NBC Cancels Are You There Chelsea?, Awake, Best Friends Forever and Bent

Are You There Chelsea CancelledAmid all of the pickups and renewals, NBC has quietly cancelled Are You There Chelsea?, Awake, Best Friends Forever and Bent. 

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The quartet join fellow 2011-12 Peacock casualties Free Agents, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and The Firm.

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. Jake says:

    Yeah those were some obvious cancellations. no one should be surprised.

    • Nikki H. says:

      I disagree about Awake being an “obvious” cancellation. I absolutely loved that show and Jason Isaacs was brilliant. Unless the obvious comment meant that the fact it was intellectually stimulating put it on the chopping block.

      • TSElya says:

        My husband & I really enjoy Awake – we’ll miss it because of its intellectual aspect.

        • T. GUCCI says:

          NBC CANCELS GOOD SHOWS LIFE- SOUTHLAND (thank god TNT picked it up now it’s doing well) THE EVENT ( oh! by the way what was the EVENT. we don’t know and never will: CANCELLED) NOW THE FIRM- HARRY’S LAW & AWAKE…. NBC YOU ARE NOW CANCELLED IN MY HOUSEHOLD. SCREW YOU NBC.

          • advisingprincess says:

            where’s the “like” button??

          • Twilight says:

            Are you kidding. They Cancelled “The Firm” , “Harry’s Law” & Awake! NBC really needs to get themselves together. They cancel good shows & leave the crap ones in!

          • jo noll says:

            Boycott NBC for not following through with their promise to travel with us to the end of the character’s journey. They betray us everytime they cancel a series without ending it properly. With THE EVENT I was particularly annoyed. I have not watched any new NBC series since and never will again.

        • Madeline Rees says:

          Is the network crazy? One of the best mind bending shows to come along for a long time. Shame on you NBC

          • T. GUCCI says:


        • I personally love the show. I can’t believe they are cancelling it. I feel it’s up there with Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, and Dexter. Infact, if Awake is cancelling, Dexter should have been cancelled a season ago. Season 6 was absolutely TRASH compared to the 5 before it.

      • Eric says:

        Awake was great.Once again NBC cancelled one of its better shows(Journeyman,My Own Worst Enemy).I hope The Firm comes back.

        • wayne says:

          you have to watch the series on AMC, A&E, and USA because they dont get u into a show then pull the rug out from under it

          • polidiotic says:

            That’s because neither one of those is NBC. Anything running on NBC is likely to fail, because the networks’ ratings, as a whole, are absolutely horrible. That’s what happens when you drive a liberal, politically divisive agenda.

        • polidiotic says:

          Yep, it’s unfortunate that these writers/directors go to NBC with their new material. They’d do much better on Fox or ABC. Look at Castle, for instance, on ABC. I’m sure the same people who like that show would love Awake, like I do. Both are great twists on old ideas. Cop shows are in abundance, but these two both add something unique that captivates the audience. Unfortunate…

        • joeycap says:

          I couldn’t agree more. I am very upset up this. Every time I find a show I like, its canceled. Yet they keep all these reality shows. What a joke.

          • Maywin says:

            joeycap: I couldn’t agree more. That is exactly why I find it so hard to invest in new shows. I know that at least once a season I am going to find a new show that resonates with me in some way, I will fall in love with it, it gets cancelled and I have no closure. They throw moronic reality TV down our throats because it is cost effective. The Karsdashians and the absolutely crude and classless Jersey Shore. How many Real Housewives are on? Is this what America really wants to watch? I know that these shows are popular with some people and that is their prerogative, but what happens when this is all that is left on TV?

          • Frank Vetri says:

            how true. trash tv with the false pretense of being reality (jersey shore and pawn shop: all clearly set up) continue to run with horrible actors while a brilliant piece of work gets yanked off the air. sad sign that the american population is too stupid to understand good material.

          • Judy says:

            I totally agree, every time I get involved in a show it’s taken off the air and I agree with boycotting NBC!

        • I love Journey Man too and can’t believe they cancelled it. I am so disappointed about Awake. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully they will give the story closure by the end of the season

        • Jason Montoya says:

          This was an original show and should not be cancelled

        • John Sturdy says:

          I agree Awake was a brilliant mind bending show. I just watched episode 10 this morrning on my sky plus box, soo I’m a week or 2 behind. It does seem to be the way with some shows & the channels that produce them. If it’s a bit intelctual or otherwise brilliantly done, you better get rid of
          it. I’m still not happy about Odessy 5, Really Annoyed about Flash Forward, Still Absolutely & Completely Brassed Off!! about Joureney Man. Oh & I’m not real thrilled about Alcatraz or The secret Circle either!

        • Nancy says:

          I so agree with you. I still think about Journeyman and I love the Firm. Every series I love NBC cancels. I wish NBC read these comments

          • sirrastus says:

            The Firm was a failure ratings wise from the start.The only reason they played out the seasons 22 episodes is they were contracted and paid for 22 eps.I’m surprised that Grimm did so well but glad it did.

      • Jessy Lynn says:

        I also disagree about awake and found out that they where canceling it by accident and i just had to find out why my whole family watches it and we all really really love it we where discussing it tonight and it is in all of our opinions getting better and better PLEASE DO NOT get rid of it NBC WE beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do all the good shows get taken away:((

        • marsha says:

          I totally agree with you, Jessy! Awake is awesome! My boyfriend and I looked forward to Thursday nights because we knew an episode of Awake would be on, and we couldn’t wait to see what new twists and turns would happen.

      • Fran Anderson says:

        I totally agree! Maybe another network will pick it up!!!!

      • joeycap says:

        I’m in totally agree.

      • Heady says:

        Could not agree with you more. Brilliant statement. Awake was one of the most cleaver and intellegent shows. It is terrible to see it cancled.

        • Datch says:

          Well, you’ve answered it right there. There is simply not a sizeable enough audience for “Intelligent” shows in this country where people are getting dumber and dumber.

      • Teresa says:

        Completely agree! It’s sad that creative, innovative programming struggles while the 47th season of “Idol” and the shows like the ‘Kardopian Family’ bore and contribute to the entitlement perspective.

      • Amanda says:

        You definitely had to think to follow along but it was a great story and well acted. Too bad.

      • prish says:

        It is such a good combination of clever writing, great acting and entertaining premise. Do you think we can get Michael to find out which world is real?

        • John Sturdy says:

          I’m only up to episode 10 so I don’t know if there’s gonna be any implications made b4 the end of the series as to which world of Micheals worlds is real. But I do have a couple ideas of my own that I think would’ve been great to explore. 1st lets go Sci Fi, Both worlds are real & since the accident. Because of his own injurys, he’s somehow been moving from one reality to another. The whole every choice every result thing. Also along the sci fi theme he’s in a comma or part of some experiment resulting from the accident & niether of his worlds are real. Remember in one of the earlier episodes when that woman was talking to some guy on a bench somewhere & said something about taking the guys whole family away from him. He could be in a nut ward halucinating everything, ok unlikely plot twist maybe but you never know! going suppernatural he could be the one who’s really dead does’nt remember what happened yet. & we’re basically dealing with a whole Jacobs Ladder situation here. & finnaly for a massive plot twist, One of the bad guys tried to wipe out Micheal & his whole family messed it up got him or herself killed or commatosed instead. & it’s this person thats in some sort of purgatory! What do you think?

      • Janet says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought the show was brilliant. It’s a shame that the networks always cancel the shows with good writing, great storylines and excellent characters. Not everyone wants to watch another season of Dancing with the Stars. Yawn.

      • Shannon says:

        I also enjoyed awake – the story line was so original. But I also liked Terriers, Caprica and Jericho and those got canned too. I am beginning to feel like a black cloud for good writers. :-( Seemed the average viewer is only interested in tired reality shows these days. All the good writing just goes to waste. I wish another network would pick up Awake and run with it… but they never do.

      • Lauren O'Shea says:

        agree…Awake was brilliant! We just finished watching the finale…I am so disappointed it was cancelled…any chance of a cable pick up like SyFy channel?

        • Lauren O'Shea says:

          I would just like to add my voice on what an innovative premise ‘Awake’ had as a television show. The only other show to capture my enthusiasm like this was LOST. As Michael A. well knows LOST was brilliant and had us all thinking for six seasons. Awake was the first show since LOST ended that excited me in the same ways…I can only hope another network will pick it up. But the finale just blew my mind! Kudos to all connected with the show. Michael, can we have any effect if we start a letter writing campaign? Thanks!

      • D.A. says:

        I totally agree. “Awake” was a intricate, quality show.
        What’s obvious is the networks no longer have ANY IDEA what classy meaningful, thought provoking shows are!
        But………by all means.bring on more of those classless reality shows!!

      • Pete in Ramona says:

        I agree, Awake was brilliant! I just caught the entire 13 episodes on Hulu, I hadn’t seen it before and after the final episode were everything was wrapped up and it turned out that the entire series was Michaels dream, I thought it ended well. Sometimes in series like this, if the story line is dragged from season to season, the materiel gets boring and just leaves the viewer yearning for an end to it all. NBC obviously has some brilliant writers, so shows akin to the quality of Awake will be forthcoming. I really see no harm in telling the story in 13 episodes and leaving the viewer satisfied with its outcome.

        • DoneWithNBC says:

          Well, I just caught the 13 episodes and the ending (btw, way to give it away. At least give a spoiler alert!) was clearly off course. Not a good episode, but a crude mish-mosh of weirdness that ends in… oh, it was nothing. So, as an Awake fan, I’m not impressed. Yes, some series do get stale storylines, and seem to drag on. That’s when you cancel the show. Not when you’re just starting to develop characters and a following.
          Anyway, I’m not one to ever write on these boards. Let that show my level of frustration with NBC. I too went through this with Journey Man. Guess NBC is no good if you like shows that make you think.

      • mark says:

        And NBC wonders why they struggle with ratings

      • Bill says:

        I agree absolutely. This show was well written, well acted, and well directed. It as not, well, protected by NBC.

      • NICK says:

        Awake was really good show. It had a 8.2 rating on imdb which is like top 100 top 150 best show of all time range. It was the highest rated show that got cancelled this season. NBC BLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWS

      • LAM says:

        Agreed! Why do they cancel the good shows and keep on shows like Two and 1/2 Men or some of the reality shows? Please bring AWAKE back!!

    • English says:

      I am bummed about Awake. I really like it!

    • Bruhkis says:

      Negative…not an obvious cancelation in regards to Awake! Loved that show…..great entertainment is so hard to come by on tv….well at least Grim is still safe…for the moment….sigh

      • mcmax3000 says:

        I’d call it an obvious cancellation because everything I read indicated its ratings we’re dreadful. It may have been great (don’t know personally, I never watched it) but considering how bad it was doing, it was pretty obvious it wasn’t going to last.

        • T. GUCCI says:

          if you haven’t watched and you can make a comment about something you haven’t seen then you are an IDIOT

          • Jake Abhau says:

            He’s not an idiot because he backed up his opinion with quantitative data as opposed to your remark which is an opinion based on emotion.
            Having said that, I LOVE Awake and will hate to see it go. I guess 2 million is not enough viewers.

    • Christina says:

      I have to disagree about Awake..yes it is the type of show that had to be “watched” to keep track but it’s a really good show and didn’t deserve the axe…why not get rid of some of the reality shows such as the Bachelor, Bachelorette…or Body of Proof, The B in room…the list could go on..

    • Ashir says:

      These weren’t obvious cancellations, these were oblivious cancellations.

    • chuck's ticked says:

      Awake shouldve been given a 2nd season. You renew Whitney SUCKS Biggest Loser SUCKS Heck you had Chuck on way to long it shouldve been canceled after season 1. Fire all the executives they are dumbazzes!!!

    • J. Leland says:

      Awake was/is amazing! NBC is making horrible choices by not giving potential interesting, intelligent shows a chance. Renewing “america’s got talent” and not “awake” seriously. Way to keep being barely mediocre!!!!!!

    • Kimber says:

      First you cancel my favorite show “Life” and now “Awake” — NBC now stands for “Nothing But Crap” or “Nothing But Cancellations!” Get a set of stones NBC and don’t be afraid to take a chance on a show with originality! Awake IS original and not like anything else on tv at the moment, but please feel free to stock up on more crap that everyone else passed on.

    • Liz says:

      AWAKE was AMAZING!!!!!! I’m so sad right now. So sad. I hope it gets picked up by another network!!!

    • Caitlyn says:

      Awake was a fantastic show, not an obvious cancellation at all!

    • Gail says:

      I also loved “Awake” and was very disappointed to hear it was cancelled. The show was intelligent, exciting and quite original. What a shame.

    • Bill says:

      The real surprize here is that you’re an idiot.

    • NICK says:

      Awake was really good show. It had a 8.2 rating on imdb which is like top 100 top 150 best show of all time range. It was the highest rated show that got cancelled this season. NBC BLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWS

    • Jade says:


    • Mel says:

      Seriously? Have you ever watched Best Friends forever or Are You there Chelsea? Those shows were fricking awesome. Loved the humor. Please bring these shows back NBC or anyone for that matter.

  2. George says:

    Shocking ;)

  3. Lesley says:

    Not shocking, but that a shame for Best Friends Forever and Bent. One of the few new comedies I throughly enjoyed this season.

  4. ninamags says:

    It’s too bad about Awake. Loved seeing Jason Isaacs on my tv.

    • Dani says:


    • Polly says:

      agreed. awake could turn out to be a really great show.
      hope kirkman & amc consider isaacs for thief of thieves. he could fit in perfectly as redmond.

      • Polly says:

        i just watched this week’s episode. it is a shame that awake got canceled. a real shame. it’s hard these days to find storytelling this good.

    • Janice says:

      Ninamags is right. Jason Isaacs is not only easy on the eyes, but a fine actor. The series was well written and very imaginative. However, the viewer had to actually think about what he/she was watching and pay attention – too much for some brains, I fear. This is really a shame. I love that show, and marvel how Jason Isaacs could simply shed his English accent for the part. He is excellent.

      • I agree, you have to watch and think, that was the part I found intriguing! I was already sad to lose House, another one you had to keep up with… now this! OH NO!

      • Cheryl says:

        Agreed! “Awake” is a smart and clever show, too bad in this day and age that means cancellation

      • dijers1 says:

        True. But, with so much to watch on Thursday nights, I figured Awake was just too campy (although it was good the first couple of episodes). His wife never should have moved. I got into Touch. While i absolutely hate Kiefer Sutherland, the show actually has a great premise. I am glued each and every Thursday. I would DVR Awake and Person of Interest to watch at a later date. When i heard that there was the possibility of Awake going the way of Alcatraz, i stopped that. Now i watch Touch and DVR Person of Interest. Both shows are really well written and acted. Now my brain can handle 2 mental shows in one night. 3 was totally overboard. :)

        • Flora says:

          I love both Awake and Touch…as well as Missing. If only one of them survives to next year, I’ll be pleased. Though, it’s not looking like it.

          I was worried about Awake. It wasn’t immediately appealing, but it had a slow burn. It reminded me enough of Journeyman to worry that it would have a short life on NBC. I see that’s come to pass.

        • English says:

          Awake should have been moved to another night. One that wasnt quite so busy.

        • Donna says:

          His wife didn’t move.

        • Shannon says:

          His wife didn’t move. They ended up staying. I guess you stopped watching huh? How do you like being part of the problem instead of the solution? ;-) LOL

      • John Sturdy says:

        personally I think his wife in the show is pretty easy on the eyes lol, also his lady boss looks familiar.

    • murley says:

      jason issacs is amazing. i am really disappointed they canceled awake. it had all the makings of a great show.

    • Chloe says:

      Awake was a good show. I like him and I like Laura Allen. Sorry it was canceled.

    • Danielle says:

      I am so sad about awake’s cancellation. It was sooo good. Every week seemed to have an “ah ha” moment. It was smart tv…

    • Jo says:

      Noooooooooo. I loved Awake. I really wanted to see where they were going with it.

      • Joanne says:

        Agreed. I think Awake is a great show. Every week got more intriguing. I don’t understand why it got bad ratings. Sometimes it’s in a bad time slot. Sometimes a show is too complicated or intellectual and people would rather watch survivor or some other kind of trash like that.

  5. kyle says:

    so wait Whitney should be cancelled

  6. Yamas says:

    Bent : (

  7. Balaji K says:

    Sad for Awake and Bent.

  8. rod says:

    i hope they give “Awake” a satisfying ending, so many questions to answer

    • Martina says:

      couldn’t agree more, need some resolution for sure

    • Angela says:

      So disappointed that Awake is being canceled. I definitely enjoyed watching it & agree that I hope some questions are answered in the finale. Such a shame.

    • Alan says:

      the storyline about the crash will end this season so at least we will get some closure on that

    • T. GUCCI says:


  9. JenInChicago says:

    Sorry, but Chelsea, while not the best, was certainly a much better show than Whitney.

  10. why did they cancel awake? i like that show

    • Mike says:

      Unfortunately, quality doesn’t always win out these days. The low ratings couldn’t justify a renewal. That’s the usually the case.

  11. Lora says:

    I’m bummed about Bent – it was a pretty funny show. David Walton and Jeffrey Tambor were/are hilarious.

  12. Whitney lives and Awake dies? COME ON!

  13. kd says:

    Ugh I liked Awake!

  14. reen says:

    Boo! I really liked Awake. Interesting premise, and I was looking forward to how they were going to tie it all up. I think I need to give up on new t.v. series until they are picked up for a second season. I seem to have a habit of picking up ones that don’t make it, and then leave you hanging. sigh….

    • CGinCA says:

      I agree on having a bad habit of picking shows to like that end up getting canceled. And being surprized by ones that manage to hang on that I watch one or two and think it is not going to work so that I say not going to continue. I had hoped Awake would be picked up, but it joins a growing list of shows that are really too intelligent that are canceled without being given a fair opportunity: Flash Foward, Live on Mars, Awake, are the ones that come to midn off the top of my head.

    • Jared says:

      Absolutely a real disappointment in the new programming team at NBC. I thought we might have seen an end to the immediate gratification crowd in television programming today with the advent of Comcasts interest in the studio but apparently not. It would seem that America has been dumbed down to lowest common denominator TV, an audience created by the networks for which they’re taking almost no responsibility. It took time to devolve Americans to expect and even prefer garbage on Television and it will take time to dig us out of the pits. Unfortunately, NBC fails us in that. I suppose it’s no surprise that an intelligent show like AWAKE was not renewed.

  15. Kate says:

    Sadly, I expected Awake would be cancelled, but didn’t want it to. What a glorious, imaginative, fantastic show. Hopefully it goes out on a great note and has a wonderful legacy as a great one-season story.

  16. João Amaral says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! Awake :(

  17. Kaa says:

    I love Awake, and I hate NBC. They treat their shows’ fans like crap. I hope they dwell in the cellar forever.

  18. PhillyWings says:

    No justice in the world where AWAKE gets cancelled and WHITNEY survives. You suck, NBC!

  19. Rachel says:

    And yet Whitney lives on. Eww.

  20. Brenna says:

    Nooo I loved bent :( they picked Whitney over this?!

  21. Cindy B. says:

    NOT AWAKE!!!! I seriously love that show!

  22. Rock Golf says:

    Let’s organize a wake for Awake.

    I’ll bring the blue rubberbands.

  23. Kenny says:

    Its so rude how they cancel shows and do not even give the fans a fair chance to see how it all ends.

    • Jessy Lynn says:

      They should just let the last two shows tell us all about what was going to happen I really hate getting into a show and finding out it is going to get canceled who do I DM to tell them to bring it back for another season and how pissed I am tht they do this to me UGH

  24. Kaa says:

    Love how NBC does the very-end-of-Friday news dump about Awake and then slithers away. Cowards.

  25. Kristi says:

    I kept hoping they’d not cancel “Awake”. Such an excellent show. What a waste for them to cancel it. Hopefully they’ll let us see the last episode.

  26. Waiting for Grimm next, they should have never got rid of Chuck….

  27. Teag says:

    Knew Awake was gonna get cancelled, but still bummed about it. Hopefully it ends with some resolution.

  28. NBC really is just conditioning fans to wait for a pickup THEN start watching a show

  29. Kristi says:

    And, I forgot to mention, as others have – it’s incredibly unjust that shows like “Awake” (and “Bent” and “BFF”) get cancelled and “Whitney” stays. Where is the justice? Ick.

  30. Loren says:

    Can’t wait for them to cancel “Whitney” too…

  31. John Grose says:

    Regarding, Bent…You bastards! – John

  32. Ken says:

    Yet another David Walton death…First “100 Questions” then “Perfect Couples”, Now “Bent”…but i loved them all :)

  33. laura meakin says:

    We’re just at ep 2 of awake in uk and by the 1st I was sucked in hope it does manage a satisfying end one of the most “unique” concepts out there- such a shame!

  34. D says:

    Ugh I just watched the first episode of Awake, is it worth watching the rest of the season?

    • Awake is honestly without a doubt the most amazing show I have seen in years, the quality and uniqueness of the show is matched but the fantastic cast and fascinating story lines. Even with this awful news I am glad to have had the chance to see it, if only for a little while!

      • Rosemary says:

        I agree. AWAKE is the only show I have watched on television since the Sopranos. It is the only smart show on television and this is extremely disappointing. Bad move, NBC.

  35. Emily says:

    Sigh. I knew it couldn’t last. Looks like everything I wanted will be renewed with the sole exception of Awake.

  36. Chris says:

    I really hope AWAKE doesn’t end with a cliffhanger now :(
    I bet that’s Voldemort’s revenge!

    • Donna says:

      Haha. Poor Lucius. But yeah, I hope it doesn’t either. Its such a good show it deserves a great ending.

  37. Patricia says:

    I never even heard of bent until now

  38. Arlene says:

    Don’t mind ‘Awake’ being cancelled so much as his Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie character not appearing in a 4th Masterpiece. ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’ should be filmed too & he of course should star.

  39. Jo says:

    Not too sad about Awake. They took an amazing, intriguing premise and made a crappy cop procedural.

  40. nyla says:

    And “Whitney” lives to see another day? Fail.

  41. hev says:

    I have the 1st episode to watch of awake really looking fotward to it is there any point???

    • Arlene says:

      It’s still an interesting show…

    • Cathy says:

      Watch it – it is a fantastic show. Cannot believe thet they cancelled it. It is the first show in a very long time that was intriguing, thought provoking and well acted. Why in the world would they cancel it?

  42. V says:

    I understand why Awake got cancelled but it is a shame it happened right after one of the best episodes last night.

  43. Cody says:

    What about Harry’s law?

    • jasie says:

      I’m waiting for news on Harrys Law as well.

      • Martina says:

        according to Kathy Bates on twitter it has been cancelled

        • jasie says:

          That sucks. I just saw her tweet. Very dissapointing. Still boggles my mind that it is one of their highest viewed shows but because the demo isn’t the key A18-49 they get canned. What other Nbc show is going to get 8m+ veiwers regularly???

          • Martina says:

            The biggest joke to me, is that in this economy the 18-49 demo is the demo with the least amount of expendable income, so they shouldn’t matter to advertisers as much.

    • John Berggren says:

      Is Harry’s the only series without a decision now? Weird huh?

      • jasie says:

        It almost seems like it is on NBC. I don’t think The Office is picked up yet officially though with the main cast signed it’ll be back.

  44. Eliza says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Awake, especially after this week’s episode which was a perfect hour of television. It was an intelligent, interesting, and impactful show. I was hoping the network would give it a chance to find its audience but, unfortunately, it didn’t. Another great show added to the list of “Great shows cancelled before their time.”

    • Tish Jones says:

      Oh, seriously? AWAKE was so well done, terrific cast, great seeing some wonderful actors from former shows … excellent writing, edge of seat kind of fun … Jason Issacs, a favorite for sure. Why can’t they give it just one more shot/season? Rats.

  45. Anon says:

    Screw off NBC! I loved Awake. Last night’s episode was REALLY good. Jason is a GREAT actor. Almost shed a tear…d*mn.

  46. sarah says:

    Well this ruins by day! Bent was brilliant, it as funny, witty and cute. They will keep the Office which has turned to crap!
    Then as for Awake it is such a great show, there is no point in watching the last 2 episodes now.

  47. ddrizz says:

    Sorry to hear “Awake” has been cancelled. It was a quality show but pretty deep for the typical reality junkie. Ah, well. Maybe a cable station will give it life.

  48. Ky says:

    Awake makes me sad. The rest I couldn’t give a crap.

  49. Brad O'Leary says:

    i only watch 3 shows on nbc: Grimm (which I love for it’s weird X-Files vibe) and Smash which I’m enjoying for it’s soapy take on Broadway and Up All Night which has gone downhill but love Maya Rudolph’s hysterical character.

  50. starmaiden says:

    any word on Harry’s Law?