Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: A Night of Shocks!

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

After an eventful year full of hybrids, Originals, witches and lots of longing looks, The Vampire Diaries closed out its third season with some defining moments. Among the big reveals: Elena chose Stefan over Damon, Alaric was killed (for reals this time) and Elena might’ve been turned! So let’s discuss the episode’s “Holy crap, did they just do that?!” moments!

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MATT AND JEREMY TRICK ELENA | While not as big of a shocker as some of the other things that went down, Matt and Jeremy’s scheme to get Elena out of Dodge was pretty surprising for two reasons: 1) How come no one attempted it before? With no parents or guardians left to talk some sense into her, it was nice to see Elena’s only remaining human forces try to take a stance against the craziness that has become her life. And 2), it required Matt to poison Elena’s drink in order to get her on the road! “Sorry, I over-honeyed to cover up the taste of poison. I suck at tea,” he said.

KLAUS DIES…AND TAKES OVER TYLER! | While Matt tried to take away Elena, Jeremy fed Alaric the whereabouts to Klaus’ hiding place. Despite running into Damon and Rebekah, the vampire vampire slayer was able to put his magical stake in Klaus and supposedly finish him off. Everyone immediately began to freak out that they were going to die, but Stefan and Damon weren’t experiencing any symptoms. Was Klaus a big, fat liar when he said he turned their bloodline? Tyler, however, appeared to be turning inside out with pain as he ordered Caroline to leave. But – twist alert! – he didn’t die because Klaus had taken temporary residence inside Tyler’s body, thanks to Bonnie’s magic mojo! While the spell and Klaus’ “resurrection” possibly saved all of Elena’s friends from dying, it also means Klaus isn’t truly done messing with them. And better yet, he’s now got what he wanted: Caroline, who is none the wiser that her boyfriend is being inhabited by the Original!

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ELENA MAKES HER CHOICE | And it… is… Stefan! After learning that both brothers might die and that they were in different places, Elena was forced to make the difficult decision. “I can keep driving to [Damon] or I can turn around and go back to Stefan,” Matt told her. So she called up the elder Salvatore to confess her feelings. Perhaps it was the nostalgia that came with the flashbacks of yesteryear, but Elena couldn’t say goodbye to her love for Stefan. “No matter what I feel for you, I never un-fell for him,” she told Damon. “I can’t think about forever. I can only think about right now, which is why I have to let you go. Maybe if you and I had met first….” Well, it turns out – Big Twist Alert No. 2! – they had! Before the car accident ever happened, Damon and Elena had a brief, loaded moment in the middle of the street, talking of love and what she wants from her life. “I want you to get everything you’re looking for,” he told her as he erased her memories.

ELENA’S DEATH AND REBIRTH | The once-mighty slayer Alaric crumbled right in his old pal Damon’s arms, which meant one thing: In order to kill Alaric, Rebekah had planted herself in the road and forced Matt and Elena’s car to dive off the bridge. As old Alaric’s ghost visited Jeremy, it dawned on him that Elena was dead. That wasn’t a bump on the head as she had gotten earlier; she had experienced a cerebral hemorrhage. But when Meredith had treated her, she helped her healing process along with some vampire blood, which means – Big Twist Alert No. 3 – Elena might be a vampire now! And with that, we were left with the final image of the season: Elena gasping back to life. Besides the obvious day-to-day implications of her being turned, the change also means big things for Damon and Elena. Now, all his compulsion on her will wear off and she’ll remember everything, including meeting him first and his “I love you” in Season 2. Plus, we’re guessing vampire Elena’s heightened emotions might lead to some Damon cravings.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the show’s bold twist? Are you excited for vampy Elena? Are you sad to see Alaric go? And should we be worried about Caroline and Tyler’s relationship?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. pyk says:

    That’s almost to the letter how it happens in the books…

    • Kate says:

      I haven’t read the books…does Elena ever pick Damon???

      • Manie says:

        No, not so far.

      • Manie says:

        Okay, I rephrase that DE fan says she die before Damon [temporarily] died, while SE says no… basically the only time she could have made a choice, Damon died LOL So it’s back to SE right now…

      • Remy says:

        LJ wanted elena to pick damon and thats why she was fired from writing the series. So in the world she created yes Elena ends up with Damon. LJ created the world we should go by what she wanted.

        • Manie says:

          That is the DE fans version. If you go into SE fans stie, they have another version, Bamon fans same thing… But LJ was fired because she wanted to bring the triangle to a whole new level and playing with Stefan/Elena/Damon/Bonnie. They probably didn’t enjoy the “sexual” turn the series was taking. If you look at the last book she wrote and the new ones, the “mature” side kinda too a blow…

        • Jessica says:

          Oh jeez, no. Not at all. I so rarely post on here, but LJ has said SO MANY TIMES that she doesn’t know herself who Elena would have picked if she’d been allowed to keep writing the series.

          She’s also said multiple times that Bonnie/Damon were going to further develop as a couple, leading to Elena jealousies, etc. She has not once said Delena were her end game. She said she wanted to explore their feelings and the publishers didn’t like it, not that they were going to end up together.

          All that said, I do love that they’re incorporating elements from the book into the show, such as the bridge. Also, any other book fans catch Damon’s comment about tossing someone in a well? I LOLed.

          • sonia says:

            Actually LJ replied to my e-mail and said she wanted Elena to end up with Damon and Alloy didn’t like that direction. Several of my friends on a forum also got a similar reply from her.

        • Dawnmac says:

          No, actually that isn’t the reason why they fired her it was because if her Dark Demension part of the books the publishers felt that it completely went against the previous books and they were losing readers. Another fallacy was that LJ Smith wanted Damon and Elena together she never said that and she has constantly denied that story over and over again but D/E fans won’t let it go. LJ Smith said on her blog that E/S were always the end game but Elena needed to explore the dark side of her personality with Dam

        • Dawnmac says:

          And by the way LJ Smith never ever personally replies to fans emails. She has written over and over again on her blog if you get an email from her know that it is a fake. She has not nor ever will reply to personal emails. She feels her writing speaks for itself. So no she didn’t tell your friends that she was fired for wanting D/E together she never said they would only that E needed to explore the dark side with D to know what she really wanted out of life. She always was leaning towards Damon and Bonnie (who was nothing like the TV show Bonnie)

      • A.J. says:

        As I understand it, Elena never picks Damon, but the whole thing where he met her first happened to Bonnie Bennett …back when she was white.

      • Dawnmac says:

        No, she finally made her choice in the last book. She would lead a exciting life with Damon and they would be all powerful and she was tempted but ultimatly that wasn’t who she is or wanted to be. She admitted that Damon tempts her but she couldnt live her life without Stefen and she loves Dam

      • Dawnmac says:

        This site never lets you finish comments. She loved Damon but she is in love with Stefen and she can’t and won’t live her life without him. Damon excepts it because he always knew that was what her final choice would be but he had to try.

    • emmy says:

      No it wasn’t ‘almost to the letter how it happens in the books…” FYI in the books it is in the later ones that she falls for Damon. Elena dies and is brought back to life as a vampire early on in the series. But when she falls for Damon it is when they are trying to rescue Stefan. Also Matt and Jeremy do not trick Elena, nor does she have a brother- she has a younger sister named Margaret. And Meridith was Elena’s friend throughout the whole series, not just introduced in the third season.

  2. OMFG. I am blown away. I don’t even know what to say! This show amazes me every year.

  3. says:

    Nooooooo! I was really hoping she would choose Damon! =(

    • Cat says:

      I agree, I was really sad when they should the flashback at they did meet first. I think that was the only bad thing that happened for me though because I have not read the books so I was thoroughly shocked. I will say I am glad she chose one of the brothers and didn’t just choose herself. So is Tyler really dead because I’m confused about that?

      • Carrie says:

        Well she will remember all of the memories Damon compelled away while she’s in transition (their first meeting and the night in her room when he first said I love you and compelled her to forget). This is certainly going to make this triangle fresh again!!!

        • Phil says:

          How will she remember? (just curious)

          • casey says:

            It will be just like how once Caroline was turned she started remembering all the things Damon did to her or had her do by compulsion.

          • JC says:

            Yeah the compulsion will wear off I’m so excited how will Elena react :))

        • Amanda says:

          I truly hope so!!! I want her to be with Damon. Underneath it all he really is a good guy.

          • DW says:

            Even Ian says that Damon is not a good guy and he does not see Elena with Damon. Damon has good guy moments. Even as a human he was reckless, did his own thing, and was not exactly the model older son. Damon is a bad boy to the core Even bad boys have their moments, but they always revert back to their bad boy ways. He does something awe inspiring and then he goes off the rails doing something stupid and mean.

            Stefan’s personality is to be the good guy, even when he was human. Apparently with Lexie he was a bit wilder and knew how to have fun. Why he does not do the same with Elena is a mystery. Perhaps he is trying to match Elena’s moods. Remember she used to be the fun one prior to her parent’s death. After that she changed. I have to admit I love Elena and Stefan from season 1 and 2. They have to do something (make her a vampire) to shake things up between the two of them. She is either going to frustrate him or they will fall in love all over again and have a new relationship where they both can connect as vampires.

            i expect Katherine to show up and either embrace Elena’s new persona or hate it because Elena is now on Katherine’s turf. Either way, it will be fun next season to see the transformation, but only if they write it correctly.

          • Dawnmac says:

            Umm, I know he is gorgeous etc. but he has never ever been a good guy.

      • Paige says:

        But you forget, of Elena becomes a vampire, she will remember meetin Damon first and Damon telling her she loved him! So now, the fact that she chose Stefan, is irrelevant. So basically, we are all back to square one

    • Gina says:

      She wasn’t gonna choose Damon because that never happened in the books. :)

      • Cat says:

        I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but I never read the books, does she ever get with damon in the books? and seriously is tyler dead or is klaus just using his body? (i’m confused)

        • casey says:

          Kinda, I think they kiss a few times and share some intimate moments but so far she has always gone back to stefan.

        • starfairy679 says:

          What books I have read no she does not get with Damon. And in the book tyler and caroline are bad and I believe tyler dies in the books. But that is in the second or third book

        • Manie says:

          They kiss in the book while on a mission to save Stefan… but so far even when LJ was still the writer, real DE never happened and now with the ghost writer it’s still not happening. But as many said, they aren’t really following the books, OBVIOUSLY or Bonnie and Damon would be much closer since Damon love both Elena and Bonnie in the books. But I think that in the end, they will go with the books endgame or risk have crazy fans going on a rampage!! LOL ;)

        • Lauren says:

          I don’t think Tyler is dead, I think of it ala Esther taking over Rebecca’s body. Once Klaus leaves we’ll probably get Tyler back. I really really hope they bring Joseph Morgan back SOMEHOW because the reason Klaus was so amazing was because of him, as hilarious as the Caroline/Tyler is going to be with Klaus in his body.

      • veronica says:

        The books have very little to do with the trajectory of the series. The series has never tried to adhere to what goes on in the books.

        • Dawnmac says:

          Actually they seem to follow the main story pretty closely. Not the secondary characters like Caroline ( who became really popular on the series) but they are slowly heading back to the books main storyline. Merideth is a major character in the book and kind of a kick ass hunter so I am glad she is going to be in season 4. Elena needs friends right now and Merideth was a good one in the books.

      • Calliope says:

        Alaric never dies in the books either. Nor does Tyler become a hybrid. Heck, Vickie and Matt aren’t siblings, Bonnie’s Irish, Caroline’s never a vampire and, oh yeah, Meredith is their age.

        Clearly, they’ve ditched the book plotline.

        • A.J. says:

          I agree, I they would actually follow the books Bonnie and Damon would be a item by now. He was supposed to be the undecisive party between a witch and a vampire, not Elena Gilbert.

    • Sydney says:

      Me too.

  4. kavyn says:

    I was pretty excited when Elena died, because they took a collosal risk.

    …But then she turned into a vampire. Awesome, we’ve only seen that happen to every single character. I’d rather have Katherine back.

    • kavyn says:

      Actually, nevermind. I see why they did it now (because of her convo with Damon before)… I just want Katherine back, especially now that she *thinks* Klaus is gone but is actually in Tyler. Exciting! :)

    • A.J. says:

      Elena “dying” is like having two Katherine. In what universe is that NOT boring?!

      • Joanne says:

        Uh, in this one? Katherine is one of the best characters on VD, so if vampElena is ANYTHING like her, it’ll be amazing.

      • MaryAnn says:

        Just because Elena has become a vampire does NOT make her like Catherine. People don’t totally become someone else because they become a vampire.

  5. Anthony says:

    What a darn good finale. Continues to be one of the few network shows that can do more in one hour than some can in a entire season.

    • Danielle H says:

      So true. This episode made up for some lackluster ones this season. I had to pause my TV for 10 mins after it was over just to try to process it all, lol.
      Hadn’t considered the part about Tyler being possessed and fooling Caroline *twisted!!!*
      I guessed Elena might be turned.. still was caught off guard though. Forgot that she will remember the compulsed moments, so that awesome twist where Damon met her first gives me hope! I knew they would never not let her pick Stefan though.
      So are we never seeing the actual physical Klaus again though? What goes on with that from here?
      So many things to play out next season. Hope it keeps the pace up better then this season, kind of like seasons 1 & 2 .

  6. mare says:

    But with dying Elena turns Vamp! and she will remember everything that she meat DAmon first and the triangle continues!

  7. Emily says:

    this was a great finale. bummed she chose stefan and not damon. but maybe that will all change when she starts remembering what damon compelled her to forget.

    • I kind of thought maybe she chose Damon at the end by forcing Stefan to save Matt…

      • Pati D says:

        Do you care to elaborate because I don’t get it.

      • DW says:

        I am not understanding your comment. How did she chose Damon at the end because she asked Stefan to save Matt? What the heck does that have to do with Damon????

        Just moments before she told Damon that she loved Stefan and gave Damon the boot. When the accident happened Matt was giving her his phone so that she could call Stefan. The scene at the end had everything to do with Elena wanting her friend saved first. She cares and loves her friends and always puts them first. She has always said when it comes to her friends she would sacrifice herself. When I see comments above, it makes me wonder ….

  8. Katie says:

    Every week as the credits roll on this show i just sit back and think “I love this f-ing show.” I would never have guessed that they would turn Elena this early. Halfway through the episode I remembered that drowning with Matt was how she turned in the books but I did not expect it to actually happen!

  9. Amazing finale!!! And so many shockers. I will truly miss Alaric. I hope he is in a lot as a ghost. And Damon actually meeting Elena first and wiping it out of her memory and he never told her! So much awesomeness in one episode. Next season can’t come soon enough!

    • Amanda says:

      I completely agree!!! Damon did meet her first… She needs to be with him! =) I found myself screaming at the tv when she told Damon she chose Stefan and if she would have met him first then maybe they would be together!

      • casey says:

        Well he shouldn’t have compelled her then, he may have had a chance if he hadnt! Nor should he have compelled her to forget when he told her he loved her, he may have had a chance had he not…so really he kinda made the decision for her. Maybe he should stop hiding behind his vampire superpowers and just let ppl in, be honest with his feelings he may have gotten the girl if he had!

        • DW says:

          Casey, I agree with you. The only reason he compelled her to forget is because he did not want Stefan to know he was in town. What did he do at the beginning of the first two episodes? He killed two couples – one in a car and one camping. Let us not forget the entire campfire of druggies hanging out with Vicki. He came to Mystic Falls to cause destruction and mess with Stefan.

          She remembers she met him first, is that going to change her mind? Meeting him first is one thing. Getting to know him is another. Would she have fell for Damon upon meeting him a second or third time? She liked him even less when he tried to kiss her at the football game. Would Elena really have fallen for Damon minus compulsion in the beginning with her personality? Probably not. Go with a few what ifs. She meets Damon first and then she meets Stefan. Damon treats her as Damon treats every woman – with compulsion to enjoy his company. He would have used it on Elena without a doubt. He tried at the football game. She was fun and games for him to mess with Stefan. He would have used her as a pretend Katherine to get off on. She is then introduced to Stefan. Stefan is more her type. Compulsion would deter her from Stefan while with Damon. Without it, she still would have ended up with Stefan. He would have given her vervain so Damon could not hurt her. Sanity keeps women from heading Damon’s way unless they are vampires. Same thing would have occurred as Caroline. She would have gravitated away from Damon once the compulsion wore off. Caroline met Stefan first. He rejected her. She hooked up with Damon because he was the hotter, older brother, but she was also compelled.

          • katy917 says:

            Did you see the way she reacted to him in the flashback?????? She was TOTALLY interested in him! Don’t forget, that was before her parents died, when she was still fun loving. She is a fit with Stefan because she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Had her parents not died, she would have been a much better fit with Damon.

      • casey says:

        Well he shouldn’t have compelled her then, he may have had a chance if he hadnt! Nor should he have compelled her to forget when he told her he loved her, he may have had a chance had he not…so really he kinda made the decision for her. Maybe he should stop hiding behind his vampire superpowers and just let ppl in, be honest with his feelings he may have gotten the girl if he had! And if she remembers everything I hope she gets mad at him, not hook up with him, he had no right to mess with her memory!

        • DW says:

          To Katy, if her parents hadn’t died she would not have dated Damon. They were vampire haters. Not only that, did you see her parents? They would have never allowed Elena to date someone like Damon. He would have had to compel them first which could not happen because they were regular vervain users. She had zero reaction to Damon in the flashback other than polite conversation with a strange man in the road moments after she had a fight with Matt. Elena was a 16 year old girl at a high school bonfire with her boyfriend. I doubt Elena would have wanted to date Damon at that time. Damon is supposed to be 24 on the show. He can be charming, but everyone eventually sees the real Damon. Remember this is Damon’s flashback, not Elena’s. He sees the moment how he wants to see it. Does not necessarily mean that is how it went.

  10. And Tyler is now Klaus! Don’t Forget that! I’m reeling! I love this show! I hate this show! I Love this show!

  11. Jessica says:

    Bonnie making a deal with Klaus!!! Amazing!!! Elena turning was the last thing I expected!!! Nice twist!!! Next season is going to be epic!!! Is it September yet?????

  12. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    So, is it September yet?

    I don’t even know how to process all of this. So sad about Tyler! Hope Caroline figures out how to switch Klaus and him back. Scared of Bonnie. Dark Bonnie is coming, isn’t she? Bummed Elena chose Stefan, but I bet being a vamp will change things. I’m going to miss Ric. I’m especially going to miss Ric and Damon’s bromance. Oh the fanfics that might have been…

    • lorna says:

      Yet again they’ll copy Buffy/Angel. Dark Willow, now Dark Bonnie. Not a total ripoff though.

      • Dark Bonnie will never be as epic as Dark Willow. Dark Willow was evil to the max. Dark Bonnie still feels bad about what she’s done.

        • lorna says:

          Of course. So many times I think the show rips off B or A, well they actually used an exact insult that was in Buffy, but I know that there will always be similarities to other Vamp mythologies, and VD is still amazing.

  13. JamesM. says:

    This… wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe it was the editing but this episode was terrible. The flow seemed so off to me. Glad Alaric is gone, good riddance. I am intrigued now about Bonnie and Klyer since its obvious Tyler was sacrificed in order to keep everyone else alive. Looking forward to Dark Bonnie next season.

    • Manie says:

      I think Tyler is still in there somewhere, just like Alaric was still inside when Klaus took over his body

      • astrid says:

        I really hope he is!! I am not uninterested in the Elena-choosing-thing, but I really hope things turn out well for Forwood… though this seems moreimprobable every second…

  14. Patricia says:

    Great episode so many twists I was so mad she chose Stefan but that flashback with Damon omg I’m speechless and now she is a vampire too. I thought they would drag that decision for awhile longer. Waiting for the new season is going to be torture.

  15. Carrie says:

    I can’t describe how amazing that finale was!!! I was crying, cheering and yelling at my TV!!!! I have never been so satisfied and anxious for what’s next!!!

  16. Samantha says:

    Elena made me so mad I was actually happy when Rebekah made them go off the bridge. Poor Damon. He got his heart broken, lost his love and his bff. I do think things will be more interesting. I want Klaus back though but will he only be in Tyler? :(

    • matilda says:

      Maby you forgot that damon killed stefans bff? I don’t get why it’s so sad when damon gets his heart broken but never when stephan does…

  17. Christina says:

    Wow, they turned Elena! That’s how you do a finale!

  18. Tia says:

    Oh my god!!! I’m reeling with shock!!! She met Damon first!! If Elena is still “alive”, what about Alaric??! Is klaus really dead?? Is Tyler dead??! So many questions!!

  19. Colleen says:

    Ugh, why did she have to pick Stephan?

    • Colleen says:


    • Susy says:

      My thoughts exactly! What does she see in him?!

      • DW says:

        She sees someone she truly loves and who loves her. Someone she accepts for who he is and fights for him. She believes in him. She is in love with Stefan. Even when he backed away because he was afraid of hurting her because of who he is, she came forward and spilled her feelings. There was never any confusion as to how she felt. He has been to hell and back for Elena and for himself. He has a strong character. They can say it all in a look. No matter what has occurred in three seasons, she has remained in love with Stefan. I can understand fans wanting to see the chemistry evolve with Damon. I prefer to see the two sparring and poking jabs at one another. It creates a sense of fun and kinship. Having Damon moan and mope for a season after Elena took away from his character. I can see how Damon challenges her because he fights her every step of the way when she makes a decision. It makes her stronger when she fights for what she wants. That dynamic between the two is fantastic. Elena’s character is very much girl next door. She may kiss another, but I doubt the writers/producers would want her to play music beds with the brothers. The flirtation will either continue or played down nicely. It is time for Damon to move on. Find someone more his style that we all root for and want shown on the show. She is out there. I want to see Damon next season having fun with someone and feeling connected. Not mooning over Elena or still trying win her heart. Elena’s heart belongs to Stefan. Though even Stefan thought she was going to choose Damon. He was wrong. Even Katherine chose Stefan. Katherine is too much like Damon.Both are selfish, wild, like having good times, and on occasion, have a heart. My guess is Stefan made Katherine (and Elena) feel loved. Katherine probably had not felt love for centuries.

        • Sierra says:

          Amen to every word you said!

        • tanner15 says:

          This is Beautiful!! Exactly how I feel! I just want Damon to find someone who is not in love with his brother and can love him fully. Because obviously Elena’s Heart is Stefans!

          • AC says:

            Yes, but at the same time I just want Damon to get the girl for once! Must be hard having everyone you love, love your brother more…

        • Hera says:

          This is just…exactly how I feel!! =)

          • DW says:

            That is Damon’s problem. He has yet to fall in love with someone not connected to Stefan. Has anyone not noticed this on the show? Is he too lazy to go out there and actually date and find someone? He shops at home with whomever his brother happens to be involved with at the time. He weasels his way in. Katherine was a tramp and it was easy. She did it for kicks. Elena put the stop to it all. I think she liked the attention and strung him along. She was able to get to help anyone she wanted because she leaned on his feelings. This is why she let him go. She could not do it any more.

          • DW says:

            Perhaps he should find someone that is not attached to his brother. That is Damon’s problem. The girls he wants are in love with Stefan. He is a lazy dating. Only tries to date who is brother brings home. He creates his own unhappiness. Once he realizes or knows they love his brother, he never backs off and allows them to be happy. He forges right ahead and pushes himself on them insisting that they love him too. For someone who has lived a long time, he has no idea how to be in a relationship or love someone. He has zero manners when it comes to women. He uses them and tosses them around. A man with manners and morals does not chase after his brother’s girlfriend. He considers Elena fair game and never takes in account that she is with his brother.

            Viewers are always saying, “poor Damon. He loves Elena and deserves to be with her.” She is dating his brother people. She is not single and looking to get out of the relationship or telling Damon that she wants him. She never looked at Damon when Stefan was around. As soon as Stefan was off with Klaus, Damon pushed on. He took advantage of Elena’s loneliness and made his move. She was lonely, sad, and turned to Damon for support. He took itas his opportunity to make a move. She was vulnerable, like the attention, and accepted his affections. When it was all said and done, she was ashamed that she also strung him along for comfort and help to get Stefan back. She never loved him and had to cut him loose..

      • MaryAnn says:

        To me, there would be absolutely no choice between the brothers. It would HAVE to be Stefan, if for no other reason than Stefan allows her to make her own choices, and Damon takes away her choices. Going forward, on a permanent basis, it would have to be Stefan.

    • Amanda says:

      I know. That sucks! She should be with Damon. He’s so lonely and he really loves her…

      • DW says:

        He’s lonely and he really loves her? That is the reason she should picked him? He caused his own loneliness by going after his brother’s girl. He set himself up for heartache. His fault, he has to now deal with it. Stefan loves her, she loves Stefan. She chose the man she loves. Not the man’s brother who should have had more respect for his brother. He went after Elena to piss Stefan off in the beginning. He did not do it out of love. He saw they were happy and he wanted that same happiness. He should have tried the vampire site or v(ampire) Stop trying to pick off Stefan’s plate and he would not be so lonely and heartsick. He did the same thing with Katherine. He not once realized or could see how she changed after Stefan’s vow of love. I think he tried the same thing with Elena and she did not go for it. Damon is not blind. He knew how Elena and Stefan felt for one another. He saw them together, heard them making love, and was there as the relationship developed. He honestly thought while Stefan was gone that he could make Elena forget and love him? He is hearing Elena say she is not going to give up on Stefan and she loves him. Where did she say, I am ready to love someone else and that is you Damon. Never. Damon does not know real love because he has yet to experience it. He has delusions of love and mistakes a kiss, a look, sex, and kindness for love.

        • A'ma says:

          Am sure she loves Stefan but in 3:21 ,At the motel when they took a trip to see Jeremy to help find out their bloodline from Rose…Did u see Elena’s reaction when Damon lay besides her, she could hardly breath,she could hardly look at him,she was breathing hard like she was nervous, she hastly got off the bed and ran out….when Damon followed her she couldnt help herself but to run to him n kiss him….that was no ordinary kiss n if Jeremy hadnt interrupted am sure it would have been more than that.!!….. That was a glipse of the magnitude of her love for him…..only that right now Damon scares her, he’s very unpredictable,he lashes out when things dont go his way unlike Stefan who’s safe…Elena choose Stefan coz he’s Safe,she knows him.!!…..Like Rose said…Stefans love is Pure and will always be good for Elena but Damon’s love will either be the best or the worst…

    • Ryan says:

      I really feel like picking Stefan was a cop out. I’m not a shipper of either, but I feel like the shortchanged the Damon/Elena relationship. Everyone says the triangle starts anew, but Julie Plec said it was done. I certainly hope not.

  20. ChuckieChk says:

    holy whoa that was an epic episode/finale … the ending had my yelling oh my gosh at the tv and my family thinking i was crazy. amazing cant wait until september!

  21. Abby says:

    No!! Not Stefan!! Boooooo!

  22. teambuckner says:

    Holy crap, I can’t believe this amazing show! So, is Tyler dead?

  23. rachel says:

    Im rreading that that Elena being a vampire is in the books , I get that but I just feel its getting kind of corny now that everyone is a vampire it seems like. The show is starting to feel like Twilight which just isn’t my cup of tea.

    • u can hush the vampire diaries books came first before corny chessy twilight bad actors and ugly people this is my show and i am glad that they did it like the books and everybody isnt a vampire

      • cb says:

        Both of you be quiet. Both are great series, but yes they do have some similarities like in both the main female character ends up being a vampire. For those that have read the books though know elenas story has more to come

        I haven’t seen the ep yet being in aus I’m downloading it atm but I had a feeling they would turn elena. I think it was time too as well

  24. steleana says:

    in the books when eleana wakes up she thinks she is inlove with damon i hope she remembers she choose stephan

  25. I think in a way, she did choose Damon. I think that by letting him go, she showed how much she really loved him. And with the reveal that she did meet Damon first, and she wants that all consuming passion she has with Damon, I think this is just the beginning for the two of them. Frak that was good….how many months till season 4??

    • Susy says:

      I most certainly hope you are right!

    • Paula says:

      Exactly my thoughts!! Elena may have wanted to be alive because of Stefan, but is Damon that makes her feel alive.

    • DW says:

      No, she let him go because she does not love him. She does not want him. There is no hidden agenda here. She let him go because she was stringing him along like Matt. I like being around you, you make me feel special, but I don’t love you the way you love me. I love someone else, your brother. She likes the feeling of being consumed. It is exciting and different, but it is not what she wants right now. The love story is between Stefan and Elena. It is a young love that is going to challenge and excite them both. More Elena than Stefan because he has lived a long time and she is just beginning to figure herself out. It is not the beginning for Damon and Elena. She has made her choice. She is not going to go back and change her mind. Right now she wants to be with the person she loves – Stefan.

  26. Michelle says:

    Awesome finale full of shocking moments. Not happy that she chose Stefan! Hoping that she remembers what Damon compelled her to forget now that she’s a vamp. It should have been Damon all along! Is Matt alive or dead? Still can’t believe what Bonnie did! Can’t wait for season 4!

  27. Anna says:

    I was not expecting Elena to become a vampire at all! I was expecting her to pick Stefan, that wasn’t a shocker. But now that she is a vampire she will remember that meeting she had with Damon…that could cause changes. That twist with Bonnie and Klaus was pretty awesome, thought something had to be up. Can’t wait for season 4!!! can it be fall already?

  28. I’m sad Alaric is really gone, but it’s for the best if he was just going to be the evil vampire slayer. His conversation as a ghost with Jeremy was nice. I wonder if he’ll pop back now and then? I understand Elena choosing Stefan, but the flashback with Damon makes you wonder what would have happened if Damon hadn’t erased her memories. And I was wondering if they might have Elena become a vampire at some point! It seems everyone is becoming a vampire, though…

  29. Damon compelled her so many times and only in good ways, she will choose Damon!

    • casey says:

      I don’t get your comment…stefan never had to compel her, he was always honest with her and wanted her to remember everything making her choosing him he better choice since their whole relationship was built on trust. I feel Damon was too much of a coward when it comes to elena so he barest his soul but then makes her forget?! If you love someone you tell them you fight for them you don’t choose the easy way out by getting it off your chest but then making it so it never happened. If I were elena I would be pissed about what he made her forget, he should have been honest and let her remember then she may have chosen him but if they get together now it will be based on lies and secrecy in a way as he messed with her memory without her permission and that’s messed up.

      • Catherine says:

        I completely agree! Yes, Damon is, deep down, a good person and has lost almost everyone. lost his love (twice) and lost his only friend..but he really did it all to himself. He is very self-distructive and betrays people when hes angry or hurt. Elena did the right thing choosing stefan bc he is right for her. he is waht she needs. And even though she technically “met” Damon first doesnt mean anything. She fell in love with stefan first. That is still the same. STelena!

    • DW says:

      Elena never wanted to be compelled by anyone. Damon and Elijah are the only ones who have been able to compel Elena. Stefan has said it before – no one deserves to have their mind messed with ever. Elena was concerned that Stefan had done it to her. She asked him. He has said he wanted it to be elena’s choice to be together without influence.

      Hmm, I will choose you because you compelled me in only good ways. Don’t think so. How about, I love you, have always loved you. Its me and you Stefan always. Works for me. I don’t know if you watched last night, she chose Stefan because she loves him. He loves her. It is how the show began. It will probably be how the show will end. Stefan and Elena. Damon and someone else new – happy and forging ahead.

  30. Autumn says:

    Wow did I loathe this episode and I’m one of the people who LOVED this season. I hated almost everything about it. The whole thing was just about Stefan through the subtext. Gee, what a surprise. How predictable that she chose Stefan. Again. I mean, it doesn’t even mean anything, Elena’s choice. It can’t be a triangle if she never chooses Damon so now we continue with the same old thing. Again. BUT that’s not even the worst of it. Killing Klaus and putting him in Tyler’s body? Oh my gosh. Just yuck. I want Joseph Morgan who kicks everyone else’s butt with acting. I want the real Klaus and Caroline but this is what I get instead???? I almost puked in my mouth a little. What sucks for me is that 3 quarters of the episode I predicted beforehand with my sister (I mean our worst case predictable scenarios). How unfortunate so much came true. I admit to not guessing the Klaus switcheroo…Then there was the flow of the episode. Something felt off…And Alaric. I love him. My two favorite characters gone. This episode ticked me off. I liked the Damon flashback. That’s about it.

  31. Andy says:

    Elena chose Stefan over Damon? I’m shocked…

  32. Nicole says:

    I feel so bad for Tyler poor guy can’t catch a break everyone was willing to sacrifice him first Damon now Bonnie, I wonder if they’ll ever be able to bring him back or if he’s stuck being Klaus. What an interesting story line Michael Trevino is going to have next season, i’m excited to see how he decides to play this character.

  33. TeamSTEFAN says:

    I think regardless of the fact that Damon and Elena had met first, Elena did state that Stefan was the one who taught her how to live life being human again. Damon and her met before, but Damon was not on sight when Elena got into that car accident. Stefan had saved her and its because of that, everything he’s done here on is what makes her fall in love with him. Even though she stated that ” maybe if you (damon) and I (elena) had met first it might have been” but I don’t necessarily think so. I think with Elena’s transitions and her maybe recalling the entire incident might arouse her, but wont be enough to completely win her. However I think Tyler is gone completely, unless Bonnie finds a smell to completely get rid of Klaus. If Klaus dies in Tylers body, tyler dies as well. And Alaric and Elena death bond is a bit confusing. Rebekah really surprised me, to risk the life of those who tried to save her. Definitely a great ending to season three.

    • casey says:

      I just don’t get why he would want her to forget him or forget that he told her he loved her, what is the point in that? You love someone you tell them you don’t tell them and then take away their memory of it!? If he loved her soooo much then tell her and deal with the fact that she either feels the same or doesn’t and move on. If she remembers what he made her forget I hope she gets mad at him, he had no right to do that. Stefan never compelled her to forget anything, he showed her his darkest sides but wanted her to know the real him and to make her decision based on honesty.

      • Paula says:

        He made her forget because he doesn’t want people to create expectations that he can’t live up to. She wasn’t ready to know how he felt and he knew it.

        • casey says:

          Okay, but that was not the last chance he had to tell her how he felt. He could have done it at many points during this season but he didn’t he knows stefan is who she really and truly loves so that is why he is never completely honest with her and if he is he makes her forget. Damon messed this up for all the delena fans, if he was honest he may have been the one she choose.

        • DW says:

          What he had a two minute conversation with her the first time. He had no idea who she was. He made her forget because he did not want Stefan to know he was in town. He said, “I don’t want anyone to know I am here.” He did know really who Elena was or who she knows. He did not want a high school girl blabbing about the handsome stranger she met on the road. He thought so much of himself that he thought she actually would mention it.. She could have jumped in the car with her parents and life went on dealing with Matt, school, cheerleading, friends, etc.

    • Catherine says:

      Alaric was tied to Elenas natural life. The witch tied his life to a HUMANS life so that he wouldnt live forever. Now that Elena is a vampire she is technically dead. Therefore, Alaric is dead.

  34. The Baroness says:

    I am hoping they play it like the books, with Elena getting a darker personality. That might be the opening they need to make Damon/Elena happen. Not that I don’t love me some Elena/Stefan, but… They’ve been teasing Delena for so long, if they don’t pursue that relationship a little more, it’s a definite cop-out. And a total waste of all that foreshadowing.

    Plus, I think Elena’s character has gotten a little stale and one-note. A change-up to a stronger, more independent Elena would be a nice change of pace.

    Not loving Klaus in Tyler’s body. I mean, I didn’t even seem like Klaus in that last scene, just Tyler-with-his-eyes-narrowed. I don’t know if Tyler’s actor has the chops to imitate Klaus and make it believable.

    • Jose says:

      more independent? the whole point about Stefan and Elena being together is that he lets her make her own choices unlike damon…..

      • The Baroness says:

        Both brothers try to protect her, in different ways. She’s not anymore independent with Stefan than she is with Damon. She’s almost always their damsel in distress. The only difference is that Damon will take choices away from her, whereas Stefan will try to conceal or hide information from her, in order to “protect” her.

        Tbh, I’d really like to see her protect herself, for a change.

    • SuperJodes says:

      That’s what I was thinking, that they should go back to the books a bit, especially because that means she won’t necessarily stay a vampire. That would be kind of cool. And like you said, too much teasing of Delena, so they need to make it happen, if even just for a little while.

  35. zoe says:

    did not see her turning at all wow hope she still ends up with stefan cus she made her choice

  36. Gina says:

    Is it sad I was actually happened when Elena died? Lol. It happened like this in the book right before she turned and it brings about a bunch of good things. :)

  37. Manie says:

    Final was meh for me. 3.21 would have been better for me… Elena becoming a vampire was very expected (I was hoping for them to go there around S4-5, but I guess not). That “Twilight” scene at the end was a HUGE turn off for me, it made me laugh :( They should have closed that final with the Klaus!Tyler and Bonnie scene, that was my surprise for this episode. As for Elena choosing, I’m surprised she actually chose one. Sad that they took a Bamon scene to make it a DE scene in the series, but I’m not the writer LOL

    For next season, I’m only interested so far at potential DarkWillow!Bonnie and Klaus!Tyler. I’m guessing the next step for Bonnie will be to seal Klaus essence inside of Tyler so that Tyler can take over his body again. That will be quite interesting for sure! Except that, I can already feel the migraine about the SE/DE fight getting to epic proportion next season. *rubs temple*

    So I give the final a 7/10, maybe a 6.5…

  38. Walter says:

    No!!!! I HATE Klaus. I thought I was done with his boring, boring, BORING story. And now I’ll have to deal with him for an entire other season, because for some reason the writers think his one-dimensional character is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The only difference between his character in Season 3 and Season 4 will be that he has a new face. On the brighter side of things, yay!!! She chose Stefan!!!! And she’s turned! I’m very happy with this news. I wonder if they’ll find a way to reverse her change, like they did in the books. Also, her remembering meeting Damon first had better not make her flip-flop back to Damon. Because then she really will be a whore.

  39. Patricia says:

    I read the first 3 books not sure if there are more but the books were hilarious they were so bad I’m glad the writers only take a few things from the books and change most of it. I’m mad Elena chose Stefan she keeps breaking Damon’s heart, she made her choice do I hope she really let’s him go now, I have so many questions, was this the last of Joseph Morgan? I really hope not

    • casey says:

      I also hope that the decision she made sticks, that she truly lets Damon go so he can find someone who will love him for the bad boy he is and not want to change him into the good guy. All elena did was try to make him more like stefan.

    • Manie says:

      Technically, that would be the last of Klaus unless we see him because he’s possessing Tyler or becomes a ghost. But his body was destroyed. I think the spell Bonnie did was to protect him in case Alaric found him.

  40. Lisa says:

    I personally am thrilled she chose Stefan! I understand she loves them both but all in all…Stefan has always been honest with her whereas Damon tends to be selfish with her…both love her more than words! In the end of this series it should be Elena and Stefan even if they need to play up some Damon/elena time.
    I wonder what Elena as a vampire will be like. Is Tyler dead since klaus is in his body? Im so confused by it all haha…so many questions! But she said it last season “itll always be Stefan”. And no matter what road I think that will stand true. I love me some Damon but she is ment to be with Stefan! True love.

  41. Samantha says:

    They better let Damon move on cause I’m so sick and tired of him being hurt by the idiot Elena.

  42. Rob says:

    There are way too many comparisons to Twilight in this discussion but since it’s been brought up here is what I think of the matter. I was extremely sad for Elena turning, where as Bella deserved what she got.

  43. Amber says:

    I want Joseph Morgan as Klaus! I’m so upset

    • superfan109 says:

      I agree! I have loved Joseph Morgan’s portrayal of Klaus since he was introduced. I hope they can find a way to bring the actor back :)

    • Alex says:

      me too! I mean I’m glad they at least didn’t kill Klaus with no chance of bringing him back – but he’s not Klaus if he’s played by Tyler-actor!! I think we’ve already seen in that short scene that there is no WAY he’s going to be able to pull of the Klaus character. This is most upsetting. I am upset. Bring back Joseph Morgan right now!!!!

  44. Justin says:

    Who’s Blood was in the Tube? What Bloodline?

    • Lucky says:

      I think it was Damon’s. From my understanding of the books (I know the show has taken a lot of liberties) it was a mixture of both brothers but more Damon.

  45. Candice says:

    I hated that Elena said goodbye to Damon on the phone like that…knowing that he was likely to be dying yet she was just going to let him die alone. Her choice seemed lika a cop-out…the whole getting back to Stefan and the group thing. Then when Damon asked her straight out who she would choose if it was just between the two brothers, then she loves Stefan because she met him when she needed someone after her parents died? And after teasing him all season all she has to say is “i care about you”…ugh!
    Then it really pissed me off that Stefan would save Matt over Elena, Damon would have never let her die over Matt. Stefan is such a wimp to let her have all the say with her stupid decisions! And I really like Stefan’s character for the most part, but they are taking it too far with him letting Elena making all these wrong choices. The whole Tyler/klaus thing: they better get Klaus back in Joseph Morgan’s body!

    • tanner15 says:

      Damon saving Elena over Matt would make him selfish. Elena was basically yelling (well you cant really yell under water but,) to save Matt. If Stefan or Damon had saved her over Matt she would have been pissed at them, might never forgiven them, and feel guilty about the whole thing. It doesnt make Stefan a wimp but rather a stand up guy.

    • Bbbbbbbb says:

      I’m more confused how Stefan, a strong fast vampire, can rip the door off the truck to save Matt & Elena but he can’t rip their seatbelts & save them both? C’mon!!!!!!!!!

    • andig says:

      At this point I’m so disappointed in that she chose Stefan I can’t even think about it. MORE IMPORTANTLY…Can we get Klaus back in Joseph Morgan’s body!!! Not to be mean but Joseph Morgan IS Klaus. Trevino is great at Tyler but there is NO WAY he can pull of Klaus for any length of time.

      Also, which one was he when he sent Caroline away. Was he already Klaus trying to keep the secret from her or was he still Tyler?

  46. Cortney says:

    I think I might have to stop watching. I love this show, the storytelling is awesome, but I can’t have any respect for writers who build up two characters that have had tension for years to become a couple and then just have her go back to Stefan. It’s the same story over and over again.

    They can’t market this as a “triangle” if both sides don’t actually experience coupledom.

  47. Samantha says:

    ^ Yeah, its getting real old. We get it Elena you wuv your Stefan. Now writers give Damon a real love interest who will actually want him and only him. @@ Damon deserves better than this ish. I can’t handle another year of this crap. You call this a triangle??? picking boring Stefan again wtf?

    • Amanda says:

      I know right?! Damon deserves so much better. He adores Elena and she continues to crush him! I mean… letting him die alone! She deserved what she got!

      • Kitsune key says:

        When Elena chose Stefan, I was like ” this bitch needs to die.” then she died and I was like, ” oh good.”

      • Fran says:

        Oh for goodness sake. I knew one side of the fandom would act ridiculous about her decision. Do you not see all the potential storylines now? With Elena probably going to remember meeting Damon and him telling her he loved her… it’s going to change things, not to mention with her becoming a vampire. Plus a love triangle CAN just be about one person always having sexual tension with another. Personally I miss the old Damon and wish they’d bring him back. I just don’t get some of this, sorry.

  48. Sandra Forslund says:

    I am soo happy to hear that she chose stefan.. I haven’t watched the episode yet because I stopped when Elena and Damon started to get together. They are soo wrong for eachother. I’ll wait to the middle of next season to see if I’ll start watching it again. If they are gonna continue with having Damon that much in the pic, i don’t wanna watch. So hey Writers of the Vampire Diaries, keep Stelena together or loose at least one viewer!

    • Kitsune key says:

      See ya!

      • Julie says:

        Oh very witty. Why be nasty for someone who’s giving their opinion?

        • Kitsune key says:

          Oh honey , that wasn’t nasty. She said she was leaving and I said see ya! Jeeeeez, I bet your kid plays in one of those little leagues where “everyone wins!”

          • unclench says:

            *snickers*. Those leagues SUCK. Anyway I hope next season Elena figures out a boring life with Stefan is boring but ooops Damon has moved on… Preferably with Katherine. Elena pining for Damon for a change? Now that would be awesome…

    • LS says:

      I’m pretty sure nobody cares if they lose you as a viewer. Stefan is just as selfish with Elena. Moreso, actually, and worse. At least Damon owns up to his screwing things up. Over the course of three seasons, Damon has evolved as a character. Stefan has done what? Besides make half the viewership yawn every time he’s on screen.

  49. Kitsune key says:

    That was so lame and predictable. Stefan is just soooo soooo boring. Blah blah animal blood blah

    • meg says:

      I was just about to write the same thing. When I watch it, I was like “Really? That old horse again?” rolled my eyes and didn’t really care that much about the rest… I’m not a Delana “shipper” or whatever, but i think they are more interesting together than Stefan and Elena… dull dull dull

  50. Samantha says:

    LMAO Kitsune Key. Glad to see I’m not the only one who was happy to see Elena die. Go Rebekah! She’s now my favorite besides Damon of course.