      • Esaul says:

        What competition exactly? NBC has old ailing shows on Thursday. The CW isn’t much of a competition to begin with, so Vampire Diaries doesn’t pose much of a threat. ABC has Grey’s Anatomy which is a good rating’s show but isn’t too much of a threat. CBS has comedies at nine, assuming they keep to the same model as this past season, and well CBS always does well with their shows. Even their new shows that got cancelled brought it good numbers for any other network.

        • Lola says:

          No. CBS has Person of Interest at nine. The show that was gaining huge momentum and going UP in the ratings while every other show was declining this season. Grey’s Anatomy is a huge threat — similar audience base to that of Glee and it still racks up significant demo numbers every week. 9 PM also is Vampire Diaries — that is 8 PM. Usually the CW isn’t a threat, but if they put Arrow on at 9, after TVD, it could be — at least in the short term. The Office is still getting (for NBC) good ratings and people instinctively turn to it at 9 on Thursdays. Trust me — this is not a good move for Glee. It was much more padded at 9 on Tuesdays against two reality show results shows, one of which (DwTS) skews exceptionally old and one of which is on NBC and loses viewers every time the initial rounds end. It’s biggest competition was NCIS:LA, which has a totally different type of core fan base.

          • Ana says:

            Ahmm, Glee airs at 8 on Tuesdays…Right up against the biggest audience on TV which is NCIS, though it gets little competition from ABC’s comedy line up at that time. But I agree that Greys is a huge threat. Even for a show that’s been around for 8 seasons, it is still the highest rated drama on tv for the 18-49 demo. I watch both shows now but come Fall, I will be catching Glee online. Greys is my only ‘must watch live’ show and I would not trade it for Glee. Person of Interest has fluctuated. It beat Greys twice but since then it has been below Greys by almost a full demo point, even though it still gets more viewers. I’m not sure that Glee can beat either one of these shows, although the X-Factor/AI lead-in will probably help…

  10. David says:

    There’s no amount of PR and moving timeslotes that can save Glee. The show has simply lost it’s quality.

  11. Sorry. Right now I am still so ticked at Fox due to Alcatraz and Terra Nova, I hardly care.
    The 2 Fox shows I do still watch are Touch and Fringe. So Friday is alright for me personally. I think though that time slot doesn’t bode well for Touch as far as ratings.
    Way to continue to kill off good shows Fox.

  12. M says:

    The only show I watch is new girl and I yet have to start watching touch, and if I like it will conflict with my all time favorite Nikita. I still hate fox for canceling terra nova.

  13. Hamza says:

    Glee was gonna get a massive hit by The Voice, which NBC very cleverly put at 8. Kind of forced this move. Good. Shows Fox is afraid.

    • haley says:

      No Fox is being strategic. I approve of this new time slot. The kiddies will be asleep by 9pm. All the main leads are graduating. So now can we get some more mature themes?

  14. ali says:

    Why in the hell would you move touch to fridays.that is the kiss of death.touch is dam good show.come on

    • Esaul says:

      Friday doesn’t mean a show’s demise. FOX apparently has enough confidence in the show that it will perform well there. Plus there’s a bit of a theme to Friday’s on the networks.

  15. Ana says:

    It may be a smart move for Glee to be placed behind X Factor. Obviously it will be needing the lead in since it appears Glee will be losing some cast members and it is declining. A 9 o’clock a lot may signal a transition to more adult themes. Personally though, if I have to choose between Greys and Glee it will be Grey’s Anatomy all the way. I may or may not catch Glee on Hulu. Touch on Fridays may work. I hope so.

  16. Oliver says:

    They aren’t trying to raise Glee’s ratings by moving it to Thursday, they’re trying to launch a comedy block on Tuesday.

    Touch has been moved to Friday because its ratings are bad to see if it can get Good For Friday(tm) ratings.

  17. Kaa says:

    I am effing OVERJOYED that Glee gets stuck in the Thursday 9pm death slot. Fringe was enjoying perfectly good ratings on Tuesdays, then they got bumped for precious Glee. Fringe was bumped to Thursdays at 9pm and the ratings never recovered. So it’s sweet, sweet justice that Glee gets the same treatment now. Hope they choke on it.

    • Wow, rude and bitter much? It’s just a TV show.

      • Kaa says:

        Well, I also happen to actually hate Glee as a show, regardless of what time slot it was in. :-)

        • So spend more time watching/discussing shows you like rather than bitching about shows you hate.

        • D.J. says:

          Fringe ratings were middling on Tuesday and sucked on Thursday. Glee, against TV’s #1 scripted show NCIS, did quite well for itself. Enjoy your last 13 Fringe episodes. It should have been canned 2 years ago.

          • John DeMayo says:

            But it wasn’t canned two years ago. If the network thought it should be canned, then they would have canceled it then. Obviously, it did well enough for them to keep it around. Your argument is invalid.

    • Esaul says:

      Glee has nothing to do with Fringe’s poor ratings. Plus fans should be considered lucky that FOX has treated the show so well. They love Fringe which is why they are giving it a final season. They didn’t have to keep renewing it as much as they have. On other networks (maybe not NBC), it would’ve been cancelled. Glee will do just fine on Thursday’s.

    • chris says:

      LOL Fringe aired after American Idol which was an absolute monster back then. Fringe only held about 40% of the lead-in.

  18. Christina says:

    So did they give both The Mob Doctor and The Following 13 episodes and Bones a full season?

  19. shelly says:

    bad move glee, up against thursday night football games…never make it

  20. Jess says:

    I also agree that switching Glee to 9 PM makes me happy. I hope the kids will be asleep and we can get back into more mature themes with these COLLEGE students and not have to watch them gloss over the big subjects.

  21. Katie says:

    For Glee’s news, either its ratings will drop, or Grey’s Anatomy’s will, since Grey’s is going to be killing off a “beloved” character anyway.

  22. Em says:

    Sad that House is not there.

  23. Jessy says:

    I think it’s good that they moved Glee to Thursdays because I don’t live in America (and in my country Glee doesn’t air), so I have to watch the episodes the next day online, and watching them Fridays (when I come home from school earlier than usual) is definitely better for me than watching them on Wednesdays :)

  24. mia says:

    I already love Raising Hope, so I might check out the two other comedies FOX will be premiering next year.
    And I don’t get that invested in sitcoms, so when these shows meet their inevitable cancellations (yay Fox), I won’t be that heartbroken.
    I’m not falling for another Alcatraz (something I love torn away), so I’m going to avoid all the new hour-long shows from Fox.

  25. Alex says:

    I’m surprised that they’re keeping Bones at 8…it seems like much more of a 9pm show to me. Also surprised that they think Raising Hope can do well enough to be a self starter.

    • Deena says:

      I know, I am so annoyed about Bones at this time as well. Aside from your point that it does seem like an 9pm show, it will be against HIMYM/2 Broke Girls, The Voice and whatever airs on ABC which I’m guessing is DWTS. Does FOX really want no one watching the show anymore? A DVR can only record so much.

  26. Julie says:

    Seems like a pretty lame schedule. There were too many good shows last fall to keep up with but Fox cancelled terra nova and finder so I guess I’ll stick to abc and NBC. Stil watch my Bones, Glee, New girl, and fringe till their cancelled.

  27. STW says:

    I’m beyond excited that Glee is moving to a 9:00 p.m. time slot; this frees it to write for a more adult audience once again like it did in the first season. One of the things hampering the show Season Two was airing in the “family hour” and having to cut back on the edginess of a lot of its humor as a result. 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, following a music-reality TV show, puts it back where it started (well, it started on Wednesday, but Thursday is great and makes it awesome close-out-the-week viewing). Great move by the show and FOX.!!!!

  28. James says:

    Where’s Cleveland show?

  29. The only thing that’s kept me watching GLEE is that I have nothing else to watch on Tuesdays. Definitely won’t be watching on Thursdays with NBC and CW shows to choose from.

  30. Jordan says:

    For the fact Glee moving to the same slot as the Vampire Diaries at 9pm on thursdays I will be tied between both shows Glee will prob win since the Cw has a app to where u can watch a episode a day after it airs but ill stay a fan for both shows til the end

  31. bad kevin says:

    Touch & Fringe makes a great combination on Fridays.

  32. Sarah says:

    First, I can’t believe Alcatraz isn’t coming back!! My heart = broken.. And thank goodness Touch is on at 8 on Fridays instead of 9 cause Supernatural on the CW would totally kill it

  33. Mimi says:

    I can’t wait for season 4 of Glee. I can’t to see Rachel Berry in NYC living her dream :)

  34. J says:

    I want to see their lives in New York and SJP on Glee!!!

  35. elrosacanina says:

    Glee has a good script writing. just that sometimes it overboard the idea of reality and fiction. They write well.. just that, it’s now how the people watching it see the things they watch in real life. like “the outing of Santana Lopez” it could have been just outed in the whole school and not watched by many just to show how serious it is. They overboard with that, they forgot the things like that doesn’t really happened in reality. They want to show us a superficial reality that kids and adults don’t understand because they know the difference between reality and fiction. Fiction wise, they do write well and work with their imaginations and research…. just that they can’t meet the expectations of their viewers.

  36. Sildokuz says:

    Let’s put Glee on the SAME day as Grey’s Anatomy AND at the EXACT same time! No one will be pissed!

  37. Lali says:

    Ok, I’m super pissed about glee being moved to Thursday where it is going up against the office and gray. I loved the tues line up with new girl behind it made for my favorite night of tv. I’m super bummed :(

    • Chanelle says:

      I’m pissed cause I LOVE grey :(
      I’ll watch Glee cause I’m crazy for that show but it’s gonna be torture ahaha. Those two show makes me really emotionnal ;)

  38. Boiler says:

    Way too much X Factor!!!!!!!!

  39. Mary Beth says:

    Moving GLEE to Thursdays is a risky move. We all know ratings have been sliding down and making it face off against Grey’s Anatomy (if ABC doesn’t move it to a new timeslot) is a huge risk. They compete for the same demographics and this could kill it.

  40. Tv junkE says:

    I figured they would move Glee to Thursday’s because all the major networks have comedy blocks set on certain days. CBS kicks it off in Mondays (2 Broke Girls, Two and a half men) NBC follows and with Glee moving it allows them to fill there blocks in between New Girl and Raising Hope. Wednesdays belong to ABC with Modern Family and the Middle. And Thursday ends with 30 Rock and The Office. What day do you guys think will be the funniest comedy block?

  41. Jack says:

    So as someone who doesn’t pay attention to ratings and which show is before which and stuff like that sorry glee but i have a million other things to watch on Thursdays and to be honest instead of moving your slot time how about idk better writing and decent story lines and focusing on all the characters not just the “main ones”

    • Chanelle says:

      The network (FOX) decides wich timeslot shows will get not the creator/writters of the show. That said. Yes, focus on other characters please. 5 mins of every one, 10 of Santana or Klaine and then 30 of Finn/Rachel is just dumb.

  42. Fox only has 3 new shows? I guess they already had a pretty solid line-up, so there wasn’t much they needed to fill. I’m looking forward to The Mob Doctor (mainly just because of Jordana Spiro. I loved My Boys.) and The Mindy Project.

  43. Jules says:

    Bye FOX…I’m boycotting nxt fall…
    Been addicted to House for 8 yrs…now need a cure…I’ll be watching more Showtime or AMC/HBO series instead

  44. Lauren says:

    The only reason I watched Glee was because there was nothing on during the 8pm Tuesday timeslot and I was bored. Now that it’s on Thursdays I doubt I’ll watch at all. I think many will follow suit.

  45. Jackie says:

    why finder and terra nova. loved these shows. especially finder.

  46. sofia says:

    THIS IS BULLS**T!!!!!!! If FOX wanted to move something to Thursday it should have been Bones, back to its old timeslot, not Glee.

  47. ggny says:

    Death slot. Remember what happen when The OC got moved to Thursdays?

  48. Txhlfan says:

    Friday nights seem to be the kiss of death. Too bad, I liked Touch. Glee can be moved off the schedule entirely, along with American Idol. The only shows I liked on Fox where House (all time favorite and best show they had),Bones and The Finder – Now I am down to one.

    • Jackie says:

      as everyone is saying, mthe minute a show is moved to the friday slot it is the kiss of death. thats what they did to fginder.
      I am so upset that House is going off and like you the only one I will watch now is bones

  49. nicole says:

    Wow. Glee is going to be up against Greys AND The Secret Circle.
    Good luck there…

    • Chanelle says:

      LOL the Secret Circle. Is this a joke? It’s on CW and has ratings so bad there is just no competition. No shows on the CW affect other network. Most people don,t have it or watch it on the web the next day. Even The Vampire Dairies don’t do THAT well and it’s their number 1 show.

      Though yes Grey will be tough. The one thing helping is that it’s season 9 (8?) and half of the original cast arn,t coming back

  50. Boiler says:

    Can TV Line actually give Reilly some hard questions??