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Demi Lovato Officially Lands X Factor Judges' Gig: Does She Have the Experience for the Job?

Apparently, there are plenty of parallels between having “the X factor” and being a formerly troubled Disney star.

On the heels of news reports confirming erstwhile Mouseketeer Britney Spears will join The X Factor panel, Sonny With a Chance star-turned-pop-diva Demi Lovato will also take on mentoring/judging duties when the reality singing competition returns to Fox this fall.

Fox president Kevin Reilly would neither confirm or deny the Spears/Lovato reports, but the buzz is that both will make appearances at the network’s upfront presentation in New York later today.

Hiring the 19-year-old Lovato appears to be a play by executive producer Simon Cowell to court a younger demographic for The X Factor than its genre competitors The Voice and American Idol, whose respective youngest judges are 31 (Christina Aguilera) and 42 (Jennifer Lopez).

Still, a couple of huge questions will loom over Lovato’s new role: First and foremost, does the “Skyscraper” singer really have the musical experience and knowledge to successfully mentor a quarter of the show’s Season 2 finalists? Compared to her cohorts on the panel — Cowell, producer/label chief L.A. Reid, and Spears, who’s sustained a pop-music career for almost two decades — Lovato’s résumé is as light as beaten egg whites. Secondly, can the young star hold up to the pressure of live television? In November 2010, Lovato checked into rehab for “emotional and physical” issues, and has publicly stated that her recovery remains a daily, ongoing process.

Bottom line: Lovato’s presence on the panel could draw some new (and younger) eyeballs to The X Factor, but I’m not convinced she’ll prove a long-term asset to the panel.

Lovato and Spears are joining X Factor after an inaugural season that scored decent ratings that were nevertheless considered a disappointment relative to the amount of hype and press the show received. As a result, executive producer Cowell fired judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, plus host Steve Jones, earlier this year.

What do you think of Lovato joining X Factor? Do you think she’ll be up to the task of giving constructive, concise feedback to musical hopefuls on a live telecast? Take our poll, then sound off below!

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  1. Josh says:

    The thing is..she hasn’t exactly hit it a big. I didn’t even know who she was until her rehab thing.So now, I don’t exactly think she makes a good judge since she hasn’t really had a career yet. She was a Disney manufactured product and not to sound cruel but she failed at that in the end, crumpling under pressure.

    • Joseph says:

      I was also like WTF who the heck is Demi Lovato , but seems she has a ton of wins and award nomination related to award shows for teens.
      It is my wish to stay current guessing it makes sense for a teen to judge other teens.

  2. Who is she going to MENTOR?! The over 35 group? Jesus Christ. They may as well have gotten Rebecca Black for the job.

  3. Reese says:

    I’ll be watching to see if she goes off the deep end when Cowell starts arguing with her. I guess that’s the point, right?

  4. Al says:

    It’s hard to really know. When Cheryl Cole joined XFactor UK back in 2008 people were wonder what she really had to offer because of her youth but she brought a new life and energy to the show that wasn’t there previously…. So I’d say that it’s best to reserve judgement!

    • raftrap says:

      I reserve my judgement, but I’m still hoping for a last minute miracle return of Cheryl Cole, guest judge stint or at the very least judges home appearance, I just wanna hear that accent all day.

    • Rock Golf says:

      The difference is that Cheryl Cole had gone thru a similar on-screen process with Popstars in the UK, and her band Girls Aloud not only won, they’d had 16 consecutive top ten singles on the UK chart by the time Cole joined X Factor.

      By comparison, Demi has had one #9 and one #10 hit on the Hot 100.

    • JC says:

      The Cheryl Cole comparison doesn’t really hold up. She was about 25 at the time she joined the show, so 6 years older for a start, plus she’d also been in the girl band ‘Girls Aloud’ for 6 years before that, had recorded multiples albums, tours, had numerous number top 10 singles, she also had the advantage that she could relate to the contestants as she also found fame on a reality singing show (Girls Aloud won ‘Popstars the Rivals’ in 2002). Demi doesn’t seem that credible a choice to me. She’s not that big a start and unless they producers have agreed beforehand to assign her the girls or boys, it would be embarrassing to have her mentor the over 30’s or the groups. If Simon wanted someone younger, a better choice would have been perhaps Miley Cyrus.

  5. Marc says:

    I think I speak for all of America when I ask two questions:
    1) Who?
    2) Who cares?

  6. Esaul says:

    Well. They do have me interested to see how she does. At least there isn’t anything negative about Demi Lovato. Sure, the lack of experience is a bit of a set back, but she may surprise us all. It’s worth checking out. I hope she does well.

  7. Aerilyn says:

    If American Idol can use Miley Cyrus as a mentor and Joe Jonas (I think it was him) as a guest judge, then X Factor can use Demi Lovato as their 4th judge/mentor. I don’t see any problems with that. Demi has proven her talent and skill, so she is at least creditible to give out advise to contestants. I’m actually really curious and interested to see how she does as a judge. More so than I am about Britney Spears.

    As for her rehab thing awhile back, she went into rehab by her own choice to fix her own issues that she decided to deal with. She has a level head on her shoulders and knows when things are becoming too much for her. I don’t think she would have taken this job if she knew she couldn’t handle it or wanted to spend the time doing something else. Plus, you can’t say her rehab issue will get in the way, when so many other celebrity judges have had their own slips and issues in the past as well.

    Demi has a HUGE following though and a large fanbase, so no doubt it’s going to attract younger viewers to the show. I actually find it ironic. The [young] female artist who sung “Skyscraper” will now be sitting next to LA Reid, the man who thought a 40-something-year-old woman sang “Skyscraper” after Drew performed it last year.

    • chif says:

      This is exactly what I wanted to say but you’ve just beat me to it. I don’t think she would’ve taken the job if she wasn’t in a place to handle it and who knows man? She might surprise us. Let’s just see how it goes.

    • I think Micheal needs to realize that her album is named Unbroken (2011) for a reason. She is a hard worker and I think you are going to like her because I bet she will end up being the most relevant judge we’ve seen in a lonnnnnngggg while, on XFactor or Idol.

    • tripoli says:

      Don’t kid yourself. Her issues are not in the past. She has been to rehab more than once, this year alone. It’s fairly well known that she is still struggling with major drug, alcohol, and emotional issues, but is surrounded by people who are more interested in keeping the cash flowing, than really helping her. This will be a train wreck for her.

  8. I disagree .She DOES have the musical experience and knowledge to mentor other people . She already released 3 albums in which she wrote most of the songs . She’s a musician and she worked with the best producers/musicians out there ( timbaland , ryan tedder or john mayer ) . She also has work ethics thanks to her previous career on disney channel . Her musical knowledge is also incredible . And last but not least she has the TALENT : she can sing her butt off ( never lip synched EVER) , she ‘s a talented songwriter and she’s a great musician ( piano , guitar and a little drums ) She’s got it all .

  9. Mike says:

    Demi Lovato is probably the most talented singer in that panel now. She’d probably win X Factor if she were competing. She HASN’T had any big hits, however. But her latest single IS taking over the radio — finally. Well anyway, I think she’s extremely talented and quite qualified to find a talented singer. She’s probably a better household name that Nicole Scherzinger, quite honestly.

  10. connie says:

    I think Demii is an awful choice. I dont even know if Britney is going to work out. But Britney has a lot of hits under belt. And a whole lot of experience. Demi not so much. I am going to give x factor a shot. If not i am sticking with Idol

  11. Spike says:

    cant imagine her sitting next to Simon judging people older than herself. AWKWARD

  12. Look Demi is very talented do not get me wrong, but she has not been in the music business for very long. Her first album was released in 2008, which proves that she does not have a lot of an experience. Also, I am a bit concerned for her health. Being a judge for a TV show can be very emotional and if you make one wrong decision you can get a lot of hate mail for that. Even Nicole had a hard time being a judge, she was always crying and in the end Rachel Crow got eliminated and many people were not happy. She went to rehab and I think it is too soon to be a judge. She is going to get a lot of attention and I really hope she can take it in. Someone like Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Carole King, someone with a lot of experience should of been a judge who can give advice. Not some girl from Disney who is 20 years old with little experience. Sorry but this is my opinion.

  13. T says:

    Bow did this happen? How do you throw around names like Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston and then settle on two psychos from the house that Disney built?

  14. Thr99 says:

    hey mike,
    I don’t think it is fair you mention her health problems because any person has them as I am sure Spears, and I have them… I also don’t think she has had more troubles than Spears. Moreover, she is more talented that Spears. Spears never learned to sing only to dance, and lately she can’t even dance well. I understand you think Demi is too young for this job but please do not try to make her look as total lack of talent person because she is not.

  15. Ryan says:

    I think Demi Lovato is the most talented of all the Disney stars. She has the strongest voice and writes the best lyrics. However, she only has one single that most people know – “Skyscraper.” She’s a star among youth but, on a larger scale, she’s just as qualified for the role as Nicole Scherzinger (who I’d also say can sing really well – although her “band” is as talented as…well…it’s not talented – but has even less star power than Lovato). Then again, she’ll be judging alongside Britney Spears, who hasn’t actually sung a song herself in a decade, and they’re replacing Paula Abdul, who hasn’t had a hit since the 80s and was known for being a dancer. So, on one hand, I think Lovato can draw in a bigger audience for the relatively weak “X Factor” and I think she has a large amount of talent (vocally) but I’d hardly say that she has the “X Factor,” since she’s so young and practically unexposed compared to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez (who are less talented than Lovato, in my opinion) and only made it big because of her involvement with Disney. It’s a wash for me. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how she does on the show itself.

  16. Lew says:

    What the hell? She better be up for one of the host positions because if she is really a judge then Simon and FOX have completely lost it. She doesnt have enough hits or experience making it big in the industry to mentor the next big pop star which is what the x-factor is suppose to be looking for. If this is true..then this is such a big let down.

  17. Mark says:

    I can’t stand Demi Lovato. I won’t be watching X Factor if this rumor is true. I was excited about Britney too :( Shame.

  18. KSM says:

    Lame. She doesn’t even have any songs on the radio. How can she know what it’s like to have the X Factor when she herself doesn’t have it?

  19. Miley says:

    What a horrible choice! First not everybody knows who she is. Second its like having Rebecca Black judging the panel. She doesn’t have the experience to do this job

  20. Rolfe says:

    I think Demi is a decent choice. Of course bringing in another mega star next to Britney Spears would be unrealistic. Could their budget really afford another $15 Million star? And I’m sure Britney’s camp doesn’t want someone HUGE sitting next to her. Britney is the star of the panel.

    It remains to be seen if Demi can deliver as a judge, I’ll hold out on judgement.

  21. David says:

    The concept of a lightweight like Demi Lovato judging other singers is hysterical. Simon wanted a Mariah or a Whitney or a Janet or a Beyonce. And he expects his audience to settle for Demi? You’ve got to be kidding. This cements it for me. I will be sitting out season two.

  22. Ken says:

    Actually, she might be a pretty decent host. Judge? I think she’ll be terrible.

  23. mahomed mather says:

    Poor choice, I think they should of brought in Justin Timberlake. I am not sure how much of an appeal she has to the key demographic audience that networks are after.

  24. So are they adding a new snort cocaine and slice yourself with razor blades elimination round?

  25. hr says:

    TERRIBLE CHOICE unless youre going to have an under 18 category in addition to groups, male & female over 16 (eliminate the old folks..after all last year had Drew Rachel Astro)..& that would be a huge way to attract youngins. Otherwise seems like th X means BIPOLAR FACTOR..lets hope for live tv meltdowns! WHAT @ THE MALE*FEMALE HOSTS? I hate new judges…Brit NEVER sings live so she can teach then @ lip synching & autotune. Demi is not a big superstar with a lengthy career..shes most inexperienced judge on any of these!!! Maybe at least LA Reid will now recognize her song. LOL

  26. Bobbi says:

    This is making it so easy to cut down the singing shows I watch! Stopped watching The Voice before this season even ended. Hated the first season of The X Factor and the only thing that would have brought me back was a decent judging panel, since no other show has one. I really wondered if I could do it when I heard Britney was on the show, but Demi Lovato? No, thank you! Looks like Idol is the only one left and it is treading on thin ice!

  27. hr says:

    Like others said Demi might do ok as the cohost. Her judging & mentoring seems like an SNL skit

  28. Mary Beth says:

    She’s a lightweight who shouldn’t be subjected to live TV, and I can saw those annoying Lovatics (sorry if your a Lovatic but some of your fans are just annoying especially from Brazil) And this could be Ellen DeGeners on Idol all over again.

  29. matt says:

    Demi was their next choice after the three year old from Modern Family. The only difference…the three year old has singing talent.

  30. raftrap says:

    To be fair I still remember Demi Lovato’s appearance in “The Soup” some time ago, never seen or heard anything of hers (except last season when Drew sang her song), but I think she’ll do fine, Nicole set the bar real low so at least the first 5 minutes of bombastic judge introductions will be fun. That being said, and until the upfronts official announcement, I really really hope that Cheryl Cole returns.

  31. Sam says:

    2 things: 1. Being a good mentor is not always about experience.
    2. 1999-2012 is 13 years. That is not “almost two decades.”

  32. mercedes says:

    First, Demi Lovato seems like a nice enough girl but the 3 times over the years I heard her sing live on tv, she was awful. Lots of screeching and missed notes. I’m sure she sounds a lot better on recorded stuff with autotune and all. As for Britney – here is a woman who is not allowed to buy a candy bar without 2 conservators signing off on it. I don’t think she’s at all well, or as well as everyone is making her out to be. If she can be a judge on live tv, why is she still under a conservatorship. Seems like 2 bad choices. These shows keep doing the same thing, find someone with some kind of name/notoreity to jump start the ratings. That only gets you by for a couple of weeks. Rather they should be finding someone who can intelligently and credibly judge talent. You have the Voice where Aguilera feuds with a contestant, won’t go back to XFactor, and since Idol has become the JLo (watch me hump my boyfriend) show, I’ll be giving up on that too.

  33. connie says:

    There is so much more talented stars that Simon could have went with. Hell i would have preferred Leann Rimes. But not Demi

  34. JASon says:

    SHe doesn’t have enough experience. They should have gotten Selena Gomez instead. J/K. I don’t think she can handle the pressure of this show!! I mean Nicole Sherzinger almost had a meltdown when she had to send home that weird girl who fell on the stage bawling last year. Demi will probably be cutting herself with the razor she cuts up her coke with within a year. They should have gotten Katy Perry. She is a true star!! I know people will say Katy is too busy but really I bet it’s not that much of a time committment and she could get on a shcedule where she records her album during theX factor season and tours after the Xfactor season. Great promotion for her albums and would jeep her in the public eye during downtime between tours. ANd hey she could always use another 10 million a year. Or they should have gotten Courtney Love to add some rock cred to the show. Hasn’t SImon realized that the formula for Idol is too take contestants from every genre. LAst year was 80% RNB with virtually no Rock Acts and no country acts. THat is the main reason the show failed!!!

  35. Bob says:

    She can’t be any worse than Spears!

  36. JASon says:

    Is there anyone on the panel Fez hasn’t banged yet?

  37. bad kevin says:

    Britney & Demi are becoming the next Paula & Nicole… on crack. :-( :-(

  38. Mick says:

    When comparing Demi to Nicole she is not so bad, but when comparing her to the rest of the panel Demi is kind of a lightweight. Who I worry about more is Britney Spears on LIVE television oy vey.

  39. Mick says:

    This might be random but I would rather have seen Latoya Jackson in that 4th seat.

  40. dan says:

    I’ll take Demi over Nicole any day. I’m certainly interested to see how she does.

  41. Artemis says:

    I don’t understand judging choices like Spears or Lovato. Obviously they’re not being chosen for their singing talent, as they have none. They have name recognition, but they’re not particularly big names. Spears’ best days are definitely behind her, and Lovato has always seemed like an also-ran teen starlet compared to the Mileys and Selenas of that age group. She barely has a career outside of talking about her ‘recovery.’ What could someone her age possibly bring to the table? How is she going to mentor people with more life experience than she has and more talent than she will ever have?

  42. FreeHaley says:

    Might be smart, I’m under the impression the singing shows have had a rather fading audience for HS and college and early twenties, big markets, maybe he’ll be the show that brings ’em in really solidly again. Advertisers would love lack, record companies maybe too.