Exclusive House Video: Hugh Laurie Previews Thirteen's Big 'Intervention'

House welcomes back an old friend next Monday (Fox, 9/8c) when Olivia Wilde returns as Thirteen. And according to Hugh Laurie, she’s a woman on a mission.

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“Thirteen reappears really in the form an intervention almost,” reveals Laurie in the following exclusive sneak peek. The former Princeton-Plainsboro MD shares scenes not only with Dr. Grumpmeister, but his ailing better half, Wilson, as well. Knowing a thing or two about impending death, perhaps she can “heal” his spirits?

Offscreen, the reunion was a little… uncomfortable. “There’s fun and camaraderie [among the cast], but really that came out when [Wilde] had left,” deadpans Peter JacobsonNow that she’s back, it makes things a little bit awkward.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Spencer says:

    Please. She’s in two scenes and they aren’t that powerful. Almost cliche. I don’t know why they persist on promoting the character as so important. She was a great team member. Love her. But this so-called intervention was not all they are making it out to be.

  2. martina says:

    So the cast doesn’t like Olivia? What Peter said sounds a bit resentful to me! Like he didn’t even want to share screen with her..

  3. Randy says:

    Do you know the meaning of “deadpan”?! Means Peter is kidding about any awkwardness! They all get along fine.

  4. Flor says:

    Yawn! Don´t the have anything better than this. All this hype about OW is pathetic. And if they´re counting on her appareance to boost the raitings, I´m afraid a huge disappointment awaits them.

    • D says:

      The show is ending. Ratings have not mattered since that was announced three months ago. There is buzz and promotion for the final storylines because that’s what EVERY SHOW ON THE PLANET DOES WHEN IT ENDS. Maybe get over yourself? Just a smidge?

      • Flor says:

        First of all, ratings actually still matter, cause it will be a shame for DS, TPTB and everyone involved, if the show, which was so huge once with the audience, cannot pull decent ratings for the finale. That would speak volumes about the way people think and feel. And if you think DS doesn´t care about this, I´d say you´re very mistaken. Only read his last tweet. It is precisely about the ratings
        Second, why don´t YOU get over yourself? I´m entitled to my opinion, so save your sarcasm and leave me alone.

        • D says:

          If you are entitled to voice your opinion, than so am I. My opinion is if one finds promotion for a show’s final story “pathetic,” they don’t really take the time to voice that opinion. There is a bitterness and snideness to your comments that, hey, what do you know, some people might not like. It’s a public forum, might have to get used to that.

          • Flor says:

            I´m sorry, I don´t quite follow your logic. Are you saying I don´t really think what they´re doing here is pathetic (since I indeed took the time to voice an opinion)?
            And yes, it´s a public forum, that´s why anyone should be able to express their thoughts and feelings about the subject freely and in the way they feel like, without anyone telling them to “get over themselves”. That is not an opinion, it´s a personal attack.

        • As shows get older, their ratings wane. Look at Lost. Look at Desperate Housewives. Both drew 4s, occasionally even 5s in the demo when they peaked and how did/do they end? Not to mention shows that are still on air, like CSI or Fringe. That’s just the way things are. No need to be so snide about it, really.

          • Flor says:

            Yes, ratings wane. It doesn´t happen for any magical reason. It doesn´t even happen for any organic reason, certainly not because “that´s just the way things are”. They wane when TPTB run out of good/interesting/original/compelling ideas, when they choose to rest on their laurels because they don´t want to bother to take the pains and continue to be actually creative, when they write themselves into a corner (or several ones), when character traits, continuity, relationships are destroyed or trampled upon, when showrunners haven´t really thought out a plan and they just improvise or keep loosing precious time beating around the bush instead of dealing with issues that really matter, when they make lousy decisions and they don´t acknowledge or correct their mistakes, etc, etc, etc.
            So, for a combination of reasons -none of them misterious nor inevitable-, the writing and overall quality of the show deteriorates and that makes people loose interest. Viewers tend to forgive a lot for the show/characters they love (or loved once) but everything has a limit. At some point they´re going to turn off their TVs.

        • Patty says:

          Ratings do matter from beginning to end, and TPTB should have thought about that when they were pushing Huddy on us. For my 2 cents worth, the timim=ng of the annoucnement that this was the final season of House did not give TPTB enough time to give House the ending it deserves (not that they would know how!). Although they ratings were fairly decent for a show in its 8th season, I’m sure that factored in Fox’s to not having a 9th season.

        • Christa says:

          I agree with you,however the show got cancel and not really matter the ratings,but for Shore and his staff would be embarrassing,if the last episode’s ratings will too low!

    • eff ewe says:

      You’re retarded. The show is ending BECAUSE of the drop in ratings. There are two episodes left so NO ratings don’t matter anymore. They are tying up loose ends for fans. Shut up when you seriously don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about.

      • Flor says:

        Wow, it´s always such a pleasure to have a discussion with bright, refined and well mannered people like you. Truly an honor.

      • i dunno says:

        dont be such a rude person….if you want to be all brave because you are in front of a screen and not someones face that says alot about you……like you are a dickface.

  5. Personally, I LOVE Thirteen, she’s been my favorite character on the show, EVER! I’m psyched she’s coming back for two episodes! I don’t care about Cuddy, or anyone else, though, I did like Cameron. Thirteen was the only one who I truly admired personality AND diagnositician wise.

    • Barbie…I am with YOU! To the devil with the nay-sayers! : )

    • Ellen says:

      I completly agree. I was devistated when Thirteen left in season 8 as well as when she left briefly in season 7. She was my favorate character, I didn’t care much for Cuddy and I absolutly hated Masters. Cameron was okay before Chase rejoined House’s team, but after that, for me, her character just went down hill, and then she left before she could redeem herself.

  6. Kate says:

    I was worried the reason OW was coming back was 13 was going to be killed by House. But it doesn’t appear that will happen and that makes me glad. I did not want a 13-fest

  7. Kriszta says:

    I haven’t problem with her,but she had already two goodbye episodes(in season 7 and 8 too) so i don’t really understand why should her bring back?

  8. Gabi says:

    I am so so so so so so so so so so glad to see her back – and as Kate mentioned, luckily it doesn’t look like she’s coming back only to take House up on that one dark offer. Wonder if she left her gf in Greece though? And I loved Peter Jacobson’s comment – Maybe he should do a comedy show after House…

  9. eff ewe says:

    Seriously do half the people commenting on this even watch the show? Its ending, we are getting to see how 13’s storyline ends. Its not about ratings idiots! Its about making the fans happy with the end of an 8year long show!

    • Ellen says:

      I agree, most of these people don’t seam to know what they are talking about, I just enjoy reading the arguements.

  10. The Annoyed Elephant says:

    She comes back to counsel Wilson on what it’s like to live with a disease that’s going to kill you. Ta-da.

  11. Gid says:

    Lmao aaand this has degraded to the usual internet BS. It’s funny how everyone commenting is so much smarter than everyone else, isnt it?

  12. 13’s coming back? i can has bonar!! schwing!!


  13. Jules says:

    If people watch every series just because of ratings…
    First-it’s stupid
    Second-half of every series (drama/comedy) on every networks would be cancel…
    So, the reason I watch [H]ouse since day 1…it’s because I got hook by the style/sarcastic humor & medical puzzles and the powerful performance by HLaurie and chemistry with the cast…
    The Best 8 years of my life…and with only 2 episodes remaining, it’s gonna be very hard to let go…Soupy twist!
    And…I’m intrigue by “13” return and anticipating the impact of “the TALK” she’s gonna have with House and Wilson

    • Brenda Scharfe says:

      Jules.I agree with everything you said. I will be watching the finale which will be emotional after never missing a program….I particularly love the chemistry between House and Wilson……Must stock up on tissues x

  14. Otis Kabotus says:

    I think everyone is coming back for someones death. Maybe Cuddy, since she is the only absent person. I have’nt watched the show since her and House split, until I heard about Wilson. I hope he lives. I’m gonna watch the last two and find out.

  15. Ellen says:

    I am so going to miss House. I only started watching it last year and go hooked so i bough and watched season 1 to season 6 in the couple of weeks break that theyy had a christmas time, and now its ending :(

    • Elle says:

      That’s what I did after the season ended when House and Cuddy were about to get together. I watched 6 seasons over the summer! I am kinda sad the dark and disturbing turn the show has taken, though. I think you can only “see” it when you watch the entire show in rapid succession, like I did. I truly hope the series finale isn’t something I wish I hadn’t watched. It will ruin it for me.

  16. dk says:

    Omg get over it. Its at it’s end. Watch it or not

  17. david says:

    no me gusta nada 13 con ella todo fue peor

  18. All will be well. It’s almost over– let’s enjoy it as best we can! I like 13 and am glad she is coming back, as I am with all the rest who had the goodness to show up.

    • Brenda Scharfe says:

      Thank you for a refreshing post after reading all the cynics………..I know it will be good in a bad way for the ones who have followed for 8 years…………enjoy x

  19. i dunno says:

    In the end it does not matter who comes back or who dies….the show will end and you will either like it or not.