CBS Renews CSI: NY, Cancels CSI: Miami, Unforgettable and Others; Rules Still on Bubble

CBS made call on all but one of its lingering “bubble” programs on Sunday, renewing CSI: NY for another season while pulling the plug on 10-year-old CSI: Miami and the freshman programs Unforgettable, Rob and NYC 22.

A decision has yet to be made on the Eye’s last “bubble” show, Rules of Engagement.

UPDATE: CBS reversed its decision on Unforgettable and renewed it for a Summer 2013 return — albeit with some cast changes.

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Of CSI: Miami‘s 10-year run, CBS said in a statement, “[It] leaves an amazing television legacy – a signature look and style, global popularity and as a key player in CBS’s rise to the top over the past decade. We thank all the producers – led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ann Donahue — and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons. Viewers around the world will continue to enjoy rebroadcasts of CSI: Miami in syndication and on key digital platforms for many years to come.

Check TVLine’s always-fresh Renewal Scorecard to see which shows are renewed, and which… aren’t.

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  1. Chloe says:

    Unforgettable is cancelled too.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

      Yep, added.

      • I’m so disappointed. They renewed 2 and a Half Men but couldn’t give Unforgettable one more season to find its footing? Now I’m never going to have closure and figure out who killed Rachel. Lame CBS. Super super super lame. Ahhg. Why do all my favorite shows always get cancelled? Any chance it could get picked up by another network Matt?

        • Would be great if either USA or TNT could pick it up

          • TJCrinc says:

            i vote USA. they do great with shows like this. ill miss unforgettable if it doesnt come back.

          • smidnite says:

            My dream scenario:

            Unforgettable and GCB on Lifetime
            The Finder on USA
            Harry’s Law on TNT

          • isabel says:

            Please pick up unforgettable someone !! Its a great show I cant believe they are not renewing it sooo sad!!!!

        • After watching it the other night I’m starting to think Carrie killed her and doesn’t remember it. That cop she “thought” killed him was trying to protect her.

          • KLM says:

            I agree that the writers were eventually going to have it that Carrie “accidently” killed her sister and blocked it from her memory..and her boss..her former love interest was going to eventually figure this out and would “hide’ this revelation from her and his superiors..would have been a nice twist to this back story…and YES,,ridiculous that this smart interesting show is cancelled..My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it…it had a great ensemble reminding you of Without a Trace..another show that in the end was treating unfairly by CBS…I guess when your BIG you can be selective and crush shows that other networks would love to have..I’ll say it again..NBC or ABC..or even Fox should look at picking this show up..shoot even TBS would be fine!!!

        • Dotti says:

          I know loved unforgetable!!! I feel exactly the same way…grrr CBS!!!

          • marge watts says:

            I loved Unforgettable. Now what am I going to watch cable news?

          • Alfred, I dont think CSI MIAMI will be back for a few more seasons & David Caruso & the other cast members have got other jobs now & for you & the rest of us, do you actually realize how they feel not being able to play in the BIG HIT show anymore?? Cherie.

          • I am so very sorry Dave, but CSI MIAMI got cut very short, so if you want please depend on DVD”s Seasons ! to 10 as now David Caruso, Eva La Rue & the others are doing other jobs acting & whatever.

        • Jennifer says:

          I completely agree. Two and a Half Men stinks since Charlie “departed”! Ok, you made your point. You think the show can go one without Charlie, but joke’s over! Cancel it already!!

        • JW says:

          I agree, totally lame of CBS. 2 1/2 Men sucks now…. and they kept it??? I loved Unforgettable, it was a great show, the list of things I do watch on CBS is getting smaller and smaller!!!!!

          • Kathy says:

            I’m down to The Good Wife, NCIS, Big Bang, Person of Interest, The Mentalist, and Blue Bloods. I haven’t seen their upcoming shows, so I’m not sure if any will appeal to me.

          • Manny says:

            Unforgettable was a really good show. How can you kill a show without bring closure to it? Sister killer should have been resolved.It should have come back with the ratings that it was getting. On other hand Two & Half Men should have been taking in the back and shot. Who in his right mind would keep a nut job like Allan in his house. Allan has gotten bad. Feed him to the sharks. The son isn’t cute anymore Glad he went to army. Rose is gone.This show should have been cancelled.

          • I am so very sorry Patricia I think they cancelled CSI MIAMI because of budget cuts. To make you feel better, there are DVD”s so you can watch David Caruso[Lieutenant Horatio Caine] Eva La Rue & cast all over again. I have got all Season 1 to 10 & watch them when I feel like it.

        • Scott J. says:

          Asolutely ridiculous not renewing Unforgettable. I admit most of the shows on CBS are pretty darn good but this was a very boneheaded decision by someone. The ratings were perfectly fine for any show (except on CBS I guess) and it’s extremely disappointing we won’t get closure on the backstory. Again, a rare misstep for the Eye in recent years, and believe me, it is a serious misstep! Many people I know will be very disappointed to find this out and most won’t take it as well as the folks on this forum.

          • carey wallach says:

            really enjoyed it . I hope someone else picks it up

          • Laura Turpan says:

            I am very disappointed with some of the changes on CBS. It is one of my favorite stations. I too, will miss Unforgettable. I loved the cast, and the premise of the show. I believe it was a bad move. Maybe you can bring it back in the spring. I agree with most that they should cancel “Two and a Half Men”. I can’t wait to see Charlie Sheen in his new show “Anger Management”. He’s got his dad as a safety net and probably guest appearances from his brother. 15 episodes. Let’s hope he succeeds!

          • John Wesner, I do believe they will not cancel CBS as they don”t care about CSI MIAMI or stars like David Caruso, Eva La Rue. Let me tell you they will just keep going no matter what happens as they are the ones still making money & at least the cast are now in other shows. Cherie.

          • I am so very sorry to the 80 year old & everyone else, BUT CSI MIAMI is not coming back, so I am afraid you like myself will have to watch DVD”s on the show thanks to CBS producers for making us pay. At least once a month I see David Caruso-Horatio in action & he is the man who got me very interested in the show in the first place. Cherie

          • I am so very sorry Linnie but CBS producers are not thinking about us & as far as CSI MIAMI goes, I think it was the budget side of the BIG HIT show why this got cancelled in the first place never mind CSI N.Y. I dont like the lead actor, but CSI MIAMI stars David Caruso, Eva La Rue & other cast were excellent at their roles I felt. Cherie.

          • I do agree Lieutenant Horatio Caine[David Caruso] did look excellent the way he was very nice to people & he was my favourite actor on CSI MIAMI & I do have some of the films/movies he has starred in with other stars as well.

          • I know they had to cancel CSI MIAMI so soon after they said the show would go on, I think it was budget cuts on Season 10 & I bet David Caruso[Lieutenant Horatio Caine] Eva La Rue & the other cast members were very upset & they all wont forget this in a hurry. At least I know David has got a job acting in a film or some sort, I am not sure of Eva & the others. You have to know where to look.

        • Chris says:

          I killed Rachel, Allie. I did it, I did it. haha. I loved that show too and can’t believe they dumped it after one season but even more shocked they canceled CSI Miami without a final episode.

          • CSI MIAMI SEASON 10 & 1 episode short “eh” stupid CBS producers, yes all they think of is themselves & not us fans & viewers & to cut it like they have & whats the rush, 11, 12, 13 & 14-then we would have been happy & all know where we stand, but to do that, no thought about the people who work on the set David Caruso & the rest of the cast. My oh my CBS producers haven”t heard the last of me YET..

          • well we know where their brains r where they sit……….I believe

          • CBS producers want to thank all the people behind CSI MIAMI, a bit too early don”t you think, I do agree with Chris. David Caruso & the rest of the cast had a really excellent job to do & 1 episode cut, that would be right a very good show & that”s it. CBS producers really think of themselves & they suck as far as I am concerned.

          • I have always been a HUGE fan of the very popular show CSI MIAMI, axing this show was very upsetting for me as I don”t watch the all the crap that you CBS producers produce, I have always believed that rating’s play A BIG PART in a t.v. show like CSI MIAMI, also without the rating’s what have you got at the end of the day, so all you people at CBS should take note of all the fan’s of this very popular show, at least David Caruso & Eva La Rue & the other cast member’s have got other acting job’s now, not like CBS producers-I think if you don”t watch it-some of you I hate to think of who will lose their job’s, in my opinon think before do & THINK OF OTHER PEOPLE OTHER THAN YOURSELVES.

          • It”s a shame CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & the rest of the cast is not on anymore, at least I have got David”s movies/films to watch from time to time & CSI MIAMI once a month-thank-you very much, BUT it”s not the point though, I AM VERY ANGRY with CBS producers as it is & I think a lot of viewers & fan’s will agree. I know CBS producers are not saying anything because they are on other shows.

          • I really DO feel very sorry for Eva La Rue who starred in CSI MIAMI along with David Caruso, the exclusive interview with her as she said & I quote:- we didn”t have a chance to say goodbye & she mean’t to the other cast member”s & I know CBS producer”s know what I am talking about here, I am not stupid & they know only too well what the rest of the fan”s & viewer”s are feeling right now. Didn’t I tell you people at CBS that you haven”t heard the last of me YET & I really mean”t it. While I am at it, why not cancel the rest of the CSI show”s & The Mentalist plus Criminal Mind’s as on this show I have just mentioned I think the lead actors of both The Mentalist & Criminal Minds are creaps. My favourite actor is David Caruso-Lieutenant Horatio Caine & favourite actress is Eva La Rue, so now you know. Cherie

          • I noticed CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & cast was on at 10.30 p.m. Monday 28/01/2013 & I know it was a repeat & I wonder how many people stayed up & watched it ? I guess in a way the most popular show on earth was cancelled when it was, BUT it is not the point though, I still miss the show. I am ever so glad David Caruso, Eva La Rue & the rest of the cast have got other acting job’s, so please you people at CBS production’s LEAVE THEM ALONE, thank-you very much. Cherie

          • Now that the major networks are showing so much crab this season I’m happy to pay for cable…..who needs “reality” shows who cares who can sing or lose weight,,I have my own problems I don”t need anyone elses……Survivor is one of the worst shows on tv so is Person of interest who is that ugly guy anyway Little twerp

          • They are continuing CSI N.Y. because the show has the New York building, huh that is THE MOST SICKIN-ING excuse I have ever heard in a long time, excuse me you at CBS production, what about on CSI MIAMI the building”s & the shoreline”s on the most popular show with I need to remind you all David Caruso & other cast who worked very hard on the show & I do believe other , .fan”s & viewer”s will certainly agree with me on this one. You think of it, you cancelled THE WRONG SHOW. I thought I would add my feeling”s & thought on this particular email to you. So now you know. Cherie.

          • So CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & cast has been cancelled for 1 year & a few week”s now, CBS producers how do you like that. Not really worth watching any t.v. only news & current affairs & that sort of thing these days. I still don”t know what you people are doing with all of these excellent shows. No wonder I watch DVD”s now. Cherie

          • I believe they cancelled CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & cast because the budget was getting out of control & I know with Raquel Welch as guest star in the last episode, she was very expensive to hire as it was. Like I said before VERY GOOD SHOW”S are VERY HARD to come by & a whole lot of crap on t.v. now. Cherie

          • I am sorry to say Misty CSI MIAMI got cancelled in May last year & yes CBS producers are very selfish indeed. A very excellent show I must say. Cherie

          • I am so very sorry to Thomas Embrey, but CSI MIAMI will not be 5 more seasons & I dont know what CBS producers are thnking either & I was very disappointed when the show ended when it did, so we all I suppose have get used it. DVD”s are excellent & when David Caruso, Eva La Rue & cast were on, some times the show was on late for some reason or other. Cherie

          • I am so sorry Kevin & all out there, but CSI MIAMI is done & stars like David Caruso, Eva La Rue are & have been acting in other shows, so we all had better get used to it & watch DVD”s. Cherie

          • I do miss CSI MIAMI & I dont believe for 1 minute that CSI NY is taking over from MIAMI & I do miss David Caruso, Eva La Rue in the show as well as the others, but we all, maybe have got DVD”s if you can afford them as I have got Season 1 through to 10. Cherie.

          • Yes Donald, I know Lieutenant Horatio Caine[David Caruso] really cared for people & with love as he was, you can see him & Eva La Rue also the rest of the cast on DVD on the HIT SHOW CSI MIAMI any time. Cancellation is budget cuts for the most popular t.v. there was. Cherie.

        • Karen Walker says:

          Unforgettable was an amazing show, where are you getting your ratings from I know at least 25 of my friends watched it faithfully . Please reinstate or another network pick it up.

        • bob z says:

          Reality shows are cheaper to produce! Everyone wants to make a fool of themselves,& receive “Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame.The public has no choice

          • I agree with Barry, but only with CSI MIAMI as the show has no cast either & I know the show was cancelled in May last year, maybe because Raquel Welch was TOO EXPENSIVE to hire in the last episode & 1 episode short I notice. I shall be buying SEASON 10 when the DVD comes to Australia. Cherie.

          • Lucky I have cable I no longer watch the big 3 so sick of america’s got talent and all those ridiculous reality shows..who cares

          • So very sorry to say Kirsten, but CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & cast & for you Jonathon Togo who played Ryan Wolfe has unfortunately gone, but there are always DVD”s for all of us to see from time to time. Thanks CBS producers for the sudden short-cut of the very popular t.v. show. Cherie.

        • gigi says:

          100% agree with you… Unforgettable is one of my fav. they should have cancelled 2 and a Half Men..^*^

        • Faye says:

          I agree

          • To you who have emailed for the t.v. show CSI & the others, I think CSI MIAMI was the HIT SHOW OF ALL TIME as far as I am concerned with David Caruso & cast in it. The ratings were outstanding I agree on that particular show indeed. Cherie.

        • Johnna says:

          I agree! Can’t believe they are cancelling Unforgettable. Two and a half men is just plain stupid anymore. If I had young children they would definitely not be able to watch it. Hope they reconsider this decision.

        • sydney says:


        • saivani says:

          I agree. I just discovered it and want some more of Unforgettable

        • i fully agree with u..i never watch 2 and a half men nor those stupid reality shows…unforgetable was one of the best……..

        • Mrs. Peele says:

          Unforgettable wasn’t ‘raunchy’ as 2 -1/2 men – I stopped watching ‘men’ because it was getting out of hand. ‘Unforgettable’ could have been given another shot.

      • Marcia Padgett says:

        You have cancel the two shows that I look forward to look at on Sunday and Tuesday night are you taking off CSI on Thursday also?. It is sad that something perfect is now being messed with for no reason and that sucks now, I have to find something else to do on those night.

        • Ron says:

          We so agree. Csi miami was the only csi any of us watches anymore. No one likes ny or csi since danza joined. Now only ncis until they get rid of it. Sad really. Just crap on tv nothing people want to see just what people dont like. Who chooses these things anyway?

          • mwelsh says:

            I agree – I can’t stand CSI New York but always looked forward to watching CSI Miami. The problem was that they changed it from Monday night to Sunday Night when the football games were on. CSI Miami was always pushed off to late Sunday night at 11:00 or later due to prolonged football games which is most likely why the ratings went down for them. If you have to work the next morning your certainly would not stay up at 11:30 to watch another one hour program. Bring the show back to Monday nights for us all to enjoy once again.

          • vspence says:

            I so agree, CSI Miami is the best one out of all the CSI, I am totally disapointed with CBS. I will not watch the other CSI.

          • CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & the cast in the most popular show on this planet & no more show’s, really I just can”t believe it & so very upsetting & Ron I am going to argee with you & all the rest of the fan”s & viewer”s. CBS producers don”t know how many of us are really upset & VERY ANGRY this has happened to the VERY BEST t.v. show ever & all the cast have done a most excellent job in their acting career”s as well. Cherie

          • i agree with u too much crap on tv who cares about reality shows…dancing with the stars..PLEASE give me a break who cares,,,,who cares about survivor not me I LIKE A GOOD STORY…THANK GOD FOR LIFETIME AND LMN…SCREW THE REGULAR NETWORKS……nOW WATCH THEM TAKE OFF CRIMINAL MINDS

          • I think CBS producers cancelled CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & other cast members TOO SOON & I think a whole lot of other fan’s & viewer”s will agree with me, we all really enjoyed the most popular show on this planet. I do completely argee with Ron, no wonder I watch DVD”s now, only new’s & Today/Tonight & A Current Affair & a few good movie”s. I am really surprised CBS producers still have their job’s-hmm, we all wonder how they do it & you people at CBS production’s, you are very lucky I don’t swear on-line, yes I can if I want to, but I choose not, why because this is on air where everyone can see this, that’s why.

          • I bought CSI MIAMI SEASON 10 yesterday being Wednesday 16/10/2013 & the cast lead by my favourite actor David Caruso & favourite actress Eva La Rue didn’t look at all happy & no smiles at all. I wonder why, yes the show was cancelled TOO EARLY. Cherie.

        • I agree and hope that someone else picks up CSI Miami that was my fav. one. I will miss it.

          • Leslie says:

            I absolutely agree that CSI should NOT be cancelled. i don’t care what day or time it would be on, I’d watch it. It is one of my favorite shows and I do not, for the life of me, know why it was cancelled. I hope CBS is reading all these comments.

          • David Jermea says:

            Yes I Agree C.S.I Miami is The Best of all of Them. It is the only one i Watched and the only one i will ever watch again. I really Hope someone else picks them up.

          • CSI MIAMI was my favourite show as well Brandy & I think as well as a lot of people, the very BEST show with David Caruso & the other cast members. I will miss it as well. THANK GOD for DVD”s. CBS producers are nut’s, crazy as I am concerned. Very Kind Regard’s Cherie

          • Alexis says:

            CSI miami was my favorite, i’m only 13 but have watched all 10 seasons on netflix i cried when i found out it was taken off tv. i realy hope they put it back on, i will forever miss you CSI: Miami!!!

          • Cindy Guenther says:

            I agree with all the other fans of CSI Miami. I loved that show and dvr it all the time since I was always at work when it was on. I am very sad it has been canceled. I hope another network picks it up too. I hope David Carouso wants to make more episodes.

        • Nikia white says:

          I agree! CSI:Miami was.awesome. Horratio had a.great role hate to see it go!:-(

          • On CSI MIAMI if Lieutenant Horatio Caine[David Caruso] wanted to have his head to one side or the other, why not that’s the way he does it. Cherie

          • CSI MIAMI last night Thursday 22/11/2012 repeat & final show ever, no repeat for Season 10 “eh” & I am talking about next year here, I feel like other fan”s & viewer”s ripped off if they don’t show Season 10 repeat”s, THANK GOD for DVD”s & I am so very glad David Caruso & Eva La Rue & the other cast member’s have got acting job”s else where, serves CBS producers right-should think of other”s before themselves. See I said CBS producers haven”t heard the last of me YET. Cherie.

          • Kathie says:

            Perhaps Horatio had to leave for another film offer. I am sure he would have been bored by now and to bring in a replacement would not have worked just as it did’nt for 2 and a half men.

          • On CSI MIAMI, David Caruso & cast. CBS producers never knew when they had it so VERY GOOD on this MOST POPULAR show & I do agree with all of you & this will haunt CBS producers for some time to come-let me tell you- CBS producers should have thought about us viewers & fans & not about themselves, that”s what I think anyway.

          • i agree with you…we know where their heads are at and they’re not on their heads,,they are somplace where the sun don’t shine…what do they think the IQ level of the american public is….. some of the greatest shows are written by Dick Wolf

        • Dane, you have your opinion”Aye” & I have got mine, so please hear me out on this one. CSI MIAMI with David Caruso & the cast was the very BEST show of all time as far as I am concerned & I don’t give a care to CSI New York or the other’s, so why not cancel them as well. I have noticed on E Bay I think it’s CSI NY is in the 11th Season for sale, be about right wouldn”t it JUST. Yes get rid of all the VERY GOOD cop show”s while they start to get VERY INTERESTING & leave the crap on t.v. I said it before & I will say it again, THANK GOD FOR DVD”s. Cherie.

          • Yes cherie ..I agree with u on csi Miami but I also love csi ny I love good cop shows….. but the a– holes of these networks want to take our happiness away… show golden boy sucks……I want a show that has a beganing and an ending within an hour…not an ongoing series like chicago fire…and golden boy….I love shows by Dick Wolf and Jerry Bruckheimer . I don’t know where their heads ( the ceo’s)…oh nevermind…. I Know where they are up their butts… The show csi ny has their season finale in March……really now..March……the networks can take their reality show and shove them up their asses

      • Alicia says:

        I can’t believe they kept Csi: ny but not Miami… Does ny really do better for ratings?? I love Miami so much more than ny or Vegas:( this really saddens me;(

        • pth says:

          i feel the same as you do — they keep csi ny and take off miami off which is much much better –i’ll never watch csi ny —don’t like it —

          • donna says:

            i mlike csi ny….csi miami is only my second choice….of course i do not like flordia at all!!!!! i would like to see unforgetable on!!

        • aisha says:

          I think NY are much better that Miami.. I think miami is lame and predictable..and the characters are flat lines.. have the same reactions ..

          • Mary says:

            not true

          • Alexis says:

            Csi ny is bad. csi miami rocks when my friends and i get a hold of those producers….. I want anoter network to pick it up for at least 1 season just so they can say goodbye and calliegh and eric can be offically together!!!!!!!

        • Cholly says:


      • Leslie B. says:

        I started losing interest in CSI Miami two seasons ago. Got tired of the Horation and Delko show. Being on Sundays didn’t help at all, never knowing when the show would air due to the sports. I didn’t watch The Good Wife, so I didn’t stick around to find out. I find CSI:NY infinitely less annoying outside of it’s own bad time slot on Friday anyway. Unforgettable seemed to be asking for trouble from the beginning imo with it’s own name. That said, I will miss the show which was anything but forgettable imo. I really wanted to know who killed Carrie’s sister and see her happy. I am 43, sorry if that is too old for advertisers to be interest. So stupid!

        • Alicia says:

          I liked Miami more but barely watched it cuz I worked late on Sunday’s and couldn’t dvr it bc dvr’s don’t recognize when a show is delayed due to sports. The sports thing was annoying I’m assuming that is why it struggled with ratings. :(

          • Carole Martin says:

            I agree with all of the comments made about cancelling Miami csi and
            unforgetable. You stuck Csi Miami on Sunday night and it was always pushed
            back because of the Sports. People have to go to work on Monday morning and
            stay up all night waiting on one of their favorite shows to be shown. You
            leave some of the stupidist shows on your network and cancel shows that have
            some of the dumbest stories and actors in the business. Get on the ball and
            get these 2 shows back on the network. Stop playing around with thinking
            are watching such shows as your so-called comedy shows. they are all full
            of very bad language and references to subjects that do not belong on prime
            time television. We want CSI MIAMI and UNFORGETABLE back on the lineup for
            the fall schedule.

        • j.williams says:

          i have watched miami csi from the beginning put it back on monday or thursday and everyone will be csi–ncis–ncis,la..csi,ny..persons of interest ..good wife,.ALL time great show csi los have the best line up ,,don,t MESS WITH PERFECTION…note unforgetabe was a good show…..

          • Laura says:

            Get rid of CSI: Miami but keep Survivor and all those other joke shows? Two & a half men is now a fluke since Charlie left, give CSI: Miami its time slot! BIG mistake canceling CSI: Miami & others…

      • I was very disappointed when they canceled CSI MIAMI and they left alot of other shows on. I enjoyed watching the CSI team work together and when it really started to get even better it was canceled. When we ( the people ) that enjoyed CSI MIAMI know if USA or TNT will resume the show or pick it up. I think they could have chosen some other shows to cancel instead of this one. Comment by W.. Johnson

        • The so called big 3 networks have their heads up their ,,,,, they are no longer the big 3..thank god for cable they think they are the big 3 but I have news for them….there are other stations out there

    • Martina says:

      apparently Rob has been cancelled as well

      • smidnite says:

        No loss.

        • Bibi says:

          I love these shows! I am so sick of CBS bad calls!!!

          • B. O'Connor says:

            I couldn’t agree more, they need to give Unforgetable a chance. Keep crap like survivor and the like and cancell something peopl actually want to watch. If csi Miami had hot chicks like charlies angels you can bet it wouldn’t be cancelled.

    • HRG says:

      Unforgettable won its times lot almost every week. What more do they want from a good show. For those of us who liked this show, it will be missed.

      • smidnite says:

        CBS has been spoiled by their overwhelming success across the board. When most of their shows do win their timeslots; they still have to drop shows in order to make room for new programming. One problem with Unforgettable was that a large chunk of the fan base was over 40.

        • Walrus says:

          One thing that makes no sense in the demos… I’ll turn 45 this Friday. I guarantee I make more money and have more disposable income than almost anyone in the 18-30 age bracket. Their loss more than mine.

          • smidnite says:

            Happy Birthday! According to TPTB, you still have four years of value left. ;-)

          • Scott J. says:

            Right you are. We are not a “favorable” demographic for any network but we do make the most money. As for giving that money to the “favorable” demographic 18-45, they get none of mine. I spend it on me, so networks, it’s time to notice us “Baby Boomers” and “Matures.” Seriously, do you think for even one second you would be the “most watched network” without us? First Unforgettable, then CSI MIami (a whole lot better than CSI New York, as most of the world would attest to)…this makes no sense. Who’s making these decisions?

        • Shein Die says:

          …the networks want a young audience but it’s the older people watching who actually HAVE the means, have the MONEY to buy their products!!!

          • smidnite says:

            Hopefully one day they’ll get it.

          • Suzanne says:

            I agree with you. However, younger people are more prone to impulse buying. Most of us in our forties are more cautious and spend more discriminately. I had no interest in buying the first “generation” iPad because I knew that the 2nd and 3rd versions would be better.

          • i agree with u completely,,,,,,,, who has the money to buy the products..not the younger people

        • Joni says:

          What is wrong with that??????

          • smidnite says:

            Advertisers only care about viewers between the ages of 18-19; with those of us over 35 considered less valuable.

            CW aims most of its programming to people under 30; while TNT appreciates the older viewer with shows like The Closer and Leverage.

        • Jennifer says:

          What does age have to do with it? The older group is more loyal than the younger generations! The younger audience is too busy going out and playing!

          • Sara says:

            Because the 18-49 demo is more likely to spend money on products advertised. About 4 or 5 years ago, Grey’s Anatomy was able to charge $419,000 per commercial, compared to only $248,000 for a commercial during CSI, despite CSI having almost five million more viewers on average. Friends actually had similar ratings to Murder, She Wrote but was able to charge 3 times more for ad space. Glee and The Office drew fewer total viewers than NCIS during the 9/10 season, but earned an average of $272,694 and $213,617 respectively, compared to $150,708 for NCIS

          • Kathy says:

            This is a flawed argument. Can an 18 or 23-year old go out and get a loan for a $45K car on their own? My husband and I (ages 61 in June and 57 in July, respectively) did just that last summer. Do they have the credit rating to get a brand new iPhone on their own, or do they have to rely on mom and dad’s cellphone account? How much of a new college grad’s income is going toward paying off loans, and how much is going to go toward fun purchases?

            Talk about the younger demos all you want, but the 50+ viewers are becoming more numerous every day. Alienate us at your own peril.

          • Sara says:

            You’re really missing the point. The demographic is 18-49, not 18-23. And advertisers don’t care if you can get that car or phone on your own. They care about who actually PURCHASES the item. It doesn’t matter if you have a co-signer or you’re on someone’s contract, the average person between the ages of 18 and 49 is infinitely more likely to spend money on items being advertised on television.
            You brought up the iPhone. The average iPhone user is 32 and has a household income of $100,000 or more. The study that produced that result went on to state that iPhone users are not only younger than those who use other types of mobile phones, but they’re wealthier.
            The 50+ demo historically spends less because it’s people who are seen to be socking away more for retirement and those on fixed incomes. If they were the ones who were actually purchasing things, talking about them on social media and creating buzz about them… well then advertisers would flock to them. BUT THEY’RE NOT.
            And for what it’s worth, I’m 36 and didn’t even have to take out a loan for my car (Which cost over $45K.). Bought it outright. Same thing I’ve been doing since I was in my early 20s. Most of my friends also either own their cars outright or were able to secure loans just fine on their own… and have been since they were in their early 20s.

          • ipadlover says:

            I am 53 and I have a laptop, an Ipad and an iphone. My nephew is 25 and working and only has an iphone. He wants an ipad but cant afford one. I also just bought a Kindle Fire for my mom who is 87 (she’s into gadgets). So don’t discount those over 50 yet. We are still into modern technology and we have the means to purchase them.

        • Kathy says:

          Yes, because people who age out of the 18-49 demo stop spending money the day they turn 50.

        • Suzanne says:

          Yeah, they cancelled Without a Trace and Cold Case even though both of those shows had good ratings (something like 10 million viewers). The problem? Like Unforgettable, the fan base was “old”.

          Not going to miss the horrendous acting on CSI, though.

          • Scarlet says:

            That’s ridiculous. I’m 16 and I’m in LOVE with Cold Case. A lot of people really like the show. *Sadness* I hate that tehy canceled it. Kite and lilly will never get back together nor will we find out how things go with Christina and Saccardo.

      • Unforgettable was starting to get ridiculous near the end. Like that guy killing himself all in an attempt to FRAME Carrie. Really?? Was she all that special to kill oneself over?

        • Carm says:

          He killed another guy who was pretending to be him, not himself.

          • smidnite says:

            He let himself fall off the bridge (into water) rather than be caught. Although it IS a pretty big stretch; other shows have had characters survive falls like that only to surface again…

      • ChrisGa says:

        I think a big part of the problem with Unforgettable was that, despite winning it’s timeslot almost every week(except when repeat episodes aired), it lost alot of viewers from the hugely successful NCIS block. If it had been behind a slightly less successful lead-in and won it’s timeslot it very well might’ve been renewed.

      • Patty Harmon says:

        I Love Unforgettable. I looked forward to it every week. They need to take a second look at this. I will really miss it!!! Maybe someone else will pick it up. If not I’ll miss you Poppy!

      • mrspapajohn says:

        Who would we complain to at CBS? – and – what stations could we write to asking to have them pick up great shows like “Unforgettable?” I believe that whoever makes these choices must be a biunch of nitwits.

    • KK says:

      Unforgettable was the ONLY show I watched on CBS. Bye bye, Eye.

      • marge says:

        I was also very surprised that CBS would cancel Unforgettable. I really enjoyed watching this show and the characters that were portrayed in this series. I do hope it will be picked up by another station.
        comment by mb

      • NYpianoman says:

        Agreed. The ONLY show on CBS. And I’m 32 – right in your target demographic, CBS.

    • grannygeek says:

      So the Tank-tops of Justice have joined the Sunglasses of Justice to amble on down the road.

    • Reta Abbott says:

      Really liked unforgettable. Makes me mad and sad. Why was this cancelled?

    • Teresa ross says:


    • I totally agree, Unforgettable is MUCH too GOOD to cancel. Of all the new shows this season, Unforgettable is one of the best. Please don’t cancel this show!

    • Is there anything we can do to save Unforgettable? With so many “junk” shows on TV, Unforgettable is one that deserves to stay on. Give it another chance, CBS, I think you’ll be glad you did.

    • rebecca says:

      Can’t believed he cancelled unforgettable, i really enjoyed watching that

    • carey wallach says:

      I cannot believe that they cancelled that show! it was very enjoyable!!

    • Sheryl Stokes says:

      I cannot believe that you saw fit to cancel CSI MIAMI. I have been an avid fan and never missed one episode of this outstanding series. Your fan base is very upset if I can vouch for my co-workers alone you would be amazed. Whatever caused you to cancel – maybe you need to rethink this. All the “family” on CSI Miami did an excellent job and I only wish I was going to have the pleasure of another year! CBS – you suck!

      • Cholly says:

        I absolutely agree! If they were going to cancel one of the CSI shows, why not NY? I mean, I like Sinise and all, but that show is just NOT as fantastic as Miami! I am very sadly disappointed…

    • Chrissy says:

      I was shocked to see you chose to Ditch CSI Miami just because you wanted more New York Shows. This was a good show and one of my husband and my favorites. You leave on garbage and then cancel the better shows.

    • Can says:

      I was so sure that one wasn’t a flop it had alot of stuff other shows were lacking for interesting points. All the shows i liked this year but 1 were cancelled. I’m so disappointed in the progaraming they continue to bring back. What ever happen to havning shows that had integrity, were for families, and did have stupid humor that’s been repeated in every dumb show out their. Guess i need to actually go watch the shows on GMC. Family shows always have the heart others lack.

    • faye says:

      You are making a mistake. If you remove all the good shows and or place them on cable, syndication or other wise you are bitting your nose off to spite your face. Not everyone in this country can afford syndication, cable and this just proves you do not care about your viewers.

    • RACHEL says:


    • kris says:

      So Upset !!!!! These People !!! Unforgettable Is My Favorite Show Can They Not See How Many People Enjoy IT !! Come On Give It One More Season To Get Its Footing……SO upset …..

    • jason says:

      csi miami is the best show why would u cancle that thats bullcrap im never watching this channel again a&e for csi miami here i come

    • Marie says:


    • Jack says:

      It’s all demographics. Not the quality of the show. Unforgettable was a good show with a good cast and an innovative idea to stand it alone from other “COP” shows.

      Some suit somewhere probably thought it didn’t meet the criteria to a certain demographic, blah blah blah.

      Bottom line is screw the audience, our people studied some computer program that told us that this and this and blah blah blah again. You get the drift.

      Quite disappointed in CBS. I thought they were better than this.

    • Alicia says:

      Hey guys!!! Unforgettable is renewed for SUMMER 2013!!!!!

    • Laura says:

      give CSI: Miami another chance! Dont make it at 9 o clock during FOOTBALL! what do you expect? but i watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE on iTunes! It may not have been watched by a lot of people on T. V. because of the inconveinent time slot, but it won many peoples’ hearts & was worth paying $1.99 on iTunes or buying the complete season possibly even at a store! If the other CSI’s made it, then wouldn’t it make sense that maybe, just maybe, something fishy was going on? give CSI: Miami another chance, and you will see the appreciation & high stats for the show!

    • Dawn Jacquay says:

      CBS,Is really making me mad, why dont they cancal the stupid shows and leave CSI MIAMI, and Unforgettable alone. Seriously, Unforgettable just started, CBS needs to give them a chance besides one season! Now fans will never know who killed the sister! THANKS ALOT FOR NOTHING! As for CSI MIAMI, give fans a heads up when wanting to cancal, so we are not left hanging from previous season. Fans of CSI MIAMI will never know what could have been. CBS, if your going to CANCAL A SHOW, DONT LEAVE FANS HANGING THINKING THERES GOING TO BE A NEW SEASON!!!!!!!

    • Liz says:

      Apparently Unforgettable has been picked up for a 13 episode season 2 running from 2013.

      … I really like the show and I am glad it will be returning, I don’t mind about the wait before it returns. I used to love the different CSI shows but I think their runs have been long enough. I think new shows need to have a chance to show what they are made of too.

    • Mary Jo Elwood says:

      I am very upset that they’ve cancelled CSI Miami!! It was doing great and I think it’s a great big MISTAKE to cancel!!!

    • heidi smith says:

      it is a disappointment for all the views that CBS cancel CBS Miami after all this years, beside this is such wonderful series, CBS will loss a lot in revenues and ranking, this is one of the best series. i hope they reconsider their decision.

    • Emma says:

      Unforgettable was good and I enjoyed the actors in it but to cancell CSI: Miami was a goof by CBS… the original CSI is failing and should have gotten the boot not CSI:Miami…

    • My husband and I can”t believe that you cancelled Unforgettable , and keep some of the shows That are funny to a point,and you could care less if you tuned in next week to see it. We would actually tape Unforgettable if we were going to be out when it came on. Thank you for allowing us to give our comment.

    • It’s ridiculous that these shows were cancelled…they were the best….cbs execs want the money in their pockets never mind to pay these talented actors…so they’ve decided to broadcast the less expensive reality shows so they can line their already golded coffers…let’s hope that another network like tnt will pick them up……tnt got me thru the summer…never watched any shows on cbs or nbc during the summer season…..

    • Terri Garrison says:

      I hate they cxled Unforgettable as well. I love that show. I think they just needed to find another time slot before cxling. CSI Miami – did not really stand a chance this go round – they were moved to the wrong night as well as competing with Under Cover Boss — I mean REALLY Under Cover Boss was terrible

    • larry says:


    • What on earth are they doing finishing up csi miami? The amount of rubbish that is on the tv at the moment the only relief from it is when they put on GREAT progammes like csi miami.
      Now they are taking that off?
      They should take off all these rediculious reality tv shows instead of great entertainment like this.
      Whoever made this descision needs there head reading,can we not sack them please and get someone who can make proper decisions,preferably what the public want not what they think that the public want.

      Get a grip programmers.

      • I agree…..most tv shows are plain and simply crap in plain and simple language..reality shows bore me to death…..who cares about survivor not me dancing with the stars oh please ,,,,,,,I do have a brain,,,,and I don”t have a low IQ so therefore I don’t have any interest in any of these crab shows…..Maybe these CEO’s should have their brains tested

    • Mark says:

      I have to say , as a season fanale I was very disappointed with the ending. I was expecting something more as it had been running for ten years. And it closed with still a lot of questions left un awsered .

    • Debbie Stefanides says:

      I was looking forward to the new season of CSI Miami. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, CBS decided not to renew it. It was one of my favorite programs to watch. Unfortunaley, a lot of the programming today is not up to good standards. Reality TV programs are a bunch of crap. Who wants to watch whatever in peoples lives that are staged or whatever. I am very disappointed with CBS. If they keep taking away programs we enjoy watching and replacing it with crap, then maybe I, along with others should just stop watching TV.

      • It’s a little late for this comment….notice that there was a csi NY finale in out……it’s next…as for reality shows they suck and are watched by people of lesser IQ’s….
        who wants to watch fat people or stupid people running around looking for clues…or that idiot on person of interest…I’d rather pay for cable

    • Kirstern, CSI MIAMI will not be back because of budget cuts & other reasons & David Caruso, Eva La Rue & the other cast members have got other jobs of sorts, just watch DVDs of the show & I know we are not very happy about this but I am afraid thats the way things are & that goes for all us. Cherie.

  2. Oscar says:

    Wow never thought that was gonna happen.

    • Chloe says:

      Yeah, was sure CSI-New York was gonna be the one cancelled. I think it was because Miami is more expensive to produce. New York will go next season I’m sure.

      • Gretchen says:

        Agreed. I thought for sure New York would be cancelled CSI. I enjoyed Miami, pure cheese. But good cheese, like a nice Gouda.

        • CSI:NY is much, much better than Miami, though. ALL the Miami cases had been exactly the same for like, two years? It gets old after a while. The only character I’ll miss will be Calleigh. Anyone else has been kissed buh-bye.

          • Mac says:

            I will miss looking at Delco. I like Miami better than Ny. I can’t get past Lt. Dan. One thing I found funny snout Miami was how the girls wore hi heels and white outfits.

          • ChrisGa says:

            While I find Caruso a fascinating actor and loved Jonathan Togo, that whole cast and the writing has indeed been on autopilot for several seasons now. I’d watch an episode and the way the characters were speaking and interacting it was almost like they got the script, chucked it, and just said whatever words came to their head. That said, most of the time I still found it the most entertaining of the three CSIs.

          • smidnite says:

            It’s Eva La Rue I’ll miss; has her other show been picked up?

        • AB says:

          Gouda? Hardly. More like cheese whiz.

        • Sue says:

          Or a creamy Brie. LOL

        • Alrisha says:

          It’s was about time. I couldn’t stand Horatio since… the beginning. Gary Sinesse is so much better actor, and the cases are way better. CSI: Miami looks so false and overacting all the time.

          • Sara says:

            Totally agree. And the storylines on CSI and CSI NY are so much better than Miami’s seasonal arcs where criminals either escape or are released and come after Horatio.

      • ben says:

        I was hoping very much for Miami to be the cancelled one – it’s had a better run than NY. The right result in my opinion, and the one I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for.

        • Shar says:

          CSI miami was definitely my fav . But; you can blame the writers and CBSs move to Sun. for killing it. CSI NY has some good plots; but uninteresting characters. If they could have only placed the NY writers with the Miami cast; WOW!! Even with DC’s posing. I will miss JT though; he is an exceptional actor and I expect to see him in something sooner than later.

          As for unforgettable; I watched it for awhile and then got bored. Sorry not my favorite. Another show with loose ends not tied up though.

  3. There are more things in Heaven and Earth…Horatio.

  4. Robert says:

    No, bad news. I’m from South Africa

  5. rick says:

    the quality of acting on TV just rose 50%

    • female_logic says:

      My thoughts exactly! Every McDonald’s clown can act better than Caruso.

      • Marii says:

        C’mon ! I’m sure you say so because you’ve never seen him in another role before. There’s no actor who could have created a better Horatio than Caruso did.

        • Belle says:

          AMEN – he is unique and i loved him and his character!

          • ChrisGa says:

            Agreed; he’s a very unique performer and his “acting” style is def in a league all it’s own.

        • female_logic says:

          I know his work from NYPD Blue – nice but nothing extraordinary.
          The same about the first two seasons of CSI:Miami. They were really fun. But then Caruso has turned into a wannabe-supercop and a good show had become a bollywood-ish crime soap.

          • Vero says:

            “wannabe-supercop and a good show had become a bollywood-ish crime soap”

            thank you, perfect description.

          • Sara says:

            I liked the show initially when they had Rory Cochrane and Kim Delaney. They balanced out David Caruso a bit.

        • Mary Jo says:

          I agree!!

      • jim says:

        well my friend, it looks like thats the end of the hummers and it sounds like the srt8 will be coming back in 2013

  6. Balaji K says:

    NYC 22 is cancelled as well.

  7. Annie says:

    Thank goodness! Over the last two or three seasons, CSI: Miami has featured some of the worst writing in television history. In my house, we watch it only when we are seriously bored and need something to laugh at.

    • AB says:

      And over the last 10 seasons, some of the worst acting.

    • Matthew Paul says:

      I dunno; the last season of Roseanne was a joke and the final episode was a huge middle finger. CSI Miami is indeed trapped in a formula but it was never so bad that it made me stand up and shout at the TV. For a show produced by Jerry Bruckheimer I am surprised it was as credible as it was.

  8. this is really sad news… can’t say how much i’ll be miss for H. and oth. :-(

  9. Amanda says:

    I enjoyed this show but I can see that it was time. My only problem was the fact that they waited until after the last episode had been taped and aired to give this news. Though they do this a great deal it is unfair to fans of any long term show to handle a cancellation in this way.

    • Gretchen says:

      That is a big problem with the way shows are handled nowadays. Not knowing if they will make it another season means that long-running shows don’t get decent series finales. I’d rather they make the decision that the top of the season that it will be the end rather than having endings aren’t meaningful. Just look at how Law & Order ended.

    • Marii says:

      I agree. That was the main problem. Whay did they have to make us wait all this time?

  10. Colleen says:

    That is a bummer about Unforgettable – but like Harrys Law, without a strong demo number it doesn’t matter how many are watching

    • Joy says:

      Unforgettable is a show I enjoyed and will miss. Such a good cast. :-(

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, the numbers don’t matter — because once you turn 50, you shrivel up, live in a closet, and stop spending money. I’m 57 — with a 6-month-old iPhone, a new blu-ray player, a new Wacom Capture tablet, a 9-month-old GMC Acadia in the garage, and there’s a new laptop in my near future. The only 18-year-olds who can match that are living off mommy and daddy’s largesse.

  11. Steph says:

    Unforgettable was such a good show.

  12. Nate says:

    Wasn’t Unforgettable one of the top new dramas for CBS?

    • smidnite says:

      Yes, and Harry’s Law was one of NBC’s most watched shows in terms of total viewers; BUT…

      Demo is everything. ;-(

      • Bob says:

        That’s right. You can have millions of over-50s watching a TV show, but if the 18-49 numbers are low, the show is toast. NBC was gracious last year in giving Harry’s Law a 2nd season. It didn’t improve demo-wise, so it’s history. What are the networks going to do now that all the official baby boomers are over 50? That’s a pretty large audience ($$$) to dismiss.

  13. flutiefan says:

    the only reason i don’t like the CSI cancellation is because the production brought a lot of money to the city of Long Beach, CA. yep, it was filmed on the opposite coast.

  14. flutiefan says:

    i thought all the commercials called “Unforgettable” the highest rated new drama??? was that not true or do ratings just not count anymore? [yeah. right]

  15. Cody says:

    So sad! Really likes this show.

  16. AJ says:

    CSI NY officially renewed, Rob cancelled

  17. Steph says:

    I loved CSI:Miami but understand why it has to go.

    I don’t understand at all why Unforgettable is canceled. I thought it was doing well for them? Plus it’s a fantastic show! It at least deserves a second chance!

  18. Lorie says:

    I’m a little surprised that Unforgettable got canceled.

  19. connie says:

    I am just stunned that unforgettable was cancelled. I thought they had pretty good ratings.I thought for sure it was going to get picked up. Very disapointed ;(

  20. Have to admit, I am happy about CSI NY getting renewed.

  21. Juliab. says:

    Very happy CSI/NY has been renewed.

  22. Elle says:

    Is rules still on? Oh jeez thought it had the decency to die when Til Death did!

  23. Dani says:

    It was always the one CSI I couldn’t sit down and watch, even casually. Too orange.

    • Billie says:

      That’s it exactly. From his ginger hair to the fake tans. Everything was orange. Oh, and the writing was bad. And the acting was worse.

  24. Balaji K says:

    This means only one (Person of Interest) out of their 4 new dramas this season is a success. And one (2 Broke Girls) out of the 3 new comedies has been a success. They have picked up 4 new dramas and 2 new comedies for the next season. Let’s see how they fare an year from now.

  25. Horatio Cane: Well it turns out, Unforgettable…was Forgettable…YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! *lowers sun glasses* wait a second….Well crap!

  26. I don’t understand at all why Unforgettable is canceled. Plus it’s a fantastic show! It at least deserves a second chance! This is depressing news and because I think it was one of the best new shows this year if not THE best. Great move CBS I would really like to know what lame show you gonna put on the Tue @ 10 pm slot. You decision is ridiculous. You keep sucky shows and cancel all the good ones. I’m really beginning to dislike you. Two shows (TBBT and Criminal Minds) are not reason enough for me to watch CBS anymore. It makes me so mad when all the good shows are cancelled. You’re making a big mistake and I will be so happy when you going to realize that. You should seriously reconsider your decision or give Unforgettable a chance to find a new home on a different network where it will be appreciated for the great show it is. So a 27 year old viewer is going to say “Goodbye CBS”.

  27. I knew God would listen to my prayers. I kept saying, “I’ll give up Unforgettable if it means CSI:NY will be renewed…” Well… see??? ;)

  28. Sarah says:

    So very sad about Unforgettable. I hate I won’t have my Poppy fix next season. Hopefully she’ll have like a cable show or something. She is so talented, adorable, funny and beautiful. I can’t wait to have her back on my screen.

  29. mia says:

    It really irritates me that both Harry’s Law and Unforgettable get cancelled because not enough young people watch them.
    With the rapidly aging population, ignoring such a large group of people is just financially illogial.
    And “old” people have money to spend. I’m in the target demographic and I have almost zero discretionary money to spend, whereas my parents who are considered “too old” have quite a bit of it to throw around. So targeting my demographic (the unemployed post-university in-debt people) is not always the best.

    • Carol C says:

      Doesn’t make sense to me either.

    • smidnite says:

      I’m just out of the target, my brother and brother-in-law are past demo; but are the chief selectors of computers, ipads, and all of the “cool” things that advertisers believe that only young people buy.

      • They love to buy it, but can’t afford it… I’m “demo”, but, hey, I’m in Brazil, I download the thing, and don’t count. I haven’t watched commercials in years. But, if I want something, I’ll ask for my out-of-demo parents. My mother, on the other hand, who’s 46, JUST OUT OF DEMO, will watch ANY commercial and want to buy what’s on. And she can. Go figure.

        • smidnite says:

          One of the few things I’m too old to care about is diapers, and am kind of grossed out about babies filling them up, or bears with “pieces” clinging to them…

    • Angela says:

      Agreed. I just hate that the demographic stuff automatically presumes you’re going to like this or that show because of the age group you’re in. I’m 27 years old, and I have my own reasons for liking the shows I do. I couldn’t care less if they’re “hip” or “appealing” to my “demographic” or whatever other reasons the networks and advertisers assume are why I’d watch something. I just watch because I like the people, the stories, and find the shows fun and entertaining. About as simple as that.
      I must confess about the only thing I watch on CBS personally is Craig Ferguson’s late night show, but I am familiar with a lot of the other shows on here at some level, so to those who are losing shows they love, sorry, to those whose favorite shows are staying, hooray!

  30. Damn.
    Really liked Unforgettable.
    And it was listed on the renewal scorecard as a “safe bet”.
    Maybe CBS thought they had too many procedurals?
    Shame, Poppy Montgomery is awesome.

  31. TMW says:

    Apparently one reason for the cancellation of UNFORGETTABLE was Poppy Montgomery’s on set behavior. Or so I gather.

  32. Andrea says:

    Very happy about CSI: NY!

  33. Lynsey says:

    The right CSI definately went. It’s the decision I’d been wishing for. So happy. Now I don’t have to put up with Horatio anymore, and enjoy the drama of NY. Love it. Unforgettable was pretty boring, so not a big surprise. Made my day :-)

    • Claire says:

      I thought Unforgettable was awful. I just couldn’t stick with it. The supporting cast were good but Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh’s acting was as exciting as a plank of wood.

  34. I was getting quite fond of Rob, certainly more so than a half dozen of the coupling clones still out there. Sorry to hear it is gone

    • smidnite says:

      Although I like Cheech Marin, Rob himself was too bitter a pill to swallow.

      There are a handful of actors I just will not watch.

  35. says:

    CSI NY is horrible. I will miss CSI MIAMI very much. I’m very dissapointed in CBS

    • Tania says:

      CSI Miami was horrible. It lasted 10 years too many.

      I’m very surprised about Unforgettable’s cancellation. I believe that CBS made a BIG mistake with this particular decision.

    • Mary says:

      i agree i think they did it for the reason cause csi Miami never came on Sundays they just do water they think is better for them self i do not watch ny csi.

  36. Josh says:

    Unforgettable was really good sucks they cancelled it

  37. Leah says:

    I was really liking NYC 22…was I the only one? I def. think they saved the right CSI.

    • Tania says:

      No, you are not the only one who liked NYC22. The series never even got a chance to get going. There’s no patience any more when it comes to tv executives.

      • Sharai says:

        This Really STINKS! I loved NYC 22 They only had what 4 episodes It was the best cop show I’ve seen in years! My whole family enjoyed it.

    • NYC 22 was set in my neighborhood. I watched it initially because I wanted to see how we look on TV, but quickly realized I like the show. It would be a good fit for a summer drama (similar to Rookie Blue on ABC). I wish they had given it a little more time.

  38. Hugo says:

    Really sorry for Unforgettable. I really liked the show and Poppy Montgomery.
    Surprised that they kept on air CSI:NY

  39. Lisa says:

    Dang it, I really liked Unforgettable. I’d rather have it than CSI NY.

  40. ......... says:

    F u ck Cbs. F uck sinise too

    • Kathie says:

      Love Sinise. Thanks God they bought CSI NY back. All I need now is to have Unforgettable renewed and I will be very content. Perhaps CSI Miami wasn’t renewed because Horatio had a sore neck from always looking sideways.

      • yep…and how come he drove a Hummer… are taxes in Fla. to support the gas milage a Hummer.takes……besides now the evil eye of cbs has cancelled made in jersey..those stupid nitwits can’t give a show a chance .. 2 episodes now really………Keep those damn reality shows away from me…..I’m not a moron to watch them…may cbs drown in the ratings and the idiots who make these decisions go to hell

  41. Brit says:

    I like CSI NY sooo much better than CSI Miami. But I would have rather Unforgettable been renewed than any of the CSI’s. So much better writing and acting.

    • Unforgettable got better and better. The addition of Jane Curtin and Britt Lower (tech) was a good decision

    • jenny says:

      i rather watch CSI Miami than CSI New York people just understand everyone watched CSI Miami but the problem is that when it moved to Sunday night cause you could never watch because football would always run late so i believe that is going to happen to the Mentalist and if that show goes off the air i really be pist off and they keep the dumb shows like rules of engagement you can take that one off for sure.

  42. Robin says:

    HAPPY!!… and sad….Happy about CSI:NY being renewed – thrilled really and super surprised. If anything I thought it may be the other way around. (Renewing Miami, and cacelling NY). So sad about CSI: Miami being cancelled… :( I suppose it was too much to ask for them to keep both. :( Why couldn’t they keep both!?!

  43. Maeve says:

    Very devestated fan from Ireland here. I can’t believe Miami got cancelled

  44. Maeve says:

    Happy about New York Though

  45. I’ll miss Unforgettable, I really really like it.
    I was surprised about CS:I Miami, I though the roles would be reversed – CSI: NY will go down while CS:I Miam would live to see just one more year. But I do not complain, I much prefer Mac and company and they will finally get the chance to make a good final eppy, because the two they had up to now (last and this year they had to make the season finale good enough for series finale) were not good enough for me and I sure as hell want to hear Stella’s name, if not to see her, in the finale.
    Rob and NYC 22 were not really mi thing and we all know – some shows have to go in order for new ones to have their time on air.

  46. King says:

    YAY more CSI: NY!!!!

  47. Thank goodness I won’t have to ever see another CSI: Miami promo. That show was just awful. I’ve tried over the years to watch it, in hopes that it would get better, but no. I’ve always been surprised at how it did in the ratings. I can’t imagine anyone watching it week-to-week.

  48. Michael says:

    What Hurt Unforgettable was coming on after NCIS and NCIS LA I do not know about you guys but I can not watch 3 crime drama back to back if Unforgettable was on Wendesday with CM or Thursday I would of watch it

    • smidnite says:

      One reason God made DVRs is so that we can replay shows later in the week. I actually watched Unforgettable, and saved NCIS:LA.

      Thanl God for Body Of Proof; as I’ll still have something at 10:00 on Tuesday.

  49. Bibi says:

    I love Unforgettable!