Fall TV Preview

Fall Preview: Watch Full Trailers For The Mindy Project, The Following and 3 Other Fox Shows

Move over, New Girl — there’s a new new girl coming to Fox for the 2012-13 TV season: Mindy Kaling as an adorably lovelorn gynecologist. And she’s not alone. The network’s also got Kevin Bacon playing a serial killer-stopper and Jordana Spiro as a fearless Mob doc.

Wanna meet ’em? Of course you do. But since premiere season is still a ways away, maybe the full-length trailers for their respective series (and more) will suffice to tide you over.

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Take a peek below, and then hit the comments with your snappy judgments!

The Mob Doctor, with Jordana Spiro, Zach Gilford, James Carpinello, William Forsythe (Mondays at 9 pm)

Ben & Kate, with Nat Faxon, Dakota Johnson, Maggie Jones (Tuesdays at 8:30 pm)

The Mindy Project, with Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Anna Camp (Tuesdays at 9:30 pm)


The Following, starring Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Natalie Zea (to air Mondays)

The Goodwin Games, starring Becki Newton, Scott Foley, Jake Lacy (to air Tuesdays)

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  1. George says:

    It’s funny, I’m not even sure if these shows are really all that much better than what NBC is putting out, but FOX’s did a MUCH better job putting trailers together!

    • Joseph says:

      Yup , the NBC stuff looks really bad , is like looking at a clip versus with FOX and their full on trailers ,
      there are maybe 3 shows I will check out o NBC , but the shows from FOX all look worthy of watching at least the 1st episode.

      • Cash says:

        The clips were put out yesterday. NBC released several proper trailers today after the actual upfronts.

  2. bad kevin says:

    All of Fox’s new shows are not quite as good this season, especially when they cancel shows just like it did with Terra Nova and Alcatraz among others. :-(

    • Renee says:


    • Temis says:

      I didn’t like Terra Nova or Alcatraz, but damn, at least they were trying. FOX has just stopped trying altogether. They need a buzzworthy show, like NBC’s Revolution. Okay, not easy to do, but you’ll never get one if you don’t keep trying! NBC’s had as many flops as FOX in this department, if not more.

      • Joseph says:

        OMG ,, Revolution is like a bad attempt at Jericho and looks really bad , sort of a Jericho meets XENA , those costumes and sets look really bad from the trailer.

        • Cash says:

          Costumes? Those clothes are straight off the racks of the local JC Pennys.

          • wordsmith says:

            That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? These are supposed to be people wearing real clothes made in the real world.

          • Cash says:

            You think clothes would still look brand new, 15 years after the textile industry collapsed?

          • Dubliner says:

            It depends on how fast the population fell on itself and the population dropped (leaving large stores of untouched clothing).

        • wordsmith says:

          And let’s be honest, sometimes Jericho was a bad attempt at Jericho. Revolution seems like the world of Jericho a decade later, which I think has some potential.

        • Dubliner says:

          Considering how lame Jericho was, I’m not sure that there can be ‘good’ attempts at Jericho…

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know about you, but I’m actually looking forward to The Following, The Goodwin Games, The Mindy Project, and Ben & Kate based on these movie-esque trailers. Didn’t have plans to check out B&K before, but the trailer for it got me interested.

  3. Emily says:

    I have a feeling that brunette FBI sidekick in the Following is going to ruin the show for me, like Rebecca Madsen did in Alcatraz.

  4. Ryan says:

    Maybe “The Following”, though it needs a new title. I’ve lost 4 good shows in the past 2 cycles with this network (Chicago Code, Human Target, Lie to Me, Finder), and 1 so-so shows (Terra Nova was just getting better)

    • daviduter says:

      Right there with you on your shows. Especially Chicago Code. Do not understand how that one didn’t get better ratings. Regardless, should have kept for a second go.

      • Babygate says:

        ^^^THIS^^^ All the way! Fox got rid of The Chicago Code which was an amazingly written, produced and acted drama to bring on over-hyped shows that relied solely on special effects but was poorly written and badly acted (Terra Nova) or a great concept that was horribly executed (Alcatraz). CC was not a mega hit but it was solid and it was quality, unlike the crap Fox seems to be favoring now…

  5. angelstorm says:

    Yeah they’ll probably all get cancelled before next season but hey – I’ll watch them anyway because I have no life !

  6. Mick says:

    Chris Messina, Anna Camp awesome.

  7. Natalie says:

    The Mindy project (My Messy Life) looks hilarious can’t wait, Goodwin Games looks promising. Might have to watch FOX this year.

  8. Spike says:

    those show titles are very ….. odd. The Mod Doctor seriously?

  9. Cash says:

    Wow… and I thought “The Mindy Project” just sounded dumb. Kaling is like the seatmate from hell on the longest nonstop flight ever.

  10. Alex says:

    The Mindy Project looks rather dreadful. Mob Doctor could be interesting, but not really my cup of tea. Ben and Kate looks kinda meh…didn’t really hook me with the trailer. The cast for The Goodwin Games is at least good, so I’ll check it out. The Following looks AWESOME. Hope Fox promotes the hell out of it.

  11. Teag says:

    NBC so far has the most intriguing show, Revolution. The Following is a close second though.

  12. Cash says:

    The Following would make an interesting movie, but watching young women murdered brutally week after week is only going to appeal to a very select, very broken demographic.

    • xavier says:

      Yea tell that to Dexter

      • Cash says:

        Dexter kills bad people, which is cathartic. Big difference between taking out killers, and slashing up the girl next door week after week.

        • Temis says:


          And Dexter is on cable, where things can get as rough as the topic merits. What are all these broadcast nets doing with serial killer shows? CW and NBC have them too.

    • PFitzDC says:

      This sad, broken demographic would be the one that has boosted Criminal Minds to 200 episodes and counting… Not that I disagree with you–but the numbers who gravitate to such shows are shockingly large…

      • Cash says:

        CM skewed heavy to the older female demo, and featured victims from all walks of life. From that trailer, I get the impression it’s the young attractive blondes that are going to get slaughtered episode after episode, and feels like it’s aimed more at the male demo than female demo.

  13. Steven says:

    Excited for Mob Doctor and Goodwin Games. The others look pretty bad. May give Mindy a try.

  14. YowzaPowza says:

    The Goodwin Games looks wonderful, they really shouldn’t be saving that for midseason. The Mindy Project looks decent, though I’m sort of thinking it’s a little tricky making a preview for a Mindy Kaling show. I’ll definitely enjoy watching her. The Following looks middle of the road, made good by the presence of Kevin Bacon. The Mob Doctor looks okay, but it seems like it’ll be a procedural and definitely not something I’d be interested in. Ben and Kate stands no chance.

  15. I dont watch fox shows but The Mindy Project & The Goodwin Games have won my view so far. So far I will be watching Mindy,Goodwin,Chicago Fire,The Revolution,& Aniaml Practice.

  16. Joe says:

    Can the Mindy Project get cancelled off the trailer? Please? Ugh.

  17. Cash says:

    None of these grab my attention, to be honest. Fox is looking like a wasteland for 2012/13, holding onto current viewers but not attracting new ones.

  18. Jenn says:

    The Mindy Projest and The Goodwin Games look interesting!

  19. Shay says:

    Well if The Goodwin Games is anything like the creators’ other show How I Met Your Mother, then no one will EVER inherit that money.

  20. Jay says:

    OMG, these look soooo much better than what’s on NBC’s slate…I feel sorry for NBC…but also happy there are shows to look forward to…

  21. Adam says:

    I think there is big potential for most of the shows! I really liked The Following. The Mindy project seems really charming and so does The Goodwin Games. The Mob Doctor could also be very interesting. i think Ben and Kate will be the first one to tank. Hopefully the ratings are awesome and steady for the rest of the shows!

  22. Miv says:

    Goodwin Games looks pretty good; the rest look almost laughably bad, especially The Mob Doctor (seriously, that was the best title they could think of?)

    • Emily says:

      Creator: It’s about a mob doctor.
      Exec: I don’t know… hey wait, that fits the M.D. acronym perfectly! GENIUS.

  23. etc says:

    Goodwin Games looks hilarious. It will probably get cancelled, esp since it is a midseason replacement….fantastic, bc I wasn’t really looking forward to anything else

  24. Maggie says:

    watching the Mob Doctor promo makes me miss PJ Franklin & My Boys!!

  25. S says:

    I thought the Mob Doctor sounded dreadful when I read a blurb for it. But the trailer… it looks like it could be really good. “Could” being the operative word, of course.

    • Banne says:

      I saw the pilot for Mob doctor, I didn’t think it looked good at all. Surprisingly it was actually good

  26. vech says:

    The mob doctor seems cool. Other than that nothing, just two new girl wannabes and the usual cop-superhero routine

  27. Cash says:

    What’s up with Jordana Spiro’s face in some of those scenes? She looks like a post-facelift 50 year old. Were they trying to roughen her up to separate her from the sitcoms she’s known for or what?
    Pull back, makeup department, pull way back.

  28. murley says:

    the mindy project looks great. i will definitely be watching.

  29. seb says:

    The Following has a real sense of the scream trilogy, kinda seemed like williamson obviously is using a few ideas he never was able to in the screams, But it looks very good hopefully its not to procedural considering its only gonn be in 15 ep seasons.

    The Goodwin Games looks like it has potential and i trust the writers of How i met your mother. Ben & Kate looks sweet and funny.

    Mob doctor looked better than i thought it would but still not my kinda thing.

    Anyone else think that after all this Buzz about the dreadfully named Mindy Project, It just looks like a mindless rip off of other ideas from like scrubs, bridget jones, and random spouting of tv & movie references to be just randomly quirky but not in a well smartish way like new girl?? which disappoints considering the cast and guests look good but she’s kinda annoying.

  30. PFitzDC says:

    Count me in to try Goodwin Games. The rest? Eh….

  31. Josh says:

    did i miss WHAT in the mindy project trailer WASN’T awesome? i was cracking up.
    the following looks great s well.
    the goodwin games and ben & kate look promising as well.
    The Mob Doctor….well let’s just say that it would be more at home on NBC which seems determined to forcefeed us crap this year…except for Revolution which does look undeniably awesome

  32. Patricia says:

    Everything looks really good except the last one looks a little ehhh. The Mob Dr and the following look great I love Maggie Grace. The second one looks cute I have no idea who those people are except Lucy Punch and the Mindy project looks Awsome.

  33. DreamRose311 says:

    Arg! Why are the best ones mid season shows?!?!?! Fox! Fix it! NOW!

    Seriously, Following and Goodwin Games look miles above the rest…

  34. Christina says:

    Why is The Goodwin Games being held for mid season. It was the best trailer on this page.

  35. Joe says:

    Goodwin Games looks so much better than I thought.

  36. Diz says:

    I’ll try The Following, Goodwin Games, and Mob Dr., the vid for Ben & Mindy didn’t work for me.

  37. John says:

    Yeah, out of the batch the Goodwin Games looks to hold the most promise. Mindy Kalling is annoying in huge dosages, and I don’t know if I can take her in every scene. Nice to see Anna Camp, but she looks to be set up as a friend with kid.

  38. cjeffery7 says:

    goodwin games looks pretty decent. mindy kaling looks like it’ll sink or swim depending on mindy’s chops, not unlike zooey deschanel on new girl. mob doctor looks pretty standard and ultimately boring. i am SOOO not interested in serial killers. dexter is enough of that kind of thing for me.

  39. S says:

    Goodwin Games looks sweet but I dont really understand how it will last? The dad is dead so they’re just going to keep playing games every episode? That’ll take a while…But I’ll watch because I ADORE Becki Newton

  40. Jill says:

    Will not be watching any of these shows. Now House is done Fox is done for me.

  41. Babygate says:

    Looking forward to The Following (agreed that it needs a better title) and The Goodwin Games (although I think Scott Foley is wrong for this part). The Mob Doctor just seems all kinds of wrong conceptually (although the acting is very good) so I will pass. The Mindy Project that is being lauded by bloggers already looks like a bad British comedy. I don’t get the humor at all. Maybe it should be on NBC where mediocre comedies (Parks and Rec excluded) can live. Forget about B & K. The Tuesday ‘comedy block’ for the Fall just looks bad, in a horrific, bound-to-fail, don’t-even-bother kind of way. Raising Hope is way down and even New Girl that started out with a bang ended with in a sorry whimper. Add to that another two, even more inferior comedies and you have F-A-I-L written all over it. I hope it won’t be too late when Fox finally decides to show its most promising offerings mid-season. Fox needs to regroup. They are leaning too much on AI and now X-Factor and with declining ratings and quality it won’t be long before they go the way of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The only difference is that ABC has built a brand with different shows, FOX relies solely on the signing competitions for their ratings and they are doing nothing to build a solid, lasting brand. Without the competitions Fox would be one short step ahead of the CW. Even the most popular scripted series, Glee, teeters around the 2.5 to 2.7 demo. That’s not good Fox. But, whatever. I guess I can focus on what the other networks have to offer, and then, there’s always cable.

  42. Jessica says:

    Not actually a fan of many FOX shows just New Girl but this line up looks great all three comedies look funny especially The Mindy Project (is that its final title btw :S) and The Following looks really good and quite creepy!

  43. Sue says:

    Mob doctor Ben & Kate and the following!

  44. flutiefan says:

    the “Ben & Kate” video says it’s private? what gives?

  45. jon says:

    Mob Doctor – meh
    Ben & Kate – video marked as Private, could not view
    Mindy Project – thumbs up
    The Following – thumbs down
    The Goodwin Games – thumbs up – but tone down Becki Newton – a little goes a long way in anything she’s in.
    Big winner – The Mindy Project

  46. bad kevin says:

    Grades for Fox’s new Fall shows: The Mob Doctor = C-. The Following = C. Ben and Kate = D+. The Goodwin Games = C-. The Mindy Project = B+.

  47. Meredith says:

    Ben and Kate looked so sweet. Warmed my friggin heart!

  48. Banne says:

    The Following is a very good show
    Mob doctor, better than you think
    Mindy – not sure yet

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