This Just In: NBC Cancels Harry's Law

Harry's Law CancelledCourt has permanently adjourned for Harry’s Law.

NBC has cancelled the struggling Kathy Bates courtroom drama after two seasons.

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It joins fellow 2011-12 Peacock casualties Are You There Chelsea?, Awake, Best Friends Forever, Bent, Free Agents, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and The Firm.

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. JC says:

    Perhaps now Kathy Bates will believe that total viewers do not matter.

    • Eddie B. says:

      Whitney is a YEA and Harry’s Law is a NO? The programmers at NBC are nuts. I will not be buying from the sponsors on NBC. And I will notify every one of my friends on Facebook of my displeasure. NBC, you don’t know how powerful Facebook can be!!

      • Ron R. says:

        I am with you on this! My wife and I are extremely unhappy with NBC’s decision to cancel Harry’s Law!!! It has been a one of our favorites dramas and looked forward to each new episode! Kathy Bates is as usual fantastic in this show but the rest of the cast has grown to be quite talented all together! Gonna miss you all!

        • Toby M says:

          We love this show .Always looked forward to seeing it. Too bad. Hope someone else picks it up.

          • Kitty Fisher says:

            Really good topical program, Loved it. And there is so much rubbish on…… WHY?

        • maggs says:

          I can’t believe they canceled Harry’s Law. It just never entered my mind that it would be canceled. It was one of my husband and I favorite shows. I am just stunned!

        • Johnnie says:

          I am with you my husband and I love this show. My sister who only watches the history channel actually records Harrys Law. This is truly sad were going to miss a really great cast of talented actors.

          • Lv says:

            I am sorry to hear of the cancelation and will miss seeing this show! What were they
            Thinking cancelling this show…maybe a stupid reality show will take it’s place!!!

        • Marilyn says:

          I can hardly believe that NBC has cancelled another wonderful show. What are they thinking? Kathy Bates played the part of wonderful lawyer, She is unbelieveable, and so was the other cast members. They all had a great working chemistry. I am trying figure out what are these networks are thinking? They keep some of the stupid shows on the air and let the real good shows by go bye-bye. I am missing my favorite show.

        • Carol U. says:

          What can be done to save Harry’s Law, it’s the best show going. I am very upset. Maybe the show needed a better time slot. I can’t believe this is happening.

          • DebbyNY says:

            I can’t believe it either. My all time favorite show! I would like to know who sponsored the show, I would boycott their products.

          • CJ says:

            Yes I think the time slot is what iced it!! Anything back to back or on the same time frame as those DUMB reality shows, will suffer! Unfortunately Harry got caught in the middle!! I soooo loved that show – I looked forward to seeing Harry make fools out of some of the clients and Prosecutors! Ugh NBC!!!!

        • Amy says:

          i agree– this show has been one of my favorites since the beginning. I looked forward to it every week and am saddened that it will be no more. Maybe David Kelly could take it to another network. I would certainly watch it. Cast was great!!

        • john murphy says:

          How can we get a petition-campaign going to bring back “Harry’s Law”,—or get David E. Kelley to take it to another (cable?) network–with smarter viewers?

          • D Carol Donald says:

            It is a year later and I’m still looking for that petition! Did it ever happen? I’m also still waiting for Harry’s Law to return to a smarter network!

        • Angel306 says:

          Harry’s law? My favorite is cancelled? Why, to put some more reality programs on, not reality at all!.
          I agree NBC your nuts.
          Do you keep what you like or what we want?

        • Kathy Clay says:

          I am VERY disappointed that NBC has cancelled one of the best shows ever. Harry’s Law was so much fun to watch. Shame on NBC! !

          • The Harry's Law ... Family says:

            It really strikes us as strange how this network can cancel a very good show and continue to show garbage. I wonder how there share holders feel………Maybe we should contact them ???? HARRY ‘s LAW should be picked up by another network who may have shareholders who think making a profit in these times would be a plus…………..

        • Tee says:

          Yes I was so looking forward to another season of Harry’s Law Kept the last episode on my dvr so I didn’t miss a beat after coming back off of deployment. A very unhappy sailor. Will definitely be missed.

        • Denisedashx says:

          I kept holding out hope that Harry’s Law was just on hiatus. I completely agree that the talent on “Harry’s” was superb and I felt a personal connection to the protagonist: Bates played my callused but well-meaning mentor and former legal partner to a T. I am very disappointed that the show was cancelled – I hope the cast and crew knows that there are viewers would’ve been devoted fans for years.

        • jwol says:

          This is a surprise!! There are some sub-plots/relationships that seem to go no where. However, overall the court room plots are well written; and, there is an abundance of information to write on. How do you think Law And Order series, Criminal intent, and SVU lasted so long. SVU is going strong, and the other series have been syndicated on other networks. Harry’s law is a great show!

      • Cyndy T. says:

        I certainly hope USA or TNT or some other network will pick up Harry’s Law. If NBC thinks programming such as Whitney will keep the network going, someone is delusional. NBC has been descending in the network ranks for a number of seasons; this cancellation is just another reason for me to avoid NBC. Sacrificing quality shows such as Harry’s Law and The Firm for reality losers like Celebrity Apprentice and The Biggest Loser is unbelievable. I can’t imagine that the big sponsors will continue to support NBC programming considering what they plan to continue offering viewers. Looks like I won’t have to worry about devoting DVR space to NBC anymore.

        • Irene Wallace says:

          Like “Harry Korn” said, If you aren’t 18-49 years of age you don’t count. Well I’m here to say that at 61 years of age I do count and I enjoy Kathy Bates showing her acting talents with hot button issues. Every week a new avenue was opened to us about the laws in these United States and how some of them are just plain “nuts”. ( Last show ). When Loren Michaels can still be running SNL with no talent and no new comics who can write for these people it’s beyond me that Harrys’ Law was “put down”. Wake up NBC. TNT and USA are starting to pull ahead of you and AMC is coming up fast as well. I too hope one of these powerhouse stations picks up “Harry”. Irene

          • Susie David says:

            I am in total agreement. This is one of the only shows that I watch on NBC with qny regularity. Maybe one of the other stations will see the light and pick up this gem of a show.

          • T. GUCCI says:

            HERE IS A LIST SOME OF THE SHOWS THAT NBC CANCELLED AFTER 1 SEASON ON THE AIR: The Black Donnelly’s, Journeyman, Outlaw, My own worst enemy, Persons Unknown, Prime suspect, Trauma, Life, Awake, Chase, The Event (never found out what the event was), Mercy, Heist, Southland (picked up by TNT), and now Harry’s Law. I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD GET PISSED OFF ENOUGH TO SEND AN EMAIL TO NBC AND LET THEM KNOW WE ARE “MAD AS HELL AND WON’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE”

          • Linda says:

            I. Am 61 and my husband and I loved it. I do hope another station pick it up. We watch more on TNT Amc and USA than network televisions. Except CBS. Congrat to CBS who listens to educated people

          • T. GUCCI says:


      • John Dyer says:

        My friends and I have followed this show from the very first episode. I have found it to be one of the most entertaining dramas on TV. All of the actors on this show have performed with outstanding excellence. The writers have surpassed expectations almost every week. I can’t believe NBC has decided to cancel this wonderful and thought provoking series after only two amazing seasons. I will miss this show. It had become a Sunday night ritual for me. But, as series do end, at least this one ended with some very special moments. I will miss the “Pink toed, sling back, do me like a dog pump!”

      • T. GUCCI says:

        lets save Harry

        • penny mcbride says:

          this was one of my favorite showes i taped it ever week i love all of the charecters and i hope another network picks it up penny mc may 30,2012

        • john murphy says:

          Agree, totally. How can we save it? David E. Kelley is our guy.

      • Mike says:

        I hear ya…I watched all of 2 episodes of Whitney and haven’t missed it since. (Very silly comedy…no intelligence there.) Yet Harry’s Law is being cancelled?? And people get paid big bucks to make these silly decisions?? Way to go NBC; no wonder CBS is #1. Both in dramas and in comedies. You landed an amazing actor and Oscar winner and you cancel her?? Wow!! If I was her I would be so offended! I hope CBS snatches up Bates and creates a new show around her. She is a very powerful actor! Now there is no reason to watch anything on NBC.

      • Mary S McCurdy says:

        I love Harry’s Law and am really disappointed by NBC’s decision.

      • Olga Simons says:

        Unbelievable! One of the top NBC shows and they cut it off the air! They definitely aren’t targeting the baby boomers! Solid cast lead by Kathy Bates who truly is a big screen actress and they nix it? outrageous and dumb move! Best acting on any TV series and its snipped! I’m switching channels bye bye NBC

        • Paula Fiore says:

          NBC and their sponsors are really out of touch with reality. The “baby boomers” are the grandparents of today so who do they think pays for most of the stuff Generation Xers see advertised and want to get? Lots of us “older folks” buy for the “youngins”. Shame on NBC!

      • Barbara says:

        This is what I read on CNN iReport. Harry’s Law, starring Oscar winning actress Kathy Bates, was not renewed for next season by NBC. The network cited that the show, though very popular and winning its time slot, didn’t appeal to the right demographics. The network complained that viewers were over 55 and not the more marketable younger crowd.

        Evidently it doesn’t matter what programs you like if you’re over 55. Who do they think has the money in this country? It’s the people over 55. Their problem is that we’re not as gullible as the really young people and we don’t buy into all their commercials.

      • maureen black says:

        Gee Golden Girls worked out ok RIGHT. Maybe the problem is David E. seems to have moved on to his new show.

      • karin says:

        I absolutely agree!! I am so disappointed that NBC cancelled Harry’s Law, one of my favorite shows. I was looking forward to next season. Kathy Bates is outstanding……..NBC is not!

      • phyllis galloway says:

        i’M IN TOTAL AGREEMENT!!! “Harry’s Law” was one of my favorites – loved the stories and the cast! Come on, NBC. what ARE you thinking? Was told you thought too many viewers were too old – well, we make up a big part of the population. Why don’t you rethink this one?

      • pat says:

        I totally agree – all the craX that I see on TV and they want to cancel an intelligent show like Harry’s Law? Even the commercials are getting stupid. No wonder the kids are stupid in the USA; any show that teaches them something is cancelled. ?????

        • Ann Tocker says:

          Harry’s Law was loved not only in the USA but in Australia too. I’m shocked to hear that NBC has canned it after only 2 seasons. Reading these posts I realize us over 50’s are invisible to marketing departments world wide. I live in hope that one day they will wake up then realize the planet’s population is ageing and start to take us into consideration. Reality TV is making the Generation X’s and Y’s dumber than any generation before them and it’s a world wide epidemic not just in USA. I read yesterday that marketers are actually hooking 20’s and 30’s up to brain wave computers to do their market research now instead of asking for opinions from ALL ages. What is the world coming to?????

      • Donnie Nair says:

        David Kelly, the writer for Boston Legal, wrote this incredible show. Too good for NBC. He should start writng for HBO who appreciates really good writng and really good actors.

      • Marilyn L. says:

        I am with you Eddie. It seems that the sponsors and subsequently NBC are not interested in an older audience. As a mature adult I am not interested in your products. And, NBC you are obviously not interested in intelligent programming. As an intelligent viewer, I will find another channel to view.

        • T. GUCCI says:

          that’s right you got it. BOYCOTT NBC THEY SUCK. The want younger viewers. Well we don’t want them..

      • Ellie Martin says:

        Shame on NBC for canceling the very excellent Harry’s Law!!! We will not be buying products advertised on NBC!

        • jean allen says:

          I loved Harry’s Law and don’t understand why it was cancelled – It made my Sunday night! – I just don’t understand why it was cancelled and “junk” left on!

          • Star says:

            I too loved watching Harry’s Law. I had been waiting and watching for another network to pick it up. There is so much garbage on tv.. I find it hard to believe they were ignorant enough to cancel a quality program to make room for more garbage. I actually wrote to another network and asked them to consider picking it up.. Perhaps if we got enough people together, someone will listen.. I may not be in what they consider the most Important age group.. but there are many in my age group as well.. I DO count!



      • Jean says:

        I am HEARTBROKEN… the best show on television… well written and the actors were incredible… “Harry’s Law” became family…

    • Jean Dolan says:

      My husband and I enjoy this show. It is welll done.So sorry to hear that it is not going to be back. So many shows that are awful and they are coming back. What gives?
      Jean Dolan

    • toni says:


    • Ken Rutsch says:

      How can you drop Harrys Law. If the sponsors don’t like the demongraphics of the people that watch the program maybe NBC should find some different sponsors. Right now it’s one of the few programs on NBC that is worth watching.

    • Johnna S. says:

      I for one dont beleive the b.s. NBC stated for pulling * Harrys Law* The show was great and entertaining. I would love to see this show continued. Though i doubt very much that NBC gives a rats A ** what the viewers think . The show had many talented actors, and they made the show.. I hope would change their minds and bring it back!
      The shows they are planning on showing is nothing but in my eyes * garbage* .

    • sandra steck says:

      i cannot believe NBC is cancelling this show. It is the best thing they have out there. If they do
      cancel Harry’s Law, the network will lose lots and lots of viewers. This is just unbelieveable.
      A successful series like Harry’s Law, and NBC pulls the plug. This is unacceptable.

    • Diane Wilt says:

      What are you thinking? The best show on evening television with millions of viewers and you cancel. Have you no values or integrity ? Harry’s Law is the only entertainment show we watch so now it is all PBS.

      What a disappointment.

    • RK says:

      NBC is full of BS, loved Harry’s Law, bring it back.

    • Paula Fiore says:

      What a stupid thing for NBC to do — this show was a breath of fresh air. Looks like I will be watching/viewing other ads on channels other than NBC.

    • CJ says:

      I could not believe that they cancelled Harry!! I used to set my DVR to record to make sure I caught all the shows! I especially like the punch lines – which is what I lived for and my daily dose of laughter! Booo NBC, boooooo!!!

    • suzanne borget says:

      I can not believe they cancelled Harry’s Law! Such a smart, wonderful show filled with humor, drama and touching on very sensitive and relevant issues. I loooked so forward each week to this show. Cougar Town stays and Harry goes… I don’t get it! Too much crap on TV…
      Any chance someone else will pick it up???????

    • Sue Davis says:

      Please keep Harry’s Law. There are a lot of old folks who love that show. Also 40 & 50 years old. It is our favorite.

    • Nadine Morse says:

      NBC IS TRULY STUPID!!!! Harry’s Law is awesome. This show on NBC is a MUST SEE for me and my friends. I hope one of the other networks will have the intelligence to pick up this series.
      Whoever the person who decided to cancel this show is retarded and needs to be fired!!!

    • best show ever. We really looked forward to this show each week. I agree with all the other folks…get a good show on the air and you cancel it. Better than all the other crap NBC thinks is show worthy. She is a lady and her crew….hats off to you.

    • alison webber says:

      I just don’t get it. We cancel Harry’s Law and keep America’s got talent?

    • Arlene says:

      My husband and I loved watching Harry’s Law. I have it taped on my DVR if I am going to be out. Why did you move the show to Sunday and not leave it on Wednesday? You have cut other good shows and I hardly watch anything on NBC anymore. Keep it up and your ratings will be even worse.

    • louisa davis says:

      There are very few shows on TV that are good. Why would NBC cancel Harry’s Law? I have watched it since incetion and find it hard to believe that it was not popular. I loved every episode and the challenging topics that were shown. I can’t beleive it was cancelled. Please bring it back. All the characters were believable. I loved Kathy Bates. This was a show that made you thnbj of the issues after the show went off. My friends and I loved to discuss the shows. BRING IT BACK, NOW!

    • KELLY says:


    • Sandra Lipiec says:

      So mad that Harry’s Law has been dropped stupid idea we loved the show and missing that was so good

    • Mike Brown says:

      What the hell does THAT mean?

      What a mutt!

  2. Barrett says:

    Not much of a surprise. It did terribly in the demographic.

    • shirley lucas says:

      tell the advertisors to harrry law that i,m 70 and have money which i won,t be spending on your products It is a good show

      • B. Miller says:

        I love “Harry’s Law” and will definitely miss it. I do hope another network picks it up. I am over 50, but I know a lot of younger people who love this show and will miss it also. But since we are the viewing public we can fight back by not buying the sponsors products. We can contact the sponsors and tell them how we feel about this. Maybe with our letters and the fact that they will lose money by lettting NBC cancel this great show that will change NBC’s mind and keep this show. Remember, contact the network and their sponsors. Some of the sponsors for “Harry’s Law” are Quiznos, Revlon, Hyundai, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Nissan and Pepsi (which by the way makes a lot of different things like Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Tropicana and Frito-Lay).
        I for one will not be buying these products or watching NBC. I am also contacting all my friends and family members also.
        B. Miller

  3. bphi says:

    and they wonder why people stop watching TV

    • Teri says:

      I agree, Harry’s Law is such a good show. I hope another network picks it up. Let’s see what they replace it with..another stupid sitcom that won’t last 6 weeks, or another dumb reality show. NBC doesn’t know a good thing when they have it.

      • Flo says:

        I love this show. First they cancelled the Jimmy Smitts Law show and now this one. NBC is ridiculous! I am sick of reality tv and this show has great characters and actors. I hope someone else picks it up.

        • Pat says:

          Can’t believe it. This was one of the best written dramas on tv. David E. Kelly can’t be beat nor can Kathy Bates. young viewers ARE NOT interested in food drama. MTV gets there vote. Too bad. NBC loses viewers on this one including me.

      • beth says:

        I agree with you,very good show worh watching ,let,s hope another smart network picks this up ASAP. If the good shows keep dropping off no use wasting the engery to have televisions on and watch all the dribble.

        • Judy Delgado says:

          just when I love a show they cancel, harrys law, Missing, gifted man, these are good shows and they keep idiot shows like broke girls!

      • Nancy says:


      • Chrissy says:

        This is a very good show. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that they cancel the better shows but they keep garbage shows like The Simpsons.
        It is bad enough that USA Cancelled two really good shows In Plain Site and The Closer and now Harry’s Law. They keep on there will be no need in paying for good TV through people like Directv and DIsh.

        • Joana says:

          You are right.they are taking all the good shows off and keeping crap on . I guess I won’t be watching their channel. And hopefully another station will pick up all the good shows . And that’s where I will be watching.

      • Keith Yokley says:

        One of the most intelligent shows on TV. Let’s movie that cable channel will pick it up.

        • Gail Coveler says:

          I was blown away when I read you were cancelling Harry’s Law. My family and I think it’s the best show on NBC and watch it when it’s on, whatever day it’s on. We have watched it on Sunday and DVR it to watch it at leisure. Kathy Bates is an award winning actress and her cast supports her and David Kelley has written a strong character. I assume you think that the community of watchers are among the older generation, well we are the Baby Boomers, the largest generation and that’s a pretty large community of watchers who watch and enjoy the show. Please reverse yourselves and renew Harry’s Law because it will be on for a long time and we boomers will be watching it and enjoying it.

          • i agree lets all send nbc p-nuts to their home office to show how we feel they are nuts to cancel our favorite show .we ALL need to do this this week please

      • Fred S. says:

        Wonderful show with great production values and interesting characters, One of the highlights of the week! Maybe FOX will pick it up, I will go where ever it is!

      • Karen S. says:

        Now I have NO reason to watch NBC at all. They have canceled two of my favorite shows: Who Do You Think You Are and Harry’s Law. I guess good quality TV is not important to NBC-what boneheads.

      • Malcolm Carter says:

        cancelling Harry’s Law, absolutely unbelievable, an incredibly stupid decision, I am in shock at some numbskulls decision to do this, we have lost one of the very best shows ever to hit the square box, shocking

    • NbcisGarbage says:

      I Agree — this was a good show — humor mixed with drama… good actors… NBC pretty much has nothing all I watch is GRIMM and The FIRM which of course they cancelled..The should have canceled all their FAKE reality garbage shows Celebrity Apprentice, Biggest Loser, Smash, The Voice, Whitney, The Office, and Up All Night
      I was not happy they won getting the Olympics since they totally RUINED the last one.. and barred watching things online.. Too many stupid non-newscasters spewing nonsense and not enough real sport activity…

    • cincyman says:

      the national networks wouldn’t know a good show if you shoved it down their throats. no wonder everyone is turning to cable/satellite TV.

    • Kelly says:

      I also totally agree with you!! Harry’s Law was one of the best, well written shows along with an excellent cast to appear on NBC and it gets cancelled…..get rid of all those crappy reality shows and leave the good shows like this one on tv and you might keep viewers!

    • Your exactly right all they want to do is put those crappy reallity shows on.

    • Very true all they want to do is show those crappy realality show’s

  4. Josh says:

    Struggling? Ummm… no. It averaged 7/8 million viewers… it only “struggled” with the crappy 18-49 demographics that networks love (which I am apart of and yet, never surveyed). Too bad NBC continues to want to suck – at least GRIMM and Parks & Rec were renewed.

    • JC says:

      It’s not the networks that love the 18-49 demographic, it’s the advertisers. And the advertisers pay the bills.

      • gregk says:

        The irony is we and probably most viewers nowadays DVR the show and fast forward through the commercials. What a waste of talent: Kathy Bates is special and not many strong actresses like her on TV. It was one of the few scripted shows my wife and I both enjoy. Oh, well there is still one last season of Breaking Bad for me and NCIS for her.

        • TheBeach says:

          Breaking Bad…the best show on TV….yay for one more season.

        • T. A. says:

          You must watch the same TV we do! We can’t believe that Harry’s Law is being taken off!! It IS a great show, guess it was too clean…not enough sex…HOORAH! We could use a little more like it! We, too, hope that another network picks it up…do you hear us????

          • Judy Delgado says:

            I don’t think seniors count , we all watch alot of t v , thats mostly the entertainment we get, so disappointed, when I start watching a show, they cancel it.

      • Tess says:

        I loved this show and I’m in the key demo. My parents loved it too…and unlike me, they actually have money to spend on crap being advertised so you’d think the advertisers would stop thinking only the young have money to spend and older folks have too much brand loyalty to be swayed by ads. What old-fashioned thinking. It’s really sad that one of the top rated shows on this failing network can’t get another season because some suits say the show doesn’t do well with one demo and that’s all they’re willing to advertise to. That is just plain stupid.

        Yet another good show bites the dust.

      • Marisa_once says:

        I never understood why the advertisers don’t take the opportunity to advertise products for people over 50 in shows that attract this particular demo?

        • Marc says:

          They do. They advertise on the network evening newscasts and other low-18-49 demo shows. The problem for the networks is that there are far fewer advertisers looking for older viewers than younger. Some is do to the old axiom that people 50 and older are set is their brands and harder to market to. The reality is that TV advertising is market driven. In general, there are more advertisers chasing the 18-49 demo, overall, so it drives up the ad rates for shows that attract them. It is an oversimplification to judge a show just on the 18-49 demo–there are subtleties related to age, gender, wealth, region, and other factors that I am sure individual advertisers care about. Still, it is the demo that brings in the ad most as dollars, which is unfortunate for shows like Harry’s Law.

          • Maureen says:

            All I see in the news is high school graduates still living with their parents, and college graduates moving back in with their parents for total support because they can’t find jobs. It’s the “mature” audience that has the money to spend. The 50+ audience is the new 30! I’m absolutely sick of the immature, stupid comedy shows and reality TV. After so many cancellations of some really good shows like Harry’s Law, I’m done with the networks.

    • dee123 says:

      They actually cancelled Murder, She Wrote when it was in the top 10 rated shows, back in the day.

      • Mitchell says:

        Shows how dumb networks can be. Harry’s Law is about the only show, may be the only show, I watch on NBC and I love reruns of Murder She Wrote plus I’m 21 which means I’m in the 18-49 demographic.

    • Marisa_once says:

      It’s so ironic that in one of her pleading on the show, she was arguing that in the world of tv people over 50 don’t count. Guess she was right.

  5. Robin says:

    aww booo! Harry’s Law is a good show. Set in the city of Cincinnati so close to where I live…its so neat to watch a show set somewhere that you kind of know…

    • Kim R says:

      That is the first “word” that came to my mind in reading this article….boooooooooo! It was a great show, it reminded me a lot of Boston Legal. Clever, fast and great storylines and characters. I’m really going to miss it. :(

  6. starmaiden says:

    not surprised, just hoping that it would return since Kathy Bates killed it in this series.

  7. that’s sad :( This series got better in the second season

  8. Andrew says:

    i liked it the first season then it stalled

    • WingsStef says:

      Yes. I know what you mean. I watched the first few episodes this season but didn’t like the “revamp” format compared to last season. The show felt different to me and erased the kookiness that made me like the show in the first place. Still sad though that I hear that it supposedly did have fair ratings. I also agree that thinking older people not having money is dumb. Like another above poster said, some people in their 50s have money. Some of us young people do not.

    • ErixN says:

      Agreed. I watched the first three episodes and decided I was done with this show. I really enjoyed season 1, but season 2 was too much bad change.

  9. Ella Jasper says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How very sad. If NBC would have left it in a regular spot and not had it off for several weeks, the ratings might have been different!

  10. Bobbi says:

    That’s a shame. It is an enjoyable show. We’ll miss it.

  11. eleanor says:


  12. jasie says:

    Just crazy to me that they bring in browsed but its not the coveted demo so forget it. NBC would rather have shows get half the veiwers of Harrys law but only a small uptick in the demo. Seems ridiculous. Harrys law was a strong show that should have been saved and slid to fridays.

    • Ines Good says:

      i am not very happy to see this great series go. I agree with all the comments. NBC is not smart. The sponsors are stupid. I keep hoping this show will return,I keep hoping that I will see the amazing Kathy Bates.

  13. Martina says:

    I’m gonna miss Harry’s Law, on other news Hart of Dixie has been renewed :)

  14. sarah says:

    I do not watch this show but NBC is going crazy with cancellations and the new shows that they will pick up I bet less than a handful will last.

  15. It was a good show just needed a little umphing.

  16. Dorwal says:

    What a pity! I really enjoyed the quirkiness of that show and I love Kathy Bates. Stupid networks :(

  17. judy rabotte says:

    NOOOO, I’m so upset!!!! I truly enjoyed it!

  18. John Berggren says:

    I wonder if it would have been cancelled if they didn’t change it so drastically in season 2. I found it charming in season one, but in season 2 I got through maybe 2 episodes.

    • Nell says:

      I agree-what happened to Brittney’s character nd the kooky shoe store set-up? Still I watched the show this year and always enjoy Kathy Bates-it was worth renewing one more year just to watch this fabulous for-real actress in action.

    • MK204 says:

      I still watched and liked the show, but I do agree, the first season with all those quirky characters was much better and the premise was too. Inasmuch as Mark Valley is eye candy…I could have lived without all those other characters. They also changed Tommy Jefferson’s character. So for me, the show was still good, but the first season had more character to it.

  19. Ana says:

    I was looking forward to this show when it first aired. But in the very first episode Kathy Bates went off on a political tirade and that was it for me. NBC is infamous for really pushing their political agendas which turns me off and maybe others too. I only watch Parks and Rec and Parenthood on that network. Although I have to say I was really enjoying Playboy Club. I was sad that if was cancelled.

  20. Mark says:

    BS! The same nonsense happened to Boston Legal. David E Kelly legal shows are so great but don’t do well in demos :( Lame lame alme.

  21. sam says:

    Can this show go to TNT since both are warner bros shows and cable cares less about that demo and more about the other demo? David E Kelley just had a show picked up from TNT and TNT picked up Southland from NBC as well. This show is really good and would fit in nicely now that the closer is gone

  22. Kristen says:

    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over NBC. Honestly, I don’t care what the (*&(^ they put on the air next year – I WON’T BE TURNING IN. The kill their own shows because they can’t hire anyone worth a damn to do their 1. Scheduling and 2. Advertising.

  23. MK204 says:

    I really like this show. NBC…cancel a good show and leave the dreck like The Voice on. I guess those days of being number one are long gone.

  24. I’m very disappointed. This was one of the few NBC shows that I was faithful to, and looked forward to every week. However, they set it up to fail putting it in the same time slot against Once Upon a Time.

    • WingsStef says:

      Yes. That is also another reason it probably killed the demo. Not only was it not the same show as last year but it was on the same time as Once Upon a Time.

  25. jonibug says:

    My first thought was “that sucks” so I’ll stick with that. It is one of my favorite shows!

  26. Kevin says:

    I really enjoyed the show. I will miss it, Most of these new shows look pretty lame. NBC is in 4th place and will remain there. I believe that the network should follow suit with the cable and BBC stations do limit a series to 13 episodes per season, That way all episodes have a chance of being well written. Or for example a series like Missing be on for a limited run of 13 or more episodes. That way viewers may stay on watching when they know that there will be an end to the show

  27. Ethel says:

    I like Kathy Bates, Mark Valley is one of my faves but try as I did, the political preaching turned me off. I know it is a legal drama and lawyers have to have their say in court but it was overdone, same way Boston Legal was at the end. And that was one of my favorite shows but really had to use the fast forward button towards the end. Still, sad to see it go. On the other hand, Kathy Bates was great on 2 1/2 Men

  28. Michael says:

    Does anyone think that we are see the end of NBC and ABC they seem to be a dying network

  29. Dar says:

    I hope another network picks this show up. Sham on you NBC for getting rid of a good show.

    • Terri says:

      I love Harry’s law! Why do we keep these stupid reality shows and get rid of ones with real substance? Who decides this crap anyway?

      • shelly norman says:

        I agree with you on that one. Advertisers are forgetting that we may be over 49 but, we are the generation with money and we do try new products. And if I like a new product, I pass my approval along to my 20 something daughter that relies on me for confirmation as to what to buy and use. I won’t be buying any products advertised on NBC because I don’t watch any reality shows, I watch drama and comedy and Harry’s law has both. I hope cable network picks it up like they did Friday Night Lights when it got cancelled. Then they can shove the ratings in NBC’s face.

  30. Scott says:

    Very disappointed with this announcement. It seems like NBC is the only one with that wants the “younger audience.” Look at shows on CBS their shows are towards the older audience and they don’t seem to care that much at what age people watch their shows. Maybe thats why their the “most watched network.” Hopefully another station picks Harry’s Law up. If NBC truly wants the “younger audience” be prepared for NBC to fail.

  31. Ethel says:

    They cancel Harry’s Law and renew Whitney? Now I know for sure there are space aliens running NBC

  32. Sara says:

    Ugh ridiculous. My mother and I are not happy about this. We are very upset about Harry’s Law and The Finder. Such a shame, both really good shows.

  33. Martina says:

    Harry’s law is great, it plays on fridays here, so on sunday watch out for a good line from Harry re 18-49 :)

  34. matt says:

    I hate NBC, they never seem to know when to keep a good show… Harry’s Law, Prime Suspect, etc…. I think it is time for new leadership!

  35. Stu says:

    I’m sorry to see one of the few remaining intelligent dramas go, at least from NBC. I hope another network picks it up.

  36. Melanie says:

    I hope that USA or TNT would pick it up. I really was disappointed to hear that they decided to cancel it. Here’s hoping another network sees it (and Kathy Bates) for the gems they truly are.

  37. ArchiesBoy says:

    Once again fresh proof that the people who run TV and movie studios are idiots. Bring back Harry’s Law, you morons!

  38. Paula says:

    Jag was cancelled years ago, and another network picked it up and it lasted 6 or 7 years after that, why not Harry’s Law.

  39. Bubba says:

    Another reason why NBC is down the tubes…the only show I watch (and I’m in the ‘favored’ demographic you dumb***es) Demo ratings should be weighed less against total ratings…everyone spends money, and the older you are the less likely you are to watch live and no dvr…f**ktards

  40. Carrie says:

    someone pick this show up!!!!! we never get time to watch all our shows on time and when we have to catch up Harrys law is the first one we turn on, we love it and it’s gotten much more addicting this season!!!!

  41. william muntz says:

    again a decent show is cancelled so we can watch crap. i am sick of the networks cancelling good drama for senseless thoughtless comedies that put you to sleep!

  42. Don Pardubsky says:

    How sad. One of the better shows. Instead we are left with all the reality shows that are boring and senseless. Let’s hope NBC reconsiders.

  43. Sheila & Bob says:

    why in the world would they cancel Harry’s Law? NBC finally has a winner and they cancel it? All those stupid sitcoms…cancel those and not Harry’s Law….

  44. lee says:

    Harry’s Law was one of the bright spots left. Not reaching the right demographics – really?Tired of “reality shows” & don’t care what network they’re on. Life is real enough. The hot shots for all the networks must be a bunch of idiots

  45. tray barnes says:

    it’s the “mark valley curse”.every time he has a show or is added to one,it gets cancelled. hes nice to look at and not a bad actor,but he brings bad karma.and they canceled harry and saved whitney?sheesh!

  46. Mark says:

    This show was a gem — and I hope USA or AMC or the SCIFY network will pick it up — it should do very well for several more seasons. Heck, maybe ABC will pick it up and put it in the place of Missing antoher show I liked (but not as much as Harry’s).

    Do these comments really help or do they just make us feel better? What would help? I read that Smash had 9M viewers and that Harry’s had 8.8M. But other shows will millions fewer viewers were renewed.

    The over 50 crowd has a bunch of money to spend — some would argue more than the 18-49 folks, in fact. Gen Y — what do they watch anyway, I can’t believe it is network TV.

    I read that DVR penetration was about 40% and growing and that most people use DVR’s to fast forward through commercials (and for time shifting of course).

    This cancellation makes me want to stop watching network TV altogether. Long live satellite.

    • Valerie Morris says:

      Every time I find something worth watching, the networks take it away. Why don’t they scroll on the bottom with credits that because you have found and intelligent series that makes you think (Harry’s Law), makes you actually try to figure out the next step in a suspense drama (Missing), or makes you laugh while not feeling as if you’ve lost some brain cells along the way (The Finder), that you need to save as many episodes as you can, because you may never see them again. Although Celebrity Apprentice, and Dancing with the Stars (I’m sorry that you need a job, but I should not have to suffer while you appear foolish again this week) will still be on when the Rapture comes.

    • TimTam says:

      I would not be singing the praises of Satellite TV for too long. In Australia they are now putting up to 14 ads in each commercial break on Satellite and Cable TV which is more than Free to Air TV with their 7 or 8. We are also getting insurance ads in every ad break sometimes 2 or 3 insurance ads in a single break. I am about to drop Satellite TV after 15 years and go back to ordinary TV such as it is.

  47. Gail says:

    Do any of these network people realize that the 50 year olds are younger than ever and we are the Baby Boomers?! This is a great show with humor and drama. The characters are so interesting because they are multidimensional. Cancelling this show is a great loss of good TV.

  48. Robert Kellogg says:

    NBC should be ashamed of itself. You have proven to be just another greed machine that lacks the intelligence to understand that without loyal viewers you wouldn’t even exist. Obviously someone was watching Harry’s Law, the numbers ran at 8.8 million. Obviously the show had quality, look at the emmy nominations. The last time I looked, the over 50 demographic was the age group with most of the money and not in debt over their heads like the 19-49 age group is currently, so why don’t we still count? (And I do wish the 19-49 the best in reversing that trend.)

    Well NBC, you say we no longer count so I am doing the same to you. I will no longer watch anything you offer because you have proven to be exclusive instead of inclusive for your viewers and you have lost my respect for that position. How does it feel big shot?

    As for David E. Kelley, thank you for bringing so many wonderful shows to the air over your illustrious career. I am hopeful that you will shop Harry’s Law around to a network with integrity and vision.

    • Gail says:

      Robert, You are absolutely right. Since NBC doesn’t care about the over 50 viewers, then that is not a network I will continue to watch. Maybe if all the “unimportant” over 50 year olds stop watching NBC, they will get the message that we DO count.

  49. Patricia Murko says:

    Why would they take Harry’s Law off the air – it’s one of the most enjoyable programs out there! Let’s petition so that another network can pick it up! I don’t want Harry’s Law to end!!!!

    • Janet says:

      I’ve enjoyed the show and the topics it addressed. I will miss it.

      • Alan says:

        It is intelligent and well written. That is why it is being cancelled. Maybe executives on another network with more sense than NBC will pick it up.

        • Bill Myers says:

          I really hope another network not greedy for money will pick up the show. And by the way the older people are the ones with spending money.
          And if you network people care more about the advertisers then why don’t you just let them pick the crap like all those dumb reality shows no one cares about.

  50. kelvin(Singapore) says:

    its really a nice show. AND i’m not old.