TVLine Items: Young and the Restless Star Fired, The Choice Unveils Celeb Dates and More!

The Young and the Restless is shaking things up.

Eileen Davidson, who has played Ashley Abbott on and off since 1986, has been let go by the CBS soap.

“Last week I lost my childcare. This week I lost my job!” the actress tweeted Wednesday morning. “It all works out because I don’t need a babysitter if I’m not working. #beingpositive”

Meanwhile, reports that Brett Butler (Grace Under Fire) will guest-star this June in two episodes as a bound-to-be nosy neighbor of Doug Davidson’s Paul.

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Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Fox has unveiled the identities of the celebs taking part in its upcoming dating series The Choice (premiering June 7) — and oh what a motley crew they are! The men include Jersey Shore guys Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Pauly D, model Tyson Beckford, musician Joe Jonas, erstwhile Superman Dean Cain, reality TV vet Rob Kardashian, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, General Hospital‘s Jason Cook and American Idol alum Taylor Hicks. Meanwhile, the female stars looking for “love” are Carmen Electra, Playmate Hope Dworaczyk, beauty queen Rima Fakih and actress Sophie Monk.

• Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg will present at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on June 3.

Burn Notice fans, starting today you can vote on Season 6’s new opening titles here!

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• A&E has picked up Southie Rules, a reality series following a stubborn native South Boston family as they battle the relentless gentrification of their neighborhood.

• WE tv has renewed the unscripted series Mary Mary for a 10-episode second season.

• VH1’s Mob Wives has been renewed for a third season premiering in early 2013, per Deadline.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. april-ann says:

    They fired Ashley? That’s just …wrong.

    • tvnewsplus says:

      It is. They keep doing it every few years. Last time Bold And Beautiful brought her character of Ashley to the show and paired her with Ridge. I think its so stupid. She is so talented and she has family onscreen. They can make her character do so many things other then just being the wife of (insert name here). Well maybe GH will hire her.

    • Diane says:

      I am very happy they are getting rid of Eileen. I never really liked her style of acting. I am with you get RID of Sharon. There is no one left for her to sleep with. Have her go get lost looking for Drew. I sooooooo miss Drew. Many people I could do without on Y&R. I am getting bored of all the reshows it is interesting to see everyone from back in the day but story lines are all the same. They lack imaginaation.

    • Sherrie Maysami says:

      Eileen is a beautiful and talented actress. One of the best ones in all soaps ever ! I don’t like watching y&R without her. Nobody can replace her…. She is sooooo natural and down to earth !!! Please bring her back

  2. George says:

    I saw the Eileen Davidson news this morning and was livid. Y&R has been taking a nosedive for months, and this certainly won’t help matters.

    • arizona o'sweet says:

      serious nosedive! i’m so thankful for ‘tivo’. i don’t have to watch anything kyle is in…he was 15 years younger when he went to school after diane’s death and came back much the same age as eden. whoever that writer is needs to find a new line of work! ith ashley going, tucker turns back into a filthy rich soap dog….great. looks like i’ll be needing more batteries to keep my tivo fast-forward working!

    • Luc Archambault says:

      You’re absolutely right, George. With all their attention fixated on the dumb Sharon intrigue, or the line, that show is taking a hell of a dive. I’m stopping my time-wasting and will abort this show from my watchlist… I hope Eileen will succeed in the rest of her carreer…

  3. The Choice is going to be such a train wreck. I can’t wait to watch.

    • Angela says:

      Like I said when I first heard about this, “The Soup” will be having some FUN with that show, no doubt. What a…charming assortment there!

  4. Audrey says:

    How can they fire Eileen?!! Y & R is going crazy. Get rid of the Daisy character!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeri Rogers says:

      I can’t believe they fired her. She’s one of the core characters in the show. The Victor-Sharon story line is maddening-it’s almost as if the writers are trying to kill the show. They need to let Victor & Nikki stay together (like Brook & Ridge on B&B) & rehire Ashley-her story lines are limitless.

    • Jeri Rogers says:

      I agree, get rid of Daisy & Paul’s creepy son & there’s enough $ to keep Ahley, right there.

    • Rita says:

      I agree ,,, Daisy story is just stupid ,,

      • Melanie says:

        Eileen/Ashley has had a pretty boring story line for a least half of her time with the show; it’s not her fault, but it’s true. I am sad to see her go, but can understand why.

        Also, my crystal ball says that Daisy will be killed by Ricky to set up Phyllis and Dr. Tim is going to be his accomplice. Then far into the future, Paul will eventually figure it out and possibly end up killing Ricky in a standoff/fight for his life. What do you think?

  5. Daniela says:

    Eileen Davidson originated the role in 1982. ;) It’s terrible that they let her go! This writing team finally needs to be fired. They destroyed the entire show. Victor Newman is romancing his former daughter-in-law who he knows since she was sixteen. What’s wrong with these people???

    • @angie-lavallee says:

      My words exactly…well put!

    • Audrey says:

      IKR it’s like incest. That is wrong on so many levels. I’ve watched this show with my mom since I was a kid and Eileen has been Ashley has been there for the most part. So Stupid!!!!

    • Rita says:

      I agree ,,,, I keep saying I guess they are writing the show out !

    • Teresa Childress says:

      I cannot believe that they would get rid of Ashley Abbbott. She is really

    • Marion says:

      That pairing is SICK, but Victor always was a creep. “You got that !!

    • Elaine says:

      Whoever thought up Victor and Sharon being together, needs to be fired!! I can’t believe how stupid that is. The show is going down hill really fast!! Get rid of Phyllis and get Nick and Sharon back together, and Victor and Nikki. Then to fire Eileen Davidson, another stupid move!!!!

  6. Ella says:

    Eileen Davidson was fired? Dang what the heck are those people thinking. Get rid of the Kyle & Eden characters instead!

  7. Amanda says:

    OMG! Bring Eileen Davidson back to Days! Are you kidding me?! I’ve wanted Kristen back for years!

  8. guest says:

    I hope Abby is staying put!

  9. Amanda says:

    DAYS… GET HER BACK! Don’t waste this opportunity. Kristen is NEEDED in Salem!

  10. Ally says:

    oh geez…the choice….rhymes with?

  11. Rolfe says:

    I hope Days of our Lives snatches Eileen Davidson up! Would love her to return!

  12. @angie_lavallee says:

    New ‘fresh’ writers indeed…#hinthint

  13. Paul says:

    Please Please DAYS snatch her up NOW!!! She played one/many of the best characters on the show!

  14. Bbeverly lowry says:

    Been a fan for decades…Ashley is an outstanding actress and a major part of the storyline. Do not let this mistake ruin the show. What are the writers thinking? It takes so much away and how do you explain her leaving…just stop the firing.

    • Louise Severson says:

      I totally agree there are so many characters that really are not even interesting but ashley is such a great actress….get her back.

  15. Justine says:

    Get her to DAYS ASAP.. SHe would be great as Susan and Kristin again and finally give John a good storyline. This show has benn off point lately and it needs someone great like her Kristin/Susan to once agin make the show compelling and funny. SHe should be sdaying when YR Door shuts DOOL opens its house up to her. Go get her DAYS

  16. wolfenstein says:

    Oh, man. The Choice sounds terrible, but I would date Rocco DiSpirito…

  17. Smitty says:

    This is ridiculous. It is the Y&R writers who need to be fired!

  18. Brick says:

    Yeah! I want her back on DAYS!!

  19. Mahapa says:

    Y&R is indeed a mess, allowing the Daisy character to continue her reign of subtle terror (she should’ve been killed along with Sheila’s “sister” or whatever she was), Victor getting together with Sharon a second time (the writers didn’t learn their lesson the first time?), Sharon continuing to be made a laughingstock of a character, Victoria can’t get pregnant but her husband’s rapist can, and now Phyllis as well…I could go on. I haven’t watched the show consistently since they screwed up Billy/Victoria last year anyway, but the show still manages to get worse. I liked Ashley and Tucker together, until they got him mixed up with Diane, and now this…no thank you. It’s like they want to ruin their own show and continue to provide a reason of why soap operas are ridiculous instead of trying to prove otherwise.

    • I love Daisy because she gets under phyliss’s skin. I cannot stand Phyllis.she always seems to get out of tight they are blamming Daisy for loosing Phyllis’s baby. holy cow she lost her cool when all Daisey was trying to do was give here a present and tell her about Rickey. Phyllis is a low down bitch. I will stick with Daisy. and kodo,s for Ricky. go get the bitch. wayne ward british colimbia canada.

    • Sharlyn Sorge says:

      I agree with you’re comment . On all the comments,especially the Victor/Sharon. I mean come on writers, get it together, you are killing the show. Its dry and boring…..

  20. mornez says:

    Am tied of the story line with nick and Philip. Shannon like is there other women around he can or marry it getting bord.

  21. ROB R says:

    DAYS should move heaven and earth to bring her back to Salem! She was freaking fantastic on DAYS in the 1990s.

  22. Lance says:

    Do you bloggers check your information? She been on and off since 1982 not 1986. Researching your info is essential, and the internet can always help you!

  23. Christina says:

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES – don’t drop the ball on this! Offer her the moon and stars to return! I want my Kristen back in Salem!

  24. SONYA says:


  25. ChicagoDan says:

    Sony owns Y&R and DAYS. I’m willing to bet that a deal has been struck with Eileen (who I think is awesome) to go to DAYS for however long that show has left. And then she’ll return to Y&R. She’s left Y&R and come back (twice). I hope we hear that news soon. ED is a class act.

  26. Winnie says:

    *sigh* I didn’t like this news the last time it happened, and I don’t care for it now. I know things change on shows, and the Abbotts weren’t one of the core families when the show started (but neither were the Newmans) but the Abbott family – not the least of which is Ashley (when they write her correctly) – are integral characters to the show.

  27. Come back to Days of Our Lives as Kristen!

  28. carrie says:

    i want paul in cracket back togeather.that was when the show was good.

  29. claud says:

    There must be an old man as one of the writers who thks Victor needs a dgthr. image as a plaything. And what are they saying to people when they allow a convicted idiot to have custody of a baby.

  30. Long time watcher says:

    Y&R has had some stupid story lines over the last 10 years. I have watched since back in the mid 70’s and I can’t believe the story lines they come up with. Simply unbelievable in every sense. It would sure be nice if the producers and writer would read some of the comment that people leave. It would certainly be a more entertaining show. Let’s make things more real world and not so much time at home. How about showing people how to balance work and home life. How couples could work together to over come marriage problems before they get to bad. How about having characters that aren’t rich but those that work and have to have a budget and do their best to stick to it. I get so sick of this flying on the private jet story line. How providing story lines that people can watch and perhaps learn some true life solutions to problems.

  31. Mona says:

    Get out,,,,really,,,,,they are letting go Eileen. That’s a shame, she’s a very good actress who brings a lot to the show. If I’d have it my way, I’d get rid of SHARRON.

    • waits says:

      I would not go to the extent and say Eileen is a good actor! Maybe alright!Most of the soap actors are pretty bad!The writers are even worse!It’ It’s a soap, just entertaining enough between washing dishes and the rest of the houswork!

  32. Bofan says:

    OMG, get rid of Daisy, Sharon, Eden, Kyle (what were they thinking!) and Ricky, NOT Ashley! They are awful. Sharon is pathetic and the storyline with her and Victor is gross; it’s so wrong on so many levels. And her personality sucks! Chelsea is great with Adam, they are almost as cute and Billy and Victoria, and writers, lets not mess with them again.

  33. Roseann says:

    I agree that eden should go along with daisy but not ashley. I also can not understand how kyle was a young boy not even a year ago at school and now they bring him back as a grown guy who looks way older then then 21 if thats how old he’s suppose to be. And another thing who in the world is this new Heather? I don’t like her, she looks to old for the part and with all the wonderful actresses from ALMC and OLTL who are out of work now you think who ever these casting people are that they would bring one of those wonderful actresses in. This one who is now playing Heather isn’t even attactive. Come on what are you people thinking? Also, this Sharon and Victor storyline is ridiculous. What is going
    on, you writers don’t know what to do with them? I think that Sharon and Nick belong together. Not Phyllis and Nick.

  34. verna says:

    I like Daisy! I think they should keep her in the show. I was hoping that Daniel would eventually fall in love with her. I’m glad she got her baby back. I think they should give her a chance. I think it s a shame that they have let her go.

  35. Suzy Q says:

    Does anyone even remember that Ashley and Diane got pregnant at the same time and that Abby and Kyle are supposed to be about the same age? Of course, it always happens in soaps that the kids go off to some magic land that makes them age at least 10 to 15 years. When Fen went away I knew he was going to come back to be at least 16 . . . and there’s Summer magically the same age. Mostly though, I really, really cannot stand the storyline of Victor and Sharon, it is too incestuous for words. It was bad enough that she slept with 2 brothers, and now with the father. DISGUSTING.

  36. Charlotte says:

    What is going to become of R&R,looks like it will be going off air,so sad,have watched it since day one.GET NEW WRITERS PLEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  37. debbiehayes says:

    Now that Ronan is back, they should pair him up with someone..give him a story line as I think Hes so hot..yes er eee. Dump Tucker & Neil..What is their purpose please tell me, their so boring. & please please dont let Billy go. It would be a shame. He s got it too.

  38. Kathryn Grant says:

    Is Ashley going to be written off the show, or will they recast her?

  39. vidya bridge says:

    I am sorry ashley have to go,but what about phyllis she needs to get fired also she boring,evil.and one crazy bitch we are getting fed up watching her please cbs let her go and bring back sharon the way she was…

  40. Melissa says:

    I love Adam and Chelsea, they are so good together. Sharon is getting on my nerves being obsess with Adam. I don’t like Sharon

  41. Naomi campbell says:

    when is victor coming back to the show? I think letting Ashley go was a big mistake. I have watched Y and R since day one but think lately the show is going downhill.

  42. Marion says:

    Are we to surmise that Victor fell and hit his head–and now he has amnesia? How original, (NOT). The writers are in a slump.

  43. phinupi05 says: