Fall TV Preview

NBC Fall Schedule Revealed: Community Moving, Smash Delayed -- Watch New Show Clips!

Community Season 4NBC is the first broadcast network to unveil its official game plan for the 2012-13 TV season, and the biggest news regarding returning shows is that Community is relocating to Fridays at 8:30/7:30c where it will follow Whitney. Also of note: Smash is being benched until midseason and The Office has formally been renewed for a ninth season.

Among new fare, the J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke thriller Revolution has landed Smash‘s plum Monday/10 pm time slot after The Voice, and the Matthew Perry sitcom Go On will be paired with Ryan Murphy’s comedy The New Normal on Tuesday.

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On tap for midseason, in addition to Smash: new cycles of Celebrity Apprentice, Fashion Star, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers and The Biggest Loser; new comedies Save Me, 1600 Penn and Next Caller; and new dramas Do No Harm, Infamous and Hannibal.

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All told, the NBC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details. Scroll down farther for clips/trailers from all of the new dramas/comedies:

8/7c The Voice

8 pm The Voice
9 pm GO ON
10 pm Parenthood

9 pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8 pm 30 Rock
8:30 pm Up All Night
9 pm The Office
9:30 pm Parks and Recreation
10 pm Rock Center with Brian Williams

8 pm Whitney
8:30 pm Community
9 pm Grimm
10-11 pm Dateline NBC

Encore programming

7 pm Football Night in America
8:15 pm NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (Post-football/Winter 2013)
7 pm Dateline NBC
8 pm Fashion Star
9 pm The Celebrity Apprentice
10 pm DO NO HARM

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Are You There, Chelsea?, Awake, Bent, Best Friends Forever, Chuck, Free Agents, Harry’s Law, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and The Firm.


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    • Kate says:

      Friday and after Whitney! They want it to die. Community deserves better.

      • They could have cancelled it, they didn’t. Be grateful. This is their way of saying, “this is the final season of Community, enjoy it while it last, and please don’t hate us when we have to cancel it next year.”

        I love the show (mostly), and even I can’t believe that it got another season, so I’m extremely happy just for another year to wrap everything up.

      • Nadine says:

        Yeah, kiss of death Friday. Let’s hope networks soon take into account all the DVR/online viewings. Product placement is fine by me, please find a way to make Whitney and Community worth pursuing (yes, I think Whitney is a funny well-written show).

        • mike says:

          they do take those things into consideration but people watching it live on tv is a lot more important

          • Kathy says:

            Only if you have a Nielson box — and since most people don’t, watch whenever you want.

            When the hell will the networks abandon the flawed ratings system for something that actually makes sense? The sample is too small, and too heavily weighted in favor of the young (attention, America — you don’t stop spending money after you turn 50).

        • drdjr24 says:

          I agree with everything u said…the nets MUST start taking into account DVRs and online viewing.They MUST keep up with the times.I watch all my shows on my dvr and Im sure direct tv and dish can make these numbers available to the nets…also I LOVE Whitney and I hope more people watch next year

      • claudio says:

        it’s the same treatment Chuck received last year: fifth and last season on friday night

      • KevyB says:

        Most shows deserve better than following Whitney! This is like Last Man Standing/Cougar Town. Two different shows, only one funny.

    • Alice says:

      And how, how in god’s name did Whiney get a full 2nd season?

    • illinicubbies says:

      if they followed community with a show like Last Comic Standing, or just a Stand Up Comedy hour. I think Friday could really thrive. I don’t think Grimm and Community make sense together. but at least now the Big Bang and Community crowds dont have to compete…love both shows

      • jasin says:

        I think they would have been better off putting Harry’s Law on Friday’s after Community. Harry’s Law was very funny but had it’s serious side as well. Maybe it would have been better to do Whitney- Community- Harry’s Law- Grimm,

        • Jeff Laffel says:

          Harry’s Law was terrific. They could have moved it anywhere on the schedule and I would have followed it there. So much garbage and they drop this fine show. Figures! Probably would have been saved if a Kardashian was playing Harry. The powers that be at NBC dropped the ball with t
          his one.

          • Stuart Engel says:

            I agree, Jeff. I don’t know your age but NBC treats the over 50 crowd as non-existant. I guess that 8 million viewers don’t mean much to them. I’ll bet that most of their new dramas don’t even reach that viewership. NBC will regret cancelling Harry’s Law.

          • Joyce Griffin says:

            I agree, I hate investing my time with NBC. I liked Harry’s Law it lasted two years, generally NBC doesn’t let a show gather an audience. I liked Prime Suspect and poof it was gone, then the Firm and now Awake. You get interested in shows & NBC pulls the plug. Good acting & interesting plot doesn’t make it at NBC. I hate that.

          • Janet Nelson says:

            I agree with the comments about the over 50 crowd! I guess the younger generation doesn’t have the attention span to follow these shows story lines.(Harry’s Law and The Firm) My husband and I hope NBC reads these comments and reconsiders -or maybe a cable station or Direct TV will pick them up like they did with Friday Night Lights!

          • A stephens says:

            I agree also. I love Harry’s Law and I enjoyed Prime Suspect. Kind of tired of Law and Order
            SVU. They seem to be stretching for stories now.

          • ED says:

            Absolutely, Harry’s law was one of the 3 or 4 good shows on NBC. I think the enity responsible for the NBC fall schedule is a left handed orangutan with right handed pinking shears or has bad aim when throwing darts. I hope his/her mother crawls out from under the porch steps and bites him/her when he /she gets home tonight. Harry’s Law had many more saving graces than the simple minded idiot entertainment provided by their situation comdies.

        • Kathy says:

          Once again, the over-50 crowd is shown how little it matters. We’re the ones with the money, but we get the back of the nets’ hands again. Harry’s Law had storylines that engaged your emotions as well as your brain, but since the eyeballs watching were deemed to be too old, the show was canceled. Stupid move.

          CBS did the same thing with A Gifted Man and Unforgettable — the viewers were too old, even though they were numerous. Stupidity, again and again and again.

          • AlanSaysYo says:

            Harry’s Law engaging your brain is a joke. It was just a platform for its writers to clumsily and overtly promote their opinions on social issues, and dialog was painfully unrealistic. Even Kathy Bates seemed to be mailing it in most episodes. The cookie-cutter plots were one-dimensional, which may be why the over-50 crowd enjoyed the show so much… they recognized the plots from the 80’s.

          • Kathy says:

            Gee, Alan, did you ever think that maybe some of us agreed with that social agenda? And thanks for the ageist insult. But that’s okay, son — you’ll be old too one day.

    • Dryden says:

      Well, Fridays have much lowered expectations, especially for NBC. If Community manages to hold on to most of it’s current audience it’ll actually look pretty great in that spot.

    • Amanda says:

      Yesterday I was just joking with someone about it being moved to Friday after hearing about the short-season pick-up. And it’s true!

  1. Martina says:

    just parenthood & SVU on NBC for me next season

    • Martina says:

      oh btw when I click on REVOLUTION it opens at The Neighbours on ABC

    • Kathy says:

      For me it’s SVU, Grimm, and Smash (and way to go, NBC — midseason again. By the time January rolls around, people will have forgotten about it).

  2. rachel. says:

    any word on “The Sing Off”? is it going back to its 5-week format (please please please)?

    • Margaret says:

      no word yet, i hope it comes back as either a summer show or a winter one like it used to be, the fall experiment was not a success.

    • Martina says:

      I read that it was cancelled along with fear factor & who do you think you are

      • tarc says:

        Zap-2-it says Sing Off, FF, and WDYTYA were cancelled today by NBC, but I doubt that Who Do You Think You Are was cancelled – it’s got good ratings on Fridays and it’s dirt cheap to produce (plus, it’s heavily subsidized – commercials plus ancestry.com embedded). It’s also weird that this announcement came on a Saturday. I don’t really believe that.

        • crazytoledo says:

          Shouldn’t be that big of a surprise considering:

          – NBCs upfronts where at 9 in the morning on a Sunday
          – Renewals and cancellations for shows have been ‘announced’ all over the clock as of late

    • GMom says:

      Oh I hope The Sing Off isn’t cancelled!!! It’s the only “talent/singing” show I plan to watch!! It is SO good!! But, of course, I’m over 50 so what does NBC care?

  3. Smigglesby says:

    It’s almost as if NBC likes being in last and they want to get beat by the CW. NBC, you are a colossal joke, and this scheduling only confirms that.

    • crazytoledo says:

      NBC is a mess but how is this an example of it? Community’s ratings were dropping all season and they’re just as likely to drop going into next year. I think the mindset is to try to put something else on Thursday that will post better ratings (since Thursday is one of their biggest programming blocks) and Community didn’t fit in anymore as it’s been dying and is on it’s way out. Also works because you put a proven name to see what happens on Friday, Grimm managed to do pretty well for NBC on Fridays and CBS has done well enough with CSI: NY and Blue Bloods on the night.

  4. Jay says:

    Oh god. Why is Brian Williams show coming back. It’s been consistently getting less than 1.0 in the 18-49 demo. This is madness. Then Thursday night is all existing comedies (which besides The Office have horrendous ratings). God knows why Up All Night was renewed. And SVU at 9pm. They’ve tried that so many times before shoving it back to 10pm due to falling ratings. Have to admit though that I am kind of intrigued by the Friday experiment with Whitney and Community.

  5. PhillyWings says:

    Typo — two 8pms on Friday.

  6. Emma says:

    If Fringe stays in its current time slot, I will be having the best Fridays ever. Community and Fringe! Sucks that they are putting it into a death slot though.

  7. leigh says:

    Thank goodness for the DVR or I would never watch community on Friday.

  8. Paul Rose Jr says:

    Seriously? They put Rock Center on Thursdays at 10?!? I thought they cancelled it already! No wonder NBC can’t break out if the doldrums if they insist on crapping on Must See TV night with Brian Williams.

    • I totally agree that it is a waste of a good timeslot, just seems like cheap filler til they have another show ready. Seems like NBC had a horrible pilot season but had nothing hardly to bring back

      • crimtv says:

        NBC’s Thursday at 10pm, is no way a good timeslot anymore, Prime Suspect, The Firm and Awake died there this season. NBC have kept Rock Centre there because it’s cheap and consistent (even though those consistent ratings are low). What’s the point of airing a more expensive new show on Thursday at 10, just to cancel it and then start a new show and then cancel that!

  9. Isaac says:


  10. KMeng says:

    Sad that Grimm didn’t improve timeslots…

    • crazytoledo says:

      Think of it as Blue Bloods syndrome. Simply put, a different time slot off of Friday would mean it’d need considerably better ratings versus harsher competition and would likely see it cancelled. However, on Fridays it found it’s niche and was able to do pretty good.

  11. Scott says:

    Ya mean the 2012-13 season

  12. Kelly Bruce says:

    Its disgusting that Awake has been cancelled. It was the best new show we’ve had in a long time.

    • Dana says:

      I agree! I hope they at least wrap it up satisfactorily so we find out what was really going on – I predict he’s actually in a coma and neither reality is real; but would love to get a final wrap up just the same.

  13. PhillyWings says:

    Very weak schedule — when 30 Rock, P&R and Community all get cancelled after next season, I will have ZERO shows on NBC.

  14. anik says:

    Community on Friday? It will be 30 Rock final season, why is it not on Friday? (I love 30 Rock but I love Comunity more)

    • amy says:

      Agreed! If its the final season of 30 Rock, it should have been on friday instead of Community.

      • Benny says:

        Not only that, but Community did better in the 8pm slot than 30 Rock. It’s a death slot anyway against, American Idol and BBT, but MAYBE Community’s ratings will go UP on Friday and we can get a back 9.

  15. amy says:

    Ugh NBS is the worst. They Britta’d it again.

  16. houseboneslove says:

    I guess they’ve decided that Community isn’t getting another season. At least Fridays will have Fringe and Community.

  17. Andres says:

    Is NBC Drunk Why is Community in a Friday Times Slot.. Its a Death Slot

    • Kellie says:

      Grimm’s doing well on Fridays. That show is sweet! The best show that I have seen on NBC in a long time. I wonder why the hell they have it on Fridays though, since it is considered the worst night to be airing a show.

      • Paul Rose Jr says:

        It’s not a death slot. Community will work on Fridays for the same reason Grimm, Fringe & Supernatural work on Fridays – because they have a smaller, but LOYAL following. People who watch Community are liable to watch it anywhere. Meanwhile, people that don’t are exposed to something new that might pick up new viewers or to 30 Rocl, whose audience grows as more people sample it in syndication. I watch neither, personally, do I’ve got no dog in the race so to speak, but I understand their logic.

        • Kathy says:

          The sad thing is that Grimm, Fringe, and Supernatural are up against each other. Hello, networks? Every hear of counter-programming?

  18. Mikaylah says:

    Community could very well get moved to another night during the season, depending on how the new shows do.

  19. Jacob says:

    Whitney is Community’s lead in? Really?! It’s like NBC doesn’t understand TV at all anymore.

    • I know! The two shows are NOTHING alike. 30 Rock or Parks and Rec were way better combos with Community.

    • Kathy says:

      NBC hasn’t understood TV or its viewers (especially those of us over 50) for a very long time now.

    • Angela says:

      This is what I’m wondering, too. I haven’t seen “Whitney”, but I know it’s a pretty divisive show and doesn’t always get the best reviews. So if it’s still not doing well at 8, I don’t know how that will be a good way to draw viewers in for “Community”.
      Meh. Anywho, odd spot for the show to land in, but I’ll definitely be watching it no matter where it goes. Here’s hoping they can buck the “death night” trend and the move does wind up turning out well for the series.

  20. Julie (@CDNspnFAN) says:

    The Office is coming back? I’m surprised in a way. Ah well, nothing on this network for this girl so far… we’ll see when I get there in September…

    • Nadine says:

      Yeah, I’m surprised about the Office, it’s been all over the place. Catherine Tate, yes! Also, I don’t like how the camera is Jim’s new “Pam”, with Pam looking wistful in the last few eps. Their rocking relationship is a staple of the show. Not the main focus anymore, but their exchanged looks should still be solid.

      • shelly says:

        I couldn’t figure out what was seriously off with their dynamic this year. You just said it. The actor who plays Jim used the camera as his “new Pam.” He completely leaned on body language to convey what he use to show with solid exchanged looks. Just check out Season 7’s Christmas episode where Jim & Pam give each other gifts. You can see what a big difference one year made!

    • Kathy says:

      About the only new NBC show I care about is Chicago Fire. I have zero interest in a drama about Hannibal Lecter.

  21. josh says:

    Morons still watch the Office but wont give community a chance? its sickening how they treat this show if they put it after the office or after a program people actually watch some people would like the show. plus it starts syndication soon and shows always get more followers from that.

    this is just stupid.

  22. jen says:

    hmm, Tuesday night looks good! so grateful “parenthood” was spared!

  23. Geoff says:

    Any word on the “The Munsters” reboot?

    • According to Wikipedia it’s called Mockingbird Lane named after the street they live on and they took it off the schedule to give more attention to the show and it will premiere in 2013

    • Ken says:

      Isn’t it called Mockingbird Lane now? I haven’t heard anything new about it lately. I assume it’s either for midseason or fall 2013.

  24. S. from A. says:

    NBC clearly doesn’t deserve Community…

  25. Becca says:

    Every season I end up watching less and less NBC. Only Parenthood and Parks & Rec for me this year!

  26. ggny says:

    launching a show midseason DOES NOT WORK. Why do networks keep thinking this works?

  27. M says:

    That’s just cruel to community……

  28. So is Fear Factor coming back mid-season again?

  29. Jason W. says:

    WHY is NBC putting ‘Law & Order: SVU’ BACK on Wednesdays 9PM/8c?! That is just foolish right there when they’ve done that before TWICE and had to put it BACK to 10/9c! Parenthood should have moved to Wednesday and chuncked SVU back to Tuesday at 10. I watch both and I’d rather see Parenthood on Wednesday!

    • Deena says:

      THANK YOU! If they want to leave SVU on Wednesday, fine. But why are they moving it back to 9:00?!?!?!? This network continues to baffle me.

      • Audra says:

        I was wondering the same thing!! SVU doesn’t work in the 9PM slot. They use it like a back-up show. It’s like they sit back and say, whatever show doesn’t work in the 10PM slot we’ll just put SVU there.

    • Kathy says:

      Because they keep making the same failed moves over and over again. They fail to learn from their mistakes. Then again, that’s exactly what I expect from TV programmers. Geez — my dogs are smarter than the average network exec.

  30. Alex says:

    Can we begin a formal complaint petition? Please?

  31. Andrea says:

    Only “The Voice” for me (and Smash when it returns). Unless some of the new shows have previews which actually look good. Which is doubftful.

  32. k says:

    The Voice is going to be on in the fall? That soon? It just finished. I’m over it if it’s going to air that soon. Maybe I’ll watch the auditions when they air on E! over the weekends.

    • misha says:

      I don’t get why networks do this with reality shows, viewers need a break in between seasons. It’s why so you think you can dance lost so many viewers

    • forrest says:

      Just to early for the voice. I hated the judges choices through most of the ‘eliminations’ so it’s a ‘ no ‘ for me. One less thing on NBC for me. No procedurals or comedies, so that must mean no NBC for me. Not another J.J. Abrams tryout either, so no again. bye!

  33. Malcolm says:

    One word to describe this schedule: Britta’d.

  34. vissy says:

    So smash got a 13 episode pick up? :( I was hoping for a full season :(

  35. Angie says:

    I looked over the list and realized that Community is the only show I even watch on NBC anymore. I’ve tried sticking with the Office, but that show really needs to be put out of its misery. Oh well, I will watch Community on whatever night it’s on.

    • Danilo says:

      That’s what NBC is going for. If they moved a show like Parks or The Office to friday, they would lose the fan base. i am starting to think that NBC knows what they are doing. The Hiatus made the ratings go up, and compared to other Friday night shows, Community’s ratings will look great. Here is to praying for a back 9 pickup =]

  36. Martin says:

    SVU at 9pm, really??. When has that ever worked.

    Four nights of comedy, NBC. Really??

    Are they trying to see which comedy nights sticks or something, i feel the only reason they are doing comedy on Friday is to stop or harm ABC TGIF chances if it happens.

    My reaction while reading Thursday, yeah 30 Rock final season so might, MIGHT, have few extra eyeballs but why put Up All Night on after it, that show will not get past 13 episodes and if it does, shame on you,NBC. Shame on you.

    The Office is obviously going to stay at 9pm and it really should be but probably won’t be its last season, Parks and Recreation kinda makes sense there especially if this is The Offices last season, P&R is probably the most likely of the returning comedies to be on the schedule in 2013/2014.

    Rock Center with Brian Williams, a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! – Priceless. Maybe NBC thinks it is 42 days ago or something….

    add it up, people.

    • rycki1138 says:

      Moving Law & Order SVU to 9 pm is a bad idea. When they moved it to 9 pm when The Jay Leno Show was on at 10 pm the rating for SVU went down and even the stars of the show were complaining that it should go back to 10 pm. When Jay Leno’s 10 pm show was cancelled they moved it back to 10 and the ratings did better. Seems like NBC never learns from its mistakes.

  37. Martin says:

    Also, while i think The Biggest Loser will get the Voice Monday slot, if NBC tries to program two season of The Voice a year, they are idiots. It will fade pretty fast.

    • Deena says:

      Yeah, I am confused my this. Two seasons in a year is pure overkill. Only thing I can think of is they wanted to air it in the fall so it can get all the focus on it’s own away from Idol in the spring.

      I just hope Fox moves Bones back to Thursdays because I can’t do The Voice, 2 Broke Girls & Bones all on the same night.

  38. Tim says:

    Worst schedule I’ve seen in quite a while. And why must we wait for Smash until January? Also, I know “The Voice” is a hit, but don’t you think two rounds a year is a bit much?

  39. MichaelS says:

    NBC may have made a good decision with Community on Friday’s. I smell a full season, a final one unfortunately. Please move 30 Rock to Friday..They are desperate with having the voice on year round, I smell a death sentence with this show being on year round.

  40. TMW says:

    I’m glad that 30 ROCK is on for fall and not midseason this year. I really missed their Christmas episode last year.

  41. Mitholas says:

    Not that I have anything against The Office, but out of all the shows on that night, that’s the one that really has run its course. Community deserves to be on that day. If it gets canceled because of this, I hope fans spam the hell out of NBC.

  42. Emmalee says:

    another new 10:00 monday show? nothing can compete with castle!

  43. A.J.P. says:

    Look at it this way, NBC knows 80% of Community’s audience doesn’t watch live anyway, and airing it on Thursday instead of Friday will make not change that. I’m glad we’re getting a fourth, and most likely final season. #4seasonsandaprettybow.

  44. This says:

    I’m glad Grimm is staying on Fridays. I don’t know how well it’s hold up on a weekday…

  45. M says:

    SVU is not a 9pm show. But now it is going to have to compete with American Idol, Criminal Minds and Modern Family? Are you kidding us, NBC?

  46. jasin says:

    Right now I only have two shows I watch on NBC – Parks and Rec and Parenthood. Was only at three prior with Harry’s Law. Though NBC is frustrating in the way it makes it’s schedules and in it’s cancellations- most networks are. I’ll hold off on judgement of new shows until I see previews or read real reviews. it’s hard to commit to a show when I know the network will yank it immediatley uf the ratings aren’t there. Revolution and Chicago Fire sound promising.

  47. TV Gord says:

    It’s ridiculous to say Community is in a death slot. It’s still alive! I swear some people just HAVE to find something to complain about. I’m pleasantly surprised that the show hasn’t been cancelled, so I’m grateful to NBC for keeping it alive for another season. My glass is half full!

  48. JBS says:

    Community is getting what it deserves. It sucks and if it had been on any other network, it would not have lasted past the pilot. They should be thankful that NBC is desperate.
    Quite frankly, it can now die a slow, painful, friday night death.

  49. Ashley says:

    “Community” and “Grimm” are an odd pairing, but at least the only two shows I watch or will be watching on NBC are on one right after the other so I don’t have to waste my time flipping to it on any other night. I mean, really, why are they trying to squeeze another season out of “30 Rock” or “The Office” in those better (or at least familiar) time slots when NBC should have the foresight to nuture the greats shows it has that aren’t long in the tooth.